Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Blinken Blasted on Afghan, Nicki Minaj vs. Joy Reid on Vaccines + AOC, Is Gen. Milley a Traitor?

September 14, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Blinken Blasted on Afghan, Nicki Minaj vs. Joy Reid on Vaccines + AOC, Is Gen. Milley a Traitor?
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Secretary of State Antony Blinken is grilled in Congress today over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and we review his testimony. General Mark Milley is revealed to have worked to undermine former President Trump and coordinated with the Chinese. The Royal Class got together last night at the Met Gala and Nicki Minaj goes after Joy Reid over vaccines.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 Secretary of State Antony Blinken takes questions from Congress over the failures in Afghanistan.​
🔵 Democratic Senator Bob Menendez blames Blinken on a poorly conduct withdrawal.​
🔵 Menendez threatens to compel Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who declined to appear in front of Congress.​
🔵 Senator Rand Paul asks Secretary Blinken about the drone strike conducted by the Biden Administration.​
🔵 Senator Ted Cruz pens an op-ed warning about the refuges being resettled from Afghanistan.​
🔵 BBC Reports Suzanne Kianpour reports that the Taliban is looking for a Washington lobbyist to help secure funding.​
🔵 New Bob Woodward / Robert Costsa books reveals explosive details about General Milley and the last days of the Trump administration.​
🔵 In Peril, Woodward reveals General Mark Milley held a secret meeting with national security officials to undermine President Trump.​
🔵 What constitutes treason? We review U.S. code and case law interpretation.​
🔵 The book alleges that General Milley called Chinese counter parts and promised to warn them of any pending U.S. attacks.​
🔵 The Rich and Powerful wrapped themselves in burritos to attend an art function at the Met Gala.​
🔵 AOC wore a dress labelled “tax the rich” at an art event where rich people buy art to launder money to avoid taxes.​
🔵 Nicki Minaj and Joy Reid from MSNBC get into a twitter battle of vaccines.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert ruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We've got prosecutors behaving poorly. We have judges not particularly interested in a little thing called justice, and it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here in with us today because we've got a lot to get into. We're going to start off by talking about secretary of state Anthony Blinken and go back and rewind the clock to Afghanistan. He was in front of Congress today, and the senators were not very happy with him. We're going to hear from a democratic Senator, Bob Menendez, who actually was pretty aggressive with secretary of state Anthony Blinken. We're going to check in with Rand. Paul Ted Cruz was also somebody who penned an op ed and his warning about all the refugees that are being , uh , settling here in the United States. Ran. Paul was out there asking about the drone strike. Remember that there was this big response after the Taliban killed 13 Americans. And , uh , the byte administration was going to do something about that. They drone strike struck something. So there were some questions about that today we'll dig into it. And then in our next segment, we gotta talk about this new book. There are headlines flying all over the internet, Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, coming out with a new book called peril. And in it, there's some pretty juicy meatballs that have to do with general Miley. One of the, one of the former , uh , department of defense individuals who is a part of the Trump administration. Apparently this guy was sort of just running things under Trump's , uh, back behind his back to it's wild. He was calling China all sorts of stuff. And so we're going to get into that in the next segment. The big question that everybody is throwing around now is that big T word, the treason word . So we're also going to take a look at treason and see how this whole thing might fit into that statutory framework. What is treason? What counts is treason did general Miley calling the Chinese and saying, Hey, let's play Patty cake was that treasonous we'll find out. And then in our last segment, we got to check back in with the very, very, you know, smart and intelligent people that were all congregating over at the met yesterday. AOC was over there and what, the reason we're going to talk about that. Not because I'm interested in it at all, but because there was a hilarious back and forth exchange that came out over vaccines, and it was just hysterical. We have Nicki Minaj who I think is a rapper or something like that. She was getting into it with joy Reed over from MSNBC about vaccines. And it got, I mean, heavy for Twitter. Even I had to censor a word out for the slides today that Nicki, Nicki Minaj was using. And so they're duking it out over vaccines, pretty hilarious, AOC war address , you know , tax the rich. And so she was at an art event, I think, at the met gala. I think that's what it is an artist thing. Cause they were all dressing themselves like in burritos and stuff. So it's a very curious thing that happened. We're going to break down what that might mean. We're familiar with some art , other artists here on this channel. And so we've covered art here before. We're going to cover it again. And if you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] There's a form looks just like this. If you want to ask a question, please feel free to do so select the topic. If you can't keep the topics sort of in line with what I'm talking about, it makes it easier for me to go through them. As we always note on Tuesday, it's a short show cause I got a meeting right after this. And so we're going to try to get to all the questions that we can super chats are also available over at watching the Watchers dot lo I'm sorry. At YouTube, not watching the . I was noticing yesterday Satch was in the house. He joined us late and gave us a super chat yesterday said, Hey, YouTube, you made this donation happened . Your censorship is unacceptable. And I will support as many people as I can who you sensor and that's from such. And I really do appreciate that such . That was from yesterday's show. But of course want to give you a shout out today, quick update on that. We do have a YouTube, of course I got back to me. Well, not really. They got back to Twitter, they posted this. They apologize . Can you believe this? They said, Hey, Robert jumping in our team checked. And we confirmed that this was a mistake during the review process, your video has been reinstated. We're really sorry. This happened from YouTube. Well, that was nice, nice little apology from them. Yeah. And this is no problem. Apology accepted. You know, I appreciate you helping. I think that we can all create a nice platform together as long as we're able to sort of communicate openly and freely without any censorship. That's a good thing. And I understand that mistakes happen in businesses and YouTube came out and corrected that I , uh, also thank the Twitter family, of course, for raising a stink and giving this almost a million impressions that might've bumped this up, the response, you know , queue a little bit, but regardless, got it sorted out. That's all good news. And I appreciate it that we're back in good graces. So I don't know what that means. What a mistake means during a review process, right? If , if that was automated or if somebody reviewed it and flagged it, I don't know what the deal is, but that's all the information I got regardless. We're back in business and we're happy to be here, so good, good stuff. All right. And so , uh , one final thing. If you're looking for clips on the show, they go over here. Robert Mueller , Esq slash clips would still love to get over a thousand subs over there. So if you're not subscribed and you don't mind the clips, that'd be the place to do that. All right . So let's get into the news of the day. Secretary of state Anthony Blinken was in front of Congress today and he didn't get a very warm reception. Of course he was one of the architects of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Of course there was the military component, which was the withdrawal of evacuation, largely headed by the Pentagon Lloyd, Austin, the secretary of defense and many others over there. But Anthony Blinken was rounding up the state department. They were the international diplomatic entity that the United States has. And so Anthony Blinken was out there for months telling us what this thing was going to look like, lying to the American people about exactly what was going to happen and is sort of continued to lie about what was actually happening as the withdrawal was working itself out. And so he got called into Congress today. In fact, a lot of people got called into Congress today to his credit. Anthony Blinken showed up Lloyd Austin, didn't, he didn't show up. Now he's part of the military, right? He's not a civilian. So you can flush that out however way you want it. But Anthony Blinken showed up in front of the Senate today and took some questions. We're going to start off by seeing what Mr. Menendez, Senator Menendez, who's a Democrat. I believe he's from New Mexico. What he had to say, Anthony Blinken came in. This whole hearing was about Afghanistan. Recall 13 Americans were dead. I were killed there on during the withdrawal on the exit out, arguably there are still tens or hundreds or arguably thousands of Americans who were still stranded over there. We're getting reports that the Taliban is now executing journalists and rounding up people who were , uh , uh, international sort of , uh , translators who were working with the U S entities. We're going to see that in a minute. And so even though Joe Biden came out and sort of changed the topic by mandating against what he promised to do previously mandating that 80 million Americans now are mandated to get the vaccine. A lot of people have sort of shifted their focus a little bit previously. They were concerned about Afghanistan and what happened there. Now they're worried about putting food on the table, making sure that they can continue to pay their mortgage, making sure that they can continue to provide for their children and not lose their job. Because the president just said that certain people have to do certain things to make him happy. He's patience is running thin. Don't forget. And he's about to get very angry. You're not going to like Joe Biden when he's angry. So he is ordering that. Now people have sort of said, well, okay, we have domestic issues now that we have to focus on. And so Afghanistan has sort of fallen off the table, not a lot, a lot , not on the media as much anymore, but we had some very juicy comments today in the congressional hearing. Let's dive in here's Senator Menendez, having a conversation and not really a conversation, just sort of telling Anthony Blinken what he thinks about the whole withdrawal.

