Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Prep and Docket Review + Epstein NOT Suicidal

November 28, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Prep and Docket Review + Epstein NOT Suicidal
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Judge Alison Nathan issues the Final Trial Orders in United States vs. Ghislaine Maxwell which is scheduled to start November 29, 2021 in the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York. We review final updates from the federal court docket and revisit an article from the New York Times which provides new details on Epstein’s suicide. ​







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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert griller . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group. We're located in Scottsdale, Arizona. And today we're talking about go in Maxwell. The trial is starting on Monday, and we've got some serious trial prep that we've got to get into. We're going to take a look at the final trial orders that came out from judge Alison Nathan , uh , over on November 24th. And so we're getting in the final push the final days and it's going to be , uh , something that is going to be very exciting. I think. So we're going to take a look at that. It's scheduled to start November 29th. We're going to look at the final updates from the federal docket. We're going to review a New York times article that came out and is providing new details about the final days of Jeffrey Epstein. And then there's some other interesting just Epstein news that we can talk about. Golin Maxwell's brother is now out. There's , uh , just a lot to talk about. So we've got a lot of trial prep that we're going to get into. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected], where there's a form. It looks just like this. You can ask your questions here and we'll get to those. We've got three different segments today, three different topics. We also have segments and clips that are being lobbed over here on this channel, Robert griller, Esq clips. So be sure to check that out. If you're looking for a place where you can find these little, you know , shareable segments that you can send over to friends or family, we certainly appreciate that. All right . Golin Maxwell trial starting November 29th. Let's take a look at the parties over on the trial board. As we normally do. We know Glen Bobby stern Haim is her defense attorney. We have Damien Williams, us attorney for the Southern district of New York, and we have a number of different victims that we're gonna learn a lot more about as this trial unfolds. We've got judge, Alison Nathan, going to hear a little bit more about her. A lot of orders came out from her. We know the judge or the jurors are going to be 18 strong, only six of those. I'm sorry, 12 of those are gonna stick around. Six of those are going to be booted out. This is how federal courts , uh , governed themselves. The prosecutors who were prosecuting Glenn Maxwell . We already have seen several of these people. I did a prior video about this. So you can dive in if you're looking at , uh , more wanting more details about these people, but Laura Pomerantz is somebody who's prosecuting Glenn . We've got Maureen Komi James Comey's daughter, Alison Moe . Couldn't find a picture of her. Andrew Rohrbach Damien Williams, probably not going to see much of him in court, but he is the total, you know, the , the sort of chief us attorney, the actual us attorney out of the Southern district of New York for the defense, we've got Bobby stern Haim . We've got Jeffrey Pagliuca Laura Menninger. Both of these people are from the same law firm. I think they're based out of Denver. Then we've got Bobby stern, Haim she's out of New York, Christian ever. Dell . I also believe is out of New York and then Renato stub , stable or stubby LA is a defense attorney who does focus groups and some of the technology stuff. And so they've got just a whopping team. We also have this, which I just started. So this thing is a little bit bare, but you'll see that we've got a number of different things that we are flushing out. The prosecutors talked about them. Defense attorneys talked about them. We've got a number of government exhibits that we'll continue to flush out. As the government starts to unveil its exhibits. We're going to start to be able to catalog them and see exactly what they're talking about. We have a list of issues that are still pending. Really. These are, you know, there's a lot of issues that are still going on. These are the four big ones that I have identified basically the last two weeks or so that we've been talking about this. Remember that we have been talking about this , this case a lot off and on for about the last 18 months, but it's really sort of escalated and picked up speed. And there has been so much to cover. I've talked about this, that she's got these five different defense lawyers who are filing motions and slicing and dicing every single issue every which way. And so it's been a lot to sort of keep track of, but now what we're seeing is the synthesis of a lot of these issues. Trial is on Monday. And so we're going to need answers. Can this person testify? Can this piece of evidence come into court, et cetera, et cetera. And so what we're seeing now in the final days are these issues, government exhibit 52, this is the black book that Jeffrey Epstein and Glenn Maxwell allegedly had at Epstein's property. And so the government wants to get this exhibit in. It's a black book with some contact information. They want that to come in. There's also been a battle. I talked a little bit about this with Veeva . When I was, I hopped on his channel last , uh, before Thanksgiving. And we talked a little bit about this, but this was, you know, if you're talking about transportation of minors , if you're talking about, you know , trafficking and people under the age of 18, that means that one of the elements of the crime is that that individual is under the age of 18. And so you've got to prove that you can't just say, well, you know, I was 16 at the time you got to show that individual actually had a birth certificate, and it's not just as easy as just, you know , uh, submitting a document into court. You've got to authenticate it. Who's the custodian of records lay the proper foundation in order to get that in. And so they're still fighting over that. Like I said, they're fighting over every single sliver. They can expert witness testimony. We're going to talk a lot more about this today. And then the Epstein's victim compensation fund. I have don't have any updates on that, on this video. But most of this we're talking about expert witness testimony. We're fleshing out the victims as the prosecution calls them or the accusers as the defense calls them. And then we're going to see there's a lot of expert witnesses. So this branch is really, really going to be fleshed out pretty massively. So let's take a look now at the court docket, as a reminder, a lot of activity here, we can spend a lot of time mincing through all these different words. We're just going to cover a couple of the big, big topics today, first and foremost, up at the top entry 500, we've got these various protective orders. And so we can basically skip over these, these protective orders. As we've talked about federal courts, not televised, you cannot rebroadcast any of the audio. So this is all that we've got. We can only go through the sketches. We can only go through the minute entries and even the minute entries, even a lot of the documents that we're going to go through. They're all redacted, huge pages, paragraphs entirely blanked out. Can't see anything. And that's what we're talking about here. When, when they're referencing these protective orders are saying , uh , you know, judge, here's our proposed order. Here's our proposed , uh , redactions. And so a lot of this stuff is just being protected. We do go though, get on 1124, we get two orders, which are going to detail some of the trial rules. And so we're going to read through both of these, not really long. Then we've got this last section here, a lot of conversation from 5 0 5, all the way to 5 0 9. Basically all of this is battling over expert witnesses. And we're learning a little bit more about what these experts are going to come in and testify about a lot of psychiatrists, a lot of psychologists, people who are going to come in and talk about memory and recall and creating memories and forgetting things and how things change and bias and perception and all sorts of, you know , very, very interesting stuff. We went through some of the expert witnesses, I think on a prior video , uh , 1123, the day preceding the update that today's update. And so we'll take a look at that. And we're also going to see this issue, which is the Epstein victim's compensation fund issue. This is Jordanna Feldman . And so this is this issue , uh, specifically about the compensation fund, the allegation here. Oh , I'm sorry. Well, the effort here is the defense wants access to documents that had to do with people allegedly abused by Epstein, submitting a request for compensation from this victim's compensation fund. And so we're going to break that down a little bit further as well. The first document we'll jump into is the trial order. So you can see this was filed the day before Thanksgiving, 1124 order. This is from judge Alison Nathan, us of America versus Colin Maxwell says as noted in the prior court order trial, in this case, going to commence November 29th, 2021, going to be happening in courtroom three 18 United States district court for the Southern district of New York, Thurgood Marshall courthouse gives you the address in accordance with its prior order. The court will ensure access for alleged victims and members of the defendant's family. So that's about it. Federal rules of criminal procedure prohibit the broadcasting of federal judicial criminal proceedings from the courtroom. And they link it to that. However, as indicated below consistent with these protocols, the court will facilitate, they say substantial public and press access at the courthouse first consistent with the distancing requirement, a number of pool reporters and members of the public will be permitted in the courtroom proper as managed by the executive office. So can actually go in there and members of the pool reporters will be there. I obviously can not be there