Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

J6 Committee Subpoena Orders, Police Facing Mandate Firings, Arlington Suspect Simpkins Released

October 11, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
J6 Committee Subpoena Orders, Police Facing Mandate Firings, Arlington Suspect Simpkins Released
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live . My name is Robert griller . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I, over the course of many years, I've represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today, it's Friday. I know a lot of people are excited about that, myself included, but we got some work to do on the show today. And so we're going to get right into it. We're going to be talking about the January six committee. Donald Trump was , uh , allegedly orchestrating a denial from a lot of the people that were a part of his inner circle, telling them when you get a subpoena to show up on the January six committee, you got to deny that. And so we're going to take a look at the letter that actually went out subpoenaing a number of different people, including Steve Bannon, the guy that hosts the war room podcast, giant show. He got a subpoena and he is not going to be showing up on the January six committees a date when they wanted him to be there. So we'll take a look at what's going on there. We're also going to check in with the white house and see what their position is on this, because we're talking about pretty important concept here called executive privilege. And if the white house, this current white house kind of cracks that shell opens the door a little bit. Then the question becomes what happens when Republicans form their own little stupid select committee. Are they going to be able to inquire into everything that the white house does kind of the old , uh , flipper, Ooh , this switcheroo thing might happen. So we're going to break down that story. Talk more about that in the second segment, we're going to talk about the mandates that are continuing to roll out. It is now trickling down to law enforcement personnel. We've got the LA sheriff who is saying that he's not going to be enforcing any vaccine mandates saying that he's already short-staffed and that the mandates are going to continue to cause him to lose good officers. It's also happening in Seattle. Seattle has said that they're going to be firing 300 officers or a couple hundred officers, whatever the number is and that's happening real soon. So we've got that coming up in the second segment again, with the white house's response, we saw that today, September job report numbers came out. Lot of a disappointment there thinking that the jobs would be much higher around 500,000, they were lower around 200,000. And so now a lot of different agencies are asking is , uh , the bad job performance numbers. Do they have anything to do with the mandates? Firemen are being, let go, nurses are being, let go. We have police officers that are now going to be let go. So the catastrophe just continues there. Then on our last segment, we're going to be talking about the Arlington shooter. This happened on Wednesday, there was a school shooting that took place, and it was a kind of a mess. We thought that maybe there was a bunch of people killed. We thought that it was, you know, an active shooter situation. And then it turns out that the whole thing was , uh , nobody actually died. There were, there were three people who were put in the hospital and , uh , shot including a teacher. And so we're going to unravel that story just a little bit. But the more interesting thing that happened was almost immediately like within 24 hours or so, the shooter was released. He was released from custody and a lot of people are sort of scratching their heads about this because they've seen other stories involving people like Kyle Rittenhouse, where he was also a shooter also allegedly self-defense. And it turns out that he got a $2 million bond versus this young man who got a $75,000 bond. And so people are sort of wondering what's going on with one of these politicized are both of these politicized. We're going to talk about that story and much more. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] They are chatting away over there. We've got just [inaudible] in the house. Haven't seen him around Mustang. Jeff is here, soul Vikings here, Kareem 1 65 VNT kiss prime, and many others are chatting away. Speech unleashed is in the house as well. What's up tweak , chime in also over on YouTube, we've got KB and we've got Zulu site . We've got lean . We've got anything goes, Toke one. We have Sarah Brown and a lot of other people just chatting away over on there . Nobody's over on rumble chatting yet, but we'll see where that goes. If you want to be a part of the show and your online locals . So this is the form that you can use. Do me a favor, submit your questions. You can just select the show topic there, submit your questions if you keep them in order. That certainly helps to keep me moving through the show and all of the clips. Now, if you're looking, if you can't stick around for the full show and you just kind of want to bounce between the different segments that we cover, this is the channel to head on over to. We're almost at a thousand subscribers, which is very exciting. It's the clips channel right there. All right. And so, without any further ado, let's go ahead and get into the news of the day. Donald Trump apparently is snubbing. The January six committee has instructed a lot of his deputies or the people who were close in his inner circle to not respond to the subpoenas. You remember January six , how could you forget it's seared in every American's mind? It's the worst thing that's happened in the history of the world, I think, and it was resulted. It resulted in a lot of different inquiries and investigations. In fact, Donald Trump got impeached a second time over the whole thing, but that doesn't mean that this is done in close . We've seen a lot of different January six defendants go into court. Many of them are now resolving their plea, their cases with plea deals. And we're going to see how all of those hundreds of cases shake out. But we still have a lot of questions about January 6th . And I was somebody who from the very, very beginning has wanted a lot of answers and had a lot of questions about why Marielle Bowzer, the mayor of Washington DC declined national guard support back on January 5th, the day before all this stuff happened. Very strange to me that the FBI and the, all of the different alphabet agencies, including the Capitol hill police, the Metro police and the list goes on and on of police agencies in DC, that somehow couldn't figure out that this thing might happen. So, yeah, I have a lot of questions about it. I know a lot of people do, but the question that sort of is the most pertinent right now is are we going to get any of these questions out of the January six select committee? Or is this going to turn into just another political show trial? Just like the impeachment was well, we'll see, but the point that's happening right now is that the committee is going through the motions. They're going through their little political inquiry and they're now sending subpoenas out, which means it's sort of a formal request from a legislative body. This is not a court. This is the legislature. They're sending out a subpoena saying we are the legislature where Congress, and we can just order you to come in and talk to us. And so that's happening right now. We know that the select committee is com is filled with Benny Thompson and Liz Cheney and a bunch of people that don't really like Donald Trump. And so we're going to see where this goes, but even though those subpoenas have gone out already, Donald Trump allegedly is telling his former aides do not comply, defy those subpoenas. And we'll see where this goes. The headline comes over from Politico does tell us that for former Trump aids defy the January six committee, or at least that's what Trump told them to do. Betty Woodruff wrote this article. It says former president Donald Trump is directing a group of his former aides to ignore us subpoena a formal document. Yeah, ignore it from the house committee. That's trying to probe the January six attack committee has subpoenaed documents from four different Trump alumni. We have the medias are Dan Scavino. We have former defense department official Kash Patel. We've talked about him on the show. We have former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and we also have white house advisor. Steve Bannon. We're going to dig into Steve Bannon's in particular because he got a letter and he sort of being the most staunchly oppositional here. Four men were ordered to turn over documents by Thursday that's yesterday, and to sit for interviews with investigators next week. But Trump is saying otherwise in a letter that political view, Trump lawyer tells them don't cooperate with the probe. And so we can dive into this a little bit further, quick reminder. Let's see. Oh yeah, here it is. So in our next slide here, we have the actual letter that went out to Steve Bannon. So this is the subpoena that is coming from the Congress. This is Benny Thompson. You can see here down here in the bottom, right? He is the chairman of this select committee. You can see that this is from the select committee to investigate January six , attack on the Capitol . This order, this letter to subpoena went out on September 23rd. And let's take a quick look at what he's asking for here. He says, dear Mr. Bannon , pursuant to authority set forth in the house rules. We're here to investigate January six . We order you now to produce the documents set forth in the following schedule. By October 7th, that was yesterday. Didn't happen. And then to appear next week on October 14th, not going to happen, Steve Bannon, you can see up here in the top, right? Many people at top left, many people call him sort of the architect of Donald Trump's victory. In 2016, he has a massive podcast. And we'll see what he does with this in the next slide or so select committee. According to Thompson says that they're investigating the facts, the causes, everything that happened around January six , including coordinated activities, leading up to the events. They want to examine how everybody was involved in this, you know , insurrection as they call it. Select committee has reason to believe you. You have information relevant to important activities. This is the good stuff. Let's see what he wants. Bennie Thompson wants Congress. He says you've been identified as present at the Willard hotel on January 5th during an effort to persuade members of Congress to block the certification on election day. So he was there the day before the counting of the votes, according to Thompson, he says, you're also described as communicating with then president Donald Trump on December 30th. So some records of some phone calls or something, and potentially other occasions, occasions urging him to plan and focus his efforts on January six. And so you can see he's referencing the Bob Woodward book. Oh, that's interesting. So look, you can see in the sub, I couldn't even catch this when I was pulling these, these slides here, it says, for example, you've been identified as being president at the Willard hotel. You see this footnote marker. Number one right here that refers us down here. It says, for example , uh , Bob Woodward's book and the Robert Costa book peril. So, so Bennie Thompson and the select committee, they're getting their , uh, Intel, their resources from , uh , Bob Woodward now. So that's great. We have, so that's where they're referencing it. He says, you're also described meeting him on January 6th to block the votes. Also, you see it at 2 0 7. That means that we're talking about the same footnote footnote number one, which is the Bob Woodward book more over you're quoted as stating in January 5th, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. And that's referencing a CNN article that you can list see listed down there is what that looks like, says accordingly, we want your documents. We want your deposition. We want multiple other matters. Let us know a copy of the rules have been attached. Call us at (202) 225-7800 to arrange for the production of the documents. That's from Bennie Thompson. And so we can see what he wants, right? He's he's uh , he , he read the book and he's very concerned about it. So now he's going to be asking for all sorts of documents. We've covered a lot of the documents that he wants. We're going to get to that , uh , further into the segment, but he's, he's asking for a bunch of stuff I need, I need you to produce these documents and I need you to show up and sit for a deposition. And it's not likely that that's going to happen. Why not though? Why would Bannon, why would Patel, why would Scavino or any of the other Trump insiders try or, or argue that they don't have to appear? They don't have to do any of this stuff. The concept is called executive privilege. Just like you've heard of attorney client privilege, right? When you come in and see an attorney, you sit down, you tell us the facts of your case. Anything that you tell us in there is protected because that's a very sacred conversation. That's taking place. We recognize this type of privilege with very, very important, very sort of sacred relationships between you and your lawyer between you and your doctor, between you and your priest or your spiritual advisor. Those are very sacred. And the law recognizes that because we want people to have open and candid cordial conversations about the real stuff that matters. If everybody has to sort of protect their speech and guard against saying things, if a client comes in and says, Rob, I need your help really badly because I've been charged with a crime I'm being investigated. And I say, great. Tell me how I can help you. And they said , well, I'm worried that if I say something it's going to be used against me by somebody, then we can't have a real conversation. I can't really dig into the facts and figure out how we can help. And so it becomes a problem. We , we develop these privilege rules to protect those conversations. Same thing exists with executive privilege talking about the white house. The president, there is this concept that we're going to pull from Cornell law school says that executive privilege is the power of the president and other officials in the executive branch to withhold certain forms of confidential communication from courts. And even the legislative branch when executive privilege is invoked in litigation, the court needs to balance the competing interests. You know , how important is it that this information comes out versus how important is it that we protect privilege? Constitution is silent on the executive power to withhold information from courts. The privilege is rooted in the separation of powers doctrine that divides the different branches of the government, right? You want to have separate but equal. We learn this in social studies or civics class separate but equal. And so if you say, if the legislative branch could go into the executive branch and just sort of insert itself in any conversation, are they separate branches? I mean, or are they kind of working together? If they're so intermingled, you want the executive branch to sort of operate as an autonomous silo, just like you sort of want the same thing of Congress. And this is where all of the checks and balances come into play. If the executive branch starts to encroach on to Congress, Congress, theoretically is supposed to push back on that they haven't largely, which is why we live in a sort of a , you know, a highly, highly centralized executive system. Now, I , I never think it was designed to be that way, but it's naturally evolved into that, but I digress. Let's take a look back here at executive privilege. You may remember it from the United States versus Nixon, also known as the Watergate scandal establish that even a president has a legal duty to provide evidence of one communications with his aid when it's relevant to a criminal case. Oh, okay. Well, are they charging Trump, Trump with a crime here? Well, we don't know, but by requiring the, to turn over recordings of private conversations he had with aids , the court's decision helped frame how to define executive privilege in a judicial setting, even before the Nixon decision. However, some courts have required executive branch to provide that stuff that are prepared for the president. So we talk about civil actions and those other things, but you can see here that this is the general concept, right? Donald Trump and Joe Biden and Barack Obama and George Bush, right? You want to give them a certain level of freedom to have open candid conversations where people are not mincing their words and they want that stuff to be protected so that somebody can go in and say, Hey, Donald, I got, you know, you're a moron. And here's why, and all of that is going to be protected and privileged. You want that openness, that frankness and that's where privileged really is. That's why it's so important. Now that is the hat that Steve Bannon and a lot of these other sort of Trump insiders are going to be hanging their hat on in order to deny the subpoenas in order to justify their refusal to go and testify. CNN tells us that Bannon is to defy the subpoena from the January six committee citing Trump's direction. And so Steve Bannon, according to CNN, will not cooperate with the house select committee investigating January 6th . His lawyer said in an email that CNN got their hands on, it says that the attorney told the committee that quote , the executive privileges belonged to president Trump. We must accept his direction and honor his invocation of the executive privilege. Oh, okay. So the privilege then is Trump's to invoke, right? They don't, he gets to , he gets to maintain that. Given the fact that he is the executive sort of like you're the client having an attorney client privilege, right? You're the client, I'm the attorney. I don't get to, I don't get to say on your behalf while I waive your , uh , attorney client privilege. Sorry. And I get to just say whatever you told me, I get to go communicate that to the police or the prosecutors, or I get to breach it, right. It's not my choice to do that. If you want to breach it, that's fine. That's your prerogative. But if I do it, it's, it's, I'm, I'm breached. I'm dropping below my ethical standards. And so here, Donald Trump was the executive. It's the executive privilege he's wanting to invoke it. The inter the, the attorneys for Bannon are saying totally justified. The letter from Bannon's legal team goes on to say, it may end up to the courts to decide whether he's ultimately forced to cooperate, essentially daring the house to Sue him or hold him in criminal contempt . And we're going to get to the house here in a minute and see what they're going to be doing about all this. As such until these issues are resolved. We are unable to respond to your requests or your documents or ask for testimony. This is from , uh , attorney Robert Costello. The letter sent to the committee on Thursday, came after a lawyer for Donald Trump told subpoenaed targets, including Bannon, not to comply with any of the congressional requests for testimony, because it could contain privileged material. Now that's their posture. And so this is how these cards are being played. January six committee comes out and says, oh, we got it . We we're up first. Here's our card. It is subpoenas. What do you have to say to that? And so Bannon and a lot of the Trump insiders are saying, oh, that's a nice car to play. Uh , we're going to play a decline. We're not coming. We're not showing up. Thanks for sending us the subpoenas, but we're not going, what do you think about that? And so now it's the committee's turn to decide what to do. What card are they going to play? Are they going to go Sue these people? Are they going to ask for criminal contempt? Are they going to go send federal agents to go round these people up and haul them in front of Congress? Well, we'll see, we'll see where it goes. There is a very interesting, sort of a division brewing amongst the anti Trumpers against the anti mega folk out there. You may remember Rick Wilson over from the Lincoln project, Lincoln project, a very vehement , uh, pseudo criminal , uh, uh, disgusting organization based on some of the other people who were over there. But Rick Wilson is one of the co-founders of this organization. Very anti-Trump very, very anti-Trump. And they're keeping tabs on what's happening with this January six committee, because they want to see Trump burn really? And so there've been monitoring this thing going, oh yes. Just salivating from their gels . Very excited that this is going where it's going until today. Rick Wilson, one of the co-founders posted this on Twitter was very excited about January 6th , but says I have some bad news. Everybody after multiple calls, I have some extremely grim news. So it's bad news. And then grim , which is just, I mean, that's like double bed . As of now, one six commission is dead already is what he says, and it will not enforce the subpoenas. Trump wins period. The one six terror plot will go unexamined and unpunished to say, I'm livid is putting it mildly. That was from Rick Wilson. You see him here. He is the Lincoln project. Co-founder ad guide. Number one, bestselling New York times, author seemingly unkillable he's current and proficient. Oh , [email protected] So he's got 1.2 million followers was very, very excited about this, but saying the January six is going , uh, the committee is going downhill. He continues. He said, this is staffed wrong. This is led wrong. This is a gutless exercise to get back to talking about infrastructure. So they're not taking this seriously. They're not taking the data before them. Seriously. They're eager to run out the clock. He says, livid , not happy. I'm told that the whole plan is to bring in academics, to examine the information from that day, when it should be a law enforcement intelligence, community style counter-terrorism investigation, the leadership has already decided to slow roll it and write a [inaudible] memo at the end, why they're afraid of one, a implications. First amendment implications. He says the w the F how about being afraid of a mob coming to effing kill you? Very angry Democrats never tell me again, quote, we got this because you don't have this stay locked in your bubble that the modern GOP won't have a mob of Bannon's terrorists , burn you to the ground and go pee pee on the ashes. An unpunished coop is a training exercise. He says the end. So Rick Wilson has sort of lost it over there on Twitter, and is very upset about what he's hearing, but what he's hearing, doesn't comport with what the January six committee is saying, they're going to do. So we don't really know who to believe because sort of both sides, everybody involved in this is pretty much useless. So Rick Wilson gave his little Twitter temper tantrum, and then the January six committee, which has their own Twitter account says, this is all nonsense. You can see them posting down re-tweeting him and saying all nonsense. Liz Cheney, also a major anti Trumper says also, Hey, Rick dumdum , this is not true. One six committee is making significant progress and we're going to enforce the subpoenas committee statement is coming soon. And so you've got this little bit of a division there. Rick Wilson's here in one thing, Liz Cheney's here in something else. Let's see what the committee actually said today. After they heard that Steve Bannon told them to cram it where the sun don't shine. Here's their press relief release from Thompson and Cheney , Bennie Thompson, fishing , Bennie Thompson, and Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick Cheney. They're working together. Now, hand in hand. This is the statement on the subpoena deadline. So this comes out of Wyoming, chairman, Bennie, Thompson, and vice chair . Liz Cheney today made the following statement with, regarding the deadline for witnesses and subpoenas to produce materials. He says quote, while Mr. Meadows and Mr. Patel are so far engaging with the select committee. Mr. Bannon has indicated that he will try to hide behind vague references to privileges of the former president select committee fully expects all of these witnesses to comply with our demands for both documents and deposition testimony though, the select committee welcomes good faith engagement with witnesses, seeking to cooperate with our investigation. We will not allow any witness to defy lawful subpoena or attempt to run out the clock. We will swiftly consider advancing a criminal content of Congress referral. Wow. All right . They're going to charge Steve Bannon with the crime. We thank those many patriotic Americans who were coming forward voluntarily to participate in our inquiry committee is making rapid progress. We're going to not going to be deterred by those who seek to obstruct our efforts. So Liz Cheney and Benny Thompson. Now they're coming out. They're saying what, what Bannon, oh, you're going to deny our request for a depo . Hmm . Well, we're just going to have to consider a criminal contempt for you there. And guess what, Donald, Trump's not an office anymore. So he's not gonna be able to pardon you on that one. Is he? So they're also salivating at the jowls, along with Adam, Kinzinger crying, Kinzinger says it's evidently it evidently bears repeating. We will not be deterred by those who want to obstruct our efforts to get answers for the American people. Our democracy was attacked and we have to ensure what happened on January six can never happen again. Lest you make me cry again. And so he's very upset about it too . Now you may recall there was a whole , we'll see where this goes. So that's kind of the first issue, right? We've got a number of January six committee subpoenas that went out. Some people sounds like they might communicating cash Patel and the other guide . And we have others that are just like, no, get bent. We're not showing up. Thanks for the letter, but not going anywhere. But that was just kind of the first issue. We'll see what happens. We know now the card is back over to Liz Cheney and the Democrats. They get to decide what they want to do. Steve Bannon said, I'm not coming. Nothing you can do about it. And we'll see what they do. It's their turn. Now ball's in their court. They can Sue. They can go and make a criminal referral. They can try to haul them in front of Congress, hold them in contempt of Congress, I guess. But we'll see if they want to open that can of worms. And if so, where that goes. That was the first issue. There's a whole second issue that we've talked about previously. Let's do a quick refresher. I think we talked about this back in August, but remember Benny Thompson. Remember we did the fishing Bennie Thompson show. He sent the letter looks just like this, and it was dated back on August 25th. And what you can see here is where this is going is to the us national archives and records administration. Okay? Now this is really kind of the most important thing here. We're not going to go through all of this again, but he sent a massive document. He said, dear Mrs. Ferero, we're on the select committee. We need kind of everything that you have in your files. Like literally everything it's urgent. We need it. Now we ask you to expedite it. We're going to have a lot of different questions for you, but it looked like this. It was about, it was , it was 12 pages long. You can see up here. And it was basically all of this stuff, right? Tons of everything. And this was only just a small smattering of the pages from the slides. The last time we talked about it, but it includes things like from April 1st, 2020 to January, 2021, all documents about contesting, the election. We've got just a whole slew NIS list of names and people. They want everything, Michael Flynn's on there. Vernon Jones, Ali Alexander, Brandon Strack is on there. We have a Doug doosey , governor, Brian camps on there , right? They want all sorts of communication and documents and civil unrest and everything. Basically everything that they could think of, we called it a fishing expedition, which is why we've got their fishing Bennie Thompson, who just pops up there and he's going fishing to try to get some documents. Now that was a whole separate issue because right. We talked about the executive privilege concept . If the white house here authorizes the national archivist , if they authorize the dissemination of these documents, if they say, yeah, yeah, no, yeah. We don't think there's any executive privilege at all. Just take whatever you need. Yeah. You're investigating an old president. Uh, and so we're gonna , we're going to go ahead and waive executive privilege on behalf of a prior administration, essentially. And we're not going to try to stop you from getting those executive documents. The question that I have is the next time this happens, and I don't mean that a January 6th is going to happen again. But if something like Republicans take control of the house and the Senate, or even just the house, they can form their own select committee on whatever the hell they want. And they can just go and say, oh, well the executive privilege precedent was already set by Joe Biden. You said that you can sort of waive privilege on behalf of the outgoing administration and you just authorize access to everything that you want. If they grant, this was my point. If they say, yeah, Bennie Thompson. Yeah, we're going to authorize that. Just release everything. The archivist can give it to you. That opens the door. That means the next time the Republicans have the white house or the house select committee cha chamber, they can then ask for anything they want. It's going to be open and fair game, which is why historically you've had outgoing administrations protected by the incoming administration because they know at some point they're also going to be outgoing and the balance of power shifts too rapidly in this country. They don't want the next guys coming in and going, oh yeah, Hey, maybe we should open a select committee on Afghanistan. How about that? Maybe we should open up a select committee on a barista or the Ukraine, or how about hunter Biden's artwork or whatever it is they want to do. And they can just say, oh yeah, no, there is no executive privilege because the guys that were in the white house before us, they said it doesn't exist. They didn't protect the other guy's documents, national archivists . You just handed everything over. Now we're asking for the same standards to be enforced. So it's a whole separate issue with a whole can of worms. And the big question was, what is the white house going to do about this? Are they just going to say, yeah, door's open, take whatever you need. It looks like, kind of looks like, yes, at least for the first round of documents, CBS news reported that Jen Saki over here at the white house says as a part of this process, the president that's Joe Biden has determined that an assertion of executive privilege is not warranted. So he's waving that on behalf of Trump, he says, this is for the first set of documents from the Trump white house that had been provided to us by the national archives. So you can see here, the president, president Biden has determined that Donald Trump doesn't have executive privilege anymore. And so he just going to open up the boxes to all those documents and Donald Trump's then going to be able to not invoke that because they're already being transferred. So that's very convenient. The next time that the Republicans are in the white house, that president can just decide that, oh yeah, Joe Biden doesn't have any executive privilege either. And this is Jen Psaki today discussing that.

Speaker 2:

Uh , can you do that? The white house is authorized in national , our turnover documents around all communications related activity on , uh , January.

Speaker 3:

The administration takes the events of January 6th, incredibly seriously. As the president said on its six month anniversary , uh , that day posed an existential crisis and a test of whether our democracy could survive. It was in many respects, a unique attack on the foundations of our democracy. The president's dedicated to ensuring that something like that could never happen again, which is why the administration is cooperating with ongoing investigations, including the January 6th select committee to bring to light. What happened as a part of this process, the president has determined that an assertion of executive privilege is not warranted for the first set of documents from the Trump white house that had been provided to us by the national archives. As we've said previously, this will be an ongoing process. Uh , and this is just the first set of documents. And we will evaluate questions of privilege on a case by case basis. But the president has also been clear that he believes it to be of the utmost importance for both Congress and the American people to have a complete understanding of the events of that day to prevent them from happening again.

Speaker 1:

All right . So look, I mean, I guess they're entitled to do that as long as they recognize that the next time there's another administrator. Well actually, you know what to be fair. Republicans are just big weenies . They're not going to do anything like this. So they probably know that the Republicans would never do anything so aggressive like this. And , uh, so they probably are recognizing that things are pretty safe for them. They can just go ahead and waive executive privilege on behalf of the outgoing guy, knowing that the next Republican would never dare do that because , uh , they're I guess, sophisticated or something. So , uh, let's see what you have to say about all of this and more [email protected] We've got some questions rolling in. Let's see what we have here. Jeremy Matrine is in the house, says , Rob, hopefully my question doesn't seem elementary with regard to the constitution and the separation of powers, where does court precedent fit in each branch answers to the constitution, but not to one another, right? So where does court press? So it's a great question, Jeremy, and it's not elementary at all. It's complicated stuff, but you have three branches of government, right? You've got the executive branch, that's the presidency and all of the agencies that fall under that umbrella, you have the legislative branch, which is Congress, the Senate and the house. And then you have the judiciary, which is the courts. And so what you'll have is the legislative body is supposed to create the law, right? They write the law, the executive branch is supposed to enforce the law. And when there's sort of questions about all of those things, the court is supposed to say what the law is, right? And that's kind of really what, they're the only thing that they're supposed to do. And so when the court is advising the other branches about what the law is, if the, if the, if there's a conflict between the two branches, the court will then rely on precedent, which is prior court ruling to , to answer those questions. So precedent is really just think of it as different layers of old case law that they're building on top of, on top of other one another. And so for , you know, freedom of speech, for example, it starts off written as the first amendment. And then when there's a question about what is free speech, Congress passes a law, the executive branch enforces something that limits free speech. Somebody sues them. The court comes in here and says, oh, that law, that Congress passed well, that doesn't really comport with the standard that was set under the first amendment. And so they'll issue some new case law. And so for example, we have now what are called time place and manner restrictions, which are constitutional, which were created by the courts out of case law, they sort of read prior cases and said, well, you know, this makes sense we want free, but it can't be completely free. We can't have people with bullhorns shouting outside on street corners at two in the morning. And so some reasonable restrictions on free speech are appropriate. We call them time, place and manner restrictions. And that is now authorized by the court . And so that's not, you know, I , I direct sort of opposition to the executive branch or to the legislative branch. It's just the court saying, this is what the law is. And when you, when you really dig into what you can go back to a concept called a judicial review in one of the earliest cases in Marbury versus Madison, which really we'll dive into that. But it's basically saying the court has the ability to rule other branches, their activities unconstitutional, but it's based on the interpretation of the law. And so that's really where they get their power. So it's, it's, it's up to each branch to sort of exercise and flex itself to make sure that they retain power. But what you have, what we've seen happen is the legislative branch has really abdicated a bunch of this, giving it over to the executive branch because they have a lot more enforcement authority. That's why we have a lot of executive orders and czars and all sorts of stuff because Congress has abdicated a lot of his responsibilities just given that over to the executive branch. That means that Congress doesn't have to do anything. They just live L H handed all off to the president. Good question. We have another one from the antique. His prime says, says my, excuse me, I forgot to hit the cop button on that. One says my wall, what walls are closing in Rob ? They're closing in. You see them. It doesn't matter that they're 20 miles away and moving into snail's place. They're closing in my money's on a political show trial. That's from VNT cause prime. Good to see you. Spawn dog is here, says Rob loved the channel. Keep up the great work. Also love your sarcasm, which I don't even know what you're talking about. I am deadly serious, always on the show. Katie hubs from Arizona's here says, Rob, we learned that the Maricopa audit that no longer that subpoenas no longer have to be honored. Trump has just playing by those same rules. Yeah, it's true. It's kind of like a legal free for all out there. Everybody's just doing whatever they want by just says, oh, well , uh, OSHA mandates. See what they come up with with their new rules. He says , oh, CDC , uh, extended. Y don't know, but that's just how it is. Former Elio says, did Biden's generals state that they wouldn't answer questions about what by new and when he did it funny how that works, right? Yeah. So former Leo refreshing our memory here, giving us a good reminder that when Tom cotton was asking general Millie Lloyd Austin, general McKenzie saying, Hey, what did you tell Joe Biden about leaving 2,500 troops at the Kabul airport or at Bagram? What did you tell him? And they said, oh, I can't talk about that, sir. Executive privilege, it's a private conversation with the president. Right. And so guess what happens now? The next time you have a Republican president in there, they just say, oh, well, I don't think that that was executive privilege. And I have a precedent for that, that I have , uh , I have documented records when this was okay, because Joe Biden did it. That's precedent, Joe Biden set the standard. He said that you can just wave executive privilege on behalf of the outgoing administration. So the next guy can come in and say, yeah, general Millie . Yeah. General Lloyd Austin. Yeah. All you people. Did you tell him that? Yes or no and issue subpoenas for them and haul them into court. And so look, it's, it's not appropriate. Uh, you know , in my look, it can be appropriate. It can be massively abused. You can be the judge of what you think is happening here. We have another one from monster. One says, good. These people shouldn't comply. This inquiry has no interest in finally truth. Only partisan witch hunts. If they want to truth Nancy Pelosi and the mayor would be on the list. Yeah. They've got a political ax to grind. They do not want Donald Trump to be back in office. Thunder seven says, when are they going to release the video footage? The desperate dams constant focus on the January six protest proves they can't defend the imploding. Joe Bama Marxist regime anymore. They've lost public support on everything. The economy, the border election integrity, everything. Every rep should be to completely ignore the sham corrupt committee and focus on getting the mega political prisoners released enough of this abuse. That's from thunder seven. Good comment. Thunder seven. Glad that you are here. We have another one from speech unleashed says, I hope that Trump and Bannon make that committee's life a living hell. Those generals were able to decline completely answering questions about their talks with Biden regarding Afghanistan citing that same protection turnaround is fair play it's from speech unleashed. Yeah . It's it's executive. It's an important concept. Privilege is a very important concept and it shouldn't be just, you know, thrown out because you don't like the outgoing administration. Otherwise look , it's , it's just going to be something where every time one team gets the ball, they're just going to go back and just, you know, rip apart the old team. And , uh , look, you know, politics is a blood sport . Maybe some people want that, but I would like a functional government. I know that that's never going to happen, but a boy can dream canny . Venti gets prime, says the walls just moved another micron closer. It's freak out time. Oh, but seriously, I get really sick of these. Griff's off the public dollar. Doesn't matter if captain jaundice wins an election or loses an election, the aristocrats keep up the performative freakouts either way. It's all allude show featuring a beast of burden. That's from BNT . Cause prime. Yeah. It's just kind of, it's kind of masturbatory, isn't it? This is a family show, but it kinda is. And why renal MD says Trump should hire Sandy Birger then send him to take all of the archive documents and shove them down his pants again. You remember that story? Sandy Berger , wasn't he with the Clinton administration, he sort of walked into CIA headquarters or something and he takes all of the confidential top secret documents. He just shoving them down his pants. There's one after the other, what a country? What a , what a bunch of leaders we have. It's just amazing. I just love it. Soul Viking is here, says the hearings will essentially be a histrionic mess. Disgusting waste of time. When true investigations should be opened and examined, I would really love to get to the bottom of what happened there. Right? There's a lot of interesting stuff that I think happened on January 6th . And we're never going to hear about news. Now. Wyoming says it does seem weird to me that executive privilege doesn't belong to the president that created the documents. I will look for. Precedent of this matter. Seems like a fun weekend project. Go get them news. Now go check out news. Now his channel over on YouTube, he's doing good work over there. Digging into court cases. Nit Darby says January six was such a horrific event and it affected Jen Sakhi so much that 10 months later, she still has her read her feelings about the day off of a sheet of paper. You know, because it's emotional. It's true. It's like, oh, I'm like , are you serious? The language is so hyperbolic. You know, this is the greatest terrorist attack that's ever happened in American country. American history. You're going guys. No, it wasn't look around. Look at hit the history books. Not even close. All right. Couple more. Sergeant Bob and miss luckier here says, sorry, watching grandson's high school football game live from Michigan. Maybe he'll get a scholarship to ASU we'll view tomorrow. Well that's all right. You know, that's , that's a live show that has consequences, right? You need your S your, your grandson to score a TD and bring the game home for the team. Good to see you. Sergeant Bob and miss lucky, we'll catch you on the next one. Certainly enjoy the game. Hopefully they pull through, we have another one from Perry. Masonary says aren't they taking a huge chance with their current actions. Given the previous Obama admin regarding the disclosure of all scandals , fast and furious IRS targeting Crimea, wait until after the election of lad , et cetera, et cetera. Yeah. It's like it opens the door in a way that I don't think supports the institution of the white house. Long-term but it's going to come back and bite. The Democrats in the butt , I guess is the bigger point. News now says burning federal courthouses wasn't terrorism, but January 6th was terrorism. Speaking against schools is terrorism catch up with the times. I forgot everything is terrorist now. And I am in like six different buckets of domestic terrorists and violent extremism and libertarian extremism and all of it. Okay. I know it's very complicated. It's hard to keep track. Those were all great questions from watching the . Thank you for all of your support over there. We're going to jump into the next segment. Let's see what else we have cooking. Oh yeah. We're talking about a more mandate business. And this is involving the police vaccine mandates, continuing to roll out across the entire country, spent a lot of time on this channel. Talking about the consequences of that have talked about New York healthcare workers being, let go and being replaced by the national guard and military. And we're seeing that same trend happen around the country. Talking about the Naperville firefighters here, John Howell grin on our channel is a local community member. Also going through this facing, losing his job as a consequence of more vaccine mandates firefighters nurses. Now it's the police in LA. We have one sheriff who is saying, he's not going to enforce it. We know that LA and California have been basically hyperventilating about COVID-19 for about two years now. And they are continuing to do that. They are imposing more mandates, more requirements across the entire county of LA saying, if you need to go into a bar or a restaurant, you got to have your VAX pass started in New York, the Canary in the coal mine now percolating throughout the rest of the country, like an insidious virus. And it's going to LA and it's impacting the police. The police, as we know, have already been hard hit from the summer of unrest in 2020 many movements to defund the police police officers are feeling neglected and unappreciated all across the country. And I can empathize with them over that. And I'm a criminal defense attorney, which is sort of a wild thing to be saying here, but we're going to turn our attention over to one sheriff in LA county. Who's just not going to be complying with the mandates saying he's already under the barrel of a gun because he has no more. Staff. Headline comes from AP, says a Los Angeles county sheriff will not enforce the vaccine mandate. He's not going to enforce the county mandate in his agency. His name is sheriff Alex Villa Nueva oversees the largest Sheriff's department in the country. I'm sorry, in the county with roughly 18,000 employees. Wow. In the county that might be country. That's a big one, said that Thursday in a Facebook live event, he does not plan to carry out the counties mandate under Los Angeles county employees. They had to be fully vaccinated by October one. So he's missing that deadline mandate was issued by executive order only allows exemptions for religious and medical reasons. Villanova said his employees are willing to be terminated rather than get vaccinated says, I don't want to be in a position to lose 5%, 10% of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate or the 26,000 people died in LA county of the counties, 10 million residents, 78% got the VAX . 69 are fully vexed . Health officials said the county has reported 14 deaths a day. And it looks like this announcement from Villanova came one day after the city of Los Angeles approved one of the nation's strictest vaccine mandates sweeping measure. That requires shots for everyone entering bars, restaurants, nail salons, gyms, or even a Lakers game vaccine mandates across the board in LA. Here is sheriff Villa Nueva telling us his perspective. Now,

Speaker 4:

Are you forcing your officers to set the vaccine to get the vaccine? Uh, as I said, no, I'm not forcing anyone. The issues become so politicized there , entire groups of employees and are willing to be fired and laid off rather than get vaccinated. So I don't want to be in a position to lose five, 10% of my workforce overnight, and a Mac vaccine mandate while at the same time are bare bones with , uh , the funding efforts . So this is like the worst of two worlds right here. So we have to pick and choose. All right .

Speaker 1:

Yeah. So you heard them force of two worlds already have kind of a defund . The police debacle that they're recovering from now, in addition to that, he loses another 5%, 10%. Like there are consequences for these mandates. We're going to hear what Joe Biden has to say about that in a minute before we get there, it's not just in LA it's all across the country. As we have been talking about happening in Seattle as well, Seattle police department braces for mass firing of officers as hundreds have yet to show proof of vaccination already facing a staffing crisis. Seattle PD bracing, for the possibility that hundreds of officers will fail to meet an October 18th vaccine deadline, October six, there were 292 sworn personnel that did not provide proof of a vaccination number. Went down from 354 on Tuesday, Seattle PD spokesperson, Sergeant Randy, Rick confirmed that there are an additional 111 officers who are awaiting results of exemption requests . Those 111 are not counted in the 292 figure. So we're looking northwards of over 400 people. Meaning if their accommodations are denied, the actual number of officers could be as high as 403, which is a lot of police officers, K 403 sworn police officers. That's a lot. Let's take a look at this graph. You can see where some of the numbers look, we see a submitted versus not submitted. So 782 of the total. It looks like distinct count of employees. So set 73%, 7 82 looking at like 292 people or 292 individuals who all have questions about this 27% of the workforce. That's a , it's more than a quarter of the police officers. Haven't done it yet. Operations Brook a bureau. It looks like 32% of them come directly from operations. 14% investigation , special ops and other 30, 35, their human resources for , yeah. So a significant portion of Seattle PD, a quarter about to be gone October 18th, 10 days from now. Yeah. And so Seattle mayor, Jenny Dworkin over here says we value each of you. We do not want to lose you as employees, which is hard to believe because you're about to, I don't know how much you really value them, but the people that count on you the most are the ones that need you to get vaccinated or something. Since the vaccine mandate was announced in early August, Durkin has remained evasive about whether she will truly fire unvaccinated officers at a time of already low staffing and high nine 11 response times Seattle PD has already lost more than 300 officers since the height of the defunding debate. In 2020, putting the number of personnel that are deployable close to a thousand genders , the final months of her term. So what does she care? She's faced with a dilemma, go back on her vaccine mandate or thrust the city into a public safety emergency. Jeez , neither scenario is politically palatable. No kidding. In anticipation of the October 18th deadline, interim Seattle police, chief Adrian Diaz advised the department to transition to phase three mobilization. Internal memo got by attain by Fox. It says the posture it's going to require all sworn personnel to be on standby, to respond to nine 11 calls. That includes detectives assigned to specialty units. Cause there's not enough officers. Governor Jay Ainslee says that agencies across the state have contingency plans to ensure basic levels of staffing and folks. We know what happens when you run out of staffing of staff. Don't you? Because governor HOCAL over from New York, she led the way on this thing. She's already shown us what happens when nursing staff and healthcare workers get the boot because they're not getting the job . Guess what happens? Oh, the national guard gets activated. So your doctor now has military fatigues. They come in and they're going to be trained to commute to, to, to provide medical services. So here now we sound sounds like maybe we have a criminal justice crisis on our hands in Seattle. What happens? Oh , well , got to activate some contingency plans might be a good time to bring in some of those military people to come in and clear out some of the crime that was caused by the city's own ineptitude. We have now a situation where they're saying that apparently we don't want unvaccinated officers to stop crime from happening because if they do, they might put somebody in the hospital, I guess, with COVID. So you've got to get Vaxxed so that you don't spread COVID so that nobody puts you in the hospital. So if you don't, then we're going to put you, we're going to pull you off of the streets. And then what we're going to do is not have any other officers because nobody wants to be a part of this, you know , terrible agency. And so then , uh, murders and rapes and homicides and all of those things can continue forth, which is going to put people in the hospital. So it's sort of around and around. We go, you know, no matter what you do, somebody's going to the hospital. It sounds like in Seattle, which is a sad thing. Seattle PD officer with five years told Fox news. She plans to leave the agency. Even if the mandate is relaxed, environment has been pretty toxic, pretty negative, not just from the whole mandate, but prior to that as well. I'm not sure this is good place for me or my mental health been very stressful. So she's probably gonna get hired outside with an outside agency outside of this county. Another patrol officer who also asked to remain anonymous does he's hopeful. The city will change. Course. He says losing even 50 to 75 officers in one day, the response times for the city will go up drastically. He works out of the west precinct downtown the officer put in for a religious exemption, not hopeful. It's going to get approved. I will continue working until the day they fire me. And that's about all I can do. So that's good. Yeah. So all of vaccine mandate, hysterical, lunatics up there that are bending over, twisting themselves into pretzel to justify by every single stinking person has to get it. And if they don't, they are sub human pond scum that deserve to be thrown out on the streets that deserve to have their paychecks ripped away from them that deserved to have their children go hungry. Well, that's their problem because they should've just got the vaccine. All of those people who are in that bucket, well , they're going to have to deal with they call 9 1, 1, no one answers. They know who to blame. They know exactly why. And , uh, you know, my hats go off to the officers who are fighting, not against the vaccine against the mandates. So cheers to them. Now we're also hearing from the white house on this. A lot of people are asking, well, you know, it sounds like we're firing a lot of people. A lot of people are quitting. What's this doing for employment numbers? What's this doing for the economy? What's this doing for infrastructure? What's this doing for trucking and shipping and delivery and food supplies. And how about healthcare supplies? And now police operations firefighters operate. The whole infrastructure is crumbling all around. Why is it because of the Corona virus or is it because of the mandates? Is it because of the government stepping on the necks of every single person who just wants to get out there and live their lives. So when we start to see repercussions trickled throughout the entire economy, we started asking ourselves who is to blame for this what's going on here. And we can turn our eyes to the president. He was out yesterday, last night, talking about this, saying, listen, you're going to hear stories about the ones we just covered. 300 officers gone, hundreds of people who are nurses gone. We just hear it day by day, layoffs by the hundreds. Sometimes the thousands on airlines and different places, hospitals all over the place. What is happening? Joe Biden says, don't worry about it. Just think of the bigger picture people got the vaccine. That's what's most important here.

Speaker 5:

Just requirements work. And as the business round table, others told me when I announced the first requirement that encouraged businesses to feel they could come in and demand the same thing of their employees. More people are getting vaccinated. More lives are being saved. Let's be clear when you see headlines or reports of mass, firings and hundreds of people losing their jobs. Look at the bigger story. What I've spoken with Scott Kirby , CEO of United airlines is here today. United went from 59% of their employees to 99% of their employees in less than two months after implementing the requirement, 99%. Wow.

Speaker 1:

Congratulations, Joe , you are very persuasive. Your bold leadership, really just motivated people. People woke up one day out of their beds and the clouds parted ways and the beautiful sunshine shine through. Thanks to Joe Biden's leadership. He told us all the way he showed us the way it's the vaccine. And everybody just woke up voluntarily, did it due to his great leadership or not, right? They had their arms twisted. They were berated into this bullied into, into doing what they had to do threatened. If you don't comply, going to lose your job. Everything that you've been working for over the last however many years is now gone. You're gone. And since we have uniformity in a lot of these industries, where are they going to go from United to American, to Southwest? If they're all doing the same thing? No. So he goes onstage and preaches like this is a big victory. Like he's this great moral leader. And he's celebrating and doing cartwheels over a mandate. Great that twisted people's arms into getting something amazing leadership. And he's very excited about that. Not to mention those numbers went from 59% to 99% pretty quickly. Didn't they? How many of those people were fired and let go. That kind of adjust those numbers pretty quickly. Doesn't it? Yeah. It's easy to get to 99%. If you just fire everybody, who's not vaccinated. Congratulations really, really well done. Now that is something that has consequences. The white house doesn't apparently put two and two together, but yet when you start firing people like at United, in order to hit, hit your stupid vaccine numbers that you think is going to solve all this, which it won't won't what happens. Well, jobs go bye-bye don't date . And September job report just came out today and it was terrible. Let's take a look from the wall street journal, us job growth falls to the slowest pace of the year economy added just 194,000 jobs. But employment rate dropped to 4.8%. Why? Because workers are just exiting from the labor force. Okay. They're just not working anymore. So that's great. Employment numbers are very low. That's great. Four point. Wow, amazing. But that means that nobody's even in the labor force anymore. And we're seeing that everywhere help wanted signs everywhere you go, even though stores are closed up, what's going on here? Hmm . Well, us job growth fell to the slowest pace of the year in September, assign that according to the wall street journal, the Delta variance and a persistent shortage of workers weighed on the economic recovery. The economy put out 194,000 jobs, smallest gain since December, 2020 down from 366 K added an August labor department said Friday, September payroll fell well. Short of the economist expectations. Many workers gave up the job search exited from the labor force last month. Smaller pool of labor meant that the, despite the slowdown in hiring the unemployment rate actually fell. So they're just getting riff . People from the workforce, says the economy is in an unusual position. Demand is strong. Households are flushed with cash, have increased spending. The businesses are struggling to find workers to serve them part of a broader supply squeeze that is being felt in the U S and globally. So yeah, going to continue to have terrible numbers when you have terrible policies that are causing people to leave. Now, somebody asked Jen Sacchi about this in the white house today. I think this was Deucey said , um, you know, we're talking about staffing shortages, a lot , uh , jobs, numbers , uh, workers, not being in the workforce. People just bailing out of even looking for a job. Hmm . Do you think that that might have anything to do with the mandates here's Jen ,

Speaker 6:

This particular hospital might've been having staffing shortages because they have a vaccine mandate and maybe some folks have had to leave because they didn't want to get vaccinated.

Speaker 3:

Yeah . I would love for you to account for me where that is the issue over , uh, more so than the number of unvaccinated who are filling , uh, emergency rooms, filling ICU beds. That is the problem in hospitals across the country. Go ahead.

Speaker 1:

All right. So the bigger issue is the [inaudible] filling up the hospital beds. It's not the fact that the hospital beds don't have nurses to work them or something. So , uh, she says back to doosey , why don't you go get your numbers? Right. And , you know , we sort of can compare apples and oranges here. Yeah. So let's take, so that was Jen Saki . Now over in the chat, every time we play a little Jen Saki clip, a couple people get excited over there. And so I noticed this when I was clipping this next and final Jen Psaki clip. Before we jump into questions, I noticed very interesting freeze frame on the start of this clip. And this one is especially clipped for Zulu over on YouTube. Look at that. Look at that face from Jen Saki , right there. Look at that Zulu, take it easy over there. Calm down. All right. Let's listen to Jen. Here's what she has to say about this. Somebody asks Jen, Hey Jen, given the , uh, all of Biden's tremendous successes, you want to comment on these poll numbers that we've been seeing, not looking so good. Here's what she says about that. And look at that tongue out there, right? For Zulu. Here it is.

Speaker 7:

I know you talked about polls and you might say that they don't mean anything, but it's holds fast to the white house when there were good polls, you publicize them. So what do you make of these pretty terrible puddles? Uh , are they that he's doing something wrong? Is it just the communication or is it he's doing a pocket of things that have to be done or something else?

Speaker 3:

Sure. Well, look, I would say that this is a really tough time in our country. We're still battling COVID. Uh , and a lot of people thought we'd be through it , um , including us. Uh, and we, because of the rise of the Delta variant , uh, because of the fact that , uh, even though it was a vaccine that was approved under a Republican administration , uh, even though , uh , we now have full FDA approval. And even though it's widely available across the country, we still have a quarter of the country who have less than that. Uh , 20% of the country who have decided not to get vaccinated, no question, that's having an impact. Uh , and of course, as the president has said, the buck stops with him.

Speaker 1:

So, okay. So that's Jen continuing to blame the unvaccinated , all the problems, all the poll numbers, everything, it's all the unboxed fault apparently. And , uh , Zulu is being a good sport over on the chat. Good to see you, everybody over there. All right. Let's jump into some on this segment. Let's see what you have to say about all [email protected] Couple of questions have come in. We've got Mike cert . Nope. That was on the last segment. A couple of those came in late. Didn't they? We have here VNT kisses saying, I know everyone likes to use the analogy of the boiling frog, but do you ever play StarCraft? These mandates are a bit like dessert . The creep just slowly expands as each new stronghold is erected, consuming everything bit by bit and behind it are ravenous monsters. You know, I never really got into StarCraft. I was a really big command and conquer guy, like really big. I still love that game. Amazing game. I played a command and conquer with my friends, you know, way back in like the Sunni's who came out, commanded conquer gold hand of nod, GDI. Uh, obelisks the whole thing, a lot of fun, but I get your point. Similar. The similar game now I would say is , um , factorial, right? The little bugs that come, they kind of continue every, every, I think night, they get a little bit stronger and sort of reminds me of that. But it's a good one. Yeah. StarCraft is a very popular game. These now says not going to say nice things about cops because that isn't in my nature, LOL. So this will go across for all skilled trained professionals, nurses, teachers, et cetera. What is the best thing for failing economy, fire, all your trained professionals for refusing to get the shot. The Democrats are so blind to reality. Yeah, I agree. Completely. It's like lunacy. They're trying to get the economy rolling. And they're firing everybody that is like essential. All of the essential workers last year, you're gone. It's like what spawn doc says, liberals have a new religion with COVID totally agree . They even have necklaces. Now. They don't have crucifixes on them though. They have the word Vaxxed that's governor. Hochul the end of the world. Didn't happen through climate change, their primary religion . So this is current in an attainable way to worship something that's close in hand, they attack the unmasked and the unboxed because it violates their doctrine. I don't disagree with that. I mean, I really, I really have a heart. I I'm having a harder and harder time talking with the pro mandate people because their eyes just kind of glaze over. They just kind of turn into automatons. And they really in many, in many of my experiences have been largely illogical and difficult to talk to. So it's really not even worth the time. Speech unleash says they can't afford to lose their police, who will be able to clear all the homeless off the street. The next time there was a mass celebrity event. Oh, I forgot. They'll just activate the national guard to do it. Yeah, just the military or a national police force since all of the other police are going by by the antique is prime says, I don't doubt the desire to bring military people into all the essential services by the aristocracy. Let's not forget how much money it would save. Wait, who was it? It kept a bunch of nonviolent criminals locked up past their sentences because they were cheap labor again. Oh yeah. Cackling Kamala Harris. Yeah. She's the one who did that. The same woman who was out there, like making fun of people in custody saying, oh, you know, they're like begging for water. Like, oh please, I need some more water, sir. She's laughing at that. Like these people are our cattle or something disgusting. And then her and Joe Biden, the godfather of the modern crime system were yucking it up. Being like they were a big criminal justice reformat of the kits . Give me a break. Or my Elio says, putting detectives in uniform will stop the prosecution of any offenders, no investigation, no case files. We'll have DAS and judges doing nothing but waiting for the staffing to increase that's from former Leo. Good to see you former Elio's in the house. A couple other questions here. Monster one says, wish these people would just quit saying January 6th was domestic terrorism, terrorism targets, civilians, not government. That was on one of the last section sections. We have another one from sleepy. Joe says we can get 99% of the people vaccinated by killing all those who are not vaccinated. It's a good point. Yes. That's a great point. Sleepy Joe. Yes. We can get 100% vaccine if we just put everybody else in concentration camps and then throw them in incinerators. That's great. We have another one from former. Leo says, just wait for the aircraft ashes because of the deferred maintenance, just wait for the system to crumble, which I think is really what they want. Ultimately, thunder seven says I've been following the sense that the fund, the police movement started in 2020 in the lunatic left. As of today, American now has the highest homicide rate in history. People are free to loot and steal. Nothing is done. It's largely young black men that are killing each other, which once again proves how racist Biden is not a word about these young lives, snuffed out only gonna get worse with less and less police it's government sanction of, I think killing of black men is what you're saying, which you know, I've said that many times the Joe Biden has put more black people in custody than anybody in history in America. Single-handedly with all of his different crime bills and I've not heard a single person refute that. I'd love to hear it and send me an email or tag me on Twitter or , or submit it in locals. If you can think of anybody, one person who's more responsible for the incarceration and the degradation of the black community than Joe Biden. Honestly, at least, at least with , with regard to the criminal justice system, like he's got like a 35 year record of that. And he's now in the presidency and didn't do any, he hasn't done anything about it to reverse course on any of that. So you know where he lies on this thing. I think he's probably the biggest racist you've ever heard of. Let's see, what else? Great comment from thunder seven fired me up on that one. Zulu says crime is out of control. Why worry? Let them go. Is that really from Zulu? Zulu? I don't, I don't ever see you on locals. I don't know if that's actually you, if that's actually you. Cause I see you also submitted a Superchat , which we're going to get to that here in a minute. We have another one from BNT. CTCA says that freeze frame makes Sakhi look like Jafar in drag. I didn't, I didn't pick up on that one. I thought that, you know , I thought, look, I try to deliver on this show. I know every time we do a Saki clip, I can see Zulus keyboard fingers, just going a little haywire over there, you know? And uh, so we tried it. We tried to deliver here. I try to please the people on the show, Greg Moradas here says, Hey, if Melbourne is anything to go by, look how insane things have gotten. Let's see if I can pull this one up. Is Instagram working now let's see if I can pull this one up. Um, okay. Yeah. So this is what's going on in , uh , let me have this muted and let's see if I can play this real quick. Greg Murat is sending this over here. Let's see what we've got. If we can play this, can we hear this? Come on? Well, I don't know why the audio is not playing Greg. I am trying to click it and it's not working. So I apologize. We're going to move on to the next one. But yes, it is insane over there. The things that I've been seeing, the things that I'm hearing from the politicians it's lunacy. The DOB says yesterday, the young Turks did a poll for their audience asking if they thought people who have not gotten the vacc should be taken off the organ transplant list across the board. 85% of them said that they were for removing them from transplant list . This, these people are EFT in the head. I for one will never forget who stood where during these times their karma has yet to come. I'm with you on that in the dark. You know, a lot of this stuff is non-negotiable for me anymore. Uh , the people who are sort of willingly cheering for other people to drop dead because they're not complying with government mandates. I don't really want anything to do with those people anymore. I mean, I mean that candidly it's really starting to get to that point. We have Jeremy Katrina says COVID is the new Russia gate three years of that. They aren't creative when pushing a narrative for the news. I would hope that they would stop soon, but I'm not looking forward to the next pandemic. That's from Jeremy. We have another one from Seoul. Biking says Jen Sakhi is pathetic. Oh , it says the reporters question about the administration's messaging definitely did not warm her heart. No, she's she's not really , uh, not really catching good questions. These days, former Elio says premier Khrushchev said the U S would end with a whimper and not a bang . I think that's where it's going right now. Monster one says collapse was always the plan. The Democrats had made it clear. They hate America. This goes into their de-stabilizing agenda. I mean, how else are you supposed to take it? If they're wiping out the nurses, the firefighters, the police, small businesses across the board, they're mandating everything for big businesses across the board. They're taking control of local governments through the federal encroachment that we've Chronicle here at length. They are opening the borders. And what else are you supposed to take here? It's like supply everything's screwed up. So it feels like it's sort of by design, but I'm a liquid is here, says hello, Rob and beautiful Watchers has been away a while. I know bummer . Look, it makes me sad, but I'm glad you're back. It says it feels like we're living in martial law, but the government not declaring that we are one mandates the military in replace of civilian jobs. It starts in taking control over our healthcare . Then our jobs, then law enforcement, et cetera, government taking control in almost everything. And still Americans are so naive. I feel so helpless. I hope Trump runs from Congress in 2022 and wins. Then impeaches Biden Harris. We are back making America great again. And all this Biden Harrison administration nightmare is finally over. It sorta does feel like a nightmare about it's going to be a long time until we wake up for it. But I am enthused. Look, mama , look it . I know it does feel like the walls are clamping down around us. Uh , and it , it does feel sort of like things are getting darker, but remember it's always darker before the sunlight. It's always a difficult time before you sort of emerge. Victoriously right. Everybody goes through trials and tribulations before they come out on the other end. And I think that it's going to take some of that for people to really recognize that our government doesn't have our interests at heart, right? They don't care about you and me. They're doing things for themselves, for their political legacies, for the consolidation of power. And a lot of people have been so scared into compliance that they just are not seeing it. I'm hopeful that with your help, through our continued shows and conversations through our continued pillaring of some of these knuckleheads that we're able to communicate and wake people up and that as this continues to sort of encroach down upon us, we're able to shake enough people loose that the trend reverses and look, I'm seeing a lot more people actually waking up. And I mean that genuinely a lot of people in , you know , closer to me in my life have said, what, what is going on? This doesn't seem right. People who were unplugged originally are sort of connecting with all of this nefarious newness I've well , ice Wolf says, though, I don't agree with mandates. I got my shot still being pressed for my papers. It is a mess. Didn't get it for that. But for health reasons, type one, diabetes has a high risk. And so that's look, that's great ice . Well, if I don't, I , I don't have any opposition to the vaccine. I don't, I don't like I've said consistently, if you want to get it, go get it. If you have it , look. And even if you have to make a decision right, about what to do, you got , you've got a lot of different variables to take into account. And so I've always encouraged everybody on this show from day one, talk to your doctor, make a decision. Joe Biden is not your doctor. Probably neither is Dr. Fowchee. Neither is CDC. Neither is any one of these lunatics out there telling you to just go do whatever they say to do. Otherwise there are going to be consequences for your non-compliance . That's not what that's, that's a whole separate issue. Really. If you want to go make a medical decision and do it, do it. If you don't don't that's America, the default here is freedom. The default is you don't is you have to do whatever the government tells you to do. That's nonsense. And so that's where my issue lies. Yeah. You know , if you, if you've got it amazing, right? It might make sense for you may make sense for a lot of people, but that's a different thing than a mandate. Here's another one from news now says, now that you say it, martial law makes sense. When you have Sheriff's refusing to impose your laws, remove the person and put in people who will not question orders. Yeah . I mean, look, if the police are not going to comply, that's okay. They've got federal agents who are going to come in and they'll take care of it. The antique is prime says, how long did the Nazis have control of Germany? I just want to know. So I know how many more years of this crap we have left. Uh, I don't know , uh, you know, too long and it didn't turn real well for everybody living through that saga. So those are great questions from watching the Kareem 1, 6, 5 over on YouTube has submitted to Superchat , says that the product is garbage. If threats are required to sell it. Yeah. Totally agree. Absolutely agree, Joe Biden, what he is doing here, celebrating this is like, it's like , um, yeah, your, your, your dog doesn't uh , urinate in the house anymore. Good job. You trained it. You trained your dog not to do that. How did you do it? Well, you just beat the hell out of the dog every single day, until it stopped urinating in the house. That's great. You just beat it and beat it and beat it and beat it and beat it. And you go look at us. He doesn't pee in the house anymore. I'm an amazing dog owner. That's outstanding. And you go on TV and you celebrate it. And your dog is sitting back there, quivering, scared to death, wondering what you're going to take from him next. It's not a good situation that he's doing cartwheels over it. So he's very excited. That was from Korea . Kareem also says in Canada, they are mandating all federal employees to be vaccinated, to keep their jobs. Even if they are working remotely 100% of the time. Do you think this will happen for private jobs as well? Yes, I do. I really do. I wouldn't have said that a long time ago, but uh, you know, even a year ago, but you're seeing what happens. It's like, how, how do you think it's going to stop somewhere? Like, right. It's just going to stop with public. So in Canada, federal employees, right? We had that here. It's happening here in the U S it started with the federal employees with the military. And now it's working down to private businesses through OSHA. Why would it be any different in Canada, Kareem ? Yeah . It'll make you sick. I hope it doesn't. But what can we say about it? Zulus here says hi, Rob. Thank you for displaying moments of true beauty in the myths of such dire news. Everyone benefited , uh , Zulu . Yeah. You're welcome. My friend. I told you I live to serve on this channel. I want to make sure that everybody feels included here. I've got a gen Saki tongue clip. I mean, come on. I had to share that with you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And I hope it did bring some peace and unity to our entire community. We have. Kay bean says, hi, Rob, thanks for ruining Lean's dinner. Jen Saki looks like mark Zuckerberg in a red wig and lipstick. We got a Zulu versus K being a little duking it out over there . KB. You know, if I have to side with anybody, I mean, obviously I side with KB. I don't, I don't, you know, but different strokes for different folks. That's well, that's well and good. And Jen Saki does have a little bit of spunk in her. You know, I can see, I can see where Zulu is coming from. Ah , those are great super chats and questions over from watching the Couple more came in. Uh, Greg Marotta is here clarifying stuff . So basically since it's an emergency health order, there are no private businesses anymore. Everyone that is unvaccinated by November one is fired on the spot. I guess I finally get to live in a communist state. That's from Greg and Greg, his timing in over from Australia. I think we're all like candidly going that direction. So you're going to be in good company soon there . Great . We're going to be right behind you. Thanks for sounding the alarm. Nobody here in America is listening. Obviously I am. So I appreciate that. We are. Thank you. Tweak says if common sense, won't be enough to wake people up when it comes to these insane mandates and hopefully the coming energy crisis, this winter will be enough to seriously give them a rude awakening and start questioning what the hell the government is doing. It's going to be real bad. This winter people still don't get it. I am in total agreement with you tweak. I mean, I'm sort of seeing what's what's coming. Doesn't feel good to me. We have a shame to admit I'm attracted to Saki and AOC. Oh, they're here. Let's see what they have to say. Says Saki is crazy hot. I think it's because she's a soul as ginger Ginger's are hot there . I said it since I'm confessing. My sins. AOC is hot too, but only in a crazy ex-girlfriend way. Sad to see America being divided because of critical theory, class, race, vacs , unpacks , all the same. It's just heartening. When friends, I know believe the failure of America is due to the [inaudible] . At least I got to look at Saki on TV, silver linings, Rob silver linings. Very nice comment. That is from an anonymous person. Who's you know , attracted to Saki and AOC. I don't have that's Hey, like I said to each their own, this is a very inclusive show. We , we encourage diversity here we have in the dark says if the government was trying to force you or force me to eat a chocolate pie, I would still tell them to go get blankets. The principle , not the vacs . You're right. 100%. Yeah. If the government was like, Hey rod , we've got a , we've got a Snickers bar here. I'd say that's great. Thank you. You can leave it right there. All decided what to do with that. They , oh no, you have to eat that thing. I'd say, what the hell did you say to me? Get off my property because I don't want your Snickers bar. I don't care what it is. If you tell me I have to have it. I don't want it. Thanks for it. Those were great questions over from watching the and from YouTube very much. Appreciate all your support. All right, let's jump into our final segment for the day we're talking about Arlington. I was just there. The Arlington school shooter guy by the name of Simpkins was just released on bond for only $75,000. Does that sound a little bit low to you? The allegation, if you're not familiar with the original story, was that in Arlington, there was a shooting that took place at timber view high school that resulted in three other students or two students and a teacher being shot. There was an 18 year old suspect by the name of Timothy Simpkins. Allegedly got into a fight, had a gun and started shooting in the middle of the classroom. It started out as a school shooting story where everybody was jumping to conclusions. Oh God, it's probably a white teenager again, isn't it. And so, you know, we were going through all of that rigor mural that was taking place. I think that was on Wednesday. And then there's kind of more, that goes to the story. But there's been a lot of activity. A lot of people are wondering, how did this guy get out of custody so fast, this just happened on Wednesday. He's already seen a judge. He's already home with his families. So now we're going to have to break this story down because people are thinking about other situations, other defendants that have gotten treated dis similarly , we're going to dig into this story. The headline comes from local news over at ABC. Eight says that Arlington police say that a fight between two students prompted the shooting. So there was a fight. So when you start seeing those words, what do you think? Oh, maybe self-defense okay. So what we're going to do is see what we can tease out of this story and maybe compare it and contrast it to some other pertinent cases. Maybe like Kyle Rittenhouse his case, but let's dig into this from Arlington, Texas. And if you've been following the channel, I just got back from there about two weeks ago, it says that four people were injured during a shooting that happened after a fight on Wednesday morning suspect, 18 year old, Timothy Simpkins was later taken into custody on three counts of aggravated assault with a gun. Now nobody died here, but he was released on bond at $75,000. Hmm . Interesting. So shot three people. And he's out on bond for 75,000 bond includes several conditions, drug and alcohol testing, GPS monitoring 24 hour home confinement, according to orders from the judge, Brooke path pan pan ethos over at the Taron county court center. And so 75,000 for a school shooting for shooting three people. I think one young man is still in the hospital and he's out on CA and it took like one day, if you've been with our channel, you know, we covered the Kyle Rittenhouse case, which was also a self-defense case and he shot three people as well. Now, in his case, I believe one person , two people died and here three people did not die. So it's a little bit different, but his bond was $2 million that was back in Kenosha, Wisconsin. This is different. This is Arlington Texas. That was back in 2020 in the aftermath of the George Floyd death. And he had some pretty awful stinking lawyers like John Pierce that made some pretty boneheaded decisions to move him back over to different states and try to fight a release there. It was a dumb thing, but it took many, many months for him to get out of custody. And it was a $2 million bond. And I said on that case, that that was outrageously high as well. Because even in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was another woman that had a similar murder homicide case. She was released at a $1 million bond. And so we're all sort of wondering what's going on with these different bonds. Why does some people get $75,000 bonds? Some people get $2 million bonds. Could it be political is just this just how things work what's going on here. So we're going to dig into this. We're going to actually take a look at the affidavit that was submitted to the court to justify the arrest and see if we can glean out what is taking place criminally speaking here. So let's take a quick look at Timothy Simpkins. He was released from custody yesterday. This is him walking on home, out of the jail.

Speaker 8:

You're starting your teacher or the teacher. You want to take it to your family. [inaudible]

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So you can see there that , uh, he was released from custody seventy-five thousand dollars bond. And he wasn't even wearing his mask. I don't know how they let them out of custody. His mask was down on his chin. I mean, that's like a capital offense in America now. So the judge who let him go is Brooke pants , pan new thoughts . And we see her here. I can't see much else about her. Not much information over there on the Texas website, try to search for her name. Couldn't find who she is, but that is the woman. I believe a woman who ended up releasing him now, was it just a simple shooting? Did he , you know , did he go into the school and just open fire ? What happened here and why did he get released in like within 48 hours at a $75,000 bond for shooting three people in a school what's going on there? Let's see if we can dig into a daily mail, says that the family of 15 year old Texas teen was shot seven times, huh? By Timothy Simpkins, after a classroom brawl, they deny that the son of the 15 year old is a bully saying he's fighting for his life. Simpkins . Meanwhile is free, not a $75,000 bail goes and has a party. According to the daily mail, we got some bullet points from them, says that Simpkins 18 opened fire on Wednesday. Four people were injured in the shooting. Twenty-five year. Old teacher was shot 15 year old , Zacchaeus Selby was filmed a brawling with Simpkins. We're going to take a look at a screenshot of that. Next Selby was shot seven or eight times by Simpkins , according to an affidavit he's in intensive care, waiting surgery, family insists. He did not bully. Simpkins was bright and respectful. And you can just notice, right? Timothy Simpkins is 18 years old. Uh, Zach Zacchaeus is 15 years old. So what's going on here? Simpkins released on a $75,000 bond on Thursday, went home to a party. He pictured celebrating with his family and friends. Sister of the shot teacher said, how can this keep managing to get worse? It's a good question. Here . Here are a couple of screenshots from the fight. So this video was taken moments before the shooting shows Timothy Simpkins, the shooter being beaten up in his classroom by a 15 year old student. So allegedly this is the 15 year old and this is Simpkins. And so the 15 year old looks bigger and looks like he's sort of manhandled him. The 15 year old student is a Ks. Teachers broke up the fight. Timothy then went to his backpack and retrieved his gun. Huh? So then he shot Selby seven to eight times. According to the police report also shot a teacher in the back and grazed a teenage girl with another bullet before going on the run. Whoa. Okay. So yeah, we're going to need to get a lot more detail on this. Was this a situation where they're in the middle of a fight and he pulls a gun and shoots shoots sort of in the heat of the moment or it was the fight over and broken up. And the young man, Timothy Simpkins then went over to his backpack, which is what the daily mail says and then pulled his gun and then walked back over and just said , I'm still angry. And now I'm going to shoot you, right? Because those are very distinct differences. One is self-defense . The other is murder. And we're going to need to get some more clarity on this. Now a $75,000 bond that doesn't really comport with a murder charge. And so we're going to have to see what the judge says about this. Here is Zacharias Selby, 15 identified by his family as being involved in the fight. Family says he did not bully Tim at all. He's in the hospital. My understanding still today , uh, all sorts of tubes going everywhere, every which way here. Meanwhile, his Simpkins, he was home picture Thursday evening partying with friends and family after being released on a $75,000 bond for a shooting of students and a teacher in class. Here's a picture of that party. You can see he's there with his family. And so you can see that. Now the big question that we started the segment out with what's sort of what's going on here. Uh, cause we recall that , uh , like Kyle Hooten over on Twitter pointed out that Rittenhouse was involved in a claim self-defense shooting. He got a $2 million bond, Timothy Simpkins also involved in his school shooting. I'm sorry. In a , in a shooting, nobody died. In his case, he gets a $75,000 bail or bond, right? It's the same thing. So two cases of allegedly self-defense in Simpkins case, nobody died in written houses , case two people died. Three people were shot in both. One is 18, happened in a school. One was 17 happened outside in Wisconsin. And so w we want to see what's going on here. Now, the big thing that a lot of people want to sort of , uh , you know , jump to, I think some of what I've been seeing on Twitter is that written houses bail is the appropriate bail, right? People are saying, well, well, if, if Kyle's was 2 million, why isn't this? Guy's , Timothy's 2 million also, which I would sort of disagree with. I would say that the , the legal standard is it's the least onerous condition to secure your appearance. And in my opinion, what happened in Britain house's case was extremely grotesque. It was way over the top. It was totally unnecessary. It was entirely political. And so if anything, right, it's not that this Texas judge did something automatically bad cause we haven't looked at the affidavit yet. We haven't looked at the warrants or any of that yet. But if this was a self-defense case, right, if it wasn't like a situation where Timothy Simpkins went into his backpack, after the fight was over and then shot people after the fact that would be more analogous to murder versus in the heat of the moment, he needs to shoot in order to defend himself and protect himself, which is what my opinion and analysis in the collar Rittenhouse case was. It was that Kyle was being chased, turned around, shot the people who were literally chasing him down, it was in the heat of the moment. It was necessary to stop the physical contact that was about to befall him. We don't know what happened with Timothy Simpkins case, but the bond leads me to believe that maybe the judge heard something about the facts and considered the self-defense arguments. And so let's take a look now at the actual court documents, cause everything to this part, to this point has sort of been conjecture here. You can see that the warrant of arrest was filed back in the state of Texas, the county of Toronto . I'm not sure how you say that. Telling the any peace officer in the state of Texas, you were commanded to go arrest Timothy Simpkins. He's referred to as the suspect for what aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is the suspect accused here by detective Spencer Simmons an investigator out in Arlington. Now what you're going to notice here as the bond amount on this warrant is $25,000. You just heard me say that it was $75,000 and you read that in the article as well. Why you'll notice here is because there were three people who were shot and you can see in this sentence here, it says, said, Timothy Simpkins, a black male born on this date is committed to the appropriate jail for custody. Uh , here's my signature. We have the municipal court judge at the city of Arlington sign off on here by Sergeant Wright, who is the peace officer. Now down here on this second page, we get more of the affidavit. We get more of the narrative, the explanation for what actually took place. And you're going to, you're going to see that the reason why it was $25,000 bond on this case is because it's essentially one set of these documents for each of the three people that were shot. So it's $25,000 for victim one 25,000 for victim two in the second aggravated assault, a third aggravated assault with another $25,000 bond. So it's 25, a piece. All of that adds up to 75. Now we can see we're not going to go through all three of these, but we'll take a look at just one of them. It says October six, Simpkins committed, aggravated assault caused bodily injury to this person victim under age, right ? He's 15. Uh , allegedly. So we'll , you know , they're not going to give us his name. The officer detective Simmons here is writing. He says, my belief is based on the following facts. I was a detective in Arlington. On this day, I was called to a shooting at timber view high school. I learned the following at nine 15 hours. Patrol officers of the Arlington police south district were dispatched to a shooting in progress. Caltex identified the crime scene as the high school 9 1, 1 caller stated they heard two gunshots arrived on scene. Multiple victims located ranging from students to teachers, patrol officers established measures, evacuated victims, gathered information on the staff. A witness who was fully identified, ready, and willing to testify in future proceedings stated she heard a teacher calling from help for another classroom. Upon hearing this witnesses entered the classroom and witnessed a physical altercation occurring between two male students. One of the students involved in the altercation was Timothy Simpkins born on that day. Timothy was specifically identified by a light colored hooded sweatshirt. The witness intervened breaking up the fight Simpson Simpkins was involved in the witness was able to gain control of the other individual in the altercation. This individual ultimately gave up and stopped being combative. When the witness turns around to check on symptoms, Simpkins had produced a firearm upon seeing the firearm. The witness turned to run out of the classroom. The witness then heard three to four gunshots. Secondly, officer LaRue of Mansfield independent school district arrived on scene where this occurred upon the scene. LaRue contacted Simpkins. He was engaged in the physical altercation with the now juvenile victim was asked by Laura who shot him. He said, Simpkins officer LaRue identified a second victim blanked out who was one of the teachers involved? Thirdly, there was a juvenile witness who's fully identified, ready, and willing to testify. The juvenile witness had the witness that they witnessed. The physical altercation occur between the juvenile victim and Simpkins witness stated multiple teachers and coaches were working to break up the altercation between Simpkins and the juvenile. Once the fight was broken up, the juvenile witness observed Simpkins, go to an orange backpack and retrieve a black firearm. Then observed Simpkins point the firearm at the juvenile victim and sees Simpkins shoot from her account. Seven to eight times juvenile witness then observes juvenile victim fall to the ground before fleeing for safety. Lastly, detectives with the violent crime responded, they met a fully identified juvenile victim during the interview. They say that they witnessed the fight as well in the same manner described by the other witnesses. Victims saw Simpkins holding a firearm, then struck their person identified as a grazed room wound. Suspect is fully identified as George Simpkins . There's his address? This is why we need the warrants drafted October six and submitted. So the big question I want to hear from you on [email protected] , where do you fall on that? Is that, does that sound like self-defense? Does that sound like somebody who was fearful of harm to their personal body or fearful of death or does it sound like the fight was over and they went and got a gun, came back and took revenge. And what do you think that lands? Let's see what you have to say. Watching the is where the questions are coming in at. Let's see here. Uh , we're going to start off with the auntie . Cause prime says, it says, remember that crazy guy that went around shooting people in Chicago last year. Oh, that's right. People. Didn't sure that had nothing to do with anything else either. Let's see. I'm not gas as well. I think I know what could have prevented this. They just need to make schools gun-free zones. Then shootings can happen there. That's right. It's all you have to do. Just eliminate the guns. And then nobody will show up with them and shoot people. Former Leo says did the bail affidavit, can K9 contain a question about dreadlocks and how much that would affect the bail amount? Uh, didn't see that in their former Leo speech unleash says, notice how the skin color of the shooter wasn't specified in that article. Quick exercise, look up any article on a shooting where the shooter was white and the victim was black. And see if the skin colors were specified in the articles. I do not believe skin color should be a factor in shootings, but the media sure. Seems to think so. Don't they? Yeah, there were actually people on Twitter. I saw , uh , one post that was retweeted a bunch that as soon as it was a high school shooter, they said, oh great, it's another white, you know, white racist kid, whatever. And then it turns out it's a person of color. And then they say, oh, it's like, oh shoot. You know, wasn't expecting that one. And it's kind of a sick thing that we have to sit around and ask that question every time this happens, it's ridiculous. We have another one. We have a , we have the anonymous person back says I'm still ashamed of having the hots for second AOC. Let's say he says, I call BS. It is clearly the shooter that is doing the kicking a pregnant woman. Who's fleeing felon, injured herself. From what I understand any injury sustained during a criminal act, the suspect will be tried for set injury. Is that right? Rob? Also, I thought I read the shooter, went home, grabbed the gun, went back to school and shot the individuals. Can someone confirm, well , the police report just said that he went to his backpack and got it. Uh, allegedly, according to some of the witnesses who were there, but you know, I don't know now. Yes. Um, so you can have, you can have something called , uh , you know , felony murder, for example, where if you are involved in a felony and somebody dies in the commission of that felony, you're responsible for that death, even if you didn't directly cause that person's death. The analogy that I use is the bank robbery, right? If you're the getaway driver and you are pulling up to a bank, your three compadres, they go into the bank and they go, Rob the bank, something goes wrong in there. They have to shoot and kill somebody. They get back in the car. You take off, guess what? You're on the hook for murder. You didn't murder them. You weren't even in the building, but you were helping them commit a bank robbery that resulted in the murder. Therefore you are now on the hook for felony murder. So that is a concept that exists in the law. I swell . It says, may you have a good weekend? And thank you, Robert. And thank you. I swear off what a nice comment going to be a busy weekend. Lot of work. We're going over to Eric's and we're going to be live streaming from 12 to five Arizona time on Sunday. It gonna be a lot of fun. Pili . Wally says, Hey, Rob , I just want to say, wow, I'm in the UK. And that is just madness. How can you be locked up all year for the January six troubles, but get out after 48 hours after shooting people in a school, nothing makes sense in the U S these days. But when your president doesn't make sense ever, it is no surprise. Really. That's a good point, right? I was talking about the January six cases. Many of those people are still just sitting around rotting in federal prisons , uh , federal jails and , uh, not here and they didn't shoot anybody and they didn't put anybody in the hospital, but they almost took the podium and they really offended Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. We have another one from the DOB says first off that off-brand journalist with her cell phone and the kid's face. The second he is out should be ashamed of herself. I think it's gross when the media does that to people. But anyways, my main point, if the kid brought the gun to school, doesn't that kind of point to some pre-planning, it's not as if you just brought a gun for the hell of it and just so happen to get in a fight and then use it . It seems more like he brought the gun, knowing that something might happen. If it did happen, he had a plan. Is it odd that he didn't get charged with attempted murder that's from the dark, you know, and I try to dig into the court proceedings. I really couldn't find anything in Texas. I'm not really familiar with their court systems and I ran out of time today, but it is, it's a good question. And you know, my next thought, right, from a defense perspective, if you're a defense lawyer, how do you defend against that? And what do you , what if you show that there's a very long, consistent pattern of bullying going on. That's why he brought the gun to school. Cause he was getting his butt whooped by a bunch of punk kids all the time. And now, you know, he's going to have to defend himself. Maybe there's a history of him telling the school multiple times the school doesn't come out and do anything about it. And so this starts to look like a bonafide case of self-defense that happened at a school, right? And so that's now you start to sort of flip that narrative around and say, well, you know, let's bring in the second amendment, gun rights people and say, Hey, no , he was defending himself against a bunch of, you know, animals who were going to kill him. And so he needed to do that. And uh, you know, that would be a good self-defense, you know , argument, but I don't know if any of those facts are in evidence. In this case, thunder seven says it's clearly attempted murder. Did Camila pay his bail? And will the lunatic left, erect a statute in his honor? Probably. Yeah, probably we'll see where that goes. Former Lao says sounds like a pretty good case for attempted murder with a school gun-free zone enhancement sounds like it. Right? If he went, if it wasn't a self-defense case, if he went and the fight was over, everybody was in there and broken, broke the whole thing up and he went and got a gun to go, you know, exact retribution. It's not self-defense is it monster one says, oh, the self-defense claim doesn't play here. Yes, he apparently was getting his butt whooped, but the fight was already broken up by the teachers. This was revenge and not self-defense I think, well, I think that's a good argument. We'll see what the prosecutors do about it. If the antique has says, I know I really wish Tupac was still alive. I don't believe that. I do believe he'd be calling out the hypocrisy and a voice like his would carry weight. I was a huge fan of Tupac. I listened to a lot of Tupac back , um , back in the high school days before my wrestling matches man. Good stuff. It's ed says, sounds like, hi. Rob says, sounds like clear and present danger to bodily harm was no longer imminent. This is not a case of self-defense. Rittenhouse was clearly an imminent danger of bodily harm when he opened fire. That is self-defense. But then again, I'm not a lawyer. I think that , uh , many lawyers would agree with that analysis. So that's a pretty good, pretty good analysis there. At least according to the police reports. Now we don't know what his defense was. Right. That was just one side of the AF that was, that was the police interpretation. Uh, you know, apparently he had an , uh, a lawyer with him when he went in front of the judge to get his release conditions established. And we don't know what arguments were proffered to. That that might have been part of the reason why the bond was in fact so low. Uh , BLM says just another peaceful shooting and chill out by the way nobody died. Kay . Just needs more experience in aiming straight. You shoot somebody eight times and they're still alive. Pretty amazing. Monster. One says, why is his bond solo? Oh , black privilege says if you're, if you're black, you can get caught shooting people on camera and get the charges dropped. I didn't say that monster one did Bama lick . It says, where are the parents? Why does he have a gun? He's just 15. What was the reason he had to a gun to school? Was he bullied prior to this incident? We don't know. I mean, that's what his family is saying that he's been bullied and bullied and bullied and he just snapped. Does that, excuse it. Do you get a reduced sentence for that? Good question. Former Leo says, I wonder what his FFL form looks like to purchase a handgun. Yeah. Does he, does he have one of those? Do we think, I don't know. Was it a lawfully purchased firearm? Are they going to add all sorts of firearm charges in their news now says I can see the defense argument working if it was only the ones attacking him. I haven't seen a lot of the facts coming out yet, but if anyone else got a bullet near them, self-defense may not work. Yeah. You can sort of analogize that to well kind of, they bring on a tailor case, right? That officer, I forget his name was just shooting , uh , wantonly, like an idiot and a shooting into the neighbors and things like that. Right. He got, I think he got charged with a crime for that. So , so , so some sort of criminal criminal topic let's see here. This is from tweaks as completely off topic. Wanted to end the week on a more positive note. So here's some of the wisest words ever spoken. Let's see if I can pull this up. Hmm it's it's it's from Mohammad Ali. That's a good one. We'll save that for the end of the questions here, tweak good stuff. We have another one from speech unleashed says, have they specified how he acquired the gun? Not that I've seen. I'm wondering if it was via legal means that already have strong gun restrictions or if it was by illegal means, which obviously do not abide by the gun laws. Yeah. And again, you can analogize this to the Rittenhouse case because in written houses case, they're charging him for sort of being in unlawful possession of a firearm. And we just covered that hearing. The judge also said that that was something that was going to stick. So it would be appropriate to also investigate gun charges. Uh , if you're a prosecutor, right? They, they look for that stuff. But I haven't seen anything about that yet. Their speech former Elio says, what was the school resource officer doing? Wait, was he fired? Maybe he didn't take the vex. Who knows? Zulu says, let him shoot him up. Nobody died. Who cares? That's I don't know if it's Zulu or not. We have a news now says why , what Kyle was has going for him as he fired three shots, hit three people he intended to hit. If he fired lots and lots and lots of be harder to argue. However, each bullet had a name on it. Yeah. He, he took care of business that night and the dark says, whoa, whoa, whoa. They didn't have to call the gun black like that. Not , not cool, man. Yeah, that gun is yeah. Is that racist? I don't know. Pili . Wally says off topic, but want to say have a great weekend, Rob and everyone else take care of the crazy world we live in today and much love from Scotland. I'd love to visit Scotland one day. Maybe when , uh , maybe we can travel freely again. Monster one says, how the hell is an 18 year old in the same class as a 15 year old? How many times this kid failed ? I don't know. It's a good point. I don't know, but that is a good point. We have another one from excess . Hey Rob, kind of off topic, but I love your channel. I always get the notification when you were alive, but I refuse to watch it because I'm a truck driver. I rather watch it. When I'm driving. Hope you have a good weekend. That's from X. Well, shout out X, you know, we've represented a ton of truck drivers. I've worked with a ton of truck drivers. You guys are amazing. The work that you do is really, really appreciated. And you guys get picked on so badly. It drives me nuts, Arizona in particular. Do you know if you're a trucker and you're in Arizona and you're driving through our state. If you do like anything wrong, like anything, it's a class one misdemeanor, which is the same thing as a DUI. It's nuts. Truckers get picked on so badly here and it boils my blood. You know, they call it like, Hey, you know, I got, I got stopped for this. What does this mean? I said , yeah, it's a class one misdemeanor. Yeah. It's the same as a DUI. Yeah. It's a full criminal charge. Yeah. It's going to take six months to resolve this thing. And it just boils my blood because they just get the cost of , they just sit over overpasses in Arizona over overpasses and they just watch truckers just drive through. And if a trucker's doing anything, that's like, they're remotely not supposed to be doing in their cabin. The police did . They just look through, they can look right through the window. Cause they're sitting on the overpasses and they just radio their cop friends down the road. Oh, this guy is doing this, this guy's doing this. And it's because you know, it's because they're driving big semi-trucks and you don't want them going off the road and killing people. And they're , those accidents are catastrophic, but they pick on them for every stinking thing and it boils my blood. So shout out X , thanks for being here. And uh , keep up the great work over on YouTube. Couple super chats came in. Oh , that was from K bean. Oh, we already got those. Yeah. So we got those on the last segment was the , we have one more over from locals before we wrap it up for the day, Joe Biden's here says, listen, Robert, my Pappy knew some things about shooting. I remember back in the turn of the century and the turn of the 19, when people , uh, when the people of then listen, Rob, I mean, when you see people with guns, sometimes you have to grab the bull, but there are things, you know, what I'm trying to say is if you don't know whether to vote for me or Trump, you're not black. He had a gun. I don't like guns. Trump likes guns. He voted for Trump. He's not black. Come on, man. Is he Vaxxed? He ruined the economy. I peed my bed. My wife smells good. You know what I mean? I don't like Brandon, let's go buy it . And that was pretty good. That was pretty. That was a pretty good , uh, that was a pretty good Biden. It was hard to read. That's how I know it was good. Thunder seven says, remember the prosecutor in Chicago who said no charges to be laid in a gang land shooting with two people, dead, illegal guns attempted murder. Now the murder of the government sanctioned events now, but don't go around without a mask or you'll be arrested. Yeah. That's from thunder seven. What a world monster one says, I never liked the comparison between jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction has their own standard and are not comparable. You're right, right. This is Texas. That's Kenosha two totally different standards. And that's just the nature of our system. Those were great questions. All of those one more came over from spawn . Dog says, did the parents encourage it or perhaps provide the weapon. It's going to be a lot more. That needs to be unraveled. In this case, we'll continue to take a look at it. Those questions all came over from watching the and from YouTube. I appreciate all your love and support over there. Let's say hello. Some new people who joined our amazing community. We are shouting out sniper 2 75 Lau Patricia Paulo , Revere H S DNP Thai live in Maxime 27 unbridled form . Aviatrix burnt to a crisp and let's be fair. Last week. Our Taylor J muy Thai Lula G Maxim 92 angel baby, hell raiser , jump in Jeff and desert Daisy. And a lot of people are [email protected] If you want to join us for our next monthly locals meetup, you can find us on November six , seven to 8:00 PM Eastern time. It's a lot of fun. We do a zoom about 30 to 40 people who show up. Some people stay for five minutes. Some people stay the whole time. Camera's on, camera's off pseudonyms. If you want. The whole point is to connect. We're building a community. We're connecting with each other because the world is crazy. And we could all use a little bit of support. Speaking of craziness and support on Sunday, this, on this channel, we're going to be doing a live stream. It's 12 to five, but it's not going to be the regular watching the Watchers stuff. I'm going to be multi streaming across a number of different channels, including the Erik's channel. We're doing a , our second annual fundraiser. I'm on the board of this amazing organization. It is the hope and healing. Eric's house. Second annual fundraiser, October 10 , 12 to 5:00 PM. It's an amazing thing that we're doing. It's it's, it's for its resources for grieving parents, spouses, siblings, and friends. We have a whole lineup of just amazing people. Who've , uh , we've got some, you know , videos and live interviews and all of that stuff. The only thing I'm doing is just facilitating the conversation. So I'm going to be there for about five hours on Saturday. It's going to be all hope, healing, loss, support, love, energy, good connection, and emotion. And so if you know anybody, who's sort of in one of those positions that they lost somebody due to suicide or to addiction or overdose or traumatic death. If you lost somebody, you know , due to COVID or anything else that's going on out there, there's an amazing group of people that will help you in your grief, in your recovery journey. And we're going to be talking all about it all day Sunday, and it's gonna be amazing. So , uh , if you're on this channel, don't need to do anything. It'll be here, but it's not going to be the regular content I'm going to be. It's going to be a , uh , stream for Eric's house. But because we have a channel here, I'm just going to throw it on here as well. So if you are looking for some political content, it's not going to be any of that. It's called hope and healing and love. And so come join us for that on Sunday. If that sounds interesting. All right, my friends and that is it for me for the day. I want to thank you so much for being here got through a lot this week, I got to get through a lot next week as well, but we all need to take a little break unplugged from politics a little bit, make sure we connect with the things that are important in our life. Stop thinking about the federal government for just a little bit of time. So we can all kind of get a breath because next week we've got to get back to business. We've got to make sure that we're watching these people, making sure that they're doing their jobs of providing accountability, transparency, and justice. We need your help to do it. We're going to be back here. Same time, same place on Monday 4:00 PM. Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man , everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. Have an amazing weekend. I'll see you right back here on Sunday. If not then on Monday, have a great weekend. My friends. Bye bye .