Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.

Biden Trusts The Taliban, Judge Blocks Immigration Memo, Owen Shroyer Charges & Jan 6 Cases

August 23, 2021 Robert Gruler Esq.
Watching the Watchers with Robert Gruler Esq.
Biden Trusts The Taliban, Judge Blocks Immigration Memo, Owen Shroyer Charges & Jan 6 Cases
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President Joe Biden brings out the B-team to stand around while he talks about fantasy-land Afghanistan that exists in his mind. A Federal District Judges hands Biden an immigration setback after finding in favor of Texas and Louisiana regarding removals of criminal illegal aliens. Owen Shroyer from reveals he’s being charged with crimes in connection with the January 6th protests while the FBI concludes there is little evidence of mass coordination in the event.​

And more! Join criminal defense lawyer Robert F. Gruler in a discussion on the latest legal, criminal and political news, including:​

🔵 President Biden spoke again on the situation in Afghanistan, this time taking four pre-selected questions.​
🔵 Biden said that the collapse of Afghanistan did not impact our NATO allies and in fact increased U.S. standing.​
🔵 Facts from German politician Armin Laschet and CNN’s Clarissa Ward show differently.​
🔵 President Biden said that Americans were not having any difficulty getting to the airport.​
🔵 Facts from ABC News, Fox News and other journalists on the ground show differently.​
🔵 Report asks President Biden why he trusts the Taliban as he walks away to an empty podium.​
🔵 Meanwhile, Taliban are rounding up Afghans on blacklists according to Norwegian intelligence officials.​
🔵 Countries like Qatar stop taking flights of refugees, causing flights from Kabul to come to a halt.​
🔵 Federal Judge blocks Biden Administration from limiting removals in immigration cases.​
🔵 Texas and Louisiana sued the Biden administration seeking to enforce the law that was changed in a Biden memo.​
🔵 In an opinion drafted by U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, the Court granted the state’s requests and issued an injunction prohibiting the continuation of the Biden policies.​
🔵 Owen Shroyer from is charged with crimes for his involvement in January 6th protests.​
🔵 FBI finally concludes that there is very little evidence that January 6th was orchestrated or centrally coordinated.​
🔵 Texas real estate agent plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense with a $500 restitution fee.​
🔵 Review of Owen Shroyer’s criminal complaint with images purporting to show his presence at the protests.​
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Speaker 1:

Hello, my friends. And welcome back to yet. Another episode of watching the Watchers live. My name is Robert ruler. I am a criminal defense attorney here at the RNR law group in the always beautiful and sunny Scottsdale Arizona, where my team and I over the course of many years have represented thousands of good people facing criminal charges. And throughout our time in practice, we have seen a lot of problems with our justice system. I'm talking about misconduct involving the police. We've got prosecutors behaving poorly. We've got judges, not particularly interested in a little thing called justice. And it all starts with the politicians, the people at the top, the ones who write the rules and pass the laws that they expect you and me to follow, but sometimes have a little bit of difficulty doing so themselves. That's why we started this show called watching the Watchers so that together with your help, we can shine that big, beautiful spotlight of accountability and transparency down upon our system with the hope of finding justice. And we're grateful that you are here and with us today, it's Friday, we've got a lot to get into. We're going to start off by going through Joe. Biden's brilliant, 40 years of international diplomacy. We're going to take a look at what's going on in Afghanistan, because there's a lot to continue to dissect there. President Biden was out with his cadre of other incompetence in front of the press today. He took four questions from the press, gave us a little bit of information about the delusion that he thinks Afghanistan happens to be. And so we're going to take a look at what is actually going on there. He came out, we have four, three or four different clips from the president along with reaction from reality, from what different news agencies are reporting about , uh, out there on the field in Afghanistan, right outside in Kabul . So we're going to take a look at what's going on there . Very, very curious answers from our president. So we're going to check in to see how Joe Biden's doing. Then we're going to change gears. We're going to talk about immigration briefly. You got a short segment because there was a federal district court judge came out and decided that he was going to rule against the Biden administration. As it relates to immigration. We're talking about sort of what the law says about how they classify may versus shall we talk about this on the show, right? If the law says that it is something that may happen, that kind of means it's discretionary versus the word shall in the law meets me in something is mandatory. And so the Biden administration was kind of duking it out with Texas and Louisiana saying that they were in the main category. They can kind of do whatever they want. The federal court came out and said, no, it's shell. All right, get the language right. And you are now no longer allowed to continue to do your immigration policy, the way that you were doing it. And so we're going to go through that case a little bit briefly here in the second segment, just so we stay up to speed about what's happening on the border. Then in our final segment, we're going to change gears and harken back to January six , check in with those cases because the FBI is out. Now, they're telling us that, or at least Reuters is telling us that what they have heard from the FBI and from our law enforcement agencies, really that there's not a whole lot of evidence about the January six alleged collusion that many people said existed. That the whole thing was orchestrated that everything was being manipulated. There, there was this COBOL of insurrectionists who are going to seize power of the country, turns out like we've been saying not a whole lot of evidence for that . So we're going to turn to Reuters and see what they have to say about it. Then we're also going to check in and see what a Texas real estate agent who was charged and convicted, pled guilty as a result of the January six cases going to see what kind of penalty she got, what the fines look like, like , and it may be pertinent because another individual was charged. I think just today, Owen, Shroyer , uh , kind of a surprising new criminal charge here coming out of the January 6th protests . This is a guy who is actually a very well-known commentator over on info, right aside Alex Jones, who was , uh , made an announcement on the show today, I believe it was saying that, that he is now facing charges. He's got an attorney, the FBI issued a search warrant or an arrest warrant and a criminal complaint. We're going to take a look at what's in there and see whether or not these charges should be substantiated. So we've got a lot to talk about don't we, I would love to invite you to be a part of the show. It's a live stream. That's the whole point by going over to watching the, you can see, we just got to follow where they're on Twitch as well. So thank you for that. We have John Calvin who just joined us over there on Twitch. Good to sh good to see you there. Twitters. I think that I don't know what that's, what you call them. I'm still learning Twitch. But the point here is if you want to be a part of the show, if you're a supporter and watching the, there's a form there that it looks like this. And what you can see is you can just fill out that form, ask a question for any one of the segments and we'll do our very best to get to them. We also have a super chats now available says, Hey, Robert, and all, are you over on locals? I can't find you. Yeah , you should be able to find us. I see people in there chatting away right now. Want to know is over there. Jew , pause over there. You may just have to do a refresh there , Beth Cottington , and maybe you'll see it. It should be live and well, I think I see people chatting away. So just head on over there, over on YouTube shout outs to Joel Rowley , we have Stace on the case. Activism of care we've got. Zulu is now here, rope Rob's see is here and stays on the case are all chatting away. We're also taking super chats as you saw from Beth Coddington . Thank you for that support there, Beth, as well. All right. And so, without any further ado, let's get into it. Shall we? We're going to start off with Afghanistan again, president Biden, trying again needed to come out and address the Afghanistan situation. And he took some questions today. Not a lot of them, four of them, but that's more than we've gotten historically. And so we're going to jump right into it. We've got several things we want to talk about in this segment. First and foremost, Joe Biden spoke today. So we've got several clips from him talking about his administration and the response to the Afghanistan debacle. So we'll take a look at what's going on there. And then we're going to see some sort of reaction as we go through these different clips, see what the president says happens or what the , the situation is, what the context is of the environment there. And then we'll take a look at what the press has to say, what people on the ground, how they are responding to the president. And then we're going to kind of figure out what happens next. Because the president is saying that this is all going to go one way and a data seems to indicate otherwise. So let's start off here with Joe Biden. Here's one of the clips you'll notice that he has some people around him yesterday. I was a little bit critical about the fact that he's kind of been absent and everybody's sort of been absent from him. We saw that image, that photograph over from camp David when he was sitting at that table, all alone, poor guy, but now Cabela's here. Uh, and so she's been very absent. We talked about her yesterday. She is very used to sort of having this position behind Joe Biden and over the last Afghanistan press conferences, we did a whole show on saying, where is she? She's sort of not in this position. We're used to seeing her here. Now she's back. Good over here. We have , uh , Anthony Blinken secretary of state. This guy is been also a disaster. And so we've got two, just total failures, one as a secretary of state and one as a border czar , uh , along with the actual architect of Afghanistan in the first place, all sitting here now going to dictate their leadership skills , uh , to America, tell us how this is all going to work. So here's the first clip. Now, Joe Biden is going to tell us about how our allies, how NATO, how everybody's responding to this, because we know that Joe Biden is much more of a world leader. Somebody who is going to return America to form. We want to make sure that we keep that position. Don't we, here he is. I have

Speaker 2:

Seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. I've spoken with our NATO allies. We've spoken with NATO allies, the secretary of state, our national security advisor has been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world. And our allies as has the general, our , excuse me, I keep calling them in general, but my secretary of defense, the fact of the matter is I have not seen that matter of fact, the exact opposite. I've got the exact opposite thing .

Speaker 1:

All right , I've gotten the exact opposite of that NATO allies. They saw what happened there in Afghanistan. And they're like, wow, that's really great. That's American leadership at it's finest. Look at that. There are babies being thrown over barbed wire. Um, uh, how do we do that here in our home countries of, I don't know , UK, France, Germany, how do we, how do we also do something so poorly? Don't think that's what they're asking for. But , uh , Joe Biden is a little bit, I think, delusional here because we have , uh , other inquiries, other comments from journalists and other reporters who were on the ground, who were reporting entirely the opposite on Twitter. This was from Nicholas Fon. De Caro says when asked if people, so when asked, if people want to hear from Biden ward makes it clear that he's damaged America's reputation on the world stage saying, quote, and this is Clarissa ward who has been over in Afghanistan doing just incredible reporting. Clarissa ward said, I had a few people make comments to me like America supposed to be the greatest super in power in the world. What the hell is going here? And so Nicholas Fon dark , the Carrio set posted this. Now you're going to notice this post came out this morning, 8:44 AM, August 20th, which was before Joe Biden spoke. So this was already a known narrative. Clarissa ward over from CNN has already been confirming for us, that people there are looking around and saying, this is a disaster. This is not even anything that resembles the world's greatest superpower that is supposed to be planned. And all of the contingencies accounted for it. Doesn't feel like that at all. Here is Clarissa ward. Now on the phone, she's trying to get out of the country to my knowledge, and let's see what she had to say. This was before Biden spoke. I don't know why it's not playing . The

Speaker 3:

President is about to speak. I mean, do you hear Joe Biden's name being discussed there? I mean, is this at all? Something that the, that the Afghans that are there, the Americans that are there sitting in that airport, in this desperate situation, is that at all, anything they care about in this moment is hearing from Joanna . I don't think they really care about hearing in front of the president. To be honest, I had a few people make comments to me. Like, you know, America's supposed to be the greatest superpower in the world. What the hell is going on here? You know? And that's kind of the attitude. No, one's really interested in politics, but promises are about enduring partnership. Okay. Because , so then it doesn't really mean anything at this stage. People are interested in getting out and getting there ,

Speaker 1:

Getting out. They want to get out of there and get their families and get their friends and get out of there. Uh, and so when you are listening to Joe Biden and he's talking about the sort of, you know, the, the, the leadership that he has now shown, getting control of the situation, you can take a look at those images and take a look at what Clarissa ward of CNN, which is typically a very favorable network to the president, what they have to say about this. Uh, and it was obviously clear even before Joe Biden spoke today, we played this two days ago on this show, this is German politician are mean less. Heir apparent to outgoing German chancellor, Angela Merkel, right? Era parent kind of , you know , coming up right behind her, says the situation described it more harshly says, this is the greatest debacle that NATO has ever seen since it's foundation. It's an ethical change. We are facing the Mindshift

Speaker 4:

Is evident as thesis. [inaudible] niched for this , the us loose to deBaca SP not to [inaudible] alighted on Susan [inaudible] .

Speaker 1:

Yeah. So, and , and that was the German, you know, second in command. Who's going to be , uh , you know , apparently coming up here pretty soon. Let me, let me swap over to this next clip. So this is from the white house. Now the white house is saying Joe Biden is of course, very eager to answer questions. Let's make sure that I have this one. We're going to go over here to this next clip. Pology has got that one out of order. All right . So the next clip from Joe Biden is a here. Now he's saying this is a big clip that has gotten a lot of pushback from the media. This is where he is. And you can watch Cabela's body language. Here. She is . We're watching all of these different clips, but Joe Biden is out here. Now talking about , uh , well, Americans who want to get out can get out. And there's no indication that Americans are having a difficult time, even getting to the airport, sort of just like, you know, calling Uber, they'll drop your right off. There's a bell men say, excuse me, can you take my bags? And they just come and get you. And then suddenly you're in America and there are no problems. And that's kind of how he frames. This says, I have no indication, no intelligence is showing me that any Americans are having any problems here. And so it's a kind of a big problem. If you've been following what we've been talking about on this show this week, you've been seeing the images you've been seeing the reporting. You also know that we don't even have necessarily have any problems with the decision to leave. We've talked about the three different layers of analysis and spending a lot of time in the leadership portion, which is the third layer, which is the response to the problem. And Joe Biden here is clearly having a difficult time, even identifying reality, saying that Americans are having no problems. So if you are, if your information's bad, or if you're mentally incapable of really understanding what's happening while you're , you're not going to be able to do well on any one of those levels of leadership, especially the response to the problem that happened, which is layer two. All right. So this is Joe Biden. Now talking about saying Americans have no problems getting to the airport. At least to his knowledge here, it is two questions .

Speaker 3:

The military has secured the airport, as you mentioned, but will you sign off on sending us troops into Kabul , to evacuate Americans who haven't been able to get to the airport safely?

Speaker 2:

We have no indication that they haven't been able to get income through the airport. We've made an agreement with the , with the Taliban thus far, they've allowed them to go through it's in their interest for them to go through. So we know of no circumstance where American citizens are carrying an American passport or trying to get through to the airport, but we will do whatever needs to be done to see to what they get

Speaker 1:

To . Oh my gosh. He says, there's no evidence. Let me show him some. How about that? Here is what ABC had to say. They said that this guy, their reporter is clearly reporting that this is not the case as Biden president said

Speaker 5:

He has no intelligence that Americans have been unable to get there. Uh , the question obviously, does that square with reporting on the ground? No , I mean, just totally not. Uh , I mean, the reaction was , was pretty much one of , uh , I mean, it was breathtaking, no indication Americans can't get to the airport . I mean, last night , it's on world news. We had American citizens who had exactly that experience. I tried to get to the airport, they had waived their American passports. The president talked about all they had to do was present their passports and they'd be allowed through, they were beaten by the Taliban with the rubber fan, from a vehicle , uh , multiple examples of Americans and Afghans, SIV applicants who have now tried repeatedly. There's one woman with tracking she's back at the airport tonight. This is a third night in the row gates haven't opened the Taliban. Hadn't let her through. Uh , it just seems the reality and the rhetoric are miles apart. Uh , I'm not quite sure. Yeah . Not quite , not

Speaker 1:

Quite sure. It's breathtaking. They have no idea what the hell he's talking about and listen, you know, it , it, yes. I'm seeing comments over here on YouTube that this is , is the, yeah, this is the media. This is the media reporting. This stuff. I'm playing the media clips because that's all I can play on YouTube. If you want to go on Twitter, you can easily poke around and you can find other images from actual people that will show you the bloodshed that will show you a lot of the problems that are taking place there. I think the news is reporting it in a sanitary way. I think that it is not , uh , you can look at the images and I think the images speak for themselves, but I understand the perspective that it's kind of strange to be looking at ABC, CNN, MSNBC and all of these other entities that we have a history of looking at and saying, yeah, right. You're all full of it. All turning directly on a Joe Biden. It's kind of, it is, it is weird, right? It is sort of a , a disconnect there. It's like, wait a minute. And anytime that you start to see kind of , uh , you know, people who are traditionally wrong, all going the same direction. I say this regularly on the show, anytime that there's a bipartisan agreement props , we're , we're probably getting screwed anytime the Republicans and the Democrats agree on anything that , that means it's kind of a raw deal for the American people. So I understand some of the skepticism out there about the media clips, but I have seen many of the other more horrific clips out there on Twitter and read stories of it. So I it's , I agree. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on, but certainly doesn't seem to be as , uh , perfect and roses and sunshine as Joe Biden has to say , uh, now secretary of defense Lloyd Austin, Joe Biden's general, I mean, secretary, I mean general in a briefing call with house lawmakers , uh , just now said that Americans have been beaten by the Taliban in Kabul . So according to multiple people on the call, Austin called it unacceptable. So if you don't believe ABC or CNN, the secretary of defense is confirming it as well. Uh, Fox news is also confirming it here is this woman saying that , uh , basically Joe Biden's perception that Americans aren't having a difficult time getting to the airport are just not in touch.

Speaker 3:

Are we digesting what we just heard? Well, Sandra, I'm having a hard time digesting what we heard because I couldn't fact check it fast enough in real time, because there were so many misrepresentations of what is happening on the ground to hear the president talk about still having an over the horizon capability to see what is happening with the remnants of Al Qaeda , ISIS, K the chorus on group, and even the Taliban that would have required partners on the ground. And what we've seen in recent days is that those partners on the, on the ground have been abandoned. They're in hiding, they're fearing for their lives. They fled the, we don't have partners. We don't have eyes and ears. The whole reason that us military cannot leave the airport to go and rescue any Americans who are out in Kabul when British and French special forces can do. So, is that they don't have any partners left. They don't have partners there who can , uh, help them safely navigate. So I don't see how you can say that with a straight face, that they're going to be over the horizon capabilities to see the terror threat in Afghanistan when this is all said and done.

Speaker 1:

Yeah . And so , uh , I actually saw on Twitter right before I hopped on the show that I think the U S actually did send a helicopter out and round up something like over 120 Americans from different parts of the city. They were all sort of a holdup at a hotel. And so, you know, the military, presumably as they do get their bearings straight and they are able to reestablish some operational intelligence there, they're going to be able to go out and hopefully, you know , save more lives, which is what this is all about saving lives. And we've had our own bureaucrats in DC from the white house, tell us they don't really even know what the number is of how many Americans are out there. So , uh, yeah, it's, it's a , it's a catastrophes in slow motion. And all of the leverage points from the U S perspective have just been evaporated. There's nothing else. They've got, you know , whatever they've got total operational control of the ground. And they've also got in reserve thousands of American hostages. If the U S doesn't pay them off or acquiesced to their demands for seats on the UN or whatever, they start demanding. They're a legitimate entity now because they have all the leverage here. Now we've got another clip here, again, you know, kind of clip heavy here, but this is another indication from somebody else over from ABC. This is, you know, on the ground reporting. Now, some of this, right, you can say, well, it kind of looks like the same image. See this

Speaker 5:

Audio message from a trapped teacher or us permanent residence , who says, even with the proper paperwork he couldn't get through. So here you go . He's safety. We're not naming him. It is insane. There are people holding their American passports. There are people that work with the Americans , uh , and they're not letting anyone in. We are in huge danger and we need help. And with tens of thousands

Speaker 1:

Of dollars . So you saw the images. If you look, if you look closely, you'll see a soldiers actually hold it, like picking up infants children over the barbed wire. It's a really, it's not a good, it's not a good scene. Not good at all. Now here is a Joe Biden. Let's see what this clip was about. This one, he says, let's see what this one says. Here's Joe Biden. Again, the Afghan

Speaker 2:

National forest had continued to fight and they were surrounding couple to be very different story, different story. But the Alison Holman consensus was that this was not, they were not going to collapse the Afghan forces. They were not going to leave there . We're not going to just abandon and put down their arms and take off. So that's, what's happened. Thank you very,

Speaker 1:

Very much. And it goes right. Camera pans, right on back to just a beautiful empty podium. There it is. There is the presidency that was recorded on the Washington post. I pulled that from the Washington post stream. So they , they did that, that pan back in there , like, and then know , that's the end of that. And so Joe Biden, you could hear him as he was walking out. Why are you trusting the Taliban, Mr. President? This is the Taliban we've been fighting for 20 years. And they're saying that suddenly, well, we're just kind of relying on them to help Americans get to the airport. So Joe Biden took four questions. If you watched it, you'll notice that those were all basically preselected scripted questions. We saw that trending on Twitter because he goes , uh, uh, now we're going to take questions, opens his binder, goes to the preselected questions and says , uh, AP Zeke Miller. No idea who he's talking to the Zeke Miller stands up, throws out a very complicated question. Hey, about all of these complex issues, Joe Biden, here's one word. And then, and then tees off on that because he's got his four talking points that he needs to come out there and deliver to us. And so he did that. And so now the criticism that the president's not taking any questions of course is being blunted. But a lot of people in the media are just not happy about it. You heard those reporters like a group of hyenas screaming at him because he's not taking any questions, but now he gets to at least check that box. No , he took questions. So all of his media, you know , reporters can go out there and use that talking point. The real question, why is Joe Biden? Why does he feel so disconnected from this? Uh , the reason is because it's intentional, this is all part of the strategy. We learn that today from Reuters. Reuters is telling us that the Biden Afghanistan policy is counting directly counting on the war, weary Americans, Americans , excuse me, war weary Americans to lose interest. That's the whole plan. They're going to delay delay delay. Wait until you forget about it and move on. President Joe Biden is brushing off criticism of his administration's chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal because he and his aids believe the political fallout at home will be limited. According to the white house allies and administration officials. This is written by Reuters from Washington today, August 20th. So that's what they're planning to do, which is why we've been saying here on the channel. We're not going to let that happen. We're going to continue to rub their noses in this because it should be rubbed in it. This is very, very , uh , disgusting behavior. So it's, it needs to be called out. We're going to continue to do it Biden. And his top aides argue that they are managing an evacuation mission as well as could be expected, given the faster than anticipated takeover of the count country by Taliban and surgeons, they're seeking to draw attention back to the choice to get troops out of the country. They don't want to talk about how they're getting out of the country. They want to talk about the original decision. So we've talked about the three layers, the decision to leave. The next is the method of leaving. The third is the response to the botched method. And so in this case, they want to take this all back to prong. Number one, layer. Number one, when in reality, the problems are with layers two and three. So they want to , you know, polling shows that Americans wanted to leave, not this way. And it looks really bad and it's sort of wrecking American foreign policy as well as the country standing on the world stage the stuff that they were very upset about when Trump was in office. Suddenly not that big of a deal because Joe Biden's in charge. So the strategy now from Biden that they want you to forget about is saying here, the strategy is based on internal and public polling shows. Afghanistan withdrawal has been by far the most popular decision Biden has made currently, even though it was not a central issue for most voters, but Biden his face criticism, even from some fellow Democrats for his handling of the crisis, white house officials believe that Americans horror over the graphic images of the chaos in Kabul , and please from Afghans who fear they will be killed by the Taliban. It's going to morph into support for the president's decision to pull out from the country. By August, after a 20 year war, they expect that the Afghanistan story is going to receive from the headlines replaced by the resurgence and COVID-19 cases, the economic recovery and other issues, people familiar with the matter said white house spokesperson declined to comment. And so you can expect more of that. We saw this already. Joe Biden came out, gave us a speech on Monday , uh , for I think, 18 minutes where he took zero questions about Afghanistan came back out. I think that was Wednesday talked for 15 minutes. Took no questions again, but that was the pivot. That was the hard pivot from Afghanistan to COVID that's when he came back out and said, oh God , it reminds you that we're we just nationalized housing through the CDC, by making sure that you can't keep people out of your property, your property, it's not yours anymore. It's the CDCs. They just, Joe Biden just said, well, that caused a big ruckus that took a lot of the spotlight off of me. So how about because I nationalized private property in the United States. How about I just nationalize something else, like , uh , education and then went in and said, if you are in violation schools of state law, that's okay, we're going to fund you anyways. If you're in violation of state law, governor, I'm sorry, if you're a governor in violation of the CDC protocols by signing legislation into law, then now you're going to be under investigation from the department of education, using their authority from the executive branch to do whatever investigations they want to do. So now education is being nationalized as well. And so Joe Biden tried to pivot over there to distract this a little bit from this Afghanistan problem. And so you can just imagine what else is going to be nationalized probably next week. It's going to turn us back over to the COVID-19 cases. We all saw what a blunderbuss flubbed that was. We saw exactly what he was trying to do. They tried a little too early. And so you're going to start to see a lot more of the COVID fear. Uh, probably the , uh, the , the scoreboards death, death, death, death cases, cases, cases, hospitalizations, ICU beds, all of the deaths , scoreboard that they ran during season one. They're going to bring those back out now. And so they're going to talk about economic recovery and other issues, and they're going to try their hardest to make sure that you all forget about Afghanistan. I forget about Afghanistan. Don't know how that's going to be a possible when we still have thousands of Americans who are probably over the next six months or so going to be living in a very, very difficult time, if not for the rest of their lives. So a terrible, terrible president doing a terrible job. Here's Clarissa ward. Again, the CNN anchor who is still in Afghanistan, this, she posted this. I took this screenshot. It says an hour ago, but probably two hours ago at this point, the fourth bird we were supposed to get on, just got pulled, going to be a long night here, especially for those we are talking to who have been here since yesterday evening, a woman just asked me for a blanket. So I gave her my scarf. Another source on CNN tells me situation in Afghanistan is rapidly deteriorating. We've had Americans get beaten throughout the night. One of them in American woman was beaten twice, even though she was carrying a us passport. That's from sh Sasha in banger on , uh , the Twitter accounts. We know know according to not our own intelligence here in the United States, because there's not much of that left in our community intelligence community, but we know that the Norwegians are still doing some good stuff. So they're telling us that the Talibans are rounding up Afghans on a blacklist, according to a private Intel report. This is from a Norwegian intelligence group, says that the Taliban had begun rounding up Afghans on a black list of people that worked key roles with the previous Afghan administration or with us led forces. We talked about this yesterday, knowing that they've also got the biometric capabilities to sort of scan people's retina , get , you know , retinas and their thumbprints and get their other biometrics. And so they can just match everybody. Oh, thank you . You S for creating this beautiful spreadsheet, along with this technology that we can use to go and