Speaker 2:

Let me turn to the focus of today's hearing Mr. Secretary, the execution of the U S withdrawal was clearly in fatally flawed. This committee expects to receive a full explanation of the administration's decisions on Afghanistan. Since coming into office last January, there has to be accountability

Speaker 1:

Has to be accountability. And he says it was basically a catastrophic failure and he was threatening today to subpoena Lloyd Austin. Remember Lloyd Austin. He was the guy that w wrap himself in bubble wrap. Anytime he went everywhere to face mask , a face shield, and then a bubble, I think a balloon. So he would wander around and he didn't show up during the Senate hearing. Now, secretary, I'm sorry, Bob Menendez threatened to compel him. He threatened to compel secretary defense , Lloyd Austin, to appear before the Senate foreign relations committee said today. I'm very disappointed that secretary Austin declined our request to testify. He's a committee chairman. He said that during his opening remarks said, I expect the secretary will avail himself to the committee in the near future. And if he does not, I may consider the use of the committee subpoena power to compel him and others over the course of the last 20 years to testify. Yeah. 20 years is a good call, right? So yes, well done. Senator Bob Menendez , uh , he's New Jersey. I thought he was New Mexico. He's New Jersey. According to the daily caller, David Crayton wrote this article says , uh , that Menendez said a quote full accounting of the U S response to this crisis is not complete without the Pentagon, especially when it comes to understanding the complete collapse of the U S train and funded Afghan military. He continued his decision not to appear before the committee will affect my personal judgment on department of defense nominees. Ooh, that's a Democrat in the Senate and the Senate's pretty split. Remember it's 50 50, and Kamala Harris is the 51st vote there. So we've got a Democrat now saying, look, if you don't show up here and answer these questions, we're going to have some problems about this. And I know that many people in America are sort of quick to just sort of forget about Afghanistan , uh , swore 20 years. Thank God we're out of there. I'm so sick and tired of endless wars. And I get that. I empathize with that completely, but not without looking back at the false promises that were made over the 20 last 20 years and making sure that every person is held accountable, who should be held accountable here. We've got a whole laundry list of people that have been promising of the American public, that something was happening that wasn't obviously happening. And so the whole thing was a , was a joke, a facade, and somebody needs to be held responsible for that. And Senator Menendez to his credit is saying that he's going to do it not so quick to just say, oh , well , oh, I guess Afghanistan's over. What else is on? We're going to take a look back over the last 20 years and go dig it through it with a fine tooth comb. Who's responsible for this who was lying to everybody over the last 20 years, he asked the Biden administration , Senator Menendez did to remain focused on Afghanistan and that the world bear witness and take action against political and religious abuses. Uh, it says that the white house response throughout Afghanistan has been vague or contradictory, which we pointed out here. We would literally play contradicting clips from the same day. Secretary of state blanket would say something, something about any American who wants to get out of there is going to get out of there. You can trust us. Senator, secretary of state Blinken says, same day. You go over to John Kirby at the Pentagon. He's saying, well, that'd be up until August 31st. And then that's the clock runs out. Was his word, the clock, the clock, the time's up. We've got nothing we can do about that on the same day, clearly contradictory from the same administration. So kind of a joke. Senator Menendez said, I've got some questions about your DOD nominees and Josh Hawley is backing him up on that. Here's what he had to say. So we've got bipartisan agreement against DOD nominees now moving forward.

Speaker 3:

So let me be clear. I will not consent to the nomination of any nominee for the department of defense or for the department of state until secretary Austin and secretary Blinken and Jake Sullivan resigned , whoa leaders take responsibility for their failures. What ?

Speaker 1:

Whoa , whoa, whoa, whoa. Josh Holly asking for resignations now, which are do Jake Sullivan, Oxford graduate he's smarter than me and Josh Holly . So he's probably on the chess board playing 45 dimensional chess, trying to strategize on, you know , what the real proper course of action is. But Josh Holly says Jake Sullivan. Blinken Lloyd Austin got to go. Otherwise, no secretary , uh , secretary of state nominations, no department of defense nominations either. And he's got some unit , some bipartisan agreement on that from Menendez also know DOD. Alright , well, so that took place in Congress today. We're going to hear from Ron Paul in a minute about kind of the situation on the ground. We are trying to get some answers about how we got there. Who's responsible for this. And now we're taking a look about the situation as it continues to unravel over there. Over from Newsmax, we have Jeffrey Roddick writes that rep McCall we've heard from him before on the show. He's on the foreign Senate foreign , uh , house foreign affairs committee said that the Taliban has already started to execute some of the 10,000 interpreters who worked with the U S in Afghanistan. And he was not, this is not because he's on Newsmax. He was on CNN talking about this. I just didn't want to pull the whole clip. It's a long clip. He was with Wolf Blitzer in the situation room talking about this, says that the interpreters who worked with our special forces, they are gone. The Taliban will not allow them to leave. These are the guys who worked right with our special forces. The Taliban views him as the worst of the worst because they feel betrayed. They betrayed in their view, their country. And they worked with the infidel. Of course, that is the Americans they call estimated. There are about 10,000 interpreters. Still there noted that when you take into consideration, the families number climbs to about 30,000, right? Cause they've all got families and they've been living there for 20 years. CNN host , Wolf Blitzer asked. So you think they're going to be stuck. They're never going to get out. McCall said, they're already being executed Wolf. Yeah. They're not going anywhere. We're already getting stories of families and interpreters being executed by the Taliban. Yeah . They're not going to, yeah. That's why people were mad when we didn't evacuate them because that was going to happen. Oh. And so now we have a representative who's on the house foreign affairs committee, he's a Republican, right? And so obviously he's going to make an issue this, but we haven't gotten any good data from the Biden ministration throughout this entire operation. They have been constantly changing and moving the goalposts and offering contradictory information. That's not me saying that that's Senator Menendez a Democrat saying that. So it's not so good. Now, speaking of that, speaking of executions and deaths, remember that very big victory lap that Biden and his team try to unveil to the American people. They, after 13 Americans were killed by ISIS K or whatever variant they're coming up with now that the Taliban apparently led through. We covered that story where apparently they kind of knew this thing was coming. They didn't shut it down. Whatever you can go back and , and sort of unring that bell after that happened, we fast forward, Joe Biden comes out. It takes a couple of days to gain his composure and sort of Rouse him out of the basement. He comes up, gives a speech. We're going to go get ISIS. We're very tough. I'm an angry guy. And we're going to go make sure that we get our vengeance. Guess what happens? They got it. They went out there and they sent a drone to go take out a car full of people essentially. And then declared victory. They told us, got them , got somebody who was instrumental in orchestrating that bombing that killed 13 Americans. This is us getting out there and being tough. Turns out. That's not really the story ran. Paul had some questions about that for blinking today. Here he is

Speaker 4:

The guy, the Biden administration droned . Was he an aid worker or an ISIS K operative?

Speaker 2:

Uh , the administration is of course reviewing that , uh, that strike. Uh, and I'm sure that , uh , you know , full assessment will be, will be

Speaker 4:

Well don't know if it was an aid worker or an ISIS co-operative I

Speaker 2:

Can't speak to that. And I can't speak to that in this setting, in any event. So you'd

Speaker 4:

Know know or won't tell us , uh,

Speaker 2:

I don't, I don't know because we're reviewing. Oh,

Speaker 4:

Well , see, you think you'd kind of know before you're off somebody with a predator, drone, whether he's an aid worker or he's an ISIS. See the thing is, is this, isn't just, you it's been going on for administration after administration, the Obama administration, droned, hundreds and hundreds of people. And the thing is, is there is blow back to that. I mean, I don't know if it's true, but I see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack. If that's true and not propaganda, if that's true, guess what? Maybe you created hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people. So you got to know who you , we can't sort of have an investigation after we kill people. We have an investigation before we killed .

Speaker 1:

Yeah . It's obvious. And I'm laughing, but it's insane, right? Like, remember what happened here? If this really was a family, like, like a , you know, a guy walking to his car with his kids in the car and the U S drone, the U S military just executed an entire family. That is a horrific thing that you can't just gloss over and ran. Paul is 100%, right? Secretary of state Anthony Blinken, if doesn't know about that. Right. And that's what all this is coming down . I don't know. That's not my purview. That's the military operation. Go ask the military. That's what all that's about. But it's also a diplomatic problem. I would say if the U S government is just wasting families because Joe Biden wants to go get ISIS K or whatever the hell is going through his mind at any given moment, it's a big deal to a whole group of people that are just killed. That's on, that's on, that's on America. My friends, it's not something that people are just screaming about because we're , we're , we're trying to do a show here, right? This is the American government just wiping out people on the planet due to incompetence because Joe Biden wanted to score some political points. After he already bought bungled the withdrawal and caused 13 Americans to be killed. So he wants to go in and flex out and then goes in and maybe kills innocent people. Secretary of state doesn't know about it, which is strange because the Taliban are our new international partners and presumably they want their seat at the world stage. And so secretary of state has said that they're going to , you know, interface with them and put very strong diplomatic pressure and to make sure that they sort of comport with international norms and all sorts of stuff. But he doesn't know if a whole family in a minivan got taken out. So that's ran Paul saying maybe we should revisit that policy before you just start executing. People might want to know who they are. Pretty good idea. Also, we have Ted Cruz over here, a little bit concerned about some of the people who are coming back into the country. And we have a clip from him , uh , from a op ed that he wrote over at real clear politics says that admin imports potential Afghan terrorists and predators. So a lot of people have been screaming about this as well of the roughly 30,000 Afghans brought to the U S about one-third not been sufficiently screened . They had to be rescreened . When they came in 100 Afghans triggered the security alerts. One of whom had previously been deported after raping somebody in the U S if even just one or two people commit an act of terrorist. We could see a suicide bombing in an American malt . That's from Ted Cruz. The failure goes beyond security. Afghan is also a wash in horrific crimes against an abuse of women. According to the world health organization, 59% of women married his child brides 90% of women subject to domestic abuse. That behavior is rightly, both shunned and criminal in the U S the Biden administration had a responsibility to ensure that the Afghans being brought to the U S share our values. Right? And that's the big distinction there. Some people might say, well, yeah, I mean, it's like, you know, a civilization that is centuries old, and they're never going to comport to modern values. That's fine. And many people say, well, so what? Leave them over there. That's Afghanistan, what do we care? Okay, that's also fine, but that's not. What's happening. 30,000 of people of those types of individuals are being brought to the United States. Ted Cruz is raising some alarm about that saying they don't actually share American values. So why are they coming into the United States? He says, he knows that instead, Biden imported a potential humanitarian crisis into America. According to the documents from the department of state and DHS department of Homeland security, there have been numerous incidents at intake centers of sexual abuse, where much older Afghan men presented young girls as their wives. Some of these Afghan men reportedly exploited the withdrawal process. More specifically their access provided to the bar by the Bidens. The administration has refused to acknowledge that risk of bringing in thousands could be problematic and Biden . Didn't surrender to the Taliban. He says, that's an excusable American needs answers. So he wants a bunch of answers on that. We'll see if we get any of them. So, you know, yeah . Going to be very interesting. And it's weird that that might, that would happen in such an organized, planned, well thought out, historic withdrawal, you know, we've we saw that this was a tremendous success from the Biden ministration. And apparently everything's going according to plan, including the rapes at that detention centers. So that's great. Now, the Taliban is very excited about this new sort of country they bought. They got, and they want recognition. Suzanne Keon pour over from the BBC. She posted this today, said sign of the times, hearing that the Taliban is in the market for a lobbyist in DC, offering a very lucrative contract. The narrative around their financial situation is that they're broke. They're broke. So they need more money from Washington. And guess what's going to happen. They're going to get it. The byte administration is going to load them up. Already gave them $80 billion in military gear already gave them loads of pallets of cash. We saw it in the videos here. What else are they going to get in exchange for the leverage that they hold? Probably whatever they want. Let's see what you have to say about this. Question's over from watching the We've got thunder seven says I've been watching clips from the hearing and it's so good to see Marxists . Blinken get his feet held to the fire by the GOP. He looks like a deer in headlights with no understanding of how the public view him as a trader, as a moron, Ronnie Jackson, screaming at blink in the best video clips so far, everyone should watch it. Who appreciates watching the Dems squirm? I don't think I saw that one. It was a long hearing and I just sort of was clipping around from it. But yeah, he was, he was, he had a bad day today. It wasn't a good day for him because he has ruined a lot lately 5 0 3 unlimited said the first beheading video I ever watched was of Nick bird, courtesy of the Taliban. I watched that too. I was young. It wasn't a good thing to see. Whoever gives them money should get the worst on that . On that basis alone. Anyone that produces or supports torture or the murder of unarmed civilians is evil. Yeah. I remember that video. You know, I think that was something that my mom, Hey, mom told me you're not allowed to watch that stuff. And I probably did it anyways. She watches this show, sorry, mom . So I apologize for that. But I was, you know, I was a teenager. What I'm supposed to do that Jen Miley says, Lloyd Austin is with me at the hairdressers while I dye my hair. Purple. No time to explain the Afghan disaster. Okay. So that's the, yeah. So they're getting their hair done. Lloyd Austin and general Miley are getting a make-over massage. They're going to be fabulous. Just fabulous. When they get out of there, it's going to be beautiful. Let's see. We have a couple more Sergeant Bob says sleepy, Joe finally came up with a way to unite both sides of the aisle way to go. Yeah, that's great. That's from Sergeant . We have unity now in Congress, Senator Menendez, Josh Holly unified and imposing all of the DOD nominations. That's very good. This country's going places now. We're we're back in business. We have another one from Ray ping. Miners says, why do we have to choose from paying attention to either domestic or international issues? One at a time should be both. We need to learn how to walk and chew gum at the same time. Yeah, I think that's a good, that's a good observation raping. Oh, okay. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. Oh gosh. That one got me big time. Oh no good. No good. That one got me. I'll be more careful. Now we have monster. One says they don't like our tyrannical expansion of government quick. Distract them with Afghanistan. Yeah. It's like, you know, let's like Maslov's hierarchy of needs. You don't worry about foreign wars or foreign entanglements. If you're going to lose your job and not be able to feed your kids. Yeah. That makes sense. To me. Sounds pretty reasonable. Let's see what else that was for monster one. We have, oh, I think that was it on those questions over from watching the So thank you for all of your support over there. All right. We're going to change gears and jump into the next question. Let's see. Oh , that's a weird comment. One. Is that okay? That was a weird, weird comment over on a locals , but that's all right. Well, we'll jump into the next segment. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa just came out with a new book. It's called peril. Here's what it looks like. Some pretty juicy meatballs coming out of this thing. I just don't know how else to put it. We're going to check in and see what's going on. We've got a couple things we need to talk about. And the big one is the T word, treason or trader pick one both start with T both pretty relevant to what we're talking about. Let's dig in. We got a headline from CNN. They got a scoop here , uh , about what is coming out in the book. So we're going to take a look at this first segment. It says that woodwork in the cost of book, worried that Trump could go rogue Miley took top secret action to protect the nuclear weapons. So general Miley. We've been seeing a lot from him, obviously two days though, after the January 6th attack Donald Trump's top military advisor , joint chiefs , chairman general, mark Miley, single-handedly see that single-handedly took top secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous strike. That's according to this new book now, dangerous military strike or not , or launching nuclear weapons. That point that you see single-handedly took top secret action to limit Trump. Hmm . Limit Trump, who is the commander in chief. So I don't know how that is a constitutional thing to single-handedly do that. Is there a constitutional provision that I'm missing about who's ultimately in charge of the military or maybe I'm mistaken? I don't know, but what word in Costa? Right? That Miley deeply shaken by the assault on January 6th . He got, and remember he gets very triggered by white rage out there and he saw that he needed to investigate it . He probably had to go do some soul searching and maybe go meditate on it for a while as he was drinking his herbal tea or whatever he does. He has another one here with Trump. He says Trump was basically manic, screaming at affection officials and constructing his own reality about endless election conspiracies. So mildly worried that Trump could quote go rogue said, quote, you never know what the president's trigger point is. He told his senior staff. And so, okay, let's see what else is going on here? Uh , it sounds like he might be kind of usurping some of Trump's power away from him that doesn't sound appropriate. And so, as I mentioned, the treason word is being thrown around. Let's read it. Let's see what it says because people are going to use it very haphazardly. We want to make sure we know what we're talking about. 18 us code section 2381. It says whoever owing allegiance to the United States, levees war against them, or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere is guilty of treason and shall suffer death or be in prison for whatever. So you can break this statute up a little bit. So somebody who owes allegiance to the U S right, anybody in the military of course, is going to swear an oath. So that is applicable. We can check that one off levies war against them. What does that mean? Well, we don't know. We've got a question mark about that. Or how about adheres to their enemies? Oh , I've got a question mark about that. And how about giving them aid or comfort? What does that mean? I got a question mark about that. So let's take a quick look and see if we can dissect some of this. I go over to the constitution, and you're going to see that there is a summation of some of the trees in law written by Paul T. Crane. We have Deborah Pearlstein over here as well. Both professors. This guy is over at the U S department of the criminal division. So let's see what , uh , what they share with us. They say treason is unique. The only crime expressly defined by the constitution, the framers share of the old view that citizens owed a duty of loyalty to their nation. That's why they included this clause, but they Mo they also made it very difficult to prosecute. They wanted to narrowly define the defense to protect against false or flimsy prosecutions, right? Because wherever they came from, it was just the idea. Oh, oh, did you , you voted against me while you're a trader. So you're going to get executed now around him up, throw him down in the dungeon. That's the end of that? Charge him with treason, because that happened all the time. So what the founders did with treason is they just going to be really, really, really limited. And we need two witnesses. And we're going to define this in the constitution, because people were concerned about that, or they didn't want this to be exploited. Like it has been elsewhere around the world. And so the constitution has it written in there, gives us some pretty clear guidance on what it means. It says levying war against the United States and adhering to the enemies. There have not been many trees in prosecutions, in American history, only one person ever indicted for treason. And , uh , the Supreme court let's see further define that. Let's see what happens here. We have the court construed trees and offense narrowly