Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

DHS Releases Haitians in US, Wuhan’s Chimeric Viruses, Durham Indicts Sussmann

September 22, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
DHS Releases Haitians in US, Wuhan’s Chimeric Viruses, Durham Indicts Sussmann
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New reports reveal the Biden Administration is releasing large numbers of Haitian migrants into the United States, despite promises otherwise. New documents show Dr. Daszak and EcoHealth Alliance were playing with bat coronaviruses and requesting money from the U.S. government for further research. John Durham indicts democratic lawyer Michael Sussmann and we review the indictment details.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 Border update from Jorge Ventura shows Haitians in Mexico establishing a beachhead with ropes and supplies.​
🔵 Haitian migrants temporarily hijack a bus and erupt on the tarmac at Haiti’s main airport after their return.​
🔵 AP reports that Biden officials are releasing migrants from the border camp into the US with only a notice to appear.​
🔵 Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is questioned by Senator Josh Hawley over the crisis.​
🔵 The Telegraph reports Wuhan scientists planned to release coronavirus particles into cave bats.​
🔵 Review of the proposal from EcoHealth Alliance to Darpa for a PREEMPT contract titled “Project Defuse.”​
🔵 The document details the $14 million dollar plan to engineer new viruses and treatments in China.​
🔵 Democratic lawyer and Hillary Clinton confidant Michael Sussman is indicted by a grand jury in the Durham probe.​
🔵 Reminder: the media salivated over the Russian Collusion Hoax.​
🔵 Review of the indictment in USA vs. Michael A. Sussmann, which details the research that went into the collusion hoax.​

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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert [inaudible] . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We've got prosecutors behaving poorly. We have judges not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today because we've got some news to get into my voice is coming back a little bit, but we're still gonna muster on through the show. We've got three different segments. We're going to go through them relatively quickly and make sure that we do everything we can to get to your questions. What are we talking about today? We're going to start off by doing a quick recap on what's taking place down at the border, because we now know what's happening with some of these Haitian migrants. Some of them are being flown back to Haiti. Some of them are being released into the United States, which is a little bit of a different tack than what the Biden administration said that they were going to do recall. On Monday, Mayorkas came out and said that they were going to be sending all of the Haitians back. The border was closed and you're going home. Well, that is not really what's happening. AP is reporting differently. And so we're going to talk about what's happening there. We're also then going to take our turn over to Wu Han min a little bit of time since we visited there. And we're going to take a look at a new report that came out from the Telegraph, telling us about this new plan that EcoHealth Alliance had been percolating , uh , many years ago, before the Corona virus hit the world and they were talking about creating these Kemira viruses. And so there's a new document that came out. We're going to read through it a little bit, and I want to show you what is actually happening here. EcoHealth Alliance. We spent a lot of time on this channel talking about Dr. [inaudible] . He was heading up this, this interesting Corona virus research. And so I actually have a copy of the document that was a proposal submitted over to DARPA for $14 million in funding. And so we're going to take a look at what is in that document specifically. And then lastly, we have to talk about this. Michael Sussman indictment, Michael Sussman is a former or currently a DNC lawyer. He worked with the Hillary Clinton campaign back prior to Donald Trump's election in 2016. And now he just got indicted. We have John Durham, who's been doing an investigation into the alleged Russian collusion hoax as I've been calling it for a long time. He just got indicted because it turns out allegedly he was funneling information to the FBI and not telling them that he was doing so on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign. So we're going to go through that indictment. There's gonna be a little bit of reading on the show, but I do have some clips as well. And so you're not going to have to listen to me hopefully too much, but we've got a lot to get to. So let's get into it. If you want to be a part of the program, the place to do that is [email protected] I see people chatting away over there. We've got Brennaman who just joined farmer's daughters in the house. We have sweet PO tow in the house, along with Joey Bandolero dead mouse fives in the house over on YouTube. We've got K bean . We've got VJ yet . We've got south in academy of Egyptian dance. Zulu was in the house. We've got Marie Gaza , Gaza in and many others. If you want to ask a question and be a part of the show, the way to do that is by using this form [email protected] Submit a question, going to do my best to get to as many of them as we can today. And a quick reminder, if you're looking for the clips on the show, those are over here at the clips channel would appreciate a subscribe over there as well. All right , so let's get into the news of the date. The Biden Kamala border crisis is still in high gear, and we're going to start off by seeing what is going on there right now or not right now, but actually yesterday at about 6:00 PM, we have this guy, Jorge Ventura media, and he's over on Twitter at Ventura report. He is a field reporter. He was on the ground down there at the border. And he says, he posted this yesterday, September 21st, 2020 1, 5 50 6:00 PM. He says reporting from Ciudad Akuna in Mexico, where the Haitian migrants crossed the river to the Del Rio side back and back and worth . He says, but I think back and forth, passing supplies over, never seen anything like this. DHS secretary Mayorkas said, quote , the border is closed, but it doesn't look like it. And so we've been following this along for some period of time. Of course, I'm an Arizona person. And so the border is something that is very close to home here, but I also recognize that this is something that starts here, but then spreads throughout the rest of the country. And so we have to pay close attention to what is happening here because the Biden administration has been promising us that this was all going to be rectified. They don't even want to use the word crisis. They put Kamala Harris in charge of this whole thing. She went down, wagged, her finger and a bunch of people's faces and it is still a problem. So let's take a look at what Jorge has to tell us about what's going on. There. He is reporting here from the Mexican side. It's a one minute clip. Let's listen in. Uh , this was happening yesterday. Here he is on this

Speaker 2:

Side, Mexico

Speaker 3:

Here. We have the Haitians behind me, Haitian migrants who are stuck here, the actual load up their supplies. And you guys could see them use this rope and with the rope they'll hold onto the rope. And you could see the men in the red shirt and he has a bag of supplies. He's actually, that's the U S side. Oh , that's Del real . You can't . You could see the border patrol is up there with a couple of Texas state troopers, but this is happening in real time. And this is happening throughout the river. Where might the Haitians on this side will bring supplies to the Haitians on the us side? One thing that's pretty common is that some of the Haitians actually return to the Mexican side because due to the bad conditions and only eating one time a day. So we're seeing that in real time and them using this rope here , uh , to , to transport supplies over to the , to that side of this , the U S side it's Del Rio, Texas. And we've never seen really anything like this, but this isn't there . They're going back and forth and the border is wide open. We'll keep you guys all the updates as we get them here. And so that we're not Mexico. Once again, I'm poor here . It's to report with the daily caller .

Speaker 1:

All right. So that's Jorge and he's down there and you can see literally there are people basically establishing a beachhead there on the Mexican side, they're carving out, you know, right into the hillside, right on the riverbank . This guy over here is just shoveling away. They've got ropes. They've got basically people, currying, food and resources back and forth between Mexico and to the United States, sort of like, this is more of a permanent thing. Jen Saki said that they're not intending to stay long and maybe she's right, because they do have sort of a transit back and forth. So obviously, you know, not ideal that this is being allowed to be constructed. In other words, it's sort of like a third world port of entry from Mexico into the United States. And we know that when the border patrol goes out there and tries to stop this from happening, when they put border patrol agents on horseback and tell them to go secure the border that the media loses its collective mind. Anytime that there's an image that purports to look bad, that we saw yesterday, we went through the whole show, talking about this whip narrative that was just manufactured out of nowhere. The EV everybody jumped on it. Mae orcas jumped on it, Saki jumped on it and the list goes on. And on now they didn't spend much time to concern about migrants, leaving children in bushes, migrants, deprecating all over themselves, 12,000 of them under a bridge in Texas. They weren't too concerned about those things, about the food problems, about the sanitation problems, about the COVID problems. None of that was that important. What was the story of the day was the whips that weren't actually whips. Then they modified that to say that these were whip like objects. And then Mayorkas is out there saying that they're horrified horrendous images, and then they're going to need to go and investigate this further. And so that's where we're at right now. Now we have Jorge reporting that they're establishing a beachhead in order to essentially, you know , migrate into the country. But we're not hearing too much about that in the media, because they're all still in a tizzy about the whips . Now I mentioned previously that the byte administration had communicated that there was going to be a lot of airplanes flying the Haitian migrants back from the United States back into Haiti. And that's quite a journey, right? Because they, we , we went through the map yesterday. We saw what the Trek had to be for them to get into Mexico before they could make their way up to Del Rio into Texas. And so the idea that they were going to be flying, you know, seven to 10 people out every day, it's going to be a lot of plane rides to get people back out to their home country. And so we were all sort of wondering if that was going to actually happen, because that did not sound like the Biden administration that we know. We know that they're open borders. We know that they thought that Donald Trump was a racist in any type of enforcement actions that took place on the border, according to Biden. And that side of the aisle was extremely xenophobic and bigoted. And so it sounds like if the Biden administration is going to be flying Haitians back, are they also bigots? Are they also racists ? Are they also xenophobes? I don't know, but it, they started, they actually did start to send some people back and on the way the Haitian migrants weren't too happy about it. They hijacked a bus briefly and they tried to escape on the route to their deportation flight. So this was posted over by the New York post, said a group of Haitian migrants who were being bused to San Antonio to fly back to their origin country. Briefly took control of the vehicle on Monday before making a break for it. The examiner reported, they decided to federal law enforcement officials said that escapees were eventually recaptured, not immediately clear how many initially escaped an ice spokesperson told Kay Evo . There were no injuries in connection with the incident agency did not respond to request for comment. And so, man, you know, it sounds like hopefully they didn't use whips to go, you know , recapture those escapees. But I guess they would have had to maybe hold them right. Physically detain them in order to evacuate them out of the country. And so, you know , I guess that , that, that's probably a racist thing to probably , uh , according to many people there now, when they were able to regain control of the bus and actually continue to the airport, they were in fact able to board some of the Haitian migrants onto an airplane and then fly them back into Haiti. And when they got there, they were not happy about that either. There was chaos on the tarmac at Haiti's main airport after us deports , the migrant CNN reported this today says that chaotic scenes broke out at Haiti's main airport. On Tuesday, after the migrants who had been deported from the United States were flown back home. Thousands of Haitians have fled the country due to a combination of political instability, 12,000 people dead. After the earthquakes democratic lawmakers they've urged the Biden ministration to stop deporting. Those who fled Haiti for the U S white house says that they're committed to returning them furious. Haitians crowded the tarmac at the poor Al prince airport, after being dropped off, a group of men rushed back towards the plane after they disembarked one, man got back on board said, I'm I'm angry at the government. We were told in prison that the Haitian government had sent, had signed to send us back to Haiti. They're all bad people. These authorities says somebody who's 45. Now this was the scene there. Uh , this is back in Haiti at port Al prints . And you can see what this looks like. These are the Haitian migrants who were very upset about what was taking place there. Let's watch this clip.

Speaker 4:


Speaker 1:

All right. So you can see that, right? Some of the Haitian migrants are throwing shoes. They're sort of, you know , getting agitated. They just got off a long flight back from San Antonio. You know how that is? I wonder if they had to wear their masks on, on the planes like everybody else does, who knows? But they were upset about that, right? They thought that they were going to get a free ride, thought that it was going to be just like Joe Biden promise, just like Kamala Harris , a promise that this was not going to be the, you know, the horrible racist America that they had been painting it to be for such a long time. But now they're back home in Haiti. Now there's some interesting things that are taking place about , uh, how did the , the , the department of Homeland security actually process these people. And it looks like this person over here on Twitter posted this says Homeland security did not take their time to fill out these bits of information on the plastic bags. These were being used to fulfill their , uh , kind of fill up their personal items in here. You can see Homeland security bag says, you know, we have numbers, line numbers, sieging agent agency, the ice case number, you know, the name of the violator, the date and the time of the seizure, these bags were supposed to be, you know, being used to identify , uh, you know, help these people identify their personal belongings. So that kinda like check, check, check baggage to some degree, put your belongings in here, identify it. And then you will, I'll be able to pick it up when you land, but DHS wasn't filling anything out. And so this is what the scene looked like when the migrants got off the plane, sorta like the U S just said , uh, we're we're, we're, we're kind of , we're kind of done with you. And , uh , this is what that looked like as they're picking up [inaudible] So it just kind of a free for all right. These people came over with nothing picked up and they're sort of delivered back home with nothing. And so, you know, the, the amount of hardship that these people are being put through, as I've been saying for months now is a direct result of the Biden policy. They have made decisions, politically policy decisions that are causing this to happen. And so, you know, I think that it's just horrible, what they're incentivizing these people to do, but we'll see what they have to say about it. Now, those are just the people that have been sent back are all 12,000 going back. Uh, no. Did you think that they were no, of course not. AP came out reported this today says that officials are reporting that many migrants from the border camp are staying in the U S many Haitian migrants. Canton , a small Texas border town are being released into the U S according to two U S officials. This undercuts that Biden administration's public statements that the thousands in the camps face immediate expulsion. This official says that Haitians have been freed on a very, very large scale in recent days, put the figure in the thousands, the official who has direct knowledge of operations was not authorized to discuss the matter on Tuesday and spoke anonymously. Many have been released with notices to appear. We talked about those yesterday. It's basically like a little ticket, right? If you've ever been stopped driving home for a speeding ticket or given a warning or giving a ticket and a summons to appear, it says, Hey, you're going to come to court, right? Yes. I'm going to come to court. And what happens if you don't? Well, they're going to suspend your license, or they're going to issue a warrant for your arrest or any one of those things. And that, that works in the United States because you have a driver's license, you have a name and I , and I , I identity. And if the courts clamped down on those things and prohibit you from driving, because you have a miss court date and a suspended license, or some sort of ramifications for missing your court date, that's going to incentivize you to come and show up to court. But here they don't have those things. These are just essentially anonymous people who have no basis in the United States. So they are being issued notices to appear at an immigration office within days, an outcome that requires less processing time allows border patrol to just fly through people. A second, U S official also with direct knowledge and speaking also on anonymity conditions set a large number of Haitians were being processed under immigration laws and not being placed on expulsion flights to Haiti that started on Sunday. The official could not be more specific about how many, and that is I think, where this irks me the most, it's the idea that the administration comes out, says one thing and does an entirely different thing. We played the clips yesterday of department of Homeland security, secretary Mayorkas, who was out specifically in his border patrol shirt. He actually put a border patrol shirt on, oh, look at me, I'm securing the border, put on a polo, you know, kind of looked like he was supposed to be there. And he came out and said, the border is in fact close . And if you come, you're not going to stay here, but that's not really what's happening. Is it two officials? And this is the AP reporting. This, this isn't Fox news, or, you know, one of the other right wing news sites. This is AP says, yeah, look , uh, border patrol officials who I'm sharing . I'm sure they're vetting are telling us that this is what is really happening. Huge, huge numbers of people. Very, very large scales of people in the thousands are now just being released with a notice to appear. That's it? Nothing else is taking place, which is exactly what you would expect, right ? This is it . This is exactly what we would expect. They have been sort of hiding. What's been happening at the border for the last nine months. We saw that when there were the kids in cages, when they were stacking bodies on top of each other in space blankets, that they didn't want any images to leak out. We saw that when this was being investigated in Del Rio, specifically when Fox news was trying to fly their drones over the camps so that they could see what was going on, the Biden administration. And the FAA said, you're not allowed to do that anymore. They don't want you to see what's happening. So they come out and they tell you, one thing may Orca says it's closed, but now we have two people speaking on condition of anonymity saying, that's not what's happening at all. We're just releasing them everywhere. So this is, this is what you get from this, this current leadership. And it's really insulting to the, the American people in every way, shape and form. They're telling us one thing and doing another Josh. Holly was also upset about this. We have Mayorkas who is in front of Congress today in front of the Senate. We have a couple of clips. Then we're going to jump into some questions briefly. And so get those fingers ready, because we're going to jump into questions quickly today, but we've got Mayorkas here, who is in the Senate now having a conversation with Senator Josh Hartley, and he's saying, listen, Hey, your department of Homeland security, you are in charge of this. You plus Camila , the Joe Biden specifically put in charge of this are supposed to be rectifying the situation. And you're not. Do you bear any responsibility for this at all? Yes or no. Here he is.

Speaker 5:

That's a yes or no question. Do you bear responsibility for the crisis in Del Rio? Yes or no. Senator

Speaker 6:

The , um, the smuggling organizations,

Speaker 5:

Yes or no. Mr. Secretary, do you bear responsibility for the humanitarian crisis in Del Rio? Yes or no.

Speaker 6:

It is my responsibility to address the human tragedy in Del Rio to address that. And we are doing so that is my responsibility. And we are executing it as the department,

Speaker 5:

But you don't think you've played any role in your policies that played any role in fostering and fomenting. This crisis that has ensnared so many thousands of people.

