Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Biden’s National Mandate, Garland DOJ Sues Texas Over Abortion, Bad D.A. Mark Jones Indicted

September 10, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Biden’s National Mandate, Garland DOJ Sues Texas Over Abortion, Bad D.A. Mark Jones Indicted
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President Biden institutes a national vaccine mandate and throws everything but the kitchen sink at the coronavirus, announcing a six-point plan called the “Pathway Out of the Pandemic” and we review what is inside. The Department of Justice sues Texas over their new pro-life abortion law, claiming the Federal Government is being usurped by the unruly Texans. A very bad district attorney named Mark Jones is indicted on numerous counts of bribery and abuse of public office and we review the indictment.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 President Biden addresses the nation about covid and the delta variant. ​
🔵 Review of Biden’s 6-point covid plan: vaccine mandates, school mandates, testing and masking requirements.​
🔵 Biden uses authority from the Department of Labor / OSHA to mandate private employees get vaccinated.​
🔵 Biden warns unvaccinated Americans his patience is wearing thin and blames them for deaths across the country.​
🔵 Biden’s Justice Department sues Texas over State’s new abortion law.​
🔵 Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the lawsuit, asking a Federal Judge to enjoin the enforcement of SB8.​
🔵 Where else is the Federal Government encroaching on state laws? We are keeping track.​
🔵 District Attorney Mark Jones is indicted for bribery and other public office offenses.​
🔵 Jones, currenet prosecutor, is facing at least 9 counts for bribery, violation of oath of office and trying to influence a witness.​
🔵 Mark Jones was previously being prosecuted for a DUI as a defendant.​
🔵 Court documents show Mark Jones may not have been an ideal prosecutor.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live . My name is Robert Mueller. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group and the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I, over the course of many years, I've represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here in with us today because we've got a lot to get into. Joe Biden came out, gave a big speech on the coronavirus . He's going have , uh , implement a nine point plan all throughout America. That has some pretty serious consequences. We're talking about mandates for something like 80, maybe a hundred million people across the country who have not been vaccinated at this point. And so we're going to go through this. It's a six point plan kind of has it all. It's got the vaccine mandate, it's got some of the school mandates, it's got testing requirements, it's got masking requirements, kind of everything, but the kitchen sinks being thrown at COVID the same virus that of course was dealt with back on July 4th, we have to sort of redo everything that didn't work the last time again. So we're going to take a look at all of that from Joe Biden, we got several clips from him and we're going to take a look at all of the six different little areas, the little silos that he's going to unveil for all of us in America. Then we're going to change gears. We're also going to stick with the byte administration, but we're going to go over to the department of justice because the DOJ that is being led by attorney general Merrick Garland, he is now suing Texas. So remember when Texas filed lawsuit and try to kind of Sue Pennsylvania and that all that whole , uh , legal battle worked itself out with the Supreme court. The Texas has been in a lot of lawsuits is my point, but now what's happening is the federal government. The DOJ is suing Texas. And so they're unhappy about SBA. This is the Texan abortion law that is causing a lot of , uh, problems for the liberals and people on the democratic side of the aisle because the Supreme court came out and said, yeah, that law is fine. You can go forward. And so the DOJ now, because Texas is implementing new laws that the Supreme court is giving the thumbs up. The DOJ is coming right after Texas saying , you can't do that. We didn't give you permission to do that. And so we're going to take a look at that lawsuit. It's 27 pages, but we're not going to read through the whole thing. We'll just kind of clip out some of the highlights there so you can see yet again, another example of the federal government coming into the states and just kind of breathing down their necks. We see a big pattern of this, especially in the last two years. And then in our last segment, we're going to check in with a former asexually a current prosecutor, somebody by the name of Mark Jones, the district attorney out in Chatta hoochie , I believe is where he's from. And this guy just got indicted. A prosecutor got indicted, meaning he's being charged with nine different crimes for things like bribery, violations of oath, of office, influencing witnesses, terrible, very bad district attorney. And so we're going to go through that, take a look at that indictment as well. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] where they're chatting away over there. Let's see who's in it. We've got Ken in it. We have Gail oh eight. We have a look to GS over there, along with Jim Shanahan . We have George Klaus and a sweet potatoes over there with case sell three girlies as always farmer's daughters in the house. And we've got Jeremy Murrieta want to know, man, it's active over there. We H we got the chat off a little early today because we were talking about Joe Biden. So , uh , we were chatting since about three o'clock. And so , uh , that was a good time over on YouTube. We've got shout outs to a Ruth Delta, wishing me belated. Happy birthday. Thank you, Ruth. That's very nice. We have too legit to quit. We have Danette's in the house. We have Terry Fieldman, Travis Reed is here, Sarah Brown and a straight and arrow as well. And so we've got a lot to get to if you're over on locals and you wanna be a part of the show, this is the form that we use, where you can submit your questions. And of course, we are taking super chats as well. Kay , been through one in here already says, is the us postal service considered part of the mandate? So I saw a tweet on that. So we're going to get to that in a minute. But the short answer is I saw the white house said, no, they're not, which is going to be part of the segment that we're about to get to. And we'll, we'll replay that super chat as well. But that's what it looks like if you want to support us on YouTube as well. All right. So without, Nope , Nope. I've got one more slide. I always forget it. Hello. If you're looking for the clips, I'd appreciate it. If you went over and subscribe to our clips channel that way we can sort of grow that channel as well. It can become a self-sustaining channel and we can continue to clip those clips so that people can enjoy them. All right. That is the last thing. Now, without any further ado, let's get into it. Shall we? Joe Biden just unveiled a national vaccine mandate. Now, of course, he's not going to use that term. He's not going to say he nationalized anything, but this is the reality. Now he came out with a six point plan. This is what it looks like. They posted this over [email protected] slash COVID plan. So we're going to go through it. You're going to see that there are a couple things that are probably going to draw your attention, vaccinating the unvaccinated . This is one of the big pillars we can see here. The first one, Joe Biden, very angry about this sort of blaming a lot of the unvaccinated people for everything that's going on in the country. This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated . We've been hearing that line for a long time, but he is renewing that we also have further protecting the vaccinated because the vaccine apparently isn't sufficient in and of itself. And so they've got to make sure that they're protecting the vaccinated, keeping schools open. We've seen this being a big debate over the last two years or so. And so he had some pointers there, basically a lot of the same stuff, you know, getting vaccinated, wearing masks, all the same stuff, increasing testing and requiring masking. So those aren't going anywhere. Remember when the CDC came out and they said something like, if you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask. Well, no, that's not happening. I'm going to rewind that clock a little bit, protecting our economic recovery. Not a lot here other than just saying, oh, we're going to just print more money and make that available and then improving care for those with COVID 19. So we're going to go through all of this. Now, my initial reaction to this entire speech, it's about 30 minutes. Of course he didn't take any questions. Again. He just came out, read from the teleprompter, pretty significant speech. Given the fact that hundreds or tens of millions at let's say a minimum of Americans are now going to be mandated required through the executive branch, through Joe Biden's office to go and get vaccinated, kind of the big deal we're talking about. A lot of people it's a mandate. If they don't do it, they're going to be some pretty serious consequences there. And so, as I was watching this, I was trying to think of all the things that we were hearing and all of the things that we weren't hearing, you know , Joe Biden was talking about these six things. Of course we have them there, but there's a lot of stuff that he didn't talk about. And so we're going to save that for the end of this presentation, and we're going to do some issue spotting. We're going to say, okay, now we see what the plan is. Now we've got to talk about some of the practicalities and maybe we can theorize about where this is going to go. So these are the six pillars. Joe Biden was very angry today and he was very scolding and for the unifying president, for the man who was supposed to come out and bring Republicans together and bring Democrats together. And he gave that stupid a unity speech. When he took office , uh, we were all saying, that's never going to happen. And we're not even nine months into this thing. And he is now directly pitting Americans against other Americans. He's saying specifically, vaccinated people are responsible for a lot of this. I'm sorry. Unvaccinated. People are responsible for a lot of this. All of the problems throughout the world are caused by anybody who is not listening to Dr. Fowchee. You just listen to him, listen to Joe Biden and everything will get better. Of course, that is not where , uh, where this is going. He's now pitting Americans against one another and he's using language like my patience is wearing thin. This is an American president saying, Hey, listen, Americans, my patience is wearing thin with you. Do what I say or else here's Joe Biden today from a speech from the white house.

Speaker 2:

My message to unvaccinated Americans. Is this what more is there to wait for? What more do you need to see? We've made vaccinations free, safe, and convenient. The vaccine is FDA approval. Over 200 million Americans have gotten at least one shot. You've been patient, but our patients is wearing thin what? And your refusal has cost all of us. What? So please do the right thing, but just don't take it from me. Listen to the voices of unvaccinated Americans who were aligned in hospital beds, taking their final breath. Say if only I'd gotten vaccinated, if only it's a tragedy, please don't let it become yours.

Speaker 1:

All right . So he's kind of conflating two things there. First of all, the president is telling huge portions of America that his patience is wearing thin with you, your father, your Lord, your overlord, your dictator is telling you he's, he's wearing, you know, listen, Robbie, it's time for you to stop misbehaving. We've been indulging your misbehavior for some period of time, but that's not, it's not time for that anymore. You're about to get in trouble. My patience is wearing thin with you. So I love it. When our leaders are scolding us actual, you know, fully autonomous American human beings who can make decisions for ourselves. This lunatic thinks that he can come out here and look down his nose at the rest of us and that his patience is wearing thin. Yeah. Okay. All right. So, okay, so that's fine. So that's where this is going then. I guess it's, his patience is wearing thin with us. It's a veiled threat. What comes next? I don't know, but that's the president of the United States. Those are about as close to fighting words. As you can get from a president towards his own citizenry aren't my patients is wearing thin. And then he conflates that, that if you are un-vaccinated , you're a person who is now responsible for the deaths of other people. You're , you're actually like murdering them, which is weird because if, if you're vaccinated, then the, the, the concept being that our federal government has been telling us is that you're safe from death and you're safe from severe reactions to COVID. And so how could an unvaccinated person spreading Corona virus to somebody with the vaccine be responsible for their deaths? I don't know, but he sort of conflates that. Did you see how he meandered that into that? People are dying in hospital beds, right? And don't let that don't, it's kind of two things at the same time. Don't you let that be you, which is where that thought ended up. But he brought us there by sort of implying that if you're not vaccinated, that you are putting other people there, right? You're the person who is putting that person in the bed. And then by the time he got to the end of his analysis, he flipped that into don't let that be you. Right? So very sneaky, very sinister. So for somebody who's supposed to be so unifying, we have a very, very different tone here saying that my patient's is wearing thin rather than I'm a president for all Americans. I'm somebody here who's supposed to bring the country together and come up with solutions for a lot of the hesitant people , uh, not the case anymore. Our patience is wearing thin. You know what comes after that? You know, when your father said something like that to you , uh, the next step, usually wasn't good. So what we're, what we have here is Joe Biden. Now , you know, scolding half the country and a large part of these people that he's scolding are his own voters, right? The people who are not getting vaccinated largely are people from different minority communities calling out African-American specifically, and the Hispanic community that many, many data have shown time after time. Again, their vaccination rates are low they're skeptical, and many people believe for good reason, which is a strange tactic. If those make up a big part of your underlying constituency, if you're a Democrat, well, the African-American community that, that demographic votes for you in large swaths, Joe Biden coming out and saying, oh, all of you, people are , patients is wearing thin with you. Do what we say, follow orders. I don't know how that's a good strategy politically, but maybe his numbers are so far in the tank that he's not thinking about those things. So back on the website, over at white house, it says the president's plan is going to reduce the number of unvaccinated Americans, how by using regulatory powers, right? That's it. So they're just going to take their regulatory powers. And these are sort of natural powers that exist out of the executive branch. When we talk about the structure of government, many people are asking, well, how , how the hell can he do this right? Congress didn't pass a law. Nobody, you know, no judge came out and did, you know, made a ruling that this is now mandatory, based on some underlying constitutional provision. None of that happened at all. All that happened is Joe Biden came out and said, well, I've got an idea. That's been bouncing around over here, and we're going to start to implement this thing. How is that possible? Well, because when we study the structure of government, we remember that the legislative branch, which is our Congress, the house of representatives and the Senate, they're responsible for drafting the law. Like they create the law. That's supposed to be the embodiment of the will, of the American people, through their voting mechanisms. It's representative democracy. We get new laws in place. They pass it. Then the courts are responsible for deciding what that law is, right? When there's a conflict about it, the courts decide what it is and the executive branch, they implement the law. And so a lot of times Congress has a lot of difficulty with being clear on the law and they give the executive branch a lot of leeway, a lot of discretion in the implementation of it. They say, Hey, this is what we want to accomplish. How you get us there. I don't really, we don't really care where Congress, what do we care? And so they give a lot of the implementation authority over to the executive branch. And that's exactly what Joe Biden is using those regulatory implementation powers. He says that they're going to substantially increase the number of Americans that are covered by the vaccines. These requirements, he says will become dominant in the workplace dominant. So this is where it should be, right? This is going to be the new default. The new default is vaccine mandates to get a job in America. In addition, the plan will provide paid time off for most workers in the country. So, you know, small business owners are going to be stuck with that as well. And the one of the biggest, biggest, most impactful things here is all employers, all employers are now going to be required. As long as they have 100 plus employees to ensure their workers are vaccinated or tested weekly. Okay? So totally private business. You have a hundred and employees, and now you have a new policy. You might say, well, I'm a freedom loving person. I don't have a hundred people yet, but do you think it's going to stop there? Do you think it's going to stop at a hundred? The next line will be 75, then 50, then 40, then 10. Then everybody, then sole proprietors . Even if you're your own person, if you want to engage in interstate commerce. Well, you're kind of in the power of the jurisdiction of the federal government. And so they're going to get to of course, mandate that starting at the top, only for the big people, you know, with the big break rooms and the big conferences, but then it's slowly going to start to work its way down. And so , uh , kind of shocking that , that that's a thing. Now, private companies now the federal government can mandate. You have to implement these policies that tell your individual employees what to put in their bodies. You're not their doctor. You're not their religious, spiritual counselor. You're just their employer. They're your employee. And now, now you have to comply with this new government mandate. The department of labor is the division over from the executive branch. That's going to be cramming this down everybody's throat. They form OSHA, which requires all employers with 100 or more people to do this. If they're un-vaccinated , they got to produce a negative test result at least on a weekly basis. So how who's going to keep track of that. Who's responsible for all this compliance. OSHA is going to issue another emergency temporary standard to implement this requirement. It's going to impact 80 million workers in private sector, businesses with hundred plus employees, 80 million workers, 80 million people by, by, you know, by executive order that Joe Biden, just with the stroke of a pen, you have to go do this. The businesses have to comply with this. What happens if the businesses have a workforce problems? What if 5% of their workforce says, oh , no, thanks. We're not going to do that. Right? That's five employees that are gone. You know how hard it is to find employees right now and get them trained up and onboarded. It's not easy. And so now there , this could have a catastrophic effect on certain businesses. What about trucking companies? What about the different companies? Like different unions that have strong objections to this? It's insane. We already have supply chain problems. What's this going to do economically? Not good. So it extends, of course, it's one of the most insane things I've seen. I was not expecting this. Uh, I was expecting this. I would say I wasn't two years ago, if you would've said Rob, this was, this was something that was coming. I would have said, there's , there's no way, no way it happens in 2021. But here it is. We have , uh , here it is. We have requiring vaccinations for all federal workers and for millions of contractors that do business with the federal government. So Joe Biden was also a pretty fiery here. He said that the announcement in July is going to strengthen requirements. He's going to sign an executive order, directing that this standard be applied to everybody. We're going to cover another 2.5 million people. So if you're a federal worker, there was already a requirement there, right? He announced this in July that it applied to federal workers. But at that time there was, I think, an exception to the rule. Now there's no , no longer an exception. And it also goes beyond that. It goes to contractors. So if you're a private party, that's just working on a government contract , uh, like, you know, you're, you're repairing telephone lines or something like that. If you want your business to continue to contract with the government , then, well, those are, you got to get vaccinated. That's a term of compliance. And we've talked about this a lot. The power of the purse does the federal government really have the right to go in and say, Robert Mueller , you specifically individually have to take this jab . No, not really, but they have a lot of different mechanisms in order to do that. They have the ability through OSHA, through the power of the purse, through holding money and manipulating that money around. They can create some very strong incentives to require you to go and get vaccinated. If you want a government contract, there's a check box . Do you have a vaccine policy? Is your, is your company all vaccinated pursuant to Joe Biden's executive order? Yes or no? Yes. You get the contract. No, you don't. So that's another , uh , very, very interesting development. We have. They're also requiring COVID-19 vaccines for over 17 million healthcare workers. And we saw that in prior numbers that a big swaths , big populations of nurses and other medical professionals, professionals were not getting the vaccine. Many people were wondering why what's kind of weird if they're in there all the time, why are their vaccine numbers so low, strange? And so what happens if they don't want to get the vaccine? What happens if 17 million healthcare workers decide, you know what? This is not that good of a job for me anymore. Sort of getting treated like garbage and being thrown around like meat. And they just decided to do something else. So the center for Medicare and Medicaid services CMS. So how are they going to implement that? How are they going to force 17 million healthcare workers to do it well, it's money. If you want to get government money through Medicare, Medicaid, and all you've got to get vaccinated, just like the private businesses, they're going into the health facilities. Also, this action builds on the vaccine requirements for nursing facilities. These requirements apply to approximately 50,000 providers cover a majority of the healthcare workers across the country. Some have already begun to do this anyways. So it's the same threshold essentially, right? It's the same concept here. They can't go into the businesses and tell you, you have to go get jabbed. But if you want to get that government contract for Medicare or for Medicaid, which all of the different healthcare providers do, you have to comply with that. So it's, it's pernicious. And a lot of these different entities are relying on that government money. They've been getting that government money for a long time with the stroke of a pen. What do they do? Even if you have business owners who say this is outrageous, right? But you're not . You have to have a hard conversation with yourself. You have to ask yourself, do I take a stand here? Do I put my business on the line and jeopardize the financial security of my employees? Right? Because let's say you do that. Let's say you're in one of these businesses that gets a government contract. You have over a hundred employees or maybe 10 employees. If it's just a government contract and you want to not do what the government is , is mandating you do. But if you do that, you're going to jeopardize the contract that keeps your business in existence. And that might be a harsher severity consequence for your own employees, right? Because now they now not only do they not have to get vaccinated, that's true, but they also don't have a job anymore. So they got to go home and figure out what to do about that. So your business owner took a stand. Great. I'm not going to get my employees. I'm not going to mandate that they get vaccinated. That's fine. You go out of business. That's a pretty strong incentive to sort of just twist people's arm and to go and just dealt mandating to everybody. Sorry, look and blame the government. Nothing I can do about this. It's Joe Biden. You got to go get vaccinated now. Wow. Eh , also calling on large entertainment venues to require proof, right? So it's not really doing much on that. Other than just a big ask calling on them. We also have requiring employers to provide paid time off. So, you know, another wonder if the government's going to reimburse anybody for that? Probably not. So it's just another sort of thing that small business has to do in order to comply with the government regulatory framework. So it's also insane, but here is Joe Biden. Again, we have another clip from him, essentially pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated talking yet again about basically being responsible for killing people. Here is our press , the president of the United States, Joe Biden,

Speaker 2:

The vast majority of Americans are doing the right thing. Nearly three quarters of the eligible have gotten at least one shot, but one quarter has not gotten any that's nearly 80 million Americans, not vaccinated. Okay . And a country as large as ours, that's 25% minority. That 25% can cause a lot of damage. And they are, what's the unvaccinated overcrowd, our hospitals, what are overrunning emergency rooms and intensive care units, leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or pancreatitis or cancer.

Speaker 1:

All right . It's prank pancreatitis there, Joe, but it's, you know, it's something else to, to, to, to say that, right. The rolling stone came out with that stupid article a couple of days ago. I didn't get a chance to clip it for , uh, for the show today, but they came out and they said , uh , in some town somewhere, there are hospitals that are just overrunning with bodies. Basically. You know, they can't admit people into the ICU and they named a hospital. And then the, the author, or one of the doctors at the hospital, Pender response and said, it's all inaccurate . None of that's true at all. And so there was a conversation taking place over on locals before we hopped in here about our hospitals , really overflowing with, with bodies are people really not getting their, their surgery and all of those things. I thought that the medical system was supposed to compensate for these types of overflows. The last two weeks that we had to slow the spread last year, it wasn't that the entire point of the two weeks it was to slow the spread so that our medical capabilities could ramp up so that they could process people coming through there. It's been over a year, it's been a year and a half now, are they still not? They still don't have capacity to do this. Why is that? Or is it all just a bunch of nonsense right now? Uh , I don't know, but here is Joe Biden. Uh, we , we, we just heard that he's telling Americans you're clogging the hospitals, certain Americans, you heard him write the language, pay close attention to that. Certain Americans seventy-five percent are doing the right thing. Everybody else are doing the wrong thing. A quarter of the country, 80 million people, you're doing the wrong thing. Okay. And a huge portion of those 80 million people are his voters who are getting unvaccinated were not vaccinated at the same rates as other individuals. Now it's a wild thing to watch this. He's also talking about keeping schools safely open the FDA is undergoing a process now to evaluate a vaccine for children under the age of 12. So it just keeps going. You give an inch, they take a mile under the president's plan. The administration will do whatever it takes to support those efforts, whatever it takes while continuing to respect and defer to the scientific decision-making of the agency, which is of course, you know, it blows with the wind teachers' unions. Want the masking guidelines change . Boom, Rachel Rochelle Wilansky changes it. No problem. You've got the world health organization saying, oh , maybe an a boosters. Shouldn't go out to everybody, Joe Biden. We're going to see here in a minute. And once those out September. So , uh , is it, is it really the science now that card is kind of been played, right? It's pretty, obviously not the science. It's pretty evident that when you're requiring students who were un-vaccinated to not participate in virtual classes, it doesn't seem like it's about saving lives at that point in time, it seems it's like it's a lot more about compliance, which of course we all know it is requiring staff in headstart programs, DOD schools, bureau of Indian educated operators , schools to all get vaccinated. So another mandate there, they're also calling on all states to adopt the vaccine requirements for all school employees. You can see that as well. So calling on them right now, we're going to see what that leverage looks like providing additional funding to school districts for safe school reopening, including backfilling salaries that were withheld by states. Remember that we're going to talk about that in the next segment. I have a list of all the different ways that the federal government has just been just dumping all over the states over the last nine months or so. And so we're going to go through that list, but of course, this is one of those things on the list is different states said, well, we're local here and we know how we want to run our local schools. And so we're going to , through the democratic process, make some changes to how things run. And they implemented those changes. And the federal government came out from Washington and said, we don't like what you're doing. So if you're going to withhold funds from schools, because they're disobeying your duly elected laws, the federal government's going to help them. You SERP the duly elected state laws. So that's now in the new plan now, like it's formal. Now part of the plan, if your local government implements a laws that the feds don't like, and the schools want to rebel against the local governments and supersede what they're lawfully entitled to do the federal, government's going to help them do that. They're going to step in here and you can see pay their salaries and do other things in order to implement those COVID safety measures. So that's great , uh , using the department of education's full legal authority to protect students access to in-person instruction. We're going to talk about that one too. That was the department of education stepping in using these civil rights statutes to basically say that, you know , any student because of their disabilities might be at risk for , for COVID. And so any anti masking statutes are now civil rights violations because you have to protect somebody with disabilities, which is a whole separate conversation. We did a whole show on that, getting students and staff school tested regularly. So testing, providing every resource to the FDA to support timely review of vaccines under the age of 12. So going after the kids, and you've already heard of the vaccine hysterics out there talking and after and after and about, well, it's just a school, right? It's part of the schools. And so rather than dealing with a bunch of Luddites, the egg heads who are just so dumb that they don't want to get the vaccine , uh , you know, they'll just die off. Eventually you just started early with the schools you get that subscription program started, you know, from , from cradle to grave there every six months you get a new booster or whatever, the, whatever the subscription model is, we'll see how that goes. So they're also going to be further protecting the vaccinated, which is a weird concept to me because I thought that the vaccine was supposed to essentially provide you protection. Remember that? Remember back when they said, oh, it was just, you know, just get the vaccine couple shots, no problem. J and J one shot. Life's going to return back to normal. July 4th comes around. Joe Biden comes out. Hey, it's, it's great, Joe. Biden's out there doing cartwheels. It's great to breathe fresh air again. Then a couple months later, we're all back to the same tyrannical nonsense that we knew was coming. It was never going to end, which is why we've been screaming about this for 18 months. So all of the vaccinated people are now being further protected. So a booster is now coming. The subscription plan is well underway promises to give Americans their highest level of protection. Yet three shot vaccines are common. So when people said, a lot of people are scratching their heads going to booster what? Right. Even a lot, even a lot of people that I talked to on a regular basis, they go , what the hell is this booster? They're not plugged in. Like I am right. I'm kind of a lunatic plugged into Twitter. Like it's injected into my spinal cord. And you know, I'm just sort of plugged into all of these issues because I was kind of a sick person, but they're not, you know, they listened to Dr. Fowchee once every month or so. And they, they, they listened to the news and they said, oh, well , that's all I got to do. Just go get a couple shots. That's it. No problem at all. And they did that. And now this is coming back and they're going, what I got to do this how often every six months now. So they're a little bit skeptical of it. And so what the Biden administration is doing is saying, oh, look, I know you're freaked out about this. Don't worry. These things are common, totally common. Like hepatitis tetanus, all those other things, more durable and very robust protection implementation of this plan depends on authorization of the boosters by the FDA, which of course we know that's to , they're going to cram that through CDs adviser , uh , CDCs independent advisory committee as well. And as soon as those authorizations are given, they're going to start September 20th. So they've already got a date. They've already got a hard date, 11 days from now. And there's, as long as the authorizations are given, then we're going to start them on September 20th. It's like, Hey, that's an 11 days. So like, do you have them made and distributed or not? So you're expecting full authorization. Aren't you? And we know that previously to different senior level vaccine officials from the FDA resigned. I don't think we covered that story here, but they resigned in many people are speculating. That's over these booster shots that a lot of people have questions about. So , uh, easy access to booster shots, ensuring Americans know where to get a booster. We saw a lot of that here today. You know, Joe Biden comes out repeatedly. We just have to educate Americans and let them know where to go get a vaccine. You go onto the COVID , uh , the white plan. You go down where to find a vaccine center. Our people, we know it exists, right? Everybody knows the vaccine exists. Everybody knows where to get it. Every time you turn on the TV, there's some politician or some media person, even Republicans out there just smashing the vaccine in your forehead. Every which way you turn. I'm so tired of hearing it. There's nothing to talk about anymore. It's just vaccine opinions on the vaccine, everywhere you look. And it's not going to be changing anytime soon. It's part of our life. Now it's like the TSA of medicine now all across your life, everywhere you go here is Joe Biden. Now that unifying person, the person who's telling us that, that vaccines work and they stay , they help, you know , they help protect you saying that we also have to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated , which is strange to me given the fact that the allegation of course, is that the vaccine protects you. So what the heck do you need protection from the unvaccinated for here is Joe Biden,

Speaker 2:

Tyson's food. And even Fox news, the bottom line, we're going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated . Co-workers what we're going to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by increasing the share of the workforce that is vaccinated in businesses all across America. My plan will extend the vaccination requirements that I previously issued in the healthcare field already. I've announced we'll be requiring vaccinations and all nursing home workers who treat patients on Medicare and Medicaid, because I have that federal authority tonight. I'm using that same authority to expand that, to cover those who work in hospitals, home health care facility .

Speaker 1:

All right. So he's , you know , we already went through all of that. That's Joe out there saying that the unvaccinated are now direct threats to the vaccinated and he needs to protect them. And so he's going to do that. He's going to sort of implement all of these insane new requirements nationally across the board executive order that you have to go take something. If you want your job, you have to go take this in America, land of the free home of the brave. Really, I don't know. We have increasing testing and requiring masking. It's going to take time for the newly vaccinated to get protection, right? So the new people , uh , so we're still gonna have to do the mask thing for a long time because it's going to take time for us to cram the vaccine and everybody's arm. And while we are just sort of, you know , funneling people through the grinder, you got to wear your mask while we're doing that. Obviously Biden's plan takes new actions to increase the amount of testing in your own home at pharmacies and all of those other things. Testing always made sense to me, mobilizing industry, to expand easy to use production, making at-home tests, more affordable. Okay. Like all of that's I think pretty reasonable right now. He did come out and a scolded America. I don't have a clip of this for being unruly with flight attendants saying that they're going to be doubling the fines if you're not wearing your mask on the airplane. Uh, so good to know. Yeah, you should be nice to your flight attendants. Of course. Uh , and , but also where is he getting his authority to do this? Oh yeah, here it is continuing to require masking for interstate travel. Again, this is from an executive order. This is all interstate stuff, right? And so interstate travel TSA is now going to be extending its orders through January 18th, 2022. So all masks wearing in the airports, all public transportation, all going to be in place. And then the same order that he issued a protecting federal workforce, going to make sure those mass mandates are now available on federal property. So at the start of this segment, I was sort of talking about a lot of the things that we saw or that I was thinking about that we did not see in the speech. We just went through what we saw in the speech, talked about schools and masks and mandates and vaccine mandates and private businesses and nursing homes and all of those things. But we kind of glossed over a lot of pretty important things as it relates to this whole pandemic, made a list of a couple of them here. Didn't hear much in the speech about anything about natural immunity. For example, didn't see anything about that, right? We S we've seen a lot of studies come out that have opinions on that and how that might affect your immunity. If you had COVID previously, no talking about antibody testing, whether or not there is a mechanism for that, whether you can test for natural immunity had no conversation about body mass index or, you know , obesity being a major problem here, none of that conversation. And of course, I wouldn't expect to see this, but no information about any other treatments, right? We've got some pretty , uh , no-no words there in that broad category, but I didn't hear any of those other words, other treatments, the, I word the H word, all of those different things. I didn't hear anything like that, but that would be a part of the universe of things that you might hear from also something been very critical about from a day one, no conversation whatsoever about general health, no conversation. Didn't mention exercise. Didn't say, go or walk around the block, do some jumping jacks in your living room, do five pushups. Before you sit down to eat no conversation about nutrition, just, just jab, jab, jab, jab, jab shoved these chemicals in your body. Don't worry about that. Big Mac you're shoving down your gullet. Just keep doing that. Sit at home. Don't get any exercise and just keep putting lard in your mouth. No conversation about abstinence or drugs, right? Abstinence from alcohol. A lot of people we've seen , uh , alcohol sales were going through the roof back in the early days of the pandemic. I'm not sure if they are. I can tell you as a criminal defense attorney, we've seen aberrations in the types of criminal charges coming through an undoubtedly, right? A lot more domestic violence calls. For example, people locked up at home , uh, you know, having arguments, neighbors, calling the cops on them. So a lot of alcohol, a lot of drugs involved, a lot of mental health crises that are out there, no conversations whatsoever about nature, getting outside, getting some sun, vitamin D, doing something good for yourself, no conversations whatsoever about mindfulness or stress. Now that you are somebody who is theoretically going to get fired from your job, because you're not willing to go inject yourself with whatever Joe Biden wants you to inject in your body. And it's not even about this specific vaccine or that specific issue. It's about the concept in general, right? A lot of people don't have any particular problem with this particular vaccine. It's the mechanism. It's what we're seeing. It's the idea that the federal government can come down here and just organ order you're in your entire life to be compliant with whatever they deem to be the truth. It's , it's troubling, no conversation about that. Right? 80 million people theoretically are going to be impacted by this. Are they opening up suicide hotlines? Are they opening up mental health clinics? Are they talking to people about how to handle this stress and this major, major life change? No, they're not, not even a conversation about it. Also. Didn't hear anything about exemptions. I would love to know is the white house going to be complying with this is every single individual inside the white house, going to be mandated to get it. How about the CDC? We saw that there were no mandates for them previously. How about the us postal service? Are they going to get it? I saw a headline that the U S PS a major union here in the United States that they are not going to be required to be within this executive order. Why not? Joe Biden? Why not there more than a hundred people? Aren't they? Yes. So why did they get an exemption? We'll see if that comes to fruition, but we'll keep a close eye on that. Who gets written out of the rules. Why? If people get exemptions from that, why is that? Hmm , interesting religious exemptions. You know, this implements , uh , implicate some constitutional issues. We'll talk about next, but religious exemptions, medical exemptions, you know , no holdouts . I read through the entire plan on white , nothing in there. No natural immunity exemptions either. Right? If you're thinking about a comprehensive plan, if you're thinking about encouraging people to be healthy and save lives and actually impact the pandemic, wouldn't that be a good option? Just, Hey, listen, listen. I know you really don't want to get it. Let's just make sure I know you say that you thought you already had it. Let's just do this. You didn't have it. Okay. You didn't have it. So , uh , you know, now that we're having, we're sitting here having a conversation, I'm noticing you're 30 pounds overweight. Doesn't look like you've exercised in the last two years. You know, people in that category might be higher risk. And so I have a vaccine right here. I'd love to talk to you about it. Can we, can we talk about it and go ? Yeah, maybe I should. You know, and you , and you reevaluate your conversation with an actual medical professional. Somebody who's looking at your health, your wellbeing , weighing your risk factors and then giving you an educated opinion on that. Not some demented old man up there that nobody even knows. If he's in charge of the government at this point anymore, who's just telling you, you have to do it, not even a conversation about anything, about your wellness or about your risk factors, nothing. The president is now ordering it. And it's going to come through your employer. Who's also going to have their hands tied sick. We have , uh , any work from home accommodations. Are we going to see anybody who is allowed to work from home? And they've got over a hundred employees, can they, can they be allowed to continue to work from home? Do they have to go get vaccinated? If they're not actually interfacing with people? Yeah, probably right, because it's now the government is telling you to do it. We also have some serious constitutional implications here. These are the most obvious ones. There's about 50. Other of them, of course, religious freedoms. If you have a religious objection to that, pretty well codified in that first amendment, the right to privacy also pretty well codified. All the abortion ERs are going to be screaming about this. You know, it's my body, my choice, my body, my rights, you know, don't tell me what to do with my body. But this is an entirely different conversation, right ? That there is a right to privacy that has been recognized by the courts. How about equal protection? We're sort of creating an underclass of us. Citizens called the [inaudible] . It's like a group of dregs of society. It's all the troglodytes, the Luddites, the morons out there who just don't believe the government they're , you know, they're freethinkers or something like that. They're they're they just, they , they, they don't listen to authority and that makes them dangerous. And so now we're going to penalize them. We're actually going to literally the federal government is gonna create a subclass of people. Joe Biden just did that today, national mandate. And if you don't participate in that, you don't get federal contracts. You don't get to participate in even a job with a private business because the government has mandated that you do something that they want you to do. How about how is that person protected? We talk about equal protection under the law. No two people are treated differently. It's kind of a fundamental principle in our justice system. Now they're just saying, well, only equal protection for the vaccinated people. Everybody else, sorry, maybe you shouldn't be so dumb and just go get the jab . Also due process, of course, a lot of , uh , issues with due process violations. What about somebody who already has an existing contract with the U S government? You have a thousand employees. You have a contract with them that exists . That's in place right now. And you have some expectation of continued relationships. You're going to execute on your end of the bargain. The government just came out and they just changed the deal. They just altered the deal prey . They don't alter it any further. Now you have to go tell your employees, if you want to maintain this contract, the terms have changed. This is what happened, executive order, and now you have to comply. So what do you do then? You sort of had a right that was promised to you by the government guaranteed in shrine , in a formal contract. The government just changed that without your knowledge, without your acquiescence to it. And now you're going to be denied those same benefits because Joe Biden just without any due process, just changed the deal, altered the deal. We also have a lot of problems here with enforcement and compliance. So what happens now, Joe Biden, we know we have the TSA to enforce masks in the airports. Who's going to enforce all of this in different businesses. Who's going to go through all of the 100 plus businesses throughout America and make sure that they're in compliance. And if they're not in compliance, what are the penalties for that? We have the IRS that checks everybody's financials. Are they going to open up a COVID division to also check their HR protocols, to make sure that they have COVID vaccine policies in place? Are we going to have a new COVID revenue service or a COVID justice department out there to go make sure that everybody is compliant with all of these mandates? And is this going to be a new enforcement entity? And if so, what is it going to cost? How long is it going to be around here? We're going to be seeing this thing indefinitely. Yeah, probably here to stay. This is the current administration. We got another three and a half years of this folks. Let's see what you have to say about this. We're jumping on into the questions over from watching the We've got our first one in the house, got a lot of questions here. First one from spawn dog says, will his plan be a failure? Like everything else he touches. I'm getting numerous calls about a booster shot due to the fact that I have ulcerative colitis. All my healthcare comes from the VA. Since I can't afford health insurance, the VA gave me my first two doses. As I weighed the option. When my doctor or the message was left on my voicemail to get the booster. I didn't answer, you know, spam calls and not recognizing the number and all of that. Well, it might've been spam because I don't think that comes out until September 20th. But thanks for chiming in there . Spawn dog . Good to see you be antique is prime says, I know someone that worked for an electronics company in QA that designed electronic components for military equipment, including vital equipment for things like fighter jets. What the company would do is build a component that is rock solid. You could take just about anything. You can dish at it. After getting the DOD contract, they would start using really cheap materials. The person in quality assurance would be inspired to let things slide so that they could be another sale and kept getting pressure because they wouldn't. This is my problem with blanket acceptance of anything, any medical treatment, any vaccine I'll leave it there. People will blindly accept these things though. The Milgrim IX is strong with these people. That was the other experiment you were thinking about the other day. Yeah, the Milgrim experiment. The Stanford experiment. Thank you to kiss . We have Avalon says are mandates laws. How does the, who NIH, CDC get to tell us what we can and can't do. I spoke to a lawyer said that the mandate is unconstitutional, but a private company might can get away with it. This will fly like a lead brick. Yeah. I mean, the problem with a lot of these mandates is there they are discretionary, right? I mean, it really is not the federal government that is mandating that you get it. If you don't want to get it, you can go work somewhere else. Right? So it's , it's sort of, that's their escape patch here. Now, practically, what we know is that it's extremely coercive. People are under duress. They make these situations because not because they want to, but because they want to keep putting food on the table for them , for their families. And so the courts, at least, at least the politicians at this point until the courts can get involved, they're all rolling over for this stuff, right? Almost every single governor in this entire country rolled over when the precedent for all of this stuff was set back last year in 2020, they all just said, oh, I guess we're , it's scary and dangerous. And I would guess we better do this. And now the precedent has been set. The foundation has been set and they're acting on it. We have another one from Kincaid says, good evening, Rob, this is related to yesterday's comment. I did not articulate myself. Well, the topic was privacy. Okay. So let me, let me read that. Uh, okay. This is a long question, Kincaid. And um, I don't think that's on topic at the moment. So let me, let me re let, we'll get to that one at a later date. So let me just save that one. Cause we've got a ton of questions here and I want to make sure we get to the stuff that's on topic. We've got Joe byte and , and , and I don't mean that to be , uh , you know, thank you for the comment. We'll we'll we'll save it. Joe Biden says, aye , Joe Biden hate. Uh, so, okay. Can't read that one. We have another one here from Chicago says, do you think that this is the push for controls in anticipation of riding the coattails of recently predicted upcoming drop in Delta, to be able to falsely claim that his plan was the cause? Uh , oh, I see what you're saying. So in other words, Joe, Biden's gonna come out, watch the Delta variant case results go down dramatically and then claim victory. Yeah, maybe, probably. Right. He'll probably do that, but they're probably going to be very skeptical about claiming victory for anything now, because there's always going to be additional variants that come out. We have NYU renal MD says forced vaccination and treatments will fail. It is obviously having the opposite effect. People should decide on the vaccine with their doctor, not Jimmy Kimmel, Andrew Cuomo or Joe Biden. Shaming is wrong. Let people come to vaccination because it is good treatment for them. Yeah. So that's from the good doctor. Yeah. Forced vaccination and treatments will fail. That's from a doctor. Doc, the doctors in the house says , uh , let's see here, Florida woman. Rob, did you notice how many times Biden said, let me be clear. This is Obama talk for eight years. Obama said this Obama supporters use this phrase. He said it at least 10 times. It's a pet peeve of mine. That stupid phrase. Let me be clear. Right? It's really sloppy. Lazy language. Uh , lawyers do it all the time. We're going to see that in the next segment. Uh , even the department of justice does it. We're going to see that in Merrick, Garland's new lawsuit against Texas in the next segment. He talks. They talk like that. Well, it's clearly unconstitutional. No, it's not. That's not a sentence. That's not an argument. Uh , the Texas law is clearly unconstitutional. That's not an argument. That's , that's an observation you might make, but what's your argument there, but they use that a lot and it is annoying. I think it's just filler words, right? It doesn't mean anything. It sounds like you're tough, but it doesn't mean anything. We have another one that says , uh , that was a question about the vaccines and whether they're experimental or not. I don't know. Robert Barnes is doing good stuff on that. Over at Viva Barnes , . We have pinkie . Two says if our state mine is Oklahoma has a law against mandates. Do we have to get the vacs with, be mandating it? So, you know, look, talk to your local attorneys about that, right? Talk to anybody who's in your local state. I'm not licensed to practice law in Oklahoma. And I would even tell you to get a lawyer in Arizona, if you have a real serious legal question about that. And so the , the, the general answer, not your specifically pinky , is that the federal government is going to make these decisions. And if the individual companies make that decision, you have to make a decision at that at that point in time, right? You might say, I think this is an unconstitutional. You got to go hire a lawyer, file a claim and duke it out in court. Most people are just not willing to do that. And the consequence would be you lodge an objection with your employer and your employer says, listen, I don't know what to do about this. Okay. The federal government is telling me I have to comply the Biden administration, the executive branch. You might think he is a demented old nutcase for whatever, whatever you want to think about the man. But he is now somebody who is the most powerful person in the world through the executive branch, the federal government. Now mandating a small business. You have to do what I tell you to do. And sorry, I agree with you. Maybe that this is a terrible situation, but I can't do anything. And if you're not going to get jabbed , I have to let you go. Sorry. The federal government told me I had to do that. I can't, I can't help it. So all of the constitute, all of the legal arguments doesn't matter. Really. It doesn't matter. Uh , practically speaking, it matters legally , right? By the time it gets all sorted out in court, six months from now, next term, when the Supreme court comes down here and says, yeah, you know, you're kind of treated these unpacks people who are us citizens like bags of meat. That's inappropriate. That's a violation of the equal protection clause. And they correct this who cares. That's 18 months from now. How many people have been let go as a result of that, how many people are facing serious consequences? Because Joe Biden issued an order today and is now going to be implementing this. By the time the courts catch up, the damage is already done. They know that they don't care what the courts do here. They don't care. The courts say that we, you know, you're not allowed to continue to extend the eviction moratorium. They did it anyways. So that's the game they're playing. They know that if the courts come back down here and smack Joe Biden across the mountain on this, it's going to take 20, 20 months before anything gets done. And meanwhile, they're gonna be able to cause a lot of catastrophe and wreckage in the process. Let's see what else we've got. That was from pinky . We have a reboot day says, well, Joe Biden, if you want me to get vaccinated, then have a three-year clinical trial for any long-term effects. Stop politicizing the FDA to approve the vaccine. Stop gaslighting , censoring , any opposing views. I like vaccines for diseases that have decades of research. And I should, people should see a doctor before they make any of those decisions. I agree. Pepperidge farms is here. It says anyone. Remember when they called Trump a dictator for a fraction of what Biden has done, Pepperidge farm remembers. Isn't that beautiful? It's a good meme. We have another one from it's . Ed says, ha ha. Someone should tell Biden and where my patients will be. If someone tries to force me to get jabbed , here's a hint. My patients is at the end of a force multiplier, peaceful force, multipliers things that are very persuasive, verbal multipliers, Jeremy to says, who the hell does he think he is? That certainly did not sound like Joe Biden. Speaking of his teleprompter, didn't say those words. He would have prefaced that statement with, with, I'm probably going to get in trouble by my staff. But yeah, that, that friendly old man, Joe persona, certainly wasn't out there today. Pepper . Uh, let's see. You already got that one. We have another one from Kenny says Kenny one B says vaccination mandates is how the byte administration purges quote white supremacy from the federal government. According to left wing ideology, white supremacists are the ones not getting vaccinated. In reality, the mandate will increase the proportionality of white liberals in the government since Hispanic and black communities are the most resistant to getting the jab . The byte administration was unable to purge the white supremacist because they didn't actually exist in the government or the military yeah . Are going to be some pretty serious unintended consequences there. I think from this catastrophic error, right. People who are staunchly anti-vaxxers they're not going to just sit around and go, I guess, right . There's going to be a big portion of them. That will a big portion of people will just say, all right, fine. You know, I held out as long as I could, I need this job, whatever. And they're just going to go get it, but there's going to be a contingent here. Right? And what if it's 5% of people or 10% of people who are in the current workforce who were in the federal government workforce, 10% gone. Huge problem. There's already massive unemployment. There's already major disruptions in the labor markets. It's not even, it's not good. That's all I can say. Let's see what else we have this one from it's ed says, oh, a hundred employees. Well, it looks like Karen's going to get canned . Now I only have 99. Don't worry. Rob. Karen had it coming. That's another good point. I didn't think about that. It said, yeah, suddenly you're 110 employee company. It goes down to a 95 company employee pretty quickly. Uh , Jay , he says I'm a bone cancer survivor considered high risk due to heart issues from the chemo I received. I will never take the vaccine because of this. I'm tired of the constant bullying from the president houseplant to get the job . I don't care what he implements. He can never take away my constitutional right to choose what I put in my body. So there you go. Right. There's an example of somebody who's got strong equivocation there , uh , zero equivocation about the decision. And I think that J he probably knows where to get a vaccine. I think he's probably been made aware of that. He knows how to get on Google and find a location. It's not about that. Right? Don't need continued. Educational pushes from sleepy. Joe, we have hunter Biden is here, says, Hey, dad, don't need to distract people about Afghanistan with the COVID speech. Come on, man. Just retire and store crack off of hookers with me , hunters here, we have Nadar who is a free human says. If there was one thing we learned from the democratic party during the Trump years is that states don't take orders from the feds. It doesn't have the authority to enforce any of this stuff. He's slurring on, about get out of here and go eat your pudding . You old cook. That was from the dark. The free human we have wants to know says if a bunch of people that were flown in bused all over the USA that were infected with COVID and house altogether, could there be a reason for the rise in the numbers or is the un-vaccinated that have had COVID and have antibodies? Maybe it's the unvaccinated kids. Yeah. A lot of potential buckets of malfeasance, Joe Biden, just lumps them all into one bucket. It's all the unvaccinated people. They're all the worst thing that's ever happened to America. Monster one says all jokes aside F this dude it's time for peace. Peace. I agree. It's time for peaceful civil disobedience. People need to put their foot down and hit the streets. As mad Maxine said, it's time to tell this administration. They are not welcome. I think you're onto something there a monster one. This is a hard line in the sand, right? This is where this is where things start to change pretty dramatically. I saw a lot of activity from a lot of people on Twitter this afternoon fired up about this, right? And so , uh, we'll see what happens now. Again, they're they're going against the tide, right? The tide is the federal government is like a steamroller rolling over this stuff. The Republicans are asleep at the wheel. I don't know if there isn't is even a Republican party. Did anybody offer a core , uh , uh , contrast to Joe Biden today? Not that I saw, they're all just like twiddling their thumbs, letting the administration do whatever they want to do. The , this is further proof from somebody says, we need a convention of the states to reign in the regulations that the executive department is imposing. I agree. Thunder seven says lawsuits are already swirling around mandated vaccines. And now more lawsuits taking places . A majority of unions are against Biden's mandated backs , demanding people get jabbed by painting them as killing granny . Hasn't worked and won't work. People have the legal right to make their own medical decisions that oh, and a Delta variant is. So yesterday flip-flop Fowchee is already talking about the mew variant as the most dangerous variant known to humankind. We're all so played. We're being so played when the faulty PCR test can't even distinguish one variant from another that's from thunder seven. Yeah. It's perpetual. Lot of vaccine salesman out there. They've got a lot of vaccines to sell and they're not. The grift is way too good. They have an entire population of captive sheep that just, just go wherever the walls , tell them to go. No booster shot time. But , but I go get that again. So we're going to see a lot more of it. We have John Haugen says directly from the CDC. CDC recommends that anyone with signs or symptoms get tested regardless of vaccination status or prior infection. So where do they get this weekly testing for the unvaccinated from it's punitive. It needs to be fought. That's from John Haugen . Good to see you, John, not Josh. We have , uh , no doubt says as of a few days ago, between 88 and 93% of people above the age of 12 have immunity from at least one shot or COVID he's chasing a golden unicorn and torturing seven to 12% of the population for no value. The news typically reports percentages. That includes kids under 12. Thus making it sound much lower. Well, not easy to pull this together. All the information is on us. and CDC. COVID data, data tracker home. Cool. So we'll take a look at that. That's from no doubt. And they're not even talking about that, right? No conversations whatsoever about natural immunity or people who have previously already had it that have continual antibodies that make them less susceptible to COVID. It's not even discussed. Yeah, it is providing value though. Right? No doubt. It's there . They're chasing a golden unicorn. The value there is not in a reduction in COVID. They're not trying to solve the COVID pandemic. That's that's that's nonsense. They're they're using it as a political tool to further their agenda. I think it's pretty obvious at this point. Let's see, we have another one. Dead mouse says you can't arrest a virus. The only thing that can wipe out the Delta variant is the next variant, which is already coming around the corner. It's mew . We have let's see N Y renal MD says, if this stands Roberts in any so-called treatment can be forced. This is practicing medicine without a license. Yeah. Prescribing medical treatments should be restricted to those with knowledge training and a licensed to do so we need to take back the house and impeach him ASAP. Well, they will. It's going to be a bloodbath next election. Let's see what else. We've got a peaceful bloodbath . We have another one from Avalon says 100 plus employees at the local level, a corporate down our local dollar general has like eight people working there will they have to, yeah. It's, it's a , it's a giant corporation with thousands of stores. They're all part of it. We have want to know, says, Rob, do you think Biden and others have stock in the vaccine companies Biden did not like it when they had Trump's name on it. Biden claimed it. Cause he's got no ones that I know of. So, you know, I don't know specifically, right? I can't talk about that. But , uh , I don't, I can't talk about it because I don't know if I knew I would talk about it, but I don't. And I would guess that they are probably, you know, mult , uh , invested in multiple different funds and conglomerates that have stock in the pharmaceutical business. Cause it's a huge sector of the economy. So I would , I would imagine that they have some money and some investments in there. No doubt. Uncle Sam says, hold the line. People, this man has dementia for crying out loud. You wouldn't trust his directions to Walmart. Why do you trust him here? Yeah. Well we have , uh , we have another one from tos forever says I see, I see knicker Cadas in the house. We'll get to him in a minute. It says it might be an idea that the government contract business stopped working for the feds. If the people want their services, they will not only they will get not only employees and work. Yes. So I think that's sort of part of the , uh, the analysis that people are going to have to be making in their lives. Do they want their business? That is continuing to be funded by the federal government? Do they want that more than they don't want to get the vaccine? There's a balance there. And if one gives out, well, they'll just going to go get the job . I guess we have it's ed says, honestly, Rob using owner operators is the only way to make a profit in trucking. Now I can't afford to have my own trucks anymore. It's it's seeing how expensive it is. I have to limit the amount of employees I have as well. This isn't going to help. This is only going to make people find other ways to circumvent the system like contracting work to people. I know companies that do that all the time. They hire people as 10 90 nines and let them work from home. Saves a lot of money on taxes. Yeah, that's true. Right? And people are now all working from home anyways. And technology is really becoming useful in remote work environments. And so the other solution, guess what is people outsource people go across their , their physical borders because many Americans are getting paid by their government not to work. I know a lot of that ran out recently, but there are jobs that need to be filled. And if people don't want to come into work and they don't want to participate in , in, in a productive lifestyle because the U S government is going to subsidize them, not doing that well, the business entrepreneurs are going to go elsewhere. They're going to find other things in other ways, around this 10 99, contractors is a good solution for that. Thanks. It said we have Pepperidge. Farm says anyone. Remember when they called Trump decisive, Pepperidge farms, remember Pepperidge farms is here. She'll come says who will be the first in court to charge by and for breaking the international treaty. That is a Nuremberg code since only the EPA treatments are available. I don't know should have comes , but I would guess nobody. I think that they're all happy that he's the build back better guy, right? They're all on that team. Billy Gates is here, says my puppet did a good job today. Dictating mandated vaccines. It's good to have control over the people. Will Haun lab already creating a new pandemic for 2022. I'm getting a brand new spanking, experimental jabs, ready making billions and billions and billions. Bill gates is just making it rain over there with COVID Sergeant Bob says, where is his backup Camila , still a missing person per the milk cartons. I saw her on Twitter today. She was talking simultaneously while Joe Biden was out there mandating that all Americans inject themselves. Comma was out there talking about the right to privacy, my body, my choice stuff, attacking the Texas law. So they're , they're playing both sides of the, you know, the , the bodily autonomy debate simultaneously. It's very clever. Uh , Ms. Danny says, hi , how are you today? Robert? I'm good. Ms . Danny, how are you just watching Biden in that video? Gave me chills. Is he getting a contagious virus called the CCP? LOL. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be America as it used to be within all the freedom he used to have best from Uruguay. Yeah . You're 100% right about that. Right? I think miss Danny, I think you're onto something. A lot of us are remembering two years ago, an entirely different country. RGB five says this sounds like step one from a very popular book that describes a future time when quote , it forced all people great and small, rich, and poor free, and slave to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads. Just saying, right. It's it's your new VAX pass. It's now how you enter the American economy. Scary. I'm sad to say this, this at the beginning of an end of a great nation and an American experiment says an anonymous. I work for a nuclear weapons laboratory that is responsible for the safety and security of the United States . Nuclear arsenal. There will be a mass Exodus of employees as a result of these mandates, leaving our nuclear deterrent, vulnerable to atrophy or worse, lack of qualified people, solving immediate safety and security issues as they arise. That's from an anonymous over on local . Thanks for sharing that. United States, nuclear arsenal weapons laboratory technician here on the show saying, yeah, a lot of people, they're not going to want to comply with this. And I think you're going to see that across many industries we've saw it . We even saw it from the Los Angeles fire department played that on the show, a monster one says, has this clown ever considered that those 80 million people who already had the virus studies have shown that getting the coop is 13 times more effective than getting the shot? Why the F do I need the shot I already had COVID can you explain yourself, Joe? He doesn't have to, he doesn't have to answer any questions. He just turns and runs. And the rest of his minions implement the orders and the rest of our week , spineless politicians just fall in line and allow it to unfold. Digi McBride says the USA now has hygiene laws like Germany did during the 1930 substitute unvaccinated for Jew . And you can see where this is headed. That's really, really, really scary stuff. That's not good. And the way that they're talking about it, it's really dehumanizing. Right? Talked about that, Jimmy Kimmel saying , uh, you know, w w what do you call him wheezy ? He said, how about Haas? If the hospitals are full, we just don't take the unvaccinated people. And he said, we just throw them in the gutter and just say, enjoy your, the rest of your life. They're wheezy , something like that. You're on national TV to, you know, thousands of people, presumably talking about your fellow American, like somebody, you just roll off the side of a cliff because they didn't do what you wanted them to do. Do you have any , do you know what their personal stories are? Did you hear from the guy that we just talked to earlier on this show that has ulcerative colitis, that is a veteran that had, you know, all of these extenuating circumstances. You want to just throw him in the gutter to Jimmy Kimmel, what an insane country now. And it's not like a joke, right? This is actually a thing we're going to , yeah , we have some other ones , uh, be brave, says it's medical rape. Yeah. I mean, it's, you're under D D coercion under duress in order to do this, Kincaid says you and others have made great points related to the readiness. I mean, there are existing drugs that work, all that would need would be an infrastructure upgrade to medical. It's obvious that citizen care is not the focus buying is so fake. It's sickening. I love words, but , uh , give a back alley and a gorilla mask for Hanzi charades. No Cuomo. That's from Kinkaid . I think she's talking about , uh , Larry elder who had a egg thrown at him from a, some person in a gorilla mask. Yeah. We have another question here from Benjamin Netanyahu says brought here in Israel. Even after 80% was vaccinated, the ICU and death rates remain the same. This has, and always will be a disease of the four or more comorbidities, which of course, Joe Biden didn't talk about at all. We have another one from Sergeant Bob says, can someone please hack in a sleepy Joe's teleprompter and stop this. His speeches are getting like a Kamala cackled , really tough. I know that chairman of the board was over on , uh , locals. And we were, were rallying him to finish the speech. He's like, all right, I'm on point number two. We're like, keep going. Cause he's going to whisper at the end. Just keep going. Hopefully he made it. Hopefully he's still with us over there. I know sometimes those species can have a, have an effect. Angel 22 says if you've had COVID and got the monoclonal antibody treatment, you have to wait at least three months before you can be back. So now what further, my husband is still allergic and no mandate or FDA approval will fix that would Biden rather him risk death. So he can keep his job. Yes, he would. Yeah. He doesn't care. He wants his , he wants that jab in his arm. He didn't say, go talk to a doctor. Just said, that's it. We have D Rodriguez. A Florida woman says I work from home, have an exemption from the vaccine. I drive into my office to get tested once a week. That's amazing. So even if you work from home, you have to go into your office to go get tested, to make sure that you're safe to work from home. It's about punishing the people who are not compliant. That's all it is us . A screw Nazi says, Hey, remember guys, all the people who are for COVID mandates are Nazis and should be called as such however, no violence note that they are for COVID concentration camps and medical apartheid. They are disgusting fascists and they should be shown as such. Yeah. We're we're we call them out on this channel. Trader Joe says, Rob , when did we roll out the charges of treason? I don't know when that happens. Uh, Brit Reed is here, says it's nice like this and your vaccine segment and why I love and financially support your show. Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm that's from Britt Reed. Thank you, Britt Reed . That's a very nice comment. Thank you for being here. I really do appreciate you being a part of the show. You know, it's it's live stream and it's better when we do it together. As we like to say, we have chairman of the board, speaking of the devil, he's alive, he made it through the speech, says my [inaudible] daughter 14 just had to quarantine from school because her friend tested positive after feeling sick, her friend is fully Vaxxed and at-home sick. My daughter has had two negative tests since then, but has to get to the school every day, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for two weeks to be rapid tested before school, because she was exposed to the vaccine kid. None of this makes any sense. They are preaching that we must protect the vacs from the unboxed. Huh ? What is happening? That's from chairman of the board. I don't know, man. I don't know. I don't know. You know, it's just insanity. I think it's mass delusion at this point, John Delara says, it seems like everyone in Washington has caught COVID, but Biden very suspicious. Are we sure the president is not a hologram or a robot? You know, there's somebody on Twitter who follows me very regularly. I think his name is John Q. Kennedy. If you want to give him a follow it's, it's um , very interesting hypothesis there from John Q. Kennedy, the queues in there for a reason , uh, but basically supporting that allegation that Joe Biden is basically a deep fake, and the whole thing is just a charade. And I love it. I just think it's hysterical. Uh, Greg Murat says, Hey Rob, have you heard of the parasite stress theory? From what I understood? It says that due to the parasite prevention measures of human biology, it alters the physiological and social behaviors of humans and increase in disgust. Sensitivity has been linked to an increase of levels in xenophobia. We could be seeing this happening in real time where disgust mechanisms of the vaccinated are getting irrationally triggered against the unvaccinated that's from Greg moron . No, I have not heard about that, but you know, I've I sort of been poking around in those areas of the conversation, thinking that there's something there's something sort of more spiritual going on here, right? There's a disconnect. Yes. On the surface, it's all the pandemic, it's all the virus stuff, but you start to watch a lot of these government bureaucrats, and now you start to say, there's , there's , there's something else. You know , there's something else deeper there. And I think it is a kind of a spiritual thing. I think it's a, certainly a power, you know, a lot of the, the, the normal human motivations that you think about like money and power, all of that is true, but there's something more fundamental going on here. And so I think that what you're talking about, I've , I've thought about it in those terms. I've thought about it in the term of a mass delusion, right? In sort of analogize that to, you know, the Salem witch trials or the, the Afghanistan war. And we're all kind of diluted into that for 20 years, right? We have the government that, that creates these realities for us. And we have to be asking ourselves if we are the person in Plato's story, in the cave, watching the shadows on the wall, just thinking that, oh, that's our reality. We don't realize that we're being shackled into this cave. And when we walk out of the cave, we finally see the light and see reality for what it is. So, you know , I think that a lot of these people I've I've had conversations with them are in this, in this category of people that are self perpetuating their division, their animosity towards people who are not like them. And the media is perpetuating that Joe Biden is now perpetuating that he's legitimising that claim the idea that certain people in this country are more valuable than other people, the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated . Alright . A lot of questions here before we jump into the next segment a couple more, and then we've got some super chats. A lot of stuff here says we got N Y renal MD says DeSantis was having a lot of success with the monoclonals antibodies. This is a treatment that works right now. Vaccines take time. I'm worried, dumb sleepy. Joe will the swayed people from taking advantage of this at the treatment that Trump and Joe Rogan had , uh , the good doctor. He did actually mention that in his speech. That was one thing he did mention. He did say that , uh, you know , they're working on that and they're going to be trying to implement more of that. The Nuremberg principle says the people saying you take the vaccine for the greater good or disgusting. The greater good logic was used to justify horrible medical experiments to the Jews that did not end. Well. Also remember when the CDC deliberately and deceptively infected blacks with syphilis in Tuskegee, when people believe they're doing it for the greater good, it will result in horrible excesses. That's from Nuremberg principle over at locals. Couple more Dwight Trudy's here says if the lab theory is true, is this a government created killer nanobots robot infection? I don't know if that's a fact or not, but farmer's daughter says, Hey, Robert, my question is, has the administration really been vaccinated? Anything could have been in those shots, not an accusation. Just wondering. Yeah . I don't know. It's a good question. Jack Elia says no, no. These demo fascists tell us that this is the best economy ever. There are no people unemployed that don't want to be unemployed. Just like there are no people left in Afghanistan that don't want to be