in a case called Kramer. There was a somebody in Nazi saboteurs of fear and went through this. Let's see making speech critical of the government or opposing its measures. Not enough to be treason. The constitution. It says requires both concrete action. So we have an elements , concrete action, and an intent to betray the nation before a citizen can be convicted of treason. So simply expressing, trader his thoughts or intentions alone. That isn't enough. Okay. So it sounds like, kind of like a regular criminal statute. We have, what's called a mens REA, which is a guilty mind, a guilty mental states here in this case is that general Miley. We're going to find out, but we also need, what's called an actus Reyes . We need an action. We need something that was done. It's not just thinking bad things. It's also taking concrete action. And if you have those two things, then maybe you do in fact have treason. It also says that we need an overt act. What constitutes an overt act . So you need that act, but what is it? Let's see if we can get any ideas here. It says open confession in court, the testimony of two witnesses, the overt act requirement says that you actually need witnesses. Okay? So we need witnesses who saw the acts themselves. The government didn't want people didn't want it to be something where one person just walked in and said, that person is now operating against you against the government. And so he's convicted of treason. You need two people to say, yeah, he said that thing. And then he did that thing, a guilty mind and an action, two people witnesses and an overacting furtherance of the treason. So we go back to CNN now that we know what treason means, and we can see that in response, Miley took extraordinary action. So this was back during the aftermath of January six, he called the secret meeting in his Pentagon office. It sounds like they're going to be witnesses there in Jan on January 8th to review the process for military action, including launching nuclear weapons, speaking to senior officials there, he instructed them not to take orders from anyone else unless he was involved. All right . He said, quote, no matter what you are told you do the procedure, you do the process. And I'm part of that procedure. He told the officers, he then went around the room, looked each officer in the eye and asked them verbally to confirm they understood. Got it. According to the book. Yes, sir. Miley considered it an oath. All right . And so now you're sort of playing around with the statute again. Well, there were other people there presumably more than one person. So you might have some witnesses. It sounds like there was an overt act that took place. It was an order on instruction that he considered an oath. Sounds like we have a couple of elements there, but is this aid and comfort to the enemy? I don't know. Is this something where he's trying to use SERP Donald Trump, by just having an order? We can't really tell that because he tells them specifically, you do the procedure, you do the process and I'm part of that procedure. Right? And so it's kind of like your boss saying, listen, you just do everything as normal, according to protocols and procedure, but I'm just going to watch everything that you do and don't do anything without looking away from me. Right. That might even be, it might happen in your job, right? If I'm working on a very difficult case and I have something that absolutely must be done the right way. If I don't do it myself, I'm watching somebody else do it. I'm saying, listen, don't change a thing, follow our procedures, but I'm going to be involved in this thing. I need to know about it. That's not really a violation of my role or , or what I'm doing. I'm the boss, right? He's the boss, he's the senior person in these affairs. And so if he's just asking them to do the process and do the procedure, is he actually breaking the law? Is he sort of giving aid and comfort to the enemy? And is there an enemy in this situation kind of , not really that then Miley received a blunt phone call from house speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Oh, we got an enemy now in the house, according to the book, ward , ward and Costa , uh , obtained a transcript of the call during which Miley tried to reassure Pelosi that the nuclear weapons were safe, pushed Pelosi , pushed back, says what I'm saying to you is that if they couldn't stop him from an assault on the Capitol , who even knows what else he may do. And is there anybody in charge of the white house who was doing anything but kissing his fat, but over all this Pelosi continued, you know, he's crazy. He's been crazy for a long time. Miley responded, Madam speaker. I agree with you on everything. There it is. I'm only sort of joking about that, but right. If Nancy Pelosi were to be considered the enemy, then that would be aid and comfort to the enemy. Is Nancy Pelosi, an enemy of America? I don't think any court would find that you might think that, but I don't think any other court would find that. And so this one kind of sounds like the T word. Maybe doesn't really apply just on the statute right now, what he's doing is highly inappropriate, right? What he's doing by communicating to the president's political opposition. And by having Nancy Pelosi, being able to basically maneuver the joint chiefs around is totally unconstitutionally not appropriate. Right? We have the commander chief that is delegated not to the speaker of the house of representatives. That's to the president. Nancy Pelosi has no business interfering in any of that at all. And we saw a lot of these stories come out back during the aftermath of January 6th and covered it saying that she wasn't, she even mentioned some of this stuff that she was in contact with them. They were talking about the 25th amendment. They were talking about that , you know , Pence and , and the rest of the cabinet, sort of removing Trump because they were so concerned about it. Nothing happened so general Miley, then didn't go through the proper procedure. If he had actual concerns. If Nancy Pelosi had actual concerns, the 25th amendment exists, it's there for a reason. That's why we have it. Go use it. They didn't do it. They, they worked outside of the constitution to do whatever the hell they wanted to do. And people are sort of clapping their hands about this out there in the media. Wow. Gosh, Donald Trump is so crazy. We had to have these two heroes of America , uh , just break the constitution and just run the military however they want to. And that's a good thing because Donald Trump is so evil. Okay. That's so we can leave that one. There let's finish up from CNN after the call, after he got off with Pelosi. And can you believe your house speaker talks like that? Very unprofessional. She called the president. She said he had a fat butt and that everybody over there was just kissing it. It's very inappropriate that decorum CNN says that after Miley got off his butt kissing call with Pelosi, Miley decided he had to act. So he told top service chiefs to watch everything all the time called the NSA. Paul [inaudible] told them needles up, keep watching everything scan aggressively. Miley authors , right . Was overseeing the mobilization of America's national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world. Great, no accountability, no transparency. Just doing whatever the hell he wants. Woodward and Costa also, right ? That some might contend that Miley had overstepped his authority and taken extraordinary. Powerful for himself could put me in that bucket, but he believed his actions were a good faith precaution to ensure that there was no historic rupture in the international order, no accidental wars with China or others and no use of nuclear weapons. Okay? That's not your job. Nobody asks you to do that. You are somebody who is assigned for a specific purpose and the constitution delegates who has that ultimate authority. You don't get to decide when it's just something that should be thrown out because Nancy Pelosi gave you a call and you're friends with her and you have a problem with white rage or whatever. Your little childhood insecurities are. I have no idea, but that the idea that he can just unilaterally just start reading, negotiating reorchestrate ING the entire national security state without any knowledge of the acting administration is about as treasonous as I think you get. Now, if that doesn't do it for you, maybe this segment will the Washington post, who has no love of Republicans says that the top general was so fearful that Trump might spark a war that he made secret calls to his Chinese counterpart. The new book says, whoa, okay. So the whole equation changes a little bit. We went through the elements of trees and previously an enemy was in their aid and comfort to the enemy. Nancy Pelosi, you know, in many Americans eyes , she's an enemy, no doubt about that, but in a court of law, probably not. Right. And so the trees in may not apply to that because she's a political enemy, not un-American enemy. So that maybe that one doesn't apply, but China is a whole different conversation. Isn't it? And he made secret calls to them. What, twice in the final months of the Trump administration, that country's top military officer was so fearful because he's like a little child that the president's actions might spark a war with China, that he moved urgently to avert armed conflict. Okay. So, so the same Trump has been basically anti war for as long as he's been in office entirely who wanted to end the Afghanistan war, who did a lot to not provoke. Other things around the world was going to suddenly go to war with China because general Miley is a scared little child in a pair of secret phone calls, pair . Two of them of secret phone calls, general Miley. The chairman of the joint chiefs of staff assured his Chinese counterpart, gen Z Chang of the people's liberation army that the U S would not strike. According to this new book, you see that one call took place October 30th, four days before the election, the other on January 8th, two days after the capital siege, the first call was prompted by Miley's review of intelligence, suggesting the Chinese believe the United States was preparing on attack. Okay ? The belief, the authors , right , was based on tensions over the military exercises in the south China, sea deepened by Trump's belligerent rhetoric towards China. Is that a good basis for calling the enemy? General? Lee said general Miley. I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay. We , you're not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you on general mileage . So that's nice. Right? And if you go back to the enemy, right, and you want to define that? Well, according to Donald Trump, yeah. China was the enemy. It was the China virus, right? It all came from [inaudible] . It came from China. So what he said, you gotta get the why in there it's C H Y N a China south . Trump says it, if you want to be accurate. So yes, China was the enemy for Donald Trump. This is John Donald Trump's chief military strategist. Now calling the enemy. And if you have a question that, what did he say? Everything is going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay. He's probably using some, some techniques he learned from his white rage training. Everything's going to be okay. Everything is going to , when he gets triggered, he's like, everything's going to be okay. Everything's going to be okay. So he calls the enemy and literally gives them aid and comfort. He's literally comforting them. It's going to be okay. General. Don't worry about this. Just patting them on the head. Over there in his book, Miley went so far as to pledge. He would alert his counterpart . What what's what's. He went so far as to pledge. He would alert his counterpart in the event of a us attack, stressing the rapport they established through the back channel says, quote, general, Lee, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we're going to attack, I'm going to call you ahead of time. It's not going to be a surprise, which is like the most insane thing I've ever heard. You have a general, literally calling the enemy and saying, if we're going to attack you, I'm going to give you a call and give you four warning. What would that do? Give them an opportunity to prepare their defenses resulting in the death of Americans. I don't know how that is anything but treason Lee took the chairman at his word, according to peril in a second call placed the Chinese fears about the events. Lee wasn't as easily assuaged. Even after Miley promised him, we are 100% steady. Everything's fine, but democracy can be sloppy sometimes going to call the general, Hey, we're sending our bombers over there. So make sure you wipe out all of our troops and then literally giving them aid and comfort, like , like the comfort version it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay. In addition to giving them very, very, very valuable military intelligence about a forthcoming impending attack. If there was one which if Donald Trump wanted to do that, he was well within his constitutional rights to do it. General Miley was not. And Donald Trump relied on this man for years, and he's supposed to be somebody who is admired and a leader of the military, wild Lee , the general, the Chinese general Miley's best friend remained rattled. Miley did not relay the conversation to Trump. According to the book understood why chairman 62 at the time, and chosen by Trump in 2018, thought that he had suffered a mental decline at the time, agreed with Nancy Pelosi, believing that China could lash out, felt a risk unpredictable, then full American president, the Admiral complied. Right? So all of