Speaker 6:

Senator, what we are learning from our interviews with individuals is they are receiving false information and misinformation from the smuggling organizations that trafficking the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

Speaker 5:

So in other words, it's someone else's fault. All I can say is Mr. Secretary is that sooner or later, this administration is going to have to take responsibility for the crisis that you have. Fomented at the border. That gets worse day upon day. And so far, we are so far, every time we hear from you, if it's somebody else's fault, something's going to happen later. It's just, it's really, it's quite unbelievable. Thank you. It's true.

Speaker 1:

Yeah . Yeah. So that's Josh Holly. Now, the reason I wanted to play that clip specifically was because you heard me Orca say he came out and said, well, yeah. Uh , you know, w w w we're going to deal with the challenge is , is the language that he continues to use, how he comes out and says specifically, did your policies create this? Because we know that there was a pretty significant policy shift that happened back in January of 2020. We know specifically that Donald Trump had a remain in Mexico policy that got reversed and weird. After that happened, the border started to change pretty dramatically. Maybe it was a policy decision that caused all of this to happen. And he asked me orcas about that specifically, are you going to go talk to Biden about this? Are you going to go talk to Camilla about this and see if you can come up with a solution to maybe stop this from happening 200,000 encounters in July and August. And it doesn't seem like it's stopping. In fact, it seems like it's getting worse. And it seems like that the migrants have a lot of incentives to continue to try why, because they're going to be successful. Because even though the administration comes out and says, no, you're going home. They're not. They know. And when they, they have, you know, a certain number of people in the country, communicating back to the rest of their community, that we made it, that's going to be a pretty good incentive to encourage other people to come. So Holly goes out and says, Hey, maybe it's about the remaining Mexico policy. Maybe it's one of your decisions that is causing this crisis to continue to compound. And he says, no, no, no, no, no. It was false misinformation. It's misinformation out there. Oh yeah, because it's all about information now. COVID misinformation, white supremacy, misinformation, election interference, information, Russia, and collusion, the whole thing, right? It's all misinformation has nothing to do with policies. They just have the wrong information. They didn't get the memo that the borders closed, which is weird because Camila went down there and told everybody that. So I don't know where the miscommunication was, or maybe it's not about that. Okay. Maybe they know well that the policy is the United States . You know, the , the official policy is what it is, but they're coming anyways because they know it's not accurate because may York has comes out and says something and they do something else entirely different behind the scene . This is continuing every single month, every single month. So may York is not going to take any responsibility. We know Camila is gone with the wind is not coming back to the border. Has nothing wants nothing to do with it. So what's going to happen. Probably nothing. Here is Doug Deucey . We talked about his letter yesterday. He is now here on Fox news, communicating that he's got 26 other governors who are all Republicans who are now going to be making this a federal issue. We'll see if anything happens as a result. I doubt it because the Republicans have been , uh , actually more useful, more useless than the Democrats have Republicans, at least talk about it and then do nothing. The Democrats just kind of, don't even talk about it. It's it's not a problem. It's not even a crisis. It's just, you know, it's just a migration. And as we heard from a lot of the representatives yesterday, they don't even think it should be criminal. The border really doesn't even matter all that much. If you listened to AOC and Rashida to lab, here is Doug Ducey was on Fox news. We're going to jump into the questions on the border, right after this, here he is.

Speaker 7:

Well it's time for the Biden administration to act border security has been seen as something that the Southern states have to deal with on the border. The reason that you have governor Hutchinson and governor Kemp here from Arkansas in Georgia is because something that's become national security because we don't know who's coming over. The border has become public safety, that drugs and crime that we're seeing rising in our states and flooding over the border is infecting our schools and neighborhoods more than half the nation's governors. All Republican have demanded a meeting with president Biden. We know how to fix this situation. It's a federal issue. We want to work with them, but the time for action is right now.

Speaker 1:

All right? So the time for action is right now, that's from our governor. Doug Ducey. The time for action is now I am so sick of hearing. These people say that Republicans are useless. Democrats are useless. This is just kind of the way it is. 26 governors. We'll see if they do anything about it. I'll tell you this I've been alive for 36 years in the state of Arizona. Nothing has ever happened. Nothing. They've all promised it . They all come out and talk about it. I've heard many different Josh howleys come out there and scold the Democrats. I've heard the Democrats come out, scold the Republicans, everything changes hands one way or the other, and nothing ever gets done quite frustrating. But it is. I think the way that the country is going to continue to go until there's actually an awakening in this country that maybe a border is necessary for certain reasons like national security, like economic protection, so that we don't create a slave class of human people that are getting exploited by both of the parties. All right. Let's jump into the questions from watching the . See what you have to say here. We've got former Elio says, oh wait, all right. That's from former Leo . So that's the Garrett foster indictment. Let me pull that up. I'm going to save that for the next show. Good to see you for about Leo. We've got Kareem says, and meanwhile, the Northern land border has been shut tight for 18 months. We need to fly. If we want to come down to the U S and even will no longer be possible in November, unless we comply with the vaccine tyranny. Yeah. Right. And I was talking to another attorney here at our law firm. He was just in Canada. And he was telling us about the difficulties of traveling back and forth. Like you have to fly one direction or the other, and then drive or something. You know, the whole thing was kind of a mess because of the restrictions, but that doesn't apply to the Southern border. Jen Saki said, we don't even care about COVID white . They're not intending to stay here. They're they're here for lunch. They're just coming for lunch. They just wanted to come pay a visit to their relatives in Del Rio. Then they're going to hop back on the rope and just sort of go back across the river. It's nonsense. All right . We have another one from eat on test says, where is the Mexican border patrol? Do they have the border patrol? Should they be there as well? Wouldn't our border control call Mexican border control and try to work together. Did the Haitians land legally or illegally in Mexico, maybe Camila can go to Haiti and solve the global warming problem called causing the migration. Maybe we have go. Navy says, Rob, always appreciate your show. It's a basic cloud and pivot strategy overload the system and the system collapses. This is the outcome they wanted all along. I think there's a lot of truth to that. Go Navy. A lot of truth to that in a lot of different areas in, in this country, watch things break so that you can go and be the solution. What is the solution? More government? Oh, it's more taxes. Oh, it's more, more civil liberties that people need to give up in order to comply with whatever the government needs to do. And I think you're exactly right. This is where that is going. We have the honorable Alejandro Mayorkas very honorable, says Haiti is sending us their best people. How do you know these people are not doctors, engineers, and PhD candidates? You know, it's true. They might be lawyers too . I have no idea, but they were , um , throwing shoes at airplanes, which, you know, I've wanted to do myself. So maybe there's some truth there. Thunder seven says sounding much better today. Rob yesterday, you blame the reps for this border crisis. They supported, they supported Trump's strong border policies, which made the border the most secure in decades. They have no power in Congress or the white house can only demand changes, but the Dems not listening to them. Of course, governor Abbott from Texas has made a makeshift wall with cars, not bad. Actually, the rep gov Republican governors trying to stop this humanitarian disaster reps are against these illegals flooding into the country. The Dems have the power and destroying everything. It touches. They don't care about the illegals and how they are truly suffering. Yeah . I really don't think that they do care about them, right? They have the better argument from an emotional perspective. It's we care about, you know, these are, these are women and children and they're just trying to improve their lives. I can empathize with that genuinely. And sincerely, I empathize with that, but that's not really what I think this is about for them. Right? They don't really care about the totality of suffering if they did, then they wouldn't be causing this because there's a lot of suffering that's taking place right now. And I understand your point . The under seven, I know I am hard on the Republicans. I do know that the Republicans have no power right now, but that's not always the case. They've had a lot of power over my lifetime and they've done nothing with it. So they're going to and moan, excuse my language about the border here right now, because they can't do anything specifically. So these 26 governors are going to scream and shout from the rooftops about what a horrible thing this is. And then guess what, when the Republicans are back in charge, not going to do anything about it, nobody fought for Donald Trump. Nobody was supporting him on the wall, right. It was sort of like, he was kind of his own little island trying to get that thing through. Where was Mitch McConnell on that? Where was anybody in the other Republican parties beating the drum on this thing? Where was Doug Ducey back then? Nowhere, because that was an opportunity to actually do something that would have enabled them to solve the problem because they did have power and now they don't. So now they're going to complain about it. And then when they get back in charge, nothing is going to happen again. And we're going to go around and around and around and around because the Republicans, they also want to exploit people and Rob them of their humanity for whatever reason. And it's disgusting behavior. It really makes my blood boil. We have Bumble lick . It says, this is a hush hush that the Biden administration doesn't want the Americans to find out booster dose vaccines. I'm not going to read that one there. That is, I can't, I can't get into some of that stuff by Mullica because YouTube doesn't like that stuff. LT 13 says I heard a border patrol representative on John . Solomon's just the news. He said spinning the rains like that are in the training manual, approved by the byte . Administration keeps people safe from getting stepped on by the horse. So it's for the person on the grounds protection. And I saw a lot of that yesterday. A lot of people were wondering what this spinning was and it's like, yeah, it is to keep you away from the horse. So the horse doesn't step on you. The darn says Texas needs a governor that will actually stand up to this don't I don't, I don't get it in a dark stand up. I don't get it. I'm slow. I'm also, you know, I'm also got a lot of different , uh, uh, medical chemicals running through my body. Perry masonary says the dens care, not if the illegals are Vaxxed or not. They know this virus won't be dangerous to average healthy people. That's from Perry, Mason , masonary we have monster. One says, did you see good old Chuckie Schumer's statement basically said what? We all knew that they want the immigrants for labor so much for them caring about the American workers, Americans can't get higher wages because they want cheap labor. Yeah. I really think it's about economics more than it is about humanitarian crises. We have major says, let me read this quickly. Let's see if someone wants to go to the border and handle the invasion in not the way everyone else wants it handled. Could the person claimed that they were following their oath to the constitution, to protect from the enemies foreign and domestic, the government isn't protecting our country. So major's asking essentially if the, if human, if people could just go down to the border and sort of act on their own, and we actually had a situation like this, remember we had the militia men. I think that's what they were called. This was years ago. I think back when w was in charge or the minute men. Yeah, the minute men, I think we had those in Arizona. It was a group of people that would just go down to the border and just kind of sit on lawn chairs. And there was a lot of national outrage about that people, oh, you're not law enforcement agents. You can't do that. They did it. They weren't, you know, going and rounding up illegals, but they would call the border patrol and say, Hey, you know, we've got people crossing the border and it turned into a big thing, right? The government doesn't like it when you step into their lane a little bit and you make them look incompetent. So I understand what you're saying major, but the U S government I think would, would, you know, if you cross the line , look what they're doing to the border patrol agent who did not have a whip. He worked for the government. He didn't do anything wrong. And they're going to skewer that guy. They have been skewering that guy . So if you go in as a regular citizen, somebody who doesn't work for border patrol, if you go down there and you try to make a mark in this thing, that is going to be a problem. I think for you, the government's not going to be happy about that. All right . We've got a couple other questions. Let's see what else is here? Monster one says so glad to see another Republican Holly who won't do anything, but ask questions. Republicans are worthless. Absolutely true. The GOP is garbage. Nancy Pelosi says I can't take it anymore . I surrender a Trump 20, 24. And that's where Nancy monster one says, how about these governors? Just do something don't rely on the feds just enforce their own borders. Well, like I said, I'm not real sure that they're interested in solving anything. Uh, ex is here, says, how does the byte administration benefit from open border policies? Is there any plans to grant them amnesty? You know, I , yes, there is there. Uh , well, I can't speak, I can't speak , uh, unequivocally about that, but yeah, they were trying to , uh , introduce immigration stuff into the new reconciliation bill that they're trying to cram through Congress right now. Right. There's kind of a, an inter inner party war in the Democrats right now about whether or not they're going to be able to pass , uh , a disgustingly bloated , uh , spending bill or a monstrously, disgusting bloated spending belts . One of the two, they're trying to figure out which one is going to work for the byte administration. This is all what you're hearing about. Mansion and cinema and Pelosi and reconciliation, all of this stuff. Well , they tried to cram in some immigration stuff into this bill and the Senate parliamentarian said, you're not allowed to do that because this is a spending bill, not a policy bill. So they're going to do everything they humanly can do to get a new group of dependent voters on them. Promise them everything under the sun and then get new votes. That's from X . I think that's always been the strategy that we have some other questions. Shades is here, says lunch. They brought their lunch. They all had nice Uber eats containers, all well dressed and phones. Funny. The Haitians actually in Haiti don't seem to be as well taken care of. Yeah. Some interesting thoughts there. Monster one says throwing shoes, these people are more armed than the January six people. Why isn't this called an insurrection? It's a good question. Gavin Newsome says, why isn't there a border crisis on the California border compared to the other states, Kelly would literally welcome them in. That's a good question. You know , they should go over that direction. No , no , uh, no horseback riding border patrol agents with whips over there , miles away is here. It says the global immigration compact signed by Obama promises, education, housing jobs. It's a UN program. That's fueling the dry for immigrants to take thousands of miles of track to our border. This is what Biden isn't talking about and why he seems contradictory. Please dig it up and read that's from miles away. Thanks for sharing that miles dead now says flying a small number of patients back to their home country may have been done for the optics by nose that will garner media headlines while the vast majority are wave through anywhere to anywhere USA. What the media does a report on is more, is more important than what they do. That's a good point. And that's from dead now . And we have a few more questions before we jump into the next segment. We have , uh , one more here from Bama lick . It says I live in one of the border towns in Texas, local churches, especially the Catholic church claim and shelter, the illegal immigrants. And from there, there's no way of knowing what the future is of the illegal aliens as an ordinary law abiding citizen. What can I do except observe what's going on? Who can I call? Because it seems nobody's doing anything about the pouring of the illegals in our town. So Obama, it you're in the same position, many other people in this country, there isn't much you can do about it. Other than complained to your representatives, complained to your local. People, complained to your , uh , house of representative, your Congressman, your Senator, your governor. And all they're going to do is just complain about it and nothing's going to get done. So I think you're going to be dealing with this indefinitely as are the rest of us. Let's see what else. Monster one says, last one. The squad said to ignore the Senate parliamentarian. So, so much for the law they did, right ? They , they don't even care about any of that. All right . My friends and that was it over from watching the Watchers. Oh, no soul Vikings here. So Viking says Haitians would vote Dem historically. So I think this dog and pony show with a small crowd of singles is just that optics. Good. One to leave off there. That was from soul Viking. And I appreciate all of those questions over from watching the All right. And so we're going to jump into the next segment. What else do we have here? The lab leaked theory continues. New documents have emerged that show that EcoHealth Alliance. Remember this organization that was run by Dr. Danzig. Well, apparently they were trying to get $14 million from DARPA to fund some very interesting coronavirus research by injecting particles, into bats, into caves. We're going to go through it. The Telegraph reported this as the documents reveal researchers applied for $14 million to fund a controversial project in 2018 written by Sarah napkin. She's the science editor. This was posted September 21st. It says that the Wu Han and us scientists were planning to release enhanced airborne Corona virus particles into Chinese bat populations to inoculate them against diseases that could jump to humans. This came from a leaked grant proposal that we have those documents that we're going to go through. They came from a 2018 new documents show that just 18 months before the first COVID-19 cases appeared. Researchers had submitted plans to release skin penetrating nanoparticles and aerosols containing quote novel Comeric spike proteins of bat, Corona viruses into cave bats in Yunan China. They also planned to create Kemira viruses, genetically enhanced to infect humans more easily and requested $14 million from DARPA, which is the defense advanced research projects. Agency papers confirmed as genuine by former Trump people show that they were hoping to introduce human specific cleavage sites to back Corona viruses, which would make it easier for the virus to enter human cells and you're going what? Okay. So we have been spending a lot of time on this, on this channel, on my other channel , uh , Robert ruler , Esq without live or without clips. I went into a lot of detail about that Nicholas Wade article that talked about a lot of these hints, the hints here, where these cleavage sites, where they would be taking two different viruses and sort of mashing them together. The analogy that we've used here on the show regularly is sort of like a Frankenstein. If you're going to be creating a Frankenstein monster, you're going to take a torso and you're going to take a head and you're going to attach it right here at the neck. And if you, if that would make the most sense, right. Rather than attaching it , uh, halfway through the head, or let's say attaching an arm here in the middle of the bicep, you would attach it at the shoulder. You take the arm off, you'd attach it here. You take somebody else's leg off. It has shove it up there. And then you take somebody else's head, put it up. Boom, you got a Frankenstein. Well, that's kind of what the virus look like, because you can see those junctures. You can see where the head meets the body and you can say, oh, well, that's not the same person. That's a different torso and a different head. And so a lot of this stuff was being speculated about by Nicholas Wade, that they were creating these cleavage sites and engineering via gain of function mechanisms, worse viruses, so that they could then create therapeutics to deal with them. And so we've got a bunch of, you know, scientists out here who are like playing around with viruses. All right . So let's take a look at what, what the actual proposal looks like. This is it 75 page document proposal volume, one it's from DARPA. The name of the project is called diffuse diffusing of the threat of bat, born Corona viruses. And you'll notice we've got bats over here and we have some soldiers. It looks like they have some fatigues on helmets firearms, who is the principal investigator? Oh, look at this right here. Peter [inaudible] PhD from EcoHealth Alliance. This is the grant. It's 75 pages long. We're not going to go through it in its entirety, but I want to show you remember the key players here. This is what we spent a lot of time on the show talking about, but this is Dr. Dan Zack right here. One of the key players remember this guy was the head of EcoHealth Alliance. EcoHealth Alliance wrote the article, this article back in February 19th, 2020. This guy wrote this article, says we stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin does not have a natural origin, right? Uh, like this came from a lab. That's a conspiracy theory. The idea that we could have done something to cause this thing is totally conspiratorial. According to him, according to his article. And he posted that article, it was signed off on by a bunch of these other so-called scientists who concurred with that. And in my opinion, this was something that was done to set the narrative, to set the tone, to sort of poo-pooed the idea that this was a lab leak. This was right in the early days of the Corona virus. And we have this guy that the media latched onto and they said, there's no way it came from a lab. This was all natural. And now we know that there was this proposal that was floating around in March of 2018 from EcoHealth Alliance specifically, dear committee for DARPA, please accept the following proposal to the preventing emerging pathogenic threats program signed off Dr. Peter Daz act here March 24th, 2018. The title is project diffuse diffusing . The threat of bat born Corona viruses. Here's the amount requested $14 million, $200,009, $245. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you signed off by this gal, the chief of staff from EcoHealth Alliance. And so we're going to go through this in a little bit of detail. Now I'm a lawyer. I'm not a virologist, okay? But we're going to take a look at this and you can sort of, you can put two and two together. What this feels like to me are a bunch of scientists who are trying to justify their work to go around and tinker with some pretty serious, pretty nasty viruses. They were going through the U S government. They were asking for 14 million bucks. Now they didn't get that. DARPA said, no, we're not going to pay you that this is insane. And the question becomes was that the end of it? Did they just say, oh, okay, well, I guess we're not going to do this research. Let's take a look at what is happening here. This is the executive summary for project a fuse . They give us a couple of different technical approaches. And so, you know , of course this is some heavy virology stuff, but let's see if we can parse out what's going on here. The executive summary says our goal is to diffuse the potential for spillover of novel bat origin, high risk SARS related viruses. So they're trying to stop viruses from naturally emerging out of bats and spilling over into the human population in a technical approach. One, they're going to intensively sample bats. They're going to go to field sites all around the country. They're going to sequence their spike proteins. They're going to reverse engineer them. They're going to insert them back into bat backbone. Viruses. Why are they doing that? See this as backbone here, why they're going to put them in that SARS COVID backbone . Look at this right here. These use the bat, SARS, cov backbones, not SARS cov. And as a result, they are exempt from dual use and gain of function concerns. They're going to do that to then infect humanized mice. They're going to assess the capacity to cause SARS like diseases. Then they're going to use that infected mice, those infected mice. And they're going to build machine learning, genotype, phenotype models of viral evolution and spill over risk. They're going to validate these. They're going to take previously collected human samples that are also assessing spike proteins. They're going to build host pathogen, spatial models, and then predict the bat species compositions in caves throughout China. By the end of year one, they're going to create a prototype app for what the war fighter look at that this is for military applications, a prototype app for the war fighter that identifies the likelihood of bats, harboring dangerous viral pathogens at any site across Asia. And so, you know, when I first start reading this , um , this sort of feels like it's a solution in search of a problem to some degree it's okay. We know that bats have a lot of viruses and that they're going to be a potential for spillover