I'm in Arizona, but it doesn't preclude people in New York from going there. Second press will be able to access the trial in a dedicated overflow courtroom questions about press access direct towards these individuals. Third members of the public will also be able to access the trial in overflow courtrooms. The overflow courtrooms will have live video and audio feeds of the proceeding. So live video and audio, but can't be rebroadcast pursuant to these rules. So you can just sit in the overflow room and just watch you can tweet about it. You can write about it, but you can't broadcast it outside of those over flow rooms, there will be substantial seating capacity available. If capacity is reached, no additional persons will be admitted. Do you have any questions? Call that number per the COVID policy? Anybody who appears there must , uh , you know , get their temperature taken, have a questionnaire completed, wear a mask, a hundred, 400.4 degree temperature. So on and so forth signed by judge Alison Nathan, you can see her here. So , uh, you know, a lot of reporters will be there, but there's sort of a , a filter. So anything that we get, anything that lands up on Twitter or on, you know, the New York times, it's all going to be filtered through whoever's in that courtroom. So we'll see, you know, if there are people in New York, I know that , uh , good logic Joe Nierman was thinking about was actually saying that he might take a train down over there, which I fully support you if you do that. Uh, you know, because it would be good to see some people, you know, firsthand accounts about what's really going on there without it being filtered through , uh , journalists so-called journalists. So , uh , that's what's happening. Now. We were talking about this Epstein victim's compensation fund. This is a very interesting thing that existed that I didn't know much about, but Jeffrey Epstein was so abusive that he had to set up an entire organization to help him process these claims. So many people were going to be suing him civilly. And so many people were, you know , potentially gonna be filing or making additional criminal reports that they set up an entire compensation program and they even have a website for it. You can go and find it. Here's what it looks like. If you navigate over there, it's Epstein And so it's the Epstein victim's compensation program. So if you go over there, you'll see Epstein's victims compensation program announces the conclusion of the claims process. They're done no more money going out, but approximately $125 million has been awarded to eligible claimants. Whoo buddy, that's a lot of money, $125 million . That is a lot of abuse. Isn't it? And pay that out claim filing deadline that expired on March 25th. So if you were an abuse, say if you were a guy , if you got abused, you're at a time effective. June 25th, 2020, the compensation program is going to accept claims. It's voluntary. Non-adversarial we operate independently of the Epstein estate talks about attorney general, Virgin island, blah, blah, blah. We get up . We get a little bit more detail about what this program entails. Epstein state can't modify or reject anything. The program is confidential. The program is purely voluntary. No individuals required to participate. Individuals who had filed a lawsuit or have otherwise been identified as a victim are eligible to participate in the program. If you have not previously filed the lawsuit or a legal action or a claim, you may be eligible to participate. So you see that you see how this works here. Individuals who have already filed a lawsuit or a legal action or a claim you are eligible to participate in the program. So if you have filed something, if you, if you say that I have been abused by Epstein, you're automatically eligible. But if you have not previously filed a lawsuit or any claim, you only may be eligible. So you're sort of incentivized aren't you to then go make a claim to file a lawsuit or to contact the police, because then you're automatically eligible. You're not may eligible. If you are a may eligible person, if you've not already filed a lawsuit or , or done anything like that, while you can actually just go and register on this website, give us the nature of your claim. You can provide your information, give us a summary description. What abuse took place, give us the dates and the location of the abuse on or before the 21st of February, 2021, we have somebody named Marcy a Hamilton. She's an abuse expert. She solves as a consultant. So she's going to review your claim. They're going to have a fair and efficient resolution of the claims process. We have effective deadlines. So that's the actual program. And then as we saw on in March, August, they , they told us that they're done with these claims because $125 million has been paid out 125 million out to a hundred eligible Clint , 150 eligible claimants. So the average payout is probably what's 150 eligible claimants divided by 125 million, just under a million. The piece 800092% accepted their offers compensation program paid out over 121 million number of claims submitted was 225 far exceeded original expectations. That 100 claims would be filed. So 225 claims. We get some quotes consistent with the governing protocol. We're going to preserve , uh, claimants , blah, blah, blah. Very proud of what we've accomplished with this program. Many victims have endured pain because of Epstein. My hope is the program gave the victims a meaningful measure of justice and a step. The path towards healing would what ? $800,900,000 paper over all of your sexual abuse. I doubt it personally, but maybe it did. We have another document now. So that was the Epstein's compensation victim's compensation fund. So let's talk about that issue specifically. The defense wants information about that process. We just went through it. We saw that if you're a claim, a claim at a potential claimant , if you received abuse from the EPS , from Epstein or Maxwell or anybody sort of in his purview, very simple. If you have filed a lawsuit, if you filed a criminal claim, then you're automatically eligible. Don't even need to register, just send us a copy of the documents and we'll make sure that we process your claim. But if you have not done that already, if you've not filed a lawsuit or not pursued any criminal charges, register here, fill out this form. It can all be submitted and then we'll think about it. And so what the defense wants is all of that information. They want the form, they want the summary, they want the payouts. They want to know because we just heard there were 225 different individuals, presumably women who all made these claims and something like 150 of them got paid out. That's a lot of people. What if the same people that are a part of that 150 claimants who got income, who received a compensation? What if those are the accusers? Is there overlap there? Because if the accusers got paid $900,000 and they had a strong incentive to file a claim or to file a criminal charge in order to automatically be put into the program, you can see how that might cause people to be biased. Somebody might want a million bucks or however much they think their friend got. And they say, well, did you, did you file a criminal claim against Golin Maxwell? And they'll say, no, I didn't. Well, you better. Otherwise you're not going to get paid is what the defense attorneys are going to argue. And so you can see how that might create some bias, the defense attorneys they want, that they want to see what's going on there. Give us access to this entire compensation program is really what they want. And so the court came out, judge, Alison Nathan again, and says , uh, previously had granted a subpoena that authorizes them to get some of this stuff. Defense filed for a subpoena. Judge said, yep , you're entitled to get it. So then the compensation fund provided a lot of it back over to the court. You can see it says here, the court is in receipt of these documents. The court's also in receipt of a protective order to hide some of these documents. So we're going to follow that order consistent with the order. The court determines that the parties may review the materials under the provisions of the order and the administrator of the victims. Uh, Epstein victim's compensation program is ordered now to produce the materials contained in the production as soon as no later than November 24th. So what does this mean? It means the judge has gotten sort of a preliminary overview of what the documents contain. What's the , what? The documents from the Epstein victim's compensation fund contain . And we can see a little bit of what it might be. So this is from Smith villas org . Now this is from Patrick Smith. Patrick Smith is representing Jordanna Feldman. She is the administrator of the Epstein victim's compensation program. So now the subpoena gets granted. The defense says we want access to all that stuff. They asked for a subpoena. They say, judge, they're not going to give it to us. Can you order them? Give it to us. Judge says, yeah, totally. It's absolutely relevant. So they go, perfect. We got an order from the court , um, uh , Ms . Feldman and Epstein's victims fund. Here's the order. Give us everything you got. So now Jordanna Feldman says, okay, lawyer, can you tell them that this is going to be like a lot of work? And the lawyer says, yeah, we can do that. So they right back into the court and they say, listen, we're writing, recording regarding your order. You denied our motion to stop this subpoena. And you're ordering the production of the documents on November 24th at noon, Ms . Feldman lawyer says intends to comply with the court's order. And we are going to reproduce these documents. However, given the volume of the materials and the steps necessary to ensure that these documents are within the scope of the subpoena, it's not going to be possible to produce all these materials by noon. Tomorrow, we understand that the volume of potentially responsive material is six to 7,000 pages. We know that the original return date for the subpoena was November 29th. At eight 30. They say, we intend to produce by noon tomorrow, redacted, redacted, redacted, redacted don't know what that is, but it also says we intend to produce remaining responsive documents. As soon as possible thereafter, we request until November 29th to be able to do that. And the court's probably going to say, okay, well, 7,000 pages now that's when trial starts. So it's kind of the last minute. Isn't it? We request until November 29th at 8:30 AM the moment we swear the jury in and we start with opening arguments. So cutting it close to the last minute. Now we talked about that protective order. So this is what they're . This is one of those protective orders I mentioned. You can see here, the parties are jointly submitting the attached for pro's protective order. So they just give us a little bit of basis for why this information might be problematic. You know, it could affect a privacy or the confidentiality of individuals could risk prejudicial, pretrial , publicity, blah, blah, blah. So this is why they don't want it to be published. They say, oh , all of this is going to be deemed confidential, highly confidential. They send that over to the judge. And then the judge basically just says, sounds good. We're going to blank everything out, not even, you know, not even going to worry about it. So we're going to see what ends up happening with , uh, with these documents. The judge is probably going to give them, you know , up until the last minute, because what's, it's a lot of documents and then it's all gonna come skidding in here, maybe over the weekend, maybe today, tomorrow, we'll see. And then the defense team is going to have to comb through all of those documents and see if they can tease out anything that might apply or be pertinent. In this case. We also have another issue in the Maxwell case, we can see here, the government is trying to S to throw out Golin Maxwell's expert witnesses. You can see here, the government filed a memorandum of law in support of its motion. Eliminate, remember, eliminate is emotion to preclude something or to limit something from happening. They want to stop something from coming into courts here. Very obvious, very easy. They want to stop expert witnesses from coming in and it looks like there's six of them. We have Ryan Hall. Number one, they don't want him. They don't, they don't want Bennett Gershman they don't want Robert Kelso. John Lopez, Gerard Gerald LaPorte , or Jennifer NASA . And so they filed this 1124. The day before Thanksgiving, the government is saying a judge, you have to stop these expert witnesses from coming in and testifying trial is starting on Monday. Judge, the defense just told us, they've got these six people that they're going to have come in and testify. And we think that you should limit that. And they're filing it right before trial, which is not unusual. They're talking about a couple of the , uh , of course, six of those expert witnesses. We are not going to go through all six of them. We're going to spend our time talking about Ryan Hall. Ryan Hall is sort of the big one. I think that the government is mostly concerned about, and you can see this as 15 page document, but this, this actually came from the defense disclosure. So the defense communicated this back to the prosecution previously. And so it's , it's not much, but we have a little blurb. It says redacted, redacted, redacted, redacted talking about obviously a victim or an accuser in this case. So they give us a sentence. A , this is what we're talking about. So they say Dr. Hall's curriculum is attached exhibit D. His report is attached as exhibit E attached as exhibit F is a list of material reviewed by Dr. Hall. He's an expert in the field of forensic psychiatry, and he's going to offer opinions as such. He will offer opinions and diagnoses contained in his report, the basis for those opinions and the significance of the diagnoses and opinions. And then we get three, three lines of redactions. So that's who we're talking about. Dr. Hall don't know much more about them because a lot of it's been redacted, but the government wants to stop him from testifying. And you're going to see that most of their motion, most of their memorandum is in support of stopping Dr. Hall. You can see that it's 28 pages and basically pages four through 15. So almost half of it are all focused on Dr. Ryan Hall. Then we get page 20, 21, 20 20, 21, maybe 22, maybe four Gershman. And then we get 23, 22 through 24 for Rob Kelso, John Lopez. But the crux of this is all about this guy, Dr. Hall, and you can see it says the court should stop testimony of Dr. Hall. They say his opinions are not independently admissible . Any undisclosed significance of his opinions is inadmissible. His fact testimony is inadmissible, blah , blah , blah . So Dr. Hall is the big guy preliminary statement. Once again, coming from the prosecution, they're saying, judge, stop these people from testifying. Why the defendant Golin has notified the government, that plans to call six additional experts. One of them Dr . Ryan Hall, redacted, redacted, redacted, and drafted a lengthy report containing a large recitation of hearsay attributing some but not all of blank, blank, blank to blank the hell are they talking about another Bennett? Gershman is another Bennett Gershman is a reported expert on prosecutorial misconduct. Neither of these issues is relevant at trial and both experts should be precluded. You see here, it says another Bennett Gershman is, is a purported expert on prosecutorial misconduct. So are they talking about Dr. Ryan Hall talking about prosecutorial misconduct? Interesting. The defendant has failed to provide adequate notice as to the four remaining experts, instead of describing their opinions as required by the rule they notice identified on topics. The government is therefore not able to impose a Dobber challenge. So they're complaining about notice. Now let's take a look at this next paragraph, this next page. So I want to show you what we're looking at here, because this is what it looks like, and this isn't even bad. So this is the government's memorandum, and I'm going to skip through a bunch of it. But you know, this is one page. This is page four. Here is their argument as to why they should not allow him to come in. They say, Dr . Ryan Hall is a psychiatrist. He frequently testifies as an expert witness redacted, redacted, redacted. According to the notice, he's going to offer opinion and diagnoses contained in his blank report, the basis for those opinions and the significance of the diagnoses and the opinions they say, they should exclude his testimony, why as he disclosed in his opinions, it has no relevance and none bears on the facts of this case or minor victims for credibility. So we've got minor victim four , we've got to add to our victims list. Any basis for those opinions is therefore irrelevant. Similarly absence. They have no bearing here. They talk about none of those opinions, bear on the facts of this case or witnesses , credibility. Their introduction would only serve to confuse the jury about something else. Dr. Hall's testimony. Now watch this, watch this next page. We're going to get a lot out of this one. Watch this. Dr. Hall's proffered fact testimony should also be excluded. Hmm . Much of it would constitute hearsay. And then we have Dr. Hall's opinions. Blank are irrelevant. The entire page is redacted. So yeah, that's what we've got. And then we get another one here. And basically most of the rest of the document is just all redactions . They say, Dr. Hall's conclusions on this issue should thus be excluded because it's going to confuse the issues. All this is just case law stuff referencing the second circuit, U S Supreme court, second circuit, 2006, 1995. So they're not going to need to redact that because it doesn't say anything other than publicly available case law. And we have over here , uh , page seven, lots to glean here. Uh, well maybe we can go to page eight. Nope. That's page eight. Anything there? Uh, no, nothing there anything on page nine? No , nothing there. All right. So this trial is going to be a great , uh, here, we've got other bases for why this stuff is not supposed to be admissible and you can see, these are just broad, general arguments. We're not going to spend a lot of time on this that bit because we can't see anything. The basis of Dr. Hall's opinions are not independently admissible. According to the defendant's expert. Notice she also seeks to elicit the basis for the opinions of Dr. Hall's blank report, because those opinions themselves should not be admitted for the reasons just discussed. There's no grounds to admit their basis all again, redacted talking more again about minor victim for more minor victim, four out of court statements. And you can see page 13 redacted. We get a little paragraph about Bennett. Gershman again, talking, prosecutors say this is irrelevant , and it's going to be the same argument so we can fly through the rest of this. Even if testimony was not barred, they're talking about having inadequate notice. We have a little blurb, as I mentioned about these two defendants or I'm sorry, experts. Let's see who these people are. So we've got Robert Kelso, he's a computer forensic specialist. The defense called him. He's going to testify about user data. That's associated with certain devices, photographs. He may also testify generally about computer forensic principles associated with the creation of documents, storage and retrieval of digital documents may also testify in rebuttal to any testimony offered by the government through Stephen Flatley . So he's a computer forensics guy. And then we have John Lopez who is a financial investigator. Interesting. He's going to discuss various transfers of funds that are reflected in the financial records and explain the information regarding those transfers. So they've got multiple experts that they want to boot out, including computer forensics, financial investigators, we've got Gershman, we've got hall and they're asking they all be precluded. You can see this was signed off on by all four prosecutors for these reasons they want to preclude any expert testimony. Wow. Okay. All right . So , uh , that got filed. Now the defense fired right back and they are of course opposing that. So the government wants to stop them all from talking from testifying. The defense responded right away and they say , uh , no, you can see this was signed off on by Pagliuca and Menninger Christian ever Del Bobby stern Haim it's direct response. And as we talked about, they're also addressing Dr. Hall. We get some factual background here. There's a little bit more interesting stuff here, so we can read through this, but it says factual background about Dr. Hall, the