Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Americans Held in Afghanistan, Wuhan Lab Leak Funding Documents, Jacob Chansley Plea Deal

September 08, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Americans Held in Afghanistan, Wuhan Lab Leak Funding Documents, Jacob Chansley Plea Deal
Show Notes Transcript

The Biden Administration continues to deal with pleas from Americans stranded in Afghanistan and Secretary Blinken addresses the “hostage” crisis. New documents show a funding connection between U.S. government officials and the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China specifically relating to coronavirus research. Jacob Chansley enters a plea acknowledging guilt for his role in the January 6th Capitol Hill Riots and we review the plea agreement.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 Controversy around allegations that the Taliban is holding Americans hostage on chartered flights at the Mazar-i-Sharif airport in Afghanistan.​
🔵 Representative Michael McCaul (R-TX), House Foreign Affairs Ranking Member, says 6 planes are being held hostage.​
🔵 NPR confirms the executive director of Ascend, Marina LeGree, Is stuck with her group and more than 600 others.​
🔵 Have any Americans gotten out of Afghanistan since the Taliban took over?​
🔵 Secretary of State Blinken identifies “relatively” small number of Americans trying to depart the airport.​
🔵 In good news, the State Department claims they helped rescue four American citizens from Afghanistan.​
🔵 New Freedom of Information Act request shows direct connections between U.S. funding and the Wuhan Lab of Virology.​
🔵 The Intercept obtain over 900 pages of documents showing funding from EcoHealth Alliance going to studies involving bats and coronavirus.​
🔵 Reminder: Who is Dr. Peter Daszak? The author of the Lancet article.​
🔵 Review of the award for the project: Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence.​
🔵 Senator Rand Paul declares victory, confirming that Dr. Fauci is indeed a liar.​
🔵 Analysis of the new documents by Chemist and Biologist Professor Richard Ebright. ​
🔵 Jacob Chansley, aka The Q-Anon Shaman, pleads guilty to a felony for his involvement in the January 6th Capitol Protests.​
🔵 Review of Jacob Chansley’s plea agreement signed by Jacob Chansley and his lawyer Albert Watkins.​
🔵 Review of Chansley’s Statement of Offense in Support of a Guilty plea which explains the factual basis for the government’s case.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert Mueller . I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here in with us today. We've got a lot to get into my goodness. It was a long three-day weekend. We took Monday off, but we're excited to be back here with you today. And we're going to start the show off by talking about Afghanistan. We didn't spend a lot of time on it last week, but we got to revisit it because there is a lot of controversy that took place over these last three days. We're talking about the idea that maybe the Taliban are sort of not playing fair with American citizens. People who were trying to escape Afghanistan have been on a chartered aircraft over the weekend and the Taliban allegedly is not letting them leave the airport. So we're going to take a look at and see what is , uh , what's what's happening there. We have Anthony Blinken who came out and he'll say, well, we've identified a relatively small number of Americans, so it's not a big deal. And we have a Congress person who's sort of taken the opposite side of this saying, yeah, this is a hostage situation. There are American citizens who can't leave the country kind of a big deal. So we're going to weigh out both sides of that, dig into that issue. And then we're going to change gears and talk about this news story. The intercept obtained over 900 pages of documents, very, very telling pieces of information that have something to do with the Wu Han escape lab escape theory. We're talking about a topic that we've been following here on the channel for some time course. Where did the Corona virus come from? A lot of people for a long time were saying that the lab escape theory, the idea that the virus left the lab and Wu Han was nutso. It was a conspiracy theory. This didn't make any sense at all. Well, now we're having to revisit that a bit. The idea that maybe this thing was funded by the United States is also coming back into play because these new documents are now unveiling sort of the chain, the causal connection between the U S government funding through Anthony Fowchee through EcoHealth Alliance, through the national Institute for health, and the list goes on and on. So we're going to explore that the intercept has new documents basically saying that there was a proposal specifically called understanding the risk of bat Corona virus emergence. That was the name of the fund, or that was the name of the project that the U S government is funding. And so we're going to break that down and take a look at what's happening there. Senator Ron, Ron Paul, of course is declaring victory. He's been very, very forthcoming saying that Dr . Uh, Dr. Fowchee lying through his teeth the entire time, and he has evidence now to combat that. So we'll see what's going on there. And then in our last segment today, we're going to take a look at the queue and non Shumon , Jacob Tansley. He took a plea deal on Friday. And so we're going to go through that, take a look at the plea deal. What is inside? Stick a look at what his , uh, his offer his factual basis was for why he's taking the plea. And we'll sort of take a look at those primary source documents and then see where this goes. He's not scheduled to be sentenced until later in November, I believe. And it sounds like he may be staying in custody. And so we'll visit that issue as well. So we've got a lot to get into if you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected] We've got a whole bunch of people chatting away over there. We've got pili , Wally shout outs to doodle do Paula MKS in the house. We've got Jack Elias back soul Viking. We have tea field men , sweet potato, Paula is there again. And so that's a great place to be [email protected] There's a form there. If you want to ask a question, we do our very best to get to all of those questions as we go through the show. But as a reminder, it's Tuesday we for , we missed Monday, but we still have my meeting. So when we , it's going to be a little bit of a tight show as is usually the case on Tuesdays over on YouTube, we've got some people chatting away over there. Stephen Farrington, of course, we got Zorro , Lynne Joe , we have lean . We have one nation under God. We have Greg and Houston. We have Harmon and , uh , many others Wolf gangs in the house as well. Good to see you Wolfgang . So without any further ado, my friends let's make sure that we're queued up and ready to go with the first segment Afghanistan. The big question that many of us have had for two weeks now is all of the Americans out of there. And if not, what's the plan to make sure that they can escape. There's been a lot of controversy here over the weekend. The labor day, long three-day weekend, there was some allegations or some indications that maybe there were some charter jets full of Americans that wanted to leave that weren't being allowed to leave. This came out on Twitter over the weekend. This was posted by somebody named Daniel Littman , turn on the pen here. It says that newly released satellite images show six commercial airplanes at the airport. Mazari Sharif airport in Northern Afghanistan that are not being allowed to depart by the Taliban American citizens and Afghan interpreters are reportedly waiting to board the flights. So you can see this. This is an aerial screenshot that you can look and you're looking down on a different airport, a little bit of a different airport, right? We're used to seeing Kabul airport. This is in Northern Afghanistan. And so we see planes there. We've got three smaller jets and we have two bigger ones here, four smaller jets and two bigger ones there. And so , uh , you know, that's kind of where we were all expecting. This was going to go at the Taliban was really holding hard and fast to that August 31st deadline, because that was the line in the sand. After that any Americans or any special immigrant visas or any green card holders or anybody that should have left the country and been in the United States was , uh, what was now collateral, right? If the Taliban had them in their country and the United States wanted them, that's a pretty nice point of leverage for the Taliban to use in their negotiations for whatever it is they want, whether that's going to be a seat on the count UN council, or they're going to be, you know , more, more formal partners with the United States. We need to see that now over on Sunday, we have a Congress person goes by the name of Michael McCall. He's a representative from Texas. He's this guy over here recognize him with Chris Wallace. And so he was on the Sunday shows going around and he was having conversations about the situation in Kabul. And we've been kind of listening in to some of the congresspeople about what is going on in Afghanistan, because a lot of the information that we've been getting seems to like, it's sort of been untruthful, not actually accurate, lacking in specifics. And so we , we checked in a couple of weeks ago with representative Adam Schiff. He was also, he's also a , you know, house of representative , uh , representative. And he is somebody who is ahead of a number of different committees. And so he came out and was telling us about the situation on the ground. So that's separate data that, although he's a Democrat is coming from a different branch of the government, that's coming from the congressional branch. Whereas everything else we've been hearing from the Biden ministration is coming from the secretary of state. It's coming from the DOD. It's coming from Jen Saki in the white house. And so we've been looking to other branches of the government say, Hey, do you have any data? Do you have any Intel that you can share with us? Because we have a lot of questions about this. And so this guy is now the house foreign affairs ranking member. So the house foreign affairs ranking member, presumably he's got some pretty good intelligence, some good data about what is going on. And he is going to be telling us here that basically nobody who is an American has left Afghanistan while the Taliban had been in charge seven days, not one American, according to him has left. Let's listen in. Since

Speaker 2:

We left the country on Friday, how many Americans have gotten out of Afghanistan since we pulled out how many Afghan allies have gotten out since the Taliban was in complete control of the country? I understand zero. And in fact, we have six airplanes at Mazda Sharif , airport, six airplanes with American citizens on them. As I speak also with these interpreters and the Taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now, they, we have, the state has cleared these flights and the Taliban will not them leave the airport. So I'm sorry. The answer to your question is zero. And that's my concern is they're going to demand more and more, whether it be cash or legitimacy as the government of Afghanistan.

Speaker 1:

All right. So we're going to go into the next clip. I put a pin in that one, because you just heard him say something like they're holding Americans hostage and they're going to be making demands. And that's not something that you say just flippantly, right? And especially in a situation like this, where you're dealing with the Taliban that used to be America's enemies for the last 20 years now, they've got allegedly American citizens and we have a congressperson telling us it's a hostage situation and they're making demands. That's a , that's a pretty big claim out there, right? This guy better have some evidence to back that up. Are they demanding things or they make, Hey, we've got 10 Americans. We want a million ahead. Give us that money or not. Or is he being a little bit hyperbolic here, right? Is he using language that many people might speculate is actually the case, right? We've sort of hinted at that historically on this show, we've said the same thing. Why else are they drawing about the August 31st deadline? Because that's a hard line. That's when they that's, when American citizens that were negotiated for, by the byte administration are off limits. Now they're , they're free for all the Biden administration says, just like the dogs. Those are in our dogs. Those aren't our Americans. Those are , uh, uh, they didn't want to leave. We sent them a bunch of text messages, but they didn't leave. So they are , uh , I guess on their own good luck Taliban. So that's okay. That's one way to look at it. But the question that most other Americans have been asking themselves and myself included is are we, you know, are we actually getting them out? It looks like that there was a hot , you know , sort of, sort of a hostage situation dynamic where the Taliban is going to be holding onto American citizens as collateral. If that is not the case, because the byte administration is telling us that these are our partners now, and that they have , uh , been, been able to negotiate using their substantial leverage. Like Jake Sullivan told us that they were going to put pressure to bear on the Taliban. The Taliban was then going to negotiate the release of American hostages or American citizens. If you want to use that word. And if that's not happening, because congressperson may call is telling us that the Taliban is just getting a little bit squirrely with some of these rules. Well, maybe that, that, that is a good indicator of where things are going to go. All right. So who is Michael McCall ? Let's double check. Make sure we know who this guy is. He's a representative from the 10th district of Texas lead Republican for the house. Foreign GOP says here, born in 1962. He's an American attorney member of the Republican party chaired the house committee on Homeland security back during the 1 13, 14, and 15 congresses he's out of Texas. He attends a 10th congressional district from Austin to Houston. The fifth wealthiest member of Congress. I saw that his total net worth was something like $130 million may call it the ranking member of the house. Foreign affairs committee retains the position in Congress. And so I think, do we have a second clip from him? Me , make sure I didn't skip over that one. We got that one. And so, so his, his statement that he came out and he said specifically that, well, there it's a hostage situation. There are charter planes on the ground full of Americans that have already been cleared or American interests. People with a merit, with the right to be in America, or that the Americans are interested in bringing to the country. They have been cleared by the state department. They should be here. They're ready to be here. The planes are fueled and ready to go, but the Taliban is not letting them leave. Why not? It sounds like that might in fact be a hostage situation. Now, do we know the demands? Do we know specifically what the Taliban is demanding in exchange for letting these planes go? No, we don't. Is it really a hostage situation? According to McCall I'll maybe. And you know, I don't know, is it a miscommunication? I don't know. Let's see what else everybody has to say about this. NPR is reporting that planes chartered to evacuate Americans also remain grounded. This was a yesterday, Monday, the six planes meant to ferry . Hundreds of people who say they are fearful under the Taliban's rule, including American citizens and green card holders spent another day parked on an airstrip in Northern Afghanistan, a woman named marina Lagree. She's the executive director of a place called ascend nonprofit organization for women saying that her and 600 others, at least 19 American citizens. And to us green card holders are all stuck among the hundreds of stranded travelers were members of NGOs, other journalists, other women at Ricks risk. She's from Italy said these travelers, and now spent seven days in anticipation of clearance taking up residence near the airport at the Northern city of Mazar Sharif. And so , uh, you've got NPR confirming it also, right ? 600 people. So what does that two planes, three planes full of people who can't get out of their 19 citizens. We know that the byte administration is , uh , sort of forgetful about a lot of Americans, but hopefully not those. So let's see, we have Chris Wallace. Now remember the first clip from representative McCaul . First clip was him saying, that's a hostile situation. The Taliban are making demands and they're not letting American citizens go. They'd been cleared to land Chris Wallace. We're going to pick the clip up right there. You can hear him play . He's what, here it is.

Speaker 2:

Let me pick up on this because I didn't know this. You're saying that there are Americans on airplanes ready to fly out of Afghanistan right now. And they're not being allowed out because Taliban is making demands. What demands are the Taliban making? Well, they are not, they're not clearing the airplanes to depart the they've set , sat at the airport for the last couple of days, these planes, and they're not allowed to leave. Uh , we know the reason why is because the Taliban wants something in exchange. This is really Chris' turning into a hostage situation where they're not going to allow American citizens to leave until they get full recognition from the United States of America. My concern is that [inaudible] or a special Envoy who's met with the Taliban they're in talks right now. And I think I worry his recommendation to the administration will be to recognize the Taliban as the official government of the United States, a televi , an organization that is a terrorist organization.

Speaker 1:

Yes . I mean, obviously that's going to happen, right? I mean, the byte administration has already indicated that the Taliban they've said many times there are new partners now they're, you know, they have to be accepted by the international community. That's sort of the whole foundation. That's the whole premise of how this is all going to work. The use of force is no longer a thing. Now it's all about recognition on the international stage. That's why we have state department , uh, you know, bureaucrats talking about diversity and education in Afghanistan and saying that the Taliban, if they want to, you know , be respectable, you know, woke sisters on the world stage, then they have to participate in, you know , all sorts of inclusion, exercises, whatever that happens to be. So it's it . I think it's a foregone conclusion that the Taliban will certainly be negotiating partners with the byte administration. That's sort of the only option left. So , uh, nothing really new there, but kind of surprising that he , he , he did frame it in those terms, taking this out of, you know, sort of that, that , uh, Hey, we forgot Americans, which is, which is already horrendous ended of itself. I think the polls are showing that that all Americans are disgusted by the idea that there's even one American who wanted to come home as part of the war efforts is still over. There is reprehensible, but that's a little bit different, right? It's different to say some, we forgot somebody or we're still working on somebody and they're just somebody who's not being used as leverage. There's somebody who's just sort of, you know , floating it out in Afghanistan. It's the last person. It's not something , uh , that was stolen from you. Now, this is a situation where theoretically, the Taliban are actively using Americans according to this congressperson as hostages right now, as leverage as actual negotiating tools versus somebody that just didn't make on the airplane. Oh, I fraught, I ran late to the airport, sorry. My Uber was late. Uh , when I was trying to get through the checkpoints and bombs were exploding a little different than the Taliban who were supposed to be our international partners are now actively strategically trying to , uh, you know, bottleneck or even sever the supply chain of Americans who want to leave the country different dynamic there. And that makes the future prospect of a United States. Taliban co-mingling cooperation seemed like a , a bit far-fetched has always been far-fetched , but that I think makes it even a less indicative that it's going to be fruitful. So we've got that going on. We also have, now Blinken who up until today, earlier this morning was really kind of skeptical about this whole hostage planes , not being allowed to leave 19 Americans , uh, you know, kind of held hostage over there. Very, very bad word. And so he came out and said, well, it's , you know ? Yeah , it's skim . Yes, but it's relatively small amount of hostages over from Fox news says relatively small number of Americans are seeking to depart. Okay. So the U S is working to see to it that the flights can leave the country safely. So U S officials in Washington and now identified a quote quote, relatively small. That's according to Blinken. He said in Tuesday, while he's in tar . So we're going to, we're going to see from him next, he's having a little powwow with a bunch of people over there. Blinken says that the state department is working with the Taliban to facilitate additional charter flights from Kabul , for people seeking to leave Afghanistan. It appeared to be the first time that the byte administration confirmed that there were Americans at the airport after several reports that Taliban fighters blocked Americans aboard six planes at the airport that we showed you in that satellite photo at the outset of the segment, three Americans involved in the private evacuations, blasted the state department over the weekend for preventing the evacuation flights from leaving the country. Blinken said it is his understanding, which means absolutely nothing that the Taliban has not prevented exit for anyone who presents proper documentation. Oh, he said, he's aware unaware of any quote , hostage type situation at the airport. So you see what these guys do. They they're playing word salad with everybody, right? It's all, it's all sort of, you know, verbal , uh, sort smithing. It's it's well, it's not hostage situation. And, and they're , and they're splitting things based on different variables. Oh no, no, no, no, no. They're not saying that those airplanes can't leave all their , they're just, they're implementing new customs procedures now. And so they're going on there and they're saying, oh, ma'am can I see your papers please? Oh , oh, well it doesn't look like you're you're you're not supposed to be on this plane. Young lady. Let me relocate you to your correct flight, right. Is that what's happening there in the new Taliban Afghanistan or, or not? Is this something different? So blanket wants to come, oh, it's just a paperwork problem. They're just trying to not let people who don't have the appropriate paperwork leave, but it's not a hostage type situation at all. Once they get the paperwork squared away, our new international partners, well, they're going to keep true to their word. This has nothing to do with leverage or anti , you know , negotiating tactics whatsoever. Of course here is blinking explaining this is that, is that all ? I don't know who that is. All right. Let's see, got a mask on that guy on the far right. Far left of the screen. Let's see what Blinken has to say,

Speaker 3:

Which you did at a pivotal moment in their lives.

Speaker 4:

Uh, we've been able to identify a relatively small number of Americans who we believe are seeking to depart from Azari Sharif , uh , with their families. We had been assured again, that all American citizens and Afghan with valid travel documents will be allowed to leave. And again, we intend to hold the Taliban to that. Uh, they've upheld that commitment in at least one instance in the last 24 hours , uh , with a family that was able to leave through an Overland route. And if are not aware of anyone being held on an aircraft or any hostage life situation in Missouri Sharif . So we have to work through , uh, the , uh, the different requirements and that's exactly what we're doing.

Speaker 1:

Oh , okay. So I forgot those sort of preface this. I forgot to preface what Anthony Blinken was going to say, but he said something about this family. He said, oh, well, listen, you know, relatively small number of Americans, but we were able to help facilitate, you know, one family with eight of the Taliban. You heard him say they're right there through an Overland route, right? They didn't go over. Uh, they didn't hop on board an airplane. They went through an Overland routes , which is a very different, and Fox news was reporting this. They were very excited about this. The U S facilitates Afghanistan evacuation of four Americans by the Overland route, a state department official said, quote, the Taliban was aware and did not impede their transit. Oh, that sounds nice. It sounds like we're cooperating now. No, that's good. So it's , it's been a week and it sounds like you , the U S is trying to move people along. The Taliban is saying, yeah, no problem at all. The state department also is being very, very, very helpful state department said, quote , it facilitated the safe departure. Well, that's nice of them , uh, for us citizens from Afghanistan on Monday, noting that the Taliban was aware and did not interfere at all senior state department officials said the evacuation was done by quote Overland route from Afghanistan, embassy staff was present upon their arrival. They were in good condition. The officials said the Taliban was aware, did not impede their transit. This is a post over from Twitter from Ronnie Jackson. You can see the family here , uh , looking very happy that they are no longer in Afghanistan. Of course, representative Ronnie Jackson said after two weeks and multiple life-threatening attempts, I'm overshared to share that for us citizens from Texas 13, we're part of a successful ground evacuation since the U S left cobble . Thank you, Corey mills and the other Patriots on his team for saving these brave Americans, right. American citizens. So that sounds, that sounds pretty great. You know, this is sort of what we were being promised from the byte administration. We were hoping for this, that the state department, after the deadline on August 31st first would get their act together. And yeah, maybe because of the, the , uh , catastrophic decline of the situation, they were just not able to get out, but they're still there, right? We're we're still gonna get you out. We're still gonna focus on making sure that every American who wants to come home can come home. Just like, if you want to keep your doctor, you can like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. It's the same concept. And fortunately we know how reliable government is, and we've been making a lot of fun of the state department here, you know, Ned over there at the state department, Anthony Blinken who just the , his he's just used to being scolded by every world leader , uh , for just being so embarrassingly, inept. Uh, he's also , um, you know, we make a lot of fun of him too, but the good news is that the state department is a , is becoming more useful. They helped to get four Americans out of Afghanistan, except the person who organized that escape says that the whole thing from the state department is a total loss Fox news is then reporting later says that the state department is trying to steal credit for the rescue of four Americans organizer that actually resulted in these success says that the whole thing is a total lie. Corey mills, the representative that we saw, or the , uh , the person that the representative on the prior screen was praising and a private team of military veterans led the effort to rescue Merriam her three children. Oh , so that's good. The organizer said that U S state department is now trying to insert itself into the story of her evacuation display , despite playing little to no role for much of the attempt senior department officials said that the U S had facilitated the safe departure, but those actually involved in the dangerous rescue operation say the state department, there's little to no credit for the escape from Afghanistan mills team to get the family aboard one of the last government flights out of cobble , but she was unable to gain admission to the airport. Okay. This is the story of a us citizen, trying to come home. The state department repeatedly urged the four Americans to go to the airport gate, braving, Taliban, checkbook , only for them to be refused admission. Each time they went yeah . To the airport, they went to the airport. They went to the airports at Taliban, turned them back. The final time she tried to enter the airport and you see this woman, see these kids the final time time , she tried to enter the airport. A Taliban fighter pointed a pistol at her at her head warned her don't come back shortly after that fighters , as cobble locals who knew Merriam , how they could find her mills' team rushed to get her in the children out of the city and into a safe house plan B was to get married in her family, aboard a private charter flight from Mazari Sharif airport, but the planes were never cleared to take off some private evacuation organizers have blamed the state department for failing to gain clearance for private charter flights to land in third countries while Republicans like Michael McCall has blamed the Taliban for the planes remaining grounded meals . Final card to play was to travel Overland to a neighboring country. The exact countries being withheld to avoid jeopardizing future rescue missions, and then attempt to get the family across the border state department spokesman. They asked , they say, Hey , uh , dingbats, are you overselling your role in this rescue? They say, oh, no. Uh , we , we assisted Americans. They went an Overland route. We provided guidance to them and work to facilitate their safe passage and embassy officials greeted the Americans once they had crossed the border, which is really nice. So they had some water bottles for them as were fleeing in to the embassy and sort of collapsing into their arms. Uh, oh no. We helped. Look. We caught them before their head smashed into the pavement, but mills and others with knowledge of the operation say the state department is exaggerating. It's rural , had little to do with the rescue missing until the , uh , with , until the most dangerous part. Uh, getting across the border was completed, had nothing to do with it until they made it out of Afghanistan. Mill says, this is an attempt to save face by the administration for the Americans. They left behind. This is a woman with three children, ages 15, all the way down to two years old. They did nothing to expedite this. But at the very last minute you have these quotes senior officials at the state department trying to claim credit like, oh yeah, look at what we've done. Mil said, it's like, we carried the ball to the 99 and a half yard line and then taking it the last half yard and being like, look what we did, which is just exactly right. That's exactly this administer . They, they, you know, they slip into the end zone, touchdown. Whoa , whoa, whoa. What's a touchdown. I don't know . But this is great. We're , we're really proud of ourselves for , uh , for running the ball. All those 99 yards. Oh, that's the Biden in the administration inaction . Let's see what you have to say about all of this and more over from, at watching the Let's see what we've got here. Uh, I forgot to cue these up. So here is our first one in the house we've got tweak says, oh, it wished me a very nice, happy birthday. That's from tweak . What a nice guy. That's right. Folks. My birthday was yesterday, but we don't, we don't spend much time about that. One had a great time celebrating with my family. Very nice. Very quiet. Josh Calgrin says Afghanistan was so three to five days ago. What difference does it make? Hello Clinton. Right? What difference at this point? Does it make while there are dead Americans? Well, difference doesn't make is four or five days ago. We got a , we got a winning combo right there. John Haugen. That's the one to Biden Clinton combo. That's the, at what point at what difference does this make combined with the Abbott ? So four to five days ago, we've just got two catastrophic combo sessions right there from , uh , the two , uh , two lead Democrats. We have a Sergeant, Bob says a word to anyone who voted for sleepy, Joe. This was predictable. It was all out there in the debates. Be careful what you wish for. It might come true. Sadly, sleepy job is thus in the oval office when not napping. Yes. You know, I don't know what the bigger, maybe a nap, maybe a nap would be, you know, more nap time. Maybe he'd be a little bit better. I don't, I don't know . I'm not sure that anything can redeem him at this point. So Viking says there are varying reports as to how many us citizens and legal us residents remained . But one thing for certain is once the ransom faucet is turned on, it will only cause the price to go up as time goes by easy money for them. Yeah. And you also have to think about it in terms of a supply and demand, right? If right now they have a high supply of Americans and there is no demand for those Americans, from the Biden ministration , uh , maybe the, the economics don't suit them very well. But what happens if , uh, some of those Americans, you know , leave or they escape and , and some of the pressure now starts to bear on the byte administration to go rescue those other Americans. The demand goes up, the supply goes down. Well, that means that we've got some scarcity now. And so now the , the Taliban is going to have more and more leverage the longer this goes on, literally, right? The longer this goes on, it's horrible to talk about this in those terms, but it's actually, I think pertinent the longer and the worse the situation gets, the more demand there is that America does something, right? Lindsey, Graham's already out there talking about re-inventing what , and you might fast forward a couple years. And if ISIS K now look, if ISIS K is now going to be the new enemy, the U S is going to realign itself with the Taliban. The Taliban are basically going to be our allies. Now why? Because we're going to see ISIS Cade and Al Qaeda become the new enemy. And so we're going to see this sort of this , uh , triangulation going on and the price is going to go up and up . The, the, this current administration, we've got three and a quarter years left of them. And they're going to be the ones doing the negotiating. They're not looking good. We have VMT because prime is here, says manufacturing consent, I think, is that a documentary? I think it might be monster. One says, Joe Biden gave these people the opportunity to leave. They are not hostages. They are voluntary asset abstainers, can't wait for the quote bloody, but mostly peaceful beheadings. Yeah. Yeah. They're not our Americans. Those are somebody else's Americans. We didn't , they didn't tell us that they were coming to Afghanistan. They didn't tell us that they were leaving. And so, you know, they should just get a better alarm clock next time, because this is unacceptable. We gave him several warnings. We've been here for 20 years, but we're leaving in two weeks. So pack your stuff up and let's go. Good to see you. Monster one. We have some others here. We've got miss Danny's in the house as , Hey, Robert, how are you doing? I'm doing good in this. Danny says this was something that was leaked quite a long time ago. Oh, that's the U S one. All right . We're going to get back to that, Ms. Donnie . We're going to get back to that one on the next segment. Let me reopen this here. I want to save that because it looks like it's a very nice comment, 20. So let me, well, I have to, you know , uh, when I, when I have to queue up the next question, I apologize. All right, we're ready to go. T Feldman is here, says your thoughts please, that the state department is accused of holding up evacuation flights from Afghanistan. Well, I've got a lot of thoughts on them . I , you probably asked that maybe before we went through this segment T Feldman, but a lot of them, I think that the evidence tends to show. We're going to see a lot more of this. We have thunder seven says, Robert, let's be perfectly clear here. The Biden Marxist regime have abandoned us citizens and evacuated Afghan refugees. Instead their Patriot groups, ex military and church groups, all privately funded, who are helping us citizens get out, no help from the state department who can care less about the abandoned, legal us citizens. They only care about bringing in thousands of illegal terrorists and then making us citizens pay for lodging food and healthcare. Any legal us citizen should wear a burka. Pretend they are Afghans. That's the only way the trees in this Biden government, it's going to help them in any way. That's from thunder seven. You know, it certainly feels like that, right? Didn't didn't didn't Biden come out and say that there were 120,000 people who were evacuated. That was the big top line number. And you say, well, how many of those were Americans like 5,000, 6,000 oh 5%, 6%. Not a lot. So, you know, I don't know what the official numbers are, but it's a small piece of the pie, whatever it is. We have three girlies says four Americans were able to make it to the Afghan border via lown route. Totally done by former us military with private funding, Blinken had the balls to take credit for it. What a complete a Chuck Schumer also had to be to say that all Americans who want it out have gone out, they're all despicable liars, always looking to take credit, always looking to leave good people behind. Yeah. They will abandon you. First of all, politicians will, right ? They don't care about people. They don't care about saving lives. Joe Biden was checking. His watch as bodies were coming out of an airplane, they don't care about that a bit. It's all political expediency. The Taliban tourism board says we are keeping them for a surprise birthday party for a Mr. Biden, the best president ever. So when , so when Joe Biden gets dragged over there to have a state dinner with the new Taliban warlord, who's running the country, they're going to have all of the American citizens there that they've been keeping hostage for the last three and a half years to , uh, to, to greet him. They're going to pop out of a , uh , uh , uh , birthday cake, best president ever. You gave us $85 billion in military gear. Yeah, that'll be a nice birthday for Joe . We have chairman of the board says, rumor has it . The Taliban is asking for tickets to the Joe Rogan comedy show, a case of horse dewormer, wink, wink, and a copy of hunter Biden, laptop hard drive in trade for letting the planes depart seems fair. That's chairman of the board. Yeah. Joe Rogan is not happy about the horse dewormer thing, nor should he be. He , uh , was , uh , was out there saying that he might be suing CNN. I would love to see him do that because they were dunking on him pretty badly. We covered that Friday. Good to see you. Chairman. We have a former Elio says the family was evacuated by civilian volunteers. No assistance of the state department. Never trust any info from the Biden ad , man. Good to see you. Leo. We have , uh , VNT , cause prime says in my never ending face palming while watching humanity, I just got to know who the hell thought it was a good idea to be an American and either bring their kids or have kids in Afghanistan. Probably the same people who thought that we were going to continue to be there indefinitely because we have been there indefinitely. Right? So if you're there, like on year 10 and you're like, honey, should we start having kids? And you go, well, you know, let's just think about it. I mean, you know, what's up ? Do you have a kid kids 10 years old, just full kid. It's a full human husband for 10 years longer than that . Now it's just the whole, the whole situation changes. Right? And , and so those kids 15 and two, they were born in an Afghanistan that was run by the United States. That's the only thing they knew when they were expecting to be there for a long time. Former Leo says stolen valor by the most corrupt administration in the history of the USA. We have Antica says whether it's the politicians or the personal relationships, people just want to jump in and claim the glory. After all the hard work's been done, it's very common. Kenny. One B says even college students are seeing through the Biden admin chats of F Joe Biden were happening at numerous football games over the weekend. By the way, Phoenix was great. Yes, Kenny, one B I forgot to email you back. I apologize. You know, I wasn't sure what I was doing for this weekend with , uh , you know, birthday stuff. And so , uh, we'll , uh, we'll have to connect at another time, but I know I was going to send you an email. I hope you had a safe trip. I hope you had a , an amazing event. I know you were out here for some personal events and hope. They went well. We've got, Jeremy says, Rob, you got it wrong. The Biden men caught an interception after their teammates stabbed the wide receiver, then they ran the ball back 98 yards in the wrong direction to score a touchback thinking they scored a touchdown. That's a great one. That's a good one. Jeremy. I love that. Yeah. I heard that in that analogy on a , uh, uh, Stephen Miller's podcast, which is a good one. You have to pay for that one, but it's a good one. And he said , uh, yeah, he , he was the person who framed it as your own goal. You know, if you're playing foosball used to play a lot of foosball in college and you know, having some beers, playing foosball, and if your partner scored it in your own goal, I mean, that was like the , the biggest sin in the world. Your friendship is basically over at that time, if they do something so insane like that. And so it's your own goal, right? And that's exactly what Joe Biden did. Writing your own goal, not necessary. Everything was mostly stable and he just scored on himself and America bummer. The Antica says, let's be honest. If Trump were still president, this debacle would have still happened because it primes people for more war. Yeah. And you start seeing that language, right. I'm very suspicious of that hostage situation. Language. I get it. I get the point that he's making, but what does that lead people to do? Well , they're there . How many there are thousands of Americans as hostages. Well , I guess we better listen to Lindsey Graham and just, just go back into Afghanistan for another three decades. Monster one says my birthday was on Sunday. It got ruined by no show on Monday. I'll let it go. I know you were part of the Virgo family. Happy birthday. That's for monster one happy birthday, right back at you. Monster one. That fun. Yeah. New years babies, a lot of new year's babies on this show, Beth Cottington was on Friday and monster ones in the house as well. We have Brad thorn said Misty yesterday. Hope you had a great, definitely not communist holiday. No, no communism here. My thoughts are with the people getting screwed by sloppy, Joe. Yeah, no communists over here. My household, my family is very , um, we're on the right side of history. We got former Elio says was Afghanistan. One of the third world S whole countries that POTUS Trump's spoken about. I don't know. I don't know. Let's see here. A sweet potato says, Rob, did you see a sink for you in the chat? I did not see it. Sweet potato, but I'll take it . I'll take a look at it after the show. Very nice of you. Thank you for it. I appreciate it. Mustang. Jeff says, did we really get everyone out? That's from Mustang, Jeff. Well, you're going to see those numbers continue to diminish and tell it's just a handful of people. And then suddenly it's. So everybody who wanted to get out is out. We'll see if there's any truth to that. Thank you. Uh , Mustang. We have a couple more here. DJ McBride says maybe the Taliban are waiting for Biden to offer free extended warranties. Oh yeah. And all the homies , he left them before they release the Americans. That's a good point. Yeah. You know, and probably like, like satellite radio and you know , all of the different upgrades. Yeah. That's a good point. It's good negotiating . You want to make sure you get that stuff before you let the dealer leave your country. Make sure you get that. Lock it in. Oh, it's Jake from Oxford. Oh , he's here. Hey Rob. Hey buddy. Let's talk about COVID. Well folks, that's it from locals now onto the next topic. That's from Jake. That's Jake Sullivan, NSA. Sergeant Bob says fear, not sleepy. Joe will perform great at the Taliban con fab, just like the G seven . They're going to have a nice seat at that table. The Antica says, you know how politicians give favors for getting elected? Did the Taliban vote for Biden? Well, look, you know, if you want to go down that route, I think the Taliban just partnered up with the Chinese. The Chinese have a lot of leverage over Joe Biden. I would guess based on some of their dealings with the sun , we have another one from your happy client says it sucks. Let me make sure. All right . It sucks that under incredible amounts of pressure, the government can pretty much get a confession out of most. This is not America. It's totalitarian and dictatorial. That's from your happy client. This is good to see you . Happy client. Appreciate you being here. We have tweaks as the Swedish government is working their AEs off to get all the imprisoned female ISIS terrorist in Syria, back home to Sweden. What the heck is the us doing with their left behind citizens, Sweden, ISIS, affiliated women suspected of genocide. Take a look at this . This real quick. We have a Sweden ISIS affiliated woman suspected of genocide. What does this story? Wow . Two of the three Swedish ISIS affiliated women who were deported from Syria were arrested when they arrived in Sweden. One woman is suspected of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity taken in for police questioning all three affiliated with ISIS. Swedish prosecutors announced they're returning from ISIS controlled areas where they committed crimes landing in Sweden. So that's great. Genocidal warmongers from ISIS, just landing in Sweden. That sounds really great. We have some super chats here from Wolfgang. Dayo says it seems that the terrorists running the federal government want to turn public support such as to resend American troops back into Afghanistan. That's from Wolfgang. I think there's a lot of truth to that. Wolfgang. I think you see it from the media too. Right? War is big money. A lot of people like to talk about it. Good for ratings. Good for the budgets. Not so good for Americans who have to lose their loved ones. We have Wolfgang says, he said to recognize the Taliban as the official government of the United States on that Chris Wallace clip Freudian slip much. Uh, yeah. I see what you're saying. Yes. Another one from Wolfgang was that the congressmen that went into Afghan? I don't think so. I don't think that was in the story, but he was the person he's on the house foreign affairs committee. So he's privy to that intelligence and Wolfgang says happy belated birthday, Rob. Well, thank you for that Wolfgang. I really do appreciate that for, from Wolfgang. Very generous with those super chats. Thank you very much Wolfgang. And thank you [email protected] for all of your support. We've got venti kiss over there. Rata . See , look to Jean . We've got Mustang. Jeff. We have Jack Aliah over on YouTube. Shout outs to lean K beans or oh , Sarah Brown, CAS Arthur Marsia Jones. Love Ali . Thank you so much for being here and being so supportive. All right. So we're going to jump into the next segment. Let's see what else we've got queued up. Oh, that's right. We're talking about what is this ? Oh yeah, that's right. This is the conspiracy, the Wu Han lab leak . Conspiracy. I forgot we have to do a little bit of a recap on this one. So , uh, that's why we're taking , uh , that's why it took me a minute to get my bearings straight it's Monday. It's Tuesday. I'm a little bit rusted , as you can tell. All right , so let's get into it though . Wu Han lab of virology, if you've been a part of this channel, we've long speculated that maybe there's a pertinent alternative theory about where the coronavirus came from for many months. Well, over a year, we were told that the Corona virus emerged naturally from a cave somewhere in China, and then it sort of spread naturally throughout the world. Nothing to worry about, nothing to investigate, nothing to see. And lo and behold, the future is now revealing that there's a lot more there than maybe they want us to see. So before we dive into this story, that is going through some new documentation that came out, the intercept was able through a freedom of information, act, request able to get new documents, that show that there was a pretty clear connection between us government officials, the national Institute for health that was funding some research in [inaudible] in China. And so we've got a lot to dig into here. Let's do a brief recap and go around the merry-go-round of liability. Recall that in the United States we've been paying a lot of attention to this guy down here, Dr. Fowchee kind of been screaming in our faces over the last two years or so talking about the Corona virus . And there's been a lot of questions about where the Corona virus came from. Did it come over here from Wu Han ? Did it come from China? We know it came from China. Did it come from Mohan or from some cave somewhere? So there's been sort of this trajectory, this chain, that many people have been speculating that Fowchee who runs the national institutes of health, this organization, which funds the national Institute for allergy and infectious diseases, which is this entity here , uh , allegedly there was a contract or some sort of work proposal project that was funded through the U S government through Dr. Fowchee NIH. NIH ID gave a contract over to EcoHealth Alliance, which is a private corporation who runs that this guy, Dr. [inaudible] , Dr. [inaudible] we're going to see is one of the authors of this article, which was published back in February 19th, 2020, right? When that pandemic was getting started, he said that the scientists here S uh , stand together strongly to condemn the conspiracy theory, that suggests that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. So in other words, anybody that is saying that this maybe was manufactured in a lab, he's coming out with a big group of scientists, and they all wrote this early Peter [inaudible] . We have , uh , Charles Kelley . Sure . We have Dennis Carroll , reala . Callwell all these, you know, all these people who were unifying together to say, oh, no, this was natural. Anything other than that is lunacy. This was the article that a lot of people in the media latched on to before it's finally broke before people had to start asking real questions. So we go back to the merry-go-round of liability. We know that Dr. [inaudible] wrote that article in the landset saying, oh, no, it absolutely could not have come from Mohan . And so that article was spread all over the media. He was giving interviews with other people and percolating all this stuff back over to Dr. Fowchee to keep this little cycle going that oh , is all natural. Don't look over here. When we get over to Dr. [inaudible] outsourcing all of this stuff to Dr . Shi bat lady, and that was the woman who was running the lab in Wu Han world health organization was not able to see anything because they weren't properly allowed to inspect it. So now we've got some serious issues to talk about. Big questions, of course. Did Dr. Fowchee through the NIH, through NIH, through EcoHealth, through Dr. Dan Zack , actually fun to gain a function research through Dr. Batch , uh , Dr. [inaudible] , it's a pretty big question. And Dr. Fowchee, hasn't been entirely honest about most of this. Here's what he said. When Ron Paul asked him about this specifically and pay close attention to how Dr. Fowchee, these words, how he says things like, oh, no, we didn't do gain of function research in Wu Han . Okay. Well, did you do it anywhere else? Or he says specifically in the Wu Han lab of virology. Okay. Did you do it in the shed behind there? Did you do it in the building next door to it? He's being very careful with his words. And he goes so far as to say , uh , and if we did do any research, we did it in North Carolina. So we're paying close attention to geography. We're paying , paying close attention to how he's categorizing. What we're talking about here. Uh , ran Paul is going to ask him about gain of function. He's going to say specifically, no gain of function in Wu Han, because maybe if they were doing gain a function in North Carolina, a response to ran of, no, we're not doing gain of function and Mohan is accurate. And it's also not non-responsive. It is responsive to the question. So you can see how he's being very careful with the words and ran Paul. You're going to see he gets frustrated because he knows what game he's playing. Cause he's a doctor. He's a Congress person . He knows how this stuff works. Here is Dr. Fowchee squirming around when ran , Paul was asking him about this. Are you funding this type of research in UConn? Here it is. Dr. Fowchee, do you still

Speaker 5:

Funding of the NIH funding of the lab and Wu Han Senate , a poll with all due respect, you are entirely, entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wu Han Institute. Do they fly around the Barrick ? We do not fund your funding on your barracks gain of function research. Dr. Barrett does not doing gain a function search. And if it is it's according to the guidelines and it is being conducted in North Carolina,

Speaker 1:

You're like, what are you talking about? She's not doing gain of function research. And if she is, she's doing it according to protocols, it's doing it in North Carolina, right? So that goes on and on and on ran Paul versus Dr. Fowchee has been going on for months. Now, Dr. Fowchee goes in front of Congress, lies through his teeth directly. A Congress person ran Paul. And now we're starting to get some indication about that, but you heard what Dr. Fowchee said, no, we don't do any gain of function research. We don't do it in the Wu Han lab virology . That doesn't happen. Okay. So , uh, then what are we doing? Looking at 900 pages of documents that the intercept gods new details emerge about the Corona virus and the Corona virus research at the Chinese lab, more than 900 pages of material had been released according to a foyer request, freedom of information act requests provides details of research on several types of Corona viruses at the [inaudible] Institute of virology 900 pages detailing the work of EcoHealth Alliance, Dr. [inaudible] us based health organization that use federal money to fund a back Corona virus research at the Chinese laboratory. The trove of documents includes two previously unpublished grant proposals. One of which we're going to take a look at that were funded by the N I a I D right there, as well as project updates relating to EcoHealth Alliance, scrutinized amid the pandemic origin questions. We also have the documents were released in connection to, to other freedom of information act requests. Uh, Gary Ruskin says this is a roadmap to high-risk research that could have led to the current pandemic. You're kidding me. One of the grants is entitled understanding the risk of bat coronavirus emergence. We're going to look at this one in the next slide, but that's the name of the grant. In other words, you've got a bunch of money to understand the risk of bat coronavirus, emergence outlines, an ambitious effort by Dr. Dan Zak EcoHealth Alliance to screen thousands of bat samples for novel Corona viruses . The research also involves screening people who work with live animals, and the document contains several critical details about the research in Wu Han, including the fact that key experimental work with humanized mice was conducted at a biosafety level lab at the Wu Han university center. Okay . Bio level, level three lab, not at the [inaudible] Institute of virology as previously assumed. So did you hear what Dr. Fowchee said earlier? No. We don't do gain of function research at the Wu Han lab of virology. Cause he knows. Oh yeah. Cause we do it next door at the Wu Han university center for animal experiments. So it's a biosafety level three lab. That's where all of that stuff goes, obviously dummy ran Paul slick . We don't do it at UConn . We do it at the university. So , so we can answer that with a straight face, even though he knows he's lying through his teeth as was previously assumed the documents raise additional questions about the theory that the pandemic may have begun in a lab accident, an idea that Daz dazzle has aggressively dismissed. Do you think there's a conflict of interest there? Dr. [inaudible] the person who got all of this money in order to go do this research, his company, something that presumably he's been working to build most of his life EcoHealth Alliance, you know, maybe might be caught up in the middle of causing the global pandemic that wrecked the planets and he's out in February. Oh no. I talked to my friends. They said it definitely wasn't us. We didn't do this thing. No question about it. But you got all this money from the U S government to conduct these experiments using bats, using humanized mice, using Corona viruses and there's documents to prove it. Let's take a look at one. Here is one of the articles, the one of the project titles understanding the risk of the bat. Corona virus emergence. You can see this award was emailed over to somebody, the president, the principal investigators. We got Peter [inaudible] right here, PhD. This was , uh , issued back May 27th, 2014. We're not going to go through this at depth. It's a lot of, you know, terms and conditions , uh, follow the law. Acceptance of the award includes terms of , uh , conditions we have. The publication will supported by the national Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the national institutes of health under this award number. Right? And Dr. Fowchee of course has been there forever. Go through the analysis. You can see, this is what the award costs . We've got $666,000. Isn't that nice if you're, if you're thinking that these people are, you know , biblically evil, then there you go. $666,000 amount of this action. The federal share we've got salaries and wages 167 grand fringe benefits, 54 grand supplies, travel costs, 35 grand other costs, just a nice even 10 grand for whatever it's government money who cares $227,000 for contracts , right ? All goes over to the Dr . Desert to do the research. What is he researching? Here's the project summary. The project is going to examine the risk of future Corona virus emergence from wildlife using in-depth field investigations across the human wildlife interface in China. They're going to go around, do all of this stuff. Receptor binding domain genes, mathematical models, transmission demonstrated the emergence of I'll. Look at this as demonstrated with the emergence of pandemic, severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS cov in China in 2002. And the recent emergence of MERS cov bats appear to be a natural reservoir for the viruses. So we're going to go and we're going to investigate all of this three aims of this project are to assess the COVID spill over potential at high risk human wildlife interfaces in China. So it's going to quantify the nature and the frequency of contact people have with bats and other wildlife. It sounds like go out there. See how many times people are interfacing with bats at wet markets or in places where it's a lot of wildlife also develop predictive models about the COVID emergence risk and host range. Oh, a combined modeling approach will include phylogenetic analysis and host receptors of novel COVID genes, fused, ecological, evolutionary model to predict host range and viral sharing. You know, I'm not a medical person, but if you're talking about gain of function, the concept there being is that you want the virus, you want to sort of predict what functions the virus is going to gain. And that way you can develop therapeutics to combat these new novel Corona viruses, right? That's the whole point. That's why you give them additional functionality. It's like making copies of copies of copies, of copies, of copies, and then you get something that's a little bit different that might impact the body a little bit more severely. And so you put that in the humanized mice tested , oh, this thing's really bad, but it it's enabling us to develop a therapeutic to address that. So it certainly sounds like gain of function to me, but I'm not , uh , as smart as Dr. Fowchee test predictions of COVID inter-species transmission. Now we also have predictive models that are going to be tested experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudo virus, receptor binding assays. And we've got virus infection experiments across a range of cell cultures and humanized mice. Oh yeah. And if you didn't watch my full video on Nicholas Wade article on my separate channel, which is at Robert ruler , Esq, it's all for recorded stuff, not live that I went through that article at length and they talk about how this virus has these different, weird sites that they call. I forget what they call them, but it's like a juncture sites where they're mashing different parts of different cellular viral components together. The way that I've analogized that here on the show is saying, if you're going to assemble a human being from like a bit, a bin of limbs and heads and torsos and things like that, sort of like a Frankenstein, you wouldn't ideally connect two pieces of the skull together, right? You wouldn't want to start, you wouldn't want to slice here and then mash two pieces of a head together. You would kind of attach it at the normal place, right at the neck, or right at the shoulder, get a torso, find some arms that have their shoulders and put them together like you did with Mr. Potato head, same thing. Right? And so this new virus is the same thing. It , it, it, there are different cleave sites where it looks like the virus is being mashed together, which of course is what Nicholas Wade was speculating was another factor in the idea that this was not natural. So the project narrative says that most emerging human viruses come from wildlife. And these represent a significant threat to public health as demonstrated by the SARS pandemic and an ongoing SARS like epidemic in the middle east. This project seeks to understand what factors allow animal Corona viruses to evolve and jump into the human population by studying virus diversity in a critical group of animals, bats at sites of risk of high of mergence life in wildlife markets, in an emergent disease hotspot. Okay. So it sounds like exactly what gain of function is you take a virus, you evolve it in a repeated iterative fashion until it gained some functionality. And just like this says, it jumps, it evolves, it evolves and jumps into the human population, except this one got out of their control. Didn't it? The bat coronavirus grant provided a total of 3.1 million, including 599,000 that we saw that went right to Wu Han used in part to identify an altar bat coronaviruses even before the pandemic, many scientists were concerned about the dangers associated with this. The grant itself acknowledges those dangers says, quote, field work involves the highest risk of exposure to SARS and other coves while working in caves with high bat density overhead, and the potential for fecal dust to be inhaled yet also happens inside laboratories where Dr. Bat lady works Allina Chan and molecular biologists at the broad Institute said the documents show that EcoHealth Alliance has a reason to take the lab leak . Seriously. She said, quote, in this proposal, they actually point out how they know risky. This work is they keep talking about people potentially getting bitten. They kept records of everyone who got bitten, right? Does EcoHealth have those records? And if not, how can they possibly rule out a research related accident? Good question. Are they, is that all being disclosed has, has the U S government gotten subpoenas and gone through all of EcoHealth Alliance documentation? Or are they just taking Dr. [inaudible] word for that? Because he's buddies with Anthony Fowchee. So they asked EcoHealth Alliance and Robert Kessler who's the communications manager said, well, we applied for grants to conduct research the relevant agencies, deem that to be important research and thus funded it. So I don't know that there's a whole lot to say, he's not even going to respond. The grant was initially awarded for five years. Uh , it was renewed in 2019, but then suspended by Trump and April, 2020, after all this stuff started coming to light. So , uh, Robert Kessler over from EcoHealth is just, they granted the government said we could have that money and we could go do whatever we want with it. So I dunno , what do you want from us? Go talk to China. Senator Rand, Paul said surprise, surprise, Fowchee lied again. I was right about his agency funding, novel coronavirus research at Wu Han read this thread and the papers released. So we just read through the documents. Well, let's check in and see what this fella here has to say. His name is Richard E. Bright. He is a professor of chemistry and chemical biology over the board of governors. And so we're going to take a quick look. He says newly released documents here, intercept. We just went through the story. He says, the materials here is some analysis show that the 2014, 2019 NIH grants from NIH to EcoHealth with subcontracts to the Wu Han Institute of virology, as defined in federal policies, let's see grants . Okay. This had been evident previously, which we already knew. We've talked a lot about that. Here. There was a 2014 grant, but this can now be stated definitively from progress reports that there was a 2014 grant . And we also have a 2017 grant, right ? So this is somebody who lives in this space. The materials confirm the grant supported the construction in Wu Han of novel Comeric SARS related Corona viruses that combined a spike gene from one Corona virus, which genetic information from another Corona virus and confirm the resulting viruses could infect human cells. That's what he's saying. The , uh , what the grant is saying. Now, look, I'm not a medical doctor. This is not medical information. Uh, you know, I don't know that you can draw any conclusions from that, but, you know, follow what the CDC says always. And your doctor, the materials revealed that the resulting novel laboratory generated SARS related Corona virus also could infect mice engineered to display human receptors on the cells. That's for humanized mice. And by the way, I know I put in the standard YouTube disclaimer there, but this is not specifically talking about this Corona virus. This is talking about what the lab was, is doing in general, right? There's still, it's still left. Be seen whether what they were doing caused the current pandemic or caused the coronavirus . We don't know that yet. If that's the case at all, all there talking about here is yeah, they were doing this type of research. Whether this research led to the current iteration of the coronavirus, we don't know, but it's still , uh , was certainly research that was being done. And so I think you can, you can reach that conclusion regardless. It says the materials further reveal for the first time that one of the resulting novel laboratory generated SARS related Corona virus, one not previously disclosed was more pathogenic to humanize mice. Then the starting virus from which it was constructed. And that's not only was reasonably anticipated to exhibit enhanced pathogenicity, but also it was demonstrated enhanced . Okay. The materials further revealed that the grants also supported and the final, the final clip here, the document makes it clear that assertions by NIH director, Francis Collins, the NIH director, Anthony Fowchee, and the NIH did not support gain of function research or potential pandemic pathogen enhancement at w I V . The Wuhan Institute of virology are untruthful, right ? He's basically saying that what they came in and talked about, they were lying, which is obvious at this point. So , so I think that conclusion can be reached outside of any medical information. The idea that Anthony Fowchee comes in tells Ron Paul, we weren't doing anything like this at all. And Wu Han documents come out. Yeah , yeah. You were . It's clear. It's right here. And I'm sure those checks were cashed. All right. Let's see what you have to say about this over at watching the Watchers dot locals. Calm . We'll take some questions before we wrap up with our final segment. Let's see what we've got over here. Where did my questions go? Other over here, let's start off with miss Dani in the house says U S funding says Robert, there was something that was leaked a long time ago. And not only it was found that there was a USA funding, but a Canadian one, no doubt that no one wanted the general public to know about this. Yet Canada arguments that they only send knowledge bases and not funds. Oh, Canada argues that. The problem with this issue is that the funds are from taxpayers. The Wuhan Institute of virology also has official approval from the national institutes of health to conduct taxpayer funded research on animals in what's called animal welfare assurance issued by the public health servants public. Personally, I think that the so-called quote, wet markets in China are also a place where zoonotic viruses can originate specific , especially as Chinese eat almost anything living. Sometimes they cook it other times. They don't. The challenge is to study how to contain the spread of future pathogens with pandemic potential , uh , all the best for you all that's for miss Danny in the house. Very nice comment. Thank you, Ms. Danny , for, for sharing your insight on that. And , uh , you know, in my other video, I did make a video on the Nicholas Wade article. It's , it's a long video and I actually have been to China and I've been to wet markets and I've gone around. I have video in that video about my experience there. I went there with my mother and my stepdad , and we had an amazing time spreading, you know, spending some time with the people of China and visiting the sites and the history there. But it is a , uh, it is an interesting place, right? It is unlike anything that you have seen in terms of these wet markets and you could easily see , uh, how they might be little melting pots for some, some nasty stuff. Uh , thank you for that. Miss Danny, we have, oh my gosh. We have so many questions on this. We're going to have to pick up the pace we have. No , no, no, no. Wait a minute. All right . This one is good. Former Leo says my forms are all okay, here we go. Sorry about that. We got Sergeant Bob or Sergeant Rob says a off topic. Sorry. Should I identify a Sergeant Rob, instead of Sergeant Bob? Or would that be too confusing? My thoughts are so aligned with yours. That that does have some appeal suggestions. I like, sorry, your Sergeant Bob and my heart Sergeant. That's the original Sergeant Bob. I think it's, I think it's, I think it's it suits you, but either way, I'm not going to be offended. This world's big enough for two, two Rob's in the house. We've got Dr . Foul set says the virus totally came from people who were delving in bad caves in search of guano. Or if you think, otherwise you already Quincy watcha . That is from , uh , a Quincy watch up white devil white devil equates to watch up white devil white devil . That's from ACE Ventura pet detective when nature calls one of the best movies of all time , especially when he's coming out of that. Rhinoceros is a dairy a isn't it. We have a , that was for me, Quincy watcha . We have Mustang. Jeff says the funding that has been happening under the Fowchee supervision. I understand that president Obama said to stop that and foggy steered the research over to China, really, who is responsible for the COVID issue? That's for Mustang. Jeff , we're going to have to see, I would have loved some actual data from the byte administration who said that he wanted the intelligence agencies to draft a report. They did. They sent over, it was like a two page memo . Didn't find anything. Let us know if you have any other questions. N Y renal MDs in the house as short history of lab leaks, H one N 1 19 18 pandemic flu. The 1970s , smallpox stars . One lab leaks are plausible. I've seen this virus up front . It is evil. This is why everyone should protect themselves by consult salting. Their doctor ran. Paul was totally correct in that exchange. That's from the good doctor in the house. So absolutely consult your doctor. Listen to the CDC, be safe out there. We have bill Clinton says, I taught my boy Fowchee, how to answer questions. Good job. That's from bill Clinton. And he's got some experience there. We have some other ones from monster. One says pretty sure lying to Congress is a crime that what Roger Stone with the prison for Bouchie should be in jail. But we all know the spineless Republicans won't do anything. They won't do anything. They're all in on it. They, they they're happy with perpetual COVID. We have Sergeant Rob, Bob says, let us put the Dr. F on the lie box. Woo-hoo that's from Sergeant Bob in the house. We have monster. One says we investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing. This is like letting a murder suspect. Run the forensic analysis in a murder. He committed. Yeah. Dr . [inaudible] writing. No, we it's impossible. There's no way we could have done it. Cause if we did, that would be really bad for us. And so we have to sort of set the narrative at the, at the outset monster. One says , uh, already read that one for monster one. Good to see you. We have Sergeant Bob says, what the hell is a humanized mouse, Mickey or Minnie? I, I don't know. I think that they , um, sing songs and tap dance. We have a vanity cause prime says, speak for yourself. Robert. If I create a Frankenstein type monster, I'm giving it all middle fingers. There you go. Yeah. Right. So you can't get creative. I'm not saying, you know, to not get creative. I encourage creativity is especially when you're Frankensteining, Todd trout says most Chinese believed that the COVID came from the U S I'm sure they do. I'm sure they do. And we also have Jeremy [inaudible] says one scientist says to the other, I wonder if a virus can pass from animals to humans sometime later, I guess not. Hey, I have an idea. Let's modify this non-threatening virus to see if we can make a deadly. Oops. I don't feel so well. Tell my family. I [inaudible] . That's the end of that. Yeah. And you know, who knows if that happened in China, it very well could have. And they would cover the whole thing up. Nobody would ever know. We Avalon says did no one watch outbreak, which was like a horrendous movie, right. When I was , uh , I was like a boy when that came out. And I remember watching that and like people were like bleeding out of every orifice in their body. I was like, this is terrible. I think, I think I'm still traumatized from that. Moving a robot day says what the bet that us funding of Wu Han went mostly to communist party members instead of the lab and workers were paid so poorly. So they were lazy with lab safety. I think it's probably a given that a huge portion of that money was grafted off into some bureaucrats pockets somewhere. Seoul liking says Dr. Froud CI's statements under oath were quite sweeping. Unfortunately there appears to be little will on the part of Republicans other than Rand Paul and no will on part of the Democrats to pursue perjury hearings. Yeah, no, they want perpetual pandemic. They're okay with that. They're all okay with that because it justifies their existence to some degree, the Senate hearing says Rand. Paul is there even a slight chance that COVID-19 could have been human influence virus and not naturally occurring voucher ? Unlike HIV, no one had sex with a bat. Ran. Paul says what foul ? She says, huh? Nobody asked you about having sex with a bat Fowchee weirdo. Oh , all right . Just tell the truth though. We to know Mustang, Jeff says there's a lot of moving parts here. Not sure what to believe at this point. Hope that no Americans were negatively involved. If that makes sense. Yeah, it does make sense Mustang. Right? If you go look, if you're going to be screaming from the mountaintops that China's responsible for causing the pandemic and they're responsible for all the hardship and chaos that we see around the world and the U S government funded it, you know , that's not, that's not good either. Uh , like maybe the Chinese have a point, maybe, you know , I forget who said it, but the Chinese sale , the U S did it well, if the U S is paying for your lab. Yeah. Maybe there's something to that. It's not good, which is why we should get to the bottom of it. We have Antica says, you know, what's funny if you took biology 1 0 1 in the past, you'd have a 90% understanding of all the stuff involved in this, not too far of a leap after to understand all the fundamentals. I wonder how it is for current biology students. I defer to my statement , uh, previously, you know, there, there is a lot of truth to this VNT cause prime it's, it's kind of shocking to me how, how little people know about just general health. It's it's, it's amazing. Like the difference between like virus and bacteria, I'm talking about stuff like that. You know, people just don't, they just don't know it. It's strange. We have , uh , Truman HW says what is more consistent with what we know of China. They're making vaccines for pure research or they're weaponizing biotech. This is the nation that sells the organs of white collar criminals. No. Yeah. I , I agree with you on that Truman. And I think, you know, look, if I have to go out there and just go in a total speculation realm, the thing that made me think that this whole thing was weaponized or engineered was when I saw Donald Trump change his , uh, posture. It , it felt like to me in March, it was February or March, but there was something that happened where Trump was pretty much just kind of poo-pooing the virus that's going to come and go, don't worry about it. You know, things are going to be fine by Easter, go home to your families, have fun. Somebody brought him into a room and they showed him some charts or something like that. And he came back out and he was white. He normally a little bit colorful orange, but he was white as a ghost. And I saw at that moment, somebody showed him some pretty bad intelligence there. Now we, you know, we , you couldn't really draw much conclusion of that, but he changed on it almost on a pin for a short period of time until , uh, until he went back to his old self. But they , they told him something that really freaked him out. And , uh, it sort of, I could see it in his public disposition. Don't think we were talking about that stuff on the channel at that time. But I noticed it. Fowchee says there is a very small instrument of China and the gates foundation. There were comments and videos of Fowchee predicting the pandemic. In my opinion, this was planned gates also predicted it. What does a software guy know about pandemics comparable to software viruses? I think not . Yeah. And he had that weird interview with his wife where they're like, well, we're going to ready for the next pandemic. And, and they kinda like wink at each other. Weird. The last villain says, can't wait to see how they push this under the rug. Happy birthday. Virgos are the best. August 29th. That's from the last villain. Happy belated to you. They're Virgos. It's true. We have a Mustang. Jeff says, LOL Sergeant Rob Bob. Well , that's pretty good too . Sergeant Rob, Bob. That's pretty good. We've got to have, we've got a lot of decisions to make here. We got doodle. Doo says I knew that bat lady was bat, crazy lady. All along that she , oh, that's from doodle dude . Sorry, I couldn't resist happy birthday. Rob took me about two seconds longer than I needed to, to read that one. We got former Leo says don't forget. Oh, that I'm also a Bob. I guess we could all be profiled as Bob's going to law enforcement, but not all Elio's or Bob's . Oh, I get it. The mice had been bred to have no immune system. I worked for California department of health. I'm an all around cowboy. That's from former LEL. I see . So Sergeant Baba, Sergeant Bob. I see . Cause we have former Leo , Bob and my name's Rob it's complicated. Well, can't have too much of a good thing. I think we have another one from B Antica says in case it's never been brought up on the show before event 2 0 1 is a fun thing to look up. So we'll take a look at that. We have some , uh, some , uh, super chats coming in from Wolfgang's in the house. As these experts are, keep playing with people's lives. They're lying. They're trying to play the game of technicalities. Throw the book at them. Let them rot in prison. Also says, I hope these leaked documents aren't legit that gun from the intercept. I think they are probably pretty good. Wolfgang. Dayo says, I think I found the source of the Fowchee S thinking at my uni BCC, do you want some emails and uh , hope you don't mind that thought someone should observe? No, don't mind it at all. I, I think I saw those today. They might still be in my inbox, but I need to look at them. Ben Dover says it's obvious China and the U S are equally at fault. So blaming each other is the only option. Yeah. They're just going to be pointing their fingers at each other. Those were great questions over from watching the and from the YouTube bend over saying that the blame game is going on. Many of them from Wolfgang Dayo , who's just a very supportive today. And of course I appreciate all of that. Thank you everybody for your support. All right, we've got one final segment. We're gonna have to pick up the pace on this one. Jacob chancellor , the Q Anon shaman , the person who we all saw in the horns and the flag and the shirtless approach in the Capitol building, you can see him there. He pled guilty to a felony in the U S Capitol riot aftermath, or during a plea hearing Jacob chancellor , his attorney asked that he be released before sentencing. And so it's a moment that we need to pause and just talk about what we're, what we're talking about here. Jacob chancellor took a plea of guilt. And so we're going to read through the plea and we're going to read through the factual basis briefly. So you can see what is going on in this case, but he hasn't been sentenced yet. And so two things happen. Of course, the , the has to , uh, agree to offer you and extend you a plea deal. The defense has to take that plea deal. Then the court has to accept that plea deal. And so all this is taking place in lieu of a trial. Many people were saying, well, when does Jacob chances are , you're going to have his day in court? When is he going to go and present his evidence? And we're going to hear from the judge or the jury about his innocence or guilt. That's not going to happen because he's agreeing to plead guilty in exchange for a better deal, for something that is a little bit more negotiated, maybe a little bit more safe than had he gone to trial. So it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, right? His attorney. And he had a conversation about this, hopefully a long conversation about what this means, what the benefits are of resolving the case this way, versus what the , the risk the exposure might be. If this case went forward to a trial. And so sentencing now is scheduled for November 17th, Jacob Tansley is still going to stay in custody up until that date. And the prosecutors is we're going to see, they're asking for between three to four years in prison, which is the same prison term that other people who have pled guilty have been, have they been asking for in other cases, but most people that I , I haven't seen anybody get that, that, that much time we've seen people with, you know, go to prison, but not for the maximum amount of time yet doesn't mean it can't happen. And Jacob chancellor , of course, is one of the most high profile profile, if not the highest profile Capitol hill defendant . So he pled guilty and we're going to see what the courts do in terms of sentencing, but that's not until another several months. And so unless the judge lets him out of custody, he's going to sit in there for some time. He's been in jail since the arrest in January. Attorney argued for release on a number of different times, but the judge said chancellor is too dangerous. And remember, we also have some mental health stuff going on in this case. So it's a little bit different. They say that he pled guilty on Friday. There was a virtual hearing. The case had plenty of twists and turns. Jacob Chancy went on a hunger strike in February. He had a jailhouse interview in March, but that was rebuked by the judge. In the case, we talked about that his attorney insulted people with disabilities , uh , sort of in may said he as a plot to draw attention to mental health issues in the legal system. So this has been, it has been a weird case. This was one of those cases that I was a little bit critical with this attorney for, for sort of just sort of accepting what the government was proffering. And so the government was saying, we need more time to investigate discovery, no objections to any continuances. Just kind of, sort of, there are two different ways to approach criminal cases. You can be very aggressive. You can go . So sort of the nuclear option and slide over everything. Or you can kind of roll over to some degree and just sort of beg for forgiveness, right? It's it's the mitigation approach. It's saying that yes, our client is sort of you, you got 'em red-handed , we're going to do everything we can to show you that this was abnormal, right? All of the evidence in the actual case is quite good, but mental health for example, is a mitigating factor. This is something that should, should help the court find in favor of Jacob chancellor. He should be given a benefit because this wasn't something that he was doing. So volitional w with, with active volition, he was doing this because he has some, some problems, right? Mental problems. The mental health we've talked about here has already been a major part of this case. The court ordered under court order, mental health, psychological evaluation. Earlier this year, his art, his lawyers argued that the government was making his pre-existing mental health conditions worse by keeping him behind bars during the guilty plea proceeding. Jacob chancellor said, I'm very appreciative for the court's willingness to have me in my mental vulnerabilities examined as well as I hope that your honor, certainly didn't take any offense by anything that I told the psychiatrist. I certainly didn't mean anything personal. I just said, I hope you were impartial. He said , uh , the judge saying, I'm not offended by that comment. There have been 600 people arrested and the government has 50 guilty pleas . Yes . Nine months after the fact embarrassing. So let's take a look at the court docket. You can see this here September 2nd. We had minute orders saying that there was a plea agreement hearing scheduled for September 3rd. We got that on September 3rd, the plea agreement. We're going to take a look at it right here was filed on also September 3rd. And we have the statement of the offense in support of the guilty plea that we're also going to take a look at. So we've got two documents. One is the actual plea agreement. And the other is , is the statement of the offense. We call them a factual basis. In other words, if you're going to be pleading guilty to any criminal charge, there's gotta be something that happened in reality, right? There's gotta be some facts, facts upon which you can plead guilty. Yes, I did that thing. You can't plead guilty for a fictional crime for something that didn't happen. And so we've got two different components. One is talking about the agreement. One is talking about the underlying offense. Let's take a look at both of those quickly. Here. We can see this was also out of the DC court, us department of justice, 10 pages. Most of this is pretty boiler plate , but we can go through it relatively quickly. Dear Mr. Watkins. So this is for your client. That's the, his attorney. This is Jacob chancellor . His lawyer over here in Missouri says you've got a deadline. This plea deal expires on August 13th . So you better take a look at it. Jacob chancellor has been charged with two counts. You understand that under this first one, 20 years of imprisonment might be the maximum , uh , your client agrees to pay a $100 felony assessment. We have some factual stipulations, as I said, you have to plead guilty to something that happened factually. And you got to make sure that this fairly and accurately describes your actions. So we'll take a look at that additional charges. They're saying that they're not going to add any additional charges, right? So if Jacob chancellor takes this, this plate , all of the other outstanding charges are going to be dismissed. Anything that, that , uh, they've identified from this event is not going to be brought, not going to be charged with any additional violations stemming from this incident. They go through, we have some sentencing guidelines analysis. And so when we talk about sentencing in a , in law, we have different charts and tables and different things that we look to. And so what you'll look at with any particular defendant is some of the variables. And you have to identify where they fall on the chart, where they fall on the scale of things. And so that's what the government is doing right here. They're saying that the government agrees that a two level reduction is going to be appropriate. Your client demonstrates, provided that your client accepts responsibility, right? So they agree to a reduction as long as he accepts responsibility, as long as he adheres to this agreement. And he actually takes the plea deal. We're also agreeing that yeah , another one level reduction, if he does this and accepts this timely, right? Because it allows the court to save their resources. If the defendant here, if Jacob Tansley pleads guilty, well, then the government doesn't have to prepare for a trial. They don't have to get all their documents and exhibits in order. They don't have to bring all their witnesses in and get them ready to testify. So if he accepts this deal earlier, the government's going to save a lot of time. And so they're willing a little bit more to negotiate with you in order to give you a better deal. We see that their estimated criminal history category, he has zero criminal history, never been in trouble before. And so they're going to tell us that the sentencing guideline ranges 41 months to 51 months, which is a lot, that's a lot of time, right? For a trust past charges , essentially , uh, agreements as to the sentencing allocution. So they're going to make sure that the parties are agreeing to the estimated range. And so just because they said here 41 to 51 months doesn't necessarily mean that that's what he's going to get. So we're talking about several different things. We're talking about sort of , uh , where, where in the entire sentencing framework you start and they're making an agreement that it starts in that category, but you can still deviate around. You can still reduce things around, based upon what happens at sentencing. So let's take a quick look at the rest of this plea deal. Court is not bound by this agreement. We have waivers. Uh, the district of Columbia is where this thing is going to stay. Jacob chancellor is going to be giving up his right to have a trial client understands. He's pleading guilty. Here. You give up all of these rights, a right to a jury trial. You can't cross examine , uh , your witnesses. You can't present evidence. You can do anything, even your right against self-incrimination all of that stuff. You're giving up that. Cause you have to plead guilty. When you go into court, you can't not talk and say, I'm reserving my right to not incriminate myself. You're incorrect . Yes, I did that. And I'm pleading guilty. So you're giving up all of those rights. You also give up a bunch of rights to appeal. You can see that down here in subsection D we're also a collateral use of self-incriminating information. We have restitution. Let's see your client acknowledges that he caused $1.9 million of damages. He as part of this plea to pay restitution of $2,000. So $2,000 out of 1.5 million that the riot 1.49 for the riot, Jacob chances, he's only on the hook for two grand of that. A breach of agreement. Let's see a credit report authorized to get a credit report. Some of that other stuff, this is the complete agreement you can see. This was signed off on by Jacob Channing and Kimberly Paschal , assistant us attorney, the attorney who is representing the government over here. We have Jacob chancellor and his attorney signed this agreement. Acknowledging I've read everything. I fully understand it. I I'm intending to be legally bound. I'm pleading guilty because I did these things. Nobody's promised me anything, not contained in this document and so forth. This is the statement of the offense. So again, that is the plea deal, right? This is, this is the government saying they don't have to do this saying, look, we're gonna , we're gonna offer to resolve your case. If you agree with these terms, the defense got those terms and said, yes, we understand that there's a range of potential penalties. And so we're going to now wait for the judge to sentence them. What is the judge sentencing them for? We have the statement of the offense, pleads guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding in violation of us code 20 year maximum 1 million penalty, special assessment of a hundred dollars. The different elements of the offense, like we said, right? This is basically a trespassing case. Obstruction, influence, impeded unofficial proceeding. We have the statement of the facts. The government submits the following that if this case were to go to trial, the government could prove the following Capitol building is where it is on January 6th. There was a riot, it was close to the public on January six , they were counting votes for the presidential election. The proceedings began, but on 1:50 PM, Jacob [inaudible] entered the building lined up behind a bike rack style brigade had a Bullhorn at 2:00 PM. Certain individuals in the crowd forced their way up and into the building. Defendant was among the crowd that went inside at 2:10 PM. Certifications were still underway. Defendant was with the mob that approached the first floor of the us Capitol building at 2:13 PM. At two 14, the defendant was one of the first 30 riders inside the us Capitol building shortly thereafter to 20 members and other people evacuated the chambers two 16. They entered the Senate, the floor of the Senate Capitol building. And that's the big picture that we saw instead of obeying instructions from the Capitol police. They stood there at 2:52 PM. The defendant entered the gallery in the Senate alone, started to scream obscenities, left the gallery out a staircase, followed the defendant out of the Senate, Deus taking the seat that Mike Pence was there . Offering said, it's only a matter of time. Justice is coming. Another officer came in, asked him to leave the seat . And , uh, eventually he worked his way out at 3:09 PM . They cleared the defendant and other people in light of the dangerous circumstances and all of that other stuff. The defendant's actions, halted Congress, right signed off on here by Kimberly Paschal . So , uh , also signed off on here by Jacob Tansley. He is agreeing with the factual proffer and his attorney is also agreeing with that as well. And so what happens now is , uh , the case is going to go for sentencing. We know that's going to take place in November and everybody's going to prepare their arguments for sentencing. Jacob translate , presumably is going to meet with probation. He's going to meet with somebody who sort of independently does an analysis on behalf of the court as to what the appropriate sentence should be. The defense is going to come out and say, judge, just given credit for time served. He doesn't need to spend one additional day in there. He's already been in custody for nine months. By the time he gets out, it's going to be November, maybe 11 months, maybe 12. And that's enough punishment. The defense arguments going to be just give him probation, give him five years. Probation may can pay some fines, do some community service, do some mental health screening. We'll see where that goes. That's the defense. The government's going to come out. Oh, this is Jacob Tansley . He? I almost took over the country. I mean borderline. And although he didn't have the podium, somebody who probably knew Jacob chancellor did have the podium and combining the podium with the horns on the head and having no shirt, that's basically a recipe for a seizure of the entire United States. So, you know, something like that, they're going to come out and request the maximum penalty within that range that we defined in the plea deal. And then the court is going to want somebody to kind of do their own independent analysis. And this is going to be through a probation department. Somebody who's going to also interview channeling and provide their report to the court from a more neutral perspective. So you have kind of a , an independent analysis. You have the prosecutor come out, ask for the max, the defense attorney come out, ask for the minimums. And the court is going to try to split the middle and we'll see where that goes. I have time for a couple of questions over from watching the Let's take a quick look at these. See what we've got in here. Cue some of these up a couple more came in from Wu Han, but we're going to jump into the next segment. Jacob monster. One says, I've been trying to tell people all these defendants will take deals. The feds have a 99% conviction rate. And if you don't take the deal, they smoke your boots off. Yeah, you saw it, right. We saw a monster one , the maximum penalty 20 years, and they probably get that in DC . So , uh , you know, as a defense attorney, you have to make sure you understand that dynamic, right? You might be sick to your stomach, that that people are taking plea deals that might result in them going to prison for three to five years. But at the same time, you know that their exposure at trial is something like 20 years. Uh , former Leo says, I call BS, no trial, no sworn testimony on cross, no truth, no fat finding a fact, just another assault on that floor. Poor blind lady holding the scales lady justice. That's who former Elio is talking about. We have , uh , tweaks as we need all the bobs . We need as many bobs as we can get. Um , I'm I'm I'm on board with that. I think Bob's Sergeant Bob's former Lao , Rob Bob, all of the permutations of it. More the merrier hunter Biden says, I think it's time for you to grow out your beard, Robert, by the way, belated birthday. Oh, that's from hunter Biden. Oh , I was going to say that's a nice comment, but not from hunter Biden. That's just horrendous. Uh, we have Mustang. Jeff says these people being incarcerated for months is worrying me. Especially when others under similar circumstances were find and release. See the Supreme court protest when Kavanaugh was Senate approved on party line vote. Yeah. Or the Antifa protestors or any of the people who burned down the third precinct in Minneapolis, right? Many of them got bail. Even Kamala Harris was supporting that on her own Twitter account. Sergeant Bob says, meanwhile, Portland burns Minneapolis police precinct destroyed BLM, Antifa, Gallup merrily away, or given community service a bunch of low fluff from federal prosecutors to further political prosecutions. Sorry. I know we have said all of this, but it's worth repeating. And thank you for doing that. Sergeant Bob, we have another one here from Osaka says, Rob, do you think this case is going to set the tone for the rest of the cases? Is it possible? This case is why it's taking so long on the others. In this case, they're waiting to see what happens with this one. I have a bad feeling. They're going to give this guy, the max to set an example. It might oh, sock , right? I mean, he, I think he is probably the most high-profile January 6th . Defendant you saw, I mean, he sort of was the poster boy for all of it. He's on every cover, right? The most outrageous outfit obviously. And so the media went hog-wild with that that's that's sticks. That matters. We have a VNT . Antique is prime says, since you skipped, remember the show ed EDU and Eddie , you guys can be Rob Bob and Bob or Robert. If we get it , fourth one we're screwed though. I know we gotta , we got to start planning for that. Uh , thank you for that VMT . Cause prime let's wrap up. We got some super chats coming in over on YouTube. Before we scoot out of here for the day we see here. Now Wolfgang says I came to the country occlusion from bio 1 0 1 in April, 2020. It is the opposite of hot . I also have a PSI 1 0 1 in many other subjects taken, not hot. It's not a mental illness. It's chronic heatstroke from Arizona summers. I know crazy people. He's not one rather than in the party in fed gov from Wolfgang Wolfgang says see , not crazy. Pay 2 million or 2000. Yes. That's talking about chancellor and says, my first name was changed to Bob today . Bob club it's it's just it's it's Hey, welcome to the Bob show. We're all named Bob and we're having conversations about naming ourselves. Bob, that would be , be a terrible show. We have Husker. Mike says America doesn't need an insurrection. It needs a resurrection or maybe an exorcism. Keep up the great work, Rob. Thank you, Husker, Mike , thank you for that. Yeah. A resurrection, a little bit of an exorcism, certainly of all the bureaucrats peaceful, a peaceful exorcism. They can just be banished, you know, back to their own , uh , you know, lives and Beth Cottington is here. It says happy birthday, Rob, just to be fair. I'll post a video singing happy birthday to you. Oh, what a nice gesture that is Beth. You don't have to do that, but I'd certainly enjoy it if you did. And that my friends is it for me for the day. I know it's a short show. It's Tuesday. I got to get scooting on into the next episode of my , uh , my men's group, which is where I'm going off to now. So we're going to leave it right there before we get outta here. Quick reminder, if you are supporting us over on locals , uh, there's a great, there's a great community there . Big, welcome to me, loves dogs is in the house, signed up for the year. I was going to be joining us over there. Meet loves dogs, welcome to the community. And I did set a date for our next monthly locals meetup via zoom. It's not going to happen in September. Unfortunately I am traveling a lot. And so it's going to take place first week of October, October 2nd, Saturday, October 2nd, seven to 8:00 PM. And we're kind of getting into that holiday season and all of that. And so these dates might move around a little bit, but October 2nd is our next monthly locals meetup via zoom. It's a ton of fun. I hope you're able to join us there and that my friends is it for me for the day we are going to be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow to do it all again. It's at 4:00 PM. Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. See you right back here tomorrow. Bye bye .