into the human population and so on and so forth, but is DARPA needing war fighters to have an app that gives them some information about the likelihood of viruses jumping over from a bat into a human species. Do we need $14 million for this research or is all of this sort of being done under the guise of good, good productivity, right ? Of re fighting back against dangerous viruses. But in fact, giving them the opportunity to go and play around with this stuff let's carry on. They also have a different technical aspect they're going to do that talks about broad scale immune boosting now. So then they're going to actually inoculate bats. They have immune modulators, up-regulate their immune response. They've got targeted immune boosting. They're going to trial delivery methods on captive bats and the list goes on and on. They've got different members here. Let's take a look at these names. Remember professor Barrick over from the university of North Carolina. Yeah. That's the same guy that Dr. Fowchee and Rand Paul were arguing about on the Senate. What's he going to do? He's going to lead targeted immune boosting work building on two of his decade track record of reverse engineering COVID and other virus spike proteins. So you've got that guy. We've got professor Wang, he's going to lead work on broad-scale immune boost . And we have Dr. Sheet bat lady Batwoman . We talked a lot about her. She's going to conduct viral testing on all the samples. We have other doctors, they all need $14.2 million and three and a half years to go do all of this stuff. Here is one of the goals, identify the spillover risk, demonstrate brief proof of concept upgrade regulating the of bat . So they're going to go make these bats immune. They're saying that bats Harbor more viruses. And therefore we need to make sure that we go out there and figure out how to deal with these bats. They are a clear and present danger to our military. They say, and a global health security because of their circulation and the evolution in bats. And so, you know what they're , what they would say to this is we told you, so see the Corona virus came out and it infected the world. We told you it was a clear and present danger and it emerged naturally. Well, you might believe that for a minute, unless you read that Nicholas Wade article, or he talks about the foreign cleavage sites, where he talks about the idea that both of these things were hacked together. Just like a Frankenstein. It looks like somebody took the head off one virus and put another head right on top of it. And you can see it because you can see the neck where the two get connected. These are the people who are involved. You can see the program administrator in this little graphic here. Who's the principal investigator right up top, Peter [inaudible] right there , technical area. I've got Ross. She bat lady, we've got Wang and Barrack over there , intervention development. She, again, the list goes on and on here's their strategy. It begins by doing a complete inventory of the bats and their viruses at a test site, China harbors bats with higher risk viruses. We will collect data from three caves at the system. They're gonna look at the viral loads, all of those things. They're gonna use neural networks to build distribution models. They're going to create a spatial viral spillover risk app, field deployable technical area, one host pathogen prediction. Then we've got intervention development and then outcomes. And again, we see the war fighter again, DARPA the war fighter, integrated models, scalable technologies that protect the war fighter, all military money we have next up predicting the strain. Now they're going to combine detailed experimental characteristics of these viruses at our test sites. They're going to predict the jump probability of future viruses that emerge 15 to 20 spike proteins a year, going to be fed into data models. In real time, they're going to predict the jump up here in the first stage, they're going to select the viruses that then have the most human infection potential. They're going to construct Kemira viruses. They're going to evaluate how those viruses work. They're going to put them in humanized mice, and then they're going to do predictive modeling. So they're going to go out, get a whole smorgasbord of different bat viruses. They're going to take the ones can impact humans. They're going to construct these [inaudible] viruses. Then they're going to see how they work. They're going to put them in humanized mice, and then they're going to model it. They're going to say, oh, well, well, now that we know, this is what we think is going to happen in the future. And that's going to be useful to society instead of the idea being that , uh , maybe that they did that and the virus actually leaked out and spread throughout the world and is killing millions of people now. Hm . So that also could have been a thing that happened, right? Yeah, it could have. We also have what they're showing us here is more of the back end processing network. Machine learning is going to predict the spillover build different genotype phenotype models here. They're talking about preempting the risk, and this is their mitigation plan, personal safety biosafety mitigation of risk to public health. All the work done with the bats is going to be conducted in China by EcoHealth Alliance, by their staff and the Wuhan Institute of virology capture and sampling techniques have already been previously approved, experimental work using bats and mice is all okay. All animal work is going to be overseen by all of these people. Everything is safe. All going to be documented by EcoHealth field safety free ranging bats are going to be captured using a mist net or a harp trap. So not going to be harmful to the bats. Everything's going to be fine. Their dedicated clothing is going to be worn. Face shields are going to be worn. External clothing is going to be worn. Personnel is going to be wearing water. Impermeable suits, rubber boots, all field personnel is going to be immunized against rabies and demonstrate protective titer . According to CDC guidelines and the risk to the general public it has minimal risks to the general public. Why sampling is only going to be done near cave sites and not in populous areas. Our team has extensive extensive experience. They say, so not even a thing. Bats are going to be okay. All of this has been done before. It's all being done in China, Wuhan Institute of virology. It's all there. This is the organizational chart for how this whole project was being structured. And then we're jumping into your chat. Next. This is, as you can see the administration and the program management, Dr. Peter desertec there he is again, right at the top. We have Ralph Barrack over here. He's got 1, 2, 3, 4 doctors. We have Dr. Linda Wang, another doctor, another doctor, Jerome, Jerome Abbott . We have Zang zoo . We have Jimenez . We have Alan , we have lateen . We have all of these people who presumably know what happened here. And so this is a giant proposal, $14 million. Do you think that this work just stopped? Do you think that DARPA said, oh, we're not going to just give you the 14 million. And they just said, oh, okay. I guess we tried. Yeah, I guess we tried that. So , uh , thanks. I guess we'll try again next year. No, of course not. Right. These are people meddling around in areas that maybe they shouldn't be meddling around in. What do you have to say about it? Let's take your questions [email protected] See what has come in here. We have monster one says, Hey, detective, there is no way I committed that murder. Ignore the blood on my hands. Yeah. Uh, completely agree with that. And the idea that this whole thing was natural and that [inaudible] , and the rest of these , uh , these scientists were sort of very, very hungry to make sure that they came out unequivocally and said that this was absolutely natural. Kind of it's like, you know, me , me, me , me doth . Think the lady doth protest too much with all right . We have another one from monster . One says, did you see the CCP defector? Who said the virus was released on purpose at the war gains ? And we won at the end of 2019. I did see it. I didn't spend much time on it other than just looking at the headline, but yeah, yeah, not good. A major says they are bat crazy ha that's from major in the house. And we have a couple more Beavis and Butthead said , uh , says, ha ha. Cleavage, which is fun. So liking is here, says before the pandemic, many people did not think that a scientific journal could be dishonest, but the veils been definitely pulled off. And we have seen several that are part of the political machine and attempting to manipulate, not only the perception of those in science and the medicine, but also the public at large. Yeah. That's from soul Viking . Yeah. Science science has really taken a hit over the last 18 months or so. Right . All of the people who come out and say, follow the science, like the white house. And the FDA says , uh , now that's not what we're doing. Those boosters are not going into effect. Oh. So science is kind of politicized now kind of changes to whatever you want it to be. Whatever you need to do, you make the science fit it. And if you want to protect your company like EcoHealth Alliance, you make sure you get your buddies to circle the wagons. Come back out here and communicate. This was natural. Good one from soul biking. A couple more dead now says, says a little off topic, but I heard there was a Nicki Minaj concert in Scottsdale, Arizona last week. Uh, Rob how'd you lose your voice again. Busted. It's true. I , uh, I'm a, I'm a Nicki Minaj ultra fan. Now I can't help it. Can't deny it. I'm not gas as well. DARPA is more responsible in handing out research for deadly technologies than the NIH. Yeah, they are. Yeah. Fowchee is like, yeah, no problem. Yeah. W w 14 million, half 20 all you need. You're good to go. We had a Superchat come in from Josh. Oh my gosh. Says, why not vote for libertarians at advocate for small government? Forget the Dems and the Republicans, which I love. Totally agree with that. On, on, on you there, Josh, thank you for the super chat and for the support. I appreciate it. All right . My friends. So , uh , those were great questions over from watching the and I appreciate all the love and the support. You've got one more segment here today and uh , what are we talking? Oh yeah. Michael Sussman. The Sussman indictment. Yeah. Oh yeah. Russian collusion. It is now 2021. And you probably thought that. Not going to hear that again, but we're going to do a quick revisit down memory lane. Remember when that's all, anybody could talk about Donald Trump just got elected. Hillary Clinton was very upset about it said that this whole thing was stolen. That Trump was Putin's puppet. Remember all of that. And it resulted in an impeachment proceeding. Donald Trump was impeached over it all sorts of different collusion allegations, the stripper pee tape story, the ambassador phone call the bank collusion. The list goes on and on and on. And so let's just rewind back and make sure we recall just how over the top of the media was. Here is a trip down the media memory lane.

Speaker 8:

Putin's Russia, collusion, Trump brushing sort of collusion. Trump, Russian collusion, Trump , Russian medical illusion , Russia possible collusion. Trump, Russia , collusion from Russia, collusion, Trump possible collusion. Trump brushing up Russian collusion. Trump Russia possible collusion and brushing acting election. Here comes a big change because all of a sudden the Trump possible Russia , Russia, Russia, hospital pollution prove collusion.

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Was there. Collusion, Trump , Russia, Trump,

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Russia, classical collusion, Trump, Russia, collusion, Trump, Russia, collusion, Trump , Russia , collusion, Trump brushing potential collusion,

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And the Kremlin and the collusion with and the Kremlin and the, and the Kremlin and the collusion with collusion. This president, this president and collusion and the Kremlin and the collusion.

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All right. So , uh, no , I did not make that. I see somebody ask it. I did not make that the link is in the slides . Somebody else on YouTube made that, but it is brilliant, right? Because that's all we heard for about , uh, 18 months or longer than that. We're still hearing about it. And so that's what the media was going. Hog-wild over now. We've covered a lot of this garbage. It's all been a hoax. And now there's an indictment to show that we have Michael Sussman was a lawyer. He just got charged in the Durham probe. He pled not guilty. Last week. He had another court date today. Not nothing too eventful, but I did have a chance to go through the indictment. And so we are going to go through it. He is a 57 year old cyber security lawyer. According to CNN, worked for the Democrats and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign pleaded not guilty in federal court on Friday in his first appearance, following his indictment on charges of lying to the FBI. It was a 2016 meeting where he shared the information about the Trump organization and Russia. So we're going to go through the indictment. Let's do a quick little trip down memory lane and see who the key players are over here. Of course, we have a Durham, Mr. Durham, who is leading the probe and down here, we have Michael Sussman. So Mr. Durham was investigating the origins of the probe. The FBI remember was doing this Trump Russia probe. They accused Sussman of Durham, accused Sussman down here, making a false statement to the FBI. Sussman used to work at a law firm called Perkins coy. He represented the DNC, the democratic national committee. Now he's being represented in the criminal case by a different law firm saying that he committed no crime prior to his time. Uh, he was a, he worked as a director of a special task force to investigate Enron in 2005. He Mr. Bercow . Okay. So let's see what else. Yes. Okay. Comi agreed to launch the FBI probe into the Russian interference in 2016, and to investigate the alleged ties between Russia and members of the Trump campaign. Trump then fired comi in May, 2017. Okay? So that's a little bit of the backstory. There, there are so many different facets to this Russian collusion nonsense, but this involves a DNC lawyer. Somebody who used to work for Hillary Clinton and the DNC, and he just got indicted. So this is the indictment hat tip over to techno fog who pulled this indictment. Grand jury is saying here in or about late October, 2016. And this is very important. October, 2016 was one week before the 2016 presidential election. This was an October surprise. Multiple outlets reported the U S government authorities had received and were investigating allegations concerning a secret channel of communications by Trump and a Russian bank. You see that Russian bank here, one October comes out, polls are getting tight. Hillary Clinton and her team are going, oh my goodness, are we going to lose to this orange man? So they have an October surprise. They've been concocting this thing for months now. So boom, October hits Trump, Russia collusion. We've got the goods. According to one of these articles that was published by a major newspaper intelligence officials, possessed information concerning quote , what cyber experts said appeared to be a mysterious computer back channel between Trump and Russia. Oh, the article further a mysterious computer channel . Wow. I wonder what that could be. The article further reported. The FBI had spent weeks, weeks examining computer data, showing an odd stream of activity to a Trump organization. Server computer log showed two servers from a Russian bank sent more than 2,700 look-up messages. Starting in the spring. Other articles were assembled by an anonymous computer researcher using the name tea leaves. All right . So October surprise comes out and it's true. The FBI did start an investigation. Why they met with Michael Sussman. He's the defendant. He's a lawyer at an international law firm. He requested and held a meeting with FBI general counsel took place September 19th, 2016 at FBI headquarters. He provided the FBI three quote, white papers along with data files, containing evidence, evidence supporting the secret communications channel. So this lawyer comes to the FBI, delivers them a basket of goods. During the meeting, Sussman lied about the capacity in which he was providing the allegations to the FBI. He falsely stated that he was not doing his work quote for any client. It not meant that the FBI general counsel believed that Sussman was quote , acting as a good citizen. He was just passing along information. He wasn't a paid advocate. He wasn't a political operative in further detail. This statement was intentionally false. Sussman was in fact acting on behalf of other clients, specifically tech executive, number one at a U S internet company. We don't know who that is. Tech executive one is a very nefarious actor in this indictment. Don't know who it is and who else the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign campaign. So he goes to the FBI and says, I just, I'm a , you know, I'm just a nice guy and I'm a lawyer. And I came across this information. I'm a cybersecurity person. You should see this. Donald Trump is colluding with the Russians and they go, well, that's, that's pretty , uh , serious allegations there , Sussman , uh, just to make sure that there's no conflict of interest here, just to make sure you're being honest and truthful that you're bringing us good data. You don't happen to work for the DNC. Do you know, or Hillary Clinton, you're not bringing this on their behalf are, you know , okay, well, I guess we're going to look into it then. Well, Sussman's lie was material because the false statement misled the FBI counsel and other FBI personnel concerning the political nature of his work. If they knew that they would have been more able to fully assess and undercover more details, but they didn't do that. Did they? They weren't able to assess the motivation of him or his clients. Now they say that had the FBI uncovered the origins of the relevant data and analysis. It might've learned that among other things in compiling these allegations, tech executive, number one, this nefarious actor exploited his access to non-public data at multiple internet companies to conduct opposition research concerning Trump. So some nefarious actor is accessing internet data. The tech executive listed researchers at a US-based university. They were receiving an analyzing internet data in connection with a federal government cybersecurity research contract. They coordinated and orchestrated everything with the Clinton campaign that Sussman gave to the FBI and the media. So the whole thing was actual collusion between Susman tech executive number one research assistants at US-based universities and the Clinton campaign , FBI investigation of these allegations. Nevertheless concluded there was insufficient evidence to support these allegations. The investigation revealed that the server at issue that Sussman was so upset about was not owned or operated by Trump. Rather, it was a mass marketing email company that said advertisements for Trump hotels. It's a marketing company. That's sending emails back and forth. And so they go and concoct this whole thing to deliver that to the FBI. Now let's take a look at who some of these people are tech executive. Number one uses his access at multiple internet companies to conduct opposites and research and create a narrative regarding Trump. Right? They wanted to do that in furtherance of his S efforts, Sussman and campaign lawyer one and tech executive. Number one used his access at multiple to gather in mine non-public and public internet data regarding Trump. Why with the goal of creating a quote narrative regarding the candidates ties to Russia tech executive, number one later shared results of these searches with Sussman so that Susman could give it over to the FBI. All right , next, we have tech executive number one, he then gives tasks to somebody else researchers . Number one and number two. So he builds a little bit of a research team. They worked at a US-based university. He, he asked them to search broadly through internet data, why they wanted to support an inference or a narrative regarding Trump. That would please certain VIP's look at that. Moreover, and as alleged, he provided the information that was gathered back over to Sussman so that he could give it to the FBI. So it goes tech researcher, one, two research assistants, tech researcher. One is saying, listen, guys, we need to find some, some evidence here because the VIP's would be very happy. If there was a narrative Trump, Russia, collusion researchers do that, give it back over to tech executives . Number one, tech executive. Number one gives it over to the lawyer. The lawyer gives it over to the FBI, all being coordinated with the Hillary Clinton campaign. And in addition to this Sussman then, so this, this is actually kind of hilarious. This is funny. He, if you're a lawyer, this is hilarious. So Sussman goes in and says, I'm not doing any of this for Hillary Clinton. I'm just a good citizen, FBI. That's what he's being charged for for misrepresenting that data. So he goes and says, I'm not doing any of this for Clinton at all, but then guess what? He build the Clinton campaign for it. He sent him a bill for all this work. He builds the Clinton campaign for the communications with tech executive number one, and the lawyers law firm billing records. It was H F AAC Inc. On July 29th. He says he built his time in , in this meeting to the Clinton campaign under the category general political advice with the billing description quote , meeting with campaign lawyer one and others regarding a confidential project, all of the other billing entries, he billed to the campaign of Clinton, our general political advice. So this guy has the gall to go into the FBI and tell them I'm not working for them. This is not for them, but then drafts a bill. Pay my bill for this confidential project. That's that's, that's bold. He also on August 22nd, leading up to the election researcher, one emailed the affirmation , mention recipients expressing doubt regarding the bank allegations. He raised concerns about the researcher's bias against Trump. So let's frame that out just a quick minute. Tech executive number one says, I need you to go find this stuff, researcher. Number one goes and looks for it. Somebody else is saying, well, we've got some information here, but I don't know how good this is. Sounds like it might not actually be legitimate. And he raises concerns about it. He says specifically let's for a moment. Think of the best case scenario, where we're able to show somehow that DNS communication exists between Trump and Russia. DNS is an internet protocol. So they're trying to monitor the conversation. Researcher says, how do we plan to defend against the criticism that this is not spoofed, meaning fake that this is not fake traffic we're observing. There was no answer to that. He says, let's assume again, that they are not smart enough to refute our quote, best case scenario tech executive. Number one, do you realize that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag to make a very weak association? Let's all reflect upon that for a moment. Sorry, folks. But unless we can buy NetFlow and DNS traffic collected at critical points between suspect organizations, we can not technically make any claims that would fly public scrutiny. The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like Trump. This will not fly in the eyes of public scrutiny. Folks. I'm afraid we have tunnel vision, time to regroup researchers saying, yeah, all the data here is garbage. It could all be faked. Essentially. It could all be spoofed. And if somebody looks at our research and raises that critique, what are we supposed to do about that? Maybe we are off base a little bit, but no, that didn't shake the hoax that was going on. They needed to get their October surprise in. And so they just kept driving it forward. So suspend then in spite of that researcher objecting to what's happening here. They prepare the white paper. Anyways, they summarize the Russian bank allegations. Despite those views that there was a red herring that should be ignored. All the people began to draft review and revise a white paper summarizing the allegations Sussman would later give to the FBI and guess what? He continued to build time on these matters to the Clinton campaign just kept billing them. He's doing work, he's working he's he should get paid for it. Sussman then makes a false statement to the FBI general counsel, September 19th. He met with the general counsel to talk about these bank allegations. He stated falsely. He was not acting on behalf of any client led the FBI general counsel to believe that he was conveying as a good citizen and not for any client. He said he'd been approached by multiple cyber experts. He gave the name of those people, but did not mention tech executive. Number one did not mention Clinton campaign or anybody else left that stuff out immediately. After the 19th meeting, FBI conveyed the substance of the meeting to counsel took those notes. And again, Sussman billed Clinton for it, work and communications regarding a confidential project. In the days, following those meetings, Sussman then made false statements that skewed the FBI. The FBI might have allocated its resources differently or more efficiently, and in covered more incomplete information about the reliability of the data, but they trusted him, which was a mistake. Then Sussman goes in front of Congress and basically admits everything in December, 2017, under penalty of perjury goes in front of the house, permanent select committee and says , uh , it gets asked the question in December, when you came and spoke with us, were you doing that on your own volition? He says, no, I wasn't. So did your client direct you to have those conversations? Yeah. And your client was waiting that you were going to disclose this information? Yes. Okay. So you mentioned that your client directed you and they asked you to disseminate that information. Is that correct? He said, yeah. So he basically is admitting that the whole thing was fabricated. Then we see here, count one. He did willfully, knowingly materially make a false and fraudulent statement. He stated to the FBI, he was not acting on behalf of any client. He was, he was working for Hillary Clinton and tech executive number one signed off on here by John Durham, special counsel. So we're going to jump into questions from you here in a quick minute, but who was going to be working on this case? The Washington times is reporting that there's a lot of Democrats already involved. So that's fun. The list of the inside, the beltway legal players include a trial judge who appears to have a background connection to the FBI's original Russia investigation. Judge's name is judge Christopher Cooper over here, who is overseeing the case against Mr. Sussman . He's married to another attorney named Amy Jeffreys who represented former FBI lawyer, Lisa Page, Ms. Paige was a top lawyer on special counsel Robert Mueller's team in the original Russia, Trump collusion hoax. She has anti-Trump tweets from her former Peter struck. So the judge is married to a lawyer who represented Lisa Page , who was the lover of Peter struck. Don't you just love this country. It's just amazing. So we'll see what happens to him. It we'll see where that case goes. Uh , it's just, just too horrible. It's just such a disaster. This is America. All right , let's see what you have to say. Questions from watching the have a couple in here. I'm not gas. As I see, you're also a fan of place boiling . I was a big fan of that song. I probably got a copyright strike on this on YouTube, but it was worth it. We have Mustang. Jeff says the indictment purportedly points to an implicates. Hillary Clinton. Exactly. When will the media breathlessly report on it answer never contradicts the propaganda narrative. People wake up. That's from Mustang. Jeff. Thanks Mustang, Jeff. We have a couple more Seoul Viking says, says we can't forget the so special. John McCain was very involved in pedaling . The dossier. Disgusting. He will be held responsible elsewhere for his participation. Yeah, he absolutely was responsible for that. I didn't deliver it. I think he did. We have to under seven says good video rub the brainwashing with the Russian collusion. Delusion works even the day. Many Dems believe Putin helped Trump win, but I always knew Durham would expose the criminals Sussman just at the beginning. Remember all the players in the FBI were fired. I'm sure many saying like canaries to avoid charges of treason. Justice is coming. One can only hope they're thunder seven. Thanks for being here. We have another one monster. One says, is anyone really surprises guys crooked? Sus is shorthand for suspect or suspicious. The guy's name is literally suspicious, man. I liked that. I didn't know. I didn't catch that, but that is accurate. It's true. And it makes sense. I think it's the universe speaking monster. One says, is this something to get excited about? Durham has been investigating for almost two years. We've gotten to arrest of low-level people. Is there any possibility that anyone significant will get indicted or are they just sacrificing the low-hanging fruit? I think it's the latter. I don't think anything's going to come of it. I mean, honestly, you know, I say this regularly, but we, we have a ruling class of people and this is like blood sport for them. Right? And so is anybody gonna pay repercussions for this? I, I highly doubt it. Hillary. Clinton's not getting indicted Donald. Trump's not getting indicted. It never happens because they are royalty. And in America they operate under a different set of rules than you and I do. And this guy is in that, you know, he, he may get something, but it won't be anything serious. I'm not gas as Sussman is kinda suss , man. It's true. It is true. That's a good point. I'm not gas. And see the veil says, Hey, Rob, glad you're getting better. Voice sounds stronger. Keep it up. Happier on the man. Thanks. See the veil . I appreciate it. Can you post the information you read on the virus and the vaccines you talked about earlier in locals? So I can read up on what they did. Yeah. So yeah, I can, the , the link to the full, the link to the full , uh, the full 75 page proposal is in the slides, but I will, I will, I can link the PDF as well. As soon as we get off here , uh, regarding the Russia gate, it's sad that there are people within campaigns who hate people so much, they falsify information and create a problem that affects the operation of the USA. And it puts people in jail. These people need life in prison. They need to have judges with no ties to either campaign, to oversee the trials, any chance someone can push for a change of judges. Yeah. So they can, there are mechanisms for that. It's called the notice for a change of judge, right? And so, you know, we'll see, we'll see where this goes. It's still a new case. The prosecutors aren't going to want a different judge. And um , maybe Durham might. We'll see. I doubt it. We'll see if that changes, but I , I doubt it. We have , uh, some super chats that came in , uh , Curtis Bartels in the house says great reporting, RNR, Arizona audit Friday thoughts. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in there. You know, I've, I've, I've been a little bit cautious with the Arizona audits and things like that. There's a lot of, a lot of people saying things I think that are based more out of wants and desires right out of idealism. A lot of people are promising a lot of things there that I kind of find hard to believe, but I want to see some actual stuff. Right? Everybody's talking, talking, talking, talking, talking all day, tick tock, tick tock. It's coming, it's delayed. It's coming. Let's see it. Then we'll analyze it. And so I've just been reserving my judgment until we get there, but I'm looking forward to seeing it absolutely am. And it's going to be fun. We'll cover it. If we can. We have, Jenny B says Durham, the stealth bomber, incoming fire. We'll see, we'll see what he's been doing for two years. You know, this, this is a pretty, it was just a solid indictment. Is anything going to come of it? Is this the end of it? Or just the beginning? We don't know. We're going to have to wait and see Alex bogey is here, says any chance Hillary can be subpoenaed as a witness. Uh, it's a good, it's a good question. Right? So it sort of depends on what her level of involvement was. Now she's going to be absolutely nonresponsive here, right? She's going to disassociate herself from anything that took place here. Of course, and there's layers of people, but we don't know who tech executive number one is. We don't know who these other people are. You know, if it's somebody who's in her close proximity, if Durham can make a connection that she has some actual knowledge about this, that's relevant to the investigation and this continues to move. And then, you know , you could try that, but it's the same thing, right? They've been trying to pin Donald Trump down for years and they can't do it. So Hillary is going to have that same type of legal team and a defense. We have Jennifer here with no question, but a super chat. I think that's the Jennifer who gave us the slippery Elm over here. The throat coat, get that throat coated with that slippery Elm. Thank you, Jennifer, for the Superchat and for the slippery Elm throat coat . And we have one more over from watching the . Monster one says, I disagree about Trump. I think they will indict him to prevent him from running. Even if it's for something completely BS. If he's tied up in court, he can't run for president. That's a good point, right? It doesn't even have to be anything consequential. Just the fact that you're going to have those same idiots who are out there, Russia, collusion, Trump, Russia, collusion, right? Doing that ad nauseum till the end of the day, they're going to do the same thing with indictment, federal indictment, federal indictment, federal indictment, all day long and a large portion of this country, but the Russia collusion hoax. And maybe they'll pick that one up as well. Those were great questions all from watching the I appreciate all the love and the support want to welcome some new members who signed up with us. Uh, very recently before we get there, Texas just super chatted says he didn't think we go in to get that. He didn't think we go into get caught, that why he kept on billing these people. And Rob can say Trump Sue the internet company that was spying on his team. That's from Texas. Well, thank you for that, Texas. I we'll see what Trump's response is to any of this. I'd be very curious to know who that tech executive number one is very curious to see who that is. Another great Superchat . Thank you for that. We have some new members who joined us [email protected] Very grateful for you signing up. Even in the myths of my strangled cat voice, we have miles away, 71 who joined. We have Kendra who joined up for the year. We have Brennaman who signed up as well. Brennaman is over in the chat. Shout out to Brennaman. We've got a non 4, 2, 3, 4, 2, 3 4 , who signed up along with earth boy also in the house, Beth Coddington , just chimed in with lovely Superchat saying, stay on the men . Robert. Great to see you welcome to all the new Watchers who are signing up and joining our community. And Texas also said, could Trump Sue the internet company and the CEO and the people who took part in the research for a violation of privacy as a great question, you know? And , uh, maybe, yeah, maybe, you know, I don't know. So I don't handle those types of claims. And so I it'd be hard for me to , to sort of opine on that. But yeah, that's a , that's a good level of inquiry. I think it's certainly appropriate , uh, back over to the new members last week, we had no one, you know,, peop Latina , James, Jesse Wright , and Michael Krogan . If you want to join us [email protected] five bucks a month, $50 annually. I certainly appreciate it. YouTube de monetizes us every single time we do a live stream. And so, you know, I appreciate your support. It's it's very much appreciated. Uh , if you want to join us on our locals meetup Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM, we have a , about an hour and a half an hour, hour and a half live stream. It's not a live stream. It's a zoom meeting where we all get to meet. We turn our cameras on. If you want, keep them off. If you don't and we just talk, we get to meet each other. We're building a community. We're connecting with each other outside of YouTube, where we can actually put names to faces and meet some good people and hear from other people around the world. There it's really a lot of fun. We're about 35 to 40 people who show up regularly, raise your hands, chime in, tell us what's going on in your part of the world. I really would appreciate it. If you joined us Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM. And that my friends is it for me for the day. Want to thank you once again for joining us again, a voice is on the mend. It's going to continue to get better over the week. And I appreciate your patience with me here on that. We're going to be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow, 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye .