Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Google Keyword Warrants, No Vax No Kidney at Colorado Hospital, FBI Raids NYC Police Union Boss

October 06, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Google Keyword Warrants, No Vax No Kidney at Colorado Hospital, FBI Raids NYC Police Union Boss
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Federal agencies and the FBI are requesting broad keyword search-based warrants – and getting them – in federal courts. Colorado hospital implements a new policy that removes potential organ donor recipients from the wait list if they are unvaccinated. The FBI raids the offices and home of New York Police Union Boss Ed Mullins. And more! Including:​

🔵 Leaked warrants reveal the United States government is seeking search warrants that cover specific Google searches.​
🔵 Federal agents are requesting identities of users who searched specific phrases and keywords at specific times.​
🔵 Review on an unsealed search warrant filed under seal in a case involving explosives in Austin in 2018.​
🔵 The search warrant affidavit is drafted by FBI Special Agent Scott Kibbey and signed by Judge Mark Lane of the Western District of Texas Austin Division.​
🔵 Colorado-Based health systems says it will refuse organ transplants to patients who have not gotten vaccinated. ​
🔵 Colorado state Rep. Tim Geitner revealed the new policy, explaining a Colorado woman was being denied a kidney transplant.​
🔵 The woman, named Leilani Lutali, met her donor Jaimee Fougner in Bible study.​
🔵 Both women have declined the vaccination but consented to the transplant. ​
🔵 University of Washing Medicine hospital also joins the no vax, no transplant movement.​
🔵 UW Medicine releases FAQs explaining there will be no religious or other non-medical exemptions.​
🔵 FBI vs. NYC Police Union Boss – tough call!​
🔵 Leader of NYPD Sergeants Union resigns after his office and home are raided by the FBI.​
🔵 Edward D. Mullins was the president of the association and resigned shortly after the raids.​
🔵 Review the FBI investigation and the Sergeants Benevolent Association Police Union’s response.​
🔵 Live chat after each segment at!​