government's motions , not breaking the law . It's not, not a challenge under the rules , not an appropriate challenge. And then we get some of the constitutional objections. If you don't let her call her own expert, that's a violation of the constitution. It's not overly prejudicial under rule 4 0 3. In other words, bringing this expert is not going to do more harm than good. And again, it's 21 pages. Let's take a look. Glenn Maxwell now responds the government claims to bring its motion under the rules. They're not doing that instead. It's training its sites almost exclusively on Dr. Hall. The government says that the opinions of Ms Maxwell's experts are either irrelevant or unfairly prejudicial. The court can deny the motion for the simple reason, the government is proceeding under the wrong rule. At the wrong time, this Maxwell's expert witnesses are qualified because their opinions are reliable. Their testimony is admissible under rule 7 0 2, as for relevance and prejudice. The government's arguments are both unfounded and premature. Finally, if the government is entitled to additional notice, Maxwell will provide it for the reasons these guys are just, oh, it's too funny for the re there. The reason it's funny is because they're just sort of laughing at the prosecutor. Yeah . If you're entitled to, we know the rules better than you. You're filing under the wrong rule at the wrong time. You can't bring it under 7 0 2. It's not a 7 0 2 challenge. You're not entitled to any notice either. If you're entitled to notice, we'll tell you when you're entitled to it. So they say for the reasons, therefore the exclusion of Ms. Maxwell expert witnesses should not be allowed. All right , here's what they say. Argument. Although the government offers some types of challenge, however, conclusory to all of expert witnesses, the true target of their motion is Dr. Ryan Hall, Dr. Hall, he's eminently qualified. He's an MD. He conducted an independent medical examination of redacted. Don't know who it is. Here's 108 page detailed report is based on extensive review of documentary evidence, medical records, court files, and a six and a half hour interview with blank. Reliability of Dr. Hall's report is unquestioned and unquestionable from the government's perspective. However, the reports conclusions are highly problematic for its case, which is why the government is so eager to preclude Dr. Hall's testimony. So what they're saying here, the defense is saying, yeah, the government is trying to preclude all six of our experts. They really only want the one guy Dr. Hall, why Dr. Hall did a six and a half interview with so-and-so, whoever that is. And he wrote 108 page report about it. And it's pretty bad for your case, Mr. Government, it's so problematic that you're trying to stop him from even coming in and testifying in the first place Dr. Hall, this report is so damning. Dr. Hall says, in his report, he talks about all this stuff. Look at this page, this whew , that sounds that's going to be governments in big trouble. Now in his report, Dr. Hall documents four paragraph three paragraphs of , uh , redacted. We also have some more factual background here. Accuser. Number four, you see how the defense calls it accuser not victim accused her for blank is the name victim in several of the counts against Ms. Maxwell, including conspiracy government claims . She was abused by Epstein from oh one to oh four more redactions. So-and-so Dr. Hall reviewed blank records and interview blank over the course of six and a half hours, he produced 108 , eight page report, which the government produced to Ms . Maxwell recognizing its relevance and its exculpatory value. Ooh . So Dr. Hall then sounds like didn't I sort of what maybe, maybe it was not an actual defense expert at the time because the government got the report and they produced it to the defense team, recognizing its relevance and its exculpatory value. In other words, if they did not give that over to the defense and the defense found out about it, that's a Brady violation. The report is so problematic for their case. They had to disclose it. If they didn't, there'd be sanctions and ramifications for that. So now that they have disclosed it, now they're trying to say, well, Dr. Hall, it's not relevant as is relevant to the government's motion to preclude Dr. Hall from testifying, the report addresses two areas that are essential to Ms. Maxwell's defense in this case, is this going to be juicy or what? No, it's redacted. Can't see any of that. Either two areas that are essential to Ms . Maxwell's defense and we don't even get to see what they are. Those. Then we get into the constitutional arguments so they can show us this because we've already seen this. We already know what all this is. Excluding Dr. Hall's expert opinions. It's going to deprive Ms . Maxwell of her constitutional rights to confrontation and to prevent present a defense standard stuff here. What good is a trial? If you can't present any of your evidence or any of your theories or use any of your expert witnesses to come in and testify, pretty standard constitutional stuff there. So they talk about this. They say , uh, the defense is arguing again. Pagliuca ever Dale stern high manager , the court should reject the government's remaining arguments about Kelso, John Lopez, LaPorte, et cetera. Really only two responses are in order. Ms. Maxwell's notices are as thorough as the government's notices were. So the government could hardly complain about being in the dark, but at this court concludes otherwise the remedy is for Ms. Maxwell to provide additional notice, not exclusion. Moreover, as the government concedes is permissible mix . Ms. Maxwell has endorsed these witnesses in part, out of an abundance of caution and in part because Ms. Maxwell still doesn't know what evidence the government will actually admit at trial. If the testimony from these witnesses is not relevant, Ms. Maxwell will not call them. But if the government evidence makes their testimony relevant, Ms. Maxwell can always provide additional notice if ordered to do so by the court. Therefore court should deny this motion and that was dated back on November 19th, finally hit the court docket, and then we got to see it. So let's take a quick pause and see if there are any questions or comments that have come in from our friends [email protected] And then we'll just jump into the next segment. Couple of questions here looks like , uh, I don't know what that question was for a thunder. Seven says the names of the people involved will shock those who haven't a clue, bail her out and put her out in a safe house before she dies. She only knows only she knows who's really involved. And I hope someone brings them all down. She has no choice. If she wants to negotiate some kind of a deal to maybe serve a life sentence in prison, where the elites go as she can't handle real prison trade-off would be worth it to go arrest all those abused. All those who abused the traffic minors from thunder seven. I'm not sure that they're going to cut her a deal. Roy bot says, has anyone explained how Epstein started his massive wealth? I believe that being a financier requires a lot of capital. Where did all that capital come from? It's a good question there. Roy bought a lot of people are asking that as well. No doubt. All right . And so we're going to carry on. Let's see what else we've got. Our next segment is going to be talking about this very interesting New York times, article Epstein killed himself. A lot of people have a lot of questions about that. I'm not so sure. Neither is the New York times. In fact, they came out with this article November 23rd, right on the verge of the Glen Maxwell trial. That starts Monday, November 29th. They posted November 23rd. They say Epstein's final days, celebrity reminiscing and a running toilet. Newly released records show the disgrace finance that you're living a mundane existence before a suicide and spun deceptions until the very end. So we're going to go through this article. Pretty interesting. They've got some new documents that they just recently released. And it turns out that even though Epstein killed himself, he gave no indication. He had that proclivity whatsoever. In fact, he was saying things were pretty good and he wouldn't kill himself. So we got to go through this. Don't we , the disgrace financier jailed Manhattan found unconscious on his floor in his cell morning, July 29th, stripped of his bed sheet that was tied around his bruised neck in hours and days that followed that suicide attempt Epstein would be claiming to living a wonderful life. Even easy . As he sat on suicide watch says I have no intention of killing myself. He told the jailhouse psychologist . Hm . Uh, according to the bureau of prison documents that have not previously been made public, he was quote a coward and did not like pain says quote, I would not do that to myself. Two weeks later, he did died in a cell August 10th out of the Metro correctional center, hung himself with a bed bedsheet , according to the medical examiner. Okay. Uh, after a life of manipulation, Epstein created illusions until the very end to see correctional officers, counselors, and especially train inmates that were assigned to monitor him around the clock. More than 2000 pages of documents came out through a foyer request, freedom of information, act lawsuit, detailed notes, and reports show that during his 36 days of detention show how he repeatedly assured them that he had much to live for while also hinting that he was increasingly despondent clues prompted to little action by jail and officials. You made the mistake after mistake, leading up to his death. The records reveal beyond the legal and administrative matters. The collection records provides the most intimate and detailed look yet at his final days and offer something often missing from public accounts. His voice pass many days closed in a conference room in conversations with psychologists and other inmates. He spoke of his interest in physics and mathematics. Reminisced about celebrities talked about his difficulty sleeping dehydration and numbness. Here's a document while in prison, there's a clinical intervention report that says, quote, inmate Epstein was also upset about wearing an orange jumpsuit and being treated quote like a bad guy when he did not do anything wrong in the prison. Custody and security concerns were addressed with inmate Epstein, including why he has to wear his orange jumpsuit due to his being housed in SAQ . Here's another clipping sensitive, but unclassified. So this is for Jeffrey Edward Epstein. Date of birth 1/20/1953. This is a document that comes out of the bureau of prisons. This is their clinical intervention psychology services document. So specifically they say the focus of this session was inmate Epstein was seen for his psychological observation. Follow-up in the attorney conference this afternoon. Can we get an opinion on him? Inmate Epstein reported he's consulting with his attorney. Most of the day, same thing Maxwell's been doing. He elucidated concerns about incarceration, but not receiving his property, feeling cold in his cell, not receiving his coal loss , not having enough water and the attorney conference desire to recreate and SAQ upset about wearing the orange jumpsuit. Being treated like a bad guy did not do anything wrong in the prison. Custody and security concerns were addressed with him about why he has to wear that. He requested to be placed in a brown uniform. During his legal visits, he was told his concerns would be addressed. Then we get a couple of paragraphs of redactions didn't sleep. Well last night continues to deny any suicidal ideation, intention or plan did not appear to be in distress . No suicidal ideations Provided with brief supportive interventions, CBT based interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy. He was receptive to these interventions psychoeducation regarding additional coping strategies. So he's getting some treatment in there. He was educated about routine and emergency procedures, contacting psychology staff reminded of the self-help books and audio tapes. He will not. He will be seen next week after the bail hearing to talk to talk about his stability. So that was back on January. No, no, that was that's his date of birth? When did this? Okay. Seven 11, 2019 is when this document came out. No suicidal ideations, not sleeping. Well, doesn't like the orange jumpsuit brown would be preferable, but that was on seven 11. And then on August 10th, one month later, he's dead. Okay. Uh, Epstein once rubbed shoulders with politicians, the newly obtained records offer no support to the explosion of conspiracy theories that his death was not a suicide. They shed no light on questions raised by his brother and one of his lawyers that he might've been assisted in killing himself, but they do paint a picture of incompetence and sloppiness within the bureau of prisons. An intake screening form erroneously described Mr. Epstein as a black male, which he was not, he was white guy and indicated he had no prior sex offenses, even though he was a registered sex offender, few phone calls were not recorded, not logged violation of jail policy. The night he killed himself, Epstein lied to jail officials and said he wanted her to phone. His mother who was long dead and said called his girlfriend jail personnel left him alone in his cell that night, despite an explicit directive that he be assigned to cellmate. Here's what it looked like inside the cell. So you can see the orange garbs all over the place. Presumably you can see this orange Gar wrapped around the ladder of the bunk. The allegation was that he was able to wrap those orange cloths around his neck and then sort of lean forward and hang himself two days after the suicide William Barr, U S attorney general said there were serious irregularities, but didn't elaborate later blamed a quote , perfect storm of screw ups. Okay. 15 page psychological reconstruction of his depth death was compiled. A few weeks later, we have some of that. We'll go through it. Time's obtained materials after suing the bureau of prisons prisons, which had repeatedly rejected its public records requests as part of the settlement agency agreed to turn over internal memos and emails, visitor logs, handwritten notes from inmates and the psychological reconstruction of Epstein's death. Many documents heavily redacted. Let's see what we've got here. Here's a picture of Epstein. He was arrested Saturday, July six , his detention to attain their indictment charged with many different offenses. He was originally put in general population was determined to be high profile. Let's see here. We've got some documents here. Okay. At 2030 Epstein is talking about business and then we have another log at 2045. Epstein is lying down. Then at 20, we have a time log. So Jim Epstein is talking about business and investing. We've got Epstein is disgusting. Business and life lessons at 2130 Epstein is lying down again. Then at 2145 Epstein is sleeping. So somebody was keeping log of him. His suicide left many unanswered questions about his life. New York times obtained more than 2000 pages of these records also talked about being a coward said , uh , he did not like pain and his Jewish faith did not permit suicide. Oh, another nice little hint there adamantly denied. He was suicidal. According to Daniel ivory , she's reporting over at New York times early in his stay at the jail Epstein greeted one of his psychological observers while he was eating breakfast with a prison issued paper spoon, his reference to it seemed to make light of the fact that others were worried. He would harm himself, says I have my paper spoon here kind of joking and making light of the situation. There was a quote from Epstein, says that he said, I have to trust you. If you want to trust me. Epstein express displeasure to a member of the psychology department that his jailers were not paying attention. His complaints about his living conditions among his concerns. The toilet ran, his cell was dirty and the orange prison garb made others treat him like a bad guy. Apparently Epstein in his own words said, quote . It would be crazy to take my life even as he was on suicide watch and facing daunting legal challenges. Epstein at times suggested he had too much to live for outside of jail. He discussed his celebrity friends though their names don't appear in the documents, his investments and the escort business. So even in jail, this rotten person is like, well, no, I've got a whole escort business outside. Plus the celebs love me in conversations with his minders Epstein seemed to stick to subjects that would convey the impression he was approachable yet. Well , connected and successful. An inmate wrote at eight o'clock. One evening said Epstein and I are talking about the escort business. We're talking about arbitrage, 30 minutes more Epstein talking about celebs in another entry. Inmate noted that he and Epstein were talking about driving taxis in New York. They both drove throughout it all. Epstein remained curious about his surroundings on one of the first evenings, he asked an inmate whose name was redacted about the kind of crazy things he's seen in jail Epstein talked about with an inmate for several hours about prison, life and etiquette. And then at 2:35 AM the inmate noted classes over Epstein was asleep in 10 minutes, we have some more documents. It says that being alive is fun. And so we saw this previously one psychologist wrote that he was quote, future oriented , described himself as a banker with a big business said that being alive is fun, denied having sexually abused. Anyone said he would have a renewed bail hearing next week where he believed he would be released. So why, why does a guy with a bail hearing who thinks he's going to be released kill himself? She concluded the suicide watch was not warranted, but that out of an abundance of caution, he should remain on psychological observation. In the weeks before his death, he made statements that he was a coward had diff difficulty adapting to his diminished circumstances. Also frequently referenced poor sleep, inability to tolerate the noise of the prison. That was from a psycho, psychological reconstruction. We have a whole massive document. We'll just, just kind of show you this briefly. I think this is 18 pages. I believe we're not going to go through it all you can see up here in the top left that this is page 281. So just tons of documents. And this has stamped off on the U S department of justice, federal bureau of prisons stamped September 17th, 2019 memorandum for Jay Ray Armand from Hugh Heuer . It's the assistant director re-entry services. And this is the psychological reconstruction of Jeffrey Epstein housed in New York sex offender treatment distribution of this is limited. Don't share this. He comes in within 60 days. All right, we get some people who are involved. Number of different names who get copied on this. This is an interim report about the inmate death they're reconstructing what's going on in his mind. How did this whole thing happen ? Jeffrey Epstein background, 66 years old, white male, different people were on the team. All their names have been redacted. They all worked on this case. Social history Epstein did not have a PSR. It's called a pre-sentence report. So the father follow was gathered from available documents, grew up middle-class family, one brother, early promotion, and two grades. He was graduated from Lafayette high school, aged 16 , a temp , uh , attended Cooper union, private school, upper east side of Manhattan till 1974, dismiss 1976 inadequate development as a teacher number of positions in the financial industry to include a position as a limited partner at bear Stearns until he was dismissed for unknown policy violations. In 1981 also worked as a financial consultant, found that at least two separate companies, two significant periods of employment. The first was his position as a consultant with redacted in the late 1980s, redacted was described as his first mentor. Redacted was later convicted and incarcerated for running a large Ponzi scheme. He implicated Mr. Epstein and fraudulently diverting company funds for his own personal use years later, blank Epstein sole client at JFC and company granted and power of attorney over his affairs. Ooh , despite being identified as blank mentee, Mr. Epstein, again, accused of misappropriated funds more than 46 million bucks. These large sums where the seed money that Mr. Epstein used to establish his considerable fortune. These events are indicative of his highly regarded intelligence and his charismatic personality. So Epstein sort of finagle his way into somebody's money, takes it all. And that's what he uses for the rest of his fortune legal history. Long history of adult criminal charges had a non-prosecution agreement pled guilty to that solicitation of prostitution sentenced to 30 months, 18 months of incarceration, 12 months of probation mandated to register as a sex offender serve 13 of his 18 months , and then successfully completed 12 months of probation unclear whether he followed any of the rules thereafter, formally charged with , uh, additional, you know, bad charges involving underage individuals, 37 to page us decision in order. And you can see institutional history, New Jersey healthcare and personality description. Uh, he also had continuous positive air pre airway pressure C-PAP machine to help him sleep. We get a little bit of mental history, chief psychologist here. He was removed from suicide watch on July 24th. After 31 hours remain in a suicide watch cell, then he was removed from psychological operation at eight 15 on July 30th, attended court hearing on July 31st and then saw a counselor suicide risk not warranted. So they took them off suicide watch. We get a detailed description of the scene. They were serving breakfast, try to use a defibrillator conclusions and recommendations. A general appreciation of risk factors for suicide is more appropriate. He was high profile. He was a pretrial detainees, a lot of charisma, a lot of charm. He appeared to cultivate a large network. So we've got some big recommendations, single selling. In other words, don't put Epstein in there alone anymore. Somebody else like him, cellmate assignments when he was first placed in there, somebody else got put in there with him. So they got some recommendations about that. We've got some recommendations about the documentation, accuracy, lot more redactions. As you can see, officer so-and-so was responsible for observing Epstein and documenting his behavior. Officer Blanc mistakenly used a suicide watch log book intended for an inmate where he should have been using a different book, reviewing more records here, telephone calls. He was on a direct observation about when he was on suicide watch. He was denied bail on Thursday, July 18th. This was a significant disappointment for Epstein and likely challenged his ability and willingness to adapt to incarceration. Given the impact of the decision, a psychologist should have assessed his mental status after that Epstein reportedly was in court. So really, really long document century quarters, we have the attorney log books for log books were secured following his death post order staffing, sex offense, risk behaviors. Okay. So that's the rest of that. The denial of bail was a significant deployment. We saw that we have a suicide watch observation log. So this came over from an officer one 15 , uh, Epstein is still with attorney still 15 minutes later, he's still with attorneys. 15 minutes later, legal, legal, legal talking about math. Talking about finance, talking about the prison, talking about the environment, talking about the scene, talking about science now, finance legal. Okay. So they're just keeping tabs on him , but apparently they miss the Mr . Pretty key 15 minutes interval. They're pretty big one. He was removed from suicide watch after 31 hours reiterated complaints about his running toilet thought that he might have autism. No noting that Dustin Hoffman's autistic character in rain man had an aversion to noise just like him. Federal Mort marshals escorted him out of a July 31st court hearing returned with a prison custody alert notice says that Epstein might have quotes . Suicidal tendencies psychologist met with him, said suicide was not warranted. Of course he's dead. We have this sign among the documents that the times obtained was an undated sign. Orange paper at read mandatory rounds must be conducted every 30 minutes on Epstein as per God. Number 7 6 3 1 8 0 4 5 4. The word mandatory is misspelled and it's underlined in pen. And then it has a question mark written on it. The records offered no explanation of the sign bureau. Officials declined to answer any questions about it. So it's like a mandatory, like, is that a suggestion? Is this sign an order or a suggestion mandatory rounds. And it's not even mandatory. It's Manad that Tori man editory rounds as per God. So it could be people just goofing around, but very important. Defendant is now dead as a result of the goofing. Uh , the last day when he arrived back on July 31st, he was given a cellmates transferred out of there. The materials revealed highly disturbing images of the sex trafficking ring. All right . So very, very long article. I'd encourage you to read the whole thing. This is Mr. Epstein in 2014. This is his girlfriend, Karen , uh , Juliet . Apparently he called her from jail the night of the suicide. So you can see them together. She's one of the largest beneficiaries of several trusts that Epstein set up over the years after finishing the call Epstein returned to his cell where he was alone because no new cellmate had been yet assigned yet. He was also left unmonitored by two officers on duty, who prosecutors later accused of spending their time, surfing the internet and appearing to be asleep. This may the two officers entered into a deferred prosecution agreement on charges that they had falsified jail records about Mr. Epstein. So those two guards, a deferred prosecution agreement is like, look, you're in trouble. We busted you. But if you don't do it again, and you're good for 16 months or 18 months or two years or five years or whatever it is, we're not going to continue to prosecute you. We're going to defer prosecution. We're going to pause it. We're going to make sure that you're good. We're going to revisit this in two years. And if you have been a good person, we're going to dismiss those charges. So nothing's going to happen to those guys. I'm going to guess. That's just a quick read on that six 30, the next morning, he found with a bed sheet tied around his neck, like a noose pronounced dead an hour later, about two months after Epstein's death. Inmate who appeared to have worked in the kitchen, emailed the psychology department about a conversation he had with a man who sell had been next to Epstein's. He said the other inmate told him Jeffrey Epstein definitely killed himself. Any conspiracy theories to the contrary are ridiculous. The man heard Epstein tearing up his sheet before committing suicide. The kitchen worker wrote he wanted to kill himself and he sees the opportunity when it was available such as life or death in this case, which could be true. Absolutely could be true. Or he could be on a , uh , on an island and a beach on a beach in an island somewhere. Uh, we also have, this is a request to staff. Uh , this is that email that I just referenced. I just spoke with an inmate who came out of SHQ last night room was directly next to Epstein's anxious to describe the night of his neighbor's death. Epstein definitely killed himself. He said, and he conspiracies are nuts. Actually heard him tearing it up. I asked him if he had been extraordinarily noisy and uncivilized in the prelude to Jeffrey killing himself has responded what was in the negative effectively refuting my theory that Epstein couldn't take the animals and chose to end it as a result. I know long . So in other words, this guy was thinking that maybe it was just so noisy that Epstein was constantly complaining about the noise and it just got to be too much one night. He just enough already. So he asks him, was it really noisy that night? Is that why he did it? No, it wasn't. I no longer believe that rooming with Jeffrey would have saved him. He wanted to kill himself and seize the opportunity when it was available. When his Bunky moved out, such as life or death in this case, Friday is my home could find him a date. And clearly the staff hasn't done its job. Although the law specifically states that they're required to let all right, so now he's complaining about some personal stuff. So a very interesting Epstein documents show, maybe wasn't really intending to kill himself, but maybe that was all part of the plot. Maybe that was just sort of to convince people, to take him off suicide. Watch, get rid of his bunk person. Very smart, very charming, very charismatic guy. That's how he got his fortunate in the first place. So maybe he was just manipulating all these people so that he could in fact kill himself, or maybe somebody else killed him , or maybe he's back on his island, somewhere in the Caribbean. We have also random news from disclosed TV. And this was posted back on November 13th, but a lot of interesting things are now bubbling up, which is maybe why a lot of this trial is not being covered. Particularly in depth. It says Justin X Barclays' CEO, Jes Staley exchanged 1200 emails with Epstein that included unexplained phrases like snow white. That was over from the financial times. Jes Staley resigned from his position at Barclays earlier this month, after a dispute with British financial regulators over how he described his ties with Epstein, what is a snow white? Well, it's a Walt Disney female character. That was seven years old when the evil queen tried to kill her. So why is Jeffrey Epstein and X Barclays , CEO, Jes Staley talking about snow white. That's weird. Isn't that weird? Yeah, it's a little bit weird. We have , uh , the final diagnoses from the report of the autopsy Maxwell trial tracker over on Twitter is a really good follow they're covering this stuff. They've got a lot of these documents. They posted this on the 25th final diagnoses report of the autopsy hanging ligature for the neck. We've got different hemorrhages. We've got plethora face and head hemorrhages of the face fractures of the cartilage abrasions of the mouth after the resuscitation was attempted left forearm abrasions, hypertension, remote fracture of the right first rib. Very interesting things going , going on around here. Uh , cutaneous contusions of the risks . We've got subcutaneous hemorrhage of the left deltoid muscle Cardiovascular disease, not so good Confluent images of the right ball bar conjunctiva, right? And that's, that's sort of in your, a lot of that. I think you're going to expect when you are being hung. Uh , here's Jeffrey Epstein. Once again from the tracker trial says the circumstances surrounding Jeffrey Epstein being put on suicide watch after an alleged attempt to take his own life are in dispute. He told his lawyers, he didn't try to kill himself. He was attacked by a cellmate. Here's what he said

Speaker 2:

Was directing money to be deposited in other inmates, commissary accounts in exchange for his protection sources say because he feared for his life, but the government says Epstein was suicidal and made his first failed suicide attempt weeks after he arrived. According to court documents on 23rd, a guard found Epstein on the floor of his cell with the strip of bedsheet around his neck, Epstein claimed his cellmate. Nick Tartaglia [inaudible] attacked him. Epstein says that Nick tried to kill him. Nick says, absolutely nothing like that happened.

Speaker 3:

Well , it's not just, Nick says absolutely nothing happened. Absolutely nothing happened. No one says that Nick tried to kill Epstein.

Speaker 2:

Epstein was moved to the psych unit and placed on suicide watch. But one week later Epstein at the direction of the MCC psychological staff was taken off suicide watch and required to have an assigned cellmate,

Speaker 4:

Monumental failure on all levels. And that's why it has fueled to conspiracies. And I understand that

Speaker 2:

Cameron Lindsay is a former federal prison warden who should have made sure that he wasn't taken off suicide watch in your opinion

Speaker 4:

Of the facility should have stepped in and said, while I appreciate the perspective of you chief psychologist, I'm going to override that decision. And we're going to leave Epstein on suicide. Watch is specially subsequent to the suicide attempt that he had

Speaker 2:

Epstein was moved back to the shoe and designed a new cellmate Epstein was directly .

Speaker 1:

Right ? So yeah , so , uh, they kind of botched that one didn't they? Now another interesting story came out from the sun back on November. 20th says that Epstein and Maxwell both visited the Pope, which is a wild, the Pope, the Pado and the pimp, according to the sun beaming, Jeffrey Epstein and Glen Maxwell blessed by the Pope showing they're all powerful connections. The snap sees the billionaire and the alleged Madam enjoy a private audience with the head of the Catholic church at the Vatican. Oh boy. Now Maxwell's brother is also out there and he's a very upset about this. As the brother of the socialite is charged with helping Epstein exploit . Underage girls says her prosecution is the most over-hyped trial of the century designed to break a woman targeted by the authorities, desperate to blame someone for Epstein's crimes. Glen Maxwell continues to have the backing of her family. And her brother said in an interview ahead of the trial, this is the most over-hyped center trial in a century. She will not be broken. She believes completely in her innocence. And she's going to give the best account that she can prosecutors say she groomed girls as young as 14 years old, been in custody for almost 17 months. And judge Alison Nathan has denied requests for bail. So that's the update on Glen Maxwell trial is starting November 29th and we're of course going to dig into it, not going to be broadcast, not going to be anything that we can get. Any audio recordings. We're going to have minute entries, New York times reports. And we're probably going to have some pretty bad sketches because they can't even draw people who look like the people that they are blurred out sketches, but we're going to, to do what we can and follow along on the Maxwell trial. Let's see if you have anything to say about this from our friends [email protected] and then it's looking like it's going to be a little bit of a shorter show today because we had a lot of reading to get through. Uh, Georgia peaches says , uh, Hey Rob , uh, redacted. You had a great redacted redacted show. Great show. That's hilarious. But I'm , I'm upset about that because , uh, it's so frustrating, but it's hilarious. All right . So redactions in the, in the comments we got, Brandon says, why can't Epstein have just checked his victim's IDs that would have solved a whole lot of problems. Wasn't it just check their IDs . Simple Kincaid says, hello, Rob. I hope that all went well for you and yours. I'd seems relatively ignorant to the case of experts are not allowed in regardless of the side. The reason I say this because of the evolving sociological definitions of normal to ensure that truths do Ren confusion from the facts, multiple perspectives must be considered. I think an unflinching direct approach is needed. The insidious tendrils appear to go deep, even stately, perhaps. Yeah, this is a very interesting case for that reason. And you know , you see a lot of, a lot of ways. This can go Jeffrey Epstein. I just showed you a picture of him with the Pope. We've seen him with bill gates. We've seen him with , uh , Democrats Republicans, thunder seven says they removed his cellmate shortly before his death prison cameras were conveniently not working. Guards did not do their hourly checks, too many coincidences to be anything but a planned event. His own lawyers, state that he was in good spirits that day. Yeah. And he was pretty consistent about it. And I think guys like Epstein, they, they truly believe that they're above the law. And in many cases they are. So he probably thought that he was going to get out. Monster one says, Rob didn't know you were doing a show. I was watching ricotta. And Mr . Start, I hope you can forgive my betrayal. This one time monster one, this one's don't let it happen again. Monster one says, every redaction says Epstein didn't kill himself, which is true. It probably has his address. And where he's up parading around on his yacht, three girls . He says, I watched inmates on constant. Watch, not fun. I've also seen those inmates go and lie to the psychologist just to get out of constant watch. We were always told that it takes less than three minutes for an inmate to kill himself. We were required to do 30 minutes staggered rounds. As long as we were doing our watches appropriately, we would not be held responsible for an inmate that killed themselves. But, and if an inmate was found dead and we weren't doing our watches, we would be charged criminally or could be charged to CEO's that we're supposed to be watching Epstein's or not doing their rounds correctly. They were charged with falsifying records. This is not to say that I believe Epstein killed himself, but he would not be the first inmate that would lie to a psychologist to get off of constant watch. Yeah, I think that's , that's also a very possible explanation. And he was, you know, he was sharp and I think he was pretty convincing and he could probably convince people to get off their robot says, I guess you answered my question. There stole all that money from someone else and use that as capital as a financier. Yeah. Use that as and parlayed that turn, you know, 40 million into 4 billion or whatever Kincaid says, this guy's mindset suggests that he's an immoral opportunities, a talented manipulator and the perfect middleman for big fish. I would guess he lived and breathed the life and saw the rich at their worst. This is why I say, let all the bells be wrong. And the tolls paid to reach the bottom. Manly will get real F dirty. The motives of those involved must be honestly shown to the rest of us to see our rulers for what they are. I like that Kincaid . Hopefully we do get to see some, some stuff out of this one, Georgia peaches says silly, but if Epstein actually willed something to someone entirely innocent, if there is such a thing, would they be able to eventually get a paid from his estate or does the government keep it all? Uh, well, I mean, I , I , I mean , he's got a states and he's got trust and he's got all sorts of different things. I don't, I don't know that the government has been able to seize all of his assets is I , I it's, it's, they're paying out. I mean, they just paid out $125 million to 150 claimants . So yeah. I mean, there's a lot of money there and I think that he's got enough of the legal entities and funds that are surviving beyond his death . So the money will still be organized accordingly monster one says, sure, the neighbor's statement sounds like something an inmate would write and not a federal agent. Yeah. The , the prison cell neighbor , uh , couldn't see anything, but I could hear him , um, as he was shredding the bedsheets to concoct rope to hang himself with, I could hear him humming, you know , uh , sort of , uh , him like, oh, you know , I'm going to kill myself tonight. [inaudible] and he would just tear a new things. Absolutely was like having a good time over there. And he just did it. Don't have to worry about it. I'm definitely not an FBI agent. Don't worry about it. Monster. Juan says FYI, everything in prison is optional when it comes to employees, even if it was an actual note that said mandatory, it would be viewed as a suggestion. And that's from monster one. And over on YouTube, Jacob says, so the New York time is joining the chorus that has been saying for a while , that Epstein didn't kill himself. Everybody is correcting the record. Aren't they? And so , uh , that my friends is it for the questions that came in on the day short show. I know it's a black Friday. Everybody's out there, hopefully , uh , you know, doing your shopping, your Amazon ING or your audit bowling . I got like seven notifications on my phone. 50%, 60% crypto markets, 60% stock markets feels like 60%. So it's a discount everywhere and we'll leave it at that. My friend. So I want to thank you for being a part of the show. Before we wrap up and get out of here. I want to welcome some new people who the community. Also on Saturday, November, December 11th, we've got our monthly locals meetup taking [email protected] We do it over zoom this month. Ugly sweater edition . And oh man, is it going to be a lot of fun? So I hope you can come and join us Saturday, December 11th , from seven to 8:00 PM. Big welcomes to elbow . The Apache we've got Carrie C Gino's great job. We've got rugger bugger, J marquee , Cantonese, Brody, sun squirrel, Ono Five-O P Palin red beard, Monica , Nicole, Dr . Facebook law hobo Jim mom being and WV Ridge rider. We've got mayhem studios. Ben Tomlinson, Laurel [inaudible] Tucker grab Tommy Newk's phantasmagoria black cat Meow. Nick McCloud , Dr. Brenton T Blakemore, Patriot minute Chrissy . Dr. Sammy D pub crawl. Julie fluffle Zoe karaoke princess, not the great Cora Coco Overton transparency missing Linda's or pirate BJ . RJ bot do see Jen David Orndorff, drew Yohan 90 miles. Brene time Lords do test for 22 team. OGR all. And Corona's a day or, and that my friend does it for us for the day. I want to thank you for joining us. It was a very lovely Thanksgiving. I hope everybody had a tremendous time with their friends and family. I drove down to Tucson with my brother, Joey, and then drove back up with my aunt. And so I got to spend some good time with some family in the car ride for two hours down, two hours back up of course, all the time over the Turkey and the mashed potatoes. And somebody brought Lima beans. You know, it's just like, I like green vegetables, but those are really pushing it. So I hope everybody had a really amazing time with your friends and family. I'm going to be around most of the weekend. We may do some locals streams, just exclusively over there. There's kind of a lull in some of the criminal trials other than Maxwell. And we can't really talk much about Maxwell. So most of the Maxwell updates are going to be as prerecorded videos that come out daily that are just docket updates. So that those of you who don't want to join the show and hear me reading for an hour can just kind of skip over that. And so I'm curious as to, you know, what, what you think is interesting. We're going to have a whole new week next week. Uh , we have a new variants out there, new scary ants come out. They're right around the holidays and Christmas time. So there's going to be a lot to talk about. We want you to be a part of it. So come check us [email protected] Otherwise my friends, hopefully you have some fun stuff on the agenda for this very long weekend and it's time to get back to it. So I'll let you go do that. Have a tremendous evening sleep very well. And I'll see you right back here on Monday until then my friends. Bye . Bye .