Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Rust Armorer Says Not My Fault, $450k Migrant Reparations, DeSantis Sues Biden

November 01, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Rust Armorer Says Not My Fault, $450k Migrant Reparations, DeSantis Sues Biden
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Rust armor Hannah Gutierrez Reed releases a statement through her lawyers blaming others for the killing of Halyna Hutchins at the hands of Alec Baldwin and we review the criminal chain of causation. Republicans are outraged over news that the Biden Administration is in negotiations to settle with migrant families for $450,000 per person to settle civil claims that occurred during the Trump Administration. Governor Ron Desantis and the State of Florida sue the Biden Administration over the government contractor requirements for vaccination and we take a look at the lawsuit filed in Florida District Court.​

And more! Including:​

🔵 Rust Armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed gets lawyers and issues a public statement.​
🔵 Defense lawyers Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence from New Mexico draft a statement blaming others involved in the production.​
🔵 Who are Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence? Former prosecutors.​
🔵 Review of the Alec Baldwin shooting sequence of events and chain of causation.​
🔵 Review of New Mexico statutes for Involuntary Manslaughter and Accomplice liability.​
🔵 Wall Street Journal reports that the Biden Administration is in talks to settle claims made by migrants’ families during the Trump Administration.​
🔵 As part of the settlement, individuals would receive $450,000 dollars or nearly $1 million per family.​
🔵 These would be to solve claims for families that were separated during their illegal crossings.​
🔵 Vice President Mike Pence weighs in on the conversation, calling the decision a magnet for more illegal immigration.​
🔵 Several Congressmen draft letter to Department of Homeland Security Mayorkas and others demands answers on the news.​
🔵 Texas Governor Greg Abbott starts building blockades in Texas to prepare for an upcoming immigration surge.​
🔵 Florida Governor Ron Desantis announces lawsuit against the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional vaccine mandates.​
🔵 Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody explains the rationale for the lawsuit against the mandates.​
🔵 Review of State of Florida vs. Bill Nelson (and the rest of the US) filed in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.​
🔵 Your questions, comments and live chat after each segment!​