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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Mueller. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called the justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system. With the hope of finding justice. We're grateful that you are here and with us today because we've got a lot to get into. Actually, it was kind of a slow news day today, a lot of bickering going on about the debt limit. And we all know that they're never going to let the U S default. So not really gonna talk about that story, but we are going to dig into what's going on with the FBI, FBI, ATF, all of the other alphabet agencies for a long time have been gobbling up data, getting search warrants, sort of peering into American's lives all over the place, whether it's in your home or your car or your blood or your email account, whatever it is now, they are going to be gobbling up your search information. If you search for certain key words, well, they're just going to be able to get those records directly from Google. So we're going to show you a search warrant that is sort of being kicked around it's unsealed. It was something that the FBI submitted over to Google and said, we want specific data about who might have searched for these things. And so we're going to break that down, go through that warrant because it is interesting, basically, anything that you put into the internet now is a kind of it's , it's a free for all the feds can go and get it. So gotta be extra cognizant about that. If you are somebody searching for the problematic terms, of course, we're all domestic terrorists now. So I guess we'll see where this goes. Then in our next segment, we're going to talk about the Colorado based health system that is now refusing to complete a kidney transplant because both the recipient of the kidney and the donor of the kidney, neither of them wants to get the vaccine. And so they say, Hey, a one lady says, Hey, I got a kidney. Uh, do you need it? And she says, yeah, I do. I need a kidney. And they say, great, let's go to the hospital and they'll just take my kidney and they're going to put it in you. How about that? Sounds like it's a pretty cut and dry case, right? They're wrong. They're both unvaccinated hospital says not going to do it. So we're going to show you that story. And it's not just happening in Colorado, also happening in Washington, university of Washington medicine just unveiled their new policy as well. So we'll break that down. And then in our last segment, we're going to talk about the FBI versus a New York city police union. And so on this story, I really don't know where to fall on this one, cause I'm not a huge fan of the FBI, but I'm also not a huge fan of police unions. And in particular, New York, New York police unions. And so I'm just torn my friends on this story, but we're going to get into it because the FBI did go in and raid the home, the home and the office of a New York police department, sergeants union representative. His name is Edward Mullins and he's the president of this association. He resigned, FBI's walking out of his office and his home full of boxes. This is a big police union for the N YPD . So some juicy stuff there. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] There's a form here. It looks just like this that you can use to submit your questions and people are chatting away over there on locals. I'm shouting out Paula MKS in the house peely Wally's here. Three girlies. I'm not gas . John Haugen . We have , uh , Vicente has primes here as well as along with many others who were chatting away over on YouTube, we got shout outs to the usuals. We got Ronnie Cole, we got Vijaya. We have leans in the house. Wolfgang Dale was here with a couple of super chats. We've also got, I saw Zulu up, we're missing K bean. She said, hello, but she's not going to be joining us, but a shout out to KB and in the house, we've got Sarah Brown and John Hopkins over there too. We've got Ryan Delucci and lean there's lean and K bean, all of them chatting away, keeping things lively over on the chat on YouTube. All right. And so if you're looking for clips of the show, one final reminder , uh , before we get into the actual content that the clips are now on our clips channel and , uh , that's where you'll find them. So if you're looking, if you can stick around for the full show, that's where you can find the clips. And so we're going to get into the news right now. Let's get into it. All right . What are we starting off with? I forgot about this. Oh yeah. The search warrants. Google is now what , uh , let me start that again. Google is now cooperating with the federal government, giving them a lot of data about your searches. And so the way that this ordinarily works, when the government wants some information or they want access to something, they go and they get a warrant and you may have seen this in the TV shows or the movies where the police say, well, I need access to your home. And they say, not without a warrant. The police go, all right , great. Until they send it back over to the judge, the judge says, what's your probable cause? Why do you need access to that house? The agents are supposed to fill out an affidavit. Sometimes in the movies, they kind of skip that step or they just say, oh , judge Johnson will give it to me. And you know, they hold do the whole Hollywood thing. But the way it's supposed to work is they get a probable cause. Statement submitted as an affidavit. They say, judge, this is why I need to go get access to this person's residence. The judge says that sounds like a good reason. And then they go give that you officer access to that person's residence. Same thing can happen in all sorts of different scenarios. You might get a search warrant for different parts of a vehicle. If you can't get access to that search incident to arrest, you may also want to get somebody's blood in a DUI case. If they're not going to give you access to that blood vile , you just say, well, I don't want to give you my blood. And they say, well, we are going to get it anyways. And you say, go, go get a warrant. They go get a warrant. They come back. They show you got a warrant. Now to take your blood, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, easy way you give them the arm and they take your blood out of your body hard way as they strap you down and take your blood out of your body. And that happens very regularly, happens all the time. And oftentimes it results in new charges for assaulting a police officer and things of that variety. So it is a very extensive process. We have a lot of safeguards in this country that protect people from unreasonable searches and seizures because we have the fourth amendment. Thank the Lord. It's a pretty good amendment for a good reason. But what happens when we're not talking about a specific case specificity, we're not talking about that one driver or that one house or that one defendant, what happens if we're not talking about that one person's bodily sample we're talking about, well, what kind of a whole gigantic universe of potential data, which might include every single person who searches on Google? It's a pretty big bucket of people who are using that technology. And if law enforcement can just sort of piggyback off of Google to go and investigate whatever is transpiring on their network, that's a pretty powerful tool. Isn't it? So if the FBI, the NSA, the ATF, the DEA, any one of these agencies want to go and access that, what do they have to do? It's pretty easy. All they gotta do is ask for it. They just have to file a warrant and Google is going to give it to them . This article comes over from Forbes headline. Here is an exclusive from forums . Forbes says that the government secretly orders Google to identify anyone who search a particular sexual assault, victims, name, address, and telephone number. So this is written here by Thomas Brewster cybersecurity associate editor over at Forbes. It says back in 2019, federal investigators in Wisconsin were hunting men. They believe participated in the abuse of a minor she'd gone missing, but, but had emerged claiming she was kidnapped and assaulted. This is according to a search warrant that came through. It was , uh , reviewed by Forbes Forbes. We were actually going to look at a search warrant, not this search warrant. This says in an attempt to chase down the perpetrators, then investigators turned to Google. They asked the tech giant to provide information on anyone who had searched the victim's name, two spellings of her mother's name, her address over 16 days across the year after being asked to provide all relevant Google accounts and IP addresses on who made those searches. Google actually gave that data over mid 2020 court documents did not reveal though how many users had their data sent to the government. And so in this case, right, it's kind of a specific, a detailed requests that name, the front and back of the knee. You know, her name two spellings of her mother's name, her address all across 16 days. But what happened if you were just searching for somebody, you know, that you typed in the word like methamphetamine or how to cook a man , uh , methamphetamine, or how to manufacture , uh , LSD, maybe you're just curious about it. I can tell you that. I have been very curious about a lot of things that I've put into Google that I had no intention of doing, or actually investigating any further. Just kind of curious to see how it worked. For example, when you were watching breaking bad, didn't you kind of wonder if you know, how complicated is it really like really? How complicated is it to cook meth? Like, could you just go and get an RV and drive it out into the middle of a desert and actually cook methamphetamines? And it turns out, yeah, you can, you pretty much can. How do I know that? Cause I looked into it a little bit about the chemical , uh , creation of that thing and why they are keeping all the drugs behind the counter. Now, while you have to sign off before you ever buy pseudoephedrine. And so a lot of people get curious and they search for certain things doesn't necessarily make them a criminal unless you want them to be. And so here we have a situation where they had don't know anybody specifically, they don't know the person's house they want access to. They don't know. They don't know specifically whose blood they should be taking. They just kind of want a big Dragnet. They want all of the data that they can possibly get and Google just handed it right over to them, just get it right over to them and said, no problem. Here's all the data that you want. This is a rare example of what's called a key word warrants. So this means that a number of search terms included the broadest on record. You can see the update below, let's see one revealed in 2020, as for anyone that had searched an address of an arson victim . So anybody who put that address into their phone, might've been on the government's list. Another from 2017, revealed that a manager , Minnesota judge signed off on a warrant asking Google to provide information on anyone who searched a victim of a fraud victims name within the city of Edina. Okay. So it's not anything specific. It's not even like a , we want this, this young girl's name on these 16 days. It's like, Hey, what's her w we're just going to search her name. Anybody who searched her name in Edina ever. We just want the names of all those people. Okay. And now they're on the government's investigatory list, scary stuff. While Google deals with thousands of such orders every year, the keyword warrant is one of the more contentious. In many cases, the government will already have a specific Google account that they want information on and they have, they already have proof it's linked to a crime, but search term orders are effectively fishing expeditions, hoping to ensnare possible suspects whose identities the government does not know. It's not dissimilar to so-called geo-fence warrants where investigators ask Google to provide information on anyone within the location of a crime scene at a given time. And we saw that happened a lot back during the January 6th protests . Remember they wanted all the geo-fence, the data, basically anybody who was in the vicinity, who was whose cell phone was pinging off any of those cell towers at the time they wanted all of that data. And they probably got it from at and T and all of the different telecom companies hear what they're talking about again is not dissimilar. So we're, we're , let's go back to the DUI analogy. In a DUI case, you can have a roadway with thousands of cars driving down the road all , all day, all night long. And what the police are supposed to do is say, we're going to monitor all this, and we're going to identify bad driving. We're going to identify that guy. Who's weaving within the lanes, the person who is following too close, who doesn't have their headlights on which according to NITSA, if you don't have your headlights on, there's like a 50% chance that you're drunk according to their standards. So if you see somebody without their headlights on, that's kind of the first thing that police do is say , oh, that's a drunk person. And so what they're doing is they're articulating a specific reason a basis for stopping that person and investigating that person because everybody else on the road has a right to privacy, has a reasonable expectation of privacy has a right to travel around. Has the, the protection provided by our constitution to sort of exist in life without being berated by law enforcement, everywhere you go, you've got to leave people alone. I know that's not the invoke these days, but that is the default. Actually freedom is the default being micromanaged by police and bureaucrats and little dictators and medical , uh , maniacs. That's not the default. That is a new thing that's happened very recently. Default is freedom. And so that's kind of what we want to continue to adhere to. So when people are driving down the roadway and you single out that one guy who looks like he may be drunk and you pull them over and you continue your investigation, that's all done appropriately, totally reasonable to do that based on our current understanding of the right to privacy, the fourth amendment and those types of things. But that's not what's happening here. This would be sort of like in that same roadway, just kind of setting up a net and just saying, yeah, everybody that comes through here, everybody that comes down this road, we're just going to go ahead and pull you over. And we're going to go ahead and just take your blood. And that's just part of the process. Now we're going to go in and investigate you and make sure, look into exactly what you were doing, right? Your behavior specifically, what were you doing? Were you drinking or not? And so we're going to go in and we're going to withdraw your blood. And that's just how it goes now. And so that would be a problem for most people. But , uh , you know, this is sort of not a problem for the courts. They're just saying that they can go into your search records based on what you entered into Google and see exactly what you did, even though there's no articulable suspicion of any wrongdoing. You just typed in something into the internet. You just wanted to see how Walter and, and , uh, what Jessie , how they were concocting their little formulas out in breaking bed. But you had no intention of actually doing that. Is that a thought crime? Are you somebody who's going to end up on an FBI watch list for that? Yeah, probably. So that's sort of the , the distinction that we're talking about, it's identifying somebody being able to articulate specifically what they did that was criminal. That justifies further inquiry versus here. The police can't identify anybody. They don't know who the hell they want, but they want data from Google so that they can hone in. And they're peering into stuff that maybe you think you have a reasonable expectation of privacy too . That would be covered by the fourth amendment. We'll see where this goes. Forbes continues before we get into the actual warrant itself, Forbes is telling us that the late latest case shows Google is continuing to comply with these requests, despite concerns over their legality and the potential to implicate innocent people who happen to search for relevant terms from the government's perspective and Wisconsin, the scope of the warrant should have been limited enough to avoid the latter. The number of people searching for specific names, address, and phone numbers was likely to be low, probably true, but still, what does that, what does that have to do with anything? Privacy experts are concerned about the precedent set by these warrants and the potential for any such order to be a breach of the fourth amendment also concerns about first amendment, freedom of speech, given the potential to cause anxiety amongst Google users, that their identities could be handed to the government because of what they searched for. Yeah. It's yeah. It's concerning. If you think that you have privacy with Google. And so that is kind of applies not to, just to Google. Yes. But to Facebook and to all of the other, you know, Amazon, all the different tech companies, they're all going to sort of fall in lockstep with us. So basically anything you put out there got to imagine that's a free for all. So the next time you're watching a show on methamphetamine production, maybe I'm talking to myself, maybe, maybe don't search for those terms or use a VPN and duck, duck go. How about that? Which I think uses Bing . So there are alternatives to this. Now let's dig into the actual warrant that was filed out of the Western district of Texas. You can see this here. We can start at the top. We see that this was originally sealed, filed back on January 10th, 2019. And this is actually pretty interesting. I know sometimes we do some heavy lifting here by reading through some of these documents, but I wanted to just show you sort of what they were asking for. So you can see this is not, it's not identifying any particular defendant at all. We have a case number here. It's not talking about Robert [inaudible] or Robert aliases or Robbie F ruler . You know , Robert Jr . Any of those things. This is about data that Google has. It's in the matter of the search of information for Google searches and various search terms that are stored at the premises controlled by Google. This is the government, the FBI, the executive branch. Now telling a private company a Google, Hey, we've got a court order here to go and search your records. You can see again, 11 pages, we'll kind of fly through some of this. We have here. It says , uh, this was written by an FBI agent, Scott Kibby . He sworn in, I support an affidavit here. I want a warrant, a search warrant for information associated with certain search terms. We're going to see what those are that were entered into Google search or YouTube. All that data of course is going to be stored over in Google premises. They're using the federal of criminal procedure. They want Google to disclose copies of those things to the government. And you can see the rest of that. There is sort of a nuts and bolts. Paragraph two , we can see specifically what search terms they're looking for. And so some of this has been redacted out, but it says in particular, this application, we want the following search terms as described further and attachment a, but listed down here. So we have this one is redacted or something else redacted. We don't know what those are, but we also have the words that are explosives or IED or a pipe. You know, I don't even want to say some of these words because YouTube will get mad at me. But what you can see here is they're talking about low explosives or a PVC bomb or an IED or a trigger or explosion or a we're probably setting off the FBI right now. So we'll just go ahead and say it, pipe bomb. We've got pipe on PVC bomb. We've got other explosives. And they're basically, you know , if you type these things into Google, then you would, you would get search results. And so how many people are typing those words in there on a regular basis, right ? A lot of people. And so what they're doing is they're saying anybody who is connected to those terms. And so just insert whatever of those terms, you know, you, you might want, you know, how to, how to barbecue chicken or something like that, or a recipe for something, right? If they wanted to find that data, Google could, could do that. It's all indexed. It's all recorded somewhere. This guy who wrote this says he's been a special agent with the FBI since 2011 field office, former job training authorized to investigate all this stuff, execute search warrants all the time. He's a federal law enforcement officer, according to the rules, what he's saying here, why are they investigating this? Why do they need these records? These keyword search warrants, APD ATF, FBI, U S P I S. And many others are investigating bombings that occurred in Austin, Texas back in 2018, March of 2018, there were pipe bombs that were concealed inside a cardboard box. Each one of those is legally classified as a destructive advice device, which gives them a permission to go and investigate it. Further information is being sought by the FBI here. And they want search terms everywhere. Everything from January 1st, 2018, all the way to March 2nd, 2018. So anybody who searched these terms and many others, right? There's an appendix that goes on. But anything between those two dates, January 1st to March 2nd, 2018, if you somebody who typed something like that into it, then they're going to get your name. Or at least that's what they want. Now, the affidavit continues. It says there's preliminary evidence that was recovered from this address in Austin, Texas may have been utilized to detonate that pipe bomb law enforcement has assessed these explosive devices. Law enforcement believes that all three explosions are linked and that they may be interconnected. So they've talked about pipe bombs, PVC, explosives, all of that. There are nails apparently in there for means of fragmentation. The government has not found any information of a registered destructive device for any of the victims of these bombings. Making possession of them unlawful is what it says. All right. So he's just going through, and he's just saying, he's sort of justifying why they need this search warrant approved. He's going through several series of bombs that were explosions that were linked together. We've investigated some of the properties we need to know who was thinking about making these. And he's talking about the actual construction of the devices, cardboard boxes, nails for means of fragmentation. And so if we can maybe go and identify who was searching for these things, we can find out what , what, what, what , uh, what websites they landed on and maybe reversed connect that back to the actual purveyor. He gives us some information about Google. He says, in my experience, I've learned that Google provides a variety of online services, Google search engine, all of that stuff. We all know it. He says in my training and experience there's information there that could constitute evidence of crimes. And so that's why I need it. He says, Google generally ask subscribers to provide certain personal identifying information when you register for an email account. So such information can give them the full name, physical address, phone numbers, identifiers, whether they're paying for subscribers, a source of payment can include any credit card or bank account numbers. We have based on my training and experience, even if subscribers insert false information to conceal their identity, their information often provides clues to their identity location or illicit activities. So even if you're using a burner Google account and you're still searching for it, yeah, they're going to , they're going to get some useful information. They're going to get your identity location, whether you're searching for other things, they can create a profile and then use that data to go after you. The affidavit continues. We have, it says in my training and experience, Google retains certain transactional information about the creation and the use of accounts. It can include the data was created, the length of the service, all sorts of other stuff, because now you have the Google sort of a , you can log in with Google with that one account, right? You have a Gmail. You can log into almost anything on the internet now. And so if you have that, it can sort of track everywhere you go. Using that login information. It can say literally logging into the account via the provider's website. Other IP addresses are stored. Every device that connects to the internet must use an IP address. And if they can get an IP address, then they can back trace that all the way to the person. They can identify the actual person. So just they can go from a search. So somebody that has nothing to do with anything that's being investigated searches for something. And that person's name gets on a , on a Google list, goes over to the FBI. FBI then says, oh, perfect. We're just going to go down this list and we're going to go harass all of those people. Why do they need this? Well , Google may provide crucial evidence of the who, what, why, when, where, and how of the criminal conduct, which would be very useful for the government because that kind of proves their whole case, right? So , uh , if they can just go and get that data, man, it's going to be really easy for them to prove their case. They can use user attribution to take the evidence and find in Disha of occupancy while even executing search warrants at a residence. So what, what this is essentially means is once they can get started on this, they can go and identify who the person is, identify other areas of potential criminality, then execute a search warrant for that person's actual property and then go and get it. So you start with this big broad net, see what you catch. And then you can really hone in on the actual person. And so we can see this wraps up. It says that the Google computers are going to have everything we need. They're going to have all the IP addresses all the user agent strings, everything for Google and for YouTube. And so can you just give it to us? And it sounds like they did. You can see this was signed off on here by Scott Kibby , over with the FBI, honorable judge Mark Lane approved this, these discussions will continue forward. And they asked the court to seal this because they don't want to jeopardize the investigation. Of course. All right. And so that's what the FBI is doing. Gobbling up your data and anything you put into Google, anything you put onto the internet anywhere. Essentially. You've got FBI agents tracking those search keywords down and Google is complying. What do you have to say about this? Let's see what's happening [email protected] We've got some questions here. Antique has prime says, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the time has come to troll by spamming keywords over and over again into the search engine. That's not a bad idea. There that's from VNT KIS . He's probably going to have several FBI agents parachuting into his house. So that's going to be very exciting. Rad is here, says I bet you're lying about it. Always being sunny, Scottsdale, Arizona. It's true. I'm busted. In fact yesterday, it wasn't that sunny. We had a lot of clouds. We have a lot of rain yesterday. It was beautiful. We don't get much of that yesterday. It is beautiful and sunny today. But yesterday you're right. I was fibbing a little bit. No, no question about it. Busted by rad realtor. Patty is here, says Robert, tell everyone to like and share on YouTube. That's from realtor. Patty . I didn't say it. She's . She said it right there. Look at that right there. Like, and share on YouTube. That's from realtor. I didn't say it, but realtor, Patty said it and thank you, realtor. Patty . I would appreciate if everybody did that, we have another one from George Washington. Wow. What an honor. We are becoming more and more like Australia, where the government gives you your rights. This is America. Our rights, our God , given this administration must respect the constitution or eventually suffer the consequences at the voting booth. That's from George Washington. Amazing man. Let's see what else we have on Google keyword warrants. We got geo Mancy games is here. Subscribe on YouTube. So on this topic, I was literally given a prescription to fentanyl the other day to wear a patch because of the extreme pain of my cancer. I want to know the side effects to watch out for. And all the Google would spill to me is about people who have ODS or George Floyd. Sure. I'm now in a database it's disgusting. It's disgusting. Uh, geo Mancy games is another content creator over on YouTube. And if you want to go and support him, that's a , that's a good thing to do. Yeah, but he's also on a list now. So if you go subscribe, you're probably also going to be on a list. We're all , all we're on a list together. Geo Mancy . We can, we can all commiserate. Let's go. Brandon is here. It says, of course, Google is a fed honeypot designed to entrap you and throw you in jail. The feds are a-holes and let them screw them over by using Tor VPN, duck, duck go or quant . You search all to use proton mail use. Uh , don't know what that one is. Uh, and , and encryption like signal like element. Let's make the Fed's job harder and let's go, Brandon is what let's go brand and says, you know, I think they have flags for that now over , uh, on , uh, on the let's go Brandon, you know , support community, which is just a great meme that was from let's go Brandon, we have another one. The Antica says, isn't it great that all these people are so environmentally conscious about promoting surveillance and control by organizations that collectively consume well over a hundred million gallons of potable water globally, globally in a single day in all the server farms. Yeah. It's it is interesting. The double standards and the hypocrisy. There's no question about that. Let's see what else we've got. CP Miller is here, says for a suit. I don't, I actually don't know interference on your ability to get ad revenue in , to tilt until too late to get full potential. Thanks. I'm not sure what that question is on that one. I apologize pili while he says, Rob you're looking well, the internet is now very much the enemy of the people. I don't mean to sound like a Sandra Bullock movie in the movie, the net there, but trust is completely shattered. Can you trust gates with his links to Epstein? Can you trust Zuckerberg with his Facebook crash on the day of damaging evidence being against Facebook, it's all tied to the same mess of corruption that doesn't think of us as customers, but as prey to manipulate. Yeah, I think that's a good point. That's from pili , Wally . Yeah. The Facebook thing is just the weirder and weirder by the day. You know, a lot of people I think are getting kind of caught up here. What do you do about Facebook and this whole Facebook whistleblower thing on the one hand, Facebook is trash and they sensor and really make it difficult to actually communicate. And we know that they are tipping the scales every which way we saw it. We all live through what they did back during the election and how they were limiting certain stories and stopping the reach of other stories. And the list goes on. But you also have this whistleblower that people want to sort of champion because they're dunking on Facebook and saying how horrible they are, but this lady's coming out and talking about, oh, well the solution is we need even more censorship because it's so dangerous over there. And she like has a verified Twitter account that has like 50,000 subscribers or followers on Twitter. That's verified. And she is just her account just opened in February. And in October, like this month, October, 2021. So the whole thing seems like it was just set up to me. And so I don't really take that. She says , uh , seriously, it sounds like this whole thing has been coordinated. And anytime that you see people in the mainstream media, like the main news people, they're like, yeah, this is great. This , this woman is really speaking the truth. Well, you gotta understand, they're talking about a direct competitor. Nobody's watching CNN anymore. Nobody's watching MSNBC anymore. Right? Even Fox news is even having trouble aside from a couple of hosts, but everybody's going onto the internet. And so when you see all the media going, yeah, Facebook's terrible. We've got to really stop that . Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino over. There you go. All right . Like everybody knows where your bread is buttered and why you want Facebook to suffer the consequences a little bit. The shot in Freud is a very, very obvious we have what's this one? Oh yeah. We have a question here. Uh , the name is a Zulu searches for Jen Saki photos. I'd love to see a Google search history from that crew in the watching the Watchers, YouTube chat. It's true. I mean, I don't, you know, who knows what, what we're all searching for. I don't want the feds going through my search history. I'll say it. And I'll just go out and say it. I don't want them. I I'm a curious guy. You know , I've got a lot of interesting , uh, queries. A lot of it has to do with criminal law and all sorts of, you know, governmental questions that are going on there, but it's okay. I'm already on a list. I know that's just where that is going to end up. And I'm at peace with that. We've got soul Viking is here, says, luckily people at this point in time are still able to use alternative search engines, more private browsers, browsers, and VPNs if they choose. But for how long our Congress has tried to encroach widely on privacy. And at some point they will probably succeed. I think it's pretty much safe to say. And, and honestly, you know, I kind of joke about my search history and stuff like that, but I really do try to keep a , a, a pretty tight standard. I kind of have of , of , of the mindset that anything I put into the internet , uh , including this show is a permanent record. So if I send an email and my gut, gosh, what if somebody's going to read this in court one day? You know, I try to keep things pretty cut and dry. I'm a lawyer. And so I sort of assess risk in that way, but you know, but, but still right , we, we , we , we shared this quote here before, show me the man. I'll show you the crime. You can find you can, you can criminalize virtually anything. You want anybody that drives to work every day or drives their kids to school is committing like five crimes every day, right? Every single time that you don't turn into the immediate lane in most states, that's a crime. Oh, it's a wide right turn. Oh, it's a wide left turn, right? Everything is criminalized. And so this is where some of the concern comes into play, which we will continue to detail here on this channel. Of course, a couple of other questions we've got, I'm not gas as don't Google control pew . I don't know what I'm not going to Google it. I don't want to do that. Kenny. One B says, where does a DUI checkpoint fall into this? Well, some states will , uh, we'll , we'll allow that, right? Some states have DUI checkpoints that are still authorized. It's not a thing here in Arizona, but it is in many other states. And so you could have, it's a great question. And I'm glad you asked that because you could sort of introduce that into the analogy. I think that they're unconstitutional. I don't think that they should be able to stop everybody without reasonable suspicion. They need to see it . They need to have an articulable reasonable suspicion before they stop somebody and DUI checkpoints. Aren't doing that. It's a Dragnet enforcement. And so I think that they are totally unconstitutional, but, but you're right. Th th there are states that still do them. I think California might be one of them hyper Patriot says, is there any privacy left in this country? Have you heard about duck, duck go search engine, giving up data on their users? No, I did not hear about that. That sounds like a death sentence for their search engine if they were to do that. But what do I know Sergeant Bob says in the view of the current weaponizing of the DOJ, these keyword warrants are troubling. Yeah. And that's a whole nother point, right? We have to sort of introduce that into the conversation. Yeah . Not only is it a problematic, in my opinion, Sergeant Bob might disagree with this , uh, inappropriate use of inappropriate methodology of conducting Dragnet fishing expedition types of surveillance. It's even worse under the current DOJ, because they are already encroaching all over the place. We have a whole slide on that, that we talked about yesterday. We have another one from let's go. Brandon says considering the Google. Um , yes. Okay. Considering that Google is a fed honeypot consider using graphing OS and use duck, duck go to frustrate the feds, take your privacy in your own hands. Courts are unreliable. Rob , considering Google is trash. Have you considered using stream elements or stream labs where you get close to 100% of the donations instead of the Superchat , hashtag let's go, Brandon. You know, I use Streamlabs actually, as my streaming platform, see that just popped up there. That's a stream element in Streamlabs OBS. So I'm sure that I could do that. You know, it's just another thing, you know , you know, honestly, the sort of the, the, the money is kind of an afterthought. Candidly, maybe it shouldn't be, but it is an afterthought. And so, you know, if Google is going to take 30% of the super chats, it's like, all right , that's just the cost of doing business, but it's, it is appropriate right? There, there are other ways that I could monetize this stream and , uh, probably use that additional revenue to increase the value of the show or do you know , advertise the show to expand it. It's a good thought. I'll have to think about it. We have another one from the DOB says the federal government needs to be abolished. They are enemies of freedom. They have been pushing way too far for too long. I'm beyond done with them. There's no fixing the system. This judge needs to be ousted. He obviously has zero respect for the constitution that's from [inaudible] . And let's see any other comments over on watching the . My gosh. Yeah, we do. We have a lot of them actually pick up the pace of your news. Now, Wyoming says I'm not surprised the judge signed off on this. They can get a warrant against anything. I would be more interested to know how, what came of the search warrant. If any case started with the warrant would be later thrown out due to a horrible search warrant. Warrants had been thrown out a lot. So all is not lost. I'm concerned about the privacy, of course, but do not want anyone to think my comments support such act that's from news now, Iommi, which is a very good comment. And I think it's very pertinent, right? Because the, the, the real danger here would be that they, they use this. They get sort of a first round of evidence and they go, okay, look, we , we didn't know who this was in the first place. Now we have a list of 500 people, and we wean that list down to three people. And then we weaned that list down to two people. And then we go and we get additional warrants and we go and investigate their homes. And we find the guy that did it. And you got an innocent person caught up in that, not to mention the other 498 people that had a lot of their personal details rifled through until they could hone the funnel down to the one person. All of that, in my opinion is unconstitutional. You can't just start with nothing. And then deduce your way down into something. You got to have something articulable because the pro the problem there is that anybody can find anything about anybody. You start at the top and you just go home . We're going to go get this person. And you're going to work your way into it. Or if you then don't have a justification to go in , investigate that person at the bottle of bottom of the funnel, you go now that you know who it is, and you go make it up outside of this particular process, you just go, oh, well, now we're just going to go sit outside his house, wait for a allowed sound. Oh, something happening in there might be a murder. Exigent circumstances, knock the door down. And now you get access to the house, but you just got it through sort of a pseudo, extra constitutional prosper process here, which are these keyword search warrants. It is troubling. We have another one to Darby says there was no honor among Mark Lane. I don't know. Who's Mark Lane. Was he, did we just talk about him? Former Elio says, well, the let's go brand and trigger a warrant. I don't know . You know, a good question. IP address will also wait to all other IP contacts. What is useless as the ACL? What is the useless ACL you doing about this tech? Talk about a shotgun approach to an investigation. That's from a former Leo folks. You heard it here. John Dolores says, some Democrats will weaponize this politically. I don't trust this at all. My hobby is being a crime junkie. I search for things that may try to help solve cold cases or unidentified people. I'm sure my searches would probably seem suspicious. There are a lot of crime junkies out there. Twitter and Facebook are already weaponized. This is the next step. And it , they can just connect you to anything, right? Whatever you're searching for. We have news now says, I still don't see how Google is still not seen as an agent of the government. They silence you on government behalf. They give the government what they want. I kind of think, you know, it's sort of the opposite in many ways. I sort of think that Google and Facebook and Amazon they're, they're kind of the head honchos in this whole power dynamic. And you can just see that right now. Ultimately, I know that the government has the ability to, to, to, to change the course of each one of those corporations with a snap of a pen of your fingers, but practically, how does this really work? All the Republicans like Ted Cruz and all of these useless people, all complain about big tech. And we're going to go out there and fight big tech and Josh Holly, oh , they all haul him in front of Congress. And they come in front of Congress and Zuckerberg puts on his human skin for about two seconds and says , uh , yes, Senator yes, Senator yes, Senator no Senator. We don't do any of this crap. It turns out they're doing all of that crap. There are lying to the Congress people right in front of their faces, but these people are octogenarians. They're like 200 years old and they have a very difficult time even understanding what a Facebook is. And so it's very difficult for any actual oversight to take place, not to mention all of them have been bought and paid for by all of the lobbyists that Amazon Facebook and Google employees. So it's this little sort of a stupid show that we see regularly. And I would say that regularly, Google and Facebook can really influence what happens in this country to a larger degree than anything that any of these Congress, people are doing. The power, the real power lies with them, not with Ted Cruz. Lord Nelson says we have become the scifi person of interest. That was so fascinating. The person of interest from Lord Nelson, we have one from van tikka says not to go too far off on a tangent, but apparently the lawsuit that Trump brought against Twitter, there's a new motion. The new motion cites a precedent for social media to be considered for limited purpose government actors in specific cases. So with Google, Twitter and so on, it'll be interesting to see what happens. Look, I've long argued and said here that there should be a digital bill of rights. If the, if the current bill of rights that guarantees free speech and free expression and free association, if that exists in the physical world, well, most of our lives are now in the digital world. And so there should be something like that that exists in many parts of America, you couldn't leave your house. The only real public square that you had was the digital sphere. You couldn't go out and associate with your friends, CDC until recently said, oh, there is no Thanksgiving anymore. Uh , you got to stay home. Fowchee is like, well, it's too early to talk about Christmas. Well, w what do you have now? You've got Facebook and you've got your , uh , meetings. You've got all of your digital life. And if they get to say, you can't associate with those people, or you can't say these things, or that is now banned, or you misspoke against this particular policy, that's a problem. Why wouldn't those same civil rights that apply in the physical space, apply to the digital space. And now what they're doing is they're just outsourcing all of these things to corporations. And they're just, oh, it's not the government censoring, you it's Facebook. It's not the government, it's Google. And so that's how they escape it. And a lot of people that are very in favor of censorship are just clapping their hands, like dumb seals, excited that this is happening because it's happening to their political opponent . And I get it. If Republicans, if this was happening and the Republicans were winning, as the Democrats were getting booted off social media, I'm sure conservatives be like, yeah, this is great. They have the wrong idea. I disagree. It's about freedom of speech. It's about freedom of association, freedom of expression. I would, I think that Democrats and liberals and everybody who, all the Antifa people, whatever they want to say, bring it out into the public. Let's hear your stupid arguments and let's dissect them. But when you dismiss people, when you demonize their perspective , you , you ruined the conversation that really should be happening. And it's actually a disservice to society. We had a , uh , a question here. I think that was in Russian or something. Uh , duck, duck go, oh , no, I'm not going to even read that one. Thomas Jefferson says when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty. It was a good quote. Did he say that it's powerful. Sergeant Bob says, I agree, Rob too much fish fishing without basis surprised your show has caused me to rethink a lot. Sergeant Bob is in the house too . Also saying, it sounds like it's a little bit too broad. I'm not surprised. Sergeant Bob you're very reasonable man. Very excellent police officer. I would have imagined we have former Leo says, would these overly broad warrants make YouTube an agent of the government that I sort of was opining on that, but I don't think that there is too much of a stretch to make that argument. We have D rod is here, says we have a , it's saying the city of Miami beach very long weekend with tourists fly in, has checkpoints on every bridge, leading into the island. I've been stuck in those coming home from work it's hours . One of the many reasons sold and came back to the suburbs. The traffic on the highways was bumper to bumper on holiday break and clutch the whole way home that's from D rod. You've got some traffic over there in Florida. What? A pain in the butt . Sorry to hear about that. D rod, we have geo Mancy says a digital bill of rights. Sounds nice, but Republicans wouldn't go for it either. Yeah. Well, they're useless. We know that. That's why , uh , a constitutional convention of the states would be appropriate. Thomas Jefferson said , uh , yes, I did say that also. Please read the Federalist papers. I have Thomas. All right . Stop yelling at me. I was a political science major. I have them they're back there on the bookshelf, on the bottom shelf. I think, I think the Federalist papers are back there. You're right. I'm doing it for a refresh on those. It's been a long time, very important documents. Former Elio says, how about a warrant search for dumped trumps so that, so that the Democrats can feel some heat. Yeah. Two could play it that way. That , that game can't, they that's from former LEL. We got some super chats that came in over from YouTube. Wolfgang was in the house with several of them, says , um, we need to find out what keywords trigger, trigger, Google, disseminate them. Use them constantly flood the warrants, take up their valueless time. Yeah. Well they're already, you know, I think, I think they're good on time. I mean, they have like a whole division dedicated to finding Waldo in the where's Waldo coloring books over there at the FBI. I think it's called the children's division something, but they got a whole team of people over there when they're not showing up at fake protests. Wolfgang also says I'm audio booking. Trump's executive orders going to be back in five he's back. He's also says, because duck, duck go would not want to hire somebody of your skin color, gender, and possible views. I'm unsure if I wish to continue using them. He also says, let's go Brandon. And the Blasio Wolf gang is in the house. Rodney price subscribed. We have Austin press here says I saw that the whistleblower isn't bringing anything to the sec, despite the sec, paid over 1 billion in awards to whistleblower in 2021 seems sketchy . Yeah. That's from Austin. Yeah. I think that, that, I think you're talking about the Facebook whistleblower and that the sec is not going to do anything to , um , to address that. And then Chris Wolney says, what if Google was actually a front for the NSA? Yeah. You know, if you want to go down that , uh , conspiratorial routes, I'm happy to do that. You know, I think that there , there , there there's a lot. There's a lot there. Right? They , they sort of pick, pick certain, certain , uh , entities to latch onto early in their development. Like a Facebook, like an Amazon, like a Tesla, like a space X , you know, anyone like the Google guys, right? The, the establishment, CIA, whatever you want to call it, let me cough real fast. Ah , we gotta get that out of there. But we have, you know, you could see a situation in which they , they sort of pick their superstar. They puffed those companies up. They ride them to the top. They put all their eggs in that basket. They said, okay, social media is going to be a thing. We have to pick a winner here. They pick it. And they make it happen with Facebook, with Amazon, with Google, kind of the same model that you see over with the Chinese. Right? You see Jack ma over at Alibaba, he gets big. The, the, the, the mega state sort of beefs him up when he starts to get a little bit squirrely , what happens? Well, the communist party takes them aside. They lock him back in a , uh, in solitary confinement. They give him a little bit of reeducation . He comes back out. No , yeah, China's great. I forgot about that. And so, you know, it's a little bit different over there, but you can see how it would be in our government's interest to make sure that they're closely intertwined with all of these mega conglomerates, because they're using them to force policy. I mean, literally everywhere you go, every time you open Instagram or Facebook, a vaccine , get your vaccine, get your vaccine, get your vaccine. It's turning into an entity, a long arm of the government to some degree. And so why wouldn't they be infiltrated? We already saw all of that with prism. We saw that the U S government was literally building backends into all of the major tech companies. There's a slide that Edward Snowden leaked so that, yeah, we got into Microsoft in 2006, we got into Google in 2003, we got into YouTube, but this one, right? And they just show you the exact moment when they were literally building in the infrastructure to siphon off the data at the backbone of the internet. It's all. I sound like Alex Jones, it's all documented. And it is, it really is. All right. We have another one over here from locals. Thomas Jefferson says, who loves you? Rob, keep up the good work that's from that's from TJ. Former. Leo says Al gore screwed us when he invented the internet. Yeah . All these problems stem from Al gore, which I thought we were supposed to be underwater by now. Wasn't the world supposed to end like five years ago. I can't remember the timeline on this thing. All right. Those were great questions over from watching the FBI topics. A lot of good questions. We're going to move on into the next segment. But before we do, let's give some shout outs over on locals. We've got Paula MK pili . Wally three girlies is back. I'm not gassed. John Hal grins over there. We have VNT kiss prime and , uh , yeah. And they're chatting away over on YouTube. We've got over here. We've got Danette Vijaya . We've got any BIS , we have freedom. X-Force playing hooky, Wolfgang, Dayo, and lean on rumble. We've got shout outs to Raven craft, Southern Vicks and Roadtrek girl all in the house. Chatting away. No , that's nice. Yes. Oh man. Okay. So good stuff going on over there. Thank you for all of your support. I do appreciate it. All right . And so we're going to move into the next segment now. What are we talking about? Oh yeah. Vaccine mandates. You see them all over the place coming to a local hospital near you as well. Especially if you're going to be somebody who needs a transplant and organ transplant. We now have two hospitals that came out today and said, unless you are fully vaccinated, if you need that kidney. Nope. Not going to get it. You got to get fully vaccinated. If you're going to have that organ put into your body. The first story that we're talking about comes from Colorado, Colorado based health system is saying it is denying organ transplants to patients that are not vaccinated in almost all situations. How do they justify it? They say that these patients will likely die or are much more likely to die. If they in fact get COVID policy now illustrates the growing cost of being unvaccinated . And it weighs into controversial territory. The use of immunization status to decide who gets medical care. Remember those two tiers that we've been screaming about here for the last 18 months or so talking about the society now bifurcating into two systems. You've got the vaccine and the [inaudible] . If you're VAX , now you get to participate in society. Mayor DeBlasio literally said that if you want to go and be a part of New York city, well, you got to get vaccinated. Otherwise you don't get to enjoy the same privileges as everybody else. You are a sub person, same thing that Joe Biden said, Hey , listen, the vaccine, you can keep your jobs. But if you're, un-vaccinated sorry, you're out of here. You got to go get it. Otherwise using obscure OSHA standards, you are now going to be fired coming up soon. And the deadlines are all around the corner. For many people in all different parts of the world. So two tiers of people and the slow creep has been continuing down. At some point, we were going to be saying, well, what happens about medical care? What happens about I don't go into the grocery store. What happens about hopping on an airplane? Does this keep continuing down and down and down? And yes, it does. It, it also goes now into hospitals where they're saying specifically, go get that VAX . Otherwise, no Oregon's here is the rest of the story. The organization who is doing this is the university health rules. Uh , UC health is the name of the organization. Talking about a Colorado representative named Tim. Geitner said that a Colorado Springs woman we're going to hear from her next is being refused. A kidney from the university of Colorado Anschutz medical campus and the city of Aurora. We're going to take a look at the letter. This is the letter that the woman received, and this was sent on September 28th. Of course her mailing address and all that has been blocked. You can see it comes from UC health transplant center from an Schutz medical and , uh, several people tag this. I'm not gas tag this over on , uh , locals. And somebody sent me this on Twitter. Thank you also it says the transplant team at the university of Colorado hospital has determined that it's necessary to place you on the inactive place. You inactive on the waiting list. You will be inactivated on the list. Why for noncompliance by not receiving the COVID vacs , you'll have 30 days to begin the vaccination series. If your decision is to refute fuse to COVID vaccination, you will be removed from the kidney transplant list. You will continue to accrue waiting time, but you will not receive a kidney offer while listed inactive. Once you complete the COVID vaccine series, you'll be reactivated on the kidney transplant list pending any other changes in your health condition. If you have any questions, call me Tasha is the letter from the United network for organ sharing. It describes the service and informations that have been offered to you. Sign off on here by Katie, over with a UC And so, you know, you might say, well, listen, Rob, you know, there's only so many organs to go around. And so we better, you know , want to give those to the right people. People who are healthy and there is red precedent for this. I'm not a medical doctor, but I am somebody who spent a lot of time in recovery and the 12 steps and uh, many different AA rooms. And , uh, even though I had my own issues with alcohol, many, it may , well , you know , I still, I still consider myself to be a person in active recovery, but it is something that I never did so much damage to my body that I would have needed a new liver. But if I did need a new liver, they're not going to give me one. If I am still an alcoholic, right? Because they would just give me that new liver. And I would, I would trash that liver one night. So they'd want to see that you're a recovered person. You're working a program, you're doing stuff so that they perfectly good liver that they give you, doesn't go into your body and just get abused again. And so you can see how it sort of does make logical sense to have these types of conversations about, well, listen, you know, we're we're yes, we are going to help you, but you can't continue to do damage to, to deliver, right ? We're not going to give you something that you're going to destroy when there's another person who is actively in need of that. And so you can see how some of those medical decisions might need to be met. Right? But what about if we have a situation like this one where we have a Colorado woman with a stage five renal failure, she's months away from getting a new kidney. Now she and her donor are looking for another hospital. Okay. So now we're talking about two people who are making a decision about what they want to do. Let's see if we can peer into this a little bit further. According to UC health, the majority of transplant recipients and living donors are now required to get vaccinated, but neither woman in this case has received their shots. You can see the two down here on the left. We have Laelani Lou Tali and on the right. We have Jamie Folkner over here and they met in Bible study just 10 months ago. Isn't that a beautiful thing? Let's see what we've got. It says those two people now want to transmute a kidney. So we have Jamie Folkner has a kidney that is ripe and ready to go perfectly available to be trans planted into Laelani Lou Tali , ready to go. Neither one of those women has gotten the vaccine. They met at Bible study 10 months ago. I've got a kidney. That's great. I need a kidney. Hey hospital, can you just swap one of these puppies in for us? No, we can't. Why not? Well for transplant patients says UC health, the ones who contract COVID-19 the mortality rate ranges from about 20% more to 30% shows extreme risk that COVID-19 poses to transplant recipients after their surgeries. Okay. So there's a little bit higher risk there. All right. So centers across the nation also have requirements to protect surgical patients. Like for example, got to get a vaccine for hepatitis B, got to get a vaccine for MMR, got to make lifestyle changes, right? Like stop drinking alcohol. They , these requirements increase the likelihood that a transplant will be successful. Hm . But Folkner the person who was willing to give the kidney. It says, here I am. I'm willing to be a direct donor to her does not affect any other patient on the transplant list. How can I sit here and allow them to murder my friend when I've got a perfectly good kidney and can save her life. Yeah. Right. Because that's kind of the justification for not giving somebody that organ it's Hey, we've got limited organs , right? We just can't print out kidneys. We just don't have a bunch of levers to give everybody. And so in this case, though, we have a direct donor and I direct recipient. Both of them are of a political or particular religious perspective. Here is both of them talking to the news. Recently,