that, we sort of read that in the prior article, over from CNN, and this is a big can of worms for general Miley . Now some people might say, Rob, it's a Bob Woodward book, Robert Costa book, it's guys are idiots who cares? All they print is lies, right? They just take these little stories. And they've written many books about Trump and they've written many books about a bunch of stuff that just really doesn't matter. You know, it's all sort of, he said, she said political gossip, most of the time they come out and there's these salacious pieces about Trump or somebody just go, you kind of roll your eyes about that right now , whatever. Yeah. Trump's kind of a jerk sometimes. No question about it. Did he call that guy in a hole ? Yeah , probably. Did he say grab him? Yeah. Right. All of those. Got it. And they're all salacious and juicy and they they're made to sell books. And so you might just say, oh , it's just a , a book's coming out. They're just trying to sell books, whatever we're going to find out. Jack Passover said over on Twitter, several Pentagon officers present in Miley secret meeting are willing to testify against him under oath per a white house official. So we'll see. And there should be some serious investigations about that. It doesn't matter who you are. If Barack Obama was up there and there was some lunatic general just saying, well, it's my military. Now I'm going to do whatever I want to do. I'd say that guy's insane. Nobody voted for him. Get him out of there. Put him in one of those workshops where you can go learn about what a racist he is. I'm sure he'll really enjoy that. It sounds like you signed up kind of a masochist or something. I don't know. Okay. So that was our treasonous general, general Miley trader. I think legally define . I pretty obvious as far as I can tell, is he going to get charged? No. Is anything going to happen now? Are the Republicans going to do anything? No, because they're useless. Let's see what else we have over from watching the uh, some questions on this one. Look like they're coming in. Uh, I've got to resign in don't you hate when this happens? Why does, why does it do this to me? Give me two seconds. You know, I come in the show and I set the show up and I make sure all my windows are working every day. And then in the middle of the show, Google's just like, oh, Hey , uh , time to log back in. So you can't see your questions. It's very, very rude. So I am getting to the responses now that I've been logged in and we've got to scroll forward a little bit. Here we go. We're going to start at the top on these questions. So now we're queued up. All right . I'm not gas as, so a literal mineral military coup is heralded as heroic, but a mega party at the Capitol is worse than the civil war. Yeah. And nine 11, according to some idiot, lawyer on Twitter, we have another one from Kenny. One B says in February, I wrote an op ed legal analysis of Pelosi's interface with the president nuclear command authority via U S code from January, but ended up not publishing it, thinking more detailed would come out, gave us the , uh , the statute here. It says whoever with the intent to interfere with impair or influence loyalty morale or discipline could be, I guess, civilian interference with military orders, but he's in the military. Yeah . So , so he's in the military that this is far deeper than I thought that's from Kenny one B yeah. Thanks for the statute. Kenny. One B look, I just pick the most obvious treason statute, right? That's defined in the constitution. Are there other crimes that are available for this? I'm sure there's a laundry list of them, but I didn't spend any time on it. The under seven says I did hear that Pelosi spoke to a top general at the Pentagon about having the nuclear codes taken from Trump. And the general sarcastically told her the military don't take orders from her. But the CNC that was Trump, she probably ran a woke Miley. And what they both did is treason. It's an attempted coup against the president. Yep . Very, very problematic cough break. All right. So that was from thunder seven. Thank you. Thunder got a couple more coming in from Anthony stinkin . Blinken says Jack was, Sobek said there are people in the Pentagon willing to testify. Just got that one. Thanks. Thinking Blinken we have Kenny one B says my op ed goes into the significance of the president nuclear command authority and the legal basis of control. This is a big, big deal. The military can not execute a strategic nuclear strike without the civilian presidential authority. Yeah. So take a look at that atomic energy act, 1947, Kenny , one B is all over this. It sounds like he's done some heavy lifting over there. Love that we have. Let's see, I'm not gassed as Pelosi's comments, reek of fatphobia let's due to her and her internalized misogyny and white supremacy. Yeah. I agree with that. Probably because Trump's election emboldened . Those thoughts. It's very offensive. Yeah. I mean, it's very, you know, fat Trump's Trump's fat, but from the speaker of the house. Wow. Just, just monstrous monster ones. They don't like are tyrannical overreach quick. Distract them with MileIQ all jokes aside . He made two phone calls to China. One in October, the January six argument doesn't hold water. Is he, is he working with the Chinese? I mean, it's like, what? Hey, we're about to come bomb. You get ready? What? Wow. All right. We have Jay. He says, I wish these woke generals would retire already or be court marshaled . That would be another solution. Mustang. Jeff says taking power unto yourself is unconstitutional in our Republic. He knew he would not be held accountable. Yeah , because everybody's just sort of clapping like dumb seals. Trump's such a monster. Thank God. We had this guy. We have a dead mouse . Five says , uh , dead mouse gave us a link. I can't, I can't open the link, a dead mouse. Cause we're kind of short on time, I think. But, but , uh, I'll take a look at it after the show. So it's , it's over on locals. He linked to a locals post. So if you're on locals, you , you know what he posted. Sergeant Bob says sounds like a potential military coup did Miley train in south America. I don't know. I have no idea, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me. Right. It's it's crazy, sir . Kecks a lot says Nancy, what happened to fat shaming? Bad food . Yeah. I know. That's not good at all. She is. Let me just make sure I didn't mucus all over myself. All right . I think we're good. All right. So that was good, sir. Kecks a lot says fat shaming got that one. We have another one from Mustang. Jeff says calling China. That is treason. Yeah. And it's more than just a phone call. It's also telling them that you're going to warn them about very top secret confidential military operations. It's lunacy. We have another one from LT. 13 says, I feel like when you read what he was saying, he is LARPing in a history book of old events also for Sobek said Miley couldn't testify today because he was on Beijing time. Zing Sobek yeah. He's got some good one Beijing time. That's funny. Yeah. It actually absolutely felt like that LARPing is live action. Role playing. And it's like people who sort of concoct this fantasy in their lives about how difficult and troublesome things are. So like general. Miley's like, oh my gosh. Trump's like this really deep depression. He could go bananas any moment he could just launch nukes at China. Did he say he was going to launch nukes to China? No, but I saw the military is operating , uh , some exercises over in the south China sea . Okay. Yeah. But we've been doing that forever since our allies are , the Taiwan are over there in Taiwan. We have , and Jeff Japan, we have a pretty massive strategic interest over there. We're kind of always conducting war games over there. So you just saw something come across your desk and you're freaking out. Yeah. I'm freaking out, man. Okay. Well relax. Looney tune, go take a , you know , go listen to Rachel Maddow tonight, calm your nerves. Everything's going to be okay. And it's not even based in reality. So he's doing all of this stuff because he's just whacked . Oh, sock says, Hey, Rob are the beginning of the Rand Paul speech. He made reference to giving aid to the enemy. Was he hinting to the possibility of trees ? Charges? Probably. I think that's exactly what he was doing. Just another peasant is here. Welcome. We're having a great time. Come on in says as much as I would like to see the punishment for treason be ordered on Miley being treasonous is quite a bit more than being insubordinate , but it does beg the question is just a , just a cover story that he was worried about what Trump would do, or was he trying to quiet down the coverup that cover up the coup that they just pulled? I don't know, man, but he was on a phone call with Pelosi talking about Trump's big fat butt . So you have to just understand what these people are talking about right there. They're all on the same team. Politically hand of nod says general Miley has served past his usefulness in the defense of the nation. It is pastime either surrenders his commission or go make big rocks into little rocks. It's interesting that the nuclear deterrence was the catalyst for the backdoor activities. Victor Davis Hanson recently had an exchange with John Anderson from Australia. Their conversation included the need for America to maintain a balance against China's nuclear arsenal for the benefit of our Pacific allies and partners. Now we here our dam joint chiefs of staff sought to undermine the mutually assured destruction, I think is what that is. If America could not uphold its earned and taken responsibilities, and it is probable, a new arms race will begin. It would be the most reasonable for Australia, Japan, South Korea, to build their own nuclear strike capabilities. I think the world will be worse for it. Well, that's what happens though, when you have incompetent leadership, when you have leadership at the top, that just reeks of failure. That's why China is literally wagging their fingers at Anthony Blinken. Don't you talk to us about our genocide in our country, when, what you do to black people in your country, because they know there's they're , they're , they're playing with like teenagers Sergeant , uh , Sergeant Schultz says, I know nothing. I saw nothing. I wasn't what meeting I wasn't there. Oh, oh no, no, no. That never had no miscommunication. Yeah, no, he wasn't going to warn the Chinese. He was going to order Chinese. Oh, that phone call. We have Kenny one B says the president has sole authority to execute a nuclear strike. The military cannot execute a nuclear strike without presidential authority, but they can deny deployment of the weapons through procedures that have been established for many decades. Miley need not interfere to prevent a nuclear launch by the president. The military can already do that through normal checks and legal procedures. Some Kenny one B, but it doesn't feel as good. Right . He's fighting for sort of a cause to some degree. All right . That's from Kenny one B we have a couple more before we jump into the super chats, just another peasant says, okay, I was a bit too fast with my judgment. You weren't at the part yet about his counterpart from China. Just yet. I take that back to the fullest extent of the law. I figured that was probably the case. And I sort plan the segment like that, right? Oh, it's still, it's not so bad. It was pretty, it's horrible, but it's not like treason. Okay. That's treason. Got it. Yep . That was it. Nailed it. So , uh, thanks for joining me. That was my fault. I, that was intentional. Three girls says Miley needs to be court court-martialed under their UC MJ . He should be fired or impeached . He should be stripped of his rank, forced to give up his pay, like lower ranking military members get under the UCM J they fired Marine Lieutenant Colonel Schneller who questioned and called out the military leaders for the Afghan withdrawal. Why shouldn't the highest military leader be held to an even higher standard? Let's be honest. Miley. Isn't gonna be charged with treason. Yeah. Obviously if he, if we had good people using proper oversight in Congress, they would be impeaching him. If he wasn't the head of the joint chiefs, he would be in way more jeopardy. Sadly, he's not going to be held to any kind of accountability. Yup . I think that's accurate there . Three girlies , thanks for chiming in with that comment. And we have another one from general Miley, but it's not the general Miley you're thinking of it's general Miley Cyrus, which is not far off from the real general. The enemy of my is my friend orange mad, bad. Therefore China is really my friend now. Well, that's not what America wants out of you. There . General DG McBride is here, says it'll be interesting to see how many of the other cockroaches run for cover doubtful. Miley is the only one. And what about those generals who went along with him? What's their rationale? Yeah. Who are they? Where are they in the meeting? Obviously many of them were, maybe we should call them in front of the Senate or the house foreign affairs committee. See what they have to say about all that. Very interesting. Uh, uh , gosh, I got , I almost got another , uh , troll, troll name on the show. Uh , monster one says, let's be real. They will probably give this guy a metal that Trump derangement is strong. I've been saying for a long time, the next war is here. I have seen an active military on Tik TOK talking about martial law and how the military would have no problem with it. And that's for monster one. That's just lovely. So that wouldn't work out very well. Now, Trump derangement very strong. No question about that. I think you're probably right. Right. If they can sort of flip the Afghanistan catastrophe into like this historic airlift victory that they can pat themselves on the back over, I'm sure they're gonna be very excited about what general Miley did that phone call to China was the most historic phone call ever, you know, really great. So that's nice. A couple more. We have former Lao says the deep state who knew, right. Just sort of commandeered it right away from Trump. We have Nancy Pelosi says I like big butts and I can not lie general Miley . Won't deny that I called him on the phone to talk about big butts , butts butts . Former Elio says it appears that any service member can rank above the rank of zero to five should be in voluntarily, retired and start over when you can't trust the military. Who can you trust? Yeah, it's a , it's a , it's a shame, honestly. What has happened? Three girls . He says China, wasn't kidding that they had friends in the highest level of U S government. Yeah. The joint stinkin chiefs just calls him up. Oh, what do you want to know? Their G anything? Well, here are all of our , uh, you know , uh, aircraft carriers over here, this carrier groups over here. Tell us what you need. Happy to oblige. Send me a text. The Antica says there is a UCM J article about communications with the enemy. However, I think it has to be a country we're at war with interesting. Yeah. Interesting. So like an official declaration of war, it'd be good. You know, I don't know the UCM J at all, almost , almost at all, other than what we've talked about here on the show. So, you know, like I said, I'm sure there's a whole slew of other potential courses of accountability, but we don't know if any of it will happen. Probably not over from YouTube. We've got some questions. We've got Josh. Oh my gosh says, Hey, Robert, what do you think of opt in taxes, support , pay tax towards specific legends legislation. Opposers do not pay. So it sounds like what you're talking about is sort of a private capital sovereign individuality sort of , uh , removing the government and their use of force, their ability to mandate certain things. I like it. I like where that is going a lot. So I don't know specifically what framework you're talking about, but opt in . Yeah. I opt into a lot of things. Like I opt into Amazon prime. I get a lot of benefits for that. A lot of benefits for that. They provide me a lot of services that I can articulate that I can articulate from the federal government. I get to opt in on that, that interesting. Yeah. So I like how that works. Ryan says, Hey, Rob, love your stream. I've been following a while, but it's pronounced my Millie . Not Miley. It's freaking out the Watchers. Keep it going, bro. Sorry. Millie mill E okay. General Millie , whatever you understand who I'm talking to . Sorry about that. I know it's frustrating when people do that. I noticed that too . Millie . Alright, thanks, Ryan. Kelly Cohen , Stewart says, but Millie called China and reassured them. There would be no military action, allegedly. It's allegedly. Yeah. Uh , hopefully we get some, some , some more information on this. I would imagine in a real country would have a lot of investigations. I'd like to think we still live in a real country. Hopefully we get those. We have Chris Walnut . He says, remember, it's okay for the government to lie to you and itself. Yeah . It's just a big, it's just a big life Fest . Every which way you turn. And we have Hugo Munoz said, Google heard your rant against the state. So they logged out Google community standards. Yeah. Google forums is just like, oh, he's broadcasting right now. Watch this. And really caused me a lot of grief in the middle of the show. I know you're busy people. We don't have time to waste logging into forms . We've got work to do here. Frustrating stuff. Great questions over from watching the and over on YouTube shout outs to Hugo Chris Kelly Cohen . We got Ryan, we got many others over there chatting away. And I want to shout out to the only person who's chatting over on rumble. What's up road Trek, girl. It says our government is full of disgusting people who hate our country. It's true. It's absolutely true. I have another screen now we've got rumble, locals and YouTube. So we're just going crazy. I love it. Over here. We got another super chat says, Hey, Robert, you want to start a group? You can do the rap . We can be the farmer's grool or known better as soup dog. Oh my goodness. Beth Cottington is in the house. Beth Cottington. Just busted that one out on a YouTube super chat . Outstanding. Very, very good. And I posted if you're a member [email protected] , then what you'll find is I posted Beth , uh, about a week ago, two weeks ago, whenever my birthday was, was , uh, sang me a birthday song, posted it on Facebook, but I clipped it. I threw it on locals. And if you haven't seen that, it's pretty dang amazing. So thank you, Beth Cottington, once again for that loved it. All right. That was all came over from watching the We got two more. Let me get these real quick. It says, Lord Nelson says general Miley's phone call equals president Trump's Ukraine phone call. Trump was entitled to make his call. Miley was not entitled to negotiate secretly with a foreign enemy. Yeah, that's a great point. You know, and I was going to dive into that, but it's like a whole nother meatball that we can unpack. But yes, remember that general Flynn got arrested, charged with crimes. President Trump got impeached over a phone call and that was a pretty reasonable phone call from Michael Flynn to ambassador Visel yak over from Russia. And it was like right in the middle of the transition and people had problems with that. We had him going through criminal prosecutions as well as dumb Donald Trump being impeached over a phone call. So don't tell me that phone calls are inconsequential . Ridiculous. That was from Lord Nelson. Thank you, Lord Nelson. We have another one here from Mustang. Jeff says ma mil Millie is a trader . No matter how you pronounce it, Millie Millie like Vanilli and who , who? Chris? Wolney. Thank you, Chris. Somebody is looking out for me out there. I appreciate that Chris. We have red pilled convict says, Hey, Rob , Rob, sorry, Rob. I'm a truck driver. I usually sleep during the live. I'm a hugely popular fan. The bestest fan of yours. Do you think? Well, thank you. Red pill convict. Do you think the administration passing stupid mandates in order to bombard the Supreme court with cases in an attempt to either make them look weak or more powerful in order to push to pack the courts? So it's a , it's a good conversation. Red pill . Uh , it's a good question. I think the , the quick and dirty answer on this is going to be that yes. I think what they're trying to do is create sort of a wedge so that they win either way you go, Donald Trump was actually very good at this. He did this all the time, but he would take action so that he kind of wins both ways. That's kind of what they're doing here, right? With the new vaccine mandates, what they're trying to do in my opinion. And I mentioned this in the live chat before we started the show, I made this comment. I said, something like Biden is going to enact this. All of the businesses are going to rush to implement that, right? It's already happening. They're all, okay. We've got to start doing it. People are gonna start looking around. People are gonna run and get vaccinated so that they don't lose their job. Whether the new rules come out, whether it's constitutional or not. And so what he's doing is he sort of just, you know, scaring a huge portion of the population to just going and complying naturally without, without any enforcement and a certain pot part, part of the population will of course do that because they just do what they're, what they're told to some degree. And if they're now being threatened and now sort of coerced into this, any of those holdouts may just go, all right , enough already. I guess I'll just go get it right. The federal government mandated it, my employer mandated it. So I guess I'll just go get it. And so Joe Biden kind of achieves his goal of getting more jabs in arms. If that happens, if he goes through the courts. So let me , let me flesh that out a little bit more. If they go and get the jab he wins, right? Cause more people got the jab than didn't. He's going to dilute himself to thinking that happened. In my opinion, what he's actually doing is sort of dissuading a bunch of people from getting it because of the mandate. A lot of people go, okay, now I'm definitely not going to get it because of this thing. So I think that's the problem. But even if people let's say, even if this goes forward and the courts throw it out, he's still successful, right? Because he got part of what he wanted. At least in his mind, if the courts throw it out, then he's going to blame the continuing pandemic on the unvaccinated , which gives him a perfectly good scapegoat. And simultaneously he's going to also have a good argument for packing the court because the court now is undermining America and killing grandma. So he's sort of flushing that out in a number of different ways where he can win. I think the response is going to be, the people are just so grossed out by, by the mandates that it's going to be a political bloodbath. The next two elections Chanel comes, as sad says, one might consider a country whose enemies are not the USA's interest and could threaten us with nuclear weapons at any time as enemies and taking mutually assured destruction off the table to keep an enemy, a check could be considered quote, aiding, enemies, communicating with the Chinese in any fashion to present that quote, we might be considered weak on a nuclear front should definitely be considered treason if he were directed to do so by the commander in chief, that would be different if he actually told them of his actions. Treason shut comes to sad. Last one, over from watching the And I do appreciate that. We had a couple of super chats. We'll get those in the next segment. Let's move on my friends. We've got some interesting things to talk about over here, checking over on rumbles. Couple more people ch topped over there, Mr . Zillow's over there. I'm not gases over there over . Oh, that's over on rumble now. All right . So we've got to talk about Nicki Minaj, who I don't even really know who she is, but we're going to talk about her Nicki Minaj, very, very famous person. I don't know much about this is her Twitter account, 22.6 million followers. And I don't even know if that's what she looks like, but she has sort of this a beat me up Scotty background and very, very popular person out there. Artists does a rap music. I couldn't name a song, not belittling her, her work. A lot of people love her. It sounds like she's got a ton of fans and doing amazing things with her work out there. It's great. I just don't happen to listen to it , uh , because I'm sort of a political junkie and I don't spend much time in pop culture, but we're going into pop culture today because this is fun. Nicki Minaj posted this on Twitter, says they want you to get vaccinated for the met, which is this big thing that happened last night. We're going to take a look at that. So, okay. Got to get vaccinated for the mat. And she says, if I get vaccinated, it won't be for the mat . It will be once I feel I've done enough research. Oh, sounds pretty reasonable. Not being coerced into doing anything says I'm working on that. Now in the meantime, my loves be safe. Wear the mask with two strings that grips your heads and face not the loose one. And you go well. Okay. That sounds pretty benign. What's the problem with that. We're going to put a pin in, in Nicki Minaj and do a little bit of a detour. Remember what we're talking about now? Vaccines COVID masks, social distancing, not congregating with people because we're in the middle of a Delta variant . We're in the middle of a very, very serious time. In fact, it's so serious that 80 million people are now on the line that they might lose their jobs. If they don't go and get vaccinated, that's how serious this is . We have unprecedented things happening in this country. In the name of this pandemic. We have the CDC extending all sorts of eviction moratoriums. We have the department of education just going in there and interfering with local schools. We have the federal government inserting its grubby little disgusting fingers into every single orifice of our bodies. And I don't like that. And that was a horrible image, but it's disgusting. And now these people are partying like a bunch of idiots. AOC posted this on Twitter, says the medium is the message. And she went there and posted this image of her with this dress called tax. The rich on it said, and before haters get wild flying off the handle, New York elected officials are routinely invited to attend the met due to our responsibilities in overseeing and supporting the city's cultural institutions for the public. I was one of several in attendance in this evening. So she was sort of, you know, if you're going to criticize her better, watch your back boys. So this is the image that she had. It's it's called tax. The rich you'll notice no face mask on in here when she was getting ready. But her , uh , sort of slave labor is , uh , she's got to wear a mask. So that's great. She posted this as proud to work with Aurora James, a sustainably focused black woman, immigrant designer, who went from starting her dream at a flea market to winning against all odds met together to kick open the doors at the met. The time is now for childcare healthcare and climate action for all tax the rich. So this is AOC over at the mats . This is her dress,

Speaker 5:

The ranch . What a model AOC you model as well. Dan .

Speaker 1:

Okay. girl tax the rich. And you're a model girl. It looks so good. Yeah. So that's really fun. So they're over there and she is just going in there and just snubbing her noses at all of those rich people, all in New York city, all a bunch of Hollywood leftists all out there promoting art. Okay. And tax the rich at an art Gallup . Interesting. We have Megan McArdle says the essence of the met gala is that rich people pay huge sums to meet and be photography photograph with celebrities. And then they deduct their night out from their taxes. Why is no one pointed out that Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez who wore a tax, the rich dress to a tax shelter. Right. And she's, she's exactly right. Right. You go to these events, you say, look, it's it's networking. Uh , so we're just $30,000 to buy a table. So we're going to go buy , or maybe more than that. I think maybe 30,000 a ticket , I think more than that for a table. So 30,000 a ticket, but you know, it's part of the , uh , it's part of our business. And so we got to go to these events, you know, I go to lawyer events and things like that, so, okay. You right . You deduct the whole thing off your taxes. You're allowed to do that. All right. Well then what is she talking about? Because everybody who's there is going to deduct their ticket off the taxes. And that's just on the event itself, not to mention the fact that art is a scam in many ways, according to the tax code, because people use it to manipulate paying taxes. Oh , observer had a quick snippet from this story, the shady trick that collectors use to avoid paying tax on art worth millions. And they gave us an example specifically from New York. They say back when the practice was more open, we'd received calls often asking us to transport. Newly purchased works of art from galleries or auctions and houses in New York, drive them to their second homes in places like Aspen or sun valley, have someone sign the bill of lading and then without taking it off the truck, return it back to their Manhattan apartments. Why people told us easy way to avoid paying the slightly higher sales tax in New York state. So it's a racket like she's there in the middle of this, of this, you know, of this whole tax deduction thing, bringing in her tax, the rich artwork on her, on her back. Okay. I guess she's giving it to them. Okay. Now, you know what? Look, I'm not, I'm not an art connoisseur. Okay. But we have talked about art on this channel. One of the reasons art is so interesting is because it's really hard to value. You know, you just can't tell what somebody thinks that particular piece of art is worth. And we've seen how art has been used in scams all over the place. Remember this guy, oh, hunter Biden, the artist. Now he's a professional artist was a crack head for 30 years and stealing America, you know , kind of taking advantage of, you know , hookers all over the country, all over the world. And now he's an artist now at the George S Burj . Yes. George Jesper , Jess gallery. Very, very fancy. You may remember some of his famous pieces over there. This was fungus and milk part of his college dorm room sink collection, which is very nice. I didn't stay in a dorm room when I went to college, but I stayed in an apartment and we had some dishes in our sink. My roommates would leave in their sink, not very good. Uh, you know, something like this might be available at the bridge S George Jesper, Jess gallery for, you know, $500,000. That's hunter Biden, the fungus and milk. We had this one, which is called prostitution. This is part of the hunter Biden crackhead adventures series. Also available at the George S. Burgess gallery $500,000. This was the one that had all the different STDs in there. I think we have gone to Rhea chlamydia aids, HIV Hep a, B, C, D I think that's COVID up here. So , uh, yeah, so that's what I'm talking about. It's really hard to value art. And when it goes over to the met , you also got to put a mask on. If you want to go see fungus and milk from hunter Biden and he's appearing at the met. Well, if you want to go and look at it, you got to wear masks. They posted this back on August 19th, 2021 children younger than 12 must be accompanied by a vaccinated person and masks are required for all visitors, all of them, but only the poor people don't get to show their faces. Everybody else does take a look at this over from Veron , OB Doret over on Twitter at leucine dreams did a quick little summation of what's going on here. We have , uh, this, this woman, I don't know who this is, peg the patriarchy, which is now a thing. You know what I mean? This is a family show. So I can't tell you what that means, but this is a pretty vulgar of a thing to be wearing. And so she's certainly communicating her wokeness. Now, no mask for her, of course, no mask for this guy or this guy, but all of the peasants in the back are all wearing masks, right? Just, just , uh, you know, the people who don't get to participate in the Royal ceremonies, they all got a mask up over here. We've got , uh , this , this, this woman, no , no idea who that is. It says equal rights for women, but not these women. She doesn't have to wear a mask. These other women certainly do. And so you've got the Royal emperors , just walking down the carpet while all the other women are just sort of looking up, you know, this is like, it's like what you see on the, you know, unlike a HBO game of Thrones or something, you know, the, the, the royalty sits up above all the other peasants, just get thrown the scraps. Cause they're not part of it. Uh , this is somebody, you know, you see this, they're carrying their , their drapes all massed up. We had , uh , this woman, oh , I forget her Kardashian. One of the Kardashians she's wearing her credit. She is wearing a mask. There's no doubt, no question. She's got basically a full body mask on now. Don't know, don't know that this guy's mask was necessary. And this guy's met this gal's mask or this guy's mass. But you know, since she's in a full body mask, but you know the Kardashians, she's one of the people she masks up. If you're going to mask up, she's going to mask up to , she feels your trials and tribulations. Now, remember we were taking a detour off that. We talked that this whole thing came up because Nicki Minaj said, look, if I have to go to that stupid event , I got to get Vaxxed. I'm not going to get Vaxxed just because they mandate it. I'm doing my research. I'll figure it out at a later date. And so we're going to go back to Nicki Minaj. And this is who she is. If you're not familiar with her. So she's known professionally as a Trinidadian, born rapper, singer songwriter known for her animated flow and her versatility as a recording artist, 38 years old. And that's some information about her cough break. All right? So that that's Nicki Minaj and you know, huge, huge, huge personality, huge person. And so she posted up kind of a followup tweet, a second tweet related to the vaccines. And this one might feel like it's medical information. But before Warren , this is not medical information, YouTube. This is just Nicki Minaj. She has , uh , something to say about the vaccines, about an experience that her friend had. But remember, this is not CDC. Follow the CDC. This is an abnormal, you know, thing that happened. And I don't think it had anything to do with COVID candidly. We'll talk about it in a minute. But before Warren always checked , the CDC guidance and Rochelle will Linsky . Nikki said, my cousin in Trinidad won't get the vaccine because his friend got it and became impotent. Oh my goodness. His testicles became swollen. His friend was weeks away from getting married. And now the girl called out the wedding. Oh. So just pray on it and make sure you're comfortable with your decision and not bullied swollen. Testicles sounds terrible. But many people are pointing out that it's probably not the vaccines that did that. Might've been, this man was fooling around on his , uh , fiance to be caught himself, a little hunter, Biden artwork, STD painting in his pants. And a girlfriend fiance found out about it. Wedding is now off. So that being said, this was a very interesting tweet because everybody likes to talk about swollen testicles. It's a scary thing. You know? I mean, it's kind of hilarious. It's scary. And you know , it leaves me, keeps me up at night sometimes. And Nicki Minaj is posting about this. And so people who are hyperventilating vaxxers were very upset about this, including joy Reed over from MSNBC. Here's what she had to say.

Speaker 6:

People like Nicki Minaj. I have to say this. You have a platform sister that is 22 million followers. Okay. I have 2 million followers. You have 22 million followers on Twitter for you to use your platform, to encourage our community, to not protect themselves and save their lives. My God sister , you could do better than that. You got that platform. You it's, it's a blessing. It's a blessing that you got that, that people listen to you and they listen to you more than listen to me for you to use platform, to put people in the position of dying from a disease. They don't have to die from, oh my God. As a fan, as a hip hop fan and somebody who was your fan, I'm so sad that you did that. So sad that you did that sister. Oh my God.

Speaker 1:

Okay. So it was so, oh my God. So mad about this whole thing. And Nicki Minaj was not having it. She just said, ah what's . So she went back on Twitter and actually posted this , uh , lying homophobic seaward . And you know, when you say the C-word , you know, there's a lot of words that come to mind. This one starts with a C and ends with an N and it's got two vowels in the middle. You might want to buy one. And that's the word, right? It's a pejorative. It's not, it's a terrible word. But Nicki, Nicki Minaj doesn't play around. Apparently, you know , she's a rapper, you know, they're pretty hardcore. I understand. She says, I guess I can join in on the reindeer games too. Right? People can go on TV and lie on me. I can report on them too. Right? Smiley face. Doesn't have to be truths . It can be half-truths uncle Tommy, Anna asked who on earth would trust the FDA guys and then tags, joy Reed . And what does she do? She links to a joy reads Twitter. When she posted this previously asking questions, will anyone ever trust the CDC after this? Trump is nonsense has infected everything. Even if Biden wins, who on God's earth would trust a vaccine by the FDA. That's what joy and read posted . And of course we're not offering any medical takes on, on that perspective, right? Listen to the CDC, joy Reed . Now trust the CDC, but she didn't back then neither did Kamala Harris. Neither did Joe Biden because they thought it was going to be an October surprise that was going to wreck the election for them. They politicized it before anybody did. And then Nikki also posted this joy Reed posted homophobic blog posts, MSNBC host joy Reed was accused of writing homophobic blog posts. She had first said she was hacked and then apologized. And so Nikki Minaj is just blasting this woman, which is just , uh , just good entertainment. So if you had the popcorn out for that, we'll see where that goes. I think it was kind of hysterical that we saw all of these people congregating yesterday when the rest of the world is suffering from a very tragic pandemic that we all have to, you know, comply with government mandates in order to survive. These people are just congregating around having a grand grand old time. Isn't that nice. You have to wrap your six year old up in bubble wrap every day and shove him in a classroom while he sits there and breeze in his bodily waste for hours on end . But they get to go and have parties. So you have to go do certain things. Now you don't get property rights or those things, but they do. They get whatever they want. A couple of questions. Before we wrap up the show, we've got about six minutes left. Let's see what we have over from watching the ju uh , this is from Watson. Oh , says, why are the peons, the only ones wearing masks, holding these women dresses up. How does a real working person get 35,000 free tickets? Because they're the pole people. They don't, they don't get the same rights cough break. All right. So we've got a couple of questions. A couple more here. We have joy recess . Forget about that vaccine for a second. Rob, how do you always have amazing hair? Do I know ? Oh, well I don't. I have, I have an amazing hairstylist. I'm going to be seeing her. I think tomorrow actually we have [inaudible] as Matt says, wait , that was on the last segment. Moving on. We've got Sergeant Bob says dress should have said kick me. It kind of looked like a, a Chick-fil-A bag to right with the red lettering. The antique is prime says I saw that print design on Griff cost grift . Cossio outstanding on her dress on Teespring. Is that where she got it? Another bit of stupidity was Grimes at the gala with a sword made from an AR 15. What? Apparently there's an entire company that towards soar turns swords into guns, which sounds pretty, pretty amazing. Actually bringing, bring into Hema fencing myself. So there was only one reaction that was appropriate. You can see a picture of it in the link. Oh gosh. Let's see what we've got here. Oh, this one. Oh, it's a Jackie Chan meme. Yeah , there it is. What's yeah. That's from VNT case . Good for thank you for that VNT . Cause maybe I should, should I, should I make it so that you can post memes? Add files? Thunder seven says sounds like Nikki might have swallowed at one half red pill. Last I heard she was very public in a tweet war with Candace Owens who shut her down quickly by calling her up and a grade seven education sounds as if , uh , Nicki taking Candace's advice to educate herself. Oh man. Maybe I didn't see that spat, but that's hilarious. Monster one says can't believe you don't know Nikki . She wanted a song for a classic rendition of her song whap. Oh yeah. So that's great. Yeah. Wet. Yeah. That's great. No, that's not a joke. She's an example of how far our culture has fallen. She used to drug men so she could Rob them and it's considered a role model for that being said, I agree with her on this. She took down read by exposing your own anti-vax tweets . Oh, that's her. I heard about that person used to drug men and Rob them. Yes. That's why I don't know anything about her. I'm not into any of that. We have wanted to know, says, Rob, please stop knocking down. Hunter, large salary for job hooked all over the world sells expensive artwork and I have to work for money. That's from Watson . Now we have dog whistle says, did hunter sell any paintings? I don't think so. And if he did, would we ever know about it? Because the white house is orchestrating these like little off the books deals so that they can just offload his artwork about STDs. Nice. Jeremy says, Rob, I think you may have missed what really happened. Someone may have tagged the back of AOC dress and she was trying to pay it off. Play it off as though she intended her dress to say that. So somebody walked by and they're like, hold on tax though . That's a big, that's a long , that's a good tag. I mean , it could happen . I don't know. Jeremy, maybe we have snuck him says, was this confession through projection for both Miley and Pelosi? I think so. That was on the first segment from [inaudible] . We have another one from the Antica says, you know, when joy Reed was talking about dying from a disease that you don't have to die from , we all know she meant stupidity or is that just me? Also, you make a much better Philip de Franco, Rob Philip de Franco. I don't think I know who that is. Who is that? I don't know who that is. J E I, if that's a compliment. Thank you, Jay. He says Nikki Minaj. His husband is Kenneth Perry. He's a convicted rapist. So I think it would be best if he got the jab and became impotent. He's such a terrible human being. So it's like two peas in a pod over there. All right . We have, I'm not gas as, so what happens if I tell Kara Del vain that I'm part of the patriarchy , uh, asking for a friend. Oh, is that the woman who said peg? The patriarchy Kara Delvin. All right . Well, you know, people are into different things. We have Nikki's Booz says Nikki Minaj still more trustworthy than flip-flop Fowchee. And she makes reasonable sense. You know , educate yourself. Do your own research. AOC says, you're just jealous. Rob. You can never pull up this dress like I do. Plus you're white. If I don't go to these events, spending 30,000 for a ticket, how will the rich know I want to tax them? Virtual signaling is activism like duh. I would also like to thank the peasants for their donations to me. Wait, I mean the worker's revolution. The revolution is coming. Brothers and sisters, hang in there. Just send me your donations. I accept PayPal, Venmo cash app. These dresses aren't cheap. The virtue signaling is what matters also. Don't I look fabulous. Those are, those are the questions over one more screw hypocrites . Hypocrites says Nick Manasseh blasting those hypocrites and bringing up the dirt on the leftist. Absolutely love it. We had some super chats over from Brody . Z says, love you, Rob X , exceptional content as usual. Well thank you bro. Dez . I love you back. Wouldn't be a show if there was nobody listening. So we're all part, we're all in it together. I appreciate you being here. James Rosano says, Robert, did you get the fan mail I sent, thanks James Rosano. You know what I think I did actually. I think it's on my desk. I have a , I have a , I have a couple things that I have to respond to and I think it's on my desk. If you sent me the Eagle chain, I love it. Thank you so much for sending that. I have it hanging up on my American flag back in my office and it's it's awesome. Thank you so much for sending that James, if that was, if that was you, I , I think it was, we have another one from KB and says AOC equals the first waitress to bring nothing to the table. Boom. That was from KB . That was a good one. And we're going to leave it right there folks. Cause I got to jump into the next activity on the agenda today. I want to thank all of you for being a part of the show and especially over on watching the Watchers dot locals, where all those amazing questions came from. And I want to welcome some new people who joined up. We had K T E D O T K T the house, signed up over the weekend. We have pink PM . It also signed up. Welcome to you both. We've got, let Cina James signed up welcome Lucina. Jesse Wright is in the house. Welcome Jesse and Michael. Krogan also signed up for the year. Welcome and thank you for signing up for the year. Michael, looking forward to having you around as well as everybody else who signed up last week, we had secret squirrel. We had Alex sunshine, Marty lawn geo Mancy games. Subscribe on YouTube rod. The OD BJJ is not a crime sent you guys a message. If you're listening, captain Jim, sincerely, Sam and me loves dogs all available [email protected] Our next monthly meetup is Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM. And it's a lot of fun. I would love it if you joined us and I do appreciate your support [email protected] that my friends is it for the show. Also final shout out over on rumble. DRAC comas . We have out consent. We have Mr. Zilla now over there and we had one final shout out to Roadtrek girl, 5 0 3, unlimited a lot of activity over there on rumble now. Thanks everybody. That is it for me for the show. We're going to leave it. There we'll be back right here. Same time, same place tomorrow to do it all. Again. 4:00 PM Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye-bye .