Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Biden’s Non-Hostage Afghan Flights, FBI Releases #J6 Pipebomber Video, LAPD Investigating Social Media

September 09, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Biden’s Non-Hostage Afghan Flights, FBI Releases #J6 Pipebomber Video, LAPD Investigating Social Media
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Biden Administration finds itself in a bind as the Taliban continues to hold Americans on board-chartered flights hostage. The FBI releases new video of the January 6th Pipeline Bomber and we review the footage. The Los Angeles Police Department are asking for social media information on all civilians stopped and contracting with a private surveillance company – we review.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 Critics fault the Biden Administration for not doing more to help Americans exit Afghanistan.​
🔵 According to Real Clear Politics, as many as 143 Americans remained stranded at the airport.​
🔵 Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirms the Taliban are holding Americans (but not as hostages).​
🔵 Who is the Biden Administration negotiating with? The Taliban form a new government.​
🔵 Former Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani releases public statement about his leaving the country.​
🔵 Hecklers confront President Biden while he observes the wreckage in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.​
🔵 The FBI releases video and more information about the alleged January 6th Pipe bomber.​
🔵 A virtual map details the alleged bombers path walking around the DNC and RNC buildings on January 5th, the day before the riots.​
🔵 FBI Assistant Director Steven M. D’Antuono updates on the FBI’s progress and asks for help from the American people.​
🔵 Los Angeles Police Department are recording social media information of civilians they encounter during their patrols.​
🔵 According to an internal memo by the Police Chief, all officers are required to gather this information on their interaction cards.​
🔵 The Guardian also reveals the LAPD has a $70,000 contract with a company called Media Sonar.​
🔵 Media Sonar is web intelligence and digital investigation company with sophisticated tracking features.​
🔵 Review of the Media Sonar platform in the context of criminal law.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert ruler . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called a justice. Yeah . And it all starts with the people , politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow. But sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called a watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here in with us today because we've got a lot to get into. We're going to start off by going back into Afghanistan because there's a lot of Americans, apparently 143 of them. According to real clear politics that are still stranded in Afghanistan might even call it a hostage situation unless you're somebody in the Biden ministration, but we have Anthony Blinken. He came out and he's giving us some idea about what's happening here. And so apparently there was six or so charter planes that are still stranded on the ground in Afghanistan, thanks to the Taliban. And so we need to on Ravel that whole debacle, then we're going to check in with you former president Ashraf Ghani, the same guy who hopped on a plane and got the heck out of there, like that. He came out with a statement today and explained why he made the decision that he did tells us a little bit more about what was going on in his mindset. And so we're going to see what he had to say. And then in our second segment, we're going to change gears and go revisit what's going on in January six because the FBI came out today and they released new video about the alleged January six pipe bomber. Remember we saw that a lot of the footage, the grainy photographs that looked like they were taken with a potato were shown to many people in the country. And we were all saying, well, it looks like a person with a hood. We got some more evidence out there today. The new video from the FBI is showing us where this guy was walking around. And so we're going to go through the video. It's about three minutes. We , I broke it up into three different clips. And so we're gonna be able to follow along the narrative and see what is going on there. And then in our final clip, we got to check in and see what the LAPD is doing. That's right. The Los Angeles police department, because now they are gathering up everybody's social media information. Even if you're not charged with the crime, if they just say, Hey, excuse me to have a quick second. I got a question for you. Did you see what happened over here? And you say, oh yeah, I did that. You know, it was crazy. The whole thing, it all fell apart. And they , uh, when they ask you for your , your name, they write that down on a card, along your other social media information. And then you might not think that's a big deal, but we're going to check in and see what another company called media sonar might be doing with that information, creating these mega surveillance, dragnets that are going to follow people, innocent people all over the place. So we've got a lot to get into. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] , which is our community kind of off YouTube. A lot of great people are over there, chatting away. We've got chairman of board over there of the board. We got VNT because prime, we've got three girlies in the house. We have K cell Jeremy MMA . Trita what's up Jeremy. We've got look to G Mustang, Jeff and many others over on YouTube. We've got Stacey on the case. We have Renee crane on. We have Donna Buddha . Fuko is in the house. I saw somebody from Wisconsin. Shout out to Wisconsin. We've got Renee . Crayon says, Robert is a Wolf in sheep's clothing. Whew . That's not any good. We have a Ronnie Cole. We have James Cref . We have a many others. So we're going to , uh , uh , make sure that we're doing a live stream and having a live conversation. And so if you want to participate and you're a supporter [email protected] , then you can submit a form right here. It looks just like that. And we'll do our very best to get to the questions. If you can keep them in order with the segment, that way I can make sure that I can do my best to get to them. All right. And , uh , before we jump into it, of course, if you're looking for clips of the show, this is where they go at the clips channel, Robert ruler , Esq slash clips. And it'll take you right there and I'd appreciate a subscribe over there. That's going to help us grow that channel. And then we can monetize that. And then we can sort of, you know , make the channel self-sustaining. So that would be very appreciated if you wouldn't mind heading on over there, if you don't ever watch the clips, well, you don't have to do a thing . It's pretty nice. All right . So let's get into the news of the day, the situation in Afghanistan, if you're a member of the byte administration, you certainly wouldn't call it a hostage situation, but it's kind of starting to look like a hostage situation. A couple of days ago, we talked about this photograph posted on September 5th, saying that newly released photographs from satellites are showing that Americans are stranded on these airplanes. You see here outside of the Mazar Sharif airport. And so we're kind of scratching our heads saying, well, why are Americans sitting in chartered airplanes? If these planes have been chartered to get them out of the country, us state department has said, they're going to do everything they can possibly do to help make sure Americans get home. But they're stranded there. They'd been sitting there. And so a lot of people over the weekend, over the long labor day weekend and into this week have been sort of trying to figure this out. Are they being held hostage? Why are those planes not moving? There are hundreds of people that want to get out of the country might kind of seem like the Taliban is holding them. Hostage is not letting them leave. And so there was a lot of back and forth about this over the weekend, but planes are still there. Nobody's left. And now some criticism is coming down the pike towards Joe Biden and his administration over from real clear politics. We have Susan she's reporting that us lawmakers and veterans are trying to assist in the evacuation of 143 stranded Americans posted this article today over real clear politics. Many Afghan allies are growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of action by the byte administration, insisting that the Taliban efforts to block flights from leaving the country is not a hostage crisis. It's just another kind of control the proper documents from those seeking to leave. We've been hearing a lot of this. It's just a paperwork problem. Oh no, we're going to let you all leave, but you're going to the wrong country. Oh, you forgot to sign the bottom of your receipt here. Hello? We can't, you leave. Let you leave when you haven't filled out your paperwork properly. So that's what the current administration is doing. Trying to frame this as it's just, it's just, it's just a miscommunication. It's just the Taliban. We're going to get this sorted out. And then we're going to just get things back to normal. Non-profits have been working to evacuate those left behind after August 31st after the exit of all us troops, those aircraft have remained on the ground as first state department officials put up roadblocks. And then as the Taliban Taliban issued demands, say, according to sources, those organizing and funding efforts include the Nazarene fund, right? I think it was a Glenn Beck organization and many others, including women's leadership organizations, trying to get people out of the country. And so, yes, we know that yesterday we talked and heard from secretary of state state Anthony Blinken and recalled that what has happened here with this current administration and the Afghan debacle, it went from a military operation and transitioned into the state department operation. And we saw this happening kind of in slow motion. We saw this when they were bringing up the deadlines. Well, what happens after August 31st, Joe, Biden's out there saying, we're going to get everybody we can. If you want to come home, you can come home. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you want to leave Afghanistan, you're going to leave Afghanistan. And that's been Joe Biden's promise. But then when you ask the , the department of defense, when you asked Lloyd Austin about this, when you ask the Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby about this, their response was always something very similar while we're going to work hard until the very last minute, until the end of the clock, until the time runs out, then we're at a time because that's when the end of the treaty was. And that's when the us had to be out of there. And the Taliban was not extending anything. Then they have tons of hostages in their grips now. So that was the entire lead up. That was the military operation component. It switched over then after August 31st into a state department operation now. And so we're not hearing from any military people, military has done. Now, this is a diplomatic operation. Now this is secretary of state Anthony Blinken. And we haven't really been getting much good data out of this gentleman or this administration. He was telling us, oh, you know, some odds and ends numbers like yesterday. He said, well there , yeah. I mean, there were some Americans there, but it's a relatively small number. It doesn't really matter. You know, it might be a dozen, half dozen. It's not even worth messing around with. And by the way, they're not even our Americans just like the dogs that we kind of , uh , they're not ours. We didn't know about them. And so several of us level-headed Americans I'd say, have been asking how many Americans are out there. According to Susan Crabtree, 143 of them. It's not relatively small numbers of Americans or, you know , whatever he was saying, maybe dozens here, his secretary of state, Anthony Blinken who going to be giving us some indication about what's happening here today was the first day that he came out and said, okay, your rights, the Taliban's not letting anybody leave. You got me on that one. So , uh , now I guess I better explain myself here. He is.

Speaker 2:

The United States will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Afghanistan. We're gratified to have a partner in Congress when it comes to that commitment. Let me also say a bit more about freedom of movement, particularly the issue of charter flights. Yes. Tell us about this in Doha , uh , yesterday, as well as I think all of, you know, a number of groups and individuals determined to help are working to organize charter flights out of Afghanistan, including from Missouri Sharif , for people who wish to depart, we're grateful for those efforts. There's been a fair amount of confusion surrounding flights. And let me just clarify a few things. As of now, the Taliban are not permitting the charter flights to depart. There it is. They claim that some of the passengers do not have the required documentation while there are limits to what we can do without personnel on the ground, without an airport, with normal security procedures in place, we are working to do everything in our power to support those flights and to get them off the ground. That's what we've done. That's what we will continue to do. Specifically telecom with NGOs, with advocates, with lawmakers around the clock, to help coordinate their efforts and offer guidance where we can, we're helping to arrange landing rights and liaise with other countries in the region. In the question of overflight , uh, we've made clear to all parties. We've made clear to the Taliban that these charters need to be able to depart. And we continue every day, virtually every hour to work on that

Speaker 1:

Or what. Alright , so , uh, he, he's going to communicate to the Taliban or communicating to them. Uh, these planes need to leave or else nothing's going to happen to you. So do whatever you want. Cause there's nothing they can do. What leverage do they have? It's sort of the Taliban's ball. They can run it. However they see fit. So he talks about this, you know, they need to leave. We're going to continue to work on that, whatever that means. And , uh , what , what's the solution? What's the resolution here. He's going to work with NGOs. They're going to work with landing rights. They're going to work with other countries to make sure that the planes can land safely. The problem is they can't get out of the airport. Hello ? The Taliban's not letting them take up off the tarmac. So it doesn't matter. It's not a problem of not having a landing zone it's they can't even leave the airport because the Taliban is not allowing to do so. Also mentioned we don't have a , an airport anymore. We don't have a ground force. We not much we can do about that. Right? Of course not. Now it was all your administration, your team's doing, you caused the whole situation you cause all of this to result. And that's why you're sort of stuck without any good options because you botched the whole thing. But he did tell, you know , say to us that he's going to communicate to the Taliban, that this needs to happen. These planes have to go get it done. We're working hard on this. So who is he talking to? Uh , w which, which people of the Taliban are , uh, over, over there negotiating with the new byte administration? Well, it's an all male Afghan government of old guard members. So it's not the diversity in Olympics. Like the state department wanted there , Ned Ned price over there at the state department is probably very upset about this. Uh , as well as that other woman who I think , uh , and we're going to leave it at that, but this is what the Taliban organization came up with on Tuesday. They announced an all male , interim government for Afghanistan, stacked with veterans of their hard line rules from the 1990s and the 20 year battle against us led coalitions a move that seems unlikely to win international support. The new leaders desperately need to avoid an economic meltdown. This is from the AP. Um, remember all that talk from the byte administration. Well, no , they're gen Saki. Well, if they want to be respected on the world stage, and then, then , uh , you know, they're going to have to get their act together. Jake Sullivan, we have substantial leverage over the Taliban. Wouldn't tell us anything about what that leverage was , uh, because given the fact that they might have tens, dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of Americans, or at least American interested people over there , uh, what was the leverage? Is it economics? Well, they don't care about that. They're bringing back all of the hardliners from the nineties and after the 20 year battle of the U S versus the Taliban, they're bringing all of the enemies right back into control the government. And it's all male to not even any females out there, which is offensive. Actually I'm offended up pointed to a key post of the interior minister was sirajuddin Haqqani, who is on the FBI's most wanted list with a $5 million bounty on his head. So he's the interior minister. Now, he still believed to be holding at least one American hostage. So that's good headed the feared Haqqani network that is blamed for many deadly attacks and kidnapping. So , uh , that guy is now the interior minister of the Taliban announcement came hours after the Taliban fired their guns into the heirs . After that they wanted to disperse protesters . They arrested several journalists second time in a week that they use these heavy handed tactics drawn mostly from Afghanistan's dominant Pashtoon ethnic group. The cabinets , lack of representation for racists also seems certain to hobble its support from abroad. Oh, okay. Well, I guess that didn't last long. Did it the big push to get the Taliban on the international stage to bring them up to par so that they could interface diplomatically with the U S government so that the U S government and the Taliban could share tips on making sure they form a very diverse, very inclusive, very friendly, safe spaces for all future negotiations. I guess that's not going to work out too well. It's a bunch of dudes over there. It's a bunch of males. That's just the show. Monistic and they're not even taking people from diff different ethnic groups. I mean, this is just outright racism. Uh , I'm offended. I'm sure. The state department they're probably just, oh my goodness. They're probably writing a bunch of letters right now. Just typing away. Oh , just as disrespectful. The international community is not gonna appreciate this and you better change your it . Okay. So we're going to see what comes out of Ned price over there. Uh, now represent representative Austin. Scott is telling us, giving us some more indication here. It says four of the five Taliban, five Gitmo detainees that were all swapped for Bergdahl were given leadership positions . So they were all held in getting all four of the Taliban five. We've got minister for info and culture Mula Corolla . Karica. We have minister of borders and tribal affairs Mula nor Allah Nori . We have department defense minister, Mohammad , fossil easier name, director of Intel Abdul hock . [inaudible] all . Alright , so we've got that going. Uh , all of America's former prisoners and , uh, bounties $5 million wanted less has American hostages still probably responsible for, you know, hundreds, if not thousands of American deaths, you know, in , in , through, through different tentacles of influence. Oh , they're running things now. So that's what the byte administration , uh , re-installed there. And what leverage do they have while we don't know here is Anthony Blinken, he's upset. He's gonna acknowledge , um , he's pretty reserved for the new, for somebody who's receiving the news that the Taliban is not being that inclusive. He takes it pretty well. Here's what he has to say about it

Speaker 2:

With regard to the composition of this , uh, government or interim government. Um, I noted , uh, the fact that it certainly does not meet the test of inclusivity. Um, and it includes , uh, people who , um, have , uh , very challenging track records.

Speaker 1:

All right. Very challenging track records. So that's to put it mildly the leader of the Haqqani network, somebody who still has an American hostage , uh, people that the U S government had actual live multimillion dollar bounties on. Hm . Yeah. Troubled records. No doubt about that. So how did this all fall apart so quickly? Well, the Afghanistan president Ashraf Ghani is going to tell us from his perspective, what's going on. He said, this is my statement, September 8th, 2021 . He posted this on Twitter, which I guess is good news. I'm not sure if he's citizens are all on Twitter, but he doesn't have a government anymore. So I guess that's the only place he can put it. Who is this guy? This is the president, according to his Twitter bio. Uh, I guess he's still the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. So might want to update that. That is no longer a thing, as far as I know, I think it's now the Taliban , um , dictatorship of Afghanistan, I think is what it is. He says, these are personal tweets. And if you look at his photograph, I noticed this today. So when you try to, when you open a photograph, what Twitter does is they crop it, they mask it. So it turns it from a square into a circle. And I just pulled out the square and it's him. He's literally walking out the door, leaving his troops behind, like that's his Twitter profile. I mean, I don't know what to say about that. It's seems mildly inappropriate given what just happened in that country, but you know, what can you do about it? Uh , here's here is a little bit more about the guy, you know, if you didn't learn much about them over the last 20 years, I surprisingly didn't know much about him born in Logar province, went to the United States in the 1960s, studied, completed his bachelor degree at the university in Beirut. Professor anthology went back to Afghanistan in 2002, after the collapse of the Taliban government served in the finance minister during a prior government Hameed car's eyes , government UN uh , he gave a Ted talk, discuss how to rebuild Afghanistan in 2013, ranked 50th in an online poll by the world's top 100 intellectuals. Oh God. I mean, do you know he's an idiot and easy second in similar poll run by prospect prospect magazine, also the co-founder for the Institute of state effectiveness. So that's good. I wonder how that's working out. It's an American organization set up independent politician. Ideologically liberal came forth during the 2009 presidential election ran again in 2014. So curing less votes than his rival Abdullah Abdullah in the first round, but got a majority in the second round and there was political chaos. So a us intervene and they formed a unity government, installed them again all the way up in a 2019, 2020 sworn in president, again, all the way on March on March, 2020, then the Taliban took over and he flew out of there during his escape, the Afghanistan embassy asked Interpol to apprehend him for embezzling public funds. He was legally succeeded by Amarilla Sali . And then the rest of that is history. He went to the United Arab Emirates, which granted him asylum. And he, he just felt, you know, flew right out of there. So this guy, of course it was , uh , was in charge for a long period of time. He was sort of the U S government's chosen person to go run that show. And he posted a statement today and he left like that soon as the Taliban was like , um, excuse us. Well , they didn't even knock on the door. They're like, we're I think, I think we want to come say hello, gone out of their honey, get the kids, pack the bags, we're outta here. And you know, candidly, right. If you're a person in his position, you know, you'd like to think that you might stay there and that you might go down with the ship. I mean, that's what the captain of the ship is supposed to do, right? It'd be like George Washington taking the first plane back, France. I'm out of here. Good luck, good luck colonists here . Uh , uh, you know, send a postcard. I , I can't, I can't participate in any of this. And so this guy bailed out of there and , uh, let's see what he has to say. Now, my point was, you might be somebody who said , well, I would stay in, I'd go down with the ship and I'd fight to the very end and all of that stuff. But you know, it's really hard to say for , in a position like that, are you going to, do you want to be the person who lays down your life for the rest of the military, that also is , is, is not willing to lay down. There is . I mean, it sounded like the whole country was just willing and waiting for the Taliban to take back over. It was just a matter of time. So why are you fighting for, you know, why would you stand and stay and fight for something that was a dead cause from the very beginning, right? It sounds like maybe this guy knew that this whole thing was built on a bed of sticks and it was all going to become crumbling down at some point. And it did. And so what was he going to do? Stay there and go down with the ship and get flogged to death by the Taliban. Or he just goes, oh , well , time's up. I guess the grift is over the 20 year funneling of money to whomever. That's kind of over, got my fill . I had my, my meal at the buffet and now I'm out of here. Here's what he said on September 8th. I owe the Afghan people an explanation. Yeah. You're not kidding me for unexpectedly leaving the city. I left at the urging of palace security. Oh . They advise me to remain risk setting off horrific street to street fighting that the city had suffered previously back in the 1990s, leaving Kabul was the most difficult decision of my life. I believe it was the only way to keep the gun silent, save cobble under 6 million citizens. I've devoted 20 years of my life to helping Afghan and work towards a democratic prosperous and sovereign state. Never my intent to abandon the people or that vision. But you did now. It is not the moment for a long assessment of the events leading up to my departure. Yeah , of course it is. It doesn't want to talk about it. I will address them in detail in the near future. Okay. But now I must address the baseless allegations that after I left Kabul , I took with me millions of dollars, belonging to the Afghan people. These charges are completely false. Corruption is a plague has crippled our country. I inherited a monster. They could not easily or quickly be defeated. It says my word , wife and I we've been scrupulous in our personal finances. I publicly declared all my assets. Wife's inheritance has been disclosed. I welcome an official audit or financial investigation under UN auspices. My close aides are ready to submit their finances as well. Along with my political figures throughout my life. I firmly believe that the formula of a democratic Republic was the only way forward in Afghanistan throughout my service. My actions have always been defined and guided by the constitution of Afghanistan, provides platforms for dialogue defines a future that can be embraced. I offer my profound appreciation and respect for the sacrifice of all Afghans. It deepened, profound regret that this chapter engine ended in a similar tragedy to my predecessor. Hmm . So , uh, without insurance stability and prosperity, I apologize to the Afghan people. I could not make it and differently. My commitment to the Afghan people has never wavered will guide me for the rest of my life. Yeah. Okay. So that's good. He's going to live a long, nice life posted up at the UAE. Probably got, you know, millions of dollars of collaterals , you know, spread all over the world, who knows what's going on with that. But , uh, I'm sure he's going to be just fine. Not to, not to talk about or worry too much about all the other people that are left in Afghanistan, not his problem. Uh, but they are America's problem. Those are American citizens and obviously they should be rescued and recovered. So he doesn't want to talk about it. Obviously. Certainly not characterizing it as a tremendous success. I didn't see anything in here about this being historic and something that was to be revered and studied in the history books for all time to come. Something that was never before done by a modern United, modern nation in modern history. Wow. He says it was a tragedy. Oh , similar tragedy. Yeah. No stability, no prosperity. So a little bit of a different framing there between the byte administration and the Afghanistan, former Afghanistan government, and all right. So he walked out on , uh , his country walked out on his troops. Uh, somebody else kind of did something similar to that. And he kind of got some grief for that when he was visiting different parts to survey the destruction of hurricane Ida, listen in on this one,

Speaker 3:

[inaudible] 2011 or 11 .

Speaker 1:

Hi. All right. So president Biden out there surveying the damage, getting heckled by people out in the streets. What are you doing here? They said it's a big, long clip. About a two minute clip in the first part of the clip there . What are you doing here? Taking photographs? What are you doing? Somebody else says , uh, Hey officers, he's gonna leave you behind. He's gonna , he's not gonna, he's gonna forget you. He's that. He's going to leave you behind. He left our Americans behind. We had somebody who died December, 2011. He's dead. What he died for, for what? So , uh , we have some similarities there. What do you have to say about Afghanistan? Let's take a look [email protected] and check in on the chat. See what we've got coming in here. First one is in from tos. Four ever says, is anyone else concerned that these hostages are part of a 9 11 21 global repeat Biden wanted a nine 11 celebration. I pray for our global safety three days away. Now there's a lot of warnings flying around all over the place about, you know, bracing for terrorist attacks and things like that. So , uh, certainly be careful. We have Mustang. Jeff says working hard and getting it done are two different things. Unfortunately, I doubt that the Biden administration will get our people out. Is this going to be another Iran hostage crisis? I don't know Mustang Jeff . Well , certainly they're going to do everything humanly possible to not use the H word, that hostage word. Very dangerous. So it's just, it's just confusion. It's just miscommunication the Taliban. As soon as they get all this worked out. Yeah . They're just going to send people through. Sergeant Bob says, do everything in our power quote, what power us state department has no power. End of story. Now they look entirely emasculated. What do they have? They've confirmed multiple times that there's not going to be any essentially military force going back into, you know , rescue any Americans. Joe Biden came out there and gave that stern talking to about, you know, going in and exacting revenge on the people who killed 13 American service members. What did that turn into? A couple of drone bombs dropped on a family. So not didn't work out real well, Taliban and everybody over there knows the whole thing is , uh , is it's ineffective not going to do anything. All bark, no bite from this administration. Jeremy Trita says, wait, what happened? I think I skipped that one. Let's go back. Jeremy Katrina says, Rob, just curious how recent were the satellite photos taken and who took them? I'm not questioning your research. And if I put you on the spot to get my question, always loved the show. So it was on September 5th and the person who posted it was a journalist from somewhere. I don't know what it was, but if you download my slides, Jeremy, or you go back on that, you'll be able to go and click the person's name. And you'll be able to find out exactly who he is. I can't remember off the top of my head, but he posted that back on September 5th. And he , it was his, his data. So I'm not sure where it came from, but you should always question your sources. No question. We have Kinkaid says good evening, Rob. I would like your thoughts on the following affording legitimacy to terrorist group could reduce acts of violence. However, given the politics, splinter cells and neighboring nation Iran, and isn't the risk too high legitimacy to a terrorist group could reduce acts of violence. Isn't the risk too high though. Okay. So I see what you're saying. So I think the framing here is that the question is really surrounding. If you legitimize the Taliban, you bring them up to the table and you say they're on equal footing. They're United States partners. We're going to have conversations with them and negotiate about foreign affairs together, peacefully. We're there at the same table, which is what the Taliban is going to be demanding. Right? If you do that, then are you essentially, legitimising all of the other terrorist organization, the splinter cells, the Iran extremists, anybody else who else who is out there now goes, oh, I see how you get a seat at America's table. You just beat them in a war. You just go make them respect you. You just go make them hurt in a way that opens the door to legitimacy. The Taliban did it. They got leverage over America and now they have a seat at the table. So yeah, I think you can't . I think there are some unintended consequences there that are of proper concern to be thinking about monster one says LMA, oh , wasn't it just yesterday. They said that it was a lie that the Taliban was holding planes. How do people think these guys have any credibility left? I don't know. You got me monster. When I have no idea. I don't know how anybody even listens to them anymore. I mean, the only reason we listened to them on the show is because they're the only people who have any data that are talking, but why they're still in charges ? Uh , shocking. The Afghan cabinet is a sausage Fest, has a bunch of bros in there . Ah , weird little weird. We have Nadar Darby . The house says what makes me question the hostage narrative other than my normal distrust of the media is why, why would the Taliban want to hold our people? What do they get out of it? I mean, they technically just quote one , the 20 year war with us, they got our military out of their country. So why would they risk all of that success in progress? Just to harm us people, knowing our military officials are just itching to come bomb them . I just don't pass it. Doesn't pass the test. It's going to be a no from me dog. That's from the Randy Jackson voice. I think that was American idol or something like that. That's in the dark in the house. I think, I think I understand what you're saying to dark . The way that I've always thought about it is if the Taliban keeps certain Americans as cards they can play, right? If they make it difficult, remember Americans are going to be leveraged for them, right? We're going to see just this slow trickle of, you know, more, more bad photographs are already coming out on Twitter. I'm not going to ever play them here. Cause I can't cause YouTube won't let me show that stuff cause it's bad. Right? Uh , a lot of, a lot of problematic things are happening over there. And if America starts to continue to see that and the Taliban knows that they have the leverage because they ultimately have the hostages. They know that the U S is not willing to go back in there and re-engage in a ground conflict or engage in any extended conflict in Afghanistan, not going to do that. Taliban knows that. And so they have incentives to put speed bumps in the departure of Americans because the longer Americans are there, the more negotiating leverage they have, they say, Hey, us government, we need , uh , you know, we need $50 billion. If there are no Americans there, what leverage do they have? The us government says, we're not going to give you that. What are you nuts? What are you going to give us for that 50 billion? Nothing. They said, well, we've got a hundred Americans here who want to come home. Uh, what do you think about that? Certainly, you know , I here's the check. Give me the checkbook. Uh, Joe Biden go, wait , Joe Biden up here, put the pen in his hand, make him sign this thing. And I think that's all there is to it. It's about leverage. We have thunder seven says the only good to come out of this Afghan disaster is the people are seeing the true colors of the Marxist Biden regime. 53% of Americans in a poll blame Biden directly for that suicide attack. Fake news. Can't cover up for him since he hit in a basement in 2020, but they can't stop the hate that is pouring on the byte administration. I see, I saw the polls . It's like a bloodbath and it's well-deserved we have John Halperin , not Josh Blinken is Leslie Nielsen. Nothing to see here, country explodes behind him. Yeah. What is that from naked gun. Oh no. Nothing's going on back here. Meanwhile, the entire country is up in flames right behind him . I'll move along. Nothing to see here. Folks just keep moving along. John. Definitely not. Josh. How green? Good to see you, John. Thanks for being here. We have another one. Former Elio says how about we send the Taliban and ultimatum? If any of the hostages, any are injured or not release, the USA will reign hell on every us military vehicle that was left behind. No matter what, the location there on the ground in Afghanistan, they should expect a hell fire right up their rear end. And if appropriate carpet bombing, all of those vehicles are now useless to the Taliban. Very, very, very strong approach. Their former Elio taking no not taking any hostages. The Taliban is former Elio is not. I appreciate it. We have another one from Sergeant Bob says regarding the Taliban in the USA, don't bother trying to peach a pig, teach a pig, how to sing. It will only frustrate you and annoy the pig. It's a good one. They used from Sergeant Bob. We have some others here. Let's see what else. Come on, Google. Come on load. Look at this. Look at this. Let's take it its time. There it goes. All right , let's see what we've got here. We have dog whistle says Carter will live long enough to see someone replace him as the worst president. You know , we're we're right on par for that one, looking like it's , uh , might not even be closed. We have , uh, somebody says , uh , screw Biden. Wow. That's aggressive says LOL Blinken lecturing. The Taliban for not having a diverse government. He sees smoking crack with hunter. Remember the video of the Taliban leaders laughing about the vice reporter , uh , asking about women in the government, maybe Biden and blink and said Kamala Harris to lecture the Taliban about diversity. Yeah, that'll be a fun. Uh, that'll be a fun conference when they go over there to talk about diversity inclusion pronouns. I'm I'm waiting to know what the Taliban's pronouns are. You know, I mean, we can't offend them. They're our partners. Now they're our international partners. We have Kamala Harris's rack , uh , is , uh , says I should go to Afghanistan to lecture the Taliban to have a diverse government. We got Kamala is just getting it today. Tallow Taliban finance committee says we are rethinking this hostage situation. These fat Americans are eating all our food. We had to sell all the weapons we collected just to feed them hashtag thanks. Bye. Yeah . Well look, you know, they're giving, they're giving them all of our equipment. Why don't they ship over some, you know , big Macs as well, just to make sure we're good. We have air India communication sent , uh , I can't say that one. Eric air India RO Butte day says, Hey Rob, do you think that Blinken and the other Democrats believe their own BS? Or is it all a grift? I, you know, I don't know yet. I, I think, I think it's a grift. I think they know, right? These people are, it's hard to tell, you know, ordinarily, I would say it's a grift, right? They're politicians, they're all Grifters. That's what it's all about. Right? It's all about their personal persona. Some of them, I think, do believe in some of the cause and you know, their PR you know , maybe good people, maybe, I don't know , uh , probably not, but a lot of them, you know, self-aggrandizing egomaniacs south sociopath that are out there to sell books and deliver talking points, essentially it, you know, for whatever the party establishment is. And they're all part of a team, essentially the people that kind of, you know, step out from the team, they get nudged right back into the team. And so it's hard to tell if it's a grift, but there are some people in this administration that I, you know, the only other way that you can, you can sort of explain a way the incompetence, other than, you know , deliberate, unintentional withdrawal that looked like this many people were speculating that the Afghanistan withdrawal was intentional. I mean, how could it be botched so badly if it wasn't just intentional? And so I think the corollary there is that these people really do believe their own BS. I mean, they really do believe like the Taliban is going to form an inclusive government. Like this is going to be a new regime that is suddenly going to be mixing and mingling with the United nations, talking about global warming and proper pronouns and gender transition surgeries. And who goes into what locker rooms like the , I think they might have thought that was gonna happen if they did think that that would explain a way the incompetence, otherwise it's just a grift, right? It's just Jen Saki coming out there going, oh, I have to come out here and do this garbage job. Just shoveling this dog doodoo every day because she knows right on the other end of that, she's got the rest of her life is set. I'm gonna write a bunch of books. You become a commentator on CNN. She'll go on the view and do all of these circuits and she'll work as a lobbyist or she'll go into some other administration in some other roles. So it's it. You got to go out there, shovel the garbage. It's just part of the job. It's all political nonsense. And then when you're done, you can reap your rewards. I think that's really what it comes. So some of it is grift. Some of it is believing their own BS. Otherwise, how can you explain a way the catastrophes? I think it's because they believe their own BS. They believed it too much. Ms . Danny says, what about the different arguments between what is being done between China and Pakistan? Isn't America aware of all of this? Yeah, I think, I think I saw a tweet that said that the Taliban was announcing the formation of their new government. And who were they inviting? Well, it was all the other dictatorships, all of the other totalitarian type of governments out there. Right. Russia, China, and some of the other more nefarious entities. So I think that's, what's going on. I'm sure the U S is aware of this. You know , and many people are also speculating that this was sort of a, we're going to give this piece of the chess board over to the Chinese were just, Afghanistan is not ours anymore. The Chinese want that they have the belt and road initiative. They have , uh , you know , all sorts of global projects in place. They wanted that geography. That's why we just gave it up and gave it over to them. Uh, I don't know about that. We have another one team America world police says, what do you expect? We're just puppets. Just the politicians, just dancing around like morons. Let's see what else we have. Soul Viking says the most important paperwork I am missing. I am sure is legal currency. Price goes up as the clock ticks away. That's from soul Viking. We have monster one says to answer the question as to why the Taliban would want hostages, the Taliban holds all the cards. Now, if the United States tried to invade again, those hostages get killed. The United States would be responsible. The Taliban knows this just because they live in the desert. Doesn't mean they are stupid. That's for monster one. Yeah. It's leverage . It's negotiate . And they have very good leverage because Americans don't want to see that have monster. One says, I think I forgot to put my name on the last one. That was for monster one. Don't know what question that was. Sure. It was amazing though. Sergeant Bob says no Carter fan, but at least he had a soul that's from Sergeant Bob. Right? So I think that supports the trajectory of the current administration down worse than Carter. We have another one monster. One says they have made it very clear that they think Republicans and right wing are a greater threat than the Taliban military is coming here for their next war. We've covered that a lot here on this channel, the idea that domestic terrorists and the white supremacists and all of these different militia groups that apparently they know all about, but couldn't prepare to protect the capital building from those people. They're warning us again. Okay. So you can take that as far as you can throw it. Let's see, we had a Superchat coming in here from Kareem 1 65 . Appreciate that Karim says I knew Joe was terrible, but this is a total disaster. Yeah, that's true. And I saw another one from Steven Farrington up at the very start of the show that looks like it didn't make it into our channel. That was just given us a shout out there. Shout out back at just even Farrington. Thanks for being here and being part of the show and that my friends are the questions on that segment. Thank you for all of the support [email protected] They're chatting away over there. Be NT kiss Mustang. Radices in the house. Miss Danny, over on YouTube. We've got Curtis Bartel . I need BIS we have no, you won't get none. We have Gary Carlisle and many others chatting away over there. Thank you for all of your support. All right. So we're going to jump into the next segment. Keep this train on the tracks over here. The FBI we've been asking for a lot of January six Capitol hill riot footage, and they gave us some today, but not all of it. There's still something like tens of thousands of hours that are still floating around that. We've been trying to get our hands on for all of the various Capitol hill defendants that are still working their way through the justice system. But we'll set that aside for another day today, the FBI came out and they released new video and additional information regarding the pipe bomb investigation. It says that the FBI Washington field office gave us new info coming out of January, 2021. And they're looking for additional tips from the public. They want your help America identifying the perpetrator of this attempted attack remains a priority. And we've been, you know, we've been kind of critical of the FBI. A lot of what their work has seemed to have been over the last nine months now has been playing where's Waldo, finding the little guy in this red and white striped clothes all over the Capitol building. Oh, there's there's Waldo. Oh, there's another Waldo. And then charging them the little grandmas walking around the Capitol building with all different types of violations. We've seen. Many of these have basically boiled down into a disorderly conduct and criminal trespass. We know that the us attorney's office has been asking for continuances, apparently just, just about a month or two ago, they started actually organizing all the video footage, all those thousands of hours, while many Capitol hill defendants were riding away in custody because DC judges wouldn't let them out the government. That's supposed to be preparing the case that has all of the evidence that's supposed to be disclosing it to the defense so they can prepare their defenses. Weren't really doing that. What they were doing is that we have so much data to organize. You've got so much of this stuff. It's so cumbersome. And we're only the FBI. We're only the us attorney's office. I mean, we're only the federal government of the United States. We only have so many resources judge. And so we need more time. And so the DC judges said, oh, take all the time in the world, whatever you need government, because we know that you're on the side of justice in this case, even though we haven't heard any of the evidence. So that's been going on for a long time. All of that data about the, you know, the random grandmothers , uh, Owen Shroyer, who was standing on the Capitol steps, you know, he's apparently a, you know, a mad insurrectionist now, you know, the list goes on and on and on, but now they gave us some information about somebody who maybe was doing something actually problematic. If you believe whatever the FBI is telling you. Right? A lot of people have a lot of questions about this investigation, myself included. So when we start to read things like this, y'all , you know, I'm always taking it with a grain of salt. I'm a criminal defense lawyer as in professional, right. That's what I do on a day-to-day basis. I was going to say by training, that's actually what we do. We have a whole law firm here. And so whenever I see government documents, I go, okay, whatever, whatever you say, they're FBI. I'm going to , yeah, I'll believe it when I see it. But the point here, right, is these are the types of efforts that the FBI, it makes sense for them to go after and utilize their resources for that. They don't have to go and investigate every single person who was standing in the vicinity of the Capitol with 37 different obstruction charges. That's insane. And they don't need thousand hours to go prosecute those cases. And they certainly don't need to keep those defendants behind bars and in custody when they pose no actual threat, many of them have no criminal history whatsoever. So yes. How about more of this FBI, less of prosecuting grandma and having all of your special agents playing where's Waldo on their computers all day. Uh , we can be a little bit more productive than that. This might be a good place to start. The new information includes a virtual map that highlights the route. The suspect's walked while placing the two bombs. This took place. Remember before January six on January 5th, between 7:30 PM and 8:30 PM at night, the night before the riots one device placed back behind the RNC, the Republican national committee headquarters, and another one behind the DNC, which, you know, both those places are garbage, but we certainly don't want them blown up. New video footage released today, shows the pipe bomb suspect sitting on a bench near the DNC in an area where the suspect later placed the bond from this vantage point, a full front view of the suspect can be observed. You see that folks were gonna get a full frontal here , uh, from the alleged January six pipe bomber. And that's going to be really exciting brace yourselves for the full frontal. Let's take a look now at the quick map so we can get our bearings straight, quick note here that the video is going to zoom in, but I want to just point out sort of where this is at, right? This is the U S Capitol building. You can see that here. Uh , we have, the DNC is located here. The RNC is located over here. The pipe bomb for the DNC was located at that sort of this side of the building. RNC was posted over here in the, in the sort of the Northwest corner. A lot of other stuff in this area , uh, Aaron space museum, the Capitol buildings over here, library of Congress is over here. If I'm not mistaken, you have the Supreme court, which is just one building north of that to the left down here, you have all of the, you know, the Washington monument goes down. That way, the white house is down that way. And so all this is taking place right near the Capitol building. Uh, so all this is all surrounding the Capitol . And so the bombs were right. Here's the RNC and the DNC and the FBI gave us a lot of information about this. Let's take a look at what , uh, what , what they've cobbled together. We have video downloads. The video is also on YouTube. If you want to watch the full uncut thing, we have different resources. So they have different videos and they're gonna give us multiple different angles. So videos , uh , from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 different angles, different various footage of, of the suspects. And so in the video, it's about three minutes. I have it clipped into about three different segments. And so in the first segment, we're going to take a look and this is where the suspect comes into the scene. So we're going to it, it picks him up on surveillance footage and you know, of course the questions are well, you know what happened before that? Where did you capture him? Uh, you know, let's start here and we go around this map, you're going to see the , the red bullet point starts right here. This is where this gentleman is going to start. Let's play it. There's no audio on this. I'll sort of talk through it. It's going to zoom in. He's going to go up New Jersey street and we're going to see him just walking down. You can see him walking right there on your screen, go in this direction. And he's got a hoodie. Somebody serving it's footage, right? That's coming from somebody's porch. So that's private residence photograph that he makes his way around to the DNC. This looks like it might be a street camera, or this might be somebody else's, you know , nest camera or something on somebody's property. So you can see the suspect over here on the left side. Let me switch. I , uh, my laser point over here, you can see that a little bit better. Now he's walking towards the right side of the screen and he's going to pause again. This is where you're going to get the full frontal folks. He's going to turn around. We're going to have a full frontal here. Now you're going to notice, right? This is taking place in January, January 5th. And so it's called out, he's got gloves on he's fully covered. He's got his mask on, he's adjusting his mask. It looks like he might have glasses on as well. We can't really see that, but he's kind of just hanging out guys, walking. His dog also has his mask on so that he's not spreading. COVID, everybody's freaked out about COVID remember it's January 21. And so now he's , you know , he's kind of just playing around, puts something on his face. I think those might've been glasses picks up the bag and then goes over to the DNC. Now that video clipped out right there. And so we saw sort of two stops, two videos, one from a person's , uh , uh , phone or from a person's property looking through their front porch. So he walks by that street, goes over to the DNC and then , uh, stops and sorta takes a pause break. So we're going to go into the next segment and we're going to see him. This , this is where it picks up back over from the DNC. He's going to do a bunch of kind of loop de loops around the DNC building before he drops the bomb off. Uh, and then we're going to , we're going to jump over to the RNC. So here that is , so he does a little loop kind of makes it seem like he might be, is that where the bomb gets dropped off? So we have a big , uh , we have some, some waiting time here. So he's going to sit here, just kind of hanging out. We have one of those scooters and you'll notice at this point, he's already kind of walked all the way around the DNC. This is the DNC building. You can kind of see this , uh, I'm presuming this is the DNC building, but you can see, you know , this big concrete wall on the side looks like you've got some metal railings. It looks like a big government building with a little bit of a planter there. The alleged bomber he's now texting something. He's sort of looking at his phone. He's got his hood on. We have look what it looks like a , you know, kind of an infrared camera. So he's just still hanging out there . Cars are passing by and that's where it stops. I think it stops. Nope. It's still going. Okay. So let's just wait, he's going to walk off here. There he goes. So now he's picking up walking to the left side of the screen. And so we don't actually see him drop that off if I don't recall, right. He goes off, over into the field there and then he's off camera . So then it, it, it, it, he drops it off. And now he's doing loops back around, goes around the full DNC building kind of double backs. And so you're noticing they have a lot of footage that they're not including in this, obviously, right? This is the scene from the FBI, but we have a turnaround here how they know he turned around here. They have a turnaround here, how they know he turned around there. Right? We've got different colors. He does a double back, multiple double back . So they've got cameras all over the place. They're just giving us just a simple smatter here . It's one of the first things you're always asking. Anytime you get discovery from the government is they're going to tell us, this is our whole file. This is everything we have. This is what you got. And you look at it and you realize, oh, that's basically nothing, right? I'm missing this, I'm missing this, I'm missing this. And so obviously this is not meant to be exhaustive. This is just the FBI making a public video so that we have some basis for what happened here. But my point is, they've got a ton of surveillance footage. This, what they're looking at is going to be enough. That's going to connect the dots on every one of these turns, right? They're going to have , they're going to see this guy there . They're watching everything he's doing. If he picked his nose, I'm sure they saw it, but it was just, he was too covered up. They couldn't see anything, right? I mean, the guy was completely covered. He had a , uh, he had a hood on, he had a mask on, presumably he had glasses on. He had gloves on. It was even hard to gauge the color of his skin. I mean, you really couldn't see anything from any of the videos. So the FBI comes back out. They're giving us some information here, says that , uh , based on the suspect's routes , let me change my pen back route of travel to the DNC and from the DNC to the RNC and the manner in which he carries his backpack. After placing the bomb at the DNC, FBI believes the suspect had a location in the vicinity of Folger park from which the person was operating, huh? Reviews of the suspect's behavior and interviews with residents have led the FBI to believe the suspect is not from the area. Now it's interesting. And remember, right, this is, again, this is happening on January . So none of the stuff that happened on January 6th had happened. Nobody was expecting that to happen. According to even mayor Muriel, Bowser , she submitted a document saying we don't want any help. We have this thing covered. We've dealt with many other protests here. We know what we're doing. Don't send the feds in, we'll handle it. She said that specifically to the Trump administration at the time. So that is a very, very interesting, and my question would be if January six riots didn't happen as they happened, would these bombs have gone off , gone off? Maybe they didn't go off because that event was happening. Right? So one way or the other, we were going to get some sort of chaos and disorder that day somebody was going to make it happen. In light of this new information, the FBI is issuing a national call for tips from the American people saying they've been very, very helpful. If you recognize anything about his glasses, shoes, backpack, any of the items, mannerisms, anything, give us a help out anything unusual in Folger park. On the evening of January 5th, they need help because they can't find this guy. They're saying that they're extremely grateful. Let's take a look at what they've gone through. FBI has conducted more than 800 interviews with really isn't that much over nine months collected more than 23,000 video files assess more than 300 tips related to this. So those tips have uncovered, help us uncover new information, but we need more. We know it is hard to report on your friends or your families, but these bombs were viable devices. They could've detonated, killing actual people. Your tip could be the one that saves lives. The person who placed these bombs wore a face mask glasses, gray, hooded, sweatshirt, gloves, blue, light, gray, Nike gear suspect use a backpack, $100,000 reward from the FBI. Now this is where he goes over. And right. So we're going to see here. This is the final part. He's going to take this over to the RNC. The RNC is over here. Now up top on these sort of top right Capitol hill club. Let's see what his direction looks like here. So they pick him back up. Now on second streets, we got a purple line. He's going to do some loop de lose again, drops. And we saw this, this image, right? We saw this previously, but again can can't see anything about him. He's totally covered up there. He's going in front of the Capitol club, stretching out his arms a little bit before he makes a double back, goes around the building. One time, drops it off and then leaves at 8:18 PM. So he's, he's there for less than an hour. And , uh , actually made a transition from one location to another. All right, well, let's see what you have to say about this. This is over from , uh , watching the Any thoughts on what's happening here? Any questions about what the FBI is alleging happened? Let's take a look. We have a few questions here. First one from monster. One says it's been almost a year and they are just now finding video of this bomber. Yeah. It doesn't seem suspicious at all. That's for a monster one. Yeah, it's been, it's been nine months over nine months. And they're now asking for the public's help on this thing. They're out of options. Very interesting. Eat on test says America's position used to be. We don't negotiate with terrorists. We need to update that to say we don't negotiate with terrorists. We subsidize them . We give them all sorts of military gear, whatever they need, Humvees, Blackhawks, anything, whatever you need. They've got it. Perry. Mason areas here says full frontal view, but they can't find this person. Don't know how this can be. At nine 11 was completely figured out. Something's not right here. And it's from Perry. Masonary we have a couple of other questions. Let's see what we've got. We have Jeremy Machita says I have lost all trust in the FBI. If the investigators are incompetent to and competent to investigate crimes, they should be replaced. They should certainly shouldn't be fishing for help from the untrained public. Yeah. Somebody who's going to watch that and say, I know somebody who walks like that. It's that jerk, that person might have an unfriendly visit from the FBI, Jeremy. Oh, I already read that one. Good to see you, Jeremy. We have another one from the FBI says, Rob, the person in the video is not an FBI agent or an informant. LOL. Thanks for reminding me, FBI. You know, somebody like me might have thought something like that, but you corrected me. You're disavowing the fact that you might've had anything to do with any of this. And uh , I believe you for that, right? You know, like, you know, you would never have a special FBI agents, text messaging with an undercover government informant telling them that the plan was to go murder and kidnap a governor. And then when you're a special agent FBI person sending that text messaging to your confidential informant, that the government is basically keeping on their payroll. You also tell them, delete this text. I'm not supposed to be saying this. So make sure it's erased from evidence. Every FBI would never do that, right? Oh, they did. That was the governor Whitmer case. Oh, they're liars. Oh, they framed a bunch of people throughout history. It's documented well-documented but this is totally different. Right? The FBI sets up there on the show. They said , so had nothing to do with anything. We had a Nadler's bellies here that Google, Billy says an anonymous source told me, Adam Schiff is the bomber little Adam Schiff Democrat from California. Yeah. He, he he's, he's a bombastic fellow. That's for sure. Tos forever says amazing. Why wouldn't the gods of TECO ? Trace the bombers phone and text and connection. It's a good question. I wonder who he was texting. Was he a communicating with his FBI handlers? I don't know why wouldn't they be able to find that we know that they were gobbling up all the cell data. That was one of the first subpoenas that went out. They were gathering all the cell data of everybody there. Right? That was one of the first things that was demanded early on in these criminal cases. We have another one from 5 0 3 unlimited said, is that a Unabomber wannabe? Wasn't it Timothy McVeigh that dressed in this type of low profile , get up from 500 , three unlimited to Timothy McVeigh do that. And that was the Oklahoma city guy. You know, I don't know, but you know, COVID makes it very convenient to be an undercover bomber . Doesn't it put the, put the thing on, put the glasses on. Nobody even asks the question. You just go, oh, he's a, he's a COVID hysteric that you can wrap yourself up in a balloon if you want it to a bubble and just probably waltz right into a bank. Probably waltz right into the , the bank vault. Excuse me, sir. You're not supposed to be in here. I have my mask on. Oh, well in that case, yeah, go right in there. Stupid. All right . What else we have VNT . Cause prime says if they got a full frontal frontal view, then maybe they can identify them in the same manner as in the movie. Porky's I don't know if I've ever that one thunder seven says FBI know who it is, but just like Hunter's laptop. They're going to sit on it because it incriminates the lunatic left Antifa crowd where it was hunter Biden that night. Nobody knows we have another one from Sergeant . Bob says, this is worth the FBI time. Trouble. Is there corruption in rhetoric the last few years? If you had told me a few years back, I would have no confidence in another. I'm sorry. If you had told me a few years back, I would have no confidence in another law enforcement agency. I would have laughed, not laughing. Now I'm with you on that. Sergeant Bob mine , you know , mine , not a few years ago, I would say 10 to 12 years ago. Right? When I was a young first year law school student, I thought law enforcement was just, you know, the tops. And , uh, I've learned a lot since that time. And a lot has changed since that time. I think that that law enforcement and the entire dynamic of policing has changed dramatically. So it doesn't, it doesn't surprise me that we're becoming more and more aligned on that as we're both observing what's happening around us because it's inappropriate. Thanks Sergeant. We have another one from monster says if they can track his 15 laps around the building, why can't they track where he came from or where he went? Great question monster one. And I'd be asking the same thing. We have another one here from king . Kate says, Hmm . We thinks Antifa also the FBI doesn't have analyzers, LOL body type possible age, et cetera . I mean, just looking at the dude or very large gal has some lower back issues, perhaps flaming too much online. Yeah. And I was thinking about that too Kinkaid . Right? All sorts of body movement analysis. I think there's remember that scene from true lies with me once. Favorite actor, Arnold Schwartzenegger, as they're walking through the , uh, the security and it's analyzing their gates , how the body walks, right. They can sort of see where your joints are and they can measure the distance between your joints and your torso length. And it's sort of like a fingerprint. Your body's like a fingerprint, right. They can measure the distances between everything and it's unique to you. And so, you know, can they do that here? Uh , probably. But do they have the data to support that? We're going to save that for the next segment we're in , uh, maybe they don't now, but sometime in the scary future, they will, three girlies is here, says I watched security cameras nonstop for years. There was not enough of these cameras for them to determine anything from the public. They need to let go of more of these videos. How do they know that he's even a guy also I've noticed they circled the Capitol club, like the DNC building, not the RNC building. I don't believe the FBI can say they targeted the RNC building. Yeah . That's a good point. Right? We don't, we don't really know. We saw, we saw sort of this scene here from the RNC building and the RNC bomb as we can see is, you know , we see the Capitol hill club. The RNC bomb is right over here by the Capitol club. But this is the RNC right here. So why is the bomb over here? Not over here. Huh? Curious. Yeah, that's a good 0.3 girlies . Let's see what else we have coming in. Next one up is from not the Russians, which is good. Him wandering around means this was the first time doing something like this. Maybe he's not even local. Was he texting or looking at Google maps to find the building? That's a good question. It's a good question. Cause he dropped it off over by the Capitol building of the Capitol club building the restaurant, not the , uh , not the RNC building monster. One says the Unabomber was Ted Kaczynski. He was the hoodie guy. Yeah, that's right. Yeah. And I think there's a, there's a good Netflix documentary about that. Pili . Wally is here, says , Hey Rob, what a story on today's uh , what a story on an epic day in Europe's past when Islamic state carried out attacks across France killed 1 37 injured for 16 back in 2015, the trial of some of the perpetrators has started today. They blew up the suicide vest outside the park to prance . When France were playing a football game, then went into a concert and executed many shot and killed many at cafes. The troubles from a far reached UK shores and are no longer troubles from afar. It will only spread in the years to come. May I pay my respects to my French brothers and sisters last that day? That's from PLE Wally , man. What a nice comment. I mean, it's not a nice, it's a, it's a great comment. It's not a nice thing. Uh , epic day. And yeah, so I remember those series of attacks. Wasn't there one in Mumbai also I think around that time I was in the law school. Yeah. And no, no, no. I was, I was out. I was practicing. Yeah . I remember those. There was a series of those very violent, very volition , uh , um , aggressive attacks, volatile attacks, where they went into shopping malls and things like that. And it's amazing that we're now in 2021 in the trials started today. Thank you for sharing that pili , Wally important to , to pay your respects on those things. We have a bomb position could suggest potential motives DNC are busy RNC or fat cats hanging out over by the lounge. Somebody said. And so those came in from watching the . Let's see what we have coming in over from YouTube. We have Ben Dover says tacos, not war. It's a good, it's a good mantra just for life. In general, we have Hector G says, can you unpack the Texas voting bill ? Is it basically going back to pre pandemic voting procedures? Yeah . I saw that governor Abbott signed that. I'll take a look at it. I'm not sure that we'll, we'll squeeze it into a segment. It kind of depends on what it looks like, but I will take a look at that. Yeah. Cause that might actually be a framework for other states, right. If Texas got it through and this is going to be their line in the sand, other states might be doing something very similar. So that might be worthwhile. Uh, you know, sometimes, sometimes it's hard for me to squeeze in all the topics into one day because there's so much to talk about. But thank you for the suggestion. Hector G I will take a look at that. Typically what I like to do is kind of batch a bunch of the same topics together. So, you know, when, when, when this other voting things to talk about, we'll see if we can bundle those up, but thank you for your support. Those all came over from YouTube and watching the All right, we've got one final segment of the day and let's get into it. Shall we? The LAPD, the Los Angeles police department are now gobbling up social media information from basically everybody. If you have an interaction with them, whether you're guilty of anything or not, and they write your name down on a card, because you're a witness, you're somebody who saw something and they want to record your information. There's a very interesting line on the form that they filled out called an interaction card, where they're saying things like social media profile, things that we found about this person online, so that all of that can be documented so that everything goes back into their database and they can do something with it. Don't really know what it is because why would they tell us? But this is all happening, starting in LAPD, but probably going to end up in your state, in your backyard any day. Now, the guardian is reporting, saying revealed. LAPD officers are told to collect social media data on every civilian that they see an internal police, chief memo shows employees were directed to use field interview cards. And these, these very kind of simple, like three by five cards that police use when they're writing down basic information, which would then be reviewed. So the police chief drafted a memo, sent that out, LAPD directed all of their officers to collect social media information, including of those individuals not even arrested or accused of a crime, the police complete these things there . They want to record things like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts, and other social media accounts. Along with other basic biographical information. Internal memo memo shows that Michael Moore, the police chief told employees, quote , it was critical to collect the data. Why, why do we need it, Michael Moore? Why do we need this for well, we're going to use it in investigations, arrests and prosecutions warned that supervisors would review the cards to ensure that they were complete. So you have the chief of police now demanding in India , internal memo, all officers. If you're going to be talking to anybody and writing their name down on one of these cards, you got to include some important stuff on there. Otherwise you're in trouble. Your supervisors are going to be looking at your cards and find out that you're not following the rules. Here's what one of the cards looks like. You can see, we got names first and last. We have date of birth. We've got sex. We have gang monikers, you know , AKA , we have date and time and location, all very standard stuff. The officer who was there, the serial number, social security disclaimer, we have another officer or another division incident number. Okay. All that's pretty standard. But here in this middle section, we've got a big box. It says additional info, pretty, pretty simple stuff. Additional person [inaudible] booking numbers, a narrative. Like I saw the person , uh , exiting the store with a box of Cheerios in their hand and they didn't pay for it. Right? You write that down. Email, social media accounts are the new ads. For example, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, et cetera. All of those need to be documented. And according to the police, chief memo, if you don't do it right, you're in trouble with your supervisor. So why is this problematic? Well surveillance, obviously in 2015, the department added these. It was a line item that went back on there, similar to an alias or a nickname. Well, we might be beneficial to investigations, right? It's just sort of like I'm Robert also have gone by Rob Robbie , Bob, Bobby, all of them write everything in there. It's just like writing some different things. Oh, he's also Robert ruler Esq on YouTube. Oh, he's also got a clips channel. Oh, he's also got a crypto channel. Oh right. All of those different things you might think, oh, that's, what's, what's wrong with that. But when social media collection, while it has gone largely unnoticed, some of this has prompted controversy. Last October, prosecutors filed criminal charges against three police officers from LAPD said that they use the cards to falsely label civilians as gang members after stopping them. So then they got recorded as gang members in LAPD databases unit also had a history of stopping black, giant drivers at higher rates. And they frequently filled out cards for the black and Latino residents, but not for the other people. Meanwhile, more than half of the civilians stopped by Metro officers are not even arrested or even cited the department under when scrutiny for racial profiling, but never again , knowledge that they were doing broad scale, social media account collections. And the reason why this might be problematic is because this is going to be going into presumably some sort of technology. That's going to be able to interface at scale. That's going to be able to really provide the police department with a ton of valuable data guardian Warren's when police obtained social media username, it opens the door for them to monitor an individual connections and friends online allows for huge expansion of what's called network surveillance. Noting that Facebook and police have used Facebook photos and likes to make dubious or false allegations of criminal gang activity. We have a stop spying organization says that there are different law enforcement agencies that are trying to use quote , predictive policing. So technologies that can rely on this data and then criminalize entire communities of people because they're making all of the connections. Oh, all of these people are friends. And so they all live over here. And so we're just going to criminalize that entire neighborhood. It doesn't matter if you're in the neighborhood and you're actually a part of the criminality you're in the neighborhood. It says, this is like stop and frisk. And this is happening with a clear goal of surveillance. LAPD said, or LAPD . He noted said that sometimes they will pose is undercover groups and undercover people to investigate and infiltrate certain specific groups on the internet. So , uh , you know, there's, there , there is some concern with this and I want to introduce you to this company. It's called media sonar. We're going to see what this has to do with the LAPD in a minute, but this is a company on the internet. You can go visit their website right now. It says it's web intelligence and it's investigation at scale. So this is where they're going to be taking all of that data, aggregating it and synthesizing it and doing some analysis. They have new tech at the LAPD that can address the threats before they occur. Remember that movie minority report where they did pre-crime the Brennan center, the people who got these reports says that they are interfacing with a company called media sonar, the LAPD and the 2021 budget. They spent 73 grand to purchase the media sonar software to quote, help address a potential threat or an incident before its occurrence. Sounds exactly like pre-crime trying to predict something and impugn, impute, criminality to an individual who maybe they've not done anything wrong in the first place. It sounds like it might be a violation of a bunch of problem of constitutional protections here in the United States. Like the presumption of innocence, like due process, all of those things that are pretty important. The extent of the LAPD's use of media sonar is unclear, but the company's communications with the LAPD have raised questions in one message. The firm said it services. So a media sonar quote can be used to stay on top of drug gang and weapons , slang, keywords, and hashtags. So they're going to be monitoring social media stuff. There's concerns that they could misinterpret slang, misinterpret the proper context in local groups, and then start criminalizing these people. Yeah, because people will say things all the time never, ever is intended to turn into something violent or illegal. LAPD is now interfacing with media sonar, 73,000 bucks a year, which is a pretty small price. Actually, you know, they should raise their prices. The government will pay 10 times that for this technology, don't tell him I said that, but let's take a look at the platform itself. Okay. So we know that the LAPD is now gathering up everybody's names or writing them on these three by five cards. The chief of police is Scott , the police officers , Hey, you get those social media profiles. Otherwise you're in trouble. Your supervisors are checking your homework. And if you don't do a good job with your homework, you're in trouble. So they're doing that. And what happens with all of that data? What happens with all of the social media accounts that go in that card? Well , they have to go somewhere 73 grand for media sonar. Let's see if maybe they're using it for this data. Here's what the platform looks like. It is a web intelligence and investigations platform that is going to broaden your lens on the digital attack surface. Okay. It's also going to equip your security team with visibility indicators into threats emerging outside your organization from the open and the dark web. Oh, so we've got threat alerts. We've got data augmentation and investigation, visualization, workplace collaboration. All of this data is being gobbled up into this sonar platform, form data augmentation. What else do we have? It will generate profile information for people with one click. You go in there. You just say, Hmm, you know, I want to investigate that Robert or you put it into the system, one , click , everything that I've ever done ever anywhere . Also probably a lot of people that I connect with on a regular basis. And so if you just would localize that to the LAPD, they're going to be able to do that same thing, right? It's it's almost like a social media network for criminals that they're just going to be able to just read through. They can also now explore natural language processing. So they're going to take things like usernames, emails, phone numbers, domain names, IP addresses, credit cards, crypto addresses, and beyond. So they're gonna be able to create a profile and then just pull all that data right out of you because now they have, now they're connecting a real world person with online personas. All of that gets fed back into this , uh , media sonar and they just go hog wild with it. They just, their crawlers go and they connect all the dots all throughout the internet. They're going to build and track your digital investigative path by connecting entities and relationships across IP addresses, domains, emails , usernames, and organizations. So for example, even if you're somebody that you're saying , oh, I'm on Twitter and I have a three different profiles. I've got one for , I'm not saying this is me, but I've got one that , uh , you know , is a , is a public profile. And I'm like Mitt Romney. I also have Pierre [inaudible] right? Which is his pseudonym pro uh, uh , Twitter profile. And he kinda got busted posting something from his pseudo anonymous profile when he wouldn't have ever said that from his main profile Mitt Romney did. So this happens all the time, right? People have pseudo anonymous accounts. I have no problems with that at all. But what happens here is once they get one, they can connect it to the IP address and your IP address. If you're on your home network or you're in your home and you're connecting to Twitter and you change your Twitter account from public profile to pseudo anonymous profile, while you're still on the same network, you're still using the same IP address. And so if this organization can capture that, they can follow you around your digital footprint everywhere you go and connect you to everything. And that's in the hands of the LAPD. Now that's great. They can also visualize all this data. So if they want to connect the dots between the actors and the data, then they get a bird's eye view of a threat. And the ability to deep dive, discover new areas so they can connect all the people. Remember in minority report when they were putting all this stuff in the screen and connecting all the dots together. Yeah. Same thing they can say, oh, Rob, and him and these people and everybody else in this nice little, you know, a nice gooey interface. So that sounds fun. Access to social insight reports give you high level view of public sentiments. We can meet compliance and security requirements. We've got logs of user in case activity, they can identify and detect threats. They have unlimited access to social open and dark web sources along side key closed intelligence databases. Oh, so they're not just scraping public data right there . They're not just a bunch of Google bots crawling around the internet, trying to gobble up publicly accessible information. They're also getting plugged in to closed intelligence databases. They have the advanced search capability. They've got a quick filters, content extraction, historical data access. So if you put somebody in there, right, it can just probably archive extract, literally everything that you do, it goes right into media sonar, perfectly organized for the LAPD. They can access all dark web intelligence. You don't need to use multiple tools. Very, very beautiful glass, user interface, threat API, automated web threat discovery, different technology to investigate at all , uh , unlimited access to the web coverage follows people's media footprint around Pathfinder, lets you explore connections between actors, domains, usernames, other digital entities, anything a person's ever posted different alerts. So you can just get uh , oh, oh Robert posted something else on Twitter, getting an alert so that the model, the threat model engine can determine whether that group, that organization is really a threat different reports. And of course you can build teams so that you're spying, LAPD officers can form little cohorts cohorts and they can spy on each other together. So that is what's happening out of the LAPD. One of the biggest law enforcement agencies in the country, they are now making connections between people who are totally innocent, not even suspected of any wrongdoing and gobbling up that social media information. Why is it so that they can put it into their $73,000 a year software called media sonar? Probably. What do you have to say about this? Let's take a look [email protected] and see what we've got queued up here. We have mark Zuckerberg says don't use your real name on social media ever. That's remark. Pretty good advice from mark. We have to under seven says this is so scary beyond belief. Not only because of privacy concerns, but anyone can put an account in your name or even hack into your accounts. What if a hacker or identity thief pretends you were part of a militia or white supremacist ? Can you can the public refuse to give any social media info, whether you have an account or not, isn't it a first amendment issue, your legal opinion, please. And thank you. So, you know, it's a, it's a question. This is going to be something that I think you might , I see some litigation over that actually. Right? You have an obligation to identify yourself to the police. You know, you can't sort of, you know , be out there in the public and not identify yourself. Many people will say, well, we'll say that all the time and I'm not gonna identify my , you have to right . They'll charge you with a crime. At least in Arizona. I don't know how it is in all 50 states, but in Arizona, if you don't give them your identification, that is illegal, right. They have a right to at least know who you are. So you have to, you have to communicate that the extent I don't have that . Right. And what courts will, will can. So let's say for example, hypothetically, it's going to be hard to give you a one size fits all scenario here because I don't know. But if a police officer in LA let's hype , like go through a hypothetical here, if a police officer in LA goes up to you and you're on the side of the road, and let's say they have a similar, a lot of Arizona where you have to identify yourself and provide ID and you do that. And an officer says, okay, great, I got your name. I got all this stuff. And you say, an officer says, I also got to ask you about your social media profiles. Are you on Facebook? Are you on Twitter? Okay, what's your username there? And you say, well, I'm not going to give you that. And he says, well, I need that. That's part of the law. I don't know whether it is or not, but presumably it's not going to say anything in LAPD about, you have to provide your social media information to the law, but providing ID is a different conversation. And so if you are now refusing to provide that information to the officer, the question comes up to the officer at that point, does the officer decide that they're going to charge you with a crime for that or not? Right? They have some discretion to do that. This person is not providing me information. And I think that I've been ordered to do this. My supervisors breathing down my neck, the chief of police just send out a company-wide memo of a department wide memo that we have to do this. And now I'm asking you for your information and you're not giving it to me and I need it. The law says I can get it. You're not giving it to me. So I'm gonna arrest you and charge you with a crime for that. Yeah. That could be a problem. Right? My, my, my responses in Arizona would be, you don't need to provide any of that. Right? All of the information that you need is right on your ID card. It's name, address. Date of birth are five things that you need in Arizona that make it sufficient ID. And my argument back would be well. That is what the law says is proper identification. We provided you proper identification within the confines of the law. Social media is not included on that. That might be the technical legal answer. That might be the lawyer answer, but you might also get a cop that just says, well, it's my it's it's information that I need. You're not giving it to me. Therefore you are under arrest. If that happens, what happens to that case? If somebody files a lawsuit against the LAPD for enforcing that, what would a judge say about that? So there's a lot of, a lot of issues I could spiral off gaming out all the different hypotheticals there, but it is a , it is interesting. Good question. We'll see where it goes. Tos says , might we see more police investigating family, future brides ? Like you have covered before. Yeah. Yes. Probably. You're seeing very troubling language from a lot of people out there. Jimmy Kimmel was on TV yesterday talking about , um, you know, COVID saying, I saw a tweet from him on Twitter talking about COVID and about people who are unvaccinated should basically just be left to rot and wheeze and die. You know, I'm thinking that is really a strange thing for a national host to be saying on TV, the inhumanity to other people. Yeah . At the insistence of the government is starting to get a little bit concerning. I think so. Yeah . People are just disposable. They're just garbage. And so if your loved, loved one is doing something that is in violation of the Biden , ministration , if they're not wearing a mask, if they're lying about their vaccine status or something like that. Yeah. You better report them to the government. That's how this is going. And you're seeing a lot of people going, yeah. Good for you. The audience was clapping there . Yeah. Let those unvaccinated people just wheezed to death and just, you know, die in their own misery because they're unvaccinated and going . This is a little bit, a little bit strange furry , uh , a giant , uh, you know , uh , a big high profile host to be sort of wishing death on a large portion of the country. Strange stuff. Jeff says, G sounds like a Gestapo at worst at its worst. It's scary. That's coming all place . Sergeant Bob says, we used to call these field interrogation cards over many years. They've been useful in investigations of Facebook, et cetera, info as in the public domain could also be useful at some point, really the general public are ignorant of the way the dots can be connected. In my experience, homicides have been solved or at least investigation supplemented by cell phone tower tracking based upon a warrant. So within legal limits, I'm not entirely opposed to gathering information. This is indeed unexplored territory in the technology age, which I'm sure the courts will eventually weigh in upon as a retired dinosaur. I look forward to more info and discussion on this PS. One reason I do not use Facebook. That's from Sergeant Bob . Yeah. It is an interesting thing. Right. And I , and I agree with you, Bob. I think that even, even legally that you know , people who are going to be making a right to privacy arguments about this, like, oh , maybe the LAPD shouldn't be using , uh , supercomputers to , you know , connect all the dots together. I think the courts might just say, Hey, look, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy to any of that stuff. If you're posting it on the internet, it's fair game. If cops want to use supercomputers and you know , quantum cloud computing to identify the DNA that you left behind 37 years ago, when you're a judge Kavanaugh, you know, they're , they're free to do that as long as there's no reasonable expectation of privacy there. And I think it is going to be a ripe area for the law, right? It is going to, we're going to see a lot of this. We're going to have to talk about digital personhood and digital sit and digital rights. At some point, I tried to do that a year ago, but I think at some point we're going to have be having these conversations because some people's online persona is going to be more robust than their offline persona. Many, many people are already there. Right? Thank you for chiming in on that Sergeant we've got, Jeremy says, Rob, the picture is legitimate. It came from max SAR technologies, which is a commercial satellite company. Speaking of the social media profiling, I got Daniel Littman . He tweeted the photo. The fact that Twitter has made the photo unavailable, validates the validity of the satellite image. Thanks twiddler. That's from Jeremy. That was on the last segment asking about the strand that Americans on board, the airplanes , apparently it looks like it's a legit photo. 5 0 3 unlimited says seems like we were seeing the mask slip on the horrible coming technocracy. Is there an army of red blooded constitutional, loving American lawyers to push an ungodly amount of paperwork at the states and the feds? Isn't massive amounts of partially useless paperwork. How things get done? How do we flood the system until we finally go back to the right and reverse some of these legal games. I want mandatory guns, not vaccines, mandatory night vision, not masks, unless gas is present. Sorry for the rant. That's from 5 0 3 unlimited love the rants 5 0 3. Appreciate you timing in on that. I think that the idea that you bury them in paperwork is probably not going to be sufficient here. I do think it's important. You know, I do think it's important for people to exercise their rights. I certainly don't want to encourage frivolous lawsuits and things like that. But if every single defendant in America who was charged with a crime said, yeah, you know what I do want my day in court? I , yeah . Oh , I think I'll go. I'll go to trial. The whole system would, would be jammed. The government would have no option, but to give good plea deals, people just need to exercise their rights. I have a right to trial. Yeah . I'm just going to go to trial. Yeah. But you did it. We have the evidence and all. Yeah, I know. But I'm going to go to trial. You have to prove it. And if everybody did that, or even as , you know, even 10% more people did that the whole system would have to respond. And you know what that means is a number of different things. But it , it , it is an interesting conversation. We have tos forever says next criminals, six year olds playing grand theft auto. So what's new. All the conservatives chased off of social media while you're going to see different platforms, you're going to see a lot of pseudo, an anonymous actors. You're going to see people who , uh, I'm I'm I'm already seeing that in the crypto space, most people in the crypto space are sort of avatars, right? They exist online because they don't want people to know how much money they have and they don't want to be connected to anything. And maybe that's how things go. Right? We have avatars and we disconnect from people we're already going that direction. Dark days to come from an anonymous, commenter says less officers on the ground, more centralized data collection for those few left. You know, the ones that have been programmed just right. Additionally, not to be a downer, but the tech and mass collection is already underway. I've lived in some dangerous places. And in truth, I did not really mind a seasoned cop stopping me or others like it or not. Gut feelings of save lives. This is far too. Hands-free easily manipulated from on high. Yeah. And, and I , I agree with you, you know, it is already underway, right? We've known this has been going on for a long time. Edward Snowden told us this, Julian Assange told us this, our own government bureaucrats have told us this. We know that Facebook, Google, Twitter, all of these people know everything about you, right? They are. They already have this data. Now law enforcement is, there's always been a little bit of a divide there, at least in fiction that these two , two sides, you know , private business and government entities, we're not in , we're not too close together. The reason why that is so problematic is because you can just see what type of monopoly on power they have if in those situations. So the idea that there was a division between the two was a little bit comforting to people, and it showed that the, the chief monopolists on power, the only people who can use use of force the government, they were at least separated from all of your personal data to some degree. Now that's not the case. Now they're going to go get it one way or the other. The LAPD is doing it hand over fist right now and have been doing it for some time. The Antica says, I don't see why the LAPD needs to do this. Isn't that you ups PS doing this stuff already. Also proton mail has decided they're going to hand over IP addresses. Apparently you're kidding me really. Personally. I always figured them for a honeypot. Also Yahoo email lets me know that they're reading my emails by, in forward , by informing me of all the deals I could be clicking on in my mailbox. There's a service. I don't remember clicking. Yes. To, yeah. Everything is just being gobbled up. Not much you can do about that. Pili says new tech means crossing new boundaries, which will come, which will become more annoying in the years to come. Not much will be private in years to come life in 2025 will be a terrible mess who can save us purely Wally. The solution is we've got to save ourselves. We've got to become sovereign individuals. We have to learn how to , uh, manage our own lives separate and apart from the government in many situations, which is okay, we're already doing that. Most of us are already living that way. Right? The federal government has this gigantic facade. Like they are the stewards of our lives. Like everything is, is, is orderly because Joe Biden is running things. I don't believe that for a second. I think the government's largely incompetent as, as they become less effective, we're going to see them continue to grasp for power and cloth for control. We're already seeing that right? With this technique , this sort of technocracy , uh, state that we have that sort of merging with the medical apparatus. It's a, it's a really kind of disgusting trend that we're seeing in the United States. But it's because the nations state is crumbling apart. Their legitimacy is failing and they're recognizing that people are starting to see them as failures. And so they're going to do what they can to keep people plugged into the system. While many people are bailing out and looking for alternatives, which that is the answer, right? Nobody's going to come save us. Trump's not going to save us. A Ron DeSantis is not going to save America because the nation state is an old model. They've gotten too top heavy. They promised too many people to things for too long. They've taxed, the productive people. They have exploited. The people who really make things happen. And those people are going to bail out. They're not going to continue to play ball. And you're seeing this happen all over the place. The Google guys are building bunkers in New Zealand and other places because they see the writing on the walls. So it's about redundancy. It's about building parallel systems. It's about insulating yourself. To some degree from the forthcoming whirlwind, we have monster. One says, I've never agreed with the position that the private companies can violate. People's rights. Constitutional rights should be protected by everyone. Regardless if it's the FBI spying or some tech company. Then my private business argument is one of the biggest mistakes that Republicans ever made. I agreed with that, right? I said, how , how can you just say that we've already dealt with this issue. Remember when we used to have restaurants that said white people over there, black people over there, okay. We said, that's not appropriate. We have civil rights in this country. You can't do that. You private business are not allowed to say drinking founds over here for blacks drinking fountains over here for whites. That's not appropriate. We've already done that. So for, for people, even the Republicans to come out and say, well, private businesses can do whatever they want. Can they discriminate against black people? No, because as a country we've decided certain rights are inalienable, right? And we didn't get it. Didn't get that issue right correctly during the founding of the constitution that was added after the fact rightfully so. But the, but the concept of free speech was pretty well ensconced in there in the first amendment. Hard to miss that one. All right , let me have a couple more express. VPN can protect your , can protect your browsing data from your ISP, third parties . And even your mom, that's express VPN. Now I don't actually use, they don't sponsor this show. Of course. Uh, it'd be nice if they did. And uh, but I don't actually use them. I use Nord VPN and they don't sponsor this show either. It would be nice if they did though. Jeez , free, free promos for VPN companies. Kincaid says I do not have faith. That regulatory agencies will do their job nor do I think transparency will be allowed. That's from Kinkaid . I agree with you on that. I think you're you're spot on king kid . We have another one that's loading responses. Look at that. Hello, Google. Come on. All right . There it is. We have another one. John Haugen , not Josh says directly from their site. This is creepier and scarier than simply spying on individual says quote, in the era of fake news that pandemic took the world by surprise. These people are claiming to be a path of the truth for law enforcement. Read the government. That's from John Halligan . Yeah. Right? It's we are the purveyors of truth. We have all the answers come to us and we'll give you them. We have another one from Sergeant Bob says, I'm not going to answer those questions. That's from our law enforcement interaction training, where we went through the three rules, the 1, 2, 3 rule for dealing with law enforcement. Uh, sir, have you had anything to drink tonight? Rule number one, I'm not going to answer those questions. Nice try officer. I took my training over at Robert I know how to handle this. We have not. [inaudible] says, so this with LA plus the social media companies , working with the government in DC, how can it possibly be argued that these companies are private companies, judges knowingly being corrupt, I guess. Yeah. It's it's because they're , you know, they're outsourcing all of those things. They are actually private companies. At some point, you know, you can do an analysis as sort of whether these third parties are acting as extensions of the government through some of the agency, you know , uh, in Disha whether the government is exercising, some sort of control, whether they're actually autonomous, there are different ways to, you know , to legally analyze whether somebody is an extension of somebody it's like, Hey, Rob, you know, you're not allowed to have contact with your ex because you got charged with domestic violence and we've decided that that's not appropriate. And I say , yeah, no problem, judge. I'm not going to talk to her. She's nuts anyways. But then I have my best friend start harassing the hell out of her. Right. I'm tech , I'm texting my best friend and he's, he's blowing her up. And um , that's not appropriate. That's kind of what's happening here. The government is saying, oh no, we can't discriminate. But Facebook can , Facebook can sensor all the conservatives in the world. If they want to. They're private companies, not appropriate. Kincaid says in relation to security concerns, I would guess eventually access points will use extensible technologies like fingerprints and Iris scans while that would reduce personal risk. All that data will be up for grabs thoughts. Good syrup . Yeah. I think, you know, I think you'll probably see more and more of that. Right? You know, the VAX pass will be something that is, you know, slow rollout to interface, sort of current lifestyle with the idea that you're using something that's sort of closely related to bio data, to validate your, your, your existence in society. You want to go into the restaurant, you got to show us the back's pass right now. It's on a, on a, you know , key to NYC app somewhere. But eventually, you know, if you want to make sure that people aren't fraudulent, gently skirting the vaccine rules, we know that people are making back fake vaccine cards and they've got to put a stop to that. So how do you do that? Well, you make sure that it's directly connected to a person. Biometric data is already in your phones. Every single phone has a Facebook as a, as a, you know, face scanner and a fingerprint scanner, most of them. And so you just start to slowly integrate that. Now, everywhere you go, your thumbprint is your , your checkout cards. Your Iris is your checkout card . I think it's probably already, you know, already on the agenda monster. One says, I can see how they can legally compel people to give up on social media to give up social media. It's a fifth amendment violation. You have the right to remain silent. I can't see how they can legally compel people. Yeah. So the conversation would be about whether they can lump that into the, you have to provide identification buckets. If they can say that is part of ID and they can make got argument , then you'd have to be compelled to give that them because your right to remain silent, doesn't extend to identifying yourself , uh, in, in most situations. Not all. There's always, it depends in the law. We know that I'm not gases here says I got to say stuff like this really gives me hope to see a cyberpunk dystopia I've been dreaming about since watching blade runner. Yeah. You know, it might be kind of fun. Some of those like rainy, dark, gloomy alleyways with all the neon lighting and everybody's sort of angry and depressed. Watch it, you know , everywhere you go. Yeah. It might be kind of fun. I think I got , I got , I do. Okay. I think I survive. We have another one from Jeremy says, this is a great topic. Many of what we do online is considered open source intelligence. If the right security precautions aren't taken, even if we use a different account for every site we visit , we still tend to have a unique digital footprint without realizing it. Yeah. And so I've read a lot about this, right? You have all these different browser extensions that you have installed. You have location, you have browser , uh , you have user agents, you have a software. All these different things are all like little, a little bit different on every computer. And so every even, you know, browser that is connected to you ideally, or theoretically can, can be tracked. There are many companies and governments and bad actors out there that are constantly grabbing breadcrumbs. We leave behind with enough time in the use of cross-referencing. They can still piece the puzzle together and figure out who you are. It sounds scary. But as long as you stay away from breaking any laws, you really don't have much to worry about. It's certainly too late to try and stuff that cat back in the bag. Yeah. I'm not worried about not breaking any laws. The problem is for the people that don't break any laws. And somebody says that they did, that's the big problem, but it's a great point, Jeremy. And I appreciate it. Real Butte days here says , uh, I'm not happy with the LAPD spying, but , uh , be paranoid regarding social media. Don't tell them their social media or say you don't have any first use a good VPN, no personal details paid through crypto. Secondly, block trackers and drive JavaScript. I want them to try to track people when they used Monero. That's from, [inaudible] a few others. John Haugen says for what it's worth. I use my real name to keep myself honest, to easy to troll with a fake name. Yeah. I kind of made that decision a long time ago, John, you know, it's, there are, there are some benefits to using your real name. Okay. Novell talks about this in his book, the Almanac of novel . [inaudible] amazing book. He didn't actually write it. Somebody wrote it for him, but he's a brilliant guy at [inaudible] on Twitter. And he says, you know, if you're willing to put your name behind your speech, there's some power there. Right? People respect that. And so, you know, I think that there there's a benefit to S to putting your words behind your name. It carries a little bit more gravitas than just some , some, some guy, right. Who's out there just , uh , opining about some things. So I think it's, I think it's a good thing now at the same time, right? There are a lot of very important benefits to staying pseudo anonymous. Right? I think that pseudo, pseudo anonymity is a very, very important thing to consider as a security feature. I am also in the position where I happen to be a, I happened to have a criminal defense law firm. I'm pretty much not reliant on any external source of funding. And so, you know , I'm not beholding to sponsors or anything like that. It's my company. If we can't, you know, continue to generate business. If I do things that are improper, if I do things that are wrong and people, you know, enough people call us out about it and I lose my license or something like that. Right. That's sort of my, I think my incentives are aligned with doing good. I want to do well, I want to help people. I want to grow a company. I want to provide for the people that we help. I want to make sure that our employees have a good team. Uh, we , we have , we have an amazing team, but have good fulfilling wholesome lives. And so we do a lot want to try to, you know, to, to try to keep things, to keep things positive. And I think I lost my train of thought on that. Who was I talking about, John? Yeah, my real name. Yeah , my real name. So the real name conversation, right? I mean , the point here being is that I have a little bit more armor than some other people do. Right? I've got a lot of protection. There, there are a lot of people that don't have that. A lot of people don't have those same variables that insulate them a little bit. If they , if you get online and you say something and your boss doesn't like it and you lose your job, that's a different consequence. And so staying pseudo anonymous at that point is I think very important. And I'll tell you what, you know, I said a lot of things when I was younger, that I would, that I would regret saying now a lot of things. And I might've said those publicly when I was a young man, right on the internet. And so some of that can be troublesome, which is why, you know, a pseudonym , a pseudonym may be beneficial and you can extrapolate this however way you want to go. There was another guy called Balaji Srinivasan, also brilliant, also on Twitter at, at biology S and he talks about everybody's going to be pseudo anonymous in the future, because what you're going to have are going to have deadly drones that if somebody doesn't like your politics, they just go drone your. And so he's saying that everybody's going to have avatars, and we're all going to sort of work behind pseudo anonymous interfaces because everything's going to be digitized. So, you know, real names may not have much benefit in the future. A lot of interesting things, a lot of conversations taking place around technology, we'll see where it goes. Not in the dark says, you think the LAPD is bad. The Pentagon has a 60,000 man undercover online army that really hasn't been approved or made an official branch. Check it out. It's over from Newsweek. I'll take a look at that one here. As soon as we wrap up the show in the dark , let's see what else we've got. Former Leo says, that's why I would like to see a jury trial for all the J six defendants put up or shut up. Yeah. That's unfortunately, that won't happen. That would be very interesting. He also says no time waved for trial. That's from former Leo at which meaning that we're going to trial no more delays. We're just going to have a trial right now. So let's get to it Bama. Like it says, I don't know if it's just me, but I'm glad the police have an extra tool to look at individual citizens for further assessment. Whether we like it or our present time is different. Now it changed. I'm glad the law enforcement keeps up with modern technology in policing because bad people from our time and bad people in the present time are still bad. Just criminally different. At least the police in our community is keeping up. Maybe this time, people can be more careful with the nasty things they post and be more polite with a Winky face. That's from Bumble Likud. That's a different, a different perspective. And I appreciate you sharing that. And I think a lot of people would feel safer because they're monitoring people's social media posts. Truman HW says I wasn't going to chime in today, but look, we can't consume free services. And then complain that companies find a way to monetize and that it exceeds our imagination. Let's be consistent before we complain. Yeah, I think that's a good point, Truman. Right? And look at Facebook and Google and all these places. We're all agreeing to the terms and services. No question about that. And you know, the question I think is, do you take some of the same fundamental, underlying civil liberties that we would take outside of the digital world? And do we apply those to the digital world, which I think is a very reasonable thing to do free speech, the right to privacy, unlawful searches and seizures, the right to counsel . I put together a digital bill of rights. I think that it should just be applied , uh , on, on the digital platform because many people are living in the digital world. Now, not really in the real world, Truman says regarding the LAPD interrogatories, as far as answering police questions. Sure. Once the legislature passes that as a law, but how can we be punished for noncompliance with conduct that isn't classified as legally obligatory? Well it's yeah. So that's an easy answer is because police or prosecutors or judges make it legally obligatory, right? So , uh , this, you know , for example, let's say you're arrested for a DUI and your blood results come back and there's zero zeros happens all the time. People get arrested for DUI, put in handcuffs, jabbed in the arm had blood drawn and their blood results are under the limit or zeros . I've had cases where there's zeros , the person had nothing in their blood and they got arrested. So how was that? How was that a thing? Right? How does that happen? Cop was wrong. Prosecutors were wrong. Judges were wrong. They were all wrong in the entire process. So it's , it was legally erroneous, but it's still obligatory because the cop has the gun in the badge and they're allowed to do that. We have another one says , uh , no name here says kind of off topic, but related. Did anyone hear Jen Saki say Biden is coming up with six steps to keep us safe from COVID yeah. He's speaking on it. Tomorrow said standards would affect your standard of living if unvaccinated . Great. I also heard Arizona considers mandates unconstitutional can the long arm of Biden or reach us in each state. So tired of Biden, not even one year in office, he's worse than Obama. So the long arm of the state of the federal government can, you know, can reach in in certain contexts. But the way that we typically frame this is that they use the power of the person order to get states, to do certain things that we've seen. The federal government here through the byte administration, he's using the department of education to go after the schools, using CDC, to go after your property rights, using the DOJ to go after , uh , election laws, all sorts of different things. The feds are sticking their nose in everybody's business. So they're going to continue to do that. One of the ways they do that is with money. The TA the individual taxpayers throughout the states have to pay taxes. The federal government is going to collect that up either way, whether you pay them, I'm sorry, whether you take the money back or not, you still got to pay in to the coffers. But whether you get that back as a different story and the states want that back. So they typically will acquiesce to the demands of the feds. Pili . Wally says from the last segment, I just wanted to say, thanks for the sensitive talks around the madness. Back in 2015, young people, couples, grandparents, all were lost that day in France. It was a needless thing I warned against such incoming attacks, but the life of overseas people takes over your own people. In times when the governments don't think much about the consequences. Yeah. They, they are thinking about the consequences, but it's about the consequences they want. It's not about the consequences that you want. It's not about improving your life as a citizen. They don't give a crap about you as a citizen. What do they have to serve you for? Right? At some point we should be asking ourselves is our government's supposed to be improving our lives or nuts or making it better. Do we want that out of our government? Do we just have an obligation to pay taxes all day indefinitely? For what? Garbage for failed wars for failed leadership for failed protection of our fundamental rights. We just got to keep paying that. Yeah, they don't care. They care about their own ends. If grandma dies from COVID, they don't care. They throw people in nursing homes. They don't care about dead soldiers. Joe Biden checks his watch as the bodies are rolling out of airplanes. Do you think that the people in France in the EU or any of these other places care about the citizens? No . They don't care. They're just bringing in other people because there are demographic problems. It enables them to gobble up more power. They have to provide more resources. It's more motors for many people. It's all demographics. It's all money. It's not about lives or competent government. Otherwise we'd have a lot more people alive and more competent government, 5 0 3 unlimited says they are going to create a massive mesh network with each mainstream providers phone and each phone act like a node. The only vector they can't overcome is disconnecting. I've been doing software development for a while . Now, once I retire, I'm moving as far away from tech as possible. You're always connected if you have the internet, that's from 5 0 3 unlimited. Yeah. So basically, you know, they're , they're talking about this, they're talking about your , uh , devices opening up some bandwidth on your own home network to allow the devices to communicate with other devices. So how would this work? Let's say you have an Amazon device in your home and you are close to your neighbors and you both have these devices and they're on a network. What Amazon would do, it would connect to your home network. And it would carve out a little bit of that bandwidth that would make it available for other Amazon communications outside your home network, opening your home network to allow Amazon stuff, to go through your home network, using your internet, creating this big mesh network that connects all of their devices. This is throughout basically the entire country, right? And there this little pipeline of, of data. And they're saying, it's going to improve this, that and the other, but we'll see. Monster one says, people need to stop posting their crimes online. Maybe after you robbed the bank, don't pose with the money. Maybe don't post Facebook live doing drive-bys. It's good advice. Definitely. Don't post your criminal activity on your Facebook. That's from a criminal defense lawyer. Okay. Don't do it. Will. Smith says, watch my movie, enemy of the state. If you give him , they'd take a yard. That was a long time ago. And I think a more current great movie, by the way. I love that movie. Uh, gene Hackman, I think was the other guy in that one, right? Yeah. The, the other, the other interesting, I think parallel here is , uh, the movie , uh, the TV show Westworld when they have that super digital AI computer, that's sort of micromanaging everybody's lives. I think that's kind of what this is resembling and Hollywood. They're very, they're pretty good about prognosticating what's coming next. We saw what happened on the Capitol building. We saw a lot of that same imagery and a lot of Olympus has fallen and the white house down and all those different movies. Very interesting. The Antica says in reference to data collection in general, remember you can salt your own data. Hmm . That's interesting too . Yeah. So you can kind of poison your own data. So it can't be deciphered. Kincaid says. So do you think that removing technology consideration from constitutional rights would be useful? That is to say, use radiational, text interpretation to follow so reasonable, direct relations. So if you can not name all the parties, seeing you Intel, then there should be no access or correlation . I'm not sure what you're asking there. Kincaid . I think if I could extrapolate that, I think that you're asking about , uh , removing technology consideration from constitutional rights. So in other words, I, I think you're, you're talking about expanding and extending the constitutional rights into the technology space. So we're sort of drag those out of the physical world, the world of atoms . And we bring them into the world of bits online and digital, which I like. I like that idea a lot. The real villain says the internet is not real at which I know. I know that I've been talking to myself here for months now, but I enjoy it. I have a lot of fun. Sergeant Bob says, great show comments from the tribe. Thank you again for your work. That's from Sergeant Bob. Thank you, Sergeant Bob. I appreciate it . It was , it was a good one, largely because you're here in contributing. Ghosts gunner says, this reminds me of mark Bola , a UK soccer player charged for a tweet. He made nine years ago when he was 14. That's insane. That's insane. We have ghost gunner says, apparently FAA stands for football. So my comment is exactly the same when it comes to mark Bola , but it's well within the realm of possibilities, how long until people can use the word gay as a derogatory term and their teens get charged times have certainly changed since I was a kid. I'm sure I said some pretty stupid things in the past. People get doxed all the time for something they said in the past. That's from ghost gunner. Yeah, I know it , it comes out all the time. Didn't Kevin Hart lose the ability to even go get the Oscars or something like that because he made some tweets. I mean, people are insane. The government is here. Oh , it says, if you have done nothing wrong, give us your details. We just want to check. You got nothing to hide. Right? Do you have something to hide? No. I think just give us your details. It's a great point. Yeah. I mean, the government cares about you there . They just want to sure . Just like Anthony Blinken said the Taliban, the Taliban, they just want to check your papers to make sure you're not on the wrong plane. Oh sweetheart. You're not supposed to be going to KTR. You're supposed to be going to the United States. You're on the wrong plane, dear , uh , uh , stewardess flight attendant, please go , uh , escort this young lady off the airplane. Is that what's happening or , or is it something different now? The government is useless, including the Taliban. Let's see what else we have over from YouTube. We had some, several, a very, very nice super chats. That's from look to G uh , wow. Very, very generous to have those. No questions, just pure support. And I really do appreciate that. Uh, and we have Charlie , uh , Pruitt with another one, no questions, just showing some love for the show, which I really appreciate. Beth Cottington says, hello, Robert, don't give up on the song. I had company and went to a retirement party today, but tomorrow is the big day be looking for it. I think Beth Cottington is going to sing me a happy birthday. Is that, is that what it was? Yeah. Oh, that's what it was. She's going to see me happy birthday song. We sang Beth happy birthday, couple of Virgos in the house that was last week, celebrating, having a lot of fun, another Superchat from Charlie Pruitt and another one from ADA, Olivia also all supporting the show. And I really do appreciate all those. Not , not even any questions, just support for the show, which is, which is , uh , extremely appreciated. You know, I tell this a lot, but as soon as I get off the show, YouTube de monetizes, this video, the whole thing, Steve monetized. So that means that anybody who watches it, it , you know, it , it , it doesn't generate any revenue. So what I do is I , I click , uh , come on YouTube. We didn't do anything wrong in that. So can you re monetize it for us? And then they say, sure, we'll do that. They do it about three or four o'clock the next day. So like, like I'll probably see it in my email anytime now. And uh, nobody watches it because there's the next show coming on. So it's very frustrating, but it's YouTube. It's the whole experiences often frustrating. But my point here, folks, it's not about that. It's about spending time with you and I appreciate the support. I'm just, I'm just trying to communicate how appreciative I am because , uh , YouTube tends to jerk us around here a little bit, but my friends that is it, lots of tremendous support, both from watching the and from YouTube. And I'm really grateful for all of you. If you want to be a part of the show and you can join us at our locals community, want to welcome a me loves dogs who signed up this week. Last week, we had mystery of life west Paul, sir . Kecks a lot Theresa Simone, Dave to Avalon acres , Timbo, and Don M all joined up last week. 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