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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Mueller . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today in this episode of watching the Watchers, we're talking about Alec Baldwin, of course, the shooting that took place on the setting of rust in particular, the armorer Hannah Gutierrez read , came out through her lawyers and said, I didn't do it. It's not my fault. Don't blame me. I'm just the armorer. Everybody else is responsible for this. And so we're going to hear from her attorneys , two individuals, one guy by the name of Jason bowls and one guy by the name of Robert [inaudible] . And then we're actually going to go through the chain of causation. So of course I am a criminal defense attorney. I want to talk through who done it, who did what and how the different pieces might be interpreted by the prosecution. And more importantly, by the defense, because we have two defense attorneys now representing Ms. Reed . And so we're going to go through some of the New Mexico statutes and see how they interface with the chain of causation and see if she actually might be responsible for this thing. So we're going to go into this , uh , sort of piece by piece in the first segment. Then in the next segment, we're going to change gears. Talk about this new story that came out from the wall street journal. They wrote a piece saying that the Biden administration was contemplating making settlements with the families and individuals of migrant families that were separated back during the Trump era, saying that they are due damages for the pain and suffering and all the harm that the fell their families. And so they're talking about literally $450,000 a person, something like a million dollars, a family like, like , uh , a lot of money is what we're talking about. And so when I saw the headline, I thought there's no actual way. This is true. And it turns out the wash, the wall street journal sort of vetted this with multiple different agencies. This is actually a real thing that is being contemplated as a result of a bunch of different settlements that the ACL OU is bringing on behalf of the migrant families. We've got a number of Republican congressmen who are very upset about this. They wrote a letter over to the byte administration department of Homeland security and all the different, you know , alphabet agencies saying we want answers. And so in our second segment, we're going to take a look at that. We're going to hear from governor Greg Abbott in Texas, who's addressing some of the border stuff. We're also going to check in with vice president, former vice president, Mike Pence, who also wanted to weigh in on this. He's doing the media a little bit more. So he may be actually somebody who is running soon for something, maybe the presidency. We'll see. And then in our final segment, we're talking about Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis announced a lawsuit against the byte administration. He's suing bill now , Nelson he's suing NASA. He's suing a bunch of different federal agencies over the Biden vaccine mandate, which is of course coming very soon. We're told a lot of deadlines are coming up, including some federal contractor deadlines saying if you are a part of a, of the federal government contract and you have employees that are unvaccinated , well, you might not be part of that federal contract anymore. And so that's something that we're going to cover in our third and final segment. And so if you want to be a part of the show and it's better when you join in the place to do that is [email protected] There's a form over there. It looks just like this, and you can use it to ask questions. You'll see there, there's a show topics drop down . And if it's, if you can, it's useful. If you keep your questions in order as we're going out throughout the show, and then I'll be able to get to them in turn. And so [email protected] is a place where you can join in on the fund . And we're also live streaming on rumble. We're also a live streaming on Twitch. Shout out to my friends over at those two venues, as well as in our secret unlisted YouTube chat. So shout out to play and hooky JMS, K bean over there, shout out bean . We've got VNT kiss there and over on locals, all of my friends, sweet potato look to G we've got chairman of the board, nice tea , Greg Marazzi or skip money miss Lucky's in the house. Look to G cat crap fevers here, former Leo and many, many others. And if you're looking for the clips of the show, you'll find those over at Robert Mueller Esq slash clips, where all the different segments are, and you can send those to friends and family. That channel is growing nicely. Thank you very much for your support over there. We certainly do appreciate it. Okay, so let's get into the actual news of the day. Shall we? The Alec Baldwin shooting armorer rust scene is coming into clearer vision for us. We have new indication here from rust armorer , Hannah Gutierrez read . She gets lawyers. And let me start that over folks. What am I reading here? I wrote this all incorrectly rust armorer, Hannah Gutierrez read issued new statement through her lawyers today, indicating that she's not at fault for the shooting that took place on the scene of Russ that involved Alec Baldwin. Of course we know him as the actual shooter, the person who held the gun in his hand pulled the trigger, fired the shots that killed Helena Hutchins and injured Joel Sousa . And so in this segment, we're going to do a deep dive. We're going to go into Hannah Gutierrez read , look at the statement that was put forward by her attorneys, Jason bowls , and Robert Gorence . They are lawyers out of New Mexico and they help draft a statement that we can see it starting to point the fingers away from Hannah , just like good defense attorneys should do. We're also going to review the sequence of events. And so we're actually going to take the different pieces of this case and organize them and create a chain of causation and then analyze a couple of New Mexico statutes in juxtaposition with the chain of causation. And it's going to make a lot more sense when we get into it. It's going to be a little bit more interesting than what it sounds like because chain of causation sounds like a really boring, but we're going to look at it. And the goal here is to see how a prosecutor might actually charge this case. Moving forward. If they determine there is enough probable cause. So what we're going to look at all of that, including the New Mexico statutes for involuntary manslaughter and accomplice liability. Because Hannah read , even though she didn't pull the trigger, right, she might still have been somebody who contributed to the ultimate death of Helena Hutchins. And so we've got a lot to get into. Let's start. As we usually do by taking a look at the board here, we've got all the required parties, all the interested individuals, and we can see that it is expanding. We started out with just a couple of people. Last time we looked at the board, we found out who the sheriff was. We got Aiden Mendoza. We found out who the prosecutor was, Mary Carmack Outlee's today. We're seeing the defense round itself out a little bit over here under Hannah Gutierrez read . This is the armorer. We see that she's got two lawyers and they put out a statement today. We've got Jason bowls who joined in. We have Robert Grinchy DS two guys, both defense attorneys out of New Mexico. And so we're going to go through the chain of causation. Of course, we've got Alec Baldwin here in the middle, kind of the centerpiece, the actual shooter. How in the Hutchins, Joel Souza the two victims on the left. And then the assistant director, Dave Hall's sort of was handed the gun allegedly by Hannah , who then handed it over to Alec Baldwin who Ned shot hail in the Hutchins and then also hit Joel Sousa . So we've got that. We're familiar with how that all works. Let's take a look at the headline from insider. They tell us that the armorer, according to her was forced by her bosses to cut corners on gun safety. Okay? So we're going to see how this impacts the whole legal analysis here in a minute, but St . Her attorney say in the first statement, since the shooting took place, they made the claim on behalf of 24 year old Hannah Gutierrez reading the statement on Thursday. First public response touch ins died October 22nd. We know that no charges thus far have been filed. The attorneys for Reed say she was overworked, denied the training she needed in the statement, which was reported by MSNBC anchor, Yasmin V . Now we're going to take a look at the statement, and then we're actually going to break over a break, kind of open the sequence of events and then see how this might impact criminal liability on this channel. We've had several conversations about this. Well, look, you know, you can break this up into a couple of different buckets. You could say Alec Baldwin was the guy who pulled the trigger. He's the one who's responsible for her death. He had a duty to inspect the gun. He was the person, you know, we all, you know, I've been somebody who's been around guns. Most of my life, one of the first things that we ever learned, right. You're responsible for it. Don't point it at anything. You don't want to kill all of those basic sort of fundamental gun prerequisites. So I can understand that argument that whoever has the firearm is responsible for whatever happens with that firearm, but we've seen an alternate interpretation of this entire sequence saying that. Yeah, but Baldwin is sort of alleviated relieved of any criminal liability because he was relying on other people whose sole job was to make sure that the gun was safe. Hannah Gutierrez read somebody who is an armorer. That's kind of her only job is to make sure that this all works well. Alec Baldwin is just an actor. What the heck is he going to do? Right? And so you're sort of saying that we're going to be delegating some of that responsibility, relieving Baldwin of it and passing it off to other individuals around. And his public relations team has been making that , uh , perspective very well known , but we also have somebody who's kind of an intermediary. We have David halls . Who's the person that got the weapon after Hannah Reed was supposed to presumably be handling it appropriately. And then he was supposed to do something with it. And then that goes over to Alec Baldwin. And so now you can make the argument that , uh , multiple people were supposed to be in the chain of, of ensuring the weapon was safe and they all dropped the ball. And so that alleviates Baldwin of any of the responsibility even further. But then if you go over to Hannah read , you're saying well, but she didn't pull the trigger. And so what we're trying to do is identify causation. Who's really responsible for this thing, because it kind of is that there were multiple people involved in this thing. And so we're going to break it down. What we've been speculating is going to happen is that all three individuals who were even a remote proximity to the shooting are all going to start pointing their fingers at each other. This was a Western, right? Don't they call that a Mexican standoff. Can I say that is that illegal? But you can, you know, when they're all sort of pointing guns at each other, you know, you drop yours, I'll drop mine. If you drop yours, bumping , you know, one of those things, and this is exactly what's happening. Hannah Reed came out through her attorneys and she gave us this statement. So they came out, you can see both of them down here in the bottom, right. They said specifically, first Hannah would like to extend her deepest and most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Helena. She was an inspirational woman. She was also officer thoughts and prayers completely beside herself over the events that have transpired. Yeah . Okay. So it's that , that nice statement of contrition. Good thing to start off with. If you're a defense lawyer says she would like to address some untruths that have been told to the media, which have falsely portrayed her and slandered. Her safety is Hannah's number one priority on set. Ultimately this set never would never have been compromised if live ammo were not introduced. Hannah has no idea where the live rounds came from Hannah and the prop master gain control over the guns. And she never witnessed anyone shoot live rounds with these guns, nor would she permit that they were locked up every night and at lunch. And there's no way a single one of them was unaccounted for or being shot by crew members. Hannah still to this day has never had an accidental discharge. This is her first movie. All right . The first one on this set was the prop master. And the second was a stuntman after Hannah informed him, his gun was hot with blanks. We're seeing now some other names come in, right? First one on this set was the prop master. So we got a new person who's being introduced into the board. And a second was a stunt man after Hannah informed him, his gun was hot with blanks. So got two new parties who are joining in Hannah was hired on two positions on this film, which made it extremely difficult to focus on her job as an armorer. She fought for training days to maintain weapons and proper time to prepare for gunfire. But ultimately it was overruled by production in her department. The whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including the lack of safety meetings, not the fault of Hannah, Hannah and her legal team will address more of these rumors in the whole incident, in an upcoming statement next week. Alright . Wow. So we've got a lot to break down there. Don't we lots of finger pointing , going multiple different directions here. Let's take a look at who these attorneys are. We've got bowls . He is somebody who has practiced law for over 20 years. He was a federal prosecutor and a private practitioner handles criminal civil litigation. Ball's law firm. He says, we get outstanding results here to give you the best opportunity to succeed. So there he is. Federal prosecutor over here, we got Robert Guarente. Another one of Reed's lawyers throughout his career has tried over a hundred jury trials. That's a lot of jury trials member of the New Mexico bar, us district court, special counsel subcommittee , Georgetown university, Marquette law. Also a us attorney first assistant chief of the criminal division, 14 years as a prosecutor, 62 jury trials, 48 cases before the 10th circuit. So these guys have been around a while , 2000 left, started private practice, criminal defense, dozens of cases. Yeah. So he's been around a while . Now, both these guys are former prosecutors, but we're not gonna , you know, we won't hold that against them. That's okay. So, you know, all right , so they've got, she's got some pretty good lawyers there. I'll tell you that, right? These are, these are guys. Who've got a lot of experience. Former prosecutors now doing defense work. Isn't her dad, a famous Hollywood person. So he probably just went right into that credit card. Here you go, honey, go get whoever you can out of New Mexico. So now that she's got a defense, let's think about this from her perspective about a defense. I want to run through the chain of causation here. Okay. So we know given the amount of time we spent on this here on this channel, that this is what the sequence of events looks like. So we can work our way backwards. We have how in the Hutchinson, and of course incorporating into this Joel Souza , the director Helena is dead, right? She's not with us anymore. Rest in peace. So we know that Alec Baldwin actually had the gun shot the gun. So he pulled the trigger in her direction, firing the projectile. She is no longer with us. We also know the sequence of events is that David halls , the assistant director apparently said cold gun handed the gun over to Alec Baldwin before he shot it. And allegedly, before that, we know that Hannah Gutierrez read over here, the armorer presumably had custody of the firearm, prepared it before, giving it over to hauls . So kind of the standard sequence here. Now, some people have been saying, everybody's responsible for this, right? She was contributory hell's was contributory. Baldwin was contributory. And so they all should be charged. Some people say, Nope, it just should be maybe just the armorer. She's responsible for it. She was responsible for making sure that there were no bullets and that the gun didn't have any live ammunition before she handed it to halls . And before hauls gave it to Baldwin, some people might say, it's hauls , right? He was the final checkpoint before it ever landed to Baldwin. And he should have checked in , never handed it to him and never said, cold gun. Some people say, oh, it's just Baldwin. Right? He should have checked it. And he should have been the person who made the final judgment call because he had the gun in his hand. It should, it should end with him. So a couple different ways you can kind of splice and dice this up. Let's think about this in context of read here , Hannah read. So if you're Hannah read, then you might say that my job, my only duty was to load the weapon. That's it. Right. I load it. I maintain the inventory of the firearm. All I do is just make sure that I'm following the basic safety protocols. So essentially all I do is load it. Then hauls . He checks it, then Baldwin uses it. Okay. And so if you were in this situation, Hannah would pretty much escape liability, right? I mean, she has, she's very far removed from the actual death. How now over here is dead. But all she did is love the gun. Hauls was supposed to check it. And Baldwin was a person who actually used it. So if anything, Hannah was just sort of a , for the first person in a series of dominoes that should have been prevented by both halls and by Baldwin before Helena was ever killed. But if you said that instead of just loading it, each one of these people was supposed to be sort of a checkpoint. If we went over here and looked at this and we said, okay, well, Hannah Reed was supposed to load it and check it. Paul's was supposed to check it and announce it. And then Baldwin was also supposed to check it before he used it. Now you see that every single one of these individuals is supposed to be checking it. And what does this mean? It means that still read is somewhat responsible, right? Because she was supposed to be checking this. She was the first check in a series of checks that should have prevented the ultimate thing from happening. She was a proximate. Cause in other words, if she would have appropriately done a check, there's a good argument that this would've never happened. So it's pretty obvious, right? That she wouldn't only be somebody who is responsible for loading it, probably a load and a check as well. So what does Hannah Gutierrez redo now if she wants to escape liability, because right now, if we're looking under these circumstances, it seems like she's pretty well in the chain of causation, because if she would have checked it appropriately, the rest of this stuff wouldn't have happened. If she would have checked it appropriately. So now what did we see from her defense lawyers? How was she going to get around that? How is she going to get sort of escape the problem of not doing this correctly, loading and checking it correctly? Well, we already saw that she's introducing a third variable or AA , sort of a overarching variable. She's talking about the producer . She's talking about the production set. She's talking about the working environment and who was responsible for maintaining the working environment. Well, Alec Baldwin was her producer, right? He was somebody who has helped running this whole thing. He was the star of the show. The whole thing would never have happened without Alec Baldwin. And so what Hannah's attorneys are saying is that she could not have possibly done a good job loading and checking this. Why? Because Alec Baldwin created a working environment that made it very difficult. She sat here and quote, it made it extremely difficult to focus on her job. As an armor, she fought for training. She fought for days to maintain the weapons. She fought for proper time to prepare for gunfire, but she was ultimately overruled by the production and her department who a part of production. Well guess what Alec Baldwin is, isn't he , who's a part of her department. Who's going to be running her. Who's her boss. Oh, well, David halls is he's the assistant director. So she's pushing liability up towards the operations team. The whole production set, she said became unsafe due to various factors, including the lack of safety meetings. Not the fault of Hannah is what her team is saying. So what they're essentially trying to do is sever this chain here, they're saying no, no, no, we can't connect HANA liability extends to production. It extends to assistant director. It extends to the actual shooter, but we're going to be able to sever it. Why? Because the subpar working conditions, the negligence that we're going to see as we look into the statutes that are going to be required in order to charge her with an involuntary manslaughter, if the negligence was caused by the production team, if they created a working environment that was so bad, that how can she be responsible for failing to do her job? It's their show. Right. Okay. So now let's take a look at some of the Mexico New Mexico law. So we've already talked about this. This is manslaughter. This is I think the , the , the charge that fits best for all , for any of the different actors that we've talked about, whether it's Baldwin or halls or Reed , they all kind of fit into this category. 30.2 0.3 and it's subsection B. I really think it's involuntary manslaughter. Why it's it's because of how the statute is written. It says it consists of manslaughter committed in the commission of an unlawful act, not amounting to a felony. So that's part one of this statute that would not apply, right? This is not an unlawful act. He was allowed to point a gun at her and pull the trigger. So we're going to look at the second part of the statute. It says, or in the commission of a lawful act, which might produce death in an unlawful manner or without due caution or circumspection. Okay. So there you go. So commission of a lawful act . So it was lawful for him to actually point the gun at Hannah at the house in the Hutchins, but it was done. So without due caution and without circumspection. So I think this one fits the best it's fourth degree felony out of New Mexico. And so when we break down the statute, you can see here, it comes out with a pretty easy equation. That looks something just like this involuntary manslaughter equals a lawful act without due caution. So a lawful act plus something done without due caution is going to give you involuntary manslaughter. And so the lawful act is the actual shooting right of the gun, not the bullet leaving the gun, but the actual shooting, right? Alec Baldwin, if you're, if you're interpreting it this way, right? This , these are all facts that are going to be subject to interpretation from the jury. But if Alec Baldwin is doing this as part of a lawful act, right, the whole shooting, even pulling the trigger, arguably could have been a part of a rehearsal or a scene or whatever. You know, it's just a blank who knows, right? We're not there yet, but that act in and of itself could have been lawful without the due caution was without Alec Baldwin checking it. But we're not talking about Baldwin. We're talking about read and hear read then could have done everything appropriately, but just not exercise caution by putting the ammunition in there. Right? And so for her, the due caution doesn't have to be the actual death. It's just the little small sliver that she had in her involvement in the entire chain. So due caution, the lawful act was preparing the gun. All of that was done appropriately, but her little piece of this was just the ammo. And so that's without due caution. So now let's think about this. We have a couple different areas of the law that we can dig into. What standard now is this without due caution. Okay. So we know that she was involved in the chain. What is without due caution? What does this mean? Can we know that the actual shooting, the preparation had gone all that other stuff was lawful. So without due caution, what does that mean? Well, here we go. We've got a case from state vs . Grubs that came out of New Mexico. It says a killing by lawful act, which is what we have, what we have here, right? Because this is a lawful, actual, active shooting in order for that to be involuntary manslaughter, it depends on whether the lawful act was done without due caution or circumspection the phrase without due caution. And circumspection has been held to involve the concept of criminal negligence, right? Negligence. Then if it involves a weapon, we have a different state or different citation in state vs . Grubs , a conviction of involuntary manslaughter by negligent use of a weapon requires negligence, which is just ordinary. Okay. Doesn't even require really gross negligence or even really criminal negligence. If it involves a firearm, it's just kind of simple negligence, which means that this is something that I think can be charged easily, right? It's just basic negligence. It's not gross negligence. It's not criminal negligence. It's just negligence. And it's ordinary, right? Which in a legal term is a much lower standard than some of the other standards of negligence. So it , and the reason they do that, they elevate it is because it involves a firearm. It actually involves a gun. So that means you have to be, you don't want to be, you don't want to make the standard so that you have to be grossly negligent or criminally negligent when it involves a gun, just regular negligence is enough. Like , it's like, Hey, don't even spin it around your finger. Right. You don't have to be like waving it around, doing cartwheels with a firearm. Yeah. That would be gross negligence. But even just leaving it out on a kitchen table, in some circumstances, depending on who's in the household might be negligent, right? It doesn't have to be gross negligence. So when you have a weapon, it's going to elevate that up. So here now we've got a situation which I don't think bodes well for anybody in this case where if it involves a weapon in voluntary manslaughter, this is by a New Mexico case state vs . Grubs out of New Mexico, saying that all you need is ordinary negligence. If you have ordinary negligence, well then that's going to be considered something that reaches the threshold of at least criminal negligence, which is reckless wanton and willful, which caused , which is the same thing without due caution, which is this right here. So that fills that portion of the New Mexico analysis. I think also we're talking about causation, right? Cause it who did what and how far removed were the different individuals from the actual death? Unlawful acts must constitute the approximate cause of the homicide to warrant a conviction of involuntary manslaughter. So what this is saying is that Hannah, she had to be involved in this chain of causation, right? If she was not in this chain, then she could not be, not be charged with involuntary manslaughter. So that's pretty obvious. We also have contributory negligence is no defense. So this was an interesting little headnote. It says conduct of a driver of a car that was struck by the defendant had no application in trial for manslaughter, since it was the criminal negligence of the defendant that caused the death of the two victims. Okay. So what this is saying is that there was another case that also came out of New Mexico, where there was a driver that , uh , hit somebody and they were killed. And what the, what the person who was being charged with the crime for hitting and killing that person is arguing is that the other person hit them. And so they get, they contributed to that, to , to their own death. I don't think that's applicable in this case now that I think about it. Okay. So now let's think about it. If we extend that a little bit further, I know this is a legal, heavy segment. I get it. But this is interesting. What about as accessory to murder? What about somebody who's sort of an accomplice or aided and abetted, right? How do you get Hannah? Who's all the way to people removed from the actual death. How might she be brought back into this thing? So I think she's not too far removed anyway currently, but there's another way that they could go here is 30.1 0.1, three accessory here in New Mexico got some statutes here, says a person may be charged with and convicted of the crime as an accessory. If he procures councils aids and abets in its commission. And although he did not directly commit the crime. And although the principal who directly committed such crime has not been prosecuted or been convicted of a different degree of crime or has been acquitted. So you, somebody can be charged, even though they didn't actually commit the crime. They talk about what does the word crime mean? So they say as an armed robbery, the term could simply mean the commission of the crime, right? So it doesn't necessarily mean the specific crime, just the commission of any crime. When one defendant, they give us an example. When one defendant completed the crime of a burglary and they went into a building and his partner knew about that, the partner's intent could be inferred from the ax . All right . So again, this is , this is really heavy legal stuff. So I don't want to spend too much time on this, but sort of what we're talking about is a specific intent and transferred intent. So the, this can get really heavy. But what you're talking about is whether or not Hannah Gutierrez read, what was her intent here? Okay . Did she intend to kill her on the Hutchins? No. Right. Did Alec Baldwin? No . Did David Hall's ? No . Presumably no . Presumably nobody did. And this doesn't turn into a Hollywood horror movie where somebody, you know, put the bullet in there and whatever, if that's the case, then none of them had the actual specific intent to murder the person. But in this case, they could have had the specific intent to essentially be negligent, right. They, they, they were allowing an unsafe environment to continue to happen. There was sort of an absence of any proactivity of making sure that this was a safe environment. And so their intent could be very much limited to just sort of their , their negligence or their, their inability to act with care that th that is transferred from Hannah into halls , into Baldwin. And so they could all be sort of connected in that chain of causation as an accessory. So in this case, right , the partner who was joining the burglar, went into the house with the burglar and, you know, didn't necessarily know that he was going to commit the burglary, but as also can be presumed to have the same intent as the partner, because he entered the building himself. Right. So you can sort of infer and transfer some of the intent between different people and here Helena, I'm sorry. Uh, uh, read Hannah never intended to actually probably load a bullet in there, but we're talking about the intense sort of the absence of anything that was proactive , that , that contributes to the negligence. Whew . That's some heavy law. I wasn't intending to get into all of that, but that is a lot, I didn't realize how much was in there, but here, the point of this is, is that you've got a lot of different people, pointing different fingers at different people, different intents and different statutes that are very relevant. It's not going to stop. This is all going to continue to pick up Hutchins , um, read I'm getting Hutchins and how the I'm getting Hutchins and Hannah mixed up. But Hannah read is just the beginning of this, right? She's just starting to point fingers. Other directions, Alec Baldwin is doing it too. We can see here that he posts a story blaming his assistant director over the fatal shooting of how in the Hutchins. He appears eager. According to the New York post Lee brown to shift the focus from his onset shooting onto his assistant director who handed him a loaded gun, 63 year old actor, late on Wednesday, tweeted out a news story about assistant director, David Hall's his admission, that quote , he should have checked all the rounds in the gun before handing it to Baldwin on the new set of Russ, right ? Should have checked the story based on a new affidavit released today , also stressed that Hall's apparent oversight came quote before he handed a revolver that he had declared cold to Alec Baldwin, meaning the ammo did not have live weapons, Hollywood star, who was also a producer of the doom , Western retweeted, the story without making any additional comments. Okay. So here on Twitter, you can see Alec Baldwin did in fact retweet that, see that right there. Oh, and I know that's, you know, he didn't write it, but he is endorsing it and he is re tweeting it and he is making sure that , uh , that's the message, right? That is the public perspective on all this it's Hall's it's read . It's not Baldwin. Let's see what you have to say about this over from watching the Let's see if we've got some questions on the Baldwin stuff. Let's see here. Uh, Kenny, one B says, are you using the teleprompter? No wink, wink. We caught that. Do-over I know you saw it. I know they're not going to see it in the segment because I'm going to clip that part out, but you just brought it back to their attention. So I botched the intro on this. I do the intros off the cuff, you know, I just kind of just go, I just start talking and I botched it today. So you'll have to catch the live show. If you want to see that we have another one geo Mancy game says would a , what would the punishment be to a single person who did this fired a gun accidentally and killed someone? I believe they'd all have some blame, but as for what the punishment would be, I'm in no way qualified to answer. Uh, I'm not either geo Mancy games. I haven't gone through the New Mexico statutes. And again, it's, it's not as simple as that, right? So it depends on what category it would be if somebody , yeah , it depends. Right? There's voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. And there's, there's a couple of different permutations of it, but it's a lot, right? If you kill somebody, it's you go to prison for those crimes, we have let's go. Brandon says, gosh, as the armor are actually as smart and pleaded the fifth as well as to get good representation who shut her mouth, unlike that Alex for prison, for being a narcissist and get representation. Hmm . All right . That was a, that was a comment right there. Speech unleashed says I'm confused if they were locked up and presumably the armorer should be the only one with a key to them. Then how were they able to be used for live shooting by the crew? Second as the armor or her primary job description is the safety and security of the guns. If she felt the set was unsafe and she was prevented from correctly doing her job, then she should have quit reputation. Is everything for that kind of a job? Yeah, I think that's right. That's , that's kind of a good rule of thumb. If you don't want to participate in something that is problematic, then you should leave. Otherwise you're a part of the problem to some degree, aren't you. Okay, good to see you. Speech on lease . I agree with you. Totally. Sergeant Bob says, if Hannah can establish what she alleges, it seems like liability will fall back on the quote production company. I Alec Baldwin. I can see the possibility Harry Truman said the buck stops here. I think they should apply to Baldwin. It's his obligation to pause and check the weapon. I would hope this would set a new and much needed standard. The any weapons handling and Hollywood. Sorry. Watch . We must cut to watch my grandsons play a football game in Michigan. Go Edward's Berg . Eddies . Love it. Go get them guys in Michigan. Have fun. Sergeant Bob it's Friday night, your son's playing curious what position he plays. Maybe you'll tell us next time. Good luck. Eddie's grandson. I'm sorry. Sergeant Bob's grandson. The ed Edwards , Berg eddies . Good luck fellows . We have a thunder seven says more coincidence is about the shooting that make you go. Hmm . Baldwin is the one who ultimately is responsible for who's hired onset . The experienced Armour quit. And this ditzy bimbo was hired. Whoa . Her only experience was one other movie where there was a problem with the guns. Then he hires hauls . Who's had two previous movie disasters on set, including a death. You don't think Baldwin was hoping that a real bullet would go through these two bozos. Do you sure? It's all purely coincidental how this tweets were scrubbed off the internet. The night of the shooting guests. That's a coincidence too . Nothing to see here. Move on folks. Whoa , thunder seven. That's a juicy meatball right there. My man, I think you're saying that Baldwin wanted to kill those two people. Wow. All right. Well, it's interesting. We'll see what the prosecutors say about it. The Antica says if I were there and the conditions were that bad, I leave. If I needed to stay, I'd make their PR production company sign a release of liability. But just to be thorough, whether or not it would exonerate me legally is another question based on the laws. It's a good question. Yeah. You really can't contract a way criminality, right? Like you can't say like , um , uh, can you please sign here so that I can rape you at will? And somebody goes, oh yeah, that sounds great. Right? That would never happen. Courts would never, it's a , it's an unenforceable unconscionable contract. So you can't sort of limit liability for crimes. Top chef is here. Oh . It says if I hire a sous chef who I have poisoned who have poisoned people in the past, and then they cook food, which causes food poisoning, which kills one person. Am I responsible? Or are they saying for the hospital that hires a doctor who's botched surgeries in the past. And then that doctor performs an operation that leads to a patient's death. Where does the buck stop? Yeah. And you know, it's sort of like, you don't want to be the head person who hires a bunch of people to do shoddy work and manages them inappropriately. And when the shoddy work causes a problem, all the executives just get to go away and oh, well it's not our fault. We didn't do it. Well , we hired people to do the job. Yeah . But they're in competent. You didn't give them any resources. You train them poorly. There was no , no rule , no law and order. And what's happening on the set and they screwed it up. And now you're just like, well, I'm sorry. I mean , Hey , you know, they should've known better. No, it's like negligent entrustment of the scene. You can't just hire people who are not qualified and then blame them when something goes wrong. I get it. Yeah. I can see it. We have another one from speech unleash says, I also believe that Alec is responsible because as producer, he did not protect his employees. Even a blank bullet can cause damage. That is why when the scene calls, we're pointing a gun at the camera and movie sets either use a remote control for the camera. So no one is sitting behind it. Or there was a real bullet shield material placed in front of the people in the line of fire, neither were provided, which falls on the producer speech unleashed. That's a good comment. I think a lot of people might agree with you. Their speech , uh , eat on test says, I think it is fair to say that there is liability is spread around, but I don't see any way how they can escape it completely. This is from on test, who is a , uh , an actor says as armorer , the firearms are in her care, controlling custody. If they were cutting corners and they probably were, then she should be able to invoke the authority as armor to say, no, we have to slow down. That is in the job description and part of safety to prevent this very thing. That is why she should have quote control. If the assistant director came to the locker and took it out without her permission broke a lock or something like that, then that could let her off the hook. But if she touched it before the D , then it passed through her control. Follow the chain of custody. That's from eat on task. Good comment. There you don't test. I think you're right. Right. I think that all, all those people are in this , in the chain. And if you're a prosecutor, I think you've got a pretty good basis for charging. All of them. Jeremy Trita says, Rob can't Baldwin use the Hilary defense. He didn't intend to kill anyone. I thought you were going to talk about the bleach bit thing. Oh, oh, oh. Did I wipe my servers? What you mean? Like with a cloth I'm Hillary Clinton. So-so comical. All right . We have Kincaid says , uh , evening good serve . When the contracts clarify responsibilities, Alex Lee , lousy behavior aside, the other two have had professional complications related to firearms, handling civil charges to producers and others involved. However, criminal charges to those legally liable, the armor is showing how an FC is working conditions or any other factor does not change your responsibilities. I would like to know what producers are liable for them . Yeah. That's from Kincaid . And it's a good question. And I think we're sort of, we've got one foot in two different worlds on this question, you know, sort of one foot in the civil world, one foot in the criminal world. Yes. I think there will . I'm not a civil lawyer, but I'm imagining there's going to be lawsuits up the ying yang on this case. And it's going to be a lot of ying-yang . And so that's a whole separate conversation from criminal criminal cases are brought by the government, brought by the state after a long investigation, after the district attorney reviews it, there's going to be all sorts of political pressures, flying all over the place. And we'll see where it goes. Right? Alec Baldwin is a pretty big name. A lot of people support what he stands for. And so we'll see where it goes. We have Kenny one B says I really like the legal heavy segments. Thanks. Awesome. Well, that's cool. Kenny, one B sometimes it's, you know, sometimes we get in there and that's just scratching the surface on this specific intent, transferred and stuff. Uh , transferred intent, general intent. I know there's some people watching in law school that are , who are in law school who watched the show. You know what I'm talking about? Right. You know where this is going to go and you're happy. We didn't go there. We have another one from hand of nod says to assign blame, wholly on anyone participants, denials , uh, denies each their agency in making decisions and owning the consequences they're in how cheap is the deceased's life? Let me read that one more time. Cause this is , uh , this is good to assign the blame wholly on any one. Participant denies each their agency in making decisions and owning the consequences they're in how cheap is the deceased's life. I'd like to echo Colin and war's message. This incident is tragic, unnecessary, and arguably a symptom of poor and degrading competence with firearms. As a matter of broad society and culture, Alec Baldwin is famously. Anti-gun had Baldwin, the beginning of understanding firearm safety. We likely wouldn't be here. The irony is brutal. Perhaps at large Hollywood will upgrade their appreciation of instruments that cause death and injury, hand of nod. Love that. Nice comment. Hand of nod. Yeah. You know, this is a concept that , uh , that I was reading about in this. I told you about this book a couple of times, antifragile by Nassim Taleb. He talks about the idea that certain systems are anti-fragile . In other words, if there's harm that befalls the system, they actually get better. As a result of it, common example would be airplanes, right? Every time an airplane falls out of the sky, kind of the rest of the airline system gets a little bit more robust. It gets a little bit stronger. Everybody goes, well, what the heck was that all about? And so they get the black box, they open it up and they say, well, you know, this guy was a scumbag and did this and all of these things. And so they stopped that from happening again. And the in theory, the entire industry gets stronger as a result of it, same concept happening here, right? This happened haphazard, lackadaisical, gun, gun policies there that were in place. And hopefully it doesn't happen again. Jeremy Murrieta says, why hasn't Baldwins attorney advise him to remain silent. Every tweet and retweet can and will be used against you in a court of law. He has the right to remain tweet lists, which is very true, Jeremy. And this is a complicated concept, right? This is we got, we got again, two worlds going on. We've got the, the criminal legal world. You've also got the court of public opinion. And this is something where it's not as one sided as usual, right? This isn't a George Floyd, Derek Shovan situation. This isn't an, a mot Arbery make Michael's situation where most of the public is sort of on one side, right ? This, this has a lot of different permutations here. Alec Baldwin did it. Alec Baldwin didn't do it. And so they're going to be, they have to almost duke this out in the court of public opinion as well as in the, in the courts of law. Because what happens if you don't isn't that isn't that almost malpractice? What happens if you're Hannah and you just let every, if your hand is lawyers and you just let all of the other defendants out there who could be potential co-defendants you could just let them just, it's all, it's all Robert's fault. All of them. And you just go in and I'm not going to say anything about that right now, you fast forward two years from now, when this case is working its way up to trial. And for the last two years, your co-defendants have been beating you up in the news saying, you're responsible for all this. Now you got to go and unring that bell in front of the jury is exactly what we're doing. In some of these cases, Kyle Rittenhouse, we're having arguments about who to call what right? And , and who, what labels and what names you can use. A lot of that is sort of trying to put the , the genie back in the bottle. And so right now you can see all sides are being very aggressive in the court of public opinion to try to make their case heard. Okay, couple more here, quarantine . Mike says, well , this movie be released. It will not. I think it's a serious question. It will not productions over. It's not going to happen. Rassie is here, says John Schneider actor stated with today's technologies . There's no excuse for having a real gun on his set. He made a video with a gunfire coming out of his finger. Maybe this will change rules on other movie sets. Yeah . I don't know. Rata . See , it's a good one. Good question. Monster. One says aren't these people rich can't they afford good lawyers who will tell these people to shut the hell up. I've had public defenders who were better. First thing they would say is don't talk to anyone. It's a good point. Monster one. But again, what are you going to do? Just be silent and let everybody else point fingers at you. It's going to be a national story for the foreseeable future go Navy 5 0 5 says there are no exception in the law for if you are quote , shooting a movie or someone yelled cold gun . At least not to my knowledge. Yeah. Right? That's that's my, that that's exactly right. I don't care if it's Alec Baldwin. Okay. I don't care. Nobody cares. Somebody shot and killed somebody else. Right? That's that's sort of the prosecution's perspective or it should be, but it becomes complicated. Now it's a movie and movies are special and you know, celebrities and celebrities are special and they get all different types of , uh , benefits than many other people do. No doubt. Monster. One says, are you using Lexus nexus? I don't use that. We have some people here at our office that do, I think we have kind of a split between Lexus nexus and Westlaw Arizona. We also have a fast case . I think we get that for free. Yeah . Captain Jim says, Rob, this segment is where your content is masterful. Your coverage of national issues is pretty good. I enjoy your analysis, but this is where you take it to another level I've been watching you since Kyle Rittenhouse back in 2020, keep up the good work from captain Jim. Well, thanks captain Jim. You know , uh, you know , uh, I was going to say, unfortunately, there's not always very interesting legal cases like this, but maybe that's a fortunate thing that we don't have these types of tragedies that need some analysis. But thank you for that captain, Jim, I appreciate it. This is kind of my element, right? This is what I do. So I'm a lot better at this than I am , uh, you know, Dunkin on Joe Biden. But , uh, but I I'd like to dunk on Joe Biden. So we'll see , uh , we'll , we'll, we'll continue to it out, but I appreciate that. Very good feedback, Jim J he says, I don't see how she's not at fault when she is responsible for all the guns all the time on the sets, I've read too many other witness statements that contradict what she is saying. If she felt she was unable to fully do her job 100% without any worry or concern that you should have quit. So what supposedly happened on her previous movie never happened was not her fault. I don't buy it. It's from Jay Heath. Yeah. She's she doesn't want any involvement in it. I was just responsible for managing the inventory and managing the ammo, but hauls checked it. So it was supposed to and said it was clear, right? So she points back over to them. Uh , Bo Jayden says the buck stops with me. We have sold Viking says so many layers of responsibility that failed many wrongful discharge incidents have only one layer. Okay? So Hannah had too much work and not good enough training. However, with respect to her most important function , she failed so sad for the victims families. It's a good point. So Viking. Yeah, it is a good point. All the other responses. I don't care if she had to go get coffee or whatever you had one job, make sure nobody dies with a gun on the set you failed. So that's negligent. Former Leo says I started out with a cross draw holster because we wore long coats in the winter. I was always uncomfortable because you swing the barrel across unintended targets. They soon eliminated long Colt coats. And I went back to a conventional holster. That's from former Leo . Yeah. I was watching actually a YouTube video of the Colt 45 inaction. I was watching how the , uh, how the , uh , action works on the cold 45. And it was interesting tsunami. Tommy is here, says, why was he pointing the gun at her? Was she an actor too? I think she was just a camera woman. So I think she was actually, or the cinematographer, excuse me. She was behind the camera and she was , uh , filming. And so the movie scene was him doing one of those, but you know, and so he had to point at her direction happened to be a real bullet in there. Not good shade sets . Remind me, reminds me of January 6th , everyone at the top pointing fingers who was in charge, just like another government classic. Yeah. It's kind of human nature. You know, when stuff goes wrong, everybody just , oh, yikes. It's like, that was your idea. You like approve that. You actually pulled the trigger on that. Yeah. But I had nothing to do with it. I wasn't anywhere. It's all my fault. The gun was in your hand though. And you squeezed it and a bullet came out and killed her. Yeah. But, but, but one second though, somebody else handed me the gun. Oh, well, in that case, I guess you're relieved of liability, sir. Sorry for the trouble. Go back to Hollywood. We'll see. In the next one. All right . Another couple of questions from former. Leo says, this is exactly what happens when the public likes the suspect more than the victim. Yeah. Right, right there . And they're taking full advantage of that. Alec Baldwin has a big fan base monster. One says, why is the saying the buck stops and not the bus stops after all a buses , entire job is to stop. If the buck stops, he gets shot probably by Alec Baldwin. It's a great question. Is that, is that what they're talking about? Bucks? I don't think it's, I don't. I thought it was like bucks, like dollar the bucks stop here. What does that mean? Harry Truman. Uh, let's uh , pass the buck, which means passing the responsibility to somebody else. Okay. But where does the buck, what is the buck? What I'm trying to understand what the buck is. I don't know what it is. Is it a deer ? Because if the buck gets shocked to get shot, if the buck stops and it's a deer, according to monster one, then it dies because it gets shot by Alec, Alec Baldwin. But if it's a dollar bill like, like currency and the buck stops here, I don't, it's a complicated question . It's a good one. I'll have to look into that. I don't know. We have, Jeremy Murrieta says, Rob, you invoked my aviation background, the NTSB recreates an accident. And it's able to play back and analyze every data point. And if they determined the cause of the accident could have prevented, they recommend to the FAA and the FAA adds another, a lot of the books. Unfortunately, the movie set doesn't have a black box, although it would certainly help. It would certainly help. It's too bad. They didn't have any cameras there. Uh , Hillary Clinton says, tell Jeremy to keep my name out his mouth, or I'll send them on vacation with Epstein, Hillary wo fireball over there. She's a little , uh , unhappy , uh, Johnny Cochran's in the house. I sent her a famous use YouTube star. Now I would defend you anytime, Robert. Well, thanks Johnny. I appreciate that. My good man, we'll catch up one of these days. We have another one from , uh, somebody says all three are equally responsible, no name magic. Mike says to prevent this from happening, every camera man should wear a Bulletproof vest and helmet. Yeah. In addition to their COVID masks. So they should just be like bubble wrapped up everywhere. They go. Ghost gunner says I'm standing behind Alec Baldwin because I'm sure as hell not standing in front of him. Hey, oh . From ghost gunner. I hadn't heard that one. Sweet PO Tate toe says, I feel like a young woman gun enthusiast is one of us normally, but those pics of her posing with the weapons. Give me some weird, I don't know what I'm doing with my favorite movie is natural born killers vibe, for sure. Yeah. It's like, it's like, what's the name? What's the meme of a, what's that actor's name? He's like hello, fellow high schoolers, you know, with the skateboard or something like that. That's kind of what she's got. Right? So probably like this , uh, suburb , uh, I'm sorry, probably like this , uh , Beverly Hills, you know, born, you know , Hollywood, you know, teen Instagram model. They give her some guns and she's taken some pictures with it. I'm an armorer now goes on a podcast. She knows trigger discipline, but not the difference between a blank, a dummy and alive around fluff . Good to sweet, sweet, sweet PO Tate toe . And former Leo says no cameras or cell phones because Hillary smashed them. Yeah. Like with a cloth. All right . Those were great. Over from our [email protected] Thank you for being here, being part of our community and joining in. When we record this show at 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 7:00 PM Eastern [email protected] Okay. And we're going to jump into our next segment, got a lot of the heavy lifting with some of the legal stuff out of the way. So now we can take a look at what's going on with , uh, the border. Isn't that nice. All right. And the sun is coming in. I forgot to put those shades down in there. All right , well, let's get into it. Okay. The Biden administration allegedly announced that they're going to be paying $450,000 per individual to illegal migrants that came across the border. Back when Trump was in office, that's a lot of money because a lot of people came across the border back then , uh , we're going to jump into this. A lot of Republicans are very unhappy about it. Wall street journal came out with an article. We're going to go through it, see if we can get our bearings straight on. This kind of sounds like one of those things that you would never think could possibly happen. Why would they be paying people who entered into the country illegally almost half a million dollars. Doesn't sound like it's even real wall street journal did some digging. And they've corroborated this from multiple different sources, from different agencies in the federal government, all a part of settlements that were brought up that were due for lawsuits that were brought by the ACLU . So we're going to go through this. We're also going to take a look and hear from Mike Pence. He came out this morning and he was having a conversation with some people over on Fox, calling this what it is a magnet for more immigration. We're also going to hear from governor Greg Abbott in Texas. And we're going to check in with the Republicans who drafted a letter and sent that over to the department of Homeland security. I want to start off by talking about the author of that letter. You can see here. This is written by Congressman Greg Murphy. He's a doctor out of North Carolina, the third district. And he says breaking I'm leading a letter, demanding answers from the byte administration regarding their reported plans to send $450,000 checks to illegal immigrants, calls this an asinine pro crime idea. It's going to open the flood gates of the border. And when I saw this headline, I got to be honest. I was super skeptical about it. I there's, what are they talking about? It turns out there's some actual legal underpinnings here. There's actually, I can actually see this now happening. Wall street journal reported. They're in intox . Now the U S government to pay hundreds of millions to families separated at the border. Literally government considering $450,000 per person affected by Trump's zero tolerance policy in 2018, to what they're gonna be saying, right? The , the nuts and bolts, the high level overview is Trump did something to harm people. Those people have been harmed and they're due compensation who harmed them. The government did therefore what happens? Well, they gotta be compensated. Who pays for it? You do the government. Does the taxpayers do? And they're going to blame this all on Trump. Well , we had no choice that racist, bigoted xenophobic monster, that orange maniac made us do this because he harmed these poor migrants. Who of course all broke the law even came here illegally. All right . So we go back to the article, tells us that Biden is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated 450 K a piece. Several agencies now are working to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma. Okay. You know, w w dragging your children several thousand miles into a country illegally, perfectly, okay. Dealing with the U S government for breaking the law, psychological trauma suddenly. Okay. So by having a federal government that wants to enforce its border and has some enforcement mechanisms when you get there psychological trauma. Well, you know, that's just outstanding. I can tell you this. I've got a whole bunch of clients. Who've had a lot of psychological trauma at the hands of the government. Should they be getting $450,000 a piece, maybe U S department of justice, Homeland security, health and human services are considering payments that could amount to close to 1 million bucks a family. Well , the final numbers could shift. Most of the families that crossed the border illegally from Mexico to seek asylum, include one parent, one child. Most many families would get smaller payouts depending on their circumstances. So two people, half a million, a pop, a million, a piece, a million, a family, a C L U, which used to be a reputable entity in this country, no longer represents families. And one of the lawsuits has identified about 5,500 children separated at the border, or over the course of the Trump administration. Number of families eligible to receive a settlement could be smaller, but could be around 940 claims, which is a lot of money. The potential payout could be $1 billion or more president Biden. According to somebody at the ACLU has agreed that family separation is a historic moral stain on our nation must be fully remedied from the ACLU. That remedy must include not only meaningful monetary compensation, but also a pathway to remain in the country. Can you believe these people? So if you come here and the U S government tries to enforce the law, and you're separated from somebody because we can't identify whether it's actually your kid, whether you're smuggling children or whatever the situation is. And you go through the regular enforcement process. That was, that was a legitimate thing. ACLU Springs into action. They want them compensated for that harm and they also want them made full citizens. And so if you can't imagine that being a magnet to any other potential person who wants to come to the United States, I don't know. What's a better magnet. I mean, good Lord. I might go down there and try to break back in here for half a million. What a stinking joke and his first weeks in office, Mr. Biden pledged to reunite the separated families, describing these actions undertaken as a moral and national shame. Yeah. Has he seen what he has caused down at the borders? Has he seen what he has done there with the Haitian migrants down there at Del Rio, Texas, a DHS spokesman referred questions to the justice department were spokesman declined to comment. DHS. HHS didn't respond to a request for comment. Yeah , because they are hiding like vermin in the crevices of their bunkers. Here was Mike Pence on with Fox and friends talking about this this morning had a base called it like exactly like it is now, you know , it's a magnet. Totally unacceptable. Here is my pants. Don't see much of him. I haven't seen much of him here. He is.

Speaker 2:

My, my reaction is totally unacceptable. Uh, of course their whole policy at the Southern border has been a disaster from day one. It's remarkable to think that , uh, under our administration, we built 400 miles of border wall. And literally by implementing what we was known as the remain in Mexico policy, we reduced illegal immigration by 90%. President Biden rescinded that policy on day one is being litigated in courts right now. But the reality is that they've unleashed the worst border crisis , uh , in more than 30 years. And it's all been because of, of, of dismantling policies that were working, but also sending a message south of the border , uh, that , uh, America's borders are open to people coming, coming north and, and, and entering our country illegally or abusing our silent system. And this is just one more message that is going to continue to be , uh , a magnet on people that are coming north. The board of what we've got to do is get back to what was working reimplement. The remain in Mexico policy require people to wait in Mexico when they apply for asylum. And let's not be paying millions of dollars a week to pay people not to build the wall. Let's get back to building the wall that border security worked. But Mr. Vice president , one more example of a disastrous disastrous policies that violate the common sense of the American people.

Speaker 1:

Yeah. So look, all that footage, right. That you saw that was playing alongside him. That was from Wednesday, right? So there's a whole additional migrant caravan that it's working its way back up. And it's coming right back into the country. Just like we just saw, we just got over the last one that had the Haitian migrants out there in Del Rio, Texas. And so every time this happens, right? Last time we saw there were kids that were just dumped in bushes. People are going to be dragging themselves, literally thousands of miles , uh, in order to get into this country. And I can't blame them for wanting to be here, but I can certainly have disdain for our government that causes people to do stuff like this, to people throughout the world. It really breaks my heart. You can see this is a , what graph Jenkins , uh, posted here on Twitter, a migrant caravan marches, again towards the U S undeterred by Mexico's Marcello. [inaudible] telling them that they're not going to succeed and you can just, right. It's like, it's a huge throng of people and there's kids and, you know , babies, you're going to see walking thousands of miles. And why wouldn't they? Because when they get here,

Speaker 3:


Speaker 1:

All right, well, there'll be here soon. And you know, probably not all of them. So , uh , that's caused by the magnet that Mike Pence just described four to 50,000 a pop. And as far as I can tell, there are more people suffering due to the immigration crisis now than there were a year ago or two years ago, dramatically more. Okay. So let's take a look at this letter. I mentioned that the Republicans are very unhappy with all of this. They drafted a letter out. They sent it to Merrick Garland, the honorable Merrick Garland, Xavier Bissera United States health and human services. We've got may orcas over from DHS, says we write today with severe concerns regarding recent reports that your three agencies are in discussions to offer illegal immigrants that unlawfully crossed the border in 2018, 450 grand a piece. The rationale for this egregious abuse is lasting psychological trauma. Do however note that these persons crossing into our country, knowingly illegal manner, fully aware of the consequences actions have consequences. The Republicans say we're a nation of laws. They must be enforced. You're going to be rewarding criminal behavior. And it's going to send a message to the world of the borders are open bite administration. They say have been incentivizing illegal immigration since its first day in office, obviously through a series of catastrophic failures, including stopping the border wall, halting remaining Mexico, rolling back Trump's protections under president Biden, witnessing the worst numbers in a generation, which is absolutely true, right? It's like the numbers are insane. If your administration decides to give out financial compensation, you will incentivize migrants for more than 150 nations to surge our border. According to our recent data, for example, 1.7 million illegal immigrants have attempted to cross in fiscal year 21 alone, put direct projections of 2 million more. Before the end of this year, us border patrol reported nearly 200,000 encounters among the border with Mexico earlier this summer in July highest and more than two decades, right? It's getting dramatically worse. Compensating families who crossed our border illegally is going to exacerbate. This problem. Cartels are going to take advantage of this as well. It's disastrous going to cause more people to want to come paying thousands of migrants, half a million dollars. Each is going to cost a billion dollars or more average Americans make 68 grand a year. Compare that to life insurance for military members, 4,000. The idea that you're going to give it legal foreigners who broke the law, that same amount as gold star families is shameful. Well , that's a , that's a, that's an emotional argument right there. Isn't it. You don't even give the families of our dead troops, that amount of money. It's emotional argument right there. Love it at a time. When the American household is dealing with historic rates of inflation and the price of average goods risen, they've risen exponentially. How could you possibly compensate all those illegals for that? The compensation going to cost billions of dollars. We should be fixing our bridges. We are extremely alarmed about this misguided policy. We're in the country to be strong and brave, not take shortcuts. Constitution says we, the people not, we, the government listened to us. He had our concerns and meet with us to discuss this urgent travesty signed off on by Gregory Murphy. Andy Biggs , Dan Crenshaw, Roger Williams, Dan Bishop, Dan Longhorn , H uh , somebody, somebody Jim Hagadorn Claudia Tenney. That's a very sternly worded letter. Well, well, pretty , uh, pretty emotional. I like it. It's going to do anything though, but it's a nice letter though. Okay. But let's see somebody who is doing something a little bit. We have governor of Texas , uh, Greg Abbott, who is , uh, he's doing something, which is interesting. He was on Tucker Carlson show yesterday. Let's listen in and see what he had to say about what they're doing down there on the great state of Texas. Here he is excellent .

Speaker 4:

I'll tell you exactly what we are doing, but I want to emphasize a phrase you used earlier, and that is the body administration is actively encouraging this, which is in contrast to what the Trump administration did. So most of the Biden administration has taken over what Texas has done. We now have 6,500 national guard and DPS troopers on the border to help secure the border. And as we're talking right now, they are identifying locations on the border where they are laying down razor wire , uh , to secure all the possible crossings that these caravans may be coming to . And then in addition to that beginning today with begin dropping these large containers that you see on 18 winters that you also see on these ships that are going across the ocean, we're dropping them down on locations. That could be crossings. That would be used by these caravans to serve as a blockade, to prevent them from becoming across the border. And then on top of that, if they do come across the border, the national guard and the Texas department of public safety, they are authorized to arrest any of these people who make it through our blockade efforts and put them in jail for violating a crime of criminal trespass in the state of Texas. Yeah .

Speaker 1:

Okay. So, I mean, look, I've been critical about a lot of governors for this, right? Even here in Arizona, governor Ducey is like, oh, you know, border always a problem. It's like you, it's your state dummy. You've got the national guard go out and do something about this. Uh , you've got a lot of things that you can do. There are all sorts of Arizona that you can impose just like that one criminal trespass, right? That's a pretty obvious one might be a good place to start. My point here is that they just do a lot of talking. And these are governors of states that have had their, their entire states encroached upon by the feds. So stand up and do something about it. It's your state and your people. It's why we have states to push back against the feds. Right? We've got a system where there is dualism. So he's doing something about it. Okay. Let's see what you have to say about this over from watching the questions in the house. Bucks is a slang term for money. That's from look to gee . Thanks for looking that up. We have , uh, let's see, Kamala Harris has the borders of not under control. Jeremy [inaudible] says, Rob, this logic dictates that many laws are causing harm to people. This would set a precedent to bankrupt the country. It's like, listen. It's like any time that somebody is offended by government enforcement of the law, are you entitled to compensation? There's a lot of people sitting in prison who might feel that they are, they also broke the law, but they didn't get $450,000. Did they? They're also separated from their families, whereas their half a million dollars, not anywhere. Speech unleash says the separation of families was done during the Obama administration. When the rest of us went are the rest of us going to get 450 K for the long lasting psychological damage for all the policies of the Biden ministration . That's why the Republicans should have never gone along with the Dems on raising the debt ceiling. That's from speech unleashed. And there were all sorts of families separated under COVID policies last year. Don't leave your house, grandma. Cause if you do, you're going to kill everybody. Oh yes. Mr. Fowchee, there were, there were people hugging their family members in bubble wrap. Remember that bubble boys, having their arms go through the bubbles and like hugging grandma. I'm like, oh , like mashed up against plastic with each other. As family separation right there . Half a million bucks, 4 million . Cause there's two people on either side of the plastic. Good to see you. Speech unleashed. We have another one from former Elio says, I believe that the ACLU was involved with this scam because it's just OPM and they get 30% give the national guard live at , uh, uh, I'm not, I'm not endorsing that idea either, right? We don't want a machine gun sandboxes down there, but OPM other people's money. That's what former Elio was talking about. Geo Mancy game says I'm completely disabled battling cancer, trying to scrape everything I can to continue to raise my son. I had been denied SSI twice. Yet these people get to break the laws and be given more money than I'll ever see in my lifetime. I'm sick of this. I'm fighting every day to try and show people how corrupt the people in charge are. But I have every single tech entity pushing back. Things need to change ASAP. I feel we were on the precipice from something we cannot turn back from. I think that's a good point. There Mancy games, a lot of people have been sort of feeling that, right? That stuff is sort of at a juncture in many ways, sort of an energy level. That feels interesting. Every a lot of people are feeling it right now. Uh , look, geo Mancy games. He has a channel on YouTube. He's doing great work. Go support him, go subscribe to his channel. If you'd like to geo Mancy , keep your head up, man. Keep hope alive are my thoughts and prayers are for you going out for you. I'm sure the rest of the audience feels the same way here in our amazing community. So hang in there, brother, Jay , he says, so does that mean I'm entitled to a 450 K check due to Bidens and competence. I renounced my citizenship and I'm going to give the ACLU a call next week. Show me the money. Ooh . That's w I mean, is that all I got to do? Maybe it maybe Joey and I will go down to the border and we'll just, you know, we'll just get separated. We'll both get a , we'll get a half a million dollars. Uh , we'd be fine. He'll be fine. Uh, thunder seven says these families were desperate to leave their countries with cartels, killing everybody. It wasn't right that they, children were taken from the parents. It was cruel sessions was the architect, but Trump allowed it. And even Melania said it had to stop. They literally took babies from nursing mothers. These kids may never get over the trauma. I do think they should be compensated and talking about the border crisis, not even relevant to what's happened to these poor families, arrest them, deport them, but don't take the kids away. It's another, another perspective on there from thunder seven. And I can understand that, right. You know , if you're, if , if you're taking a nursing, a mother away from her nursing child, that is a traumatic thing. No doubt about that. Thanks for sharing that thunder former Leo says, how would you define an invasion? Uh , I would say when you have 200,000 people coming across the border every month that fits it. I don't know if that's the official definition, but I think it fits. We have speech unleash says buy needs to buy more legal votes for the Dems in the future elections with taxpayer money. This is exactly what Biden wants. So he won't blink an eye at that letter. No, he will not. They don't care right in the shredder right in the garbage can. Thanks Republicans, right in the dumpster. So Viking says truly ridiculous. We unfortunately never will know the correct number of children arriving to the border with a person or persons who are not their parents. However, it is the duty of the government to make sure that the children arriving with adults are not being trafficked. The use of other people's children as props is very common. Therefore DNA testing is required and this takes time when illegal aliens disappear before the testing results are complete separation results, fast and comprehensive deportation is necessary. That comes in from Seoul, Viking. Nice comment there from Seoul Viking . Thanks for chiming in with that soul . We've got a J six defendant. Just kidding. It's eat on test says I was caught [inaudible] . I think I spoiled that I was caught trespassing at a government facility. I was arrested and separated from my family for months in jail. Now I'm facing years. Maybe police pointed guns at me. I was treated somewhat roughly causing me all kinds of emotional distress. When do I get my check signed by the January six defendant? Just kidding. It's eat on tests . Yeah. It's a nice little way to analogize between the two bill givens says, Rob, the way I am seeing this is that someone can send their kids into our country illegally, then come over themselves, given citizenship, without going through what people who come across illegally have to do. And on top of it all be giving a million dollars of money earned by us citizens. Is that, is that right? Yeah. That's right bill. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. It's a nice summary. You just nailed it. A plus young man. Well done. You pass. You got it. That's what we're talking about. I know you have to repeat it because we're living in like bizarro land. What? That can't be right. Let me type this down and make sure this makes sense. Yeah. You got it , bill. That's what's going on out there. I know. I know. Be brave says laying down, razor wire sounds like illegals. We filing civil suits for injuries. The government might just give more handouts literally as exactly what I thought. Remember when I was talking about this, right? That the look, the ACLU is going to jump all over that. If somebody gets injured as a result of state enforcement, they're going to say the state had no jurisdiction to go enforce the border that all resides within the government. The federal government's purview, federal government has completely abrogated any responsibilities on the border, but they're right. Technically they're right. So what the ACLU will do we'll then file lawsuits in Texas. And what's going to happen is the ACLU is going to Sue in federal court and probably gonna win. Oh , it's insane. It's just insane. This country is in some deep trouble. Where's my money. I can't even get unemployment. Yeah, I know. Well, go, go cross the border. The DOB says the most recent group of people is being pushed by some nonprofit named after one of Obama's little catchphrases. Can't remember it right now, either way. The supposed leader of this group was talking to the media about a week or two back. He was straight up saying, we will get into the United States or we're going to die. Trying these people are being urged and propped up. Now they feel embolden to make threats on camera to our country. Biden administration is not on our side. That is from Nadar. Let's see what else? A couple more monster. One says. So we are going to have to pay people for breaking the law simply because Trump actually followed the law by law. Children have to be separated. It goes back to Clinton and the floor is decision. You can't house children with adults. How many Americans get separated from their children when they commit crimes? Answer all of them. They're in jail. Yes, that's true. Right? Yeah . I know a lot of people who at some point were separated from their families and they also broke the law. Where's their half million Kincaid says it seems like they are throwing everything at Trump. Insidious social engineering aside progress should be tempered with national solidarity. So much as being torn asunder. What's the end game. The shining examples of relatively free social advanced nations have these features smaller populations bonded by religious value systems that restrict social freedoms considered fundamental in the U S heavily regulated economies with higher taxes. The U S is not a good fit. Interesting comment there. Kinkaid . Yeah. You know, I was watching, I'm trying to learn a little bit more about this fellow called Kloss Schwab over from the world economic forum. You know, a lot of people have been pointing towards him as sort of the boogeyman and guess what? They're right. Yeah. I was watching some of his , uh, his , uh, conversations yesterday talking about, he did an interview with somebody talking about this like global superstructure that has corporations and , uh, governments intertwined in these massive data repositories. And it's all going to be interconnected. You know, all of like it's the guys, the guy's nuts. He's talking about sort of this AI fascistic state and he's , um, I think running things. So that's not , not too good. We have another one from look to G says, it's obvious to me, this administration has no interest in representing us citizens. I'm starting to wonder though, if these decisions are just a means to create slush funds where politicians and NGOs can get paid on the backside of these terrible policies, because if they create a problem, if they allow a problem to be created, they need funding to solve the problem. And the funding goes to all of their political cronies. We know how this game goes. Uh, a, a Hitler struggling artist is here, not ate off a Hitler. Okay. Just take it easy. Uh, here it says as a legal migrant to Germany, we also have this problem in Germany as a tax paying citizen. It makes me so mad, not at the migrants, but the government for allowing this to happen. This is one way to destroy the state from within. Is that very astute? A stoop? Yeah. It's a very astute con uh, comment there. A Hitler who is an artist, not the genocidal dictator, struggling artists, just like hunter Biden. So have empathy. Okay. They're they're working hard out there. Monster. One says, why do these people want to come here? Didn't they hear ? It's a white supremacist nation. There's a, there's a really bad male patriarchy here too. Not only is it white and supremacist, it's also male and patriarchal. Whew . This country. Well , uh, Kincaid says geo hanging there. It is common to the NY three times in most areas. That's from Kinkaid. Hey , hang in there. Geo monster one says I fully endorse machine guns. Start out with rubber bullets or blanks or dummies. Uh , I don't endorse machine gun turrets Perry . Masonary says, let's all give, let's give all illegals. The votes nevermind us law. If they're getting half a million dollars on top of it, why not give them a vote? I mean, it's basically their country. Now, as far as I can tell old cat lady grouchy over that one says, I want my 459,000 for lasting psychological trauma. When they closed down my gym and my pool, I feel you on that. I think it's worth way more than that. I want like 10 mil for that. That's how mad I was. That's how much psychological anger I had when they did that to us health crisis. No, Jim get outta here. Former Elio says it almost appears that the plan by the Democrats is to force this country into a real insurrection. Everybody has an ultimate bull S tolerance level. I hope that never happens, but it appears that maybe the goal might be right. There are, there's a concept that is called accelerationism like it's like let's accelerate the conflict in society so that we can see it break down more quickly. The good argument that some people want that now, sweet potato says third generation American Mexican American. My family members went through so much to come here. Legally study hard, gained citizenship. Me and my siblings all have very quote American names because my parents worried about how our job applications would look LOL. We adopted American culture to fit in less Spanish, more English. It is wild to see people marching by the thousands. And now you get scholarships in handouts all day diversity and inclusion rules. Now learn a lean toward discrimination against my white side, weird times we're living in. Oh, man. That is an interesting comments . We potato lean towards your white side, diversity and inclusion rules. Now lean toward discrimination against my white side. Interesting. Yeah. See I'm I don't have that same , uh, that same vantage point. Very interesting. Thanks for that context. I, I think, I think you're onto something there. Monster one says to thunder seven, it's a law that goes back to the Clinton years. Trump didn't start family separation. Please do some research. That's for monster one. So we got to go a little up a little, we're all learning here together. Former Leo says, how about building a new border wall, five miles north. And then it is Texas border. Uh, then, then that is the Texas border. Not the international border from former Leo. Maybe they're doing something like that. Right? I don't know. Be brave says I'm reading Klaus's book right now. No , your enemies. That's a good idea. I was thinking about that. He's got three of them. He actually has one , uh , more than three, but he has one recently. That is the, COVID-19 the great reset. Right? So I'm going to take a look at that one. Yeah. The guy is trouble. Former. Leo says the best tool to stop. The invasion is no benefits for non-citizens . It would stop it overnight. Globalism one world government, universal money, all signs of end times coming that's from no name on that. And our last one from captain Jim says, I'm really curious. Who's organizing these migrant caravans though. Really curious who got them, all of those Biden Harris t-shirts yeah. A lot. A lot of resources must be who's organizing all of this, right? A lot of camera people, a lot of people walk them through. Very interesting, very curious stuff. Those were great questions from our friends [email protected] . We record this show live every day , Arizona 4:00 PM, 7:00 PM on the east coast. And so if you want to be a part of the show, head on over and join [email protected], where we have a lot of fun, learn a lot, be a part of a great community. Look forward to seeing you there. Okay. We've got one final segment on the show today and let's see what we've got here. Oh yes, Florida. All right. I have a couple of things pop. Okay. Ready to go. Florida. Ron DeSantis decided to Sue the Biden administration over the vaccine mandates. We're going to get into this, but there was a federal lawsuit filed in the district court of Florida for the middle district out of the Tampa division, suing a lot of different people. We're going to hear from the governor DeSantis himself. He's going to explain what this lawsuit is about. We're also going to hear from the attorney general out of Florida, her name is Ashley Moody, and we're going to see sort of what their posture is. Then we're going to take a look at the actual lawsuit itself and see where this may go. A lot of different attorney generals throughout the United States are all getting ready for this deadline. That's coming up on December 8th when Joe Biden's new mandates are going to take effect for federal contractors. So a lot of people are bracing for impact. As we get closer and closer to that date, we have a lot of other vaccine deadlines that are now coming into fruition around the country. So a lot of people have their attention, their eyes peeled. What are these federal courts going to do with these cases? We've seen the federal courts just kind of smack down other claims. We've seen state courts smack down attempts from different interest groups, different groups of individuals, healthcare workers, nurses, firefighters, police departments, different reactions from different courts all around the country. But we're starting to see now actual states suing the federal government. That's a lot of energy. That's a lot of heft behind that. And so we're curious to see what the courts will do with it . Let's take a look at the lawsuit. We'll start off by checking out the press release that came out of DeSantis. His office says today, DeSantis announced the lawsuit against Biden and their orders requiring federal contractors and employees of federal contractors to be vaccinated by December 8th, they said that they were going to take legal action and they did it. Lawsuit seeks an immediate end to the unlawful requirement that you get Vaxxed governors joined by Ashley Moody, who is going to be giving us some more details about the lawsuit. And so we are going to go through the lawsuit before we get there. Let's hear from Ron DeSantis and see what he had to say about this today had a group of people who were all very excited about this because maybe the courts will rule in their favor and they'll get to keep their jobs. So here is DeSantis in Florida. The second thing

Speaker 5:

That were do doing here, and I had promised last week that we were of course, needing to pursue a legislation through a session, which is what we're going to do. Uh , but I also made very clear given the nature of some of these mandates and how they raise questions about the federal government overstepping its authority. We are also going to need to pursue litigation. And so I'm happy to say today , uh, that with , uh, thanks to the attorney general , uh, Ashley Moody's leadership , uh, today, the state of Florida has filed , uh, another lawsuit against the Biden administration. This lawsuit challenges, the Biden administration's order , uh , imposing a vaccine mandate on federal contractors, which was , uh , starting, was ready to apply on December 8th. And so just because you're a business that does, it has federal contracts, it's not right for the federal grim to come in and rewrite those contracts and then try to shoe horn this in. And then if you don't comply, so you either have to fire people, or if you don't comply, they'll just cancel the contract entirely. Even though this is something that you bid for and you won fair and square, not the way, that's not the way we think business should be done. We don't think that they have the authority to do that, but you are going to see if, if we're not successful, challenging us, you will absolutely see disruptions in the economy. I mean, just think of all the airline workers that, that are, that are balking at this. I mean, we've seen different issues in different, different airlines. And I know that there's very many more, so this lawsuit was filed in the middle district of Florida , uh , over in the Tampa division. And we are going to seek a preliminary injunction so that this mandate isn't allowed to be imposed at the expense of the jobs of Floridians. And we've got a very big footprint in Florida of companies that do do contracting work for the federal government. We got a lot of them over on the

Speaker 1:

Yep . And he's going to get into that. Right. And so he goes off and he tells you a little bit more about it. But a lot of what he says, I think is absolutely accurate and why one of the same critiques that I've had about the byte administration rolling this out, the new mandates through OSHA, through these federal contractor rules and all these types of little permutations, little tentacles, the way that they're going to try to incentivize people, to get Mandy , to get the vaccine through these different pseudo mandates that exists throughout federal law. And so when he comes out and he says, you know, is it gonna be like actually modifying the contract? So let's say, for example, Biden announced this, you know , sometime ago, a couple months ago, but what if you want a federal contract a year ago and you've already started to prepare for it. You've already started to get your widgets and get your boxes organized and rent a place. And you're going to do all this great work for the federal government. And then they come out and they issue a new mandate. And you say, well, I've , uh, I've already started to expect to do this work. I've already incurred some costs. I've already come out of pocket invested in this contract. You have unilaterally changed it in a way that jeopardizes me. And so I was thinking mean from day one, this is all going to be very messy in the courts. You're going to have people who, well, you know, you can't just , just change this. Otherwise you revoke the contract or I don't know what all these contracts look like, or whether they're going to be revokable or how they're made up. There's probably tens of thousands of different permutations of contracts with the federal government. But the point remains that it's like Darth Vader altering the deal. And that that's a problem. He identifies the cascade of consequences that will happen as a result. We're already seeing it. We're already seeing it in New York city. They may have 25% of their police that don't show up to work on Monday as a result of these mandates. This is now starting at the federal level here in December. You heard DeSantis giving us some information about the space coast, right in Florida, talking about all the different federal contractors that Florida businesses work with a big list of them. And they sued all of them. You can see here in the lawsuit filed out of the district court, middle district of Florida, the Tampa division state of Florida versus bill Nelson. He is the administrator of NASA. So NASA is getting sued us president Joe Biden, he's president the F a R C federal acquisition regulatory counsel , Leslie field, getting sued. John tangle at Tingalia, the president of defense and pricing department of defense, Jeffrey cosas . We've got assistant administrator for NASA as well, also being sued office of budget management, a lot of people, right? So in a lot of different people in the federal government, including Joe Biden. And so let's take a quick, listen in, let's hear from the attorney general, this is , uh , Ms. Moody. Who's telling us a little bit more about the basis of this lawsuit here . She is

Speaker 6:

For being here with us today for this important announcement , uh, governor DeSantis. And I have been clear, never, never did we dream that in this administration, we would be having to repeatedly push back on unlawful actions coming out of Washington and competent reckless leadership coming out of Washington, but we're here. And we said, when these vaccine mandates were announced that we would take legal action and pushback , and I am proud to say today, we are fulfilling that promise. And we have filed action in the middle district of Florida, challenging Joe Biden, NASA OMB , GSA, and bill Nelson for mandating that anyone with a federal contract require vaccination of all that work for them in June, Joe Biden made clear that mandating vaccines and I'm going to quote is not the role of federal government. Yeah , it's true. It's not the role of federal government. They have absolutely no authority to require vaccines of the majority of the us population. None whatsoever.

Speaker 1:

All right . So we'll take a look at that. Let's see what she is basing off of. So we actually take a look at her lawsuit. This was filed, as I mentioned in Florida, federal court. And we can take a look at the introduction. This is a complaint for declaratory and preliminary and permanent injunctive relief. What that means is they want the court to say something to declare something, and they want the court to do something. They want an injunction to stop this from going into effect. So a lot of this is very technical, kind of a boring lawsuit because we're talking about federal contract law, but there are a couple little interesting little needles in here. So let's take a look at it. Introduction. They say relying on a statute, authorizing the president to prescribe policies. The byte administration seeks to compel millions of Americans who work for the government contractors to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, got that nothing in that statute that they referenced the law authorizes such a radical intrusion on the personal autonomy of American workers, especially as is the case here. When many of those workers are officials of a sovereign state , okay, that's those are workers in Florida, but if federal law did authorize such a mandate by administration's vaccine requirements would still be unlawful because the manner in which they were enacted, violate the fundamental principles of administrative and procurement law. Okay. So it's, we're sort of talking about two separate issues here. One, the byte administration doesn't even have any authority in the first place to make vaccines mandatory, no authority for it. But if they did while the way they did it is also problematic is what this is saying. They're also kind of not going along with the norms, the fundamental principles of procurement law, contract law, administrative law. And then they're going to dive into that, which is, you know, sort of a backup argument. They say that the regulatory council , the far is the agency that's in charge of this stuff. That's what the president's executive order contemplates sort of superseding those it orders and directs a safer workforce to draft the federal contractor vaccine requirements, along with many other onerous federal mandates. This violates certain exclusivity provisions, which requires notice, right? This is all the procurement stuff. A little bit boring here. The government can not satisfy that exception. Even if it could, they have to do it a different way, right? Temporary 30 day comment, period, all of that stuff. So what they're talking about here is not sort of the underlying constitutional justification for vaccines. They're just saying it for a vaccine mandate. They're just saying let's presume that you do have the ability to do it the way in which you're doing it is problematic. They say that the OMB rule approving the task force guidance is invalid under the act. Here's what they've got the entire rationale provided for requiring federal contractors to follow. The 13 pages of guidance is as follows. This is the justification for this. The task force guidance says, quote, these mandates will quote, improve economy and efficiency by re by reducing and decreasing labor costs for contractors and subcontractors working on or in connection with a federal government contract. That's it, it's the whole justification. It's like a vaccine mandates are going to be very good and useful because we have found that they're going to increase efficiency and they're going to reduce absenteeism. Okay, well, that's a lot. You're asking us to do a lot, anything more than that. Anything else you want to add to that? No, that's it. 13 pages. Single-spaced that's it. So all you get and , uh , such a conclusory justifications, they say, do not satisfy the law. They say, even though the president has sought to circumvent far as authority, the government is treating this guidance as binding. So they've created some guidance or treating that as binding making matters worse that the draft contract language violates the spending clause by conditioning Florida's receipt of the funds on Florida making a condition on accepting the contract, even if it changes. Okay. Uh, this is kind of a boring lawsuit on top of all these issues, the vaccine requirements are transparently pretextual while the government pays lip service to the rationale of improving the economy. It openly admits that its true purpose is to quote , get more people vaccinated and decrease the spread of COVID right? So which is from far guidance and the white house is press briefing. I'm I'm , you know, Biden announced all of these vaccine mandates with the specific plan to require more Americans, to be vaccinated having failed in its earlier attempts. You can see why they are using this now in order to get more jabs in arms, they're doing this under the guise of efficient procurement. They saying it's pretextual here. They say the government's unlawful vaccine requirements seek to interfere with Florida's employment practices. They threatened Florida with economic harm and therefore they're seeking recourse. So, you know, pretty, pretty boring lawsuit. Actually. Now that I have read it a little bit more closely, not all that much is interesting. They're they're , they're sort of arguing about form right now . Not even so much in this introduction, the, the idea that the , uh , the ma the vaccine is , uh, you know, unconstitutional, she's kind of hints at that, but a lot of this is about form really it's about the , the , the way that they're imposing these mandates on federal contractors is just not done appropriately. Not giving them any time to make any changes, not giving them 30 day notices, not giving clear guidance. The underlying justification is a little bit, you know, lacking, but okay, anyways , uh, they're, they're doing something about it. I'm not super optimistic that this is going to be the , the , the argument that wins, but we'll see. I think, like I said, I think a lot of this is going to be dealt with at the Supreme court at some moment or time anyways , uh, what they did in Florida is they brought all of those people. You saw standing up behind DeSantis up there to say a little something. This gentleman , I forget what his name was, but I liked what he had to say. So we'll wrap up with this before we jump into your questions here is , uh, the , the, the Rhonda Sanchez press conference as well.

Speaker 7:

And I want to be clear, this is not a conversation about a vaccine. Uh, this is a conversation about a federal overreach. This is a conversation about a mandate that disenfranchises people from their opportunity to pursue their goals and their American dream. I'm extremely troubled with the government's actions , uh, trying to interfere with those personal healthcare decisions of our citizens and the clients that we serve.

Speaker 1:

Okay. So right on, right, Florida is doing a lot, doing a lot right now. And , uh , our love goes out to them for pushing back against the feds, every which way you turn. Let's see what you have to say about this [email protected] See if we have any questions on this one, Q some of these up a geo Mancy says, what I don't understand from the left on vaccine mandates is this, why are you firing people for not getting vaccinated? Can't you just tell them to wear masks after all for the past 18 months, we've been told to mask up and stop the spread. I mean, masks either work or they don't right. Geo that's a lot of logic that you're using here. Okay . That is like gone. Nobody cares about that anymore. Stop thinking rationally. We don't live in that country anymore. That all left a long time ago. Captain Jim says, speaking of Florida lawsuits, do you remember that one Florida, man, you covered some time ago, banged out like a 200 page lawsuit against every federal agency under the sun over COVID mandates all by his lonesome. You don't have that lawsuit went anywhere. You know, I, I vaguely remember that captain Jim was that one, was I laughing hysterically during that segment? I think, I think I remember that. Right. And the guy had like a purple tie or something. I don't think I followed that anywhere, but if I were called that guy was a national treasure. Yeah. He wrote, he wrote a massive lawsuit. I think I do remember that. It's hard to keep track. Honestly. I CA I , I read so much news. It's hard to keep track, but I don't know what happened with that one. Sergeant Bob says back for a bit, a halftime ed Edwards, Berg . Eddie's 35 pop hot zero. Yes. Scoreboard update 35 0. Do they have a mercy rule in high school? Still probably should. As much as I like president Trump, governor DeSantis is the one to bring in the independence on the undecideds. We really need to win. That's from Sergeant Bob . I think that's a pretty astute observation there. Sergeant Bob, I like, I like what I'm seeing from a Florida and shout out to your grandson. Hopefully he's got some of those points under his belt. Uh , but if not, there's always the next game Bebe says it almost sounds like the company itself would need to file a breach of contract. Does the state have, I'm definitely on the state's side. Uh, it's a good question. I mean, you know , ordinarily, I would say yes, but no , the whole law has changed pretty dramatically because we saw that even when states wanted to Sue other states over election stuff, the Supreme court is like, no, there's no standing there. So I don't know. I thought, I thought at one point we, you know , that would be an easy question, but much of the law is sort of in bizarro world. Like a lot of other things in this country. It's Jake from Oxford. Oh, this guy, Rob, the guy standing directly behind the Santas during his speech was getting directly blasted by the holy spirit. It's Jake from Oxford. Jake. He's very smart. I got to hand it to him. Sweet potato says , uh, uh, last segment comment, Rob. Maybe don't read this up on air, up to you. Am I your only total? Am I, am I your only not? Hmm . Okay. Yeah. So I think, I think I can read this comment if you're okay with that up to you. So I can read this says, Rob, am I look? And I think this is very valid. And I think this is a very, very, you know, vulnerable comment and I appreciate you sharing it. Sweet potato says, am I your only totally my only am I your only not totally white listener, hearing people talk in chat about shooting and turrets for people wanting to come here as crazy painful what the F I'm just a mix that can't speak Spanish while trying to fit in and just had a comment. What the F those would have been my family members, not too long ago. Like if there was a great place and you could just walk in there and be let in. Wouldn't you, that's from sweet potato. Yeah . I understand your point. Right? I don't, I mean, I I'm hopeful. I really hope that nobody really wants to just, you know , execute people , uh , anywhere. I think that sometimes right, people can be facetious and people can , uh, you know, get really fed up with, with , uh , with a problem and can jump out and use, you know, use visuals like that, that I, that I, you know, I don't agree with, but I can understand people's frustration, but I, you know, I, I have a hard time believing that anybody, you know, what actually want, want to do that, I have a tremendous amount of empathy for people coming across the border. The reason I get so fired up about this stuff is because of the humanitarian crisis it is causing is because people are shoving themselves in you halls . They're dying by the hundreds on the trucks up here, people are getting raped. Children are getting thrown in bushes. It's a catastrophe, right? And I think a lot of that is caused by us policies. It's incentivizing people to make that journey. And I agree with you, right? If they're going to come here and get a half a million bucks or whatever they're promised , why would you not go? I think it's also a problem because it disincentivizes people in their home countries to cause change at home. The United States has sort of been this pressure relief valve for a lot of other countries around the world, rather than improving themselves. They just, well , we don't have to solve anything for our people. Why? Because who cares? They just leave. They go to the United States, not our problem anymore. So, you know, a sweet potato. I think it's very nice that you shared that with us. Uh, I hope that I didn't offend you when I was sort of, you know, laughing at some of those comments. I was, you know, dismissing dismissive of them. I understand that. Yeah. You know, they can be hurtful. And there are a lot of people who are, who are hurt by immigration, right? There are a lot of people on the other side of this equation who are tired of , of this problem. And so frustrations are high. It's a humanitarian crisis on both sides. No question about it. I just think it's largely caused by our government. They're creating perverse incentives. They're manipulating the demographic markets to some degree causing this to happen. And so, no, certainly I do not endorse, you know, death or , or pain or suffering on anybody anywhere. Really I'm a defense lawyer. Right? My goal is to keep people out of , of, of, of, of jail out of hurt and, and, you know , rehab their lives. So they don't cause more hurt to other people out there in society. And I have a tremendous amount of empathy for everybody in this, in this crisis. And so I think what you heard today was just something born out of frustration, but we all, it's a good reminder. Okay. We're talking about human beings. We're talking about human lives. So you're right. Thank you for the check on that chairman of the board says, I don't know if the Santas is running for president, but it feels like he's certainly doing all of the right things to put himself politically in position. I absolutely agree. I think he's running in 2024. Speech unleashed says Alaska railroads initially rolled out a vaccine mandate for their employees in compliance to Biden's mandate because they have government contracts. However, due to employee complaints, they decided to rescind that requirement. They said they would rather lose their government contract than lose their skilled employees. Hope more businesses do this. I agree with you. I hope so too. I think that's the right way to do it right? Make it, make it a business decision. Former Leo says what this country needs is a good general strike. What if everyone who feels abused by buying took a long four-day weekend? I think that power of the people might be a good slogan. That's how Poland stopped communism. The people who ran the country had a different idea. Maybe the Republican party should start using solidarity as our identity, which is what we, the people means what's happening to my country as much more than a vaccine mandates. And it's more destructive. I agree. I think it's just more, you know, it's sort of a symptom of an encroaching government COVID is just the pretext for a lot of it. Speech, all of it. Speech unleash says nice to know that the Biden admin has ignored the science that backs people can still get COVID and get sick from it. It isn't going to prevent people from having to call in because they've gotten COVID even after being fully Vaxxed that's right. But they don't care about any of that. They just want the jab in the arm. That's stop with the , uh, the rationalizations of anything else. They don't care. They , they , they don't care so much. They will throw highly qualified people. Who've been working for 20 years, right out on the streets without even batting an eye. That's how much your government cares for you and those police officers, those firefighters, those nurses or doctors. Those are your neighbors. They're in your communities. And mine . The DOB says, just wanted to follow up on my comment from the last segment. So the border group was chanting and Obama slogan not named after it SI se puede. AKA. Yes we can. And the group's name is Pueblo seen front-end us people without borders. Just wanted to make that clear source on this is a Fox news clip. Okay. Yeah. Thanks for that additional context from the dark and a few more before we wrap up on the day, Zulu Zeit fan says DeSantis girl , or 2024. I'd run with Ron. Yeah. That'd be fun. It'd be a lot of fun. I can get out there and be a little pit bull for Ron . I could do that. The VP has to be that like really aggressive, you know, get out there and I'd have to go after Kamala Harris. That'd be a lot of fun. I've already impeached that woman so I could do it. No problem at all. We have Kincaid says it's a complex topic, but the solution is rather direct. Let the science prove the validity from as many sources as possible. Additionally, allow SCOTUS to drop the hammer and they will. At some point we have monster. One says to answer [inaudible] question, it's not about COVID or stopping the spread. It's about compliance. They want people getting used to being dependent on government so that you always look to them for whatever you need and you always vote for them and you give them more of your money and more of your life. Thunder seven says, I love to Sante . It's nothing to add, but I really wanted to let your viewers know about a tekel Tucker special airing on November 1st, it's got a lunatic left, really riled up. So, you know, it's good. I think it's called Patriot purge. He talks about false flags like January six , unexpected guests, which will be surprising according to the promo, look out for it. Everyone's going to make our weekend very happy to know that the truth is being shown on TV for once that's from thunder seven. And that means that's coming up soon. Isn't it? November one Monday. Yeah. I saw that they are triggered about that. Liz Cheney, highly triggered disinformation. Okay, relax. Relax. All right. Couple more questions. Sweet. Potato says now I'm good. I love you all. Thanks for addressing Rob. Just saying, put the blame on the empty promises people. Yeah. Right, right. Th th the people who are coming there , they're people, right? They're just, they're human beings, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, all of that. They're just human beings. And America's a pretty great country. Even though we're a male patriarchy full of white supremacist racists, we have MAs Mustang. Jeff says, wonder if anyone in the federal government can get and survive? COVID I don't know , Mustang, Jeff. I don't know . I hope so. I hope they all survive it. Greg Moran says two sweet potato. I am not white. Last time I checked and I listened to Rob. I think the issue is with the illegal immigration and not the legal immigration. That's where all the frustration comes in. It's not about race. It's about when people fraud the system, like Rob said, well, thanks for chiming in on that, Greg. Yeah. You know, I, I, I understand sometimes we can get a little, a little bit jokey here, right? There's a concept in criminal law and in life called gallows humor. Right? Gallows humor. It's like, you know, something criminal defense attorneys have said, you know, I don't endorse it, but there's a, there's a domestic violence type of charge. That is a serious felony. When involves any choking around the neck, impeding of the airway is how they say it in the law . And so sometimes defense attorneys will just call those, you know, throat hugs, just little throat hugs. Oh, just a little throat hug. That's all. That's all. Oh, it was a throat hug. That's it? Gallows humor. Okay. Not even funny, very inappropriate. But you know, sometimes it's just the throat hug that has gone wrong. And so it's stuff like that, right? It's not funny. Yes. Domestic violence is not funny. Yes. People choking each other out is not funny. I get it. But sometimes people will just sort of revert to gallows humor and it will, you know , it will kind of become, you know , comical, but we can't disassociate that from what we're actually talking about. Right. People are our people, these are human beings. These are children. And it w it, honestly, it breaks my heart. It makes my stomach turn. When I see them stacked up in, you know, on the, on the, in the truck beds of semi-trailers, it is, it's like a modern day humanitarian crisis. And it's not far for me. It's really, it's really a strange thing that's happening. And it feels like it's almost all self-imposed right. This is the United States of America. Why do we have 200,000 people dragging their lives across the border? Every in , in 2021, it's like, we can't get control of this thing so nuts, but it continues on my whole life. Every administration. Okay. Let's see what else we have here. A couple more questions. Kloss . Schwab says, my minions informed me that you criticized me. How dare you. I am the Supreme leader in the world will own nothing and be happy. Except the 1% of course will own everything. We get to eat the meat while the peasants eat the nettles or the Beatles or whatever they are. That guy is trouble . Go, go watch something of his, you'll see it. I think everybody will hate it. Even Democrats will watch that and they'll go, this guy's a lunatic, but they don't know it. Kincaid says it is a fact. No nation could survive at constant influx of immigrants. The economy ideals efficiency would change and suffer. Building other nations up and integrate economies may be the key. I think there's a good point to that. Right? Kamala was talking about that. She was going to go and help them deal with, you know, young girls and education in Guatemala. Don't know why that didn't stop the migration problem though. Confusing. Um , monster one says monster one. All right . So we're going to wrap up the comments here on that one. And I think that's all that we've got here. My friends. So let's start off. Well , let's wrap up the week with some shout outs to my friends over on rumble. 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