Speaker 2:

My life is in jeopardy. Lay Lonnie, Lou Tolley says she needs one thing to survive a new kidney, but the Colorado Springs woman is now facing the possibility of not getting one. If she continues refusing a COVID-19 vaccine,

Speaker 3:

I have too many questions that remain unanswered. At this point, I feel like I'm being coerced into not being able to wait and see, and that I have to take the shot. If I want this life saving transplant

Speaker 2:

[inaudible] and her potential donor. Jamie Folkner found out about the change last week while going through compatibility tests, both say they have religious concerns with taking the vaccine.

Speaker 4:

And when I explained that, no, I wouldn't be able to take the COVID shot. The comment was, well, then your journey ends here because we require all of our donors and all of our recipients to have the COVID-19 vaccine.

Speaker 1:

All right. Well, your journey ends here. Yeah . And so, you know, I've actually heard that from other people, even some people here around the office have explained that, well, they've gone to their primary care physicians and they say , I'm not really interested in that. And it's also being extended into the flu shots are also not going to take the flu shot. And they , they literally use that same statement. Okay. Well, your journey as a patient here is now over because we require everybody to get the vaccines and you may be somebody who was experiencing this, right. We're seeing that same resorting, that same bifurcation, the same two tiers, the same two systems, the pro vaxxers, the pro Liberty people, I would say on the other side are sort of diverging what's happening . Right. Even in the medical system. And you know, what's so interesting about this case. Yeah. We have one woman who says, yeah, I have a kidney it's unboxed. I have another woman. I don't want a vaccine . I'm going to unbox kidney. I get probably didn't care about the kidney, but just wants the operation to be done. They won't do it because it's their policy. And this has nothing to do with making sure that the kidney goes to somebody else, right. This woman's not just putting her kidney up on eBay. It's supposed to be going to a direct friend and they've already worked all of this out. And there's a hospital there that theoretically can perform this procedure. They don't want their business go elsewhere. So that's probably what they're going to do now to add a little bit extra spice to this. Let's listen in. Did they already have COVID Hmm . Maybe

Speaker 2:

Show transplant. Patients are more than 10 times as likely to die from COVID-19 than the general public UC health saying, this is why it's essential that both the recipient and the living donor be vaccinated. Lou Tolley says she had COVID last summer and isn't terribly concerned.

Speaker 3:

I probably came down with a second case of co-ed . It would be minimal. And my first time around, I was almost asymptomatic. So I'm not worried about that piece.

Speaker 1:

She had already had COVID in the first place. Uh , right. But now she's got to go through this whole thing because some bureaucrat somewhere said, no, our policy is , uh , you gotta , gotta go get backs . Is it a medical decision? Or is this just more bending of the knee? Now what you see here is it's just starting there in Colorado. Very recently today, we saw it . Boom, immediately pop also up in Seattle, the UWC university of Washington medicine is also going to deny transplants to unvaccinated patients. It says, if you have not been vaccinated, you may have a hard time getting a transplant. If you're in Western Washington, Colorado hospitals did it. Now university of Washington medicine is also going to do that. They told Fox news that, that this policy started a few weeks ago. Health officials say the reason for this is safety. When a patient gets a transplant, their immune system is suppressed and we can state during this time they're vulnerable to infections and COVID-19 can be extremely dangerous for those in immunocompromised positions. If not fatal, being on a transplant is the ideal time to get vaccinated. And , uh, that's when they're more likely to respond to the vaccine. So, so we've got two hospitals. Now, if you go over to the university of Washington website, you'll see this FAQ. It says that we have a couple of questions that we can ask. It says, do I have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to relieve a solid organ transplant like a heart, a kidney or liver or a lung? It says, yes, you must be fully vaccinated prior to procedure. Unless you have a specific medical exception that prevents you from getting the vaccine. Okay. Any other exceptions? I don't know. Let's see here. I'm against COVID-19 because of a sincerely held religious belief. Do I still have to get the vaccine? Yes. The vaccine for COVID-19 is required prior to solid organ transplants at UWA medicine. No matter what your decision, we are here to care for you throughout your journey like that. See that language popping up again. It's your journey. If you want to kill yourself by not getting this vaccine, that's your prerogative, but don't blame us for killing you for not helping you get a kidney transplant it, even though we're a hospital and we swore all sorts of owes to, you know , treat people, it's your fault for not getting the vaccine, not ours, because we have to save your life. And we have to , um, we only have so many kidneys to go around. So you're on your own there. It also says, why, why do I have to get vaccinated prior to this? It says, well , after a transplant, your immune system is suppressed in a prolonged weakened state makes you less able to develop an appropriate immune response. That's why you got to get it first. Hmm . All right . And what if I refuse the COVID-19 vaccine for nonmedical reasons? Well, very simple. You can see that down right here. It says very simple. You will be removed from the wait list and you're going to be deemed ineligible to receive a transplant from uni university of Washington medicine. You go into the penalty box. You are a noncompliant subhuman , and you don't matter anymore. So get out of our hospital. That's where this is going. Very, very fun stuff. Let's see what you have to say about this [email protected] We're going to pull these questions up in the chat and get right into them. We've got another here from let's see here. Well, we , this is a nice comment. This is off topic, but this is nice. Just wanted to say thank you for your stream. I've been watching for about a year now. Addicted, rarely watch live your stream as a first thing in the morning here in Pooka , Thailand. Thank you for the correct pronunciation there. My gosh, I was going to botch that one. Let's let's zoom in on that one. Thank you for this poo cat , Thailand. Otherwise I would have pronounced it inappropriately. Really appreciate your legal take and your humor on the current issues. Keep up the good work that's from Thai living. Shout out to Ty Limon . Very nice comment and welcome to our community. I know you just signed up. We have another one from Sergeant . Bob says Colorado is getting more like Oregon only. It has taller mountains. It's true. That's not a good thing. We have D rod says Snowden has a video discussing our virtual lives and how there's a pattern of life that is captured by smartphones stored for years. One of the suggestions to provide privacy is that big Tet delete this information every few years. I'm going to post this over on locals . Awesome. Thank you D rod with the information stored on smartphones, w who you call, they know everything about you. There is no privacy at all time to get a Jew jitterbug phone. That's from D rod that was on the prior segment, but good stuff. VNT cases here says, you know, Rob, the psychology of what's going on right now is very close to events of certain people in a book that I'm currently reading. Just the particulars are different. If you people watching all the plot , if you people watching on all the platforms want to know what book that is head on over to locals and check out the community. You're welcome for the wing man. Play on the grift. Rob, thanks, VNT . Because he's helping me continue the grift, which is good, but very, very good. But yes, he did recommend a book. It's should I say the name of the book, the anti kiss . Should I make him go over there to get it? Yeah, they can go over there and get it. We have another one from VNC Kia says let's make sure I got the details straight in order to get a life saving operation. You have to have a medical procedure to prevent spreading , spreading a pathogen that doesn't stop spreading the pathogen. Did I get that right? You did. More or less. You got that right now. We can't say that the vaccine doesn't reduce transmission. Cause I that's w listened to the CDC on all of those things, right? Of course. But yes, the, the , uh, the guidance is , um , public and available. Vaccines are safe and effective. We have Jeremy Machida says Rob, the HIPAA applies even to doctors and hospitals. I would like to know if HIPAA trumps OSHA, you know, it's, it's going to be a matter of enforcement, right? If the department of justice is going to Sue businesses for $700,000, if they don't comply with this, the businesses are going to fire people who do not get the vaccine. It's really as simple as that, right? All of the constitutional underpinnings, all of that's going to get hashed out at some point in time, but the damage is already going to be done. This is how the entire byte administration has been working. They don't care about the constitution or any rule of law. They just do it. And then everybody's Springs into action because everybody's spring loaded with COVID problems that they make the changes anyways, and the courts will catch up with it. Later. Snipers here says my fear is the medical procedure mandate is going to reduce Elio numbers . So broadly across the country, it's gonna allow this administration to further the federal police state to add to their unconstitutional power grab. In addition to just setting up shops all over the place , uh, Capitol hill police all over the country. Now we have pili wall . He says, this is an outrage. Rob . If that idea hits UK shores, I will be raging. The vaccine talk is becoming so overwhelming. None of it makes any sense at all. What about the person that died or is giving the transplant? Maybe they should state. They don't want any of their organs going into a vaccinated person rules for some so it's time. So it's a fit to switch it up. Yeah. I mean, it's like, is that where we're going to, like, everything is just like, maybe we should have just like dating apps and restaurants only for the vacs than the unboxed. Only enter into business agreements. If this is, Hey, Vaxxed only, right? Like that's what, that's what this country is coming to. VAX people back of the bus, get to the back of the bus. Don't sit at this table. This is for the vacs to people. This is our water fountain. All you unpacked people, you get a different water fountain. It is separate, but it's equal. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That sounds good. It sounds like a good, good , uh, a good plan, right? For this country. It's the Democrats who are talking about it and they're all like, yeah, that's great. That's great. Yeah. More medical segregation in this in America, we'll have very unifying. Very neat. We have sweet potato SA uh , PO T toe . Sorry about that. Says they've been requiring vaccination for organ transplants for a couple of months. Now in Washington, if you want a sneak preview of hell, just look to Washington happening here. First, they have a sign. You have you sign an attestation. If you're vacs or not at my doctor's office, I doctor before you're seeing my crystal ball says, system's going to be overwhelmed from the medical professionals, refusing the vacs on the 18th. They will only have capacity to serve the vaccinated. That's a very interesting dynamic, right? It's to cause such a problem. It's to overwhelm the medical system by getting rid of all of the [inaudible] so that the only people who have the high ground in the medical profession are now the vaccine . And since they set the rules, all of the unboxed are going to be out ex-communicated cause they've all been fired as a result of the , the mandates and things of that nature. And so now it's sort of this self-sustaining entity, since they fired all of their [inaudible] , they don't have capacity to actually help the unboxed . And so now it's just going to be one medical system only for the vaccine people. Yeah. It's a scary thing, but it's happening right now in America. Isn't it fun? We got a lot of questions on this. Let's continue on soul Viking says sad, but many people would want to immediately disqualify people for kidney transplants. If it was revealed that they attend Bible studies. Yeah. That might be also, I mean, as egregious here , uh [inaudible] first of all, they were friends, which is like, you know, they were, they were embracing each other without any masks on. Did you see that they weren't even social distancing, which is offensive as hell number two they're un-vaccinated , which it basically is analogous to being a pond scum now in America. And thirdly, they might be Christians like, oh my gosh, they should just go straight to their reeducation camps because they might be actual Christians. They're studying the Bible. This is insane. What kind of country are we living in? John Howell ? Green is here, says your analogy of the alcoholic versus the person who does not have a disease is flawed. One has a disease. The other does not. The medical professionals responsible for this should be terminated while discussing my bone marrow transplant. There was never a discussion of vaccine status. This is a horrible, no matter how you look at it, I suppose she should get a back alley kidney transplant now. Yes. Using some of that very provocative abortion language, a back alley, kidney transplant. Thank you, John, for being here. Yeah. I understand the analogy of the alcoholic. And I might , my point with that story was to sort of illustrate out, you know, where it, where it might, where it might make sense, at least logically to me. But , uh , but again, you know, we're talking about medical treatment and people's lives. It feels very cruel to me to be sort of bullying people by withholding medical care. Like is that the standard that we want in this country anywhere Ty live and says backroom transplants may become more attractive. Very sad. Ty living , we have Jeremy says did all these morons forget about the ability to test people for COVID before getting the procedure. It's not like they will get COVID from the hospital. If every , if everyone is required to get the vaccine to work in the hospital, these people make themselves look flat out stupid. That's from Jeremy. Machida a lot of questions on this. Former Elio says since OSHA hasn't issued any formal guidelines. So does that mean the hospital will be assuming the responsibility for the policy? How about a traffic accident with life-threatening injuries and no vaccination, will that person instantly become at DNR patient while you see many people who are cheering about that, right? Saying that, well, this is a good policy. Yeah. I mean, if they're not willing to save themselves, why should we care about them? A lot of that language, a lot of people are very excited about these policies. And then you, you know, you just, you can logically extend that to just say, well, what about , uh, overweight people or people with STDs or people who jump out of airplanes, you know, or people who do anything with their lives, or does everybody have to fall in compliance with whatever the medical establishment says is now the medical standard everybody's got to get in line. Whatever happened to freedom, whatever happened to people, being able to make their decisions and communicate with their doctors. It's all evaporating. Lord Nelson says they gave that transplant patient a death sentence, except that she has a directed donor. I bounce between stage three and four kidney failure. My nursey wife convinced me long ago. The following dialysis will kill you. Not everyone gets a kidney . It's from Lord Nelson. Nursey wife sounds like she's got some, some very wise information. We have another one from Margaret Thatcher is here, says the left is always talking about back alley abortions and how unsafe it is. We'll get ready for back alley transplant operations. We have another one from three girlies. Nice comments says my brother lives in California. He's only a month older than you are Rob. He offered a kidney to his wife's coworker earlier this year. Not only did the friend have to be vaccinated, but so to my brother, he was the live donor of the kidney had to be vaccinated before he could give her the kidney. He said giving his kidney was the best decision he ever made was willing to take the vaccine to do so. On another note, the university of Colorado Anschutz center, where my oldest girl, he was born smiley face. If you are a military member station at Buckley air force base in Aurora, Colorado, you are going to the university of Colorado Anschutz center does not surprise me. This hospital would require the vaccination. I was actually pregnant with my oldest early in Colorado when they were trying to legalize pot. Tucker had a guy on a few months ago that needed to have a transplant, but was not able to take the vaccine physically because of previous issues with vaccines. Now he would die either way. If he got the vaccine, he could die from the vaccine. If he doesn't get the vaccine, he's going to die from not getting the transplant. Talk about a catch 22. That is from three girlies in the house. We've got, that's a good comment. Yeah. You know, and , and those are, those are boots on the ground observations from Colorado. Thanks for sharing those speech. Unleash says, even if they both get the vaccine, they can both end up with COVID. Remember the CDC changed the definition of vaccine to make an exception. So the argument of catching COVID is baseless. That's from speech unleashed. We have another one of course check the CDC guidelines on that. Right? You can't, you can't say that a vaccine sort of , uh , well, we're just gonna leave it at that, right? We're not even talking about the vaccines. We're talking about vaccine mandate policies for transplants. Pili. Wally is here, says I have a younger sister, Rob , she needed a transplant. If I could help her, I would do it in a heartbeat. She's double vaccinated though. And I'm not, if it was to be turned down because of that, then I would lose all hope in society altogether. What a sad state of affairs to get into it is really sad. It is sad. I mean, it really is sad. We're sort of watching people happy that we are bifurcating into two societies. Geo Mancy game says Washington is an absolute cesspool. This mandate from hospitals does not surprise me. I live in the thick of the madness. It's never ending homelessness, skyrocketing drugs, needles all over the street . Trash gets thrown on the freeways. It's everywhere. Some places are more red than others. But once again, the opposition are spineless cowers to prevent all the wonderful little pet projects that every Democrat wants to do. That's from geo Nancy games. We have the last villain says, take the shot or die. Hopefully the internet helps them. Sue religious exemption, equal protection and science. That's from the last villain. We have another question here. D rod says, this is a vaccine. This is a vaccine comment about the vaccines and EUAs and experimental stuff. And so D route I saw it, but we're going to move on from that one, just because of the YouTube policies we've got. The Antica says being hyperbolic. You see the Hippocratic oath always has been bunk. It's all propaganda. Interesting fact, an archeological dig discovered that I'm hotel might be the real father of modern medicine, Hotep, Hotep, Jesus. Over on Twitter. I think I follow him. That's from Vienna because we have three girls. He says, so does this mean that they're going to vaccinate dead donors in order to do a transplant after all, you're not going to have a donor give a heart or lung without them being dead. Just thinking outside the box. Now what happens if you , um, what happens if you're an organ donor and you're not vaccinated? Do they still want your organs? Interesting. Interesting. We have another one from monster. One says anyone who ever questioned how easy it was for people to follow the little mustache, man only need to look at the EAs . People ate following these orders. People are following those orders, I think is what you're saying. And it's true. Everybody just jumps right into it. John Haugen says a Tinder and Grindr [inaudible] I'll cut you in on the profits app will be out in a few days. Yeah. Right. [inaudible] or yeah, I think I , yeah, I think that's a, yeah . Yeah. It's probably a pretty good idea. W you know, we don't want those , uh , tainted cells of the vaccine , pure blood baby. Only pure bloods in this dating pool. That's that's, that's John Haugen and I we're we're on it. We've got another one from tree Mendez says my apologies to you. And [inaudible] not to ruin the grift, but you may want to let everyone know LA locals is free to look at and that's, that's true. You only have to pay, if you want to be able to read the comments, send comments and be a part of the chat. That's exactly right. Tremendous. And it's true. Right. And oftentimes I don't put, I put stuff behind the , a , the paywall for the show, but oftentimes I'll just leave out the other stuff open. So it's , it's free. It's a great community. You don't have to pay a thing. If you want to just come in and check things out [email protected] we have geo Mancy says, would the medical professionals, the nine abortion, if the mother , mother was unboxed or were Dems still be okay with that? Very good question. Somebody should ask Perry, Mason, Arie . He says, backroom transplants. What are we China? Not yet, but we're getting there soon. Uh , I saw Wolfgang Dayo found the book five chimneys by Olga Lang Yi , which was , uh , the , the suggestion from VNT KIS . Greg Moran says, where does the unvaccinated rank on the intersectional hierarchy? Oh my goodness. That's a good question. Since most people unvaccinated , RPO see people of color, did they go down the oppression hierarchy, pyramid? Doesn't that inherently make the intersectional hierarchy racist. Now, this is a great question. And this is a really, this is an ex existential crisis for the believers in the intersectional hierarchy. What Greg is talking about here is sort of the victim Olympics that you see jockeying around every day. It's like, well , uh , I'm trans, okay. Well, like you're like a serious like, victim. Like you're like, you're like at the top of the hierarchy, like you get a lot of status for that, right. If you're, you know , gay, for example, you're , you're somewhere on this hierarchy. Not sure that you're near the top anymore. Sort of been supplanted by some of the other defined groups now. I mean , it used to be like LGB , uh , LG LGB, right? Yeah. And then we got T and then we got queue and we got like a [inaudible] and all of the other letters in the alphabet. And so you got to sort of jockey those different letters. It's like, man, it's like, well, we have a hierarchy here. Who's on top. Who's like the most important victimology group here. And so now, you know, you've got, you know , people of color, you've got , uh, everybody sort of on this list somewhere, but now you've got, you know, like the white Trumper, Republican racists , you know, those, those people there at the bottom, they're like, you there's, nobody cares about them. They are the problem. They're not anybody that we should care about. And the [inaudible] are sort of, you know, they're like kind of down at that status, they're like subhumans. They don't even get medical care in this country anymore. And so what Greg is talking about, he's saying, well, wait a minute, now you've got this conflict because there are, there's a big group of the [inaudible] that are people of color. And so you've got this contradiction because people of color traditionally are higher up on the hierarchy. They're getting, I mean, really just, you know, smashed down pretty dramatically with this current administration. But now you've got, you've got this tier . You're saying, well, they're , they're , they're people of color. So on the victim Olympics, they're, they're , you know, higher up on this scale, whereas the [inaudible] are not. And so it's sort of a merging of these different groups. It's really complicated, Greg, as you can see, it's even a dicey subject to try to explain live on a YouTube show, but it is a very great question. Intersectional hierarchy, where do POC fit? Now, if they're un-vaccinated they go down with the other Trump mega lunatics, or are they still at the POC status, but slightly demoted because they're on vaccine or the vaccine , people of color. Now, do they get a higher ranking on the victim Olympics intersectional hierarchy. It's really complicated. Greg, if you have answers on this side , I'd love to hear them because I don't, I can't make any sense of it. Tos forever says those being fired are all intelligent. Might y'all agree. They can open their own hospital. Maybe they can cover both parties. I think you'll see that. I mean, I really do. I think that you're going to see a continue resort moment of a lot of different enterprises in society. You're going to see people just say, I'm not going to, I'm not going to go to that restaurant anymore. And those restaurants will move to places where people want their services or people will change. And it's going to take years for us to get there, but we'll get there. Uh, Veronica says, meanwhile, apparently this is the CDC instructions. Vanta kisses recommending Jimmy Dore did a great on a CDC instructions and getting the jabs . So check out Jimmy Dore for that one, tweak us here. It says, Hey, Rob, maybe you've already seen this, but Sweden has paused the use of the maternal vaccine for people under 32 due to reports of a potential side effect . In the meantime, people will get the Pfizer vaccine might be good to know for people who are currently facing vaccine mandates. And this is news, right? Not talking about, about , uh , any of the efficacy of the vaccines at all, but this is just something that the hill is reporting. Sweden. Denmark hit a pause on the modern, a vaccine for the younger group . So that is a , some, some vaccine news. Therefore you read that story. Thank you for sharing that with us tweak , have another one from Sergeant Bob says just a quick shout out to our international people. We got a lot of them, Scotland, Thailand, Sweden, and all. And we've got Australia. We've got Melbourne over there from Greg Murat and yeah, they're all in the house. Shout outs to everybody. It's amazing. It's it actually blows my mind like it every time I'm like, this is crazy. I'm so grateful to have your perspective. And we heard from Greg, from Australia over on the monthly locals meetup, and he gave us some great insight into what's happening there. The Antica says I'm practicing medical socialism. I'm letting other people do the work of getting vaccinated so that I don't have to herd immunity for the win . It's. It's just redistributing the vaccines. You have a lot of privilege , VN tickets . You're going to redistribute that to the other people. Without it. We have another one from Avalon acres says, speaking to your comments about people being sensitive from Facebook, quote , both my kids and another student were removed from class today, sent to the office for wearing Carhartt hoodies. Don't know what those are. Uh , high , high vies construction, hoodies, boot cut jeans without rips Romeo shoes, kids were told by staff at their high school that their clothes were quote to Republican, to country, white supremacists and racist. I fail to see your problem with those clothes. Meanwhile, other students where spike collars to school dress with furries for attention, or to show much skin I'm genuinely confused. Yeah. That is a confusing thing. What does it look like to be too Republican? I don't know. I don't know what that means, but that is a that's interesting. So we're seeing that across the schools as well. Let's see any other super chats that came in over on YouTube? Yes. We have several of those. Thank you for those Wolfgang is in the house. He said , uh, for Renee, he gave us a Superchat . He says these sick failures are of the Hippocratic oath, or like we want your kidney, but only want to know how to determine who deserves our kidney. Fred is here, says, God bless you for what you do. God bless you, Fred. Thank you for saying that. And for that support, very nice super chat. I really appreciate you submitting that. And being here we have Wolfgang says, doctors use plausible deniability to evade the oath we've got Royal Wolf says solution walk on over to Mexico, get the transplant, walk on back. No vaccines required. Probably won't be stopped on either trip. That is from Royal Wolf Wolf, gang Dayo says Nick or Rob, who is the greatest grifter. It's a good question. Going to have to probably do a live stream in the bait that out. Yeah. I don't know. Be curious what he has to say about that. We have Manuel Velez, super chatted with some love and support. Thanks. Manuel Wolfgang says can't find VNT cause references book. You already got it. Five chimneys by Olga leggy , a taker . What's if he's here, it says if the government is working to ban abortions, tobacco, alcohol, and junk food, I would believe they cared about public health. They don't it's about money. Yeah, it is. I think the modern guys, the co-founders are now on like the Forbes 500 list or something like that. I saw a headline like that. Stefania Moore says that does the hospital in Colorado require organ donors to have any other vaccinations. It's a good question. And I didn't see the details on that. The specifics, because their memo only talked about COVID. So we don't know if they're requiring anything else or if this is all just about COVID compliance, but we , we, we saw in the story, right. That there is precedent for this, that people have their vaccines, but I don't know. Right. Are they, I've never had an organ transplant when you go in there, do they say, are you up to date on your vaccinations as a regular part of the process? Maybe they do. I don't know, but it's a good question. Wolfgang says Romney is dressed to Republican. That's a good example. That's a really good example. Yeah. When you look at Mitt Romney, like that's yeah. That's like, that's definitely Republican good questions over from watching the and over on YouTube, lots of super chats today. Very much appreciate that. And almost all of them came from, from Wolfgang Dayo . Thank you, Wolfgang for all of your support. All right. Let's see. What's going on on some of the chats. Shout outs over on rumble. We've got rumbled jump in . We've got road Trekker . We've got Raven craft . We've got , uh, somebody mentioned that the link that I have on rumble , uh , G giant said that , uh , got up , got to fix the rumble link. So I'll go ahead and do that, but we've got some, some chat activity going on over there on locals. Shout outs, over to Mustang. Jeff's here. Now we've got Dave to geo Mancy games is over there. Avalon acres. I'm not gas and several others on YouTube. Shout outs to Ben. Dover is here. Renee's here. We've got lane . We've got holy F holy moly. My stuff stinks. Renee's here with Wolfgang Dale and lien all chatting away. All right. And that my friends is it for that segment. We've got one more segment on the show today, before we wrap up, we have, oh yeah. This one, this next, segment's a little bit of a predicament for me. We've got the FBI on one hand that has been largely a failure in many different investigations that we've been following, including the January 6th where's Waldo marathon that they've been on for the last nine months we've been seeing and covering a lot of their negligence in the governor Whitmer case. They kind of dropped the ball on a lot of investigations, including, you know, investigating child molesters and rapists in the Olympics. And the list goes on and on not really the creme de LA creme that many people expect the FBI to be. And so we've got a story here where we're talking about the FBI. Now we know what my opinion is. And many of you probably share that with the FBI, but the FBI went after another entity that I also kind of not a big fan of we're talking about police unions. And in this case, it is the sergeants benevolent association from the New York PD happens to be a pretty aggressive police union that just got raided . And the president Edward D. Mullins had both his home and his office raided by the FBI. So what are you supposed to do when the FBI, an entity that you go, eh , you know, I could take it early, but, and you have the N P D the police union there. The Sergeant benevolent association, they're kind of under deep investigation from the FBI. It's kind of that old enemy of my enemy is a friend type of thing. Now, to be fair, I don't think that any one of these entities are my enemies per se, but they are, you know, adversaries kind of sparring partners on the other side of the legal spectrum. And so we got to decipher through this one . I can't decide, am I team FBI? Am I team New York police department police union boss? Or can we just have some fun watching these two sides, duke it out? Probably that let's dig into the story over from the New York times. It says the leader of the New York police department, sergeants union. He quits, he resigned recently. We're going to take a look at his letter, Edward D. Mullins . You can see this guy right here. He was the president of the SBA, the Sergeant benevolent association. He resigned after investigators came and searched his headquarters of the union and his home. Now this guy has a , it was kind of a firebrand, the incendiary incendiary and confrontational president of one New York. City's main police unions resigned on Tuesday evening, last night hours after federal investigators raided the Manhattan headquarters and his long island home. Okay. So it's, it's deep is where this is going. Not only was it his office, it was also his home. And so when you start seeing stuff like that, you kind of go, well , where does your mind go? What types of criminal charges are we talking about? It says here in a statement, the board union from the SBA said that he , uh, Edward Mullins was apparently the target of the federal investigation. This is what the SBA looks like over on Twitter. You can see they've got about 45,000 followers. SBA NYC is the name of their website. And what we have here is a , the official Twitter page of the SBA, plus 13,000 active and retired sergeants of the N Y P D. And so let's see what was happening here. Now, ed Mullins is a right he's right in the heart of New York. And this guy is , um , somebody who I think even as a Trumper, let's take a look at this. He appeared over on Neil, and he's got this Q Anon mug back here. You notice that one over there. Q Anon. Is he a Q and honor? Is he a Trumper? Is he a criminal? Is he a pedophile? Yeah , what's going on here? What's he being investigated for? Let's see if we can tease this out. The FBI raided the sergeants benevolent association headquarters. You can see, this is what it looks like. It's on war street in downtown Manhattan, early Tuesday morning. This is a picture of FBI agents carrying out boxes of evidence after rating the SBA headquarters in downtown Manhattan, early Tuesday morning. And so, you know, anytime that the FBI or law enforcement agencies are going to go and sort of investigate somebody who, or , or , or an entity that is closely related to law enforcement, or like an attorney's office or a prosecutor's office, right? There's, there's a lot of steps they go through to make sure that they're not jeopardizing any criminal investigations or any support. So here, right? This is a police union, theoretically, they are helping a whole number of officers with their cases that are being processed through internal affairs investigations, or they're being, you know , uh , challenged or sued civilly. Th the union is supposed to help police officers battle back against certain regulations or investigations. That's why they unionized so they can pool resources, hire lawyers. For example, the lawyers in , uh, in Derek Chauvin's case were paid for by his union. Now his union doesn't want to continue to pay for the appeals. And so Derek Shovan is going to be without a lawyer. It seems like unless you can raise some funds to support funding and appeal. So the unions are very involved in a lot of these legal cases. And anytime that the feds are gonna come in and walk out with boxes of stuff, right, they have to be concerned about that. What happens if they're walking out with case files for a bunch of police officers or case files for a bunch of defendants, it's a pretty big deal. So they have to go through and be very careful that they're not stepping in and gobbling up a bunch of work product that that attorneys were working on that might jeopardize the underlying cases. So there must be a pretty good reason for them to go into this union office and to this guy's home and sees this stuff. Don't know if it's connected to any corruption, or if it's some more, you know, more serious heinous crimes. We just don't know yet. Let's see. It says the union, which describes itself as the fifth largest union in the U S added that given the severity of this matter, and the uncertainty of its outcome executive board has asked Mr. Mullins to resign. Federal investigators said earlier on Tuesday, they executed search warrants at both houses, the SBA office in lower Manhattan, plus his home in port Washington on long island search connected to an investigation by the FBI and the public corruption unit in the us attorney's office in Manhattan union board said that it was not sure of the scope of the investigation, but said that any other member or of the SBA is probably not involved. They don't believe that anybody's involved. Now, this is something, this is from the Twitter account that ed Mullins actually ran. And you can see he's got kind of a mouth on him. He posted this May 13th, 2020 says that NYC health head rejected the New York police department mask plate, right? So they were fighting over masks back then obviously like everybody was, and the health head said, I don't give two rats asses about your cops, apparently in a New York post statement. And what ed Mullin said, the NYP fails to comment. Why did it take two months for it to be made public? Why did Monaghan sit silent? He should have exposed her to the media. Then he says, truth is this B has blood on her hands, but why should anyone be surprised? The N YPD has suffered under DeBlasio since he became mayor. Oh, so now we've got a case of sort of a political war that's brewing, right? We have , uh , maybe theoretically a Q and honor Trumper out there. Somebody who is contesting, a lot of these COVID restrictions, COVID problems. And now he's sort of waging war with DeBlasio . Now, an FBI spokesman, Adrian sanatory said that only agents were quote , conducting a law enforcement operation per se , pursuant to an ongoing investigation. Federal agents spent hours inside the union's headquarters, where they lowered dark wooden blinds and placed pieces of cardboard inside the windows to stop the public from looking in at least 11, large cardboard boxes were removed. A black trash bag out of the office. Contents were unknown though, inside one box where two folders labeled quote evidence and what appeared to be a large computer hard drive. Oh, very interesting. What kind of evidence was that? Was that FBI evidence or was that SBA evidence? We don't know. Now the SBA came out and release the statement. They say a dear fellow Sergeant they're communicating to everybody that they represent says this morning, as you're no doubt aware agents with the FBI and us attorney's office of the Southern district of New York executed a search warrant at the headquarters of the SBA president, ed Mullins. They also got his residence nature and the scope of this investigation. Not yet, no , but it's clear. Mullins is the target no reasonably that anybody else is being investigated. SBA has and will continue fully cooperate with law enforcement officials given the severity of this matter and the uncertainty of its outcome, the executive board has asked Mullins to resign this evening. He did like all of us. Ed is entitled to the presumption of innocence. No doubt about that. We ask you to withhold judgment until all facts have been established. However, day-to-day functioning is important here and cannot be distracted by the existence of this investigation. We'll continue to investigate, keep your prize. The more that we learn in the meantime, we're going to remain transparent and keep everybody apprised of all developments for turtling , SBA, executive board. And so Mullins you'll note from the daily news, they say he came under fire back in 2020 when he posted the arrest report of the Blasio's daughter. Remember that posted that on social media, after her arrest, during the George Floyd protest, he was hit with departmental charges for violating the NYP rules. In another instance of , of this during the pandemic, he tweeted that the city's health commissioner was a B who had blood in her hands. We saw that after she sparred with the MPD over a half a million hospital grade face masks. And so here, what we can see is a political war that has been brewing for a long time. Mayor, mayor, bill de Blasio jumped in on this thing and was doing a little bit of a slam dunk, says that ed Mullins, he posted this on Twitter today, dishonored his uniform, his city and his union more times than I can count. It's just a matter of time before his endless hatred would catch up with him. That day has come. And so now it's like, oh, we've got a third person here. We've got to deal with the FBI up major police union president and build a Blasio. And they're all like, you're all jerks. It's like this. It's like the, what do they call it? A Mexican standoff. And so you don't know who side to take here, but at least, at least we can enjoy a good feud between the two can't. We let's take a look and see if you have anything to say about this story [email protected] Not a lot of questions. It's a short segment. I know, but let's see if anything came in, we've got the antic is prime says, I asked my magic eight ball every day, whether or not the news of the day about the FBI will be good or not. Yeah. And it's usually not. And one other question here from Sergeant Bob says, this is another reason why many active, retired law enforcement people are aligned with you. We used to think of our agencies as symbiotic, no longer. It is more evidence of the weaponization of the DOJ. The DOJ has zero credibility with local police. Although retired. I can not see locals being willing to cooperate with the feds. Although you may not be a fan of police unions. They do in fact, protect the rights of officers with legal representation. If need be my experience with the city of Portland is that the Portland police association provided responsible and ethical representation for members. And that's from Sergeant Bob, which is a very much appreciated perspective. Right? And so, yes, I understand that there may be some benefits of unionization. I see it from my side of the aisle, right? And so I'm going to always have an issue with what I see from police unions. Cause I'm a criminal defense attorney, right? It's like, if you call, if you take your car or if you call a plumber to your house, he's going to find a problem. You may not have a problem, but a plumber is going to come here and say, you got a leak here, got a leak here because every house leaks, right , a plumber's there to fix leaks. That's what they do. I'm a criminal defense attorney. I'm naturally skeptical of police, police unions. I'm always looking for little areas where they're hiding stuff from me. And so I understand that that's my lens on which I view the world. Sergeant Bob is here as a former police officer says, listen, I was a Sergeant city of Portland, PPA. The Portland police association provided great representation for me, no problems there. And I think that you can have both perspectives and talk about those things, which is why we're so grateful that Sergeant Bob is here. So I think that there are probably a lot of good things that they do not sure what's happening in this case though. It's hard to make sense of this one. Sergeant Bob, that the FBI got police unions got mayor de Blasio . It's all gross. Ty live and says men in black versus the men in blue. It's a good distinction, right? Seeing a little bit. It's also interesting, right? It's sort of that the feds versus the local debate, that division seems like it's happening there as well. Tyler even is in the house to under seven says I think he might be a member of the oath keepers. That's the real crime being a Patriot and supporting the constitution is now a federal crime. Uh , it might've been cause he has a Q Anon mug. So he's basically a domestic terrorist just cause he had that mug. Uh , that's how things work nowadays. And that my friends is it for the questions on that segment over from watching the . We've got stouts to YouTube. Brian Reinhart is here. Lena's is here playing hooky. Rebecca Ronica , Ronnie Cole. We've got C Reed . RAs . Illusion is here. Wolf , gang Dayo , again, all over the place. Over on rumble. Rump in jumping is rumble jumping is there . Roadtrek girl and Raven craft are chatting all over there. And then of course on locals, a lot of great questions came in two , three more, just came in. As I was speaking, those Roger Stone says CNN was right there on time to capture the criminal live on TV. At least they didn't have helicopters and a Dawn raid like they did with me. That's a good point. Little distinction there. A former Elio says many people forget that elbows are citizens too . Hello? Yeah, they are. They are actual people. Human beings. Sergeant Bob says, yep . I'll go with you on waiting to see what this is really all about. Yeah. It's a little too early to tell, but we'll continue to keep our eyes on it. Let's see at. And uh , and that my friends is it for me for the day. Let's see what we got to welcome. Some new people to our community. They joined up, we have LA uh, Lao , Patricia who signed up for the year, Paula reveres in the house, bringing us the news. H S D N P signed up Ty Lin and saw Ty living in the chat today. Maxine 27 unbridled forum Aviad tricks in the house burnt to a crisp and let's be fair. Last week. Our Taylor J muy Thai. We have at Lula G Maxim 92 angel baby Hellraiser , jumping Jeff desert Daisy, all signed [email protected] You can see that big green button over there. If you want to join us, we're going to be back on Saturday, November six for our November monthly meetup coming up soon and not that soon about literally 30 days from now. So mark that on the calendar, it's going to be on a Saturday seven to 8:00 PM. Going to be a lot of fun. I forgot to mention this Sunday. 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