Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Hunter and Biden Bank Accounts, Scott Smith and Loudon County, DC Jail Warden Held in Contempt

October 13, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Hunter and Biden Bank Accounts, Scott Smith and Loudon County, DC Jail Warden Held in Contempt
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Federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth holds two important D.C. officials in contempt of court over mistreatment of January 6th political prisoners. Louden County Public Schools facing serious scrutiny over claims they are covering up transgender sexual assaults in their schools and we hear from the father of one of the victims. New emails revealed from Hunter Biden to his business partner might implicate Joe Biden in various financial transactions. ​

And more! Including:​

🔵 January 6th Defendant Christopher Worrell has been trying to get surgery completed in a D.C. jail.​
🔵 Federal District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ordered the government to disclose Worrell’s medical records.​
🔵 When Washington D.C. jails and Department of Corrections failed to comply, the judge issued an Order to Show Cause.​
🔵 The Government, on behalf of D.C. Jail Warden Wanda Patten and D.O.C. Director Quincy Booth, argued why they should not be held in contempt.​
🔵 Federal Judge Royce C. Lamberth issued his final contempt orders for Patten and Booth.​
🔵 Loudoun County schools under scrutiny for allegedly covering up the sexual assault of a student.​
🔵 Father of the student, Scott Smith, was arrested when he spoke out about the assault at a public meeting.​
🔵 Loudoun County Public Schools passed a controversial new policy called Policy 8040 that provides adjustments for transgender students.​
🔵 We review the policy and the frequently asked questions surrounding Policy 8040.​
🔵 Father Scott Smith appeared on Laura Ingraham to explain his side of the story.​
🔵 Loudoun County Public Schools issue a press release to respond to the sexual assault allegations.​
🔵 obtains exclusive emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop that show he might have been comingling funds with his father.​
🔵 Emails show conversations between Hunter Biden and his business partner Eric D. Schwerin at Rosemont Seneca.​
🔵 Emails show Eric D. Schwerin was the point person for conversations surrounding affairs for then Vice-President Biden.​
🔵 Schwerin asked Hunter how he should pay for bills and whether to us “my” account or another.​
🔵 Review of Schwerin emails with Hunter Biden, book publishers and White House staff.​
🔵 Your questions, comments and live chat after each segment!​







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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert ruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today, a lot of news to talk about, we're going to start off by diving into what's going on with one particular, January six , defendant, the guy's name is Christopher Worell . We're going to take a look at what he's been charged with and really what happened in court today. Very interesting thing happened, the DC warden of the jails and the DC department of corrections head both got cited or ordered, found to be in civil contempt of court. It's kind of a big deal. Judge, Royce C Lamberth was the federal judge who did that. And we're going to explain exactly why that happened. Essentially, Christopher Worell was not being properly treated medically, and , uh , the judge just backhanded the DC correctional facilities. So that's very interesting. We're going to see what the government, what their excuse was for this, but I've got some good documents that we'll be able to run through them. Then in our next segment, we're going to take a look at Loudon county. I think that's how you say it. Louden county out in Virginia, father of a student over there, a guy by the name of Scott Smith was arrested because he was upset. He was speaking out at a school conference, one of these parent teacher conferences and he got arrested. They didn't like what he had to say, turns out why he was so upset while his daughter was , uh , raped. Shouldn't be laughing at that, but it's insane that this man is going through what he's going through. Daughter got raped by a allegedly, a transgender student. And there's an indication. There's a hint here that maybe the Loudon county public school system covered the whole thing up. So we're going to go through that. Oh man, something's been going on with the schools. We talked about schools earlier. I think this week out of Florida, just sexually assaulting all the students over there too. So , uh , it's wild time. So we're going to take a look at that story. Loudon county public schools and the guy's name is Scott Smith. And then in our last segment, we did not forget hunter Biden. No, no, we did not here . He knew emails came out the daily mail actually hasn't this as an exclusive, they were able to get their hands on some new emails that were sent from Joe Biden's son, hunter Biden from his business partner back over to hunter Biden. And there's some pretty spicy meatballs in there that might actually implicate Joe Biden. Something about co-mingling some accounts, this other user, I'm sorry, this other , uh , uh, looking over here, this other individual who was a co-founder with hunter Biden, there's some indications that , uh, maybe he was being the point person to facilitate a lot of inquiries coming in on behalf of Joe Biden. So in other words, why would a book deal go to hunter Biden's business partner rather than the vice-presidential office? Good question. Well, we're going to take a look at that and more the guy's name is Eric de shear we're in. And so we'll see what his emails look like and how they fit into the context of the hunter Biden, FBI probe that may or may not be going on. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] We're building a nice community over there this morning. We had a little pre-show show prep show exclusive for locals. It was this morning at 10 30. I thought it was pretty nice, tried something new. And so we're going to be doing more of that. But if you want to be a part of today's show right now, and you're a member of , this is the form that you can [email protected] You can use this forum , uh , and we'll do everything we can to get to your questions if you can, of course keep them in order. That certainly helps. Also, if you're looking for the clips of the show, please head on over here to the clips channel. I'd appreciate a subscribe over there so that we can continue to , uh , grow that audience as well, because a lot of people can't stick around for the entirety of the show. All right? And so let's get into the actual news of the day without any further ado, shall we? We're going to start off with the January six judge that's right. The DC department of corrections, the DC jails warden , both got held in civil contempt today, citing irresponsibility in dealing with January six protestors or the political prisoners that have been housed , housed in the DC jails and the prisons there for quite some time, the case involves a guy by the name of Christopher Warrell . He was a January six defendant. He's been held in custody this entire time. And he got into a little bit of a medical problem, had an injury to his hand. And when you're in government custody, they have to take care of you. They can't just throw you in a jail cell and say, well, good luck to you. You're on your own. Now they've got an obligation to make sure that you're not being treated inhumanely. And the judge in this case that held the DC warden , the DC jailers in contempt found that the us government wasn't meeting their burden. They were denying, or at least failing to present evidence of medical records regarding this man's medical treatment. So who is Christopher Warren ? Let's start at the top. This was from the affidavit. You can see the FBI was doing a great job playing where's Waldo here. They're very good at this game. And so you see this circle. Oh, they found him, oh, Christopher world . There he is standing in a crowd. So you got a whole bureau, a whole, whole floor over there at the bureau of FBI agents just play where's Waldo all day. So that was one example over here. They got him again. Oh, there he is. Go do the Durer over here. You've got where's Waldo over here, Christopher Wall out there. And here's another one. So we have an officer over here and , uh , Christopher Worell apparently is taking a photograph. So three for three, nice job, FBI, pat yourselves on the back there got him . So let's take a look at the court. Docket, the court docket. Now he was charged for his involvement over at the January six protests. And he's been sitting in custody ever since. And there , his attorneys have been trying to get him out of custody because , uh , this wasn't an insurrection or the crime of the century, even though many people are making it out to be so, but the point here is he's been in custody. He's been trying to get out and we're going to pick up the court docket early on here in October. So let's take a quick look at what that looks like. This is over from the federal docket. We can see here that there was a notice that was provided by the USA on the medical status of the defendant. Right? As I mentioned, Waral is in custody. The U S has control over his body where he can go, what type of treatment he can get. And so when this situation happens, the courts are regularly asking for updates. How is his treatment going? Is he sitting there? Is he getting the medical attention he needs? And so we've got two updates on this. D U S government provided this to the court, just called the notice of an update. They gave one on October 1st. They gave another one on October 8th. And then you'll notice right on October 8th. There's an order here signed off on by the judge. We're going to take a look at that. And so let's just frame this out. Somebody in custody, the defense is saying, Hey, my client's in custody. He needs medical care and they're not giving it to him . The judge says, oh, is that true? Mr. Government, Mr. Prosecutor, they say, oh no, judge, no, totally. We are giving them the best care. We're the U S government. Everything we do is perfect. So don't worry about it. The judge says, well, I don't know, but the defendant over here was saying opposite. So the judge says, okay, well, let's just monitor this for a little bit. Why don't we just continually check in, give us an update, let us know on how you're treating this individual. And then the court will just make some decisions on, on how that's going and make some adjustments. So that happened back on October 8th, the U S government provides another update, but then the judge just responds and issues an order. Oh, what's that order all about. We're going to take a look at what that order says. Then remember this guy, John Pierce , he's gone. He leaves the case on October 8th and we have another one Ramsey , Katurah leaves he's gone. And so then we get what's called an order to show cause. And so we'll dig into what that means, but you know , he's got a different lawyer now I presume, but you can see that the judge issues an order to show cause, and that is not a good thing to get. It doesn't matter what you are. If you're a lawyer, if you're a prosecutor not good. He says the warden of the DC jail and the director of the DC department of corrections, they are ordered to appear and to show cause why they should not be held in civil contempt. Oh my goodness. That sounds really scary. Especially if this is a federal judge. And so that happened yesterday and you'll notice that that hearing was scheduled for today, October 13th. So yesterday the judge says he issued an order back on October 8th. We haven't looked at it yet, but then we fast forward a few days and the judge says, I am unhappy with this. And I want to see you people here in court on October 13th. And you have an order to show. Cause as to why you did not comply with my October 8th order, not happy about it. Then we had a court proceeding today, which we're going to break down. So let's get into it. Let's start with the October 8th order, the first order. And remember what we're talking about. Medical treatment of a January 6th , political prisoner by the name of Christopher Warren . What we see here is the order. This is coming from the court. Now this is coming from judge Royce. Lamberth it says upon the parties notice about the update about defendant's medical status. The undersigned contacted, meaning the judge, the judge contacted the acting us Marshall Lamont Ruffin wanted to inquire about the notation that was on the records. And the notation that was on these medical records says the surgery for Mr. Warren's finger fracture. Fracture is still in the process of approval by the U S marshals. So as well. Okay, so the surgery is still in the process of approval. The judge must be going well . I've been asking for updates and all what what's taking so long. Why is this not approved? Guy's finger is fractured. What are you just like? You're going to get to surgery like three months from now. The damage may already be done well done by then. So the judge says, okay, I'm going to , I'm going to go figure out what the heck is taking so long. So then the Marshall Lamont Ruffin explained to the judge says despite repeated requests from the us Marshall service, the medical branch, the DC department of corrections, the DC doc, right , has not provided the actual narrative specialist notes from Dr. Wilson who actually evaluated Mr. Morrell and is recommending surgical repair. So what happens here now back on October 8th is judge calls. The Marshall Marshall says, listen, we're trying to get this thing figured out, but the doc they're not giving us the medical records. And they conducted the original underlying diagnosis. And so we can't really do anything here at the Marshall's office until we get conversation communication back from the doc. So it's government finger-pointing okay . We're very used to this everywhere you go, God, oh, it's not us. It's that ? Oh no. It's not us. It's the Capitol hill police. It's their responsibility. No, it's the house Sergeant at arms. No, it's the Senate Sergeant at arms. No it's Metro PD. No, it's the national guard. Everybody points their fingers around that . Everybody. Meanwhile, the FBI is playing where's Waldo in their bureau. So this is what's going on. Everybody's pointing their fingers . So the judge says enough already. I don't care if it's the marshals . I don't care if it's the jail. I don't care if it's doc, we need some action on this. And so he says specifically ordered right now that the DC jail and the DC department of corrections submit this information forth with , see this language. We're going to take a look at what that means here in a second. So he's telling them DC doc, you got to get this information over to the Marshall service like stat right now don't even play around. Also says ordered that the DC jail is the department of corrections are to resubmit the medical request. What the appropriate requested information. Look again here, forth with , oh , not happy. And also says that the us is now ordered to ensure that a copy of this order is also provided forthwith to the DC jail and the director of the DC department of corrections. He says file forthwith. Once again, with this court, a copy of anything that is provided by the department of corrections to the U S Marshall service. This is signed off on by Royce Lamberth district judge on October 8th with wet ink signature. Right? So he is a seriously serious now. Really very, very, so what we're seeing is that we're fourth with a law . What the heck does that mean? Well, it means what it sort of sounds like it means forthwith. It means immediately promptly without delay within a reasonable amount of time under the circumstances, which means like right now, like we're I want it now. Okay. Not two days from now, not three days from now immediately, judge was unhappy about it and um, they didn't comply. Did they? So then we fast forward. Now, four days later, that order went out on October 8th, the judge is just going like this. Um , October 9th, does it come around? Nope. Nothing there October 10th, nothing there either 11th comes by the 12th comes by and the judge says that that's not forthwith enough for my liking. It comes back and issues a order now, so this order came out yesterday. This is the order to show cause. So let's take a look at what this means here. You can see judge Royce Lamberth is not happy. He says, listen, everybody on October 8th, the court ordered the DC jail and the DC department of corrections to provide fourth width. And he even underlines it here. You'll notice that nothing else on this page is underlined. But forthwith is which means right now. And they didn't do that. He said I wanted forth with the actual narrative, the specialist's notes from the orthopedic specialist, Dr. Wilson court also ordered DC jail and the doc to resubmit the documents I asked for today. The court received an email notification from acting U S Marshall Lamont Ruffin member. Him talked about him a couple, a couple of slides ago. That's what that's who the judge called D . He says that the doc sent the U S marshals. The following email back on October 8th, when the judge ordered it , it says, good afternoon, Marshall Haywood , please be advised. I please be advised. I spoke with the medical team. Resident. World is scheduled for a re-evaluation by the hospital surgeon next week on October 14th. And you go, oh, a re-evaluation . He was already evaluated. Wasn't he? Those were the records that the judge wanted. So why does he need a reevaluation ? The judge didn't say, give him a reevaluation . He just said, send the docs over because Dr. Wilson, Dr. Yeah, Dr. Wilson was the person who actually already conducted the exam. He says th th the doc, his medical team has requested from the surgeon's office that Mr. Warren returned to the facility with the appropriate medical note, doc will then provide the documentation following the return from the medical appointment. Oh , judge notes. The doc provided no additional information to the marshals. So the judge just took one, look at that email and said, okay, well, it is clear that neither the warden of the DC jail, nor the director of doc have complied with the court order from October 8th, nor have they sought any reconsideration of the order. I said, provide the documents. Forthwith, you have not done that. And you haven't asked for reconsideration. You haven't explained why you can't provide those orders. You haven't done anything other than send an email saying, oh , we're not sending you anything and schedule him for a reevaluation because maybe we don't have the records who knows, but that's not what the judge asked for. So the judge was very unhappy about this. It says, okay, ordered then DC jail warden, Wanda Paton , and doc director, Quincy booth. These are the two people department of corrections, jail warden , DC, Wanda Patton . You are to appear to show cause as to why you should not be held in civil contempt that was scheduled for today at 10:00 AM, October 13th, it is ordered that the U S ensure that a copy of this order is provided, send one over to warden, Wanda patents, and went over to director Quincy booth. And so what that means in order to show cause right, that's sort of the first step when a lawyer is in some serious, deep doodoo, not good. It means that you are being hauled into court. To explain yourself, the judge asked for something, you didn't do it. The judge wants to know what the cause was. What's the basis for this? Why didn't you do this? If you have a good reason, then the judge can say, okay, well, that's a , that's a valid reason why I didn't know that you got hit by a bus. That makes sense while you were not in court that day. Hmm . That's a good reason. So I'm going to vacate the order to show. Cause we'll reschedule you for another pre-trial conference after you are done with your time in the hospital, right? That's a pretty good reason why you might've missed a court date or why you might have not followed a court order. In this case, the judge is saying, you didn't provide me these documents. You didn't provide the U S marshal , these documents. You didn't do anything that I asked for. Therefore, I'm going to schedule a time for you to come in and explain yourselves that happened today. But before the judge listened to the arguments and issued a final ruling about whether to hold these two people in contempt, the U S government responded and they said, oh, wait, judge, wait before you consider holding us in contempt, please allow us to explain ourselves. And so they submitted this motion earlier today. You can see here, the district of Columbia, the department of corrections, they're asking here, this is their response to the order to show cause. So the judge said, you're in trouble. Get your butts in here. And they're saying, wait a minute, this is our response. So earlier this afternoon, the court entered an order that the DC jail warden and everybody show up, this is why we are opposing this. Here's. Here's what they're saying. The court issued to show cause order after concluding that the doc failed to provide forth with the actual narrative from Dr. Wilson earlier this afternoon, they say the doc provided Dr. Wilson's notes to the U S Marshall service. So same date right there. They're presumably saying today, finally got it. So they show up to the order of, to show, cause hearing they're like , uh, here , here's the document. Don't be mad at us. Judge, according to them, then they go through their legal standard. They say, well, you know, the court does have some remedial powers to issue these orders to show. Cause , uh, let's see here, it's an inherent power. Civil contempt is an extraordinary sanction. They say that should be imposed with caution. So their argument here is going to be that courts should use this with restraint and discretion. So it's like, yeah, we know we've kind of screwed that up there , judge. But you know, a civil contempt, that's kind of the big deal. I mean, we were just look, it's just the January 6th , sir, by the way, who cares about those people? So , uh , you know, it's just a finger also. Nobody cares about that. So yeah, we were delayed a couple of days, but don't hold us in contempt because that is a serious remedy and the courts should exercise caution. So their argument now based on that standard says that the court should not hold anyone in DC jail for, in contempt for two reasons. Number one , uh , we did actually provide those notes back on October 12th. So that was one business day after the October 8th order. So, so they said it was the weekend judge, first of all right, October 8th. What day is that? October 8th was a Friday. Yeah, it was a Friday. So, so the judge entered the order on a Friday. And if you're a us government prosecutor, well, you know what that means constitutional rights just don't extend into the weekend. They just don't court orders. They don't either, if somebody is sitting in custody and it's just a long extra weekend and he needs surgery, it's not your problem because none of the ordinary constitutional protections apply on the weekends, obviously. So, but , uh, they do for the rest of us, you and me and this judge, but not the prosecutor. So the prosecutors come out and they say, well, it was a , it was a weekend judge. We got back on Monday, Monday was the 11th. We were all still hung over. So we finally got to work a little bit on Tuesday and we go, oh shoot, we've got an order to show. Cause tomorrow the judge is so mad at us. He's actually hauling us into court. So they like scramble. They get the, the records over to the us Marshall service on October 12th. And they're like, yeah, I love sorry. It's late. They say the doc made a good faith effort to substantially comply with the October 8th order. So they were just on, you know, prosecutor time that's okay. Civil contempt is a coercive tool. They say, and this is a , you know, a , a really big hammer to smack down on the government. The government doesn't get, doesn't get hammered at all ever, but this , so this is a , this is a shock to them. They're going, wait a minute. You're going to hold us responsible for something we're shocked. And uh , so they had to draft this motion quickly and they say second that a doc made a good faith effort to , uh , also to substantially comply with the request upon receiving a copy of the order at the department of correction, their lawyer contacted the agency's medical staff. They went to go get Dr Wilson's notes. Please know that they do not work on the weekends or on the holidays. So , uh, the notes were completed today. Doc made good faith efforts also to substantially comply. And they say for the foregoing reasons judge, because it was a long weekend and we're busy and you know, life , uh, life sometimes gets in the way we're asking respectfully that the court does not hold ward and patent or director booth in civil contempt. And judge, we're also asking that you just cancel the hearing that's scheduled for today. Wednesday, October 13th, that was signed off on here. Attorney general for DC is Carl [inaudible] . We've heard from him and the actual author of this document. Chad Copeland. Okay. He is a deputy attorney over with the civil litigation from the deputy attorney General's office. Okay. So they go through that judge. It was a long weekend. We tried, you know, we've been , um , really sweating over here. We're uh, you know, busy , uh , investigating a bunch of , uh, parents for terrorist threats when they're mad at their school boards. So we're busy. Will you let us off the hook? Is that okay, judge? We're prosecutors we're on your team. What does the judge say? No, you're both in civil content. He issues an order filed today. It says, well for the reasons that we talked about in open court, it is a judge, the warden of the DC jail, Wanda patent director of DC department of corrections. Quick Quincy booth are in civil contempt of court. Look at that. There is there's the money says the clerk of the court is ordered now to transmit a copy of this order, to the attorney general of the United States for inappropriate inquiry into potential civil rights violations of the January 6th defendants as exemplified right here in this case, assistant us attorney William K Dre . Her can provide the appropriate records from the case. Whoa, whoa. So the judge is referring this back over to the U S attorney general and saying, you better investigate this for civil rights violations. Your prosecutors are violating the civil rights of Christopher whirl . Uh , January 6th , defendant, you have kept him in custody. You're not providing updates on the medical status as ordered to the court. I've asked you multiple times for these documents. He's sitting there wondering about getting surgery done on his hand. It sounds like he already had an evaluation. Your incompetence said he has to have another evaluation as soon as they issued the order to show. Cause the prosecutors go, oh crap. We have to actually do something here. So then they finally get the records over there. They apologize to the judge. It's just the long weekend. And we're sorry. We're very sorry. And the judge says that's too bad. You're uh , you're in deep doodoo down . And all of this is being referred over to the U S attorney generals for civil rights violations as it should be. So you start to just, you know, some, Hey, some days you read a nice order and it just kind of sits well, doesn't it? So those were the updates on the January six case. Good news for Christa for world. We'll see where this goes. You know? So it's going to be a civil rights violation investigation. Where, who is that going over to? Oh yeah. Merrick Garland. What's he going to do about it? Nothing. Nothing. So it's nice. It's really nice. It's a nice victory, but it's probably going to be symbolic in nature only now, depending on what they do about this. If they satisfy judge Lamberth, this could be something that , uh, you know, if they, if they, one of the sanctions judge might just say, okay, well the case is just dismissed now as a sanction for not violate you for violating this man civil rights. Yeah. It's you're you , you lose the case. You violated the civil rights. Whole thing just gets thrown out. So that might be a , you know, a good, a good thing for Christopher Warren . Let's take a [email protected].com and over in the chat. We've got some activity I see chatting away. Let's see here. Uh, we have another question. Some questions are coming in on this one. Let's see here. Okay. So we have pili Wally's first up, says the January in January 6th , the crime of the last 100 years. It seems breadth, math, easy Hitler, George Bush, Tony Blair. Let's not talk about the illegal wars or the war crimes in Iraq. That's from pili Wally . Well, yeah, I mean, it was almost the downfall of America. As they told us, we have another one from VNT . Cause prime says that the ridiculousness continues with this and people will applaud this mistreatment of people and justice. It's just like the line from star wars. This is how Liberty dies with thunderous applause and more ridiculous. Do you see what the FBI has? Manhunts over capital violence. The video, the first video is some guy whacking the riot shield off of a cop with some kind of a stick. That's obviously a deadly weapon. Yeah. I've seen a lot of those. I mean, you know, there , I mean, if they really think that somebody was a trader committing insurrection, they should have charged them with some of those things. They've got videos here. Yeah . I'm looking at these Vietti kiss . Thank you for that. Let's see. What else? Any other questions on this topic before we jump into the next one we have John Haugen says, can you explain the difference between civil and criminal contempt? So it's criminality would be something that it's basically what it sounds like, right? You've got sort of a, a procedural violation that doesn't amount to criminality. But if you did something that sort of amounted to criminality, that'd be criminal contempt . So like, for example, if you, if you did something illegal in the course of a trial, right? If you th then that would be like, if you, I mean, I can't think of anything cause I've never done anything like that. But if you did, if you were trying to get certain evidence in , if you were fabricating something, manipulating evidence or manipulating a witness or putting undue pressure on a witness or somehow interfering with the process in a way that is sort of knowingly maliciously, you know, criminal, you have sort of a higher level of culpability. So when you think about it, in terms of, let's say , uh, even philosophical legal jurisprudence, you've got the mens REA, which is the mental state. And you've got the actus Reyes . When we're talking about criminal law, sort of a guilty mind and a guilty action here, what you would see would be a guilty mind. Somebody was knowingly trying to tip the scales in their favor and they did something wrong, but a civil case like this, right? It could just be incompetence. It could just be, they just screwed something up. Procedurally. Maybe they really, you know , did everything they could, I don't know yet, but it's , it's not, it doesn't amount to the level of criminality, but it does amount to the level of referring this over for further investigation. That's kind of the long and short of it. So a good question, John, the dark says quite funny, how, when it's the government that is potentially facing punishment for their actions, they are all of a sudden, all about restraint and second chances. But man, when that 19 year old kids at camp kid comes in, after he's been caught with a little bit of weed, they suddenly care about the responsibility and teaching a lesson. The government should get zero chances, mess up and get punished scumbags. That's from Nadar. Good to see you in the dark few more on this one is from Sergeant. Bob says, me thinks we have not heard the last from the honorable judge have heard a lot from Royce Lamberth on this channel. Some we've read some of his stuff and been very favorable of it and said, wow, that's like this. Okay. Dang way to hold them accountable. We've read some other topics from him and we've gone. We've gone. What the hell is he talking about? I think, I think it's this judge. Let's see, we've got pili while he says, what a world. This is we live in, or as me living in the UK things because things that happen there always seem to reach the UK. The January 6th troubles. Aren't even about us here in the U S but I bet it changes things here probably. I mean, I think the, the pivot to really be aggressive with domestic terrorists, right? The idea of homegrown extremism and all of those DVS, domestic violent, extreme , isn't all of these things. I think that January six opened the door to have that conversation. And once that door gets opened , you can see how the snowball just gets bigger. As it rolls down the mountain. Now teachers at PTA or parents at PTA meetings are, you know , pseudo terrorist , right? I've gotten thrown off different platforms on the internet because I am , uh , somebody who might be a white supremacist Nazi, according to some morons out there. But it's just how I think it's just how things go once. There's an opening for the power structure to go in and seize opportunities. They're going to do that. And there , I think you're right. They're probably going to use the imagery you saw here to justify a lot of that stuff overseas, Jay, he says, I read online that judge Lamberth is a Republican was appointed by Reagan. Glad to see there is at least one good person in the lion's den, Washington, DC fighting for our rights. It was a pretty dang good opinion. And I don't want judges to be biased at all, but I just want judges to give both sides a fair shake. If the government's going to screw something up, well, it needs to hold them accountable. Just like they do a defendant or a defense attorney. We had a, another Superchat that just came in from Wolfgang Dale. What's up. Wolfgang says, wait, what , what? The doctor is not good enough to figure out the issue with the prior , without prior information. How dare these B words hold up medical treatment over papers. Yeah. It's not , uh , not ideal. And the judge gave them a nice little nice little backhand. Didn't he let's see over on rumble. Shout outs to Raven craft is in the house chatting with user 1, 1, 2, 1 , and V . Vicky channel is here talking about soccer moms and the left created this. Yeah, there's a lot of some activity going on over there. Shout outs we have over on YouTube shout outs to Wolfgang Zulu. Jimmy w stays on the case. I saw somebody up there earlier saying we're not even talking about anything that you're, that you're discussing on the show. Rob . Somebody said something like that, which is okay. That's okay. No talk amongst yourselves. That's great. It's all about the community here, but those were great questions and support from watching the Okay. So we're going to move into our next segment. What's coming up next Loudon county. That's right. Loudon county is where we're going to change our attention to Loudon county public school system. A little bit of hot water allegations that they may be covered up a sexual assault of one of their underage students. Not good if you've been with this channel for some time, we've been talking a lot about the school systems and about how there may be some problems that are worth investigating the daily wire did a great job on this. They talked about this story involving a guy named Scott Smith. You can see a picture of him here on June 22nd. This article was written by Luke Rosie act on June 22nd. Scott Smith was arrested when he went to a school board meeting, it was deemed an unlawful assembly. A lot of parents were there and they were vocally upset about this policy that impacts transgender students. And of course the rest of the school, we're going to take a deep dive on that policy. It is interesting. They made a frequently asked questions section. And so can just sort of see how they're telling us this is going to be applicable, but that's sort of a tangent on the story. The bigger issue here is that what people did not know the reason why Scott Smith went to this board meeting in the first place. The reason why he was so upset is because weeks prior on May 28th, allegedly there was a boy wearing a skirt in a girl's bathroom at Stonebridge high school. And that boy allegedly wearing a skirt, allegedly sexually assaulted Smith's ninth grade daughter. Hmm . Now hard to get details about this juvenile records are sealed, but Smith's lawyer woman by the name of Elizabeth Lancaster told the daily wire and Luke Rosie who wrote this piece that the boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, one count of forced, all related to that incident. Hm attorney says, if someone would have just listened for 30 seconds to what Scott, this father had to say, they would have been mortified and heartbroken. And so you're going what's how does all of that happen at a school? And the only recourse, the only place that this guy has an opportunity to address the matter is in front of a school board. Yeah. It's I can understand why he would be upset. So let's dig into this story a little bit further. I want to show you this clip over from Fox news last night, they were all over it. And uh , this is Luke. Rosiak the author of that piece. Detailing a little bit more about what he found here he is.

Speaker 2:

Yes. This story is one of the most disturbing I've ever worked on. It raises the possibility that the Loudon county public schools covered up the rape of a 14 year old girl at the hands of a boy wearing a skirt in order to pass a school policy that Democrats were adamant about passing. And as a result of concealing that a second girl was raped last week. Uh, and to prevent all of this from coming out, potentially they arrested the father of the victim , uh, tried to put them in jail. And he's now the face of domestic terrorism listed by , uh , listed individually by the national school boards association, all for coming to that meeting, he didn't come to that meeting cause he's a bigot. A lot of people thought they knew that guy, they trotted out his picture is embarrassing picture with his belly hanging out in his bloody face. They all thought they knew him. They knew nothing about him. This was a caring father who was involved because of something very personal that happened to his daughter. And if they would have shut up and listened to him for 30 seconds, that would have been heartbroken. Instead they demeaned him. They arrested him. Yeah,

Speaker 1:

That's terrible. Okay. So the allegation is that the school board is essentially covering this whole thing up. The guy goes to the school board to have a conversation about it gets upset. School police are there. He gets branded a domestic terrorist. You can see this is an image from the scene June 22nd. Now timeline is important. If we were wind back a little bit, the original incident they're saying happened on May 28th . So we got may June and then on June 22nd, he's dragged out of allowed county school board challenging their transgender bathroom policies, right? And you can see why he might be upset about it. It says he was trying to tell the room, his daughter was raped by a boy wearing a skirt and the girl's bathroom just weeks earlier. And the school ignored it is his claim. Here's another picture he was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct. Don't think that those charges are going to stick, but having followed up on it, Fox news gives us the timeline. So let's frame this out just for a minute because it does, I think maybe show some, some interesting , uh, culpability or just head in the sand behavior from the school board. Here's the headline. Here's the timeline. Rather Fox news says that the Loudon county Sheriff's office gave a statement. They say on May 28th, we can confirm that there was a case that involved a thorough two month long investigation. It was conducted to determine the facts of the case prior to the arrest. They're saying the case is still pending. Court proceedings. Remember May 28th is the case involving Scott Smith's daughter don't know her name. All these are juveniles. The Loudon county Sheriff's office is not able to provide any documents about it, but they can confirm it involves sexual assault so that the father is not making this up. Right. The Sheriff's office is actually investigating it. They confirmed that they did a two month investigation. They've been looking into this thing. They are doing their deep dive on this can't comment. It's all juveniles, but yeah, sexual assault. Yeah. May 28th. Okay. That's the father. So he's being been verified by the Sheriff's department then on June 22nd. Right? So now the investigation has been going on for , uh , presumably just less than a month, right? Made it May 28th of June 22nd. Father is just tired of nothing happening and, and goes to the school board. And , uh, you know, gets arrested at that school board meeting at the June 22nd school board meeting Ziglar , who is the , the , uh, head of the board says publicly that the predator transgender student or that person simply does not exist. And that, to his knowledge, we don't have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms. And you're going, what? That was a January 22nd board meeting, Scott Smith just got arrested on January 22nd. Uh, the Sheriff's office allegedly had started their investigation. It was going to be a two month investigation, but they were presumably well in the middle of it from May 28th, all the way up until June 22nd. And at the board meeting Ziglar doesn't have any idea that that's going on and says , uh , we don't have any record of assaults happening in our bathrooms. What the Sheriff's department are actually investigating it. And you had a father who wanted to speak out, but you threw him out. You arrested him and dragged him out of the courtroom, out of the boardroom. We have then on August 11th. Okay. So the investigation is presumably still ongoing. So August 11th, now they're having the board. They vote on this controversial transgender policy. It's called policy 80 40 requires teachers to call students by their preferred pronouns. We're going to take a look at this here in the next segment or the next section. It requires the bathroom renovations are also made to make them more private. Okay. So again, we're at a high school. Now we're going to be talking about what, you know , whatever pronouns they want. We're going to dive into the policy here in a minute, but they're also going to be doing bathroom renovations to make them more private. Interesting. If you're going to be talking about remodeling bathrooms, if you're going to be talking about transgender policies and you're voting on these things and you're having public board meetings to have conversations about this, might it be a relevant fact to talk about the fact that , uh, there was allegedly a transgender student who raped another student in the very bathrooms are the subject of your ongoing discussion. It's might be relevant. I think it's relevant. I could be wrong. Obviously the school board didn't think it was that particularly relevant. So they just went ahead and they approved it. They just, oh yeah , no problem. Yeah, no problem at all. Transgender, no problem. And they don't even have to discuss it. Nothing even to talk about, because according to Ziegler, they don't even have records of this. Oh my gosh. Then on October six at another school, a 15 year old boy was charged with sexual battery and abduction of a fellow student. That's again, according to the Sheriff's office, the boy allegedly forced a female victim into an empty classroom, held her against her. Will reports connect the two assaults, although police have not confirmed if they involve the same male students or whatever that student identifies as. So , uh , if it's the same students and the school didn't do anything about it, the school moves forward, actually , uh , votes to approve the bill, eliminated all of the oppositional narrative in the, in the form of throwing Scott Smith out of the board meeting. And then the student goes and does it to a, another student that sounds like gross negligence to me or something even more significant. Let's take a look at this policy. 80 14 , you can see this is the public statement that it was passed by a vote of seven to two minor amendments were made, but they gave us this down here. This is the frequently asked questions segment . So we don't have to go through the litany of the law. We can just take a look at what they're , what they're going to be showing us before we do. Quick note here is the , uh, arrest record or the press release from the Sheriff's department that does indicate yup . Oh, October 7th have a, another teenager from Ashburn arrested with sexual battery. Another fellow student at broad run high school happened on the afternoon of October six, 15 year old suspect victim immediately reported it to the school resource center. Suspect is held at the juvenile detention center. Can not name him also not going to name the female victim. So that's not so good. Let's take a look at the frequently asked questions. See if we can glean, what is this policy? What is policy 80 40? Huh ? The rights of transgender and gender expansive students. These are frequently asked questions about this. What is policy 80 40? Well, you know, they're committed to all of these things and they wrote this document. And a lot of very, very , uh, interested bureaucrats are affirming the commitment to provide equitable, safe, inclusive learning environments for everybody, regardless of their sex, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, or gender expression, which are very complicated terms. I don't even know what those mean. Given the broad range of topics relating to the treatment of transgender students that are required by law to be addressed by local school boards. We recognize that, you know , we have existing policies, but we need more stuff to be more gender inclusive. And we have to emphasize special protections for transgender non-binary and gender expansive students. Okay. Existing LCPs policies are cross referenced to ref Roquet title at nine is federal law. All right . So you see all of that there. Now, here is how they're going to implement this. So sometimes the implementation is even more interesting than the underlying law, right? You'll have a law that says, okay, the law says, you have to call everybody by their preferred pronoun. You okay, fine. How are you going to do that? How are you going to actually implement that? Okay, what if a student who's , uh , you know, gender dynamic or whatever wakes up and wants to change their pronouns? Like, is there a system for this? Do you send an email today? I'm going to be a them there as in a sheet or whatever, you know, how does it work? So implementation is very interesting. So now let's take a look at it. We have a policy number five, how will the Loudon county public schools address transgender or gender expansive students? Well, they have to follow the guidelines obviously. And they tell us that a transgender student may adopt a name that is different from their legal name on their birth certificate. They may use pronouns that are reflective of their gender identity student is considered transgender. So we have a definition. If at school, the student consistently asserts a gender identity, different from the sex assigned at birth. Okay. So as long as they're consistent about it sounds like they'll respect that this should involve more than a casual declaration of gender identity, but it does not necessarily require any substantiating evidence nor any required minimum duration of the express gender identity. So it says school staff, shell, and you note that right, shell pick teachers don't have an option to not do it at the request of the student. They use that. And their pronouns consistently when a parent or teacher does not agree with the student's request. So we have a conflict. Now, student wakes up and says, it's, excuse me, it's a him, her, his and their today. And they say, well, I think you're a sheep . Uh , they, and , uh , her and they go, no, no, no, I'm , uh , it's a me , he, and , uh, it, and you say, okay, well we have a conflict here. This is going to be problematic. And so we're going to have to come to a remedy while they give us some guidance. If they disagree, the staff will discuss and they may develop an alternative that respects both the student and the parent and guardian. So you can sort of , um, maybe negotiate proper gender pronouns. I don't know how that works, but okay. The process will require consideration of social solutions to address the students' emotional needs to be affirmed as well as assisting the family in developing solutions in their students' best interests. I just, I, it's just amazing, you know , uh, when I was a student, you know, I sort of had , uh, had , uh, enough on my plate, juggling sports and academics and, you know , uh, existential crises when you're 16, you know, driving a car, all of those things. So I can understand, you know, why the need to also have a very deep rooted , uh, other existential crises sort of shoved in student's face and, and, you know, have these debates and have parent teacher guardians meetings over all of this and have daily declarations about your gender identity. Yeah. That doesn't sound complicated at all. Sounds like it's going to be very useful now, again, is there a system? What happens if somebody wants to change their pronouns and the teachers, are they on a mailing list? Do they get a text update today on whatever? Well, they have guidance for us on this under subsection six, it says pair parents and students or students that are 18 years or older, they can indicate the student's name and their nickname each year in the student information system. All right . So it's just going to be put into a database somewhere. The department of digital innovation, it's going to provide reports that include students, nicknames. So students or their parents, and guardians may inform staff of their pronouns or their nicknames if they are not in the system. So it's going to be, they're just going to create a little bit , uh , of a, of a tag. And you're just going to put your pronouns in there now. Pretty simple. And what about this? Can they participate in sports? Yes. A school staff shall allow gender expansive transgender students to appear in activities. Right. And I've always been somebody on this topic. It's like, are these really, I don't know, honestly, I really don't know sort of the, the scale of all of these issues. I mean, do we have like tens of thousands of students that are having gender identity problems? Because that, wasn't a thing when I was going through school. So this is new to me and I might just be a white guy. And so, you know , what the hell do? I know I've been privileged and racist and basically, you know, a Neo Nazi at this point. So why do I know about this? Maybe a lot has changed. Maybe I'm like a 60, you know , 600 year old, man. That's just like, well, back in my day, we didn't talk about those things, but maybe the times have changed and I just have to get with the times, I don't know, but I've always wondered, is it really that big of a problem? Are we really killing each other over these bathrooms and these football games and these locker rooms and all these things over this issue, is it really worth killing each other over this stuff? Is it that big of an issue? Well, getting raped in a bathroom. Yeah. That's a pretty big issue. But aside from that, right? If somebody changes gender and wants to run on the team, you know, is that gonna wreck the whole program? If it is well, then that should be something that is addressed locally. Like the school is doing and they are doing it in this manner. Let's continue on. So they are allowed to play in sports, which is okay, whatever. But how about this one? Paragraph four says, how will the Loudon county public schools support the student? If they're younger than 18, when their family does not affirm the transgender or the gender expansive identity, oh, this is a juicy one. What happens? Now? If a student comes in and says, well, you know, I'm identifying as a me it's and they today, and the parents say the hell you are, you are a he and a him. And that's the end of the story son. When you get out to school there, we're not going to be doing the me . It's she, they nonsense you. Are he him student goes to school and says, no, I'm not. I'm a me. It's an a, it's an, a sheet. And the parents get a phone call about this and what happens. So we've got to have a conflict resolution, don't we? So let's take a look at how this school is going to do it. They talk about privacy and confidentiality. They say they're critical for transgender students disclosing a student's gender identity can pose imminent safety, risks, like losing family support or housing. Alright . So they give us some research here about something, but then the school, which is okay. So he says, thus school staff should be prepared to support the safety and the welfare of transgender students when their families are not affirming. Hmm . So students over parents, if they're under 18, is what I'm gleaning from that. Hmm . So even disclosing a student's gender identity can pose imminent safety, risks, like losing family support. So you got to stay confidential. You cannot disclose any of that. See that right there, imminent safety risks, like losing family support. So therefore got to think about the safety when their families are not affirming the school administrator in the unified mental health teams, they're going to need to consider the health and safety of the students in many situations, going to have to address this on a case by case basis. So if a student is not ready or able to share with their family about their gender identity, then they've got to respect that. So the school is now going to be, I, I guess, the primary safe space for the students , the school, the student comes students in a predicament. They've got parents at home who think that they know best for the kid, but do they really? I don't think so. And not according to this document, at least what you have now is a situation where the school knows better than the parents do. And so if this student wants to confide in the school, the school is a safe space. The school is where the trust exists. The school is really where most of the decisions should be made anyways, and where absolute autonomy should be placed, that the student really, that shouldn't have to do anything with the parents say anymore. And so they can just go right into the soft sweet bosom of the public school system. So it says that got to respect that stuff. Also school staff should work with students to help them so that they can share their information when they're ready to do so. And the school staff should provide information, referral sources about all these transgender issues at cetera. So the schools , uh, they're in charge of the kids now. Yeah . And , uh, that's just how it's going to be. Let's go back. So we took a little bit of a detour and we , we reviewed the policy and now we can see why Scott Smith was so upset about this. So we're going to go back to the Loudon county schools. I know this is a longer detour than usual, but we're going to go back and we're going to see, well , uh , this is what they were talking about. Back during that June 22nd meeting, they were talking about these policies. A lot of parents were saying what you're going to just sort of encourage my child to make the who's under 18, to make these decisions. And you're going to hide this data away from the parents. You're not going to tell us about it at all. So they're a little bit upset about that. I think you can understand why that might be. So he goes back to the school. He wants to talk at this board meeting, and then the incident happens that was back in may. Now back after his daughter was raped, allegedly by a transgender student, somebody who was at least wearing a skirt male, biologically male in the eye, I think, can I say that still biologically male in the female bathroom father gets a phone call says on the day of this incident, Smith says the school told him to come to the campus. His daughter had been physically assaulted. They did not say she'd been sexually assaulted. Once he got there, school staff told him they would handle all of this internally, choosing not to call the police for some unexplained reason. He was enraged by the decision, challenged them on it. School board then did call the police. But to report Smith, not the boy for making a scene. What I went nuts, he said, I called the principal a P word, six cop cars showed up like a freaking SWAT team schools . Principals send out alert that day. Warning parents of what had happened involving Smith, but nothing of the sexual assault allegations in the bathroom. It's unclear exactly what happened next. But Smith ended up in the hospital with his daughter there. They told doctors what happened and a rape kit was performed, says, thank God I drew enough attention to it without getting arrested. We got to an escort to a hospital and they administered a rape kit that night, the rape kit verified his daughter's claim. So they took it to the police and a case was open. So they almost arrested the stinking guy and didn't even listen to anything that he said, haul him down to the hospital. Rape kit of his underage daughter turns out it's exactly what they, what they said it was. The school was going to arrest him, nothing to do with the boy. The teenager then was arrested two months later after the school board meeting, after an investigation by the Sheriff's office, sheriff says we did respond at that time. The juvenile is 14 years old charged with forcible sodomy. After that it goes through the courts. Then on May 28th, the case , uh , different , uh , that case in , at Stonebridge involved , a different set of circumstances. A two month investigation led to the arrest spokesman for the Sheriff's office said the case is still pending in court proceedings. Oh my goodness. This poor father, he was on Laura Ingram last night. Here's what he had to say.

Speaker 3:

It's been a crazy three months, but basically my daughter was sexually assaulted at the end of school in may of last year. And , um, you know, I went to the school board meeting, you know, to see what was going on because I had seen all this crazy stuff on TV. And I went to see what was going on after my daughter had been assaulted. And , um, you know, there was some crazy stuff being talked about, you know , uh , you know, people for things for against things. I wasn't there for any, no , I'm good with gay people. Cross-gender people, everybody, anybody who wants to be a good American, I'm good with, I went there to find out why our children weren't safe. We were under the impression from the prosecutor that this sexual predator was being held on in house arrest with an ankle monitor and would not return to school until these court sessions were done. That if I wanted justice for my daughter, that I needed to keep my mouth quiet and not speak out because in order to get justice for my daughter, which is the most important thing to me, of course, was to not come out and let justice prevail. That's really scary. You know that our government is going to weaponize yourself against parents and, and, and they're using my video across the nation to spread fear. That's wrong. I'm not a bully. I'm not a racist. I love everyone. I love this country. All right . And I want better stuff for it,

Speaker 1:

Right on Scott, right on Scott. All right . So the school then comes out and they have a press release. They came out with this today. Let's take a look at what this says. Before we jump into the questions [email protected] This was sent over on Twitter by Mary Margaret Ola Han . She's a reporter. And let's take a look at the statement here. It says allowing county public schools, we're aware of the media, the social media reports about sexual assault at our high schools. While we take this student's privacy, privacy seriously cannot reveal details about the student do want to clarify our process. Principals are legally required to report to local law enforcement. Any act including sexual assault may constitute a felony. That process was followed with respect to these allegations, huh? Says that the Loudon county Sheriff's office was contacted within minutes after receiving the initial report. Once a matter though, has been reported to law enforcement. LCPs does not begin its investigation until they've completed their criminal investigation. So law enforcement has to go first to maintain the integrity of the criminal investigations, law enforcement requests that LCPs not interview students until they concluded their investigation. So they've cooperated with law enforcement. Furthermore, public schools is prohibited from disciplining any student without following the title IX grievance process, which includes investigating sexual harassment. Sexual assault LCPs is , does impose interim measures to protect the safety of students after the original incident tour other things. And they have compliant and continues to comply with its obligations. School board members are typically not given details of disciplinary matters, obviously, which is why the , uh, the , the dummy who's in charge of it didn't have any idea that this happened. The board may be obligated to consider law long-term suspensions must ensure the students have not been deprived of due process. They were not aware of any specific details until it was reported by media outlets earlier the week , unable to locate any records that indicates Scott Smith had registered in advance to speak at the board meeting . So that's why they throw them out because you gotta register. Now , uh , you gotta go formerly up. I'd like to speak, which I think makes sense, but, but they're, they're making that more and more difficult, more and more narrow. You know, it shouldn't be a free for all of these things, but you know, he didn't register in advance. So that's a disorderly conduct. You get arrested, thrown on the ground, made a fool of as a result of that. So the school board , uh , we did everything appropriately , uh , nothing wrong here at all. We were going to arrest a father , uh, w we did call the police to arrest the father. So that's, that's great. Let's see what you have to say about this [email protected] See if there's any questions here on this topic. I'm sure there are got a few of them. We've got the Antica says, oh, it looks to me. The school board is guilty of not believing all women. I guess it's time to hashtag me too . The school board. Yeah, what's good for the goose . As they say, speech unleash says, from what I've read, the reason he got upset was because a woman wearing a rainbow harsher to left-wing communist activists told Smith. She did not believe his daughter. Wow. His rage reached a boil, had heated exchange and words with a woman police officer there to keep the peace in the meeting, pulled his arm Smith , yanked it away before I knew it. Smith was hit in the face , handcuffed dragged across the floor with his pants pulled down. Yeah, because he was , uh, he was interrupting the , the narrative, right? You're not allowed to color outside the lines in these places. Everything needs to be done inside. I'm not gas as this is in Tennessee, hardly a left wing bastion, CRT, transgender crap has infiltrated almost every school district in the U S get your kids out of the indoctrination camps and start homeschooling that's from, I'm not guessing , not a bad thought. Sergeant Bob says, even the village idiot could see the matter of sexual assault crimes occurring with all transgender matters. Not be a matter of if, but when I taught high school for six years, I was a teacher as a union member. And officer, if I were in a union today in the union, did not take a stand supporting parents rights and protecting female students in particular and all this, I would no longer be a member school. Administrators are no strangers to covering up criminal acts and keeping the police out of it. PS never regretted leaving education. That's from Sergeant Bob, which is the sad thing, right? It's like Sergeant Bob would be an amazing person in education, but he can see what a problem it is. Thank you for sharing that. Sergeant. That's very good context. And yeah. Right. The institutions like this are built to protect their own them , themselves, their interests. That's why I have such a problem with them. They always come out and say that, oh, we care about you and grandma out there. That's why we have to impose all of these policies. No, it's the bolster their own power at every single bureaucratic level, including school boards, they are not immune to this stuff. Look, two G says, Hey Rob, great show again. Thank you for your great work. Thank you. Look to G says, if this report is true, there is a criminal charge that can be brought against the board county and Sheriff's department like negligence, failing to report unlawful arrest. You know, it would, it would probably be hard to , to tie the board members to it, especially if they didn't know about it, right. If there's some stupid reason why they wouldn't know about it, that's a pretty stupid policy. Especially if the board is going to be voting on school policies like transgender bathrooms, wouldn't it be pertinent for them to know that a student was raped as allegedly, there was a transgender student who raped another student in the bathroom. They're having conversations about transgenders in bathrooms. And that literally just happened right before they came in and voted on the thing in June. So that kind of feels like gross negligence. To me, it kind of feels like something nefarious happened there, but maybe not right. Maybe the school board just doesn't know about these things. And there's just a break in the communication, but then why are they voting on policies? If they don't know what the ramifications of the policies might be kind of a dumb thing. So I'm not sure that you can tie them to any actual criminality, but they should all certainly, you know, resign if they had anything to do with any of this slippery slope says, remember when they said that saying this stuff would happen. Like if you allowed boys into girls rooms, number one , they called that a conspiracy theory. When you and bigoted, right? Bigoted xenophobes homophobes, transphobes the whole list. The list goes on and on the antique has prime says, give the streams a thumb, a thumb up. If you're feeling the same way, I am going to linking us over to a YouTube. We got a ton of questions. I can't pull that one up yet because , but thank you. Thank you for sharing that. And for the reminder to hit that like button, if you could, I'm not guessed as title nine is literally being manipulated to turn sexual predators into a protected class. Do you like that? Oh, we can investigate rapes in our schools because of title nine. Okay. Pili Wally says, wow, just, wow. So what if the dad has a belly he's looking after his child, I've just had a day of off work watching Dave Chappelle talking about this like that, of the troubles. But with humor, mental disorders are being made to be nothing to worry about. How does a child, when even young have thought of changing sex, it makes no sense. It's all a mental play by the parents and so on. Right ? Look, I don't know. I'm not trying to be somebody who minimizes the struggle of somebody who is suffering with these issues. I obviously don't empathy . You know , I , I, I don't get it personally, but that doesn't mean I don't empathize with it. I understand that a lot of people have a lot of difficult things in their lives. A lot of people have, you know , things that pull them in different directions and we don't necessarily understand all of it, but I think it is important to have empathy and understanding and that people go through difficulties and w as a society, I think that's the best way to approach things. If we're all a little bit more empathetic, that's a good thing. But I also think that a lot of this is being manipulated, that people are being taken advantage of. And we gotta be asking ourselves, what are we doing to the kid? Why are we talking to seven year olds about gender change , changing their genders and things like that. It doesn't make any sense to me, but like I said, I'm just a bigoted white guy monster. One says, is there anything the Democrats won't defend, literally protecting a rapist to push an agenda. Hopefully crap. Like this will wake people up to the depravity of the Democrats. I doubt it , monster one, but we can be hopeful. Can't we? Thunder seven says, Rob, can the parents Sue the school board on behalf of the two girls that were raped. So again, I don't know that they have any, any direct liability because they weren't really involved in any of it. Now, other people like, you know, the principal there, if the principal, as the school statement said, they're supposed to call the police. If they did something to cover any of this up, if they try to paper over this, if you did a freedom of information act, request, and there's some nefarious emails going back and forth between some people trying to cover this up. Yeah. That I think might be something that would be, I don't know. I don't know what kind of charge it would be. It would be, but it would be something like, you know, failing to protect a vulnerable child. There's all those, there's all sorts of different statutes that exist. If you're somebody who's in a position of power, you've got an affirmative duty to go protect students. It's part of your job duty, your description, the abdication of that responsibility, failing to do that might lead to some criminal liability. Uh, back to thunder says they transferred the boy to another school without warnings. That's why he raped the second girl. Allegedly. We don't know that yet. Surely they can be held accountable for allowing a rapist to roam free and hunt victims. Not once, but twice. I think only a multi-million dollar lawsuit will bring justice and put the woke school boards on notice that they will have to pay the victims. Millions, the poor dad. Yeah. So you're , you're exactly right. Right. There is precedents for this. We talked about it earlier this week, when we were covering the Florida cases, her name was Arie Harry Calvin . Remember that teacher? Where was that out of? Oh, Miami Dade county. Yeah. There was like six teachers there who were all sexually assaulting their students, like back to back , like three of them were in October of this year and they just settled the case. They paid out something like $6 million to the victim of another teacher. So yeah, there is precedent for this type of stuff, but I don't think the school board itself would be the people that they would see would be other people who are more closely connected to the nexus of the underlying assault ghost gunner says the whole gender identity thing is stupid. And playing along with these psychotic people got two young women sexually assaulted, forced to perform in the same school district. The whole thing is insane. I think it was just one. The other was , uh , just another version of sexual assault. Not that that makes any difference. Hunter Biden says, I now identify as Helen Biden. Rob, Rob, can you give me directions to the girl's locker room? Oh, hunter Biden. We're about to get into you next brother. Monster one says it wasn't a thing when we were kids, because there was no social media. This whole transgender movement is being manufactured by exposure to social media. That's true. There wasn't any, we didn't have those questions as kids. I don't know why it's changed. Look, two G says ever since the transgender issues in our schools became a thing I've never understood why they don't just make a single, person's a unisex bathroom for students with a big lock inside of it to keep occupants safe, safe. We update bathrooms all the time. Why is this not an obvious solution? Well, look to Jean . If you did that, we'd have nothing to fight over, right? If you, if you created just a separate bathroom, like, you know, these exist all over the place, like those family bathrooms, where everybody can go in there and you just, you know, it's a big one and lock it's individual bathrooms. They can't do that for, for these things. If they did that, that would solve the problem. Wouldn't it. And we wouldn't have red juicy meats to kill each other over , uh , on the news every day. So they're not going to solve that. No, of course not. Because they'd rather see people at each other's throats that way nobody's paying attention to the running away inflation to the slow whittling away of your civil liberties all the time. I'm not trying to poopoo . This is something that is not a serious issue. It really is. But this is just one little piece of the puzzle. If they can keep everybody fired up about this in the schools, that they can do a lot of other more nefarious things. Although this is pretty nefarious, too. It's just everywhere. We're catching it from all angles. The last villain says, I don't know if that school would still exist. The mental mentally ill are running the schools and the country protections are being built into the law to protect the predators . Soon, adults will identify as children. They're going to find a way into the middle school bathrooms. Hopefully this affects the Virginia governor's race. Oh yeah. That's coming up soon. Isn't it? They're a little bit panicky there . Thunder seven says, Rob, there are maybe less than 1% transgender students, but the Marxist Dems have pushed it to the forefront to cause division and hate. They are trying to destroy America. The majority of parents are opposed to all of this. The disgusting nonsense, including CRT. They're finally pushing back. Eventually all the wokeness will be eradicated. The normal people are elected to local school boards and common sense. Once again, rules the day. Remember what Trump said, everything woke turns to do. Do that was from thunder seven. We have monster. One says, there's no way in hell. The school should be keeping secrets from this is how communist takeover. It's all part of the agenda to indoctrinate. The kids be brave, says, I believe the whole trans agenda is a push to move towards individuals who will not reproduce. And for population reduction wearing the tinfoil hat. Yeah. That's a good one. Right? Cause you , you don't have a sperm and an egg anymore. You just have gender pronouns. I guess monster one says Steve Bannon said on Tim Poole , the parents would rise up. Once they found out what schools were doing. He was absolutely right. People just need to take their kids out of school. I think I agree with that. Yeah. If, if, if parents have that ability to do that, right? If you can, if you can muster that, I think that's obviously the right choice. I'm not guest says that's a correction. I thought this was Luton county. Not Tennessee. Yeah. It's it's in Virginia. We have Dave Chappelle says, I believe all women, unless it's a nine-year-old girl getting raped in the bathroom that doesn't sit well with the transgender versus the victim narrative, Jay . He says, I hope the school gets the pants suit off of them. There's a big payday for the victim. This is disgusting and wrong on every level. Thank you, Jay Heath. I agree. Three girls . He says, how does the school get away with saying, they're going to handle it internally. There are mandatory reporting laws in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Couldn't there be a lawsuit against the school, the school board, et cetera, for not reporting the assault that girl deserves every last support and her father did what he could to solve the situation. By the way, this case makes me extremely angry on many different levels. Well, I can understand that three girls, you've got two girls of your own. And I would imagine if you were in this father situation, you would be also outraged. Rightfully so now, so I sort of mentioned the, the lawsuit argument. If there was somebody who was really covering this up, if they had a duty to the students and they failed to adhere to that duty, I think that opens them up to , uh , well , certainly civil lawsuits, no doubt about that lawsuits all over the place. But criminality is sort of a higher standard. You'd have to have something that was a guilty mind. Uh, something that rose to the level of failing, to protect a student that would violate a vulnerable child , uh, type of a statute. Another one from buttered toast says, sorry, for the late question. If I have a child I raised and they decided one day that , uh, through an ideolog teacher that they are not the sex they are. Can I put them up for adoption? Because this owning them will be considered child abuse. If I kicked them out, I don't know if I'm saying this right. I mean, I'm now liable for under age indoctrinated kid that I don't have any say in how to raise shouldn't I leave the kid to the state so that they can raise them since they know best. It's a good question. Right? And this is just maybe where it goes from now. Yeah . Oh, oh. They're your kids now. Oh, it's your house. Yeah. I guess it's your kids too . You get everything else that you need have fun. I know you're being facetious butter toast, but it's, you know, I don't know . Maybe it's coming Perry . Masonary says guests . The DOJ will be investigating the board of education. Not that father is a terrorist. Yeah. The father go get the father. Can you believe what he did? He was angry that his daughter raped. Unbelievable. Lock them up. Be brave, says any idea why it's not politically correct to say rape to soften the sound of the crime or to group them all together. Um, well, I don't know. I've been saying it a lot on this, on this particular segment, do they ? They , they try not to say you're right. They say sexual assault, right? I get what your point is. Another one from BNT kiss says , I spent a few years working with kids. I've seen my fair share of bad parents. This guy doesn't seem like one off of first impression. But most of the bad parents I saw were the ones who were telling their kids and even pressuring them to blindly go along with things. I spent a lot of the efforts trying to reach kids, teach them how to be responsible for their own education and how to learn what you really need to learn from school. However, just like when I was teaching, a lot of it was like pulling teeth from a chicken. So with people pulling their kids out of schools and homeschooling them, I have to wonder how many are just going along with another narrative and just blindly pressuring the kids. It's a new cause that people can identify with and they can kill each other over it. And you know, just how it is. I'm not guest says, Robert, are you familiar with the concept of a narco tyranny? Basically the defacto system of governments we are living under the government is happier oppressing and selectively enforcing laws who threatened to shake up the managerial class. They're happy to ignore the actual violent criminals as they do not challenge the status quo. Therefore normal citizens are living under a state of tyranny and anarchy simultaneously. That's interesting. I'm not gas . I have not. I've not heard of that. I've heard of a narco capitalism and things like that, but an Arco tyranny. I'm going to have to look into that one. Thanks for sharing it a few more on this segment. Before we wrap up with hunter Biden, monster one says a seven year old. Doesn't know about gender. If a seven year old says they are transgender, it's the parents pushing it on them. I, I think so. I think that is accurate, but I don't know. Good question to forever says the father is too common kind kind as a woman with eight granddaughters. Can the father contact the American center for justice and take the union and the feds to court. They are destroying family to communism. That's from tos forever. Hopefully they lawyer up. I mean, they, they absolutely should. The family went through something. Yeah. Sergeant Bob says, whew , rape kit was done without the evidence. It would be a denial. Yeah, really good thing that he threw a stink about it. And that it went somewhere. Let's take a look at some super chats that came in day . I was in the house, got several questions, says if that is a domestic terrorist. And I guess I stand with the domestic terrorists. Why are the domestic terrorists not getting free military equipment? Like the Taliban? That's a good question. Yeah. That's a good question. Scott Smith should asked for his 85 billion in military gear. Wolfgang also says if no one is attracted to the gender fluid, yet the gender fluid or attracted to everyone else, perhaps they should focus on protecting normies. That's from Wolfgang Dale Tager . What's if he's here says a story is disturbing. I don't agree with co-ed bathrooms, but I'm not sure how gender specific bathrooms prevent assault, the rapist can't sneak in. So that's a good question. Yeah. I mean, I think, I mean, if you're allowed in the bathroom, well, we're seeing a lot of, a lot of new things are happening in bathrooms. These days. For example, you can just go in and film us senators going pee. It's a , it's a brave new America. Now a lot of new things are happening in bathrooms. It's really hard to tell where the lines are. Complicated. Wolfgang says more focus on these people minimizes the cost onto the rest of us. Like does anyone know which demographic leads the suicide numbers in America? Uh, I I've heard that the statistics on that they're high. They're not good for that demographic. And the DOB says, parents, you need to demand every single classroom has a live feed. The parents can watch whenever school's in session, we have these great laws called FOYAs freedom of information, act laws. An average citizens need to tart start taking advantage of them and getting as much info as you can on the school and teachers and police reports expose this stuff. He says, which is a great idea. Speech unleashed says, I think the school board should be liable for negligence. If they can't think ahead that hormonally hormonally charged teens, wouldn't try to take advantage of a trans access policy to get a peek at the opposite sex in the bathroom. Then they shouldn't be making policies for high schools. I agree like you should be considering those topics. And you might want to say, are there any , um, are there any incidents around this new policy that might, we should be made aware of before we think about it? No, everything's fine. Like no problems at all. Everything's good. And they say, okay, perfect. We're just going to pass it. Three girls. He says, I know exactly how this father is feeling. He did everything that he put in . He, he did everything that he put in that moment. It is hard to be a parent of a child who has been raped. This had to have been even harder because he had sent his daughter to a place he thought was safe. And then to find out that no one did anything to help his daughter and prevent it from happening to somebody else. More importantly, they were opening up even bigger capabilities for these incidents to happen to more girls. Father was voicing the incident so that the school board would not open this up for more transgendered male to female to enter the female bathroom, absolutely repugnant and infuriating. The girlies have had a friend who is transgendered female to male. This person goes to school with them and they have a hard time going into the boys bathroom for fear that something will happen. They actually use the restroom in the female bathroom. Female to male continues to use the female bathroom. Wow. Okay. So that's pretty interesting. All right. That was from three girls . Let's see what else we've got. We've got another one from hunter says, Hey, why not put a CCTV in the bathrooms and send me the tapes? None of that here, hunter, go back to your crack house where you , where that is allowed. VNT kiss says be warned . The trade-off to cameras in classrooms is the Karens . Get the access to it's a good point. If you had to kiss, always thinking globally that my friends is it for that segment. Thank you for all of those amazing questions over from watching the and on YouTube, amazing stuff over there as well. Okay. We've got one final segment here on the show. Before we wrap up for the day, the hunter Biden, Joe Biden's saga continues. New emails have been leaked that show that hunter Biden was communicating with his business partner. We're going to dig into the email specifically, but there are some indications that maybe there was a co-mingling of money or accounts or at least services that might implicate the president. Joe Biden, daily mail has an exclusive on this. They gave us the headlines and the intro. We're going to dig into the emails here in a second, but they say that Joe Biden could become embroiled in the FBI's probe in the Hunter's finances. And remember this hunter Biden came out earlier in the year and said, yeah, I am in fact under investigation by the FBI, but not that serious because I can still go sell my , uh , horrific paintings for $75,000, a pop $500,000 a pop for some of them. But , uh , no , I am under investigation. So new emails are , have been revealed, showing that Biden, the president and hunter, the son shared bank accounts, they paid each other's bills and the president may have even funded a 2018 drug and prostitution binge. Now that was after he was a vice president that was during Trump's term, but still very curious stuff going on here. You can see hunter, the man that Joe Biden calls the smartest person on the planet , uh , over here to his right Joe Biden, according to the daily mail could be involved embroiled in the FBI investigation of Hunter's finances. I doubt it given the fact that he's the president, but okay. Emails that were recovered by the daily mail from hunters , abandoned laptop show emails between hunter and this guy Eric share were in, he was a business partner at the consultancy called Rosemont Seneca. We're going to see a bunch of emails from Eric Sherwin and Rosemont Seneca. They show that Sherwin was working on Joe's taxes. He was discussing the father and son paying each other over their household bills. And this guy who was with Rosemont, Seneca, not with the vice president's office or the white house in any capacity, he was fielding requests for a book deal for then vice-president he was managing the donation of Joe's Senate papers to the university of Delaware. And the question of course is why was he doing that? Why was Sherwin so intimately involved in the vice-presidential affairs? When all of this should have gone to the white house or the vice president's office, you have a consultant. Who's a hunter Biden's business partner, fielding book deals, and talking about Senate papers, who is this guy? Hunter claims that he and his father , uh , share a bank account, also raises serious questions about whether funds from the joint account were used for hunters , prostitution, bender. So we're going to take a quick look at some of these emails and get into them. Here is one from Eric Sherwin. You can see, we don't know where this one goes, but he says, is this back from 2010? And so of course we can frame, frame the timeline out Barack Obama, 2018 to 2006. I'm sorry, 2008 to 2016. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. That's right. So Joe Biden was the vice-president back during this time in 2010, your dad's Delaware taxi said the refund check came to date. Okay. So it says I'm depositing it in his account and I'm writing a check in that amount, back to you since he owes it to you. Do. I don't think I need to run it by him, but if you want to go ahead, otherwise I'm going to deposit it tomorrow. So it was this guy, this guy is doing the taxes for the vice-president . And why does Joe Biden? Oh, hunter Biden, his tax refund. I don't know, but it's probably very complicated president. Vice-president a presidential son business that I'm not aware of. Eric Sherwin blocked all of his tweets. So I tried to look into this guy a little bit. He's the president of RSP investment investments per uh, currently on, you know, some us commission for something or other tweets are protected. So can't really see what he's getting into over there. But we know from the daily mail that last December hunter said in a public statement, I'm under investigation for my tax affairs, former federal prosecutor, somebody who's an expert on money laundering said, yeah, this might be a problem. Whatever transaction you're looking at. If there's a connection to a family member or friend, the answer is yeah, they should be investigated. But obviously if you're talking about the president of the U S better , I have a pretty good reason to talk to that person. Basically hinting here that, yeah, there's a lot of smoke here. Where's it going to go? What are you saying? They're going to investigate the president . Get outta here. FBI and IRS probe, looking into foreign business relationships. Senate security report came out, said that there was a billion dollar business deal between Hunter's company. He co-founded, this company wish heroine it's called Rosemont Seneca. There was a big deal for a billion dollars with the Chinese oil giant CF I'm sorry. CEFC lot of people have been following this for a long time. There's more evidence of a deep commercial relationship between Hunter's firm and the vice presidentials office back during Joe's tenure allegations that Rosemont received special tickets and all sorts of private tours for their clients and their associates. So let's take a look at the emails. First example that we have. This is from Eric Sherwin. You can see it's from Eric Sherwin. This is back on April 13th, 2010 . It's about the U S Spain council . And Eric is forwarding this to hunter and telling hunter let's discuss. So what does Eric want to discuss? Eric is down here. Hunter is up here. It says , uh , Danny O'Brian called, who is Danny O'Brien . He's the chief of staff to Senator Menendez. So Danny O'Brien called Hunter's business partner. Eric didn't call the Vice-President's office. Interesting. He's the chair of the U S Spain council. Spanish members include CEOs , major banks, all of this other stuff, having their annual meeting in DC would be great. If you made an appearance, somebody mentioned your interest in Spain. That's why Danny is calling us. Sounds interesting. Let's discuss , uh , probably don't want to mention the transatlantic in case we can't deliver though, I guess. So you've got Eric Sherwin, hunter Biden's business partner, setting up deals between senators. Hmm . Not going to the white house though. Curious, also another example. We have Sherwin here involved in the process of gifting Joe's Senate papers to the university of Delaware. So we have a very interesting conversation between somebody who is actually from the vice president's office. Katherina oh, Yama. She sent an email over to Sherwin on March, 2010 detailing the restricted restrictions that the white house attorney was recommending over the release of the papers. So again, this is coming from Catherine , oh, Yama over at the Vice-President's office says, hi, Eric, just communicating with you about all this stuff. The proposed deed of the gifts , as you can see, terms are very , very, very favorable to the university. Just asking you to negotiate this. The white house is going to have strong views on any of these releases. The deed states that titled to the material passes to the university of Delaware, timing issues, opportunity for review, right? And so it's nothing that's groundbreaking, you know , revelations. But the question is, why is this guy doing all of this negotiation? It's hunter Biden's business partner. And they're talking specifically to him, Michael Mangan , deputy counsel to the vice-president Eric Cynthia requests that I email you, the draft deed. Please feel free to contact me if you have any other information. So no . So you know what this reminds me of are Hillary Clinton's emails. Remember how she handled that whole thing, something, something at , you know , HC at Clinton,, right? She was funneling everything outside of the formal chain of command. She didn't want emails going to at, you know ,, secretary of She wanted them going to her private email server white . So it was all off the books so that it wasn't her people doing it because of public record and open meeting laws and all of that stuff we have. So she, she created a separate email account, was funneling everything that direction. This is back in 2010. This was before we all learned about what Hillary was doing. This was before she ran against Trump and it became a gigantic problem for her. And so everybody was doing this little grift, oh no, it's not. I'm not going to let the white house staff do this or the vice presidential office do this. We're just going to funnel this all over through a third party, intermediary, very, very convenient. Isn't it. So Hillary was doing it back then. Same thing that Joe Biden was doing. Hunter complained previously said half of my salary is going to paying my father's bills while he was VP cast doubt on Joe Biden's previous claims in 2019, he texted his daughter Noemi . He said, I hope you all can do it . I didn't pay for everything for this family for 30 years. So a hunter Biden is just taking a ton of money and then doling it back out to everybody in the family. Hunter paid for Joe's $190 a month, 80 and T bill 2018 email to one of his own systems. Hunter complained that he'd been shut out of his own bank account, that his father had been using it too many cooks in the kitchen. He said happened 10 days ago. My dad has been using most lines on this account, which I've through the gracious offerings of Eric have paid for for the past 10 years. More indication that they're paying bills for each other comes from this email. So Eric Sherwin says emails this over to hunter says, Hey, hunter, FYI, I got a few outstanding bills that we need to take care of. I'm not sure which ones are a priority. And which one should I, what should be paid out of look at this, quote, my account, see this right here. Um , quote my account and what should be put on hold and paid out of the quote, Wilmington trust, social security check accounts. So it goes , uh, should this come from my bank account or from the other one? Let me know if you want it to come from mine. It says, FYI, your worker's compensation premium came to you . That was $632. Fran person is owed 436 things he paid for on your trip to Arizona and Madrid. So he's got to reimburse that we have your first bill from a new line of credit from the Senate credit union is $383 a month going to pay for that number of other things for Mike Christopher's bills , uh , $1,300 for air conditioning stone retaining wall $2,600, another bill for a thousand bucks for your golf. You played there last August, to be honest, tried to call them a few times to pay, but they haven't gotten back to us. Finally, I want to discuss your rental income. You're going to be receiving for leasing out mom's cottage. Since this counts as income, we're going to hold a little back to pay taxes at the end of the year, wanting to discuss your thoughts with that as well. Yeah. So divvying this up. Should it come from my account or from your accounts hunter, Biden's getting a workers' compensation as well. Mazing. It says Mike Christopher, Hey, he says, Hey , uh, somebody over there Biden's office, Mike Christopher is hassling me in a couple of smaller things I haven't heard from your dad. I know he's busy, but can you to review the email I sent to you? Let me know. So Hunter's doing pseudo official business with his father through a third party and it's stuff that is generally appropriate. I would think to go through the vice president's office. This was a book meeting request. So Susan Merck can dedi editor at large, over at random house publishing group says, good morning, Eric. I'm sure you're still compiling requests. Susan wanted to get the Joe Biden book deal. So she sends an email , uh, Kathy Chung passed your email around. Uh, so, so Susan sends an email to Eric and says, Hey, we want the book deal. Eric sends back , says , yeah, we're going to go ahead and collect all of the different inquiries. We'll get back to you forwards this over to hunter. Anything I need to do with this right now, you want to forward this or you want to hold onto it, talk to your dad, let me know what he wants to do to work out the book, deal another bill. You can see 800 for bill Morgan. It's not a bad split. Do you and Bo want to split it? Should I ask Val, Sarah or your dad? I want to get this paid sooner rather than later. It's for bill Morgan for stuff he did for mom, mom. Right? And so some of those might just be regular ordinary, you know, accounting , taxation stuff, or some of it might be a lot of smoke where there's a lot more fire. Here's another one. The office of the vice-president you can see down here, they have 250 tickets to the Easter egg roll. Your mom also has another , uh , Dr. Jill also has Dr. Mom also has another 200 tickets. It's all coming out of your mom's allotment. Let's see, we can pass on names for outreach. We can think we got 50 spots. More importantly, office of VP wants to fill the spots for our state Mexico dinner. Do you think Lorenzo's on the list already for this? So sort of a commingling , right? Where are those tickets going? Who are those things going to? So in an ordinary sane country, right? You'd have a investigation that worked, it worked its way through, and you have some clear answers about Joe Biden's co-mingling of his assets with his son, which many people have been talking about for months, including us here on this channel. Even when the mainstream media was doing everything they could to bury the story. We talked about Tony, Bobby Lynskey . We talked about all the emails and multiple, various different laptops that were left all over the place. And people would go absolutely bananas and bonkers . If this was Trump's kid, right? Donald Trump's kid had a meeting with some Russian ambassador in a Trump tower. And they hyperventilated about that for about seven years, as far as I can tell , uh, even before it's had it happened. So it's kind of nonsense. Let's see what you have to say about this [email protected], jumping into your questions. And then we will wrap it up for the day. Let's see hunter Biden's ear says don't worry, Rob, all of a sudden , all the videos from the bathroom to my dad, I got a lot of money and , uh , he's, he's going to use it. Uh, Sergeant Bob says, you think Merrick Garland is going to be all over this? I don't think so. I think Merrick Garland is basically asleep at the wheel. I think Lisa Monaco is running this whole thing and she's not going to do anything about this, nor is anybody at the justice department. Probably the FBI, either the Antica says Biden, obviously never watched the movie. Hollywood homicide, Harrison Ford character was constantly bothered by commingling funds in that movie. You know, I've never seen it either the antichrist , but I do like Harrison Ford. I wonder if it's any good commingling . It's not good. We have Antifa says just a couple of peaceful, rapes and sodomy, nothing to see here. Monster one says, I don't know if this needs to be said, but just imagine if this was Trump, could you imagine if it was Don Jr doing this? There was 15,000 news stories about whether or not Ivanka farted and blame someone else. There was 20,000 news stories about whether or not Trump's grandkid built a Lego set all by himself, right? It's hysterical. Nonsense. If it's your team though, you make sure that nobody talks about it. You bury that to the end of the earth monster. One said, you said there was a lot of smoke here. Yeah. It's coming from hunters , crack pipe. Good . One monster, one , a speech unleash says when Trump was in office, all we heard about with the possible intermingling of money and expenses between Trump, his wife, children, but with hunter, the media is quiet. Does anyone need any more proof of the mass media is in the pocket of Biden. Even when he insulted the media to a foreign leader, Nancy Pelosi was out there, scolding the media, saying you're not doing enough to sell the built big, build back better plan. She was very angry at them. And the fact that she feels like she can talk to them like that tells you everything. You need to know. Eric Sherwin is here. Oh , he watched the show. I tried to follow him on Twitter. I requested follow. But since his tweets are protected, he's got to approve me. Maybe he did. Maybe he's here. Eric's here says, isn't it obvious. I'm in love with hunter. I'm covering his. Literally every time I look into those puppy, dog eyes, I just want to change his diaper. That's a beautiful thing. You know, that's a narrative that I wasn't thinking about here. The show kind of goes, you know, kind of full circle. We're talking about gender identity. We're talking about bathroom stuff and now we've got , uh , Eric, Eric has come out. Now. He said that he's covering hunter Biden's, which is , um , that makes sense. A lot of interesting things out of this family monster. One says, you thought the Parmesan cheese story was bad. One time I was at Congress and something white fell out of Jerry Nadler's pants. I got so excited. I immediately picked it up and ran into the bathroom to put it in my crack pipe. It turns out it wasn't crack though. It was a piece of Natalie's dirty diaper. And I smoked it anyways. Oh, that is just the worst thing I've ever heard. Terrible. We've got monster. One says last question was from hunter Biden. Not , not me. Thank you. Monster one. Uh, I'm going to revise the prior comment. Oh yeah. That's just amazing. Let's see what else? Uh , three girly says, so you read that Senator Menendez was going through Eric from Rosemont Seneca to negotiate things instead of the Vice-President's office. It makes me wonder how many other senators and office holders in the federal government are going to be taken down by Hunter's laptop. Surely begin many more. That comes out of this laptop. If they're just finding out about Joe and Hunter's joint bank account, right? That would be the suspicion, right? The feds would take a , oh, let's get a subpoena for those bank records. Let's go get a subpoena, a warrant. Let's go take a look at Aaron Sherwin's records. Let's see where this rabbit hole leads. And it would probably implicate everybody, which is exactly why, you know, it's not going to happen. Cause they're not going to let that bag of worms get out. Are they just, cows is here, says free Crowder, free Crowder. Did Steven Crowder get banned from something? Is he in trouble? Let's see if there's any , uh, any things here? Hard strike from YouTube. Oh , Steven Crowder. Did he get 55 minutes ago? Oh , YouTube is common for him . So we better take a , take a close look at what's going on here. Cause your boys could be next. Oh, hate speech policy. Great. We're doomed. Let's take a look at what's going on here, counsel . Now this is from two bill Richmond , subject Steven Crowder. Let's see here. Counsel for YouTube. Let's see. What's a Crowder has to say hard strike from YouTube. And while this is terrifying, we covered specific docu. Oh, we're talking about this right now. Documented instances of rape YouTube said not allowed. All parents should take note. If you believe in the insane notion of biological sex, you're going to be silenced. Oh great. So it's perfectly appropriate to what we've talked about here on our first segment today. Let's see. It says, we write again on YouTube's behalf regarding your clients . Even Crowder. YouTube has repeatedly instructed Mr. Crowded regarding a hate speech policy warned him against continuing violations of that policy. Through the content he posted to YouTube, YouTube, specifically informed Crowder, that videos he uploaded showed a pattern of recklessly targeting LGBT plus Q community for abuse and insults. One of the further uploading of the content that targets insults or insults. Those people will result in additional penalties. It says on September 30th, Crowder uploaded another video that YouTube determined continues his prior conduct. It's entitled Alex Jones on the great reset. Joe Rogan triggers left us again. It contains a segment that targets the transgender community in an offensive manner by indicating that they, that trans people pose a rape threat to women. Okay. Consistent with the recklessness provisions of a taste speech policy, YouTube removed the video and assessed a strike. This results in a one week freeze, further violation resulted in additional penalties on an additional note. When an account is restricted from using YouTube, the channel operators prohibited from using any other channels to get around it. So we can not use things like Crowder bits or his other channels such conduct may result in his termination. So there you go, folks. There it is. YouTube is , uh , what else have they done? Uh , they've got a new vaccine policy. They have a new global warming policy. And now they've got a trans , uh, transgender , uh, hate speech policy, I guess. So Crowder got a strike and uh, we'll see , uh, who else gets so some of those strikes, thank you for flagging that for us, that was from just cows. So very interesting stuff. They're just narrowing that speech bubble that is allowed. Fortunately we are over, over on locals were also over on rumble and you know, we're going to keep talking about what we're talking about. We do try to be respectful to everybody and we try to follow the rules, but sometimes things can get a little bit hairy. Let's take a look. We've got a couple other questions that came in while I was reading that we've got Wolfgang. Dayo says, Rob, it was nice. Being able to Superchat you once more. Unfortunately, this will probably be the last one. Yeah. It's probably the end of the line for us here. Also keep fighting, wishing the best. Thank you, Wolfgang. Hopefully we don't get banned. You know, I don't think we've done anything overly wrong, but who knows? All right . Let's take a look at , uh , some amazing new members who signed up over at wait , wait a minute. Do we have any more questions here that have come in since I was reading that thing over from Crowder, let's go back over here. Yeah. A couple of the questions came in monster. One says that this is on the hunter Biden clip. You know that someone's going to impeach Trump over this another one from Perry Mason era . He says Dr. Jill, nothing to see here, move on that mainstream media has dutifully applied, moving on past hunter stuff. I'm not gas as, so is YouTube now an accessory to covering up rape. I didn't see that clip from hunter from Crowder. I don't know what was in there, but you know, this is actual news that's happening. So if he was covering that stuff, not sure what's up purely while he says, I just want to say corruptions, who would have thought they seem so nice? Not we have another one from Porky. Pig says, buddy, buddy, PDP deep . That's all folks it's been real. My friends. I don't think we violated any rules. DOB says the feds know Ray and BARR both had financials ties to Rosemont Seneca. So they won't be doing anything. Rosemont has ties to EcoHealth at least according to a few articles that I have read. Thank you for that. And the dark. Let's see, we've got another one from tos forever says that obviously taxpayer funding can American Sue for our taxes back. No, you can not . It's the government's money. They take it. You give it up or you go to jail. Monster. One says trans women can rape women in schools now in schools, but let's make sure no one gets their feelings hurt. Yeah, I guess you can't talk about that anymore. Monster one . I don't know. Wolfgang Dayo says, let's go YouTube. What a world, you know, it's like a cat and mouse game. Just trying to figure out how you can even communicate on these platforms anymore. It's pretty frustrating stuff, but we're going to keep making do hope Crowder, you know , hopefully , hopefully he comes back, but he'll be all right. He's got a huge platform. He's got counsel , he's got multiple different channels. So I think he'll be all right. But uh , some of the smaller channels, you know, they just get extinguished. They've got no support. So we'll see where that goes. Let's welcome some new people who signed up [email protected] . You can see down here, we've got Lynn fish. Germs is in the house. Sniper 2 75 Lao , Patricia Paula Revere, H S DNP. We've got Thai living maximum 27 unbridled form. Aviatrix burnt to a crisp 6, 2, 2 , and let's be fair all joining us [email protected] And if you are a supporter over there, as I mentioned at the start of the show, I'm going to be trying to do a little bit more locals exclusive, only content. We did our first one today. Uh , it was a show prep show, super casual, just kind of looked at some headlines , uh, got some ideas from the community. There went through some of the posts that were there on locals from the morning, just to try to get a , a gauge of what we should be talking about today. And we talked about some of the things that we said we should talk about. So it was kind of a fun thing to do, and I'm not gonna be able to do that every day , but I do want to start , uh , uh, get behind the camera earlier in the morning. And by being able to kind of sit down and do a , you know , kind of a casual good morning stream, it's a good way to warm things up for the day. And so I'm going to be trying to do those when my mornings allow. So if you want to be a part of those, it [email protected] and we also have monthly meetups. Next one is coming up Saturday, November six, from seven to 8:00 PM. They are a ton of fun. Hopefully you can join us and join the great [email protected] And that my friends is it for me for the day. I want to thank you so much for being a part of the show, appreciate a, like, appreciate a thumbs up, appreciate comments on this. If you're watching it after the fact, it is something that really helps us grow our channel. I'm looking at my metrics. YouTube is not really showing this channel or our live streams outside of our bubble. It's really strange on my other channels. I can see more engagement, but this one it's like just limited. Nobody is the people who are subscribed, watch it, but they don't show it to anybody else, which is just strange. So a share would be very much appreciated. Send a, send a clip to a friend or something like that. I would love you to death if you did it otherwise, we're going to be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow. Do it all again. 4:00 PM Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. So you right back here tomorrow, bye-bye.