executed. Yeah. Just like you can . If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you want to leave Afghanistan, you can leave Afghanistan. Got it. Pinky two says I misstated my question. I'm disabled. I don't work. I missed the info today. That B is mandating the jab nationally. So I know you're not in Oklahoma, but I don't work. And is this new lobby made for employees or for all Americans? So it's it's for employees, right? He's he doesn't have the ability to go down in there and tell you pinky to , you have to go do that, but he's twisting the vice grip, tightening it up so that private businesses now have leverage over their employees to mandate them to go do that. We have a couple more here. Mustang. Jeff says hope in 2022 is a mostly peaceful bloodbath in November 20, 22 . Mostly peaceful. Yeah. Entirely peaceful politically, but a political bloodbath. The Taliban is here. It says, is this the freedom that Americans are always talking about? That's from the Taliban. Ah , Sergeant Bob says dummy Kimmel also does not like the second amendment. What does he know ? Not much. I think he's just playing to the audience. We have another one from geo Mancy games says, Hey, Robert, you're listening to two for a long time, but I'm never really here . When you're alive . I'm a single father who has been battling cancer since last year. And without the help of my family, I'd probably be dead. Figure out, throw a few bucks your way and hopes that it will. It will also help increase my exposure on YouTube. I listen to your streams at night and because of the damage the chemo has done, I will be unable to work for the rest of my life. Probably haven't been able to be approved or denied for disability. So I've been doing YouTube to supplement my income. Thank you so much for everything you do. I hope I can be a voice to people to turn to someday. That's from geo Mancy games. My friends see that right there. So you can give them a search and we'll see what that brings up here. It looks like they're on Twitter over on YouTube. Pull this up here and let's see what we've got over here. Send some Lee . Is this? Yeah . Geo Nancy games looks like we've got some gaming going on here. Take a look over here. Folks might be a good, a good channel to subscribe to geo Mancy games over here. Hit that subscribe button. Go ahead and do that myself and show some support to geo Mancy games. Thanks for chiming in here. Geo Nancy . Appreciate it. Good luck in your treatment. You know, I've got , uh , I've got a story to share with you at some points about my family as well. So we'll talk soon. Best of luck. We have another one from Osaka says, Rob, what happened to herd immunity? Nobody cares about that anymore. Oh, sock . We have monster one says in response to the disabled woman, I wouldn't be surprised if they mandate it for social security, disability payments. That's another thing too. Yeah. That if you want those federal handouts, not handouts, right? You earned that stuff. You paid into that. It's not a handout. You earn that money. You're finally getting some of your money back and the government's going to attach strings to it. So yeah, we'll see where that goes. A lot of super chats that came in today. I want to make sure that we get to them. So let's go through them. I appreciate them. This is a spicy segment. No question about it. Let's see what came in. We have Angela B started the show. No Beth cottage . Oh no. We had KBR started off the super chats and we sort of answered that saying , uh , postal service. I saw a tweet that she, that , uh, Jen Sacchi said that they were going to be excluded. But again, we don't really know if the us postal service will be excluded, but I have questions about all of the exclusions is the CDC included or where's it going? Beth Cottington says, Robert, I feel like I should pay you for having to listen to me. Sing Beth Cottington sent me a, a message today, which I think has a happy birthday song on it, but I have not opened it yet because I was skidding from meeting to meeting to meeting today. And so I'm looking forward to that. We have Angela. Thank you, Beth. We have, Angela says my governor here in South Carolina just said, quote, we will fight them to the gates of hell regarding Biden's speech, which is great. I think Arizona, governor, Doug Ducey said something very similar to that. And so you're gonna see that, right? You're gonna see a lot of states rally around each other to talk about this. And Joe, Biden's very happy about that because you know what that means. We're not talking about Afghanistan. We have Brody Z says to build back better. You have to destroy everything. Disarm sensor make choices for all of the citizens, a comrade that's from Brody Z. Yeah. It's the concept that, you know , we've , we've talked about that here on the show. Also this , the idea that there are accelerationist out there that want to see the, the sort of dismantling of a lot of our institutions. And a lot of these are for that purpose, right? The idea that Joe Biden and you know , the Democrats want to go out there and unify America, and they're gonna implement all of these things in order to build a better country is not really accurate, right? So build a different country. One that is better suited to their political agenda. We have another one from VP says, did you know Biden said, his God bless you. And not God bless America. At the end of his speech, I did not see that I was too busy watching him run out of the room without answering any questions, Celia Frostburg and says, Ken , what Biden is doing, even be considered legal or fair. Not that I will comply regardless, but he's still going to Fon on this one. God help us. So I don't think it's fair. I don't, I personally don't think it's legal. Right? I think that what he's doing is, is stepping over many constitutional bounds. I don't think he has any authority to do that, but he's doing it. And that's the point, right? A lot of people are going to throw their hands up in the air and say, is this constitutional, we're going to file lawsuits and all this stuff and you go, okay, that's fine. By the time the Supreme court does anything about it, it's a year later. And all of these things have already been implemented because we have nobody with any spine standing up to combat him on any of this. The Republicans are asleep at the wheel. Absolutely useless. So there Joe Biden can essentially, you know, do what he wants. Kathy Bowman says retired my own home, not taking the VAX bite me bite non-employed has no leverage over Kathy Bowman. That's good news. Cilia frost burn is here says, and what about those who got the shot and died or took up hospital beds due to the side effect ? Well, right . I guess they're on their own Biden. Doesn't care about them. He's not responsible for it. His job is to go out there and sell the vaccine. And he did that. We have Blake Murphy says Biden's speech upsets a lot of people. Now we know why Pelosi is pulling, putting a fence back up around the Capitol . Also a diversion from Afghanistan. Yeah. I made that comment a couple of a couple of super chats ago saying that that Joe Biden is extremely happy that we're not talking about Afghanistan anymore. We have Jessica Cora says the seven day rolling average for COVID-19 is 1537 in the country of 360 million people. I don't understand why this is still even an emergency because they've got a lot more stuff that they need to change in America. And this is the perfect mechanism in order to do that. We're going to talk about that in the next segment, got a little bit of a head cold today. If you're catching me sniffling, that's what's going on. We have Nick says, Nikki says the only way Biden can enforce his plan is if people comply and DOB on each other, don't become like my country with people who are breaking their own constitution. We're already there. Nikki , thank you for the four warning, but we're already right in the middle of it. We have another one from her . Qaeda says you got monetized . We need to do more shows, hashtag Liberty. I'd love to do that. Nick. I've been listening to you a lot, actually. You know, I'm not sure if you're still in the, in the audience there, but I've been listening to you a lot. Love the work you're doing. I think that it's time , uh, to, to do it , to do a lot more of those. I've got , uh, I got a little, I'm a little bit better situated. Now I set up a separate camera and my schedule is working itself out. So , uh, we'll get over there. Nick says, why is he ignoring me? What is this local thing? Lo Nick is over on locals too . I think I'm not sure if you're still promoting that, but Nick is over there. Uh , Nick, Nick is over at ricotta law. He's on YouTube has a great show. And uh , we did, we did, we did some interviews a while back, but a lot has elapsed back then that was back during the , uh, Derek Shovan days. Whole country has changed pretty dramatically since then. Nick, thank you for your support. And uh, I will reach out to you on Twitter and we'll get something set up . We have looked to G says our friends from south America come here to the USA when things get crazy, where do we go? When our government becomes authoritarian, Canada doesn't seem like an option. So Canada is not really a good option. I've been actually looking into this, not because I want to leave the United States, but because I sort of suspect that we're going to be seeing some really, really insane tax revisions coming down the pike in the near future. And so I was looking at that just out of curiosity, there's a company called nomad capitalist. He has a really nice YouTube channel and he talks a lot about that. You know, the idea that you can get a second passport domicile yourself in a different country. And if you're domiciled there and you have internet businesses, then you just , uh, incorporate your business in that low tax country of origin. And you still, you still have to pay taxes on us, on your, on your income in the United States, right? If you're a us citizen, you don't escape taxes. The U S government has their fingers in you anywhere you go. But if you are domiciled elsewhere, then you have a pretty significant tax deduction. And so you can sort of , uh , at least insulate yourself from some of the monetary hooks that the federal government has on you. So I think that's a, that's a, it's an interesting thing. A lot of new countries now have very different , um, sort of digital nomad travel visas that you can just buy and you can get residency there. So, interesting stuff we have SV says on the FDA site, what makes it invalid equals including that there was no adequate or approved and available alternatives. They have alternatives and other things like vitamin D with other options. And so having a conversation about the, the emergency use authorization for the vaccine, whether the FDA actually did authorize it or not. And so there's a lot of conversations about that. Thanks for that SV. And Justin Humphrey says, keep up the great work. Thank you, Justin. I appreciate that. And we're going to keep grinding away here and I appreciate all your support, both from watching the and over on YouTube, a lot of super chats. I really do appreciate all of your support. All right , my friend . So we're going to leave that segment right there. A lot of stuff on COVID you have a couple of other things that we have to fly through , uh , because my face is bothering me, but we're going to get through it today. So let's go through it. We have attorney general Merrick Garland is now suing the state of Texas over their new abortion law. We're going to dive into this story with a headline over from the star Tribune coming out of Austin said that on Thursday, the DOJ, this guy, Merrick Garland now suing Texas because they are saying that they are in open defiance of the constitution. So we're going to take a look at this lawsuit here , uh , recall that we're talking about SBA . This is the Texas abortion law, the pro-life law that is saying that they're creating a private cause of action for anybody that performs an abortion against anybody that performs an abortion after six weeks, when they can detect a fetal heartbeat. So I kind of butchered that a little bit, but the concept here is that Texas is now protecting life. To some degree, the Supreme court has allowed this statutory framework to move forward, which is causing abortions to cease in different parts of Texas. Many people are no longer getting the same level of abortion quality that they got previously. So the justice department is coming out here and saying, you're not allowed to do that. And they're filing a lawsuit against Texas, specifically filed in federal court. In Texas. They're asking a federal judge to tell Texas that the law is invalid. Merrick Garland says it is clearly unconstitutional. Justice department argues the law unlawfully infringes on constitutional rights of women violates the supremacy clause and federal officials are concerned that it would deprive their citizens of their constitutional rights. So , uh , we're going to go into the actual lawsuit here from Eric Garland and the department of justice here in a minute. But yesterday on the show, we talked about all of the different local laws that the federal government is now stepping over, right? Inserting themselves into debates about these very important concepts. Yesterday on the show, we talked a lot about him . We, I sort of went through this mental checklist that I had, but I like slides and I like charts. And so since I have access to both of them, I created one. What you can see here is we've talked about all of these different issues on the show today, we're adding this bottom one. Local laws were passed by Texas. That impact reproductive issues, the federal entity now that is stepping all over. Those is the department of justice through Merrick Garland, right? This is the SBA lawsuit that we're going to see, but it follows the same pattern that we've seen from other federal overstepping . We have schools and masking. Remember this, we talked about it here on this channel, Dr. Miguel Cardona over from the department of education is going to be investigating civil rights claims against schools that are not complying with masking requirements, right? So they're going to be investigating them. They're also using the treasury to refund schools that are being defunded because they're not complying with state regulations against the universal masks. The CDC we've talked a lot about, they came out and basically said , uh , you private citizens, you don't have any property rights anymore. Okay. We have that. Now the in charge was Dr. Rochelle Olenski vaccine mandates. We saw that those were just , uh, made privately applicable through the department of labor through OSHA does just made available today by Joe Biden publicly. We've seen the for public employees, the executive branch has mandated vaccines for all government employees that also changed today. The department of justice is interfering with local election rules, threatening different states, like Texas for their laws, the department of justice also going after gun laws. Like they went after Missouri, when Missouri was trying to pass some gun safety gun, gun laws, the department of justice didn't like that either. And so they've just been everywhere. You turn, just coming back into the states and saying, Hey, we're in charge. Don't do things that are outside of our policies. So Merrick Garland is now going after Texas here was him today talking about his new lawsuit

Speaker 3:

Today, after careful assessment of the facts and the law, the justice department has filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas. Our position is set out in detail in our complaint, its basis is as follows SB eight bands , nearly all abortions in the state. After six weeks of pregnancy, before many women even know they are pregnant and months before a pregnancy is viable. It does. So even in cases of rape sexual abuse or incest, and at further prohibits, any effort to aid, the doctors who provide pre viability abortions or the women who seek them, the act is clearly unconstitutional under long standing Supreme court precedent.

Speaker 1:

All right . So basically what he just did there is you just read the first opening line of the actual lawsuit is a preliminary statement. You can see filed in the us district court. It's 27 pages long. We're not going to go through it all, but he says it is settled, constitutional law. And he cites a case from planned parenthood versus Casey Whitton in 1973 of 1992, following Roe versus Wade. Right? So they're , they're siting together. The two preeminent abortion cases here. And they're saying it is settled, constitutional law that a state may not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy before viability. Okay. So, all right. May not prohibit any woman from making the ultimate decision to terminate her pregnancy. Okay. Well, she can do it in Texas under the new law. She can still go in and terminate her pregnancy. She attached to just do it before six weeks before there's a fetal heartbeat. So it's okay. They're kind of prohibiting her after the six weeks. They are prohibiting . Not really right. You could say they are prohibiting her after the six weeks, but not really because a doctor can still abort that child after the fact. And there's almost no harm for that in the first place. If somebody finds out about that and wants to file a against that doctor, that it opens up that doctor to exposure to a $10,000 penalty, but that woman can still get an abortion. So they're talking about this right here. A state may not prohibit any woman. Okay. So Merrick Garland. Yeah . A state may not prohibit any women. So Texas isn't involved in this at all. A private person can just go Sue another person for violating the law. All they did was make a new, a new claim. And all right , so you , so you put that in your sentence, but we're not talking about that. We're talking about something else, but he says, anyways, Texas has just done that. It enacted a statute, banning nearly all abortions in the state after six weeks months before the pregnancy is viable. So again, right, Texas is not really doing that. They created a statute that enables somebody else to go file a civil lawsuit against somebody who performs an abortion, but they're also really not prohibiting a woman from doing it. She can go get an abortion before six weeks. She can also go and get an abortion. After six weeks provided, she can find a doctor who's willing to do that and you know, not get charged. So he goes through, he says, Texas and acted eight in open defiance of the constitution. The statute prohibits most pre viability abortions, which he just read that statement. Also prohibits any effort to aid or indeed intent to aid doctors who perform these abortions says it clearly violates the constitution. You see what I said? When I was talking about that, he said, instead of relying on relying on the state's executive branch to enforce the law as has been the norm elsewhere, the state has deputized ordinary citizens who are now statutorily authorized to recover $10,000 per claim. Texas has mandated that it state judicial officers in force this law and dispense the remedies. So they're creating new claims. It takes a little imagination, according to Merrick, Garland, to discern Texas his true goal, to make it too risky for an abortion clinic to operate in the state, preventing women throughout Texas, from exercising their right , the law he says has had its desired effect to date. Abortion providers have ceased providing services prohibited by SBA, leaving women in Texas unacceptably and unconstitutionally deprived. So they say it remains in effect. So they're acknowledging that abortions are still going on, but they're just being limited by SBA USA has the authority, the responsibility to ensure Texas cannot deprive individuals of their constitutional rights. That's why they are bringing suit to stop the state of Texas. From passing that law, we have the government also brings the suit to protect other federal interests. When they go through this, they talk a lot about , uh, that to sort of justify this lawsuit. You know, why is the federal government involved in this? It's a Texas issue. What are the feds care while the feds will come in? And they're going to say the federal government is implicated because Texas is involved in a lot of interstate commerce, Texas, you know, engages the interstate business. Uh, the federal government has a lot of their tentacles in the state of Texas. They've got the bureau of prisons. They've got military bases. They've got NASA is over there, right? There's a lot going on there. And so if you've got a military base and some woman there wants to go get an abortion or a birthing person wants to go get an abortion. Well, Texas' law is now impacting that person who is sort of within the jurisdiction of the federal government. They're also now engaged in interstate commerce. And so that opens up the, the, the, the purview here to , uh , the , um, the fed , the feds , the United States, therefore they seek declaratory judgment. They want SBA ruled invalid. They want injunctions stopping Texas from implementing or enforcing the law. What are their claims for relief? Why is the federal government harmed here while they say under the 14th amendment? They say that the us constitution says, hello, that the U S government is the Supreme government. Feds are Supreme. They have the supremacy clause that their law shall be the Supreme law of the land. They say the SBA violates that because it deprives women of their ability to get an abortion. Therefore it's invalid under the 14th amendment, the supremacy clause is saying their argument makes it so that the federal government rights and their protections supersede any state rights. And here, according to Merrick Garland, the federal government believes in the right to abortion at basically, you know , limitless. And they're going to protect that if Texas is undermining what they perceive to be a constitutional right , they're going to step in and bring a claim, and they're going to rely on the 14th amendment to do so. The supremacy clause, they also are bringing claim under preemption. They're saying that SBA violates the supremacy clause, and it is preempted because it's contrary to the 14th amendment, basically the federal law, rather than being just Supreme. So, so let's say that Texas passed this law, then the U S government passed a law on top of that. They could say that we're Supreme. What their argument here is, is it sort of the opposite that there was already law that was enacted by the federal government that was dictated through the Supreme court, through Casey and RO . That is now in effect. Texas tried to slap their as on top of it. But so they're being preempted by the federal law, Texas can't slap something on top of something that was already enacted SBA conflicts and otherwise impedes the execution of the existing federal law. And it violates the supremacy clause because it's preempted under the federal law. And then the last claim that we have here is that it violates intergovernmental immunity. So SBA directly regulates the feds. Can't do that. We're supposed to work together. We're supposed to have intergovernmental immunity. Therefore SBA violates that, and it is in valid. So what does the government want? They want a declaratory judgment saying that SBA is invalid. They want at a preliminary and a permanent injunction in the state of Texas saying the Texas cannot enact any of this stuff. So private parties can't bring lawsuits, employees, agents, none , but nobody can be involved in this. Any other relief, the court awards costs and all of that other stuff. So who signed off on this acting assistant attorney general from , uh , the DOJ, another deputy assistant, basically all of the DOJ, the federal programs best , uh , us department of justice, the civil division signed off on by everybody. Okay. So they're filing that lawsuit against Texas. Let's see what you have to say about these abortion issues [email protected] . We've got some that are queue and up in here, Avalon. Nope. That was on the last segment. A lot of questions coming in on the COVID stuff. Any abortion questions? Yeah. Sergeant Bob says puppet Garland defies the Supreme court, another political prosecution. Sure. Indication of a totalitarian regime. That's from Sergeant Bob. Good to see you. Geo Mancy game says, I think this law in Texas does an excellent job at reinforcing the, it takes two to tango and actually gives fathers an avenue to address their grievances with a woman's pregnancy though. We also live in a world where men can be women. And if you question it, you're a bigot. That's true. Yeah. I know it. I'm white. I can't help it. Monster one says, Rob, you probably got COVID, she'd be wearing a mask. So you don't infect your Watchers. I should probably you're right. I should probably quarantine from all of you. Cause I got the sniffles. We have a , that was from monster one monster. One says these people need , uh , have the nerve to invoke the constitution. After this crap Biden pulled , this lawsuit clearly violates the 10th amendment. Another one from Jack Elia says, why does no one ever discuss the effects of DOE versus Bolton decided the same day, which is what puts Roe versus Wade on steroids dove versus Bolton. I'm not sure what that one is. We have Merrick hates the constitution, says America does not care about the constitution. Just salty. He did not become a Supreme court justice. And he's taking it out on the Republicans . Little, little vendetta there, huh? Reboot day says this abortion law would not be a problem at the vast majority just to have sex with a condom and other contraception. That's from real beauty. Yeah. We'll leave that there be brave says, I think the Texas law was written very well. In my opinion of the $10,000 . Potential judgment should be much, much higher though. That's from be brave. We have another one from Perry masonary he says, how can the supremacy clause apply? If there is no federal law that has legalized abortion. So it is because the us Supreme court has said that it exists already. It's in grind in this pin number of rights that stem from the right to privacy. It's it it's , it is in the constitution, says the Supreme court, they made it up and crammed it in there. But that's what their argument is. Oh, sock says, Rob. So in theory, I could take this lawsuit by the feds , reward it and bring this claim over COVID rights . You could. Yeah. Right. It's kind of the same argument wants to know, says, so you can get an abortion if you have $10,000. Right. How is that? Right. So I guess, right. If you cover the cost, if you say, listen, doctor, I've got a baby. I'm about to pop. It's like eight, eight and a half months pregnant, but I don't want it. It's really inconvenient. Can you kill this thing for me? I can't do it. It has a heartbeat. It has a head. It's got a whole head of hair in there too , but I don't want it. Can you please get rid of it, but I could get fined. Oh, how much? 10,000. That's nothing. Okay. 10th. Oh , no problem. At all. I will insulate you from that. I will make sure to cover your legal fees. Just get rid of this clump of cells. In my, in my abdomen, we have , uh , another one from thunder. Seven says the death called dens make me so angry when they keep playing the rape incest card. When 98% of abortions are a form of birth control, Texas pass their own abortion laws, which is their legal rights upheld by the SCOTUS. Go , go to any of the other 49 states and get your baby killed. After six weeks planned parenthood will pay your fare because they want more and more abortions. They sell the baby parts and fetal tissue to big pharma. Stop imposing your demonic agenda to the religious who believe in the sanctity of life. That's from thunder seven spicy comment there . Thunder. We have another one from planned parenthood, said the Democrats for planned parenthood are racist and want to engage in eugenics. They want to increase the 70 million black babies being aborted and they don't want them to have , uh , any, any , uh , I can't say it . Jeremy MITRE to says, Rob, if abortion is a medical procedure and the HIPAA protects information from being leaked, how will anyone know? Also the federal government doesn't have standing because they clearly didn't knock anyone up. That's a good question, Jeremy. So I , the , the people bringing the lawsuits presumably are going to be the male or the counterparts to the birthing person or whatever the hell we're talking about these days, a man, right? The person you need to people, as far as I know, to have a baby, somebody with a boy who is a biological male and a biological woman, unless I'm missing something. Pretty sure that's how it works. I think so. I don't know what else to say about that. Other than the fact that, that the , the man will notice if a woman goes in with a child and comes out without a child would be alerted to the idea that there might be a claim there a couple others from monster one says pretty sure Texas has a succession clause in their constitution. Maybe it's that time. A lot of people are moving to Texas. And why says, I think that the Texas law is unwise first. It creates a private party interest in suing and removes standing for almost everything. I think this is unprecedented tactically. I think it rallies the base to the left. Republicans have a good chance to take over the house in 2022. I worry. They have ruined this chance, even though the Supreme court could be favorable. In addition, it could cause Joe to pack the court, which is also true, right? It sort of renews an issue that was mostly settled. Uh , I'm sorry, not mostly settled, but mostly not in the Democrats. Uh , quiver right now, they're going to be fired up over this abortion for them. For many over there is like the sacrament. It is their reason for living, right? For some reason they think that, that, it's the idea that if that is in impugned , impeded in any way that we're going to be living in, you know, Handmaid's tale or something, John Dolores says, I wish this issue with abortion. Would've come up before the midterms. It's the lifeline for the Democrats. It will energize them to go out and vote by the administration is going to milk it for all it's worth. I wish the Republicans would play smarter. What? Republicans? They're not doing anything. All right. That was where the questions from watching the over on YouTube Wolfgang chimed in said, Yon , me park is on Prager. You asking? Why does the left hate America? I think the question is wrong. The left hates proper judgment. This is why anti SIM maybe anti-sematic I don't know. Good to see you Wolfgang. We've got Marty Lon says Barnovich need to get to work on a request for a federal court court injunction against the department of labor yesterday. This Biden mandate needs to be dead on arrival. I saw mark Barnovich. He's our attorney general from Arizona who did indicate that he was going to be contesting. This, which is obviously a good thing. Lava, Java lava says pro-life here again. Great show, Rob. Good to see you. Lava Java. Thanks for being here. Love that you're here. You've been around for a long time, Texas here with a couple of nice super chats. No question. Shout out from Texas, Texas, Haifa , Tufts, Texas clap. I think we have Jane [inaudible] subscribed and we have Zulus in the house. It says I got held up. Please recap the entire show. Right quick. K. Thanks. Joe Biden passed national vaccine mandates. It's getting crammed down. Most of Americans throats, Merrick Garland is suing Texas over abortion. We haven't got to the third segment yet, but there's a very bad district attorney who did some pretty bad things. That's all you need. We have Elisa . Zamanski says, can we file a lawsuit against the government? There's no data to support the vaccines work it's against our constitutional rights. Uh, there's gonna be a lot of lawsuits. Yes, Lisa, a lot going against the government. It's just a matter of time. I think you're going to see it start with the attorneys generals. So you're going to see different AGS from Texas, Arizona, probably Florida, who are all going to be combating this head on . And I think it's going to be well worth it. Great questions. Thank you for all of the support, both from watching the and over on YouTube. I appreciate all of the great questions and the great conversation. All right, we're going to move into the next topic, our last topic for the day. All right, we're going to talk about a bad district attorney, a bad da, Mark Jones, a prosecutor, a district attorney, the person who's supposed to be going after criminals and keeping the streets clean, got indicted, criminally nine different counts. Let's take a look at some of them. Two counts of influencing a witness. We have two counts of bribery. Two counts of violation of oath by a public officer. We've got two counts of attempted violation of oath by a public officer and another one subornation of perjury influencing a witness and many others. He took office on January 1st, 2021. And the indictment came for all of these criminal acts during his first eight months in office. So prosecutor of the year nine counts of misconduct, he's out from MUSC Muskegon county district attorney. His name is Mark Jones. He got totally indicted. Now he's facing a suspension, all taking place. He was under investigation by the Georgia bureau of investigation. And , uh , the case was brought to grand jury by the Georgia attorney generals prosecution division. So we're going to take a look at this indictment, but this is a prosecutor. Okay? People look at defense attorneys like you scum. How could you represent those monsters? Every one of them is guilty. You have a prosecutor like this. Who's charged with many different offenses, influencing witnesses, a perjury violation of an oath and office bribery, bribery attempted violation of an oath and office. Another attempt, another influencing, a witness, another violet , okay. All indicted September 7th. It came out musky superior court. Let's go through it. Count one. Influencing witnesses. Mark Jones, Mark Preston Jones did knowingly attempt to persuade corporal Sherman Hayes testimony, trying to influence a witness by means of corruption. There was a case of Georgia vs Pharrell , an official proceeding. He told corporal Sherman that he should testify that Alijah Farrel believed that the deceased victim, Sarah whole Trop was quote , cheating on Pharell , thereby providing motive evidence so that Pharrel could be charged with murder contrary to the laws of the state. No. Oh. So he goes and tells a corporal, why don't you just make this up and say that that person who were charging with the crime, Sarah , the person that is dead now, we'll just say that Sarah was cheating on this person. Why do we need to do that? But we need a motive. How did she get killed? Well, he was mad that she was cheating on him. Was he cheating on her? No. Well, say it anyways. So , uh, obviously that officer didn't do that and reported him . Instead. Another case here , uh , perjury did attempt to induce perjury from a Sherman Hayes , same thing there , uh, charged with murder substantial step toward the commission of perjury. We have another person here , uh , willfully violate the terms of his oath of office by influencing witnesses. We have another one here. Let's see , uh , Shaneka Jones, Terry on the 25th of March, we had Mark Preston Jones tried to bribe this woman, Shaneka Jones, Terry , a person acting on behalf of the state, offered her a thousand dollars to influence her performance as the assistant district attorney $1,000 in exchange for obtaining a murder conviction, which is part of her employment. So, you know, I don't know what that one was like. Was he just offering her a bonus? Don't know what that one was about. Not a lot of information there, right? If she works for him and he's like, listen, you go get a conviction on that. You're gonna get a fat bonus. That's not appropriate in a prosecution office. Right? Some pretty perverse incentives. They should be doing things in the interest of justice, not in the interest of money, but you can, you can at least understand that. Right? Another one here thousand dollars to Kimberly Schwartz influencing her performance, announcing ready on a murder trial on a case that was not ready for trial. Um, so she says , uh , there's a case coming up and, and Mark Jones says , uh, I need you to go handle this murder trial. Well, we're not ready for it. Well, just I'll give you a thousand dollars. Just go do it. We're not ready for that. So not okay. Now the thousand dollars went to attorney Sharecare Jones' office to obtain a murder conviction and let's see only. Yeah. So the district attorneys can only take lawful compensation. They can't take money outside of the ordinary. Did this again with Kimberly Schwartz also told her another thousand dollars to obtain a murder conviction. Another one influencing a witness, knowingly used a threat and engaged in misleading conduct with the intent to influence Chris Bailey in a victim impact statement. Right? So a victim impact statement, somebody who has been harmed by criminality, they're going to write a statement and here it sounds like this prosecutor was trying to bend. That turns a certain outcome. The last count, count nine willfully and intentionally violated his oath of office by not assisting Chris Bailey a victim of a crime and not ensuring that Chris Bailey a victim of the crime was apprised of the rights, afforded him under the law. So that all was from Mark Jones. And he's got , uh, some, some, some troubling things going on in his record. Jones was booked in the Muskegon county jail. 3:00 PM released 7:00 PM. The same day upon his release. He spoke to the news. He said, oh , just kind of shocked. You know, I've been on the job nine months. I fight really hard for the people we're trying cases. And then this happened. So I need to get a copy of the indictments that we just read to see what they're saying. You know what they're alleging. I haven't seen a copy of that. I've only seen the list of the charges. So that's the extent of my knowledge. I don't know anything else about it. Other than that, I didn't take any bribe. I didn't influence any witnesses. I didn't try to suborned perjury. I don't know what they're talking about. Now, this guy, you know, you can , you can believe it or not. He's got , um , some other pending issues that he's working through. Most recent indictment comes as Jones is already in legal hot water facing two felony on an unrelated matters scheduled for trial on September 13th for multiple charges related to damage that he caused to the Columbus civic center. During a taping of the campaign video, you got a DUI charge, November, 2019 cases currently pending. He admits he ran a non campaign and he said , if convicted, those charges will disqualify him from office. And so he has a quote here, not really appropriate. It says we will be ready. We will have both barrels pointed at whoever wants to bring that case. What you shouldn't be shooting people. We are going to fight hard because we're not going to let anything jeopardize this DAC. We took it for the people go to remain in the people. All right . Uh, also has a , had a little bit of problem. He touted his record as never losing a case as a private lawyer, but not so quick. When he became a prosecutor in April failed to get a conviction in a murder case, jury hung eight to four for acquittal. He drew the ire of superior county judge, Ron Mullins, twice Mullins said, Hey, why did you post something on Facebook saying that you wish you could tell the jury about Johnson's prior criminal convictions. So this da goes on Facebook and says, God, it'd be great. If I could just tell all these people about Johnson's prior criminal convictions. If the jury just knew about that, they'd come out here and find it easily. And there's reasons why they don't know about that, right? It's called overly prejudicial value. There's rules of evidence called rule 4 0 3. It says if it's overly probative and it's it, I'm sorry if it's overly prejudicial and it's not probative, then that, that stuff stays out. So this prosecutor comes back in and says, well, I'm just going to talk about it on Facebook. Anyways, the judge comes back out and says, that's highly inappropriate. But this da says, while I have the first amendment judge asked him, delete the post. He said it was coming from his personal account. And then he prosecuted a man in August accused of different child crimes, you know , bad child crimes, superior court, judge admonish Jones, multiple times for using a slang term for male reproductive organs, defense attorney, Michael Garner moved for a mistrial during closing arguments, but Jones, it didn't matter. He was later acquitted. The jury just acquitted the guy in general. So we have Mark Jones who is just the worst kind of prosecutor out there, bribing people doing anything to try to secure a conviction. He got indicted. That's another bad district attorney who is seeking some, getting, getting familiar with the justice system. Shall we say, let's take a look [email protected] . See what kind of questions we have in here before we wrap up for the day. Couple more came in on this one. Let's see. All right, we have thunder seven says he looks like an Antifa thug who hired him. So it was a really good, really interesting case here. Uh , apparent . Apparently the former da had to resign over some problems. There was a weird election. Somebody else got kind of booted out. This guy got kind of elected just by default. Mark Jones says you should see the things I got away with here on the channel. Be careful about that. Mark. You're in hot water already. Geo Mancy game says our country is only going to change once. Head start to roll peaceful heads. And these people who they think are untouchable start being prosecuted a snowball's chance in hell of it happening, but I can't help. But grin. And these slimeballs facing the meat grinder. That is the justice system, a little taste of his own medicine there. Oh, sock says, Rob thought prosecutors had total immunity. This da messes up somewhere really bad. Never thought that this could happen. Well, yeah , they have a lot of immunity, but not for that wants to know, says, Rob, you're totally prejudiced. You enjoyed way too much. When a prosecutor gets cut and you get to report on it, you absolutely absolutely enjoy this too much, but should be allowed to have your fun. That is true. I do like those stories. It's always good to see the bad guys go down. Real Butte day says who the most ethical da is. Kamala Harris, Mark Jones. Kim Gardner. No , don't talk to the prosecutors. They want to screw you over. Only talk to your lawyer. It's good advice. We have one final one here from Sergeant. Bob says, whew . Takes the heat off the Popo. Just kidding. Yeah. So Sergeant Bob is going to finally, Rob Kush , can you leave us alone over, I mean enough already go beat up on the prosecutors. We did that today. Sergeant Bob and uh, I appreciate you chime in on that. Let's see anything over from , uh, from YouTube. We have one from Lauren S says, solid recap. Thank you for that. Yeah. Crammed a lot in there real fast. But uh, but that was it for the questions over from locals and all the support on YouTube, everybody. Thank you so much for that. We're going to wrap it up right there. Want to welcome a couple of new people who are supporting the community [email protected] We've got rod, the OD who's now in the house. Very grateful signed up for the year. Along with Brazilian jujitsu is not a crime in the house. BJJ is not a crime, which is absolutely true. You know, one of the biggest tragedies of the pandemic was I started going back to mixed martial arts. Like I think it was summer of 2019. Like I got like a couple of months in a couple months where you get through all of the hurt. When you get back into mixed martial arts and you're ripping each other's arms out of each other's sockets, you have joint pain. And especially when you're me now, I'm getting older. And so you sort of work through that two months came and went. Then we sort of , you know , a couple of months went by. We started to lock down. They started locking down and the rest was history, major bummer. Anyways, I'm glad you're here. Captain Jim is also in the house. Also signed up for the year with BJJ. Sincerely Sam is in the house along with me. Love dogs last week, mystery of life, west Paul Kecks lot Theresa Simone, Dave tube , Avalon acres , Timbo, and Don M nine 11 all signed up. If you want to join the community, it's [email protected] . Appreciate your support. We have a monthly locals meetup coming up Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM. Eastern time. It's a zoom meeting, a lot of fun. Calm. Keep your cameras on. Keep them off. We have a good conversation because we're building a community. We're having a good time talking politics, talking life, sharing strategies, getting to know one another, putting names to faces and connecting. That's what it's all about. As the government continues to try to disconnect us. We stayed together and I appreciate all of you being here today for a very lively show. We're going to be back here again tomorrow to do it all again. I want to make sure that you're here with us. It's at 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man out there, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I'll see you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye .