Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Biden’s Declares Victory, WHO Reveals Digital Vax Pass Specs, John Pierce in the Hospital

August 31, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Biden’s Declares Victory, WHO Reveals Digital Vax Pass Specs, John Pierce in the Hospital
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President Biden delivers a speech declaring the Afghanistan withdrawal a major success as Americans calculate the cost of the war. The World Health Organization releases new guidelines for vaccine passport systems and offer suggestions for global implementation. Attorney John Pierce, former counsel to Kyle Rittenhouse, is in the hospital while his January 6th defendants survive without their lawyer.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 Pentagon spokesman John Kirby explains there are still hundreds of Americans stranded in Kabul.​
🔵 NSA Jake Sullivan explains the U.S. will continue its tradition of offering aid to the Afghanistan people (aka the Taliban).​
🔵 President Biden addresses the nation to celebrate, calling the withdrawal an extraordinary success.​
🔵 Biden blames Americans, who he says were warned to leave 19 times since March.​
🔵 Jenn Psaki responds to questions about U.S. “over-the-horizon” capabilities.​
🔵 The World Health Organization releases new guidelines for digital vaccine passports.​
🔵 WHO documents the ethical considerations related to vaccine passport technology.​
🔵 The document details problems with current implementations of vaccine passports throughout the United States.​
🔵 Do vaccine passports spread more coronavirus? The WHO warns about possible problems.​
🔵 What type of digital data will be stored in the digital vaccine passports?​
🔵 Attorney John Pierce, former counsel to Kyle Rittenhouse, is apparently in the hospital suffering from complications with COVID.​
🔵 U.S. prosecutors submit a Notice to the court, advising the Judge that a number of January 6th defendants are effectively without counsel.​
🔵 Interestingly, despite being missing, John Pierce issued an appearance on a new January 6th case. ​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers alive. My name is Robert ruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We have prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here in with us today because we've got a lot to get into. We're going to be starting off by talking about the glorious victory that Joe Biden has led America to in Afghanistan came out, was practically doing cartwheels this afternoon. So excited about the momentous victory that the precedent has delivered to the country. And so we're going to talk about that. We're also going to remind ourselves that there are several hundred Americans who are still in Afghanistan. So I don't really know what Joe Biden is talking about, but we are going to go through that as well and see what the administration intends to do about those people. We're going to check in with Oxford graduate, Jake Sullivan. We're going to hear from the Pentagon John Kirby, we're going to hear from Jen Sakhi in the house. And we're also going to hear from the president himself who spoke this afternoon. And so in our first segment, a lot of Afghanistan news, but we've got a lot of clips as well that we're going to be dissecting here on the show today in our next segment, we're going to do something a little bit different. We're going to take a look at a health document from the world health organization. We're going to be operating totally within the guidelines of YouTube, a censorship rules. And we're going to make sure that we are just reading from the document largely, but the document is a new kind of a guideline manual world health organization says, oh, there's a lot of different countries out there in the world. And they all need to get COVID COVID vaccine passports in order. And so they put together a list of rules and a lot of thinking has been done for the different nation states around the world so that they can just take the manual that the world health organization gave to them and just go, boom, here's our vaccine program. Here's our passport addition program. Here. It is, enjoy it. And so they gave us a 99 pages of different permutations about how this system is supposed to work. And we're going to go through that document. It's very long, but we are going to hit some of the highlights. So that should be interesting. And then in our last segment, we're going to talk about John Pierce. John Pierce was the former for Kyle Rittenhouse. Somebody we've talked about on this show a few times, I've had some words for his , uh , representation, but he's not doing well. And obviously that's not a good thing. He's in the hospital. Apparently, allegedly there was a document emotion submitted by the prosecutors in the U S January six cases. The Capitol hill defendants 16. Now 17 of them were being represented by John Pierce . And if he's in the hospital, if he's not doing well, they are sort of lawyer lists. And so the prosecutors in the court came out and they submitted to the judge and they said, judge, we kind of are missing an attorney here in these cases, and this might result in a catastrophe of justice. So we're going to go through that motion and see exactly what is going on and see if there's any idea where , uh , John Pierce happens to be hoping that he is well and recovering from whatever is ailing him. If you want to be a part of the show, the place to do that is [email protected], where there is a live chat taking place. Right now, we see George Klaus's in the house speech unleashed rata , hyper Patriot is over there. Peely Wally . I see as well want to know as usual tweaks in the house, tweaks from Sweden saw him over the weekend on Saturday. And so they're all chatting [email protected] We are also now taking a super chats, so you can see that we had several of those come in. We had Andy Bowerman says, Hey, Rob, just want to let you know, I really enjoy your sense of humor and your perspective on what's going on in the world. Keep up the great work. What a nice way to start the show. That's from Andy Bowerman. Thank you, Andy, for that. Very nice, very generous, a good way to kick things off. And Dr. EMB said nothing, but just with supporting the show monetarily, which of course we very much appreciate it. And Dr. EMB is always very generous and we're glad that you are here and with us in the audience, if you're over on locals, what you can do is use the form that we have over here. It looks just like this, and you can submit your question longer. Form questions are perfectly okay. Just if you can keep them in order that way I can address them as we go through the different segments of the show. And one final reminder, before we get into it, that if you're looking for the clips they're over on this channel, the clips are not on this channel anymore. So I'd appreciate it. If you just click the right over there, the link is down in the description below and you can subscribe to that channel and then we can monetize that channel. And then hopefully it becomes a self-sufficient and would just have clips that are nice and conveniently chopped up. So I'd appreciate it. If you went over there, thank you for your support there as well. All right . Enough of that got some serious business to get to let's get into it. Victory in Afghanistan, Joe Biden was doing cartwheels in the white house today. Very excited about what his administration delivered over the last two, three weeks. Many of us on this channel had been looking at it and not using the word victory or glory or amazing accomplishment or historic or any of those very interesting adjectives that this administration is using. We've been watching people fall out of the sky by airplanes, after they were hanging on to see one thirties or one seventies , uh , dropping out of the sky, his aircraft was evacuating over Afghanistan. So we have different definitions of the word victory. We have different definitions of what was successful and what was not. And so , uh, we're gonna check in with the Biden ministration, who are very excited about their historic work , uh , today. And we're also going to be asking ourselves, is this really an appropriate way to, of categorize this whole debacle? Given the fact that there are still several hundred give or take hundred Americans not to mention many thousands more Afghanistan people or people with green cards or whatever, different immigration visa status they're in. There's a lot of people over there that many people would say they probably should not be there given the state of the country. So we're going to go into all of that. We're going to see what Joe Biden had to say. He was speaking today this afternoon and , uh , had a little bit of vigor to him, a little bit of fire ferociousness coming out of him because a , this is a glorious day for him. Check in with Jen Saki . We've got Jake Sullivan on the queue . He graduated from Oxford by the way. And John Kirby also from the Pentagon, all giving us some indication about how they're going to be dealing with the Taliban, our new international partners. So we've got a lot to get into without any further ado. Let's pick it up where we left it off yesterday on the show, we were seeing that people were just leaving Afghanistan and they did it a little bit early. Some people were wondering if they were going to wait until the final end and wait for people to come crashing through the gates. They didn't do that. They left early in the middle of the night. This is a photograph that was released by the government, by us central command. You can see this was the last soldier, us army, major general Chris Donahue . He was commander of the 82nd airborne division. Last guy, boots on the ground in Kabul, Afghanistan, final American service member to depart the country, completing the U S mission to evacuate American citizens , uh , uh , most American citizens, not all of them , uh, and also special immigration visa, applicants, and vulnerable Afghans. Some of them, not all of them, you know, more or less, it's sort of you get what you can in a , uh, you know, military defeats . So that was the last soldier. He was on his way out of there. And , uh, the administration has been very happy about this. Very successful, very nice victory. And a lot of people are scratching their heads about this whole thing because Joe Biden used to say things like this back in 2019, he posted on Twitter, said, it's time. We remember who we are as Americans. We treat each other with dignity. We leave nobody behind is what he posted and we give hate no safe Harbor. So , uh , you know , nobody knows what he was talking about. He probably doesn't remember either, cause it was over four to five days ago, which means it's no longer that important anymore, according to this administration. But when I read that we're not going to leave anybody behind sort of means that you don't leave anybody behind. You're kind of the president of the country. You're the commander in chief. One of your sacred duties is to make sure that you don't leave Americans behind. It's kind of the , uh, one of the foundational concepts of honor and integrity, and of being the commander of an army and the military. That's supposed to have a very strong presence in the world and be respected. And so he left a bunch of people behind and it was known and obvious, as I mentioned, they left kind of unexpectedly. A lot of people were , uh , wondering when you know , how they were going to get the last boots off the ground there. Cause it's kind of a big problem. We saw other video footage showing hoards of people, cascading into the airports, running all over the tarmac, trying to stop the planes from leaving. And so they certainly didn't want to see that again. And so even though they know that the deadline was really at the end of August 31st, they kind of were out of there bright and early August 31st that morning. And we picked this up yesterday with the general, giving us some indication about what's happening here and you're going to listen to him. He's going to tell us that we got out of there. We could have been accommodating some other people, but they didn't quite make it to the airport. Meaning there were people left behind really ?

Speaker 2:

So we Mo no American citizens came out on the last, what we call the joint tactical exfiltration, the last five jets to leave. Uh, we, we maintain the ability to bring them in up until immediately before departure, but we were not able to bring any Americans out. That activity ended probably about 12 hours before our exit. Although we continue the outreach and would have been prepared to, to bring them out until the very last minute, but none of them made it to the airport and were able to be and were able to be accommodated.

Speaker 1:

All right . So that's the general, right? That kind of hinting at the idea that there were a bunch of people, but they just couldn't get there. So we had to just pick up and get on out of there. And , uh , people have been trying to wrap their heads around the number. How many of American , how many Americans are still there? The administration up until this point has really, really been hesitant to give us any numbers or really about anything other than the big top line numbers you hear , you're gonna hear from Joe Biden, a lot that he says, oh, a hundred thousand, 110,000 people. And everybody says, yeah, that's great. But of that pie, if we have a little pie chart, how many of those are Americans? The numbers, what like 5%, maybe 6% of those. So the incredible historic victorious efforts of this administration are all well and good. Those are good numbers. We're happy that people are not getting massacred by the Taliban, but it's all sort of centered around the idea that you're going to get the Americans as well. And in particular, first it's the American government. It's the American military. Why would there be any Americans left in Afghanistan ever if they wanted to leave? Sounds like the general was saying there were other people, but they couldn't quite get to the airport. So they're still over there. How many of them, while we go to the Pentagon, for some answers on that, here's John Kirby says it's a , it's kind of a low number here. It is.

Speaker 3:

Do you have a sense this morning as you talk to people on the ground and you talk to people across the defense department about how many Americans remain in Afghanistan today? I don't think there's an exact figure, Willie . Uh , we believe we got the vast, vast majority of American citizens out something to the tune of 6,000 of them. Uh, and we think it's probably in the low hundreds , uh, that, that are still

Speaker 1:

There. All right. Probably in the low hundreds. So it's just a few hundred Americans. It's just a couple hundred. I mean, look, we've got the vast majority of them, but yeah, there's a few hundred. They're not that big of a deal. And uh, that's not just me kind of saying that that's not that big of a deal. That's John Kirby. It's really not that big of a deal. This happens all the time. Here

Speaker 3:

He is. So what does that look like? How does diplomacy get those people out of the Taliban controlled Afghanistan? It's not completely unlike the way we do it elsewhere around the world. I mean, we have , uh , Americans that get stranded in, in , uh , in countries all the

Speaker 1:

Time. Yeah. So, yeah. So yeah. So if you're backpacking around Europe and you lose your passport, oh, I'm stranded, you know, and I got to call the embassy. Oh , got to take a detour over to this place. Got on the embassy . Hey, I'm stranded in Europe. I don't know where to go last . Somebody stole my wallet, my money and all this stuff. Oh, you're stranded in Europe. You're a college student just backpacking around enjoying your life. So that happens on a regular basis. Thank goodness. We have a very competent state department. That's going to be able to get people back in those situations. And you know, it's pretty similar if you just kind of were backpacking in Afghanistan and you just get stranded there as well. Just whoops. Kind of lost in a Taliban controlled , uh , terrorist, IST dictatorship. Not , not too good. So, all right. So that's, what's going to happen. It's just a regular business. As usual. We've talked about this previously on the channel. This is the handoff from the military over to the state department. And this is where they were splitting their words a little bit saying that, oh no, no, no, no, no, we're not leaving. We're just , uh , evolving to some degree, the clock ran out, but we're still going to come get you if you, if you want to get out. And so they're talking about diplomacy. The diplomatic mission is something that now starts in . The big question is, well, how are they going to be diplomatic with a entity, an entity that is not diplomatic. That is the Taliban that we , the United States has been fighting for the last 20 years that has been beheading people and been causing damage and catastrophe in their wake for two decades now. And way beyond that as well, while they're going to , I guess, want international recognition and they're going to be international partners with the United States now. And so they're going to come to the table because they want to be included, I guess, in all the UN dinner parties, make sure that they got the invite. Oh, and on Gullah Merkel's over there. You have those Taliban spokespeople, Dr. Sue he'll . He wants to go hang out with Angola and with Boris Johnson over there and with Joe Biden and Kamala there, they want to Pell around together and know have a nice Chardonnay. So that's, what's going on. We have NSA, Jake Sullivan detailing for us a little bit. What this diplomacy is going to look like now that we know what is , uh , what's going to be happening. Now, if you're stranded in America, that's kind of it it's over to the state department. We've got a guys like Anthony, Blinken now in charge. Here's NSA telling us how this is going to work and pay close attention to some of the code words. And you know, we're talking essentially bribing the Taliban in case you missed it. Yesterday, we went through a list of documents that the New York times published detailing all of the different military gears that the Taliban is now in possession of something like several hundred thousand firearms. They've got a number of helicopters, many aircraft, thousands of , of vehicles, Humvees, everything you want. Basically, if you were Dr. Evil , and you wanted to go start your own little military, you'd kind of that that would be your list. You'd say, Hey, Minnie me , take this and go over to the grocery store. I want all of this. I want four black Hawks . I want a , you know, a hundred thousand assault rifles and the list goes on and on. And boom, he brings it back there. You have your little army, U S government is claiming a victory, even though the enemy of the United States over the last 20 years was just armed to the teeth with all sorts of modern military gear. We also played on the show yesterday, clips of the Taliban going and just going through literal stacks of cash hundred dollar bills. Benjamin's open them up and just taking a look at that garbage currency that they just print off of . Like it's a FedEx Kinko's or something, just printing all of them. They just stack them on pallets over there in the middle east. And so they've got all that as well that they'll now be able to use in international trade, which will be great. So that's good. Now, if that's not enough, if you're wondering Rob, that's it, that's all they got. Don't you think they should have some more if you're wondering? Well, yeah. Yeah. So does Jake Sullivan, here's what he has to say about it. Going , gonna work

Speaker 3:

With the Taliban is that include the prospect of giving them aid. Well, first of all, we do believe that there is an important dimension of humanitarian assistance that should go directly to the people of Afghanistan. They need help with respect to health and food aid and other forms of subsistence. And we do intend to continue that. Secondly, when it comes to our economic and development assistance relationship with the Taliban, that will be about the Taliban's actions. It will be about whether they follow through on their commitments, their commitments, to safe passage for Americans and Afghan allies, their commitment to not allow Afghanistan, to be a , uh , a base from which terrorists can attack the United States or any other country, their commitments with respect to upholding their international obligations. It's going to be up to them and we will wait and see by their actions, how we end up responding , uh , in terms of the economic and development assistance.

Speaker 1:

Okay . All right. So did you hear what he said? He said that we're going to wait and see what the Taliban has to say about all this, but we're probably going to be paying them and we were going to do it because the Afghan people, they need support very clever what he said there, because he wasn't asked about that. He was asked about whether you're going to provide aid to the Taliban. He doesn't answer that question very sneaky. They teach you that at Oxford. They say, don't answer the question, because if you do, you're going to get totally screwed because your answer is going to be terrible because if you had to answer the question, honestly, of course the answer would be well. Yeah, George, of course we are. Yeah. They're in charge. They're the government over there now. So , uh, where else are we going to send the checks? Who , who , who else is going to receive the forklifts of the hundred dollar bills? Yeah, of course. It's going to the Taliban dummy. What kind of question is that next question? Yes. We're arming them too . Well , I got that one covered for you. What else you got? So, so he doesn't answer that. He says, no, no, no, no. We're going to look. We're a caring country, got a lot of aid that we need to give out to. A lot of people it's going to go directly to the Afghanistan people because they're hungry and they need our support because we just wrecked everything for them. We wrecked their whole country. So now we have to pay them a bunch of money so that they don't kill our hostages over there, but we would've done it anyways, George. So it's very convoluted, but it sounds better than the first honest answer would have been. All right . And so Joe Biden came out. He was also speaking today. Very excited. As I mentioned, victorious, got double the people out and you could have ever, ever thought of no nation has done this before. Here's Joe Biden,

Speaker 4:

Snide and Kabul. The United States ended 20 years of war in Afghanistan. The longest war in American history, we completed one of the biggest air lifts in history with more than 120,000 people evacuated to safety. That number is more than double. What most experts felt were possible. No nation, no, no nation has ever done anything like it in all of history. The only the United States had the capacity and the will and ability to do it. And we did it today. The extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill bravely and selfless courage of the United States, military and our diplomats and intelligence professionals.

Speaker 1:

All right. So there's Joe, by now , I want to make sure that sound was working. You guys can hear the sound. It looks like you can hear the sound. So that's Joe Biden , uh , very excited about it. Very victorious, the extraordinary success of our mission with people falling out of the sky, hanging off of aircraft and this all happening quickly, right? Remember the quickness, the speed at which this whole thing just fell in front of our very eyes. We were promised for a long time that that wasn't going to be the case, that there was going to be no situation, no scenario under which Americans were going to be air evaced out of the embassy in Kabul. That was never going to happen because of all the planning that took place, all the contingency planning that we heard from this administration day after day, that they had prepared for all of that turned out to be mostly nonsense. Now, Joe Biden for those Americans, by the way, those few hundred Americans who were still stranded over there, stranded over there, that couldn't make it to the airport. We heard from the general, at the start of the segment, it's kind of there , it's kind of their fault that they didn't get to the airport a little bit more quickly. They should have taken heed of America's warnings because Joe Biden warned them a bunch of times to get over there. Here's what he had to say about it.

Speaker 4:

Since March, we reached out 19 times to Americans in Afghanistan with multiple warnings and offers to help them leave Afghanistan all the way back. As far as March

Speaker 1:

Nine, 18 times, Jen Saki was just out there just text messaging, emailing phone calls. Everybody at the state department was saying, oh, Hey everybody, it's going to be a catastrophe in Afghanistan. So you better get out of there. And they've been telling you since March 9th, March 19th, that this was going to be such a huge, gigantic problem. And so any Americans who didn't take the president's word, who didn't listen to Jen Saki sending her text messages, well, that's their own dang fault. They should have listened to their government. That's the lesson here. Always listen to your government. But the problem with all of that of course, is that it's very nice that they sent messages 19 times since March, but in July, they were singing a different tune. This was directly from the east room, right from the white house press briefing room remarks by the president on the U S forces drawdown in Afghanistan. Look at the date right here, July 8th, 2021. And this was even at 2:00 PM in the afternoon, which is a little bit past Joe Biden's nap time. So surprising he was up there, but he took some questions on that day. Says question reporter , uh , sir , is the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan. Now inevitable president says, no, it is not why because you, the Afghan troops have 300,000 well-equipped as well equipped as any army in the world and an air force against something like 75 Taliban. It is not inevitable. Okay. So if you're a citizen over there and you're saying, well, you know, they've been telling us that, you know, the drawdowns happening and everything's fine, but should we leave Sweden ? Should we leave, sweetheart? I don't know. What's Joe Biden saying about that? Well, I don't know. Turn it to CNN. They turn to CNN and Afghanistan. They're watching it, Joe. Biden's out there saying no perfectly fine. 300,000. Well-equipped only 75,000 Taliban. The odds are not even close. It's not inevitable at all. You're good to go. Mr. President, there may be echoes here between what we see happening in Afghanistan and what we saw in Vietnam. Some people feeling you think it might echo that experience Biden, outraged, no, none whatsoever. Zero. What you had, you had entire brigades breaking through the gates at the embassy. Six. If I'm not mistaken, the Taliban is not the south or the north Vietnamese army. They're not, they're completely comparable in terms. They're going to be no circumstance where you see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy and is not at all comparable. So that is the president in July making those unequivocal statements to America, which includes American citizens. It still includes American citizens who are in Afghanistan, stranded there, and they were taking his advice. Okay. It's the same thing. When the president speaks and says things, people listen to it. And policy decisions actually are made. We've seen this with the border. They said that, you know, come across the border. Guess what happens? People listen, because the policies changed and there are consequences to these decisions. All right , Joe Biden now is giving us an unequivocal statement here saying he's not going to be extending the forever war and he's not going to be extending the forever exit. By the time I came to office,

Speaker 4:

The Tali bomb, wasn't his strongest military position since 2001 controlling or contesting, nearly half of the country, the previous administration, his agreement said that if we stuck to the May 1st deadline, that they had signed on to leave by the Tali bond, wouldn't attack any American forces. But if we stayed all bets were off. So we're left with a simple decision, either follow through on the commitment made by the last administration on leave Afghanistan or say we weren't leaving and commit another tens of thousands. More troops going back to war. That was the choice. The real choice between leaving or escalating. I was not going to extend this forever war. And I was not extending a forever exit.

Speaker 1:

Oh , oh , a little fiery there, Joe , a little, you know, a little, a little, little energy there, which is a little bit good to see from the man. So that's good. Um, I guess he's saying there that he inherited this from Trump. So I guess it's Trump's victory. Maybe since it's such a historic victory, he's almost like Trump, right? He's almost saying it's historic. It's victorious. The biggest airlift ever. He might as well have come out and just said, this was a tremendous withdrawal. Why didn't he say that this was the biggest bet, best treatment, most tremendous withdrawal ever. Nobody withdrew better than we did the fastest, the smartest generals, the Taliban. They only killed 13 people nobody's ever gotten less troops killed than me, Joe Biden. All right . If that's the technique they want to use, I don't agree with it, but okay. So here's Jen Psaki . She had as usual come out and do cleanup after Joe Biden spoke. So as she was out here, one of the first questions she got was about killing children in Afghanistan. So , uh , the question of course here, being that while the United States is no longer in Afghanistan, one of the main justifications for being over there in the first place was to make sure that America could deal with terrorism on a foreign shore, not here in the Homeland. And so that's sort of been a big question if the U S is not in Afghanistan anymore. Well, how is the counter terrorism mechanism going to work? And what they're telling us is that there's all over the horizon. Oh, okay. Can you just are like, you're not boots on the ground, so you can't see it. It's the horizon. Oh, great. Yeah. We've got satellites and drones and all sorts of stuff. So we can see over the horizon, very, very new term that a lot of intellectuals are now passing around. And what they're telling us is that this is very sophisticated, very sophisticated people. So one of the most obvious questions is , uh, Jen , if that was a new follower on Twitch, welcome judge Judy Slayer. Jen , if you're over the horizon capabilities are so good. Why did you just torch an entire family in their car and shoot it including children? Good question. Here it is. But

Speaker 3:

You've described the drone strikes as successful, and then America still has over the Verizon capability. Uh , it appears that several children were killed in one of the drone strikes . Can you say that it was still successful if that was the collateral damage and how the U S determined that it has the intelligence necessary to carry out these drone strikes if civilians going to be caught in the crossfire?

Speaker 5:

Well, first I would say we take a civilian casualties in the possibility of civilian casualties, incredibly seriously, and our us military, perhaps more than any other country in the world, there is an investigation and I don't believe the military or CENTCOM has spoken to or confirmed what has been some reporting out there by news organizations. I will note that insent comms statement just two nights ago, they made clear that their assessment was that there was the vehicle that was the target, also had explosives in it. And those explosives may have also led to an impact on the ground. But there's an investigation. That's ongoing

Speaker 3:

That in the two darn drones by USA terrorists were killed in both of those tracks . Correct ?

Speaker 5:

I believe that's the assessment that's been put out by CENTCOM.

Speaker 1:

Go ahead, April. All right . So no, we didn't torture him. We torched the car that had explosion that had explosives in it, and then that torched the family. So, okay. So that's where, that's where this is going and as is usually the case. Here's Joe Biden wrapping up his talk today.

Speaker 4:

God bless you all. And may God protect our troops.

Speaker 6:


Speaker 1:

Just waddle on down the road there. All right, that's it. President's presidency, Joe Biden ending a 20 year war. No questions comes out. It's victorious. Couple hundred Americans over there. You're welcome America, Joe. Biden's in charge. Now the adults are back in charge. What a tremendous withdrawal, the best I can't wait until Hollywood churns out some, a heroic novel masterpiece about this catastrophe. All right, let's see what you have to say about all of this and more [email protected] . Celebrating victory in Afghanistan. Let's see. Ronnie D says this was September 11, victory for bin Laden and his Al Qaeda. The Talibans we'll throw it in our face. Biden has no right to announce this, especially when his speech was a blame rant, man is despicable. You know, if you go over to Wikipedia, now they say that the Afghanistan war has been won. And guess who's victorious, not the United States. Digi McBride says if president Biden believes the exit was a victory, I can't fathom what a failure would look like. I'm willing to bet the families of the 13 service members would also not consider it a victory either as from DG McBride. It's a good point. And I think one that's going to stick. We have wants to know, says, Rob, how do I get guns, doggies and women from Biden. He definitely outdid Pelosi , AOC and others for free stuff. Well , you have to join the Taliban. Yeah. I mean, if you want all that, if you want all of that, there's now a country that has that for you. It's a lot better. Look. The U S government is handing out people what, like a thousand dollar checks or they did over. I don't know what's going on with that. But , uh , for COVID, that's nothing they're handing out freaking Humvees and new cars and assault weapons and stacks of cash to the Taliban pick the wrong political party to be a part of want to know, says Biden is sexist. He didn't bring an equal number of American and Afghanistan. Women. That's that you're right. That is that's very discriminatory. Robot days here says considering how demented Joe is, where will he make the situation even worse? Yeah, there was a dead person hanging from a flying helicopter, which might be a U S model. I saw that and it was pretty horrific, but then I saw some other people saying that he wasn't actually dead, that he was in a harness or something. So who knows. Uh, but it wouldn't surprise me, which is certainly concerning speech unleashed says when the Afghan president fled, the Taliban told the U S that the U S could maintain control of both cobble and the airport until August 31st, but Biden refused. They told the Taliban they could have cobble . And the U S would just keep the airport. If the us had agreed to take control of both cobble and the airport would have made it easier for people to leave. Yeah. I think there's going to be all sorts of postmortems here. Not to use that word too flippantly, but it is. We're going to see a lot more of a deconstruction about all these different things. Political yesterday already reported that there was a high-level conversation about closing the gates there at Abbey gate in Kabul airport. And they didn't do that resulted in 13 people dead. So the question will be, of course, who decided not to make that closure decision? That was from speech unleash . Thank you. You speech. We have LT . 13 says the man who did the press conference with the Taliban behind him, like he was scared to death looks just like Biden's people that's okay. So I don't, I don't think I saw that LT 13, I think, are you talking about a Taliban meeting? We have a pita said they left the military dogs. So I commented on a tweet from John Kirby over at the Pentagon. And he's claiming that they didn't do that. Now. They're also claiming that they didn't strand a bunch of Americans, so you can see how, how much gravity costs or credibility that has. All right . We also have Mike [inaudible] here, says I heard there were actually 10,000 plus Americans stranded with no help from the Biden express. I hear there are a lot of nonprofits actually, still getting folks out. Tax dollars must be hard at work elsewhere. Yeah, well, they've got to re assimilate now all of the new imported voters for them, we have Sergeant Bob says, saw something on one of the other sources, says the Taliban are doing house to house executions now and outlying provinces. They are away from all media attention at these locations. I have no further info, but it's easily possibly happening this spin by the U S government is disgusting. The Taliban is not another government entity for diplomacy. They have no credibility. They're terrorists. Yeah. That is sort of the most, I think shocking thing of this whole pivot from the white house has been the speed at which they've gone from a brutal tyrannical terrorist organization, responsible for killing thousands of Americans into new international department partners. Now a legitimate entity that has a full wherewithal to negotiate and interface with the United States government because they hold , uh , you know , hundreds of hostages, wild how quickly that happened. And , uh, I guess it's just allowed , I guess you can just do that. LT 13 says Saki, how dare you say stranded Biden's cabinet guy says, look, there are tons of Americans. Who've gotten stranded in other countries, right? They don't have any consistency between the two. Jen Saki was very offended when doosey from Fox news asked her about that, but then you change the channel, John Kirby's over there going, oh, we spray on people all the time. Americans are stranded left and right. I got stranded twice last month. It's crazy. It happens to everybody. So yeah, there's no consistency at all. Sweet potato says, is it just a little sus how much equipment was left behind over there? It seems like more equipment than there's been soldiers for a long time. It's hard to tell you're right. There is a lot of gear. Joe Biden said that there were , uh , 300,000 soldiers and, you know, you could probably go through the numbers and mix and match and see how many, you know, 300,000 soldiers. I think there was something like 400,000 assault rifles . So you kind of got one and a quarter weapons. Pretty nice. Let's see what else that was from sweet potato. We got ghost gunner says is red bull publicly traded? Just curious, because I bet this administration is single-handedly making them profitable. Sleepy, Joe, like the most attentive I've ever seen. What's the over-under on how many red bulls they had to force down his throat going with 3.5 of the 12 ounce cans. Yeah. That's a lot. I got one of those right here. I got an 8.4 ounce coun . Yeah. Yeah. Those are , um, those are pretty beefy, Joe. Biden's probably getting some of the, some of the good stuff. They're probably just putting amphetamines right into him and Jack and him up for this stuff. And if you think that that is not something that is a real thing, it absolutely is. Right. You can look historically at our presidents and how we've treated slowly dying or very seriously ailed presidents. They will do weekend at Bernie's with anybody to maintain that position. We've seen it with FDR, right ? He was in a wheelchair. Most of the world never really saw that. We also have seen it with oh, JFK. Yeah. JFK. They used to dope him up all left and right. He was in so much back pain and so much physical pain that when he would have to go over to Russia and interface with, I think that was a , I forget who that was , uh, embarrassingly, but he would go over there and they would have to dope him up because he couldn't just sit around or stand for long periods of time. And so he was all drugged up during a lot of those negotiations, the unwritten history. So Joe Biden. Yeah. And this meeting, this, this press conference, his speech was delayed twice. I think it was supposed to be at a two Eastern time. And then they put it back an hour 30 and then they put it back on another 45 minutes. So what's going on? Is he attending to all the business of the world? I don't know . We have pili while he says, Rob, the man is a clown. So it's easy for Joe Biden to say that they leave no one behind when he's left his own mind behind somewhere, maybe lost on a laptop. Yeah. Maybe the FBI can help , uh , find it for him and then not reveal any of it to us. Doodle do says, I call Kabul S word on all these people today, especially Joe Biden. Talk about doubling down and showing the worst side of himself, blaming Trump, justifying failure, condescending tone, scapegoating, false equivalencies straw, man . The worst moment yet for Biden. And that's saying something that's from doodle do you're right. It absolutely is. Thank you for that. Doodle. Do we also have tremendous in the house? So if the plan that when Trump left was to be out by may and Trump told him everything would be okay if we stuck with that deadline, why didn't we get out in may? Because that would have been Trump's plan. And he had to do it Biden's way. So Biden was going to put it on September 11th for some stupid reason because he's being run by a bunch of , uh , Oxford people who think that's a good idea. I don't know. Or maybe Joe thinks it's a good, I don't know. Wasn't a good idea. So we had to make it his plan. He did. He changed it. He changed everything that Trump has done and in general, so he can change this and he can own it. And he will spawn. Dog says Joe Biden make withdrawals. Great. Again, the best withdrawal ever. Only 37 dogs abandoned. We have George Bush says, good job, Joe mission accomplished me on the aircraft carrier. We'll hang a banner. Can't wait, Prius being hunter. I need some tips on selling my artwork. That's from George Bush. Yeah. You know, they're all, I think they're all actually pals, candidly. Right? They all sort of , uh , hang out at the same clubs. It's Jake from Oxford says, Rob, let's get some issues straight. Okay. All right. Let's listen, Jake. Uh , Jake says, Rob, number one, we reached out to people 19 times. We told them to hurry to come to the airport. No , don't come hide. Hurry up and get here. Nope. Don't come. No matter what accurate. It's only a few people left behind. Come on, man. Plus, if those guys had the vaccine, they would have been fine falling from the that's true. COVID yeah. A good point, Jake. It was victory. Look at what all the Taliban got from us. That is insane. They're basically a superpower now. You're welcome. That's true. That's a good point. It's still Trump's fault. No matter what number I forgot about that. Yeah. Maybe you can. I understand that because you do not hang all of your diplomas directly behind your head. You can come see my office. Even the windows are covered with diplomas. That's how smart I am. Get with the program. Rob it's Jake from Oxford, Jake Sullivan. First of all, Jake, thanks for not using too many big words in there. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to read through that, but you're right. You're a lot more intelligent than I am and I get it now. Number four was the point that really drove it home for me. It's Trump's fault. No matter what I forgotten about that, that's like the new rule. It's all Trump's fault. And also I forgot that COVID vaccines can save you from falling out of airplanes, but that's a , I don't think the CDC approved that, that modality. Thank you, Jake, for clearing. A lot of that up. We have some other ones here from Truman. HW says, wanted to provide a link, showing the timeline of a Biden speech and the date we withdrew from room , which was 39 miles from Kabul relative to districts that Taliban had taken. Also, we hired someone to provide cobble security, who we paid a 5 million balance . See the catch since 2011. Insane. All right. So there are a couple of links for you. Bitly slash AFG and underscore graph and Bitly slash Afghan underscore timeline. If you want to check those out, thank you Truman for those Truman HW in the house. Appreciate it. Kenny. One B says, I've read the Taliban is going door to door, killing people, cutting the tongues out that worked for the U S we're going to start to see a lot more of that. I think in the slow drip, drip, drip, trickled of information that comes in Avalon says they claimed they didn't leave any military dogs. Still plenty of them . Contractors, dogs that got left. Yeah. They're very clever with their words. They say this all the time. No, it's like, it's not our Americans. It's it's yeah. I mean, they are kind of American citizens, but they chose to stay and we don't know who they are anyways. Right? They're always passing the buck here. It's not our dogs. It's somebody else's dogs. Okay. You left him . We have [inaudible] says, gosh, Joe is horrible. Screwed up from having a Trump presidency. Now blames all his problems on him as well. Also trying to increase surveillance in the U S we should haunt him about Afghanistan withdrawal as well as drone striking children. Then again, just follow the rules . I'm a legacy in drone striking other people like Muslims, as well as from [inaudible] . We'll see if the media is going to continue to hound them about this. My guess is not. Jay says, Joe gives the Taliban thousands of guns, but I'm not allowed to keep my AR 15. Makes total sense. I guess you just have to be a part of the Taliban. I guess we have Brad T says, don't know what to do, but laugh. That reminds me any luck with the Kamala cackle , soundbite. Uh , Brad T good question. No, I have not taken a deep dive into that, you know, before I have to go and dig into that, just catastrophe of a task. I got to really brace myself for that to go, just scrounge around the gutter and listen to Kamala Harris, cackling like a lunatic to find a clip for the show. Ah , I'll get to it, but I'm going to have to feel sort of , uh , like I deserve some serious punishment for some reason. All right . We have another question. Let's see this one's loading. Come on, Google, slow a little bit faster here. We have a show to do , uh , just making me log in. I don't know why it does this folks. I don't know why it does this, but we're going to have to log in, make sure that none of my passwords are publicly being shared here. Highly sensitive information. All right. We're clear. I'm going to go back over to the form. Sometimes it logs me out of the forum and I have to just log back in to see the questions. It's a big pain, but we are doing it on the fly. We're making it happen. 24. Let's see what we've got. All right. That was from Brad T that's the cackle. We have another one from the dark says Joe talked today in a condescending manner. I might add about how crazy it was that we wasted billions of dollars over two decades being over there. Now he is not keeping people are people at risk. I know he has dementia, but he doesn't even realize that it was him and his as VP and him. While in Congress, they kept voting for us to stay over there, kept voting to waste our money. Then has the nerve to talk down to the American people is if we made the choice to stay, as long as we did you're right in the dark that he right , he's been in government for 40 years. He's been in every position of government. He's been a Senator, been a vice-president . And I guess it's still Trump's fault because Jake Sullivan told us that in a prior comment, speech unleash says they didn't leave behind the military dogs. Only the contract dogs , local doctrine shelters, which the soldiers trained his bomb, sniffing dogs to take out terrorists, us laws, prohibit leaving behind official military dogs since Vietnam. Wow, that's awesome. So I didn't know that that was actually , uh , a rural , but it makes sense. Interesting. So I still, I , you know, I , I did see the images on Twitter of dogs in cages being left at the airport or the bunker for the chin of helicopters, not a good scene. Soul Viking says today's polling said that by needed to be more assertive and loud in his delivery of his victory speech as compared to emotional and tearful acts in the days gone by sickening. Yeah. They just turn the knob a little bit, change the tone, change the message. It's all really for the media clips anyways. Right? They're going to clip out two seconds of the speech. That's it? Greg Harris said, could this have just been a huge weapons and money laundering scheme? Yeah, I think so. I don't know what else was , what was it? Democracy did that wasn't anything that happened? Pro bono says interesting. How Trump would answer, question upon question with the media completely against him, but Biden has the media in his pocket and can't answer. Yikes. Looks like more nice arms deal disguised as a poor withdrawal. It does look like that. How else can you put it? Former Elio says the 25th amendment is the only way to remove Biden since we don't use violence. That is the only solution. All Republicans in any elected office should demand that the Democrats take action, embarrassed , the corporate media into reporting on it. I don't know that the Republicans are even awake. I don't even know what they're doing. Are they even a party? Have no idea. Good to see you. Former Leo , we have Lauren SS . I've wondered about the equipment. Since all this started, we're never getting it back in my opinion. And if we can't have it, they can either send the drones to go in and take out the equipment. And there's a lot of it. And there's a lot of it all over the country. A lot of stuff there, but I get your point. We have a says, you know the song Dr. Feelgood, here's the one they call Dr. Feelgood. He's the one that makes you feel all right. That song is about the doctor that would pump JFK up with stuff. Just a fun fact. I did not know that. No , Dr. Feelgood , I didn't know that. Well, there you go. They do it. Sergeant Bob says Biden does no press conferences. Just stumbles through the teleprompter. Saki then tries to handle the press. Sad . Trump was a real president . He actually took questions. American's left behind says, next step Biden will do is open the Taliban embassy in the U S there are , there are international partners. Now, how can you be international partners with the U S not having an embassy here? That'll be nice. Taliban says, we're going door to door to look for the unvaccinated . Well, that is, I mean, justifiable, obviously anybody who's unvaccinated is committing the most heinous atrocity that the world has ever seen, honestly. So I can't even be mad about that Taliban. Yeah . We're going to have the Taliban here going door to door for vaccines at some point, I'm sure. Uh , Digi McBride said, it's a shame that Joe , I can't read that this is a family show. DG McBride. We have another one wants to know, says, can we all go on strike? If you do the Kamala cackle, it's horrible. You can want to know. Look I said, I'll be very, I'll be very, very sparing with the Kamala cackle, got to find it. First chairman of the board said, I heard people on the right and left criticizing the Afghan exit . Joe was just keeping a camp . Pray . Mom campaign promised to re unite the country. Good job, Joe. That's from chairman of the board. That's right. He is, the country is unified that this whole thing was a catastrophic failure. It's unity. Well done. We have another one here from, let's go over to YouTube. We've got Jessica Cora here says , uh, let's see which one was that Jessica Cora says, why is the U S military financing and building houses for 50,000 Afghan refugees on military basis ? When we have 10 million citizens facing eviction? Well, Jessica it's because you as an American citizen, you're just not that important to the government. You're just not, I hate to be the bearer of bad news on this, but you just really don't matter. They keep inflating your money and then taxing you. And definitely the key blocking you down. They keep mandating. You do certain things. They're now going after your kids in the schools, they're taking your property away from you. They don't give a rip about you as a citizen. You are a very, very second, third tertiary issue. They care about power and about manipulating demographics and moving things around so that they stay in power. Definitely. So that's why it's terrible. But yeah, it's true. We have lava Java lava says Joe bribed them. I haven't heard that one admitted to not having power, to answer questions from the press. Find out who's really in charge. He did say that a couple of days ago said I'm not supposed to ask questions. I'm instructed. Uh , somebody told me not to ask, ask questions, ask the question. Anyway, he does that. It's kind of this folksy thing that he tries to do. And I think it's kind of embarrassing for the president, but okay. Half Irish says, please check out operation Hercules and cobble small. And that's a hashtag folks, hashtag operation Hercules and cobble small animal rescue. If you want info on the dogs and an effort to get animals and the staff out not giving up, that's from half Irish. So plug that again. Uh , hashtag operation Hercules , just like it's spelled , uh, and it's the cobble small animal rescue. So absolutely thank you for sharing that half Irish. Very, very nice super chat operation Hercules , give that a follow anywhere that you do the hashtags. And that was the last from YouTube. One final over from watching the from speech says, at least Joe didn't look at his watch several times during the speech like he did when the dead soldiers Coppins were taken off the plane here in the United States. That's true. They probably took the watch off of him . You're not looking at that anymore. Joe, just take that off. Not allowed to have the watch anymore. Great questions. Thank you for joining me on this very victorious, very historic, very, just amazing day. I feel very United with you now that America has succeeded another war . All right . Great questions. All of those from watching the and thanks again to the super chats from YouTube half Irish lava, Java lava, Jessica Cora , Andy Borman . And of course, Dr. EMB is always very, very generous. Thank you for your support. All right, we're going to move into the next segment on the show. And this one's a little bit different, a little bit interesting. We're going to take a look at a technical document. The world health organization is now unveiling its guidelines for a digital vaccine. Oh, I know you've been waiting for that. Many people have been sitting around wondering, I can't wait to have my health records digitized and tracked by government entities all over the world. Well, if that's you good news, we now have some guidelines. And so the world health organization, as we know the purveyor of knowledge that people who very steadfastly guided us through the last 18 months of COVID just with perfect skill now are telling us well, it's time to get your vaccine card, get your COVID card, get it ready. And it's going to be something that might even be applicable everywhere in the world. What they're doing is they're giving us this document. It's called the documentation of COVID certificates, the technical specs and the implementation guide. You're going to see that this was just published this month, August 27th, big document, we're going to go through it. And what is it? It's a guidance document for countries and other implementing partners like cities, states, schools, whatever on the technical requirements for developing information systems for your vaccine status. So it's actually a pretty interesting document because you can see exactly how they're about to unveil all of this. You can take a look. Here is the title page technical specifications. If you look up here in the top, right, 99 pages, it's a big document. And if you take a look at the table of contents, you'll also notice that there's a lot of stuff here. We have an introduction. We have the target audience. They tell us what the scope of this is. And it's all about just tracking people using vaccine cards. We're going to get into that a little bit further. The target audience of course, is big government, big entities, people with the real leverage to do a program like this, right? It's not going to be for small businesses. This is for governments, cities, things like that. They give us some assumptions. They tell us about their methods. We're going to spend some time here talking about section two , the ethical considerations for a COVID card. And there are some pretty interesting distinctions here about this whole medical issue. Talking about kind of the different terminology. We've got to be very clear with the language that we use. We are already seeing these programs implemented all over the country. San Francisco did it. If you want to access to certain venues and participate in daily life, you've got to make sure you're vaccinated. And you got to show your proof before you enter into anything. Similar thing happening in New York city. We've talked a lot about that one, the key to NYC. This was the new VAX pass that mayor bill de Blasio brought out that said that if you want to be a citizen in New York and you want to participate in virtually anything, restaurants, bars going out to any events, coffee shops, anything you have to be vaccinated. And you got to prove that by showing it to the employees at whatever facility you're trying to get into. So people were saying, oh, this is kind of problematic. Is that what we're talking about here? Kind of yes and no , that we're going to call a VAX pass, right? This is some bureaucrat like mayor de Blasio saying what we're going to do is try to incentivize people to get vaccinated by creating pain points for them, by making it difficult for them to do the things they want to do. And so we're going to penalize the people who are not acquiescing to our demands. The people who are not complying with our dictates are going to be penalized. And the Blasio actually was very clear about this, very specific about this. So that is one version of this and that has already been implemented. And mayor de Blasio didn't even check with the world health organization before he did any of that. So that's one version of it, but there's also a different reason why maybe you want to have a vaccine card and it could be broken down into a number of different categories. So we're going to take a look at that. We have two different scenarios or where we have con continuity of care. And we also have proof of vaccination also are talked about, we have the core data set . What type of data do they want to get from you? Governance considerations, and then implementation considerations, really, really big document. And so I want to go through it in a little bit of depth, but we also are going to have to move somewhat quickly because I forgot it's Tuesday. All right , this is the ethical considerations portion of this document. It says this, there are two, two currently proposed uses of this and this word here, D D CC slash V S . This is the big, complicated word that they're talking about to basically meet a COVID card. Okay. So we're going to, we're going to get clear on our language COVID card is what we're talking about. CC COVID card is what we're going to be talking about here, which is a little bit different than the VAX pass. That's what we're going to be talking about for DeBlasio and for San Francisco, New York city, and those types of things, very closely related, but a little bit different. So let's make sure we're clear about that. So we have a COVID card that would offer proof of vaccination and also continuity of care. These are traditional clinical uses, right? One reason why you might want to have a COVID card is just so that you know, that you were vaccinated. Just so you have some data personally, for you or personally for your medical provider, or if you're going to go get a booster shot, right? You want to have a card that has some data that says I got my last two vaccines. And so it's just data, that's it. It's just a proof, right? There are valid reasons for wanting that. If you're a Provax or somebody who wants to go get it, you might want that. You might want to keep that, oh , this is when I got it. This is what I'm eligible for the third shot or the fifth shot or the 27 shot or whatever. So you just say, it's , there's a legitimate purpose for that. You also have a continuity of care component to this, so that if you are somebody who might have a , you know, a reaction or you need, you know , additional vaccinations or you need additional treatment, that your doctor can continue to provide that care can, can look at your card and say, oh, you got the vaccine. Here's your schedule. And so I'm going to be able to provide you with my medical diagnosis on the basis of that. So one would be for proof, one would be for continuation of care. Those are different than what the Blasio is doing. What the Blasio is doing is saying, well, you're not doing what we asked. And so we're going to penalize you. Neither. One of those are the legitimate reasons that we see here. They're saying these are traditional things for clinical uses. We do that all the time, not even a big deal clinical uses. However, there are a number of also other possibilities for COVID cards that raise ethical issues. In the context of COVID-19, for example, they might play a role, the COVID cards in achieving public health purposes, like determining vaccine coverage in a given population, which they can use to determine whether to lift social measure limitation . So they call these pieces P H S M . And these are the health and social distancing measures and all of that stuff. So they say, look, use the COVID card. You can see how many people are vaccinated. Then you can decide how much social distancing and health limitations you can do. So that might be a good reason you need these cards. Another reason might be to facilitate exemption from those things, like if you're vaccinated, well , you don't have to wear a mask anymore. Okay. We've seen a lot of that or individual access to activity such as a health pass function. Okay. This is where we're sort of morphing into the VAX pass conversation that we're seeing actively deployed throughout the United States. The potential deployment of the COVID card for these purposes. Note this particularly as a health pass in genders, a number of very potential ethical problems for, for individuals, for communities and for human rights challenges. You see what they're saying? If you're going to use the COVID card as a VAX pass ethical problems, obviously that we've been screaming about on this show for months. Yeah. It's an ethical problem. And it's a stupid thing to do logically anyways, all right here, we've got the first order from the world health organization. They're telling us that it raises a distinct set of risks. If you use a COVID card as a health pass, very distinct set of risks. Why there are scientific uncertainties about the vaccines. See that scientific uncertainties they've demonstrated efficacy and effectiveness in preventing severe disease. But the extent remains to be assessed regarding the transmission, how long each vaccine also has to be assessed in the context of this uncertainty, because there's a lot of uncertainty about the vaccines and it's not look, this is not to say don't get it or to get it or anything like that, right? This is the world health organization saying that there are variables that are changing dynamically. That's the only point of this whole thing. The uncertainty is what we're talking about. The use of the COVID card. Now as a health pass, the use of the COVID card here as a health past based solely on individual vaccine status may actually take a look, increase the risk of disease spread. Particularly the case. If the individual with the COVID card are exempted from the social safety distancing measures, or if it's hard to enforce compliance with those during an activity, like, I don't know, physical distancing during your concert, when they're allowed access based on their COVID the card. So it's saying, Hey, dumdums if you wow, a bunch of people with your vacs pass into an environment, you say, look, there's a boundary here, outside the restaurant. It's dangerous. It's unsafe. It's for the [inaudible] Trump supporter, lunatic maniacs who disagree with science or whatever the popular meme is of the day they're allowed outside. But once you come in, because mayor, bill de Blasio said, so you crossed this magical boundary and wow, it's like unicorns and rainbows in here. It's like, everything just got light. It was a hellscape outside. But today it's like walking in heaven. Well , it's beautiful because you now have shown your papers and now you get to come inside. And so once you're in that utopian village where everybody's frolicking naked around just drinking sunshine out of flowers, they are really enjoying themselves. And they're all mixing and mingling saying , we're safe in here. It's all beautiful because we have the vaccine, we've got the VAX pass. We just crossed the magical line. Everything's safe and beautiful now. So they're mixing and mingling and they're not exercising the social distancing that might save them from catching COVID. And we know because of all the variability with the data that the vaccines, the efficacy, it has some degree of uncertainty, right? To not, not, not to introduce any medical misinformation, we don't know specifically there, but there is an a D a degree of uncertainty according to the world health organization. And so if they say, they say, if you're going to use a VAX pass as a safeguard to help convince people that they're nice and safe and little utopia Ville , not going to really work that well, because they're going to have a false sense of security. Okay? That's one reason why it's not good. Second, some potential behavioral responses also exists with COVID cards. For example, where the benefit of a health pass a VAX pass are significant. It may result in fraud. People are going to be faking their vaccine cards. Also important . If non-vaccine people are in contact with vulnerable, people might increase the risk of COVID spread it's encouraging fraud, unintended consequences. However, individuals may also be less willing to disclose their medical history. In order to obtain the COVID card increases the risk of adverse events. Also the creation of the COVID card . Following vaccine may incentivize people to receive a vaccine to access benefits of a DCC or a COVID card. However, may also increase vaccine hesitancy because of privacy and other concerns that the vaccine record could be least linked to personal data or other entities, unintended third-parties , commercial entities, researchers, surveillance of health status status, like criminal code, all sorts of things. So it can have unintended consequences there. And then finally, we also have, it's used as a health pass risks, introducing unfair disadvantages and injustices. Oh, you don't say, are you telling me that discriminating against an entire population based on their vaccine status that might introduce unfair disadvantages. You're kidding me. Well, world health organization figured it out. The limited supply of the vaccine. Oh, that's their reason has been distributed to other people. So it's an , uh , it's a , it's a problematic distribution of the vaccines is essentially what they're saying. So that's unfair to certain people in certain populations. Now, some other interesting things here about these guidelines that the world health organization was talking about. You'll notice it says the relationship between digital services for proof of vaccination. This is sort of the, the tech specs. How does this all work? Right? In order to sign a digital document, they use PKI technology. And so you've got a COVID card generation service. You've got a digital health solution. So this could be anybody with , uh , an app on your phone. Somebody goes to the restaurant, they submit , uh , Hey, I want to go into a restaurant. They have a digital health solution. This is an app. They check the app a vaccination. Oh no, no, no. That that's where you're actually getting the vaccine. Okay. Then you have a registry service and a repository and then status checking the application. Okay. So you can see how all this works, right? This, this would be something that a computer programmer would probably have more familiarity with, but that is not me. This shows you how it works. The COVID card comes in. There's a claim of actual nation status on somebody's app. Is it cryptographically verified? If the answer is, yes, it checks the status, checks it online, then issues a decision, your vaccine , you get to go in. Oh, but if you're not Baxter , you don't get to go in. So it's showing you how they do this. And there's some also design criteria, right? Anything that's going to be implementing a COVID card is not to increase health inequities. We don't want any inequities. We also don't want to increase the digital divide, right? That was the same thing that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were talking about. Joe Biden said that a lot of , uh, you know, minorities in rural areas had a really difficult time getting on the internet. For example, that would be an example of the digital divide, pretty racist concept for a president of the United States to say, to say that black people, I guess, are incapable of getting on the internet, which in rural areas, which is racist as all get out, but that's our president. So , uh , but that's the digital divide. So if those people can't get on the internet, how the heck are they going to get a digital vaccine card? It's going to be problematic. We also see that everyone who has been vaccinated gets the right to get a card, but they don't say anything in here. If you read through this list about people not being given cards, let's see a format that's accessible to all individuals take a look at number four. Individuals should not be treated differently or given different levels of trust. Hmm . This sounds like it might be good. Oh no, it's not. It's due to the format of the COVID card. So the example here is if it's a paper card, well, that's different than a digital card. That paper card might be fraudulent. And so if you're a vaccine worker and you're a little vaccine Nazi, and you want to just make sure that everybody's properly vaccinated, it's not good for you as a vaccine Nazi to say, well, that's paper. I'm not gonna accept that. That's discriminatory. It's perfectly okay though. If somebody just doesn't have a card in general, it's okay to discriminate against that person. No problem. You can Nazi it up all day. Uh, no papers, no admission, no entry, but if a person has a paper card or a digital card, it's okay, don't be discriminatory to that person only to the real problematic people, the unboxed. All right . We see some other things here. Uh , anti-fraud mechanism should be built into any approach. So you can't escape their little , uh, you know , structure here. They also want to make sure that it's going to be something that can move freely between different vendors and some other things. This is some of the data that they want. This is the header. That's going to go into the code system. So once all of your data is digital digitized, all your health data. It's going to go in here in the format, name, date of birth, unique identifiers sex information. So it tells you how to put it in there. The different strings, right? A lot of this thinking is being done for the bureaucrats locally for you. They're not that intelligent. They're just bureaucrats. They just run for office. They read speeches, they get out there, they get , they talk about kids and hope and change and about a better America and a stronger military and less taxes and oh, socialism, they're socialists now and all of that stuff. So they don't really talk about much or know what they're doing. They just get out there and read speeches. And they just blame everything on socialists, I guess. So that's happening. But now they actually have to implement things. And so the world health organization is going to help these morons that are running things, understand how to do that because they're not going to be able to figure this out. If they're going to install a dictatorial system that tracks all of your health records, they need some people with some higher brain power to get that done. So the world health organization is going to bring together all of these private groups. And they're going to put together this big document. And then all of the lower tiered intellectuals locally, who are elected officials, they're going to run with it. They're also going to record the vaccine or whether it's a vaccine or prophylaxis vaccine brand, the manufacturer, the authorization holder, the date of the vaccination, the valid vaccine validation from the dose number in case, you know, they're infected or something like that. We also have the total number of doses, the country of the vaccination, the administering center. So where you were the healthcare worker who provided it, the healthcare worker identifier, the disease or the agent targeted and the due date for the next vaccine. So of course, all that is part of the subscription program, because it's going to be booster mania indefinitely, and you want to make sure you can get your, all, you can eat buffet, pass to the boosters. We have some other things that the issuer of the certificate. So this metadata is typically not visible to the user. So you don't want , I want to show anybody that, but the certificate issuer, the identifier, the valid from date valid until date and the schema and the version there. So that's the new framework that the world health organization is going to be unveiling all around the world. And so let's see what you have to say about that. Any thoughts on the vaccines coming out of the world health organization, or I should say the vaccine passports. Let's see what watching the Watchers dot locals has to say about it. We have a few here. Hyper Patriot says, just sharing a resource for others to look into, to get real science about COVID in the resources section. There are forms to fill out, to present to your employer that is requiring the jab doctors for COVID Thank you for that hyper Patriot. Sounds like it's a good resource. So that was one more time. Let me read it again. Doctors for COVID, we have a want to know says, so you don't actually lose it. We're going to make it more convenient for you and just chip you. Don't worry. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Sergeant Bob says the pressure is mounting. Now I have more reasons to never go to San Fran or New York city and with the world health organization. Now I have reasons not to visit abroad as I've enjoyed before. I suppose when we get to Arizona, we'll just have to stay there or route through the red states on trips, the , the grip is certainly tightening. They are now unveiling their , their formal policies for the future. We have speech unleashed says, I know this sounds conspiracy theory, but how has the health pass or vaccine passport not considered a mark necessary to buy and sell a little scary, to be honest, that's from speech unleashed talking biblical their speech on leash. Yeah, it's a, it's a relevant. We have chairman of the board says vaccine passports are a great idea. They could be dual purpose to use his voter ID. Oh, wait. That would make it racist. That's true. Chairman of the board. I like where you're going with that, but I don't know . You know, it's a catch 22. I think they want the vaccine , huh ? Yeah. It's a tough one. I don't know where, how they'd fall on that. Let's see. We have, Greg Morat says information is not yet available on the longterm potential health outcome outcomes. FDA said , how can they mandate a vaccine when they don't know about the potential long-term health outcomes source from the FDA, their press announcements. Okay. Thank you for that, Greg. Uh, we're walking a fine line with YouTube here, but it's important stuff. All right. We've got, so Viking says digital vaccination records are a violation of privacy and not a guarantee. Someone is not sick or a spreader of any sort of , of disease, keeping this YouTube friendly. Thank you, soul Viking. I appreciate that. And it's very interesting. If you read through the whole document, it's 99 pages. I did not do that, but I skimmed a great deal of it. And a significant portion of it is talking about all of the consequences that might come up. If you are discriminate amongst people with the vaccine, but no mention yeah . Of the people who are not vaccinated or choosing not to participate in this program, no ethical considerations for them troubling. We have Zach in Henry's in the house as the one thing that makes absolute the least sense to me is the same people who are pushing the vaccine. Passports are the ones who insist the vaccine. Breakthroughs are a huge deal and that we need to mask after the vaccine. Anyway, I don't understand the logic. Yeah. And it's also good to see you suck by the way. And it's wild to me that it needs to be everybody. You get the vaccine. Can you just live your life? Why do you have to shove it down? Everybody else's throat. All right . We have some more from bill gates is here, says the VAX passport. Totally not going to be hacked. Totally not going to steal your identity and use it for money laundering and fraud. Better. Take the vaccine and give us the data. LOL with seven exclamation points, bill gates must be having what Joe Biden's having. We have tweaks as have you seen the news that the people in Israel are no longer considered vaccinated. If they don't get a booster shot within six months after having received their second dose quote from the article from H a R E T says those who do not receive a booster shot will no longer be considered vaccinated. As it relates to restrictions. If more than six months have elapsed, since their second shot said, Corona viruses are Solomon Zarqa. They have a Corona virus are in Israel. That's amazing that change will go into effect October , October one. I wonder if other countries are going to start to implement similar rules once it's time to start rolling out the third dose. All certainly. Yeah. I mean San Fran and New York city, they've already got their programs in place. It's very easy for them. Just say one more. Oh , one more around and around. We go. Thank you for sharing that tweak. Let's see, we've got another one from that one, Florida man says sweet PO T toe . Just say it. I did it. I did it for you. That one, Florida, man, we have monster one says all the talk about orange man being a dictator. He was really just in the way of the totalitarianism I had COVID and according to some studies, getting the virus is better than getting the shot. Why is there no exemption for natural immunity? It's not about health. It's about control that's for monster one. Exactly. Right? If they cared about it, why , why wouldn't they talk about , uh , healthcare or , uh , you know, losing weight ? Zach Henry says, I shouldn't be surprised, but it turns out to the world health organization's little app is already having several cryptographic technical issues. Oh, now someone who's worked in that space, honestly, it's not straight forward to me at all, how you can accomplish such a thing and have it be robust from, from a purely technical perspective beyond that compliance is simply not going to be there. So the system will crumble quickly. You can't get the whole world on the same page with respect to this kind of stuff. Failure on so many levels. Oh, I'm so grateful that you're here. And you caught the show Zuck . I appreciate you sharing that because I know that we've, we've spoken offline about some of your technical capabilities. And so your expertise is well appreciated. I'm glad you're here. Truman HW says big tech and the government are suppressing the new and actually approved vaccine because they'd lack immunity. We'll save that for locals. I know Robert Barnes is doing some good work on that, over on his platform. So go check them out and want to know says, when are they just to stamp your passport? Not anymore. You have a COVID digital card coming . We have, Sergeant Bob says combined vaccine passports with voter ID. I support it because if we have confidence in elections, a change might ensure then to do away with passports. Brilliant. I like it. Sergeant, we have another one here from pro bono, says more deaths this year than all of last year due to COVID with Eva , with the vaccine. Sounds like it's working now. Mandating it glorious seems like we're better off with no vaccine. The CDC, his own COVID chart might indicate similar data, good stuff over there from watching the . Let's see who else was chime in in here. We have lava Java lava . We got every , uh, every vaccinated person should be fully marked and separated in society. So , um, sort of straight out of a Lucifer's playbook, there are lava Java lava. Let's see, we also had another one from newbie of death reviews. Stuff says Israel study of 850,000 recovered COVID cases, 78 re-infection incurred natural immunity or GTF O that means get out of here. Folks. Thank you for that newbie of death, 78 re infections occurred natural immunity or GTF . We have newbie of death with another one says free six G for all recipients of the lamb , the variant that's nice. Yeah, just booster shots indefinitely. It'll probably be like a Netflix, you know, kind of all you can eat. You can just scroll through the different factors . See , I already had that one. Didn't we watch this, honey, do we get the, the 17th booster sweetheart? No, I think we got the 18th. Okay, well let's get the , the eight let's get the 17th one play that Amazon will drone it right into your neck thing. It gotcha . Yeah . All right , perfect. So that's where we're going. Great questions over from watching the and from YouTube. Thank you very much. Newbie of death, lava, Java lava, half Irish. And , uh , we got some people over on Twitch who are hanging out. We've got Wolfgang day over there and judge Judy Slayer just joined us as well. Getting a little bit of a following over at Twitch and that's kind of fun. So , uh, that was it for the, that segment. My friends. Thank you for all of your support. All right. So we're going to move on into the final segment of the day. We've got to fly through this one a little bit quickly. John Pierce , we've talked about him before on this channel. A couple of times you may remember him, the attorney for Kyle Rittenhouse, not on that case anymore, but for some period of time, he was bouncing around all over the place, making a lot of noise in the media. And I had some concerns about his criminal defense skillset and how he was representing Kyle and others in criminal cases. And so we're going to talk a little bit about that, but today is another interesting story because allegedly, apparently John Pierce is in the hospital with COVID and so , uh, certainly want to make sure that our thoughts and prayers go out to him, hopefully his recovering well, but it certainly raises an interesting legal question that is worth diving into certain in let's go through it. This is what the prosecutor's submitted. Let me show you what this is. This is a notice regarding defense counsel . So it's a little bit of an unusual circumstance, which is why this is what you see. It's called the notice. So you kind of filed notices with the court and you don't know what else to file. Sort of know . Typically you say a motion for discovery. Oh, I need that. A motion to suppress evidence. Oh, we're going to try to exclude that we're going to file a subpoena. Okay. So the subpoena is so we can go find something or get something. Okay. But what happens if a lawyer who represents 17, January six, Capitol hill defendants just kind of disappears, might be really sick with COVID in the hospital and you can't find him and he's not showing up to court . What do you tell the court? Just a judge. I got to let you know something. So here's a notice. And that's what we've got. This is the United States submits its pleading regarding the status of defense counsel and the impact on the defendant's case. They're talking specifically about Casey Cusak . So the government is basically filing a motion on behalf of the defendant. This is a prosecutor saying a judge, the defendant's attorney is gone with the wind. We have no idea where they're at. And so I need to notify you that this is , uh , concerning so that the court can take some action here. Mr. Pierce, they say currently represents 17 defendants, all charged in connection with January 6th , the right, we spent a lot of time talking here. This defendant has been charged similarly, sadly, Mr. Pierce, reportedly ill with COVID-19 on a ventilator and unresponsive, which is just horrible. So hopefully, you know, jeez , for roughly the past week, Ryan Marshall and associate from his law firm who is not a licensed attorney has been appearing in Mr. Pierce's place at court hearings and meetings with the government because Mr. Pierce is unavailable, Mr. Marshall cannot ethically or legally represent the clients. The government is making the court aware. He's sick. Please do something about this. Take the steps necessary to ensure the defendant's rights are adequately protected while he is hospitalized. So I know in the January six cases that we rip on the government a lot here, rightfully so, but this is a nice effort by the prosecutor notifying the court. This is a big problem. This is a, a big problem because allegedly Mr. Pierce represents a number of different defendants. Look at all these different cases. We've got William Pepe , which is just amazing set a real thing. That's amazing. We've got Nathaniel degrade. We've got Leo Buzzell . Uh , Chris Warrell , we've got defendant's Caplinger may GRU Cusak . We just heard that case Baez. We've got another one less parents tuck. A lot of them . Defendants Ryan Marshall showed up and okay, it's not clear. So this isn't a footnote. It's unclear if and when Mr. Marshall will ever get a license, given that he faces a felony criminal charge in two cases, in a court of common pleas, according to public reports, the latter case involves charges arising from Marshall's alleged participation in conspiracy to commit fraud while clerking for a judge on the Pennsylvania court of common pleas, which is just , um , uh , I mean, just outstanding. So what they're saying here is that John Pierce is ill. He's obviously unavailable. There's a different person who is Mr. [inaudible] Marshall don't know if he's going to get a bar license. He might be , uh , uh , you know, a student, a law school student, an intern who knows, but he's not a licensed attorney. And he's facing that felony criminal charges, which is a problem in it of itself. But the allegation of the criminality is very problematic for licensing to become a lawyer because he's talking about fraud while clerking for a judge, it's a crime of dishonesty. It's a crime of moral turpitude. It's not something that character during fitness, which is a part of a licensing agency in many states is going to look at kindly if it was a DUI, if it was an alcohol offense, if it was a , a kind of a dumb mistake, that's a separate situation, but this is a crime of moral turpitude. This is a crime of dishonesty. It's, it's conspiracy to commit fraud while clerking for a judge, right? You don't want those people in your profession typically be like a cop. Oh, well , I, I , uh , accidentally shot and killed that person, but I I'll be a great officer. I accidentally kneeled on George Floyd neck for nine minutes, but I'll be a great addition to the squad. Put me in coach, right? That's not how that works. So very interesting way to run a law office, but that's John Pierce for you . We have a , the us attorney's office had no contact with Mr. Pierce by phone email, or otherwise when he appeared for a hearing with the honorable judge. Since that time, us attorney's office has heard conflicting information about his health and his whereabouts the morning on Tuesday, he was scheduled to appear before judge Friedman , but he was not there. Instead. Ryan Marshall showed up, not a licensed lawyer, was there in his place to the court that there was a comment flicked. Huh? Why was he there? Which is amazing to me that th the judges even allowing him to be there. What are you doing there? You're not licensed later, Mr. W which , which there could be, look, there are all sorts of different rules that a non-licensed lawyer can do. Some certain things. There are rules that allow law school students and people who qualify with permission to take on and do legal portions of a case just because he's not a licensed lawyer. Doesn't mean he has no business being in the court. I was being a little bit overbroad there, but it still is an important concept, okay . That he needs to be properly authorized in order to handle these proceedings. And these are not just any proceedings. These are, you know, very national profile cases. So a few hours later, then Mr. Marshall attended a reverse proffer session with a different defendant represented by Mr. Pierce telling us attorney just gotten word that he'd been in an accident was on his way to the hospital. Okay. So there was a conflict. Now there's an accident now he's in the hospital. So , uh , Mr. Marshall then proceeded with the session in Mr. Pierce's absence. So , uh, maybe he does have certain authority to get in there and negotiate over certain things because he's gotten permission from the clients or whatever, but let's take a look. We have next morning, then August 25th, Marshall again showed up for John Pierce in his place before another court, Mr. Marshall represented to the court that he was in hospitalized. COVID-19 on a ventilator in non-responsive . So we have a couple different days. We have 23rd. We have the 24th here. Then on the 25th, after that information was reported publicly, a different individual reached out to an NPR correspondent and wrote that Mr. Pierce did not in fact have COVID, but instead was hospitalized due to symptoms. He believe might be related to COVID. Hump appears to have been suffering from dehydration and exhaustion remains under the care of his doctors. Okay. Then August 26 appeared again, he's busy. He's guy representing a number of defendants this time. Before that hearing Mr. Marshall told the U S attorneys that he had not had any direct contact with Mr. Pierce, one of his friends told him he'd been sick with COVID. Another said he was that , oh, we got conflicting reports here. During the hearing Marshall requests , it was granted a sealed bench conference to discuss the condition. Later that evening, NPR reported one source close to attorney. John Pierce tells me, John is currently hospitalized, being diagnosed with COVID, but firmly denied. He was ever placed on a ventilator. Okay, thanks. Adding to the confusion then Mr. Pierce, who generally posts multiple messages on Twitter on a daily basis, not tweeted since August 20th reports for quote, multiple phone numbers for Pierce's law firm and Pierce Bainbridge have been disconnected. It did. Oh, we've got some conflicting stories on this. Uh, the story a little bit and something else strange happened yesterday. Oh, we got a new filing from John Paris . Take a look at this. We have Shane Jenkins over here. John Pierce signed it electronically. Don't know if he ever saw it, but printed name, bar number filed a notice of appearance and appearance of Coutts council document. I'm representing this guy who was there on January. So he's been gone with the wind. Nobody's answering the phone at his office. Does he have a legal assistant who's filing these notices of appearance or is he filing them? Because he hasn't been to court in the last week. Huh? Curious that United States thus finds itself in a position where this defendant and other defendants charged in this case are effectively without counsel. It seems to Mr. Pierce may be hospitalized or unable to communicate. It's unclear when he will recover. Although Mr. Marshall now has appeared several times. He's not a licensed lawyer and this cannot appear in court. He's using rule 49, which is limiting member of the bar. Oh no, that's a separate role . Indeed. It appears that Mr. Pierce's absence has already caused Mr. Marshall to take actions on behalf of his clients that he's not permitted to do, including appearing for a defendant who agreed to exclude time under the speedy trial act. Oh my gosh. From the government's perspective, given Mr. Pierce's reported illness, the fact that Mr. Marshall is not an attorney, this case is effectively at a standstill. Mr. Marshall has been the government's main or sole point of contact for many defendants, but the government does not believe it appropriate to continue to communicate with him and Mr. Pierce's absence, during which he would necessarily be acting without the supervision of a licensed attorney. Additionally, the defendant is effectively without an attorney, Mr. Pierce cannot be contacted. Mr. Marshall cannot provide legal services. Hopefully Mr. Pierce will regain his health soon, be able to continue to represent. However, the government did not want to make the court of we're aware of this reported illness. They want to make it aware. So the court can take any steps necessary to make sure that the defendant's rights are adequately protected. So a couple things are happening here on the face of it that the prosecutor is saying very unequivocally. We are concerned about John Pierce . And I don't doubt that they are are, are, are not concerned about that. But they're also making a very clear record about what's been happening because John Pierce his story, according to several of his friends, really hasn't been matching up. And he also just filed a new motion sort of after the fact, all the phone numbers apparently are dead. So there are some funny things going on and it may just be a situation where he's sick, right? And if he's sick and that's all that, there was, that's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. But the prosecutors, I suspect have their doubts about that. That's why they went through and they marked every single date. Now they did it very nicely and all we wish them well, if it's COVID get better, get well soon, John, but if it's not COVID we've got a pretty nice, nicely documented motion that might lead to ineffective assistance of counsel or some other bar complaints for failure to represent your clients. If that is the case, if it's not COVID, we've got conflicting reports. The prosecutor came out here and said, August 23rd, August 24th, August 26th , August 27 , boom, all the different days. So that if there's a conflict of interest here, if there's something problematic, that's happening, government has made the court aware. Very interesting case. We'll see what happens. And I genuinely mean it. I disagree with a lot of what John Pierce does, but I do hope he's well, right? I don't wish , uh, you know, sickness or, or ill health on anybody no matter who they are. So that is , uh, my , my thoughts and prayers do go out to him. If he is sick and in the hospital, I am presuming that he is because nobody would jerk the federal courts around like that. So get well soon, John. All right . Let's see what you have to say about this. Watching the Watchers. Oh , uh , dot . Couple quick questions. Then we gotta wrap up. We have, let's see what that one was. A couple. Nope, that was on the last segment. Let's take a look here. [inaudible] says what prosecutors being ethical. What a surprise. Not using the hospitalization for a political prosecution. Remember Kim Gardner who encouraged a witness to commit perjury for political prosecution? I do remember [inaudible] . I remember Kim gardener very well. We talked a lot about her. Let's see, we've got another one for a major says, sorry for the late comment. It would sure be nice. If the Cahone Navy had some of the Blackhawks Joe gave to the Taliban to search and rescue for the Ida survivors. Yeah. That's another comment there saying that maybe if the U S had some of that military gear that it would be put to better use here in the United States. And so those were a couple of comments that came in on the John pier segment. Not a lot of additional questions there. Let's check over on YouTube. Wolfgang said, why not nuke the hurricanes? At least once I think it would work. And the fallout shouldn't be so bad. If it fails, people will evacuate fo sho. That is from Wolfgang Dayo . And so a lot of great questions here today. I really appreciate everybody's support on YouTube and [email protected] as is usually the case on Tuesdays. We have a short show because I got to get to another meeting. Right, right now, before we hop out of here, want to thank our new supporters over at watching the Watchers dot Loke , who make the show possible. We have a new bee who signed up over the last night. We got west pole is in the house. So you've got the north pole, the south pole, nobody has ever really talks about the west pole. So I'm glad that they're here with us. Cirque X a lot, also in the house joined for a year. I see him in the chat or her. We have a Teresa Simone, Dave two signed up for the year. Avalon acres joined us Timbo four 11 and Don M nine 11 as well. If you want to be a part of the community, we're [email protected] We had an amazing monthly meetup via zoom took place last Saturday, we're going to have another one in September, and it's a really fun thing to be a part of. And so if you're a supporter [email protected], that's where you will find us. And that my friends is it for me for the day. Want to thank you so much for being a part of the show. It's always a good time when we're able to have a nice chat together. We're going to be back here. Same time, same place tomorrow to do it all over again. I want to make sure you're a part of the show. It's at 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM. Central 7:00 PM on the east coast. And for that one, Florida man, everybody else have a tremendous evening sleep very well. I will see you right back here tomorrow. Bye-bye .