Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Biden’s War on the Unvaccinated, Red State Rebellion Grows, Questions & Comments

September 12, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Biden’s War on the Unvaccinated, Red State Rebellion Grows, Questions & Comments
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The White House declares WAR on unvaccinated Americans as President Biden welcomes lawsuits. Red States around the nation voice their intention to rebel against Biden’s orders. Your questions and comments on all the mandates!​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 New York Times reports on Biden’s national mandate, requiring millions of Americans to get the vaccine.​
🔵 Rewind to December 2020 when Biden had a different take on what the federal government is allowed to do.​
🔵 Jen Psaki acknowledged in July vaccine mandates were not the proper role of the federal government.​
🔵 Now, Joe Biden acknowledges this is not about freedom or personal choice.​
🔵 How does the President claim his authority to mandate vaccines?​
🔵 Congressional Budget Office details OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standards that have rarely been used.​
🔵 Red States are in open rebellion across the country, with Governors and Attorneys Generals promising to challenge the new vaccine mandate.​
🔵 Senator Josh Hawley sends a letter to Department of Labor Secretary Marty Walsh asking about Biden’s presumed authority.​
🔵 Ron Klain from the White House acknowledges the legal footing for a national mandate is thin in an unwise retweet.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers alive. My name is Robert ruler . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today, we've got a lot to get into. You may hear that my voice is a little bit off today, got a little bit of a head cold chest, cold thing going on, but we're going to get through a lot. We're going to go through a lot of the COVID stuff that's going on. Biden came out yesterday as six point plan. We're going to break this down. We have a lot of reaction from this all around the country. We have sort of a mini little red state rebellion that's going on. And so we're going to break down that in particular, take a look at a lot of the reaction coming out of the attorney generals from the various states, a lot of red states are out there saying that they're not going to be compliant with any of these new regulations. And so we're going to take a look at what's going on there. We're also going to check in and sort of go through this OSHA background and see where Biden thinks he gets this privilege from to go out and just mandate that 80 million Americans do whatever he says to do. And so we're going to go through the congressional research service. The CRS came out in July and sort of articulated exactly what the Biden administration was going to be doing. And so we're going to look through that document because we can get our bearings straight about where the executive branch thinks they get the authority to implement this stuff. But before we do any of that, we're going to revisit what Joe Biden, Jen Psaki and Dr. Fowchee said about vaccine mandates, not all that long ago, talking about July and even December of 2020, they were saying a lot of things that are different than they are now. And so we've got a lot to get to, if you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is over and watching the We have some people chatting away over there . Big shout outs over to Jeremy [inaudible] . We have three girlies in the house. Paula MK is here. We have farmer's daughter. What's up farmer's daughter. I got, I got , uh , Beth Cottington . I got your incredible birthday song. Thank you so much for sending that. Uh, I'm going to send you a message back about that. I loved it. Tweek says what's up. So he's in the house. Paula MKS here. Cat's 59. We have sweet potato. We also have lean over on YouTube, a straight narrow. We have a Ute dove . So YouTube comment over there. We have too legit to quit. Andrew Richardson, Steven parenting. I saw him earlier in the day, along with too legit to quit all chatting away. If you are a supporter [email protected] and you want to participate in the show today, we have our form as is usually the case, but there's only one topic in there today. That's Biden's war against the unvaccinated . So if you want to participate in the show, we're going to be doing one big long segment essentially today sort of weaving our way in and out of the questions. So feel free to just chime in on anything related to this new vaccine mandate, Joe Biden , six point plan at any point throughout the show today. And then we'll, we'll anything that's left over. We'll get to at the end of the show. All right, so let's get into the news. I always forget. Hello. If you are looking for clips of the show, they're now over at Robert ruler , Esq clips so that we can keep those segmented a little bit out, would appreciate it. If you went over there, if we're able to get to a thousand subscribers over there, then we can monetize that channel and then it can become sort of self supporting . So I'd really appreciate that. All right. So without any further ado, let's get into the COVID stuff. Shall we? Joe Biden just came out, instituted the national vaccine, mandates a lot of people, very upset about this. A lot of people very excited about this New York times is one of the excited groups of this. You can see here, they smeared this all over the front page of their newspaper says that the Biden vaccine mandate plan aims to cover two thirds of the worker workers out there in America. And you can see this very Regal photograph of Joe Biden out there imposing this unconstitutional, illegal totalitarian, insanity , sanity , something he has no real authority to do. He's now doing it in front of Lincoln, right? And so the juxtaposition of these two photographs here supposed to show you that, you know, Joe Biden is somebody who's out there saving America. There's this big division that exists between the [inaudible] and the evacs . It's sort of like the civil war. And so Joe, Biden's going out there and just like Lincoln dead, he's going to do stuff to save the country. You know, Lincoln did a lot of things that many people said were a dictatorial, right? Suspending, habeas, Corpus, and all sorts of stuff. And so now what we're seeing is that there's this juxtaposition of it, that Joe Biden, you know , he's going to make these sacrifices for the greater good, right? And he's made maybe gonna step all over the constitution and wipe his rear end with it, but it's for our own good. And it's not like we're in the middle of a civil war, not yet, but this is where this is going. So New York times very excited, says that Biden used the full force of his authority in a push to require tens of millions, more workers to get vaccinated. Okay . And so they're not beating around the Bush now anymore. You know, it's not encouragement, it's a requirement, it's a vaccine mandate. Okay. And so this word has sort of been used a lot, but this means that the federal government is ordering a person, a private individual who doesn't work for the government, who has no connection to the federal government to go do something right. And it , and it's, it's done about it in a weird sort of roundabout way. It's not essentially a, you know, they're not actually going to go and throw you in jail. If you don't comply with this, it's you just lose your job. You're just sort of , uh , out of the workforce, you don't get to participate in the regular American life anymore, unless you do what Joe Biden says, you need to do the move that Joe Biden said announced in his speech is one of the most expansive action he's taken since he took office. And now Biden announces the plan that any businesses with 100 or more workers, they've got to comply with the mandates. If anybody thinks it's going to stop there yet, right? Workers at large companies, we're going to need to get vaccinated or submit to regular testing. Who's going to pay for that. We talked about that yesterday. This is now a whole new entities, essentially, of what Joe Biden is proposing of a federal government that has all sorts of regulatory functions that somebody is going to have to pay for either the federal government is, are they going to go and inquire to all the businesses across America? Did you do Joe Biden's plan yet? If not, we're going to find you, right? There's a lot of businesses out there. Are we creating sort of a analogous and an analog to the IRS for COVID crimes, which I've been screaming about for the last year or so. So a lot of this is rolling out. If you missed yesterday's show, this was the six point plan spent a lot of this talking about vaccinating, the unvaccinated . These are where all the mandates are living. And then for some reason further protecting the vaccinated. Another big component of this Joe Biden came out yesterday and said that we have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated because we have two subclass . We have a subclass of humans. Now, the people who are dangerous just by the virtue of the fact that they didn't get the vaccine, that, that I guess makes them dangerous. Now they don't have COVID. They don't have the Ebola virus. They don't have a knife. They're not swinging around a machete, but by virtue of the fact that they just don't have, the vaccine is now dangerous, I guess just that's just a default position now. And so it , it still eludes me how the vaccinated, why they are so concerned about getting infected from somebody who is COVID positive. When what we've been told for the last nine months is that the vaccine is going to protect you from that. So I just don't, it doesn't make that much sense to me, but we've seen a lot of this , uh , keeping schools open safely. We're going to get to all of those other conversations, but I wanna revisit Joe Biden's prior comments, Joe Biden said in December, 2020, December 5th, 2020, that COVID vaccination in the U S is not going to be mandatory. This is right after the November election. Of course, one month afterwards, Joe Biden is the president elect BBC reports back then. Oh no, it will not be mandatory. This was pretty unequivocal. This is something he ran his entire campaign on. We're not going to mandate it. Relax. I'm going to shut down the virus, not shut down the economy. Remember when he said that multiple times? Well , here is Joe Biden over from the office of the president elect in December, 2020, giving us a different perspective on vaccines. Here he is.

Speaker 2:

No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand to be mandatory, but I would do everything in my power. It's like, I don't think mask have to be made mandatory nationwide. I'll do everything in my power as president of United States to encourage people to do the right thing. And when they do it, demonstrate that it matters.

Speaker 1:

Okay. So not going to mandate it, not going to be mandatory. We're just going to encourage people to do it right. Office of the president elect December, 2020. So , uh , obviously things have changed pretty dramatically. That was , uh , you know, that was what, nine months ago, 10 months ago. So certainly a lot can change there. Wasn't the Delta, the very skelet scary Delta very and out there yet. And so, oh my gosh, everything changed, but not, not really because even Jen Saki was saying this as little as July 23rd, just a couple of months ago. It's September 10th, year, July 23rd. Here's Jen Saki . She was over from Bloomberg news. They have a quick take. She was talking right here on July 23rd saying that they're , they're not going to be doing a national vaccine mandate. That's not the proper role of the federal government, not our proper role here. She is to get that

Speaker 3:

Fascinating . Is that a sign that perhaps the federal government should step in and issue mandates? And if not, are you putting the needs of unvaccinated people ahead of the needs of vaccinated people?

Speaker 4:

Well, I think the question here, one, that's not the role of the federal government. That is the role that institutions, private sector entities and others may take. That certainly is appropriate. Also local communities are going to take , uh , steps. They need to take , uh , in order to protect people in their communities. I will say we understand her frustration and we understand the frustration of leaders out there and public voices who are trying to say the right thing advocate for the efficacy of the virus, saved people in their communities , uh, what our role is and what we're going to continue to do is make the vaccine available. We're gonna continue to work in partnership to fight misinformation. And we're going to continue to , uh, advocate and work in partnership with local officials and, and trusted voices together .

Speaker 1:

Okay? So there you go, right? We're going to make it available, not the proper role of the federal government. We are not in the position to go out there and tell people to do what, you know, what to mandate that they should do this. If they want to do that, if these local institutions want to do that, then that's fine. That was July, July 23rd. And now we fast forward just a couple months forward to September 9th. Here's Joe Biden. It's not even about freedom. It's not even about personal choice at all. You are now ordered to comply in more,

Speaker 2:

Got their first shot in August than they did in July. But we need to do more. This is not about freedom or personal choice. It's about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. My job as president is to protect all Americans. So tonight I'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employee over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated or show a negative.

Speaker 1:

All right? So he goes on to his little spiel there. Now, at least he's being honest about this, right? So finally he's saying, this is not about freedom. This is not about personal choice, which we've known for a long time, but a lot of people on the left, a lot of people on Twitter or out there are re-tweeting out saying, oh, this is about freedom, right? This is about freedom for the people who want to go to a restaurant. And I guess not be accosted by an unvaccinated person, even though they're vaccinated. Again, I really don't understand what that, what that is. But again, it's not about freedom. It's never been about freedom. It's about getting people locked into compliance and putting them on the vaccine subscription program and making sure that every single facet of their life can be documented. And we've been talking about this for months now. Well, over a year, in fact, showing that this was never about two weeks to slow the spread. It was always a slow, incremental progression towards total control. And you know , I was talking to some other people about this today. And the conversation was, remember when I remember when I told you this two years ago, remember when I said, it's not going to be 15 days. It was 50 . I think 15 days of solid spread here in Arizona, look at what's happening now. And it is still cascading down. The snowball is still rolling down the mountain and a still people will go, well, you know, still seems pretty reasonable. I guess we have to do this now. It's just, you know , something we have to do. Uh , the government said so, and , uh , obviously that's not my personality, so it's not just Joe Biden. Uh, Jen , sockies out there, obviously flip-flopping her , her conversation a little bit. She's out there hitting the press briefing room today saying, yeah, well, you know, this is what we have to do now. Whereas July 23rd, just a couple of months ago, very different tune. Same thing was going on with Dr. Fowchee. Now he has a little bit more time in between his distance between when he flipped flopped back in July, 2020, July 7th, 2020 , uh, Dr. Fowchee is going to give us an explanation as to why we don't even need national mandates. Here he is.

Speaker 5:

The vaccine becomes available. Are you going to suggest it's mandated for Americans to get,

Speaker 6:

You know, I don't think we've ever had , uh, a situation where you mandate mandated for the general population. So let me give you some example of mandating. So I'm a physician. I see patients in my hospital, right? Literally out the window here, across the hall at the NIH clinical center, during the flu season, the administration of the hospital mandates that I have to get a flu vaccine. Otherwise I won't be able to see patients the way I usually do that has not happened ever to my knowledge at a national level or even at a state level. Yeah . So I could see individual institutions mandating a vaccine. I don't see it on a national level merely because of all the situations you have upon encroaching upon persons, freedom to make their own choice of their own health. Yep .

Speaker 1:

Freedom to make their own choice of their own health. Never seen it nationally, never seen it on a state level, talks about it in a very small institution, right? Where he's a doctor in the NIH, actually treating people very specific, very, very narrowly terror, tailored and necessary in order to achieve some end here. It's a totally different conversation. Joe Biden is just saying that this is applicable to everybody. Now, it doesn't matter what you do. It's just something that is , is being rolled out. And so his position back one year ago was a lot more reasonable now . I've never seen it. And so I was on Twitter today, poking the bear a little bit. And I posted something that I'm going to share with you here in a minute, this slide that we have of the consistent constant federal encroachment onto state's rights. I posted that on Twitter. And we talked about some of that yesterday. And , uh , just a lot of these spammy bots were coming out with a couple hundred followers. People are very sort of , uh, you know , uh, aggressive against this idea that the federal government is encroaching. They're saying, oh no, like all these school vaccines and all of these other things as though that is a comparable analog, it's pretty bad argument. What Joe Biden did is not exactly what's going on in the schools, right? It's it's not , uh , involving the schools at all. It's improv , it's involving private businesses. So all these people come out and say, well, you took your vaccines when you were three years old, little Robbie , what about now? This is not the same analogy. It's not the same conversation at all. It's an entirely different constitutional mechanism. It's an entirely different sector of the economy of life. So it's a pretty bad argument. And it's the same argument that, I mean , really they can look back to their Lord and savior. Dr. Fowchee, the same guy one year ago was saying, yeah, it doesn't make sense to do it this way, but we fast forward to today. Of course. And here he is, his tune changed dramatically yet again, September 10th, he said this,

Speaker 6:

Well, I think the president is, is, is, you know, being somewhat moderate in his demand, if you want to call it that. And that there are some people who really don't want to get vaccinated, but they don't want to lose their job. You got to give them an offline . And the offline is if he got tested frequently enough and find out you're positive, you won't come to work and you won't infect other people. So it really is somewhat of a compromise there myself. I would make it just vaccinate or not, but he was trying to be moderate in what his pronouncement was.

Speaker 1:

So Dr. Fowchee says one year ago , uh, you know, national mandate doesn't work. Never seen it happen. Uh , never saw it on a national scale or a local scale. Even with the states gives us a very specific example of him in a hospital, but then fast forward to today, actually what Joe Biden did was even a little bit too benevolent. He was very nice. It's not dictatorial at all. He's not usurping constitutional power out of some obscure OSHA law. This is all necessary. And in fact, it's , it's it's appropriate and he would have even gone a step further, listen to these people when they tell you what they want. He says, I would have taken this one step further. So they're going to write , because this is the same trajectory that we're on right now. There's an escape hatch for people that don't want to take the vaccine. You can go and get tested once a week. It still don't know who's responsible for those costs. What an employer has to do to comply with this new regulatory framework. But that's not their problem. That's everybody else's problem like business owners , uh, that, that they are for whatever reason, seeking on destroying. So Dr. Fowchee is out there. Now, his tune changed dramatically. He's telling you where he's going with this. If he had his way and he can see it consistently seems to be getting his way more and more grip tightening is coming down the pike. He would not even give you that escape hatch option if he could help it. So not only did Joe Biden lie to us, not only did Jed Saki lie to us, not only did Dr. Fowchee lie to us, we also have Rochelle will Lensky . She's a liar as well. She told us, and she kind of slipped. Let this slip a little bit. She said back on July 31st, right around the same time that the propaganda machine was coming out from the white house, people were getting upset about the vaccine mandates Dr. Fowchee. We had Jen Saki , Joe Biden, everybody coming out. Oh no, no, no, no, Nope. Not going to do vaccine mandates rate was shell will . Lensky from the CDC, said this back in July, CDC, chief says there will be no federal mandate on COVID-19. Vaccines said that on Friday, there will be no nationwide mandate clarifying the comments that she made earlier during a televised interview, she says on Twitter to clarify, there will be no nationwide mandate. I was referring to mandates by private institutions in portions of the federal government. There will be no federal mandate. So there is now. So , um, was she wrong on that? And this wasn't like she said this last year, right? This was in July, July 31st, August, September, September. Oh, less than two months. Oh, that's pretty good. So there will be no federal mandate boom too much , less than two months there is now. So that's the CDC. That's the people who were in charge of running this whole response to the Corona virus . They can't even get their story straight or maybe she did know what was and Jen Sakhi and Dr. Fowchee were all a bunch of liars. They said this earlier on Friday, why did Rochelle Wollensky have to clarify her statement in the first place? Well, it's because of Fox news channel interviewer asked her, are you vaccinating a mandating the vaccine on a federal level? And she said, quote, that's something. I think the administration is looking into. She let it slip. You see that reporter says, are the feds looking into federal vaccine mandates? She says, I think they are. Actually, everybody said what's flipped out. So she had to go back on Twitter and say, there's no federal mandate. There's not going to be a federal mandate. Guess what? There was. So maybe she actually knew at the time that this is something that they were working on, that they were already talking about federal mandates. And if you look back at the timeline on this, that begs the question, then why was Joe Biden out on July 4th with Jill Biden? Talking about that COVID was over, right? We're all breathing freely again. Now we've, we've beaten it. You know, finally this, this big breath of fresh victory from Joe Biden, if Rochelle , Wilansky got keen insight into this conversation, that, that that's something, the administration is looking into July 31st. Then the , probably she was right at the time, right? They probably were actually looking into it at the time, even though the us was not in the middle of this new Delta surge. So they had been thinking about this for a long time. Anyways, this was always coming. It was always going to go this direction. And the new Delta surge is now just the new impetus to do it. They were talking about it in July. We just celebrated their little victory party on July 4th. Rochelle will ask you to let it slip. And if you doubt me on that, well, we can take a look at exactly what OSHA was doing. They were laying the framework for this many, many months in advance. This all started back in June, right around the same time that Jen Saki was out there talking about this as were many other people from the Biden team. Congressional research service now gave us this occupational safety and health administration, OSHA emergency temporary standards, updated report sheets, talking about COVID-19. And these ETS is , this is the mechanism through which Joe Biden is going to be implementing these new vaccine mandates, right? OSHA says that we're going to make the workplace safe. We're going to make sure that employers are not abusing their employees and creating unsafe environments. And so what they did is back in June in the middle of COVID under the new byte administration, they changed the rules. They got a new standard implemented that allows them to sort of circumvent some of the rules. Let's take a look at what happened here. This was written by Scott D sighs Minutemen Mandera who's an analyst over at the CRS says on June 21st, 2021 OSHA, they promulgated a new emergency temporary standard called an ETS. So this has already been in effect for the prevention of the transmission of COVID that says that this causes problems in the health care settings, OSHA. Then the act from 1970 gives them the ability to promulgate these ETSS . These are these emergency orders. They can remain in effect for up to six months without going through the normal review and comment process of rulemaking, right? So they've carved this out. They all have these little emergency exceptions, same type of garbage. The CDC was trying to do with property rights. Oh, we have the ability to , uh, you know , uh , basically impact property rights. As long as we're preventing certain things like the spread of disease, right? They went and they found that little obscure code. We talked about it here on the channel. Many times, read through it specifically, and then documented why the Supreme court said that's a stupid basis for that. You're stretching here and they threw that one out. So they're doing the same thing here. And they say according to the congressional research service, and remember this was prepared back in July, right? This is not after the fact OSHA. This says has rarely used this authority in the past. Not since the court struck down ETS in 1983. So this has not been used recently at all. Basically never been used in the last time it was used. The court struck it down back when they were bringing this up for asbestos, because it circumvents the normal review and the comment process. But Joe Biden doesn't care about that. They don't care about any of the rules. They are doing these things because they have a political agenda, the rules, the constitution, any of those underlying, you know, checks and balances that we all like to deal with. It's just an annoyance for them. They've got an agenda. They're going to cram it down everybody's throat. So the OSHA COVID ETS requires healthcare workers to protect employees. They've got a health screenings, personal protective equipment ventilation, physical distancing barriers requires healthcare employers to remove any employees with COVID from the workplace and all that stuff also requires COVID record keeping reporting requirements for healthcare employers and permits healthcare employers to forego other, you know , different things. So this was all sort of, you know, being unrolled for COVID for the healthcare providers, healthcare workers, healthcare screeners. Now, of course, this is being rolled out to everybody else. They put this in place so that they're , they're using a mechanism in the law that specifically allows them under the emergency provision to bypass all of the regular regulations while the COVID-19 ETS only applies to health care employers, all employers are required to comply with the general duty clause of the OSHA act. So different standards pursuant to the guidance employers were not required to record. All right? So a lot of this is sort of the details that are not really necessary, but now we've got, this was interesting. I read this earlier pursuant to guidance issued by OSHA on may 22 employers are not required to record or report any injuries. Illnesses caused by the vaccine. See that that's curious. So that's weird because prior guidance prior OSHA guidance had required employers to record and report adverse reactions to the vaccine. If the vaccine was a condition of employment, you see what's going on here. They said, if you're going to mandate the vaccine and one of your employees get sick, or they have an adverse reaction to the vaccine prior OSHA guidance on may 20 seconds prior to May 22nd, there was guidance that said, if that happens, if an employee has an adverse reaction, you've got an obligation to report it. We want to know about that, right? That's an injured employee. If you're creating a workplace environment where you want to prevent employees from being injured and you mandate a vaccine, you create an environment that mandates a vaccine, and that person go gets the vaccine and has an adverse reaction. Isn't that a workplace injury. I mean, you mandated it to be a part of your office. And they went and they did something under duress from their employer. They followed your order, right? Just like if they, you know , cook somebody, it makes somebody a sandwich at a restaurant they're following their orders. The requirements, in order to work, they go get injured. OSHA exists to prevent workplace injuries. Previously. They were saying, if that happens, let us know about it because that's a workplace injury, but then May 22nd comes around and they don't care about that anymore. New guidance employers are now not required to record or report any injuries or illnesses caused by the vaccine. We don't care anymore. We don't want to know. Don't tell us, we're not concerned about those injuries. We're only concerned about vaccinated people getting assaulted by unvaccinated people who aren't even positive for COVID. That's a bigger concern. So it just shows you where their priorities are on this. We have another slide here. Let's take a look at what judicial review is talking about. This is going to show us where some of their standards come into play. So they're utilizing this. It's a , it's an emergency provision. And so let's see how this works in practice. We've got both the APA and the OSHA act provide for judicial review of the OSHA standards. That means a judge can take a look at this judicial review of these new standards. Section seven F says that any person that is adversely affected by a standard may file within 60 days of its promulgation, a petition challenging the standard. They've got to file that with the us court of appeals for the circuit in which the person lives. Okay? So this is guidance directly out of this document, right? This is not legal advice, but it is something that the , that the congressional research service has indicated is a mechanism to challenge. This says specifically, a petition for judicial review does not automatically stay the implementation of this, but the court may order such stay OSHA estimates that post promulgation activities, including judicial review can take four and 12 months after the standard is promulgated. So do you see what's happening here? Right? We're going to hear from Joe Biden in a minute. It says, if you want to Sue us have , at that , it doesn't matter because it's going to take four to 12 months for this , even to work through anything, same concept that he had with the CDC said , okay, yeah, Sue us, Sue us in court. We'll see what happens with the Supreme court. Now, thankfully, the Supreme court got up off their rear ends and did something for once. And they actually struck down that ridiculous unconstitutional CDC, eviction moratorium, but it hypothetically could have dragged out into 2022 that could have happened. If the Supreme court just didn't say, well, we're just going to step don't like that. We're going to just step in there. If they decided not to do that, this could have gone back all the way up through the normal process for the normal chain channel and court of appeals district court, all the way up and taken months. And those people could have, you know, with, with their properties being absconded by the feds would have been without any recourse, can a victim. If you try to do that, you're charged with a crime. So same concept happening here, Joe Biden , the byte administration knows. Yeah. Judges are going to take a look at these new changes, but it can take between four to 12 months. And there's going to be about 50 million of them coming very soon. So it's all going to be clogged up in Supreme court may be , can step back in and do something about it. But there's going to have to be some, some, some loss , some actual standing, and we're going to have to see a case that they want to take. So that is a big component here. They know that they can pass this, and it's going to be many, many, many, many months down the road. By the time businesses start implementing this. And by the time let's say 12 months from now, a court comes down and rules on this. Maybe if they just say, well, we're already doing it. Uh, so we're just going to do it. We're going to keep doing it anyways. The damage is already done. They're breaking the rules in order to further their agenda. So I don't know what else to call that other than a dictator, somebody who's just not observing the regular bounds of the constitution. It's pretty insane. So how do they define these emergency temporary standards? Section six of the OSHA act gives them authority to do this emergency stuff. A lot of emergency powers are being invoked over the last two years. Everything's an emergency. So that gets them an excuse to do whatever the hell they want. They don't have to go through the normal rule-making process. OSHA may promulgate an ETS without supplying any notice or opportunity for the public to comment or even for public hearings. Guess what else? It is immediately effective upon publication. So they just get to cram whatever rules they want down your throat. Upon promulgation. OSHA is required to bend the full , uh , begin the full rulemaking process for a permanent standard. And so that's what a lot of people are waiting for. What are the rules going to look like when they actually come down? And ETS is valid until it's superseded by a permanent standard, which OSHA must promulgate within six months. So, you know, at least this thing will be around for six months. According to this research on ETS must include a statement of reasons for actions. And we're going to see what some of that, some of those requirements look like here. We have requirements from six C one of ETS saying that if OSHA is going to implement this new emergency standard, if OSHA is going to follow the rules, if they're going to actually be able to cram this thing through, they've got to reach these two criteria. They at least have to meet the standard defined under 61. It says here that employees are exposed to grave danger. Okay. So that's a standard. When you talk about sort of a statutory analysis in the law, we try to break these things up into different components, right? And we say, okay, look, if the OSHA and the byte administration, if they have to meet the statutory standards, we're going to break this up into a different elements. We're going to say, okay, somebody has to be exposed to danger who while the employees do. Okay. So we know that we have to have employees. We now have to have danger. We have a danger modifier. Okay. It's grave danger. All right. We have to define what exposure looks like. What does that mean? Right. Are employees exposed to it? If they're just sort of sitting, you know, in , in the next office, in the same building, does that mean exposure? I don't know. What is grave danger mean? Does grave mean like, you know, an unvaccinated person might be in the vicinity. Doesn't sound very grave to me, but somebody else might say that it is. Does it mean that somebody is running lunging at you with a knife? What constitutes danger. Okay. COVID is a lot more dangerous for some people than others. All right. We also have a mechanism. How does that exposure happen? Well, it comes from what exposure to substances or agents determined to be toxic and physically harmful or from new hazards. All right . So look, we've got a lot of different things that we got to check the box. If you want to pass an ETS, you have a recipe that you have to make, you need employees, they've got to be exposed. They gotta be exposed to some sort of danger. It has to be grave. It's got to come from something exposure to what substances. Okay. Does COVID count as a substance? I don't know. Is it toxic? Kind of, is it physically harmful? It can be to some people are these new hazards. Not really. They've been around for two years. All right. So you've got all those different grocery items that you got to put in there and you got to it's conjunctive here. So we have that such emergency standard is necessary. That the only way that we can do this, it's necessary to protect employees from that danger. In other words, the only way that we can stop this harm from happening to these employees is to pass this new regulation it's necessary without it they're screwed. So the government then has to go through and prove all of those elements and the courts have to support that. And they probably will. I mean, maybe the Supreme court won't, but we have a , a grave danger determination here says the term grave danger. How do we define that? Well, we don't really know. It was used in the first mandatory of an ETS. It's not defined in statute or regulation. So the stupid Congress that passed these stupid rules don't even define what grave danger means. Right? So it can mean whatever the hell you want it to mean. They go back through the legislative history and it demonstrates the intent of Congress that they just work . When they talk about legislative history, this is kind of garbage person talk for talking about what the bureaucrats were debating about back in the room. Oh, so you have some Congress, people that were bickering about , uh , what grave danger means and what, you know, what that w okay. Nobody cares if they're talking about that, did they write it into the law? Yes or no, because if it's not written down in the law, well, then the law kind of changes based upon whatever you're listening to. And that debate, you gotta, you gotta take it out of there and synthesize it so that we have something to govern ourselves by. But when they don't do that, because Congress is so dumb that they can't even define the language in their own statutes, they can't even define what grave danger means. So then everybody else has to go these morons, what were they talking about in the debate? We have to go look it back up. Okay. Let's go and see what Congress intended to do. The ETS process. They say not be utilized to circumvent the regular standard setting process. Okay. But the history is unclear as to how Congress intended the term grave danger to be defined. So we don't even know. Right. They have no idea. Go back, look at the Senate, labor and public welfare subcommittee on labor. So they create these stupid subcommittees where they have these debates and it's all recorded. And so then they , they, they go back, oh, what were they debating? Well, I don't know, but we know that it shouldn't be utilized to circumvent the regular rulemaking process that did come out of the legislative history. And guess what kind of sounds like that's exactly what Joe Biden is doing? Isn't it? Let's take a look at some questions. We're going to pause here, jump into some questions over from watching the . Before we jump into the next segment here, see what you have to say about this. A lot of questions and some super chats coming in. We'll get to those here in a minute. We've got , uh , let's see, snuck them says, love your form, by the way. Thanks. Good to see you. Snow comes . We have another one here from my major says , uh , seriously, do I have to pay any debt? If I'm not allowed to work? If I'm resigned to die of hunger, will that justify my raids on the stores for goods? I need I'm asking because about the raise , because I'm learning from how successful the Taliban is getting aid. Yeah. The towel it's true. I mean, I think we're all Taliban now. Yeah. I think all, I think the [inaudible] are the Taliban now. I mean , Joe Biden was angrier at the unvaccinated people than he ever was at the Taliban. He came out and scolded, basically unvaccinated people are murderers. I mean, he gave us that, that snarling speech yesterday, where he was talking about his patients wearing thin with many, with many of his own constituents. My patience is wearing thin with you, people from the president of the United States, towards Americans as though we're obligated to do whatever he tells us to do. That's not how this works. Okay. Leadership works by consent consent of the governed. We are not obligated to do what Joe Biden tells us to do. It's not how this works. We have a former Elio says in California as a September 7th or 20% of all ICU beds available for new patients of all the patients currently in ICU, 35% of the beds being utilized for COVID that doesn't by any stretch of the imagination, add up to overflowing and packed ICU, U S P S white house teachers exempt. What is the justification for these exemptions? Just more lies by the radical left wing media crazies and the corrupt corporate media. Yeah, it's pretty wild. A lot of people are clapping like seals out there for all of this. And it's a kind of sad. Thomas Jefferson says when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty. We're talking about the red state rebellion in the next segment we have, Sergeant Bob says the greater good, just adjust a flimsy justification for trampling. Our constitutional rights. If president Trump were an office, he would encourage people to consider the chemical injections, but also note it's their personal choice. I think many people would respond as he is very credible to many of us, no matter what our bodies are. Ours, not the government's . Yeah. Thank you. Sergeant Bob, for that, Donald Trump was asked that he had an interview with Greg Gutfeld the other day. And I watched just a snippet of it kind of funny actually, because , uh, Greg Gutfeld was like, remember when I used to hate you? And he's like, yeah, I remember that. And he answers it. And , uh, it was a kind of a funny interview, but he asked him about that specifically says, look, you know, I know that people value their freedom. And I , I think that's a very important concept. I think the vaccine is very good. Save millions of lives, which is probably true. He said, and you know , I got vaccinated, but I understand people want to make a personal decision for themselves. And that's the appropriate response, right? That's the same thing that anybody who has any sense has been preaching because the other approach is it's , it's not working right. There's 25% of the country, according to Joe Biden's own numbers of people that are not going to get vaccinated. Do you think that because Joe Biden just scolded them, wag their finger down there , his nose at their faces that they're suddenly gonna go, oh, I guess I'm just going to go jump into it. No. Right. That's when people dig their heels in and become even more firmly resolved to resist this. And this is a good thing in America, right? This is a good thing. We have this in our country and other countries do not. That's why they get steamrolled by little mini tyrants, like Joe Biden, who were willing to throw it all away in the name of their political agenda. Now, if on your point there, Sergeant Bob, if Donald Trump were in office and doing what Joe Biden is doing, I would be screaming from the rooftops about that as I'm sure you would. If he came out and said, I'm sorry, it's mandated. Now you have to take it. I would be losing my mind over that because it's insane, right? It's not a mandate. It's not appropriate for the feds to mandate that you do certain things, especially injecting drugs into your body. So it is, it is a problem. And by the way, I like to think I suspect would , this would be the case. If Donald Trump had won and had been doing the same thing that's happening now, all of the Democrats would be losing their minds over this, calling him a dictator, saying he has no constitutional authority to do this. Of course he would have never done this. He would have never extended the CDC into go and seize people's private property rights never would have extended the department of education to go in and rip the schools away from local environments. He never would have used OSHA and the department of labor to go in there and mandate that private employers go and get their vaccines. Trump's businesses are going to be impacted by this, right? He's got more than a hundred employees. He's going to have to deal with it. We've got some other questions here from Davis says since I don't support substantive due process, I can't say vaccine mandates are intrinsically unconstitutional, but what happened to separation of powers? What happened to the 10th amendment? I don't understand how the byte administration can use constitutional unconstitutional power without repercussion. Why bother having state legislators? If the president can unilaterally overrule their authority, it's a great point. You're exactly right. Davis. That's why I've got such a problem with it, right? There are different. This , this, this almost has nothing to do with even the vaccine, right? It is important, but you can set aside your, you know , does it work? Is it whatever science, whatever you want to do with it, that's a separate concept. The concept here is the feds using this. First of all, they're lying to us, right? They're telling us that this is not going to happen. And then happens. I just covered all of that from all of them. They all say, Nope, not coming. Then it comes just a couple months later. So they're liars. We want to hold them to their own standards. And they're changing those within a matter of months. Sounds like they were probably planning for it. Well in advance anyways, we're shallow Alinsky . Let that slip. But what they're doing now is going in and they're just usurping powers from the states. They're not letting any local governments make the decisions for themselves. That is a big, big problem. You're exactly right. Why, why do you need the states at all? Why don't we just dissolve the states and we can just become the, the, the United land of Joe Biden. We don't even need the states anymore. Davis. You're right. All right. We have another one here. Want to know, says, Rob, why is it that, that the first was unvaccinated . It went with , uh , whites, doctors, healthcare workers, Latino workers, UCLA. Hmm. I don't know. I have a cough button that I installed so I can coffin not , uh , not annoy everybody. All right. We've got a couple other questions. Let's see. That was from Watson . No . Another one here is from leafy bug is in the house long time. No, see leafing . How many people's minds are going to change as a result of Biden going in hard on the stabby zero. In fact, it will harden people's positions. Biden's picked a fight. He cannot win. If the avalanche of legal challenges doesn't force him to back down the mass civil disobedience. Well , I think there's something to that. You know, I'm not real sure that we're going to see a whole lot of enforcement here just due to the fact that I think it's going to be very difficult to, for them to enforce it, right? There's there's , it's such a broad 80 million people presumably are being covered by this thing. So see, we have excluding APW. You should open fair and equal grounds. Wouldn't it? Metro police for enforcement, by the way. And no , the mandate requiring ERs, not to opt, to turn away. Patients that came from the 86 immigration plan to provide healthcare for responding to illegal immigrants was an unfunded mandate that never stops them. No name on that one, excluding APW . I'm not sure what that acronym stands for, but thank you for the comment. We have another one here from president Biden says do with people, do what I say. I've got nukes. I'm not afraid to use them. Go get your vaccine or Kaboom. You think I'm bluffing, Joe Biden's ear monster. One says didn't John Hinckley get released. Maybe some people should tell him Biden is trying to take Jodie foster. I can't read that monster one. Oh, I got to the end of that sentence before I recognize what you were doing. We have Kincaid says good evening, Rob. It is very apparent that most leaders in sanctioned professionals are not following their scientific method. The media has done its part to discredit experienced physicians and academics. Their reasoning is not valid or strong against debate. Let alone a cause for national policy action. Thanks for all the hard work. Thank you for being here, Kincaid and for chiming in on that. Yeah, I think, I think it's largely political. I've talked to a lot of doctors about this and actual doctors, right . Locally that I know that are in different organizations. I say, listen, I, you know, every time I talk to a doctor, I'm just like, can I ask you a question? They say, yeah. I say thoughts on COVID. They say, I know they give me the whole thing. And so they'll, they'll unload on me. And you know, I look, I listened to it all. I've heard it from multiple different perspectives, but I do think that , uh, many of the people that you see on TV are spreading talking points, not necessarily science. We have another one from Biden. Who's calling them unvaccinated morons. We're going to skip Joe Biden for now. We've got 30 other questions. Monster one says, Andrew Beitbart said it best. This means war. We've got another one from Sergeant . Bob says, many people do not realize the civil war was not fought over slavery alone. A very small component. The big issue was state state's rights and an overreaching federal government. Yeah. Yeah. And , and I know that's not a very PC thing to say, right. But it was all , uh , yes, slavery was a gigantic component of the entire civil war, but it was , uh , also multi-variate if you want to use that phrase, a lot of other conversations happening there, and you can go through and you can read a different interpretation of Abraham Lincoln. If you, if you are so inclined, snuck him says, see, some of James Jordan's questioning of Fowchee thought, she keeps saying health concerns St . Concerns about health emergency was zero acceptance of his powers being limited by the constitution. Yeah. Cause he's a true believer. You know, he's a, he's a tech , uh, a sort of medical technocrats who thinks that that is kind of the only thing that matters in the world, right? There's only one thing it's viruses and it's allegedly human life. According to, you know, the, the, the narrative that they're concocting for this guy, I think it's about power and it's about politics. And it's about, you know , uh, media glory. It's about being somebody who saving the world is about a God complex. It's about a legacy for many of these people. This is their moment to shine. They're going to save America from themselves. And so Fowchee the , that the constitution is just an annoyance. It's just in the way, the balance of power, the separate, your freedoms, those types of things. Those are, those are ancillary concerns. The biggest concern is the vaccine. You know , obviously we have another one here from pili . Wally says, Rob, I'm from Scotland where the vaccine passports come into force October 1st. I'm now even more against having my second AstraZeneca vaccine after a terrible reaction to my first, I should therefore have the right to not put my body through what could be a worse reaction to the second vaccine. I honestly don't understand how myself not being fully vaccinated risks others' lives . I don't know either if the vulnerable get vaccinated, then good for them. I'm still more likely to die road cycling or being hit by an asteroid than Coban . Yeah . And that's for pili , Wally . Yeah . I don't know. Right. Uh , the arguments that they make are, well, you can still spread it and you can give it to kids and you can give it to grandma and all those things. And I said, well, okay , Weldon . They can get vaccinated, I guess. Right. And if they're vaccinated and what are they so worried about me killing them? I don't know . I guess it's the underage kids now while the , the under eight people under 12, now you can give it to them. Well, I don't hang out with kids under 12. So, you know, I don't know what the problem is, but I agree with you. I think it's not about that. It's not actually about that. That's why they are making P people who are unvaccinated going to school virtually. They don't even get to show up to class. It's not about safety. It's about control. Rob explained to me why my brother's kid in LA that's vaccinated is a doctor is vaccinated. No problem. And my kid has told him the vaccination could be harmful because of antibodies. This BS is wrong. There was something wrong here. My kid is living with an emergency room right now with two kids BS , that person says no name on that one. A couple more D Rottig says, so if you have a vaccine, you can get COVID and infect the unvaccinated . I don't understand how a vaccine doesn't stop transmission can stop the pandemic. They are developing antiviral pills to take with the vaccine. To me, this vaccine is ridiculous. I don't know. I don't know, you know, developing antiviral pills. So yeah, you're going to have a daily, I guess, a daily pill now coming out soon. So the vaccine subscription, plus the daily pale leafy bug says being threatened by Biden is not unlike being mauled by a sheep. Yeah. It's not enjoyable either way. Former Leo says that information that I commented on came directly from the California department of public health. So it couldn't be considered fake news. We've got some super chats rolling and let's make sure we get of these in. Let's see, we have Nicola. Now Wolfgang started off the show today is Wolfgang says, man, I love this guy. He's making it such that we returned to the Constitution's original intent and interpretation. The administrative state by that's from Wolfgang. Good to see you. Nicola was here, says I live in Arizona as well. I'm curious if Biden's vaccine mandates , uh, overrides our governor. I know Doocy ban vaccine passports and mass , but I can't recall if you ban vaccine mandates. So , uh , it's a good question. All of this stuff, Nicola is going to be sorted out in courts. Certainly I've already seen, I have a clip here in our next segment from Doug doosey saying, he's going to challenge this stuff. We're going to go through a couple of the different states around the country that are already standing up and pushing back against this garbage. So we'll take a look at that. Doug Ducey has indicated that yeah, he's going to stand up against this. I know attorney general mark Barnovich has already gone after , uh , the city of Tucson to some degree for some of that. And they were falling into compliance. So , uh , Arizona, I think is a, is a pretty safe zone for contesting. Some of the federal overreach, we have IRR mad cow says tyranny, arbitrary or unrestrained, exercise of power, despotic, abuse of authority. Yeah. Abuse of authority, unrestrained, exercise of power. Yeah. I think that's a pretty good definition. John says weekly testing. Hmm . Why no mention of the two week incubation period? Or how about antibodies? Right? Why don't they just test one time for antibodies? Why do you have to test every week? If you're un-vaccinated why don't you just say look I'm un-vaccinated because I had COVID I'm immune many studies are showing that I'm more immune than you are. So how about you just test my antibodies and then just X , X cert me from the entire program. Why is that? Not an option? I'll tell you why, because it's not about that. It's about compliance. Get this shot or don't participate in society. Wild, wild times we have John, that was John. Alex bogey says RNC called me for money, said no need to see action first. Yeah. Yeah. They're always wanting that money, but they don't want to do much with it. RNC said they're going to be filing suit. I have a clip of that. We'll get to that in the next segment we have K bean says, how is it legal for a business of 100 plus, but it doesn't apply to smaller businesses. So I think that it probably will eventually, right. They're going to continue to tighten that grip up. We'll start at the top because they are probably more easily regulated under whatever the rules that they're promulgating are. Right. And so you can sort of articulate that. You can say, well, you know, a hundred plus they've got a big conference rooms and big meetings and they do a lot of aggregate. I don't look, I don't know what, if they're all working from home, like Microsoft, I think is working from home. How many employees do they have a hundred thousand? Do they need to comply with this? Or they're all working from home. Yes, because it's not about COVID. It's about compliance. We have another one from Michael Cervantes . No question. Just support. Thanks Michael. Appreciate that. Alex bogey also said OSHA once came to my workplace as I was purifying, hydraulic fluid asked me if I was massed and was, and was fitted to me said, no, they forced me to unmask and inhale fumes. Look, I used to work in construction before I went to law school. Many people don't know this, but I was a pool boy as a teenager in high school, I used to clean swimming pools. And then I sort of matriculated into building swimming pools. And so I did a lot of construction, one summer, me and three buddies. We dug an entire swimming pool by hand. And so I got some familiar with some of those OSHA workplace requirements back during those areas . Big part of the reason why I went to law school. I was tired of digging ditches in July, in the summer in Arizona. But yeah, OSHA got government. Bureaucrats are mostly morons. And I say that with love , uh, not, you know, look, I know there are people who probably listen to this show, work for the government. I'm not really talking about you. I'm talking about the people who set these rules at the top, and then they trickle them down to everybody else and then people implement them. So that was from Alex. We have another one from a vault, always forward a vault for Molly, always forward love that says best part of this plan. It does not include any provisions for those of us who medically can not get Vaxxed . Yeah, no exceptions. Right? So you're, you're I guess, out of a job. Now, if you work for a big corporation, you're a disabled person. Uh , and you've got an auto-immune disorder. You've got some sort of complexities going on there too bad. Sorry, Joe Biden has spoken. Kareem says the longer we resist, the less power they have, right? Every, every little sliver of friction, every little sliver of legal friction stops the cascade from coming. And so all of those little, little, little pressure points I think are worthwhile. As long as they're legal , legal, as long as you're being polite, you have a right as an American, still to ask about clarification about the rules. We have lava, Java lava says, what would this country be like if 80 million people quit their jobs at once, it would be a catastrophe. Unless those 80 million people decided that they wanted to just form a separate country and sort of do things on their own. Jennifer says, my issue is that the VAX was designed to prevent the original strain. Israel isn't doing too hot. They have the most vaccinated people on the planet. Yeah. And what do you say about that? It's a good question from Jennifer. Not sure. It's really about the vaccine, I think is the takeaway. We have another one from , uh , back over to locals. We've got angel is in the house as schools , grant exceptions to the vaccine requirements all the time like religious and medical. So that's a terrible argument that your Twitter bots we're making right now. There are no exceptions for employees, not even medical testing. Weekly is impractical. Thousands will be fired. Businesses will fail. The economy will crumble cats and dogs living together. Total pandemonium. That's from bill Murray. That's , that's a Ghostbusters, you know, quote there. I got an angel. Love it. Love that scene. Bill Murray makes me laugh. We have to under seven says I do believe that the truth will come out. Eventually even the inventor of PCR tests told us it should be used. All right. So we're talking , we're getting into, we're getting into some medical stuff here, thunder seven. I understand what you're saying. So let me summarize this. So there are some complexities with the test, right? Some, some conversations about the difficulties in differentiating between the different strains, because apparently the tests are not defining that for us. Right? What strain do you have? Who knows? So a lot of conversations about actual science, real evidence, somebody saying, Tom runs , a lawyer on frontline is suing the CDC and the FDA, and everyone else says he expects to win. So go check him out. Maybe Tom wrens , thank you for that. Thunder seven, always walking a fine line here, you know, pili while he says it would be interesting to know how much money is being made with the vaccine rollout for a certain few . I bet. If you look at the people of powers in their accounts, you'll find that they never got poor during this fear, demic , this is a disease out there, but it's a disease of greed and control. Yeah. And a little bit of a spiritual war, political war, power war, all of it's going on simultaneously. And yeah, we've gone through that here. PLE Wally , we looked at specifically the modernist stock and what that has done in the last 12 months. Go take a look at that. Go take a look at Moderna over 12 months and just watch what has happened. There should have invested in. Moderna probably a good time to get in on it still. I'm not non financial advice, but there are about to unreal unveiled their subscription program. So it's like getting it on Netflix at the ground floor. We've got another question here from Kincaid says, Hey, Rob, follow up to the measures . Not making sense. Someone I know has been recently removed from school in work. Neither organization does a follow-up test before readmittance. So considering the time gaps and autonomy, how is only a single test upon contact sufficient, unless I'm missing something. Any tracing data has a great potential to be in complete as well as creating an opportunity for additional exposure. It's just stupid is all it is. There's no, you know, there's no, unless you're sort of testing somebody every day . What is that going to do? Somebody could have COVID it takes, you know, however long it takes for it to sort of percolate in your body to the point where you get sick. You have it, but you're not showing symptoms or replicating the virus to a substantial degree. You get catch it on Sunday. After you go out Saturday night, you're sick on Sunday. Go into work, test negative because it hasn't built up enough yet you get sick Monday night, ish, Tuesday. Now you're back at work. It's just a cold. I just got tested with COVID yesterday came back yesterday. It's not COVID, it's just, they've tested me. And so now you're sick on Tuesday, infecting your whole office, but apparently they're all vaccinated. So what did the hell did they care? Uh, I guess it's the biggest threat to their safety now. So maybe they are going to report you to Joe Biden, Merrick, Garland. I don't know, but it's not about that, right? It's not about stopping the spread of COVID. It's about people being forced into compliance. It's about making it a nightmare for somebody to not have to go to work and get tested once a week. They'd rather you just go get jabbed. It's incentive to make you do what they want you to do. We have some more here from dead. Now. Five says, Hey, up you up. Hey , Rob , up for a round of jeopardy. Following the passage of the law to remedy the distress of the people in 1933, this chancellor was granted temporary emergency powers to act out, act outside of parliamentary control and suspend constitutional civil liberties. Huh? I don't know what that could be. I don't know what that could be. 1933 law to remedy the distress of the people. Temporary emergency powers acting outside of emergency control, suspending constitutional civil liberties. Who could that be? Does anybody know their history out there? It's our boy ate off, right? It's it's it's eight off. It's eight off out there. Not our boy, but you get what I'm saying? You know what? You know where this is going. It's the Nazi analogies, right? It's scary because it's true. It's reality. Mr. Taliban is here, says , uh, Hey, stuff is happening over here. Hello? We still have your people. Remember is anyone there? Hello? Hello? All right, brothers, think fast. How did we get this old codgers attention? Great idea. Omar. Hey Joe, Joe knows American hostages. We have, we're not going to vaccinate them. So that's going to be, yeah , he'll probably realign. Oh my gosh. Lloyd Austin. If the Taliban don't comply with the vaccine vaccine requirements, Lloyd, Austin's going to be upset about that. Lloyd Austin, of course, the secretary of defense who bubble wraps himself everywhere. He goes, want to know, says, Rob, please email me. Email me black healthcare workers in New York. We're not the first to get vaccinated. LA county healthcare workers were CNN, total lie . LA county healthcare workers were some of the first to get the vaccine Biden light again. So did Cuomo. That's from Montano . We have another one from RGB . Five says if president Trump had done this, I'm confident that Democrats would have had a temporary restraining order by this morning. Yeah, they would have been melting down and rightfully so. They should be melting down because it's insane. Somebody else, Kenny , one B says F Biden, geo Mancy games, subscribe on YouTube. He actually put that in there, says I am unable to get the vaccine due to my cancer. There are no exemptions listed for my condition here in Washington state, had I not been considered disabled? The government has clearly said that I'm a second class citizen. I'm undeserving of work by patients has worn thin for the government. That's from geo Mancy . Subscribe on YouTube, go check him out. We have another one from what else? We have 5 0 3 unlimited says my HR is saying if verbiage is separate from traditional language regarding exemptions is because they use the terms interchangeably. I didn't know. That's how the law and legal language works. I thought the law was based on concretely static terms and definitions ordinarily. Yeah. Yeah. Back in old America. Yeah. That's how it works . Yeah. We had laws and sort of a constitution and things would have to fit within the framework of that. Like you couldn't just go out and do whatever the hell you wanted to and you couldn't just change things around and you couldn't just say, oh, COVID, we'll get to change everything. We've got to change the elections. We got to change the schools. We've got to change the everything, but it's COVID and people are very scared about it. And so apparently everything is up. It's a free for all. Now do whatever the hell you want. Sergeant Bob says, I love the way you look at and dissect and analyze laws and rules. Do you ever think about teaching the law segment at a police academy? I do not think you would be a Wolf in the henhouse. You'd make a very good contribution to the training and outlook of new officers. That's a very nice compliment Sergeant Bob and I, I mean, that's a very nice compliment and you know, I've never thought about that , um , in that regard, but I , but I can tell you this, I have had feedback from other law enforcement officers. I had, I had feedback from there's a, I won't, I won't name them, but there's a part of Arizona, a , uh , a county I'll say that I got feedback, that they were watching a lot of my, my sort of criminal law videos about radar and vast scar and LIDAR and all the different speed measurement technologies, because it was a good explanation and that's sort of how, what they used for their new recruits. And I was like, that's amazing. That's a really, that's a really nice compliment. And so , um, I think just, just by being on YouTube people sort of watch and adopt some of that. I've also had prosecutors say, Hey, you know, I had a question about this statute and I plugged it in and one of your videos came up. And so I listened to him. Good explanation. I said, thank you. Right? And so we're , that's what we're trying to do here at our law firm. It's providing information. I think that a lot of lawyers, a lot of people in government in general, right, lawyers sort of people in positions of informational power, the people who can sort of shield the knowledge behind the doors and close the doors and make sure that nobody else is accessible to that, they charge a premium for that data. Right? Lawyers charge a premium doctors, charge a premium government bureaucrats charge premium. They have information, they have power, they have control as a result of that. And so my, my philosophy as a lawyer and as an entrepreneur, as somebody who wants to help people in the world is to give as much of this stuff away as I possibly can for free, right. Get on YouTube, start talking about in the early stages, the law about what I'm passionate about representing people against criminal charges in the state of Arizona. But then as I sort of matured as an entrepreneur and as somebody who was more comfortable speaking my mind, of course, it has evolved into the show that it is now. And so, you know, I'm , I'm absolutely somebody who wants to help help. And if a police academy wants me to help, I'm happy to do that. I think that's a great suggestion. That's a really nice compliment. Thanks for that. Sergeant. We have another one from snuck on says with regard to ETS, maybe we can use the breakthrough cases to expose the ETS as insufficient. Right? That's a good analogy. That's a good analysis there , right? If they are , if the grave danger is precluded by getting vaccinated, but there are breakthrough cases. While then what does the vaccine do to preclude that grave danger? Now you're talking about a distinction and you have to analyze that legally and you'll see what the courts do with it. Leafy bug is here, says, Hey Rob, did you see Kamala totally undermined Biden on the same day he went nuclear about the back's Mac mandates. Yeah, I did. She was talking abortion. She said, quote, when people make choices without government interference, we are a stronger society. She's right. Even though this dopey Tyron doesn't believe a word of it. However, it's interesting that she's no longer trying to hide her war against Biden. I don't think she has the institutional balance taken out though. I doubt she ever will. What do you think? I don't think so. I think that they're probably both at the end of the line here. I think this administration is pretty much on its heels. We'll see what w look, it's still extremely early, but I anticipate a red wave in 2022. And when that happens, right, the rest of the , the rest of the administration is basically a lame duck at that point. So what happens then? You know, I don't know is common. We're going to start to divide from Joe Biden. Are , is she going to start to build up her profile so she can run? I mean, nobody likes her. So I, I think they're doing such a terrible job that they might be sealing their fifth fate . In other words, Kenny, one B says for the greater good was used to justify the extermination of the Jews by the Nazis. Yeah, we got that round in jeopardy over there previously she'll come says doesn't RTS. The law created by the international treaty of the Nuremberg code of which we are a signatory doesn't bind plan , I guess, break that treaty. You know, I've got a lot of those Nuremberg code questions. And I really don't know on that. Jeremy says, Alan Dershowitz commented on the question on Newsmax today says, does the president have the authority to mandate this? That is ludicrous. He can't do such a thing. There are three separate questions to answer. One. Is this something the federal government can do as compared to states? The states have police power. The federal government does not has to derive its powers from the text of the constitution. If the federal government can do it, can they mandate vaccines? Can the whole government violate bodily integrity? And if the first two are a yes, does the president have the power to do that? Which is distinguished by Congress. This is the one I think the court will answer no footnote, other topics aren't in the form . Yeah. So I noted that Jeremy, we're only talking about COVID today, so thank you for that. Yeah. Three very good questions. We're going to do a lot more analysis on that. I think a lot of this is going to come down to the rules that I have not seen yet. Right? This is going to be a whole slew of rules. I mean, he basically created a whole new legal framework for COVID regulatory COVID department of labor, labor regulations. It's nuts. She snuck them says, oh, APW, the postal workers union. That's right. Thank you. Snuck on this . We have somebody says, I heard on Fox news tonight that the mandates were put in place to save Gavin Newsome thoughts. I don't think so. I think it's the same , Joe Biden is what it is now remember. Right. And when I said Joe Biden and the Democrats were largely done, that could be a bad take. There was no question about that. Right? Many Amerit most Americans are in fact vaccinated, right? So what we're seeing here happen as well is this, this, this, this wedge, this becoming a wedge issue and the Biden people are using it very effectively. They came and said historically, oh, we beat COVID back in July. It turns out that didn't work out so well. And so a lot of people are looking back on Joe Biden and they're saying, Hey, dumb, dumb. You said during the election that you were going to shut down the virus not shut down the economy. So now what Joe Biden has to do is pit his failures on somebody else. He has to make somebody else's scapegoat. And he's doing that right now. All of the unvaccinated people, all of the Ron DeSantis is out there, all of the governor Abbott's and you know, to a lesser degree, Doug Ducey are individuals that can now be personified as the scapegoat for all of America's COVID problems. Joe Biden came out and said, I said, get mad . I said, get mandated. I did something, right. That's what these bureaucrats like to do. And they just have to do something cause nobody can ever come out as an elected official and say, listen, guys, it's a bad situation. We've got COVID going on out there. And we're just going to have to just push through this thing. Okay. We're going to have to make sure we're all getting healthy. That we're all getting vaccinated. That we're all social distancing, but it's going to happen. Right. It's coming through our society. And so we've got to deal with it. We've got to beef up the hospitals. We got to make sure that we're protecting the loved ones, but that's right. We're going to protect our freedom because we're Americans and we're not going to let this encroach our freedom of speech. We're gonna be able to talk about different treatment modalities. We're gonna be able to talk about different ways that we can organize to , to circumvent and beat this thing. But we're not allowed to do that anymore. None of that is applicable. All of this is about shutting you up, just shutting, getting you back in sync, getting you back in line and gobbling up more federal control along the way we have N Y renal MD says most doctors I've spoke to in the last 24 hours, do not feel this step was necessary. In fact, I believe this mandate is counterproductive and future recommendations are in jeopardy because people are skeptical about the harshness of the mandate in a short period of time, Biden has on his own trashed . The trust with the medical community, the choice for a vaccine should be between a patient and his doctor. Yeah. And , and Y you know, I don't know if you saw the full clip yesterday, but Joe Biden was actually telling individual doctors that you have to now be a vaccine salesman. I mean, that was part of his plan, right? If you go in for your medical care and you are a medical doctor, right, you now have an order from the president to go and sell those vaccines. And so that makes that, that, that is a conflict for that doctor. It breaches that trust. If I want to go into my doctor and say, Hey, should I get the vaccine? Yes or no. Well, Rob, look, let's weigh your factors. You're 36. Now you just got a year older. And you know, you're getting a little heavier on the midsection and some of these other things. Yes. Maybe it's a good idea for you to do that. Okay, doctor, thanks. We've had a very ongoing, long lasting relationship. I appreciate your insight. That's nice. Now, Joe Biden just injected himself into all of those relationships. So now every single doctor that says you should get the vaccine, Republicans are going, is that for my wellbeing ? Or is that because now Joe Biden has mandated this thing and he's breathing down the necks of individual doctors going in between them and their patients. It's not appropriate. It's not appropriate at all. Thanks for chiming in Dr. Lorenzo greasy. Bottom says, so the pro affirmative action, people want to fire all the African-Americans, who won't get Vaxxed. And we'll see if that happens. We have another one, three girly says you have to watch Gutfield interview with Trump. It is five segments over three shows. Let me switch over here. The most important part of the interview with Trump by Gutfield was that gut field's wife was not vaccinated ask and Garfield. Our Gutfield asked Trump what he would do in order to persuade somebody to get the shot. Trump said he would respect their decision was a very good interview. And yes, very funny. The, this goes against the normal rulemaking of OSHA. They're supposed to be a public commenting period in the normal rulemaking , this surpassed every last bit of normal procedure. When the Supreme court be able to determine that this was not appropriate because of that requirement. So we just kind of read through that three girlies . The ETS allows them to bypass that specifically, right? And so they're using that framework so that they don't have to do that. And it does exist. And previously it was used for us Bestos and the courts had previously thrown that one out. So yeah, I think there's a pretty good chance that they do the same thing here. It's an overextension. It's the same thing that they did with the CDC. They're using these regulatory functions to try to gobble up as much power as they can until the Supreme court comes and gives them a nice backhand that they deserve. Chanel comes says, would they take away my right to do not resuscitate protocols next? Probably right. Why not? Lots, lots of , uh , stuff being taken away. Their snow comes a couple more. We have wants to know, says, Rob, I keep asking anti trumpets on locals to backed Biden's decisions. They have no legal argument for these decisions. I'm like you not a big Trump supporter, but better than combo . Let's argue, honestly, that's from want to know. I think our honest arguments are good. Ms. Danny says, good. Amy. Rob, how are you? I'm great. Ms . Danny, how are you? Did you know that the CDC changed the definition on vaccines? Have a look at what , what, when you can, they did it to apply the definition to a COVID vaccine. Interesting. I haven't seen that. Uh , see the veil says, so Rob, now this has gotten weird. I received a call from the pharmacist telling me they are under orders from the FDA to pick up the ivermectin that was purchased. What's what I received a call from the pharmacist telling me they are under orders from the FDA to pick up the ivermectin that was purchased. Presumably by you see the veil . I told them I flushed it. The pharmacist is now asking the boss what to do. So the boss spoke to me. FDA has gotten weird and put the small pharmacist in the middle. I made calls to CVS and other big name pharmacies, not allowed to sell ivermectin unless it is specific on the label of what I remained in is for regardless what the doctor prescribed. So apparently doctors and patients are not allowed to work for the patient's health, unless the rule makers and the FDA over the pharmacy give, see the veil . That's amazing. First of all, that's scary as hell, right? You're you, you, you go, you go and get some medication from a doctor pharmacies like shouldn't have given that to you. That guy's probably in trouble. Good call though. We have another one snuck him says, now that we have clear examples of abuse of emergency protocols abused by more than one agency, Congress needs to bring approval for emergency declarations under the legislative branch. Uh , there should be just no more COVID emergencies period. Right? Those should be outlawed. It's been two years. Now. We know exactly what this thing is, how to treatment no more emergency powers here. It's just part of life. Now you don't get to just dump all over the constitution because , uh , it's, COVID, it's been two years. All right ? All this Huxley says I didn't write my book. A brave new world as an instruction guide, Mr. Biden, we have another one from N Y says, Robert, presumably this quote mandate comes from the same federal government CDC that screwed up the initial test and also banned private labs from making tests. They also ordered HCQ and said it was poison mass don't work. Now they're needed. They said, steroids are contra-indicated . Now there are recommended. I understand. I agree with vaccination, but it's the decision an MD and a patient need to decide on. Don't give away this basic right to privacy, to the federal government. That is from N Y renal MD who's in the house. Let's see what else. We've got a lot of questions on this. I figured there would be. And why says, oh, got that one. Another one from want to know, Rob, I'm sorry, but a local's chat is not about recipes. Okay. Sorry. Well, want to know , talk about what you want to talk about. D rod says, Rob, do you think that the red states fighting this will be successful? I do see exceptions provided for medical and religious. Those with exceptions are the ones to be tested. So , uh , so I'm not. So I don't know about the religious and the medical exceptions, right? Because you're saying that you do see them, somebody else said that they do not see them. And so there's a lot of questions about this. Same thing is going on with the U S postal workers. There was a story yesterday from the Washington post they're excluded. Then somebody from the white house came out and said, no, they're not than the us postal service spokesman came out today and said, yes, we kind of are. And they're all waiting until the rules come out, Joe Biden just came out and just said, Hey, America going to give you this big, nice dumper, dumpster sandwich here. Enjoy it. And we're all still trying to figure out what's in it, right? We don't, we are opening that thing up . So awful. What is this? We want us to eat this. We're not eating it, send it back. And we're still waiting for those rules to come down the pike. So we'll see, we have another one from former Elio says just the thought, what percentage of the homeless population contracted COVID subsequently died from it as a raw number, not seeing this type of investigation or a report of the findings. Good question. I don't know what that number is. I haven't seen it either. We have another one from Chicago says we control a president to timeframes with the war powers act. We should do no less for the fed agencies. Emergency powers. Also thermometers were good enough during SARS and MERS. No contagion without a fever. That's a good point. That is totally gone. Remember all those little scanners, those kiosks. Why do you have to go get tested? If you just can get a scan? Right? I don't know. We have monster. One says, sadly, I don't think people will do what is necessary to oppose this tyranny. Too many people are the back of the blue types. When I sort of, it's a new, it's a new thing. Now it's like not police. It's like a medical back. The back the Fowchee is when the police started forcing those mandates, those types are just going to say, they're just doing their job. It's not their fault. They're going to go home and watch football. Some people. Well , there's no question about that. Right? A substantial portion of America will say fine, fine enough already. I'll just go get it. But not everyone. Raul says, oh , Rob , I came over the border from Mexico a couple of months ago. I'm sure I had COVID as I was weak and nose running. I don't know if that's a serious comment or not. So we're going to skip that. We have another one from snuck . Him says, does OSHA make the distinction between community and the EUA shots that's from [inaudible] ? Uh, I don't think so. No, not that I saw. It's just, you gotta go get jabbed . Doesn't matter what it is wants to know, says Rob came through a news break. Unvaccinated people are 11 times more. I can't talk about that. Want to know that's medical info. We have another one, no question there. Greg Moran says, Rob, could this be somewhat of a pilot program to test how much they can push the population? What people are willing to put up with? Maybe it's not only about the vaccine, but about a series of regulations that are going to come in. The future reminds me of what? Thomas Hobson and Leviathan hand over all your rights one after another so we can have complete security eventually. Yeah, I do think that right. I actually , I absolutely think that. I think that all of this has been for that. We have been saying that for months here, that what was happening, happening in New York city was the pilot program. They said that specifically at the time, the key to NYC were ranting about that back in August when they were rolling that out , de Blasio said, specifically, if you want to participate as a full new Yorker, you have to go do this. And if not, sorry, you're just not a full, not a full new Yorker. And he used very, very disgusting language like that. And I said at the time, okay, just like what happened last time? New York was the , the , the hotspot ground zero locked down, started there. Then they started around the rest of the world. Uh , the rest of the country. It just felt like Domino's same thing happened here with the vaccine mandates New York passed it key to NYC San Francisco picked it up next LAPD picked it up next. Guess what? Feds have it now. Boom. And yeah, I think it's going to continue to tighten up. We're going to get to that in the next segment. We're going to talk about airline travel restriction. They're already floating that out now. Not gonna be able to get on a domestic flight now because you have no constitutional rights to get on an airplane. So yes, it will start with a hundred employees, go down to 75 and under 50, you go down to 25, go down to 10. Now it's everybody. If you want to be somebody who interfaces with the rest of society, and they've got another four years to get that through. So it is troublesome and Leviathan is a , is a , is a good framework for these people. I think many of them are Hobson in their natures. They're so scared of the, the scary world out there that they're willing to give up all of their Liberty in the name of security. And that's, you know, Hobbs is a , is a very important political theorist, but his worldview was grossly wrong and naive be brave, says so naive to think that will make it to the 2020 elections or that they won't be fortified like 20, 22. It is a little bit naive, be brave. Right? And I, I might have that reality shaken from me come 20, 22. I still like to tend to think that there there's still enough of America left that they'll show up, but we'll see. Rad . Bob says, I bet. Attorney Tom is just waiting to Sue the government over this big mess. He'll be Uber rich after that. Yes, he is young enough to wait. Attorney Tom Sue in the government. It's going to be a lot of attorneys suing that we have. Uh , another one from the antichrist prime is here, says I was having technical difficulties. So I don't know if my form sent or if I'm just able to start watching now. So if this is a repeat disregard, I've seen people about people in the military, walking over, walking out over the vaccine, mandates a lot of people are also talking about this notion of those in the military, following orders, no ifs, ands, or buts. First off, I'm just going to point out how many people look at their job title and reduce them to functions. People do this with military police lawyers, et cetera. Secondly, if you look at the uniform code of military justice, article 92, you'll notice the word lawful in there twice. That means that a military member is only required to follow lawful orders. They have a reason to believe in order is unlawful. It is often their duty to say no even Iwan in bootcamp can tell the difference. If the order is unlawful, most people can relieve their commanders and even taking the court martial. If you've ever seen the movie Crimson tide, it's a good representation going into the military does not make you a machine no matter how much they try to make you into one. Also on the side, I've heard that people are trying to hold us veterans to the U S Marine to the UCM J these people apparently don't know about contract law. That's where Advantech is prime. Good stuff there. Yeah. Thanks for the , for the insight there about, yeah . Military, maybe just leaving military police, firemen , doctors, lawyers, everybody else. Right? Welders, construction workers, plumbers, teachers. Everybody's tired of this stuff. No, come says the postal workers union should also be a point against the OSHA argument. Yeah, because it's not about that. It's about compliance. No , Kim says haven't. We always had guidelines from the health care for alternative habits and treatments during all previous flu outbreaks yet , yet, yet. None for COVID. Yeah . They want to funnel you into one exit. That's it? Jeremy says, Rob, when the government mandated businesses to get full-time employee benefits, businesses started limiting workers to less than full times with the vaccine. Mandates businesses will just create multiple businesses with 99 employees each as noted by I'm not gas. When the government can say, look, we created all these businesses look, or that just doesn't happen. They, they 10 99, their employees, they outsource many of them around the world and the American economy just continues to get wrecked. I think that's probably, what's going to end up happening. We have one. No question says, where is Congress? I haven't heard a peep. Yes. The FDA did change the wording to indicate COVID only Vaxis we're going to hear from Congress. I have , uh , some clips from them in the next segment. And Darren says, by the way, in New York, at least in the beginning of all of this hospitals did revoke DNR orders. No matter what the patient preferred, if they have the VED , it was an episode in a series of documentaries called perspectives on the pandemic here on YouTube. So check that out. That sounds interesting. Yeah. It , you, you get subpar treatment. If you have COVID it's easy to get everyone's DNA. If you're testing for something and people comply, we have one from Sergeant. Bob says, I don't think a lot of the coppers would be enforcing this. I wouldn't. Of course, of course I listened to you. That's from Sergeant Bob. Well, Sergeant Bob's one of the good ones snuck him, says it has been a pilot program since the first lockdown. Yeah. This is where all this was going. We've all been screaming about it, right? This is what happens. The Antica says, yeah, freedom is very scary. It's scary to have to think for yourself out there and like provide for your own life. It's much easier to have a bureaucrat Rob you of all of your productivity and give you a small sliver of that back while protecting you from everything else. 5 0 3 unlimited says the same people who think the world is overpopulated. They're in charge of saving your life from COVID. Yeah . A little bit of a conflict of interest there. I'd say a couple more before we jump into the next segment, which is more COVID we have snuck them, says Canada, vacs passport will bar people from public transportation. Wow. The unpacks pay taxes to run public transport taxation without representation sound familiar, certainly does scary stuff. We'll probably see more of that here. We're going to get to that next Mantica says the USBs being exempt follows the same logic as only the big box stores being open. Basic linear algebra shows you how quickly things spread through larger gatherings. And we're supposed to follow the science that's from BNT kiss . And we've got a couple of that came in from YouTube. That was from Jennifer. We have awesome dude, triple O seven says long-time watch her love the live stream . Thanks for being here. Awesome dude. Appreciate it. You're awesome. Jay bell below says, are the rules made for people affiliated with religion? If I'm not religious, then can I defect from the vaccines? So not that I have seen, right, but all the rules are still being promulgated. So we'll see. And remember the Joe Biden and his administration, they have to walk kind of this fine line. They have to balance. They want to try to pass this thing, right? They , they do want this to try to survive constitutional muster. And so maybe giving them that exception for religious exemptions will make it survive the courts a little bit more , uh, more likely we'll see. And we have Tager what's if he says what's what good is it to anger? A high percent of population. I see the politics behind it, but they are doing things that aren't popular, monetary incentive. So I think it's a lot of different things. I think it's about an indefinite scapegoat. So if they're going to now, they're going to be able to pit , you know, 65% of Americans versus 35% of Americans, to some degree, they're gonna be able to blame all of the Republicans for all of the COVID concerns, any repercussions, any economic problems, anything that results all gonna blame the Republicans, they should have just done what we said and things would have been better. I think it's also about just a long-term strategy to remake the entire nation, right? This is something that has been going on for a long time. Uh , the build back better people that we're going to use this to reform society , uh , new equity re talking about, you know, all sorts of changes. We're seeing them happen in real time. Like you don't have property rights anymore. Stuff like that. We had another one from Jessica. Cora says, legally it's either the VAX mandates or the abortion is illegal or Novak's mandates and legal abortion. You can't argue bodily autonomy on abortion, but not on the VAX . Right? They want it both ways. And Joe Biden came out and said, you don't have any control over your body. You gotta do what we tell you to do. Kamala Harris went on the same day and said, you have total autonomy over your body. Nobody can tell you what to do with it . And you're going, what did they did? They do ? They know they're on the same team. Thank you, Jessica. We have Curtis says RNR . We love you. Great reporting. We'll have you back, Curtis. Thank you for that. Uh , great questions over there. We're going to jump into the next segment and just keep carrying on with COVID. There's a red state rebellion. Now that is stepping up to push back against Joe. Biden's very unconstitutional. COVID mandates. It's looking like this. I took this screenshot over from, at harmless yard dog over on Twitter. And it's probably even redder . Now he's been updating this regularly. Every time a new state kind of jumps into the fight. He goes and upstate updates. This slide he's at harmless yard dog. He's the battle beagle over there doing a good job on this. And basically anytime that an attorney general or a governor comes out and says, Hey , uh , sloppy, Joe, we don't appreciate what you're doing here. Then he just goes ahead and updates this. And so w we'll take a look at some of these starting with Arizona. We've got Doug doosey says, this is exactly the kind of big government overreach. We don't want an Arizona. Now the administration is hammering down on private businesses and individual freedoms in an unprecedented and dangerous way. This will never stand up in court. He's right. This dictatorial approach is wrong. un-American and will do far more harm than good. How many workers are going to be displaced? How many kids kept out of classrooms? How many businesses find the vaccine should be a choice we must and will push back. Right? And so that's Arizona used to be a blue state, used to be a red state. Now it's apparently a blue state. So Arizona is pushing back. We have, whereas this from Ohio governor, Mike DeWine also said the same thing. This is another sort of swing state. I think the president made a mistake by announcing federal vaccine mandates. We should be focused on the science of preventing the spread. This is our best tool to stop COVID. But people in business owners should make their own decisions about the vaccine. That's from Ohio over here in Oklahoma, they're preparing actual litigation. So their attorney general said release the following statement. We respect the right of Oklahoma businesses and individuals to make their own decisions. We're going to vigorously oppose any attempt to mandate vaccines, already preparing litigation to stand up for our rights. Governor Brian Kemp over in Georgia says I will pursue every legal option available to the state of Georgia to stop this blatantly unlawful overreach by the Biden administration. So governors are standing up. Attorney generals are standing up. Here's Pete Ricketts over from Nebraska said, Americans, not the feds are responsible for their personal health, not the role of the feds to do this. They're going to stand up to his overreach, asking attorney general to explore all of our options. So the AGS are coming in there. We have over here, Greg Abbott from Texas, also doing the same thing, calling this a massive assault on private businesses already issued an executive order, giving them the right to choose there in Texas. Texas is already working on a halt to this power grab. So Texas is stepping up. We've got Josh Howley now over in Congress, who was also unhappy with this. He drafted this letter said on Twitter today, I'm demanding answers from the byte administration about their unlawful vaccine mandate. So he wrote this letter. He's asking some pretty good questions in here, going over to honorable Marty Walsh with the secretary of labor says Congress, not the president has the authority to make the law, which is true unless you're Joe Biden. He doesn't care about that. This is an elementary principal of governance, but Biden, flouted, this and has done so pre repeatedly, calling this an infringement on fundamental rights. And he's bypassing established regulatory procedures talking about OSHA saying that they're going to use this ETS to implement this requirement. We already talked about that in the prior segment, went into the detail from the congressional research service. So if you're watching this segment, you may want to check out that other segment because we went into depth on that. OSHA's power to promulgate. These policies are by executive Fiat. He says it's exceedingly limited. And we went through those standards. It's an emergency standard and it's necessary. And all of those different regulations, he's saying got to make sure that you can prove that, but that is precisely what happened here, Biden. He didn't go through the formal process. He bypassed it all chief of staff retweeted a comment saying that OSHA doing this vacs mandate as an emergency workplace safety rule is the ultimate workaround for the federal government to require vaccines. We're going to take a look at that tweet here in a minute, but Ron, Klain the chief of staff for the white house tweeted that retweeted that said somebody, somebody said , uh, Ron cleans on Twitter all day, way more than I am says that somebody posted OSHA doing this vaccine mandate the ultimate workaround for the feds to impose a vaccine mandate Ron Klain moron at the white house retweet. Oh, that's a great point. Retweets that. Yeah, we okay. So you're acknowledging that you know that there's no legal basis for this. Thanks. Good job. We have another one federal courts say that we have not looked favorably. OSHA attempted to do this. Similarly, it was dismissed previously because this was , that was the bestest case that we talked about. The proposed ETS is problematic here because it has no clear nexus to workplace safety. In other words, how does this actually improve workplace safety? OSHA has done things in the past, like work with asbestos, limiting, doing other things to limit that. But Biden said in 2020, he would not impose a mandate. There will be no federal mandate, Rachel Rochelle Alinsky said, but then now Holly is saying that he's trying to distract from his botched Afghanistan withdrawal. It says I encourage and support vaccination, but want to suspend the efforts to produce the standard, asking some very clear questions wants answers from the department of labor here soon under what specific legal authority does OSHA plan to issue this? I think we know that it's that section six C the one that we covered, I think, but he's going to see it specifically from the D department of labor. Is there any precedent for treating a wide spread disease, something that is across the entire world as a quote , toxic or physically harmful agent or quote a new hazard within the meaning of the U S code? No, obviously not. Right. That would be for like a toxic chemical or gas leak, something that was new, that, that came out, you know, that, that you have to , you know , emergency and go in there and deal with, has OSHA ever used this authority before, outside the context of healthcare and social services like for the entire country? Have you done that before? Did anyone at OSHA raise concerns about this? The lawfulness of this thing? Why were certain constituencies like the us postal service explicitly excluded from the ETS? Why? Good question. Also what considerations were made to respect individual religious liberties? None is OSHA currently in the process of pursuing notice and comment regulations to supplement this. I don't know Josh Holly signed off on that United States Senator. So we've got a , at least a Republican who's asking questions now, what's he going to do about it? Who knows Ronna McDaniel over from the Republican GOP says Joe Biden told Americans when he was elected, that he would not impose the vaccine mandates. He lied. So they issued a new press release today saying that chairwoman, Ronna, McDaniel. Now going to Sue Joe Biden told Americans, he's not going to impose back vaccines, but now he is saying I'm pro-vaccine and anti mandate, many small businesses and workers do not have the money to fight these unconstitutional actions. And so the RNC is going to Sue. So lawsuits are going to be flying around. We know that this is going on and governor Kristi Noem is going to join, says, South Dakota will stand up to defend freedom. Hey Joe Biden, we're going to see you in court. And guess what? Joe Biden doesn't give a rip about that. Doesn't care for a minute. Here's what he had to say about that.

Speaker 7:


Speaker 2:

Have at it. Lord . I am so , um , disappointed that , uh, particularly some , uh, Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids. So cavalier the health of their communities. This is what this is. We're playing for real here. This isn't a game and I don't know of any scientists out there in this field, but doesn't think it makes considerable sense to do the six things I've suggested. And , uh, uh, but you know, it's , uh , let me conclude with this. I, one of the lessons I hope our students can unlearn is that politics doesn't have to be this way. What politics doesn't have to be this way. They're growing up in an environment where they see as like a , like a war, like a bitter, phew, dummy. If a Democrat says, right, everybody says left and sometimes it was left a seat , right? I mean, it's not how we are. It's not who we are as a nation. It's not how we beat every other crisis in our history. I got to come together. And I think the vast majority to look at the Paulina , the vast majority of American people know we have to do

Speaker 1:

All right . So if you had, it's not who we are as a nation on your bingo card, then mark that one down because , uh , we knew that was coming. So Joe, Biden's going back to his old, you know , friendly, friendly grandpa shtick , which everybody saw was not the reality yesterday. When he spoke, he was very snarling and angry. We're running out of patience with you . People is what he said. All right. And so now he's out doing the , uh , know friendly old guy stick. Okay? So he , he said specifically that have at it, bring the lawsuits, just come file away because he knows that this is part of the strategy, right? This is part of the , the roadmap is to do what he wants, let it get bogged down in court and then deal with it in the aftermath. Same thing he did with the CDC. So yesterday we looked and we were trying to identify some issues, spotting some things that were maybe problematic. We talked about, you know , the fact he didn't talk about natural immunity at all. If , if you want it to include a very reasonable, reasonable exception to the mandate, one idea might be to just test people for antibodies that obviously didn't happen. Nothing about BMI, losing weight, nothing about any of the other treatments. Okay. That's obvious. How about general health? No conversation about that? Never has been a conversation about that. Exercise. Stop drinking yourself to death. Stop using your drugs. Stop holding yourself up in your home. Get out, get some sunshine, some vitamin D no conversation about any of that. No talk whatsoever about religious freedoms, right? To privacy. They're equal protection violations by creating an entirely separate subclass of human beings called unvaccinated people in Americans who are fully citizens, but now don't get the same right to privacy. Don't get the same religious freedoms. Don't get the same equal protection. Don't get the same due process under the law because they are just unvaccinated . So not no cares about that. Talk about exemptions. Don't know exactly what's going to happen here because the rules have not been a prom promulgated yet, but USBs is now sort of challenging this. We have no natural immunity exemptions whatsoever. So does this all come down to compliance? Does it, does this all matter? You know, are they going to be creating a new federal entity? That's going to be forcing compliance. It's going to be going out there and regulating all the different businesses around the country, calling you , uh , excuse me , uh , CEO. I need to check your COVID policies here. Who are the hell? Are you, oh, I'm Dr. Fowchee over here. And we're just checking to see whether or not you're following the new COVID guidelines that the Biden administration put out. Yes or no. Uh , no, we're not doing that. Perfect. I'm going to send you over to this , uh, enforcement bureau and they're going to come crack the hammer over your head. So , uh , we , we don't know if that's going to happen or if that is really what this is intended for, or if this is just an attempt to continue to gobble up power. And this is what I was talking about earlier in the show about federal encroachment. I posted this on Twitter and everybody lost their minds. So now we've got schools and masking department of education and treasury took that over evictions and property . CDC grabbed that one vaccines and mandates for private employers. We got department of labor. OSHA took that one over vaccine mandates for the public. Okay, well, that's still for the executive branch. So that's in their election rules. The DOJ through Merrick Garland went after those gun laws. They went after Missouri with the DOJ again there, and of course reproduction. Now they're suing Texas. And so it's just this slow roll of just gobbling up power. The feds don't like the unruly states and they're taking it over. And , uh , this was the conversation I mentioned previously, this is what Ron Klain retweeted. So Stephanie rule said, OSHA, doing this back smack mandate as an emergency workplace rule is the ultimate workaround . Ron Klain retweeted that, right? They're pretty excited about that. Ted Cruz caught that said, this is a foolish retweet from the chief of staff said the quiet part out loud knows exactly what's happening. All right. And so we're also catching our eyes on what's coming next. So if we're going to be walking , working our ways down this federal encroachment on state rights and state liberties, where does this go? Well, we already know where it goes. They're going to be extending this probably to domestic flights. It's just not going to stop here with the a hundred businesses folks. The onslaught is coming. And as I have been saying here, we have to listen to the people who tell us what they're doing. White house official posted today. September 10th is noting that they're not ruling out requiring COVID vaccines or tests for domestic flights, hinted that this could be needed for domestic air travel says, Jeff Zion says we're not taking any measures off the table he was asked the question about whether this has been rolled out for domestic flights. It says overall, I think we have a very strong track record that shows we're pulling available levers to acquire vaccines. We're not taking any measures off the table. So the grip is slowly tightening. We all knew this was coming and they're talking about it openly now on CNN, just like they were talking about vaccine mandates openly on CNN and ranting about it. So, you know, this is coming, just brace yourselves for it. Here is what CNN had to say about it.

Speaker 8:

I absolutely think we should have that requirement. I think it was a major oversight on the part of the Biden administration to not issue this yesterday. And we have to talk about the reason, the reason isn't so much that we need to keep our train travel and plane travel even safer. They are pretty safe. Although I definitely think that having a vaccine requirement would make it even safer and probably encourage many people who are vaccinated or who have young kids and wants to protect them. Um, maybe it'll help to encourage those people to start traveling again. But there's an even bigger reason too , which is, I think we really need to make it clear that there are privileges associated with being an American. That if you wish to have these privileges, you need to get vaccinated travel and having the right to travel in our state. It's not a constitutional right, as far as I'm, as far as I know, to , um, to, to , uh, to board a plane. And so saying that if you want to stay unvaccinated , that's your choice. But if you want to travel, you better go get that vaccine. Dr. Jeffrey, thanks so much. Appreciate it.

Speaker 1:

Okay. Absolute insanity right there. So that woman said that as an American, you have certain privileges, like you have the privilege of getting a vaccine and complying with the rules. That doesn't feel like a privilege to me, you know, privilege is like , uh , you get to park in that spot. That's a nice privilege, nice job employee of the month, you get the privilege of parking there. Well done. That's a benefit, not an obligation. Now what she's doing, she's trying to use the, you know, the sort of the licensing framework that driving is a privilege and it's not a right. And therefore you got to go get licensed to get on the road. Something like that. That's the same argument. She's making saying things like, it's not a constitutional right to board an airplane. You don't have a right to do that. That's a privilege. And so if you want that privilege, if you want to participate in American privileges, you've got to go get ABO . You have to, you're obligated to go do this thing. Very interesting way to call it a privilege that you're obligated to go do those things very strange. Now she also says that it's not a right to board a plane. Do we think it's going to stop there? How about maybe a rock concert? How about going to a nightclub? How about going to a bar? How about going to a restaurant? How about going to a grocery store? Do you have a right to travel? Do you have a right to go out and hang out with your friends? If you could be killing people, this is an insane person who is on CNN and we have two other insane people. I think that's Jeffrey Toobin over there. Uh, who is , uh , you know, all just, yeah, that sounds reasonable. I guess we can just mandate and just dictate whatever, any limitations on your freedom. They're not constant there they're there you have no, you have no right to even expect those things. Saw this. Also wrap up here before we jump into some of the questions coming in. I saw this on Tik TOK, leave you with this. There you go. That was over from red pill, Latina over on Tik TOK. Very nice video. And I think it's very appropriate. Let's see what you have to say about this. Saw some super chats coming in and some messages over watching the And I know you can hear my voice closing up a little bit, so we'll, we'll get through some of these and then wrap up before we finish up the week. So let's see what else we have over here. Sweet potato says with how many medical care professionals are refusing the vaccine. It feels like the perfect setup for them to require the vaccine for medical care. They will say it's required because there's limited staff and they don't want to overwhelm the system. Yeah, I think that's a good point. They're sweet potato. You know, it's the idea that they're going to the system and then ha have to impose all of these limitations on people who can access the system because the system has been broken that they broke. So it's a very astute point. And I think you're exactly right. We're going to see a lot of it. We have Perry masonary says that COVID is, you know, he's he says, what's the big deal. Just go get your booster. Right. COVID is sort of the same thing. Just go get your booster. And of course, talk to your doctor, no medical misinformation on this channel. We have NOI . Renal says, how the hell he says, this is serious. How the hell am I supposed to convince someone to vaccinate quote? When the president comes along and mandates a medical treatment, it's a non-starter he has broken the doctor patient relationship. How do I defend or answer the question? Why is the government forcing this vaccine? What is next vaccination at gunpoint? Unfortunately, our union is in jeopardy after this. That's from Nya renal, the good doctors in the house. Yeah, I think it's certainly concerning. Schnuck [inaudible] says document's a personal belief specifically separate from being part of an organized religion and just as recognized, interesting, say personal belief. So I'm not sure if you're talking about that is in the new rules that are being promulgated by OSHA, but we'll see, I suppose the Antica says I'm not advocating this, but I would certainly enjoy a Boston tea party style event with a certain group of substances. I go, I get where you're going with that. Uh , certainly spawned doc says Rob , when I was in the army, I asked what plague 1, 2, 3, et cetera, was, I was told to take the shots and shut the F up while my response was oh, okay. I guess, yeah , you're in the army, right? You're sort of in a different scenario. You , you voluntarily entered into an agreement with the government. And so you're going to comply with those things. This is happening now to , uh , small business owners or medium sized business owners that never entered into that. So it's , it's , it's certainly different. Geo Mancy game says Republicans are just as spineless as the Dems who go along with these new policies. Every time Ted Cruz writes one of his speeches against the dams . I just laughed because it's all a face they put on. They don't care just as much as the Dems don't and I'm over it. Yeah. The Republicans are absolutely useless. They're they're on the same side on all of this. Why? Because it gives them more control. They know that when the, that , when the, they know specifically when they take control of the government, again, they're going to inherit all of those gobbled up powers. It's very, very nice. The Republicans want to continue the grift . They love it. Chanel com says, scientists can agree with Biden. All they want. Check out the scientists on climate change does not abrogate the constitution and the powers given to the legislature, not the executive branch. That is from [inaudible] . Again. We have another one from it's. Ed says, Rob. So quick question. When was the last time the state ? So firm stood so firmly against the feds. I can think of a handful of times the states didn't appreciate the way the president was acting. It's kind of scary to see a nation. So divided calling out Republican governors and then telling us this is not how we should act. It's probably not the best way for everyone to get together. We have learned these past few years at attacking people for who they are like in critical theory will not bring us together instead. It's only us off and making us hate each other more. That's from it's ed. Yeah. And I, and I think there, there might be some intentionality behind that, right? I think the idea is that you can rally your base up as long as you can give them some red meat that they can go after on the opposite side. So the Democrats, right, Joe Biden's poll numbers are in the toilet. And so how do you, how do you bring that back? Well, you give your base some very, very strong red meat or blue meat in this case. It's , it's the abortion stuff. It's the COVID stuff. They're hysterics over the , over those issues. And so they're going to turn into frothy lunatics. Like they have been for the last 18 months and we'll see Biden's numbers go back up. I'm sure of it. Let's see what else? Uh , 5 0 3 says, I don't see how this doesn't result in a social credit score system that is shared globally, thus creating a globalized new world order. Well , they're calling for that in Australia. She actually said that specifically. That's where they're intending to go. The Antica says, I find it funny that a lot of people were laughing, talking about how they thought people were going to lose their jobs. Meanwhile, Amazon is offering people bachelor's degrees as a hiring deal, using that as an indicator. I wonder how long it'll take before the airlines buckled. Stay strong people. Don't forget it's cash Friday. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. It's very interesting. We have a , another one from leafy bug says the CNN doctor just said that Americans have privileges, but if you're not vaccinated, then you don't get to enjoy these privileges. That implies that if you're not vaccinated, you're not American. Wow. Yeah. She's creating a subclass of people that don't get to participate in American privileges. But she's saying as an American, you have privileges. And I think that is, I think she should have said you have obligations as an American. Now you've got orders to follow. If they dictate something to you, you have to do it. And she's calling that a privilege to me, it feels like a mandate or an order to her. That's a privilege. Weird. We have another one from sir . Caixa lot is here. Says how do people not see? This is not about a virus, but a power grab to usher in a technocratic dictatorship. I don't know, but I can see it pretty clearly. It sounds like you can too. I'm glad you're here. VNT kisses here says if you want some more food from thought, here's a clip from movie rollerball. Just play the first 20 seconds to make the comparison. Let me see if I can cue that up real quick. Well, I can't, I can't because if it's got, if it's got some, I'll cue it up for it for , uh , maybe another show VNC . Cause thank you. Let's get that open. Yeah, because I get copyright strikes and stuff on the channel. It becomes problematic. All right, we've got a couple more questions. Says, Sergeant Bob, your work is so important to show brings us all together, reinforces that we are not alone. This is a battle worth fighting. I'm with you on that. Sergeant Bob, it can be very depressing. You know, I've gotten a lot of texts from people and what do I do about this now? It's like, listen, you know, we all just have to have this , have to stick together on this thing. So actually , Bob you're exactly right. I'm grateful that you're here should not come, says, sorry. I meant to point out the personal belief in terms of religious objections at work. Thanks for clearing that up. Mustang. Jeff says happy Friday. Hope you feel better. Very soon since both parties like this power grab, where do we go from here? This is really scary Mustang, Jeff. You know, I would read the book, the sovereign individual. I recommended this couple of weeks ago at our monthly locals meetup on our zoom meetup. It's a very, very, very insightful book. It was written 20 years ago and it's prognosticating the future. And it's telling about what we're seeing right now . And I think it's very, very predictive. Very, very good read. I think it's going to help people understand where this is going and the long and short of it is we're separate parallel systems need to be built, different communities, stuff that doesn't rely on the federal government that is insulated from the federal government. As they continue to try to grasp at the failing society that they've created, they're going to do everything they can to stop people from exiting out of the country. From exiting the system. They cannot have that. If that happens, the system crumbles. So all of this is about keeping people in the system through fear, through technological oversight, through medical totalitarianism, and they're escaping the once sacred bounds of the constitution in order to effectuate it. We have another one from leafy bug closing comments as thanks for your awesome show. Rob, it's a great spot to chat law of steam. Here's some interesting perspectives. Have a laugh and more. If they're on a few extra shekels to your locals, tip jar. So you and a loved one can go and enjoy a coffee. Whatever else takes your fancy. Have a great weekend. That's from leafy bug. What a nice comment. Thank you for that. Well, we will. Yeah, we'll go have a nice coffee and we'll, we'll cheers up to you. Leafy bug. Thank you for the , uh, for the support over there. Monster one says, unfortunately I think renal MD is right. Gunpoint. Vacs is next. I don't think it's a coincidence. This has happened right after the withdrawal from Afghanistan. That's for monster one. And we have, before we get over to some YouTubes , we've got snuck them says they hold up their concerns for the children as a shield, regardless of what the CDC says about it, about stats on the hospitalization and whatnot, death rates, heartstrings are what the dams always play on when attacking your personal rights. Think about the kids last year was grandma. Remember that? You're you're killing grandma if want to go to the gym. Okay. And now it's about the children because now it's about placating the school unions. So that's fun. It's ed says, friend of mine wanted to discuss the heartbeat law in Texas. We disagree about this law . I told her that if her party really cared, they could easily put abortion in law through Congress. Yet they don't. During the election. I told her, I was really hoping to Dems would win it all so she could get red pilled and see it's all fake. The dams will not fix any quote problems they campaign on because then that the argument would be resolved and they couldn't continue to stir up frenzy. We were seeing that we see it with the border. We see it with abortion. Sadly Republicans are the exact same way. We're seeing it now with the mandates. Why isn't anyone in Congress standing up and holding the line? I think Trump was wrong. We do need another party. We need to put term limits or something. Politics should be a civil duty, not an entire career. Very good points there. It said , I agree with a lot of that. I appreciate you chime in on that. You know, I I've had that same experience. A lot of people are now looking at the barrel of the vaccine gun and they're going, I didn't sign up for this Biden supporters. I didn't sign up for this. Right? A lot of people were having that realization. Think this is more about taking attention away from Afghan and the 13 soldiers visitation for Jared Schmitz , September 11th, September 11th, tomorrow hearts and prayers and memories for all the families still impacted by that terrible tweak says, Hey Rob, hope you're doing okay. I don't know if you've already addressed this video yet, but here's Dan Andrews, the premier in Victoria, Australia telling the public that anyone who doesn't get vaccinated, won't be allowed to partake in the economy. See if we can pull this one up. So we've got this one here. Doesn't look like there's any copyright issues. Let's see what we've got,

Speaker 9:

Where to protect the health system. We've got everybody locked down. We're going to move to a situation where to protect the health system. We're going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and Canby . If you're making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you're making the wrong choice. You're making the wrong choice and for safety site and for the back to that point about how much work our nurses have to do as this becomes absolutely a pandemic of the un-vaccinated . And we open everything up. It's not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place, spreading the virus. That's what they'll be. That's what they'll be doing. So there's every reason, every reason , uh , to get vaccinated and there are appointments available and there'll be even more appointments available throughout September, October, November, let's get to those thresholds as fast as we possibly can. But yes, there's going to be a vaccinated economy and you get to participate that you get to participate in that. If you are vaccinated now that's not right now because of course there's many more people who want to get vaccinated. Then we actually can get through the system. But we're going to get to a point where everybody who can get vaccinated will have been offered the chance to do so already happen . We are not going to have a situation, at least not in Victoria, where we lock the whole place down to protect people who won't protect themselves. They gallon get vaccinated. There's 11,000 Isaih appointments available.

Speaker 1:

That's right. Vaccine salesmen, enough of that, they got got the vaccine sales . Got it. All right, but you hear what he said, right? You don't get to participate in the economy anymore. This is our economy and we're in charge of this. Guess what's going to happen. Folks. There are not just one government economies, right? That's it. People are not gonna participate in that. And the, you know, not gonna work out well for them . So I'm excited about that. Actually. I think, I think we're going to see a very, very rapid construction of parallel systems. And a lot of those systems are going to be more robust, more free, more productive than all of the vaccines . The vaccines are. It's going to be weird to see how that works. It's it's almost like, it's almost like, well, let's, let's continue on. Sweet. Potato says that Tik TOK video was chilling. You have the right of DNR to, or, or to refuse treatment. So what's next. They decide to resuscitate you against your will. Imagine if you have a genetic marker that predisposes you to cancer and they decided to give you total hysterectomy and a double mastectomy in your best interest to not overwhelm the system in your future. Outrageous. This is just the beginning. If we don't stand together, we got another follower over on Twitch. Awesome. Love that. Thanks for finding us on Twitch and thank you for sweet potato for that. Yeah, it is right. It is them getting to decide what is best for you in your life. They get to choose. You don't have that decision anymore. Neither does your doctor. Neither does your employer. Everybody gets to decide what is going on for you, but that's okay. We're building up separate communities. We're sticking together and there's going to be a resistance on this thing. That's okay. The aborted one says, think about the kids I tried to, but they were aborted. Yeah. Yeah. And the Antica says, as long as you only play 20 seconds, you should be fine. I have that same length on multiple videos and no strikes. All right, well then we're going to do it. Let's get into 20 seconds here. This is from VNT kiss . Let's see what this is about. Turn that volume up. Make sure this is un-muted showy. Nope. It's good to go.

Speaker 10:

Thank you . And Ella , thank you a lot. Watching. It's like people had a choice a long time ago between having all them nice things or freedom. Of course they chose comfort. Conflict is freedom.

Speaker 1:

People have choices. They have choices for freedom and they've got choices for comfort. Chose comfort. Yeah. Scary stuff. That's from BNT kiss . Let's see what else we've got. We're going to jump into YouTube here in a minute. Schnuck I'm says in Australia first, they took their guns trying that here. Fortunately, they've got a lot more work to do on that monster. One says, I know a lot of people, this is a distraction for Afghanistan. I disagree. Afghanistan was the, was the distraction for the tyranny going on. You don't distract from something by doing something significantly worse. That's for monster one. Great comments. Let's see what is coming in over from YouTube. Curtis said, love the reporting. We have dab. Gangster says, Hey, Rob, just finished talking to my sister who tells me that the chickens on the view were squawking about how general Washington vaccinated his troops, this virus eight smallpox. Last I checked Mac mandates are getting ridiculous. Did George Washington that they have vaccines back then in the 1790s? I didn't know that. I thought that their method of vaccination was , uh , sort of injecting blood from, did they have syringes? And what was Medina around back then? And Pfizer, they would take blood from somebody and then they would, that had the sickness and then they would inject it into the other people. Uh , and that was sort of the old way of doing vaccinations back then. But I didn't realize that your, that , that they have the FDA back then too , that approved those two and the CDC back during the revolutionary war. Okay. That's fair. That's good. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's that's a good argument. I guess Katrina dancer says I'm naturally immune. I'm not getting vaccinated. You're immune. You're naturally immune to that. I don't know why you would. We have woke . Legends says I respect your grift , dude. Get that more on dough . I just, I guess we got $2 from you there woke, so appreciate it. We have another one from Curtis says drink some good vitamins tonight. Can I say happy nine 11 ? Is it a holiday now it's not a holiday. It's a moment to reflect and say, what the hell is going on in this country? You know, a lot of interesting questions there KBN says stay away from crowds tomorrow. If possible, I have been, I've been socially distancing from everybody. Uh, I, you know, I'm currently socially distancing from, from everybody much to , uh, some of their dismay, but I'm , I'm a responsible person and I don't have a fever. We have Beth Cottington says what a load of crap. Here's a load of cash. I'm participating in the economy. That's from Beth. Got to thank you, Beth and Beth, one more time. I got your, I got your happy birthday song and it, it made me smile ear to ear. I was grinning. I know you said to delete it, but I don't want to do that. Kind of want to play it here. So, you know, let me know if I can do that because it's amazing. It's a very, very good. I know you're probably going to say no to that, but it's really, really good. So anyways, my friends, that was it. Let's see any other questions over at locals. We've got free. Reign says, what are your thoughts on the convention of the states? I'd love to see something like that happen. I think it's a long shot, but I would love to see something like that happen. Right? I think it's time to really shrink down the federal government back to its original size that would result in a lot of positive changes in this country. I'd love to see that happen. And I'd love to see just a massive restructuring Perry, Mason . He says cowpox was used to vaccinate for smallpox back then. I don't know how that works . I mean, you know, I, I didn't know that Moderna and Pfizer and AstraZeneca were around back in the 17 hundreds, but yeah , that's news to me that was from Pais Perry . Masonary my friends. And that is it for me and the show today. My goodness, we got through a lot of stuff here. A lot of COVID stuff. I want to welcome some new people who joined us [email protected] . I really appreciate you signing up. We've got secret squirrel with three RS in the house. Welcome and welcome to the community. Over here. We have our mixed sunshine who also signed up welcome Al MC sunshine. Love that we have Marty Lund who signed up and I think we missed a super chat from Marty lawn yesterday. I don't remember if I did. I apologize, Marty , uh , geo Mancy games, of course chime in on the chat. We'll give them a subscribe. Rod. The OD is in the house. B JJ is not a crime. I know, I think I got a message from you guys. I gotta respond to that one. Captain Jim is in the house, sincerely Sam and me love dogs, all sign up and he loves dogs for the year. Uh, and I, you know, I'm really, really, really appreciative of your support. You can join [email protected] . We have our next monthly meetup coming up Saturday, October 2nd, from seven to 8:00 PM Eastern time. And that my friends is it for me for the show. I'm going to go suck down some cough drops, and we're going to call it an evening right there. But we are going to be back here next week. Same time, same place on Monday. We're going to do it all again. And there's going to be a lot to talk about. I hope you join us for that. It's at 4:00 PM Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM, central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening. Remember, it's been a little bit of a stressful week this week. It's important that we unplug that we connect with what really matters the federal government, Joe Biden, Looney Fowchee, psycho Rochelle . You know , it's all Washington politics. What's important is our families are our lives, are our passions. The things that we do to help each other in the world. And it's, you know , it's a good time to unplug from that and go make a stronger connection with those things so that we can recharge the batteries. Cause we've got work to do next week and that's what we need to do. And we're going to be back here, ready to do it. I hope you join us. Thank you so much for being here this week. Everybody have a tremendous evening sleep. Very well. See you right back here on Monday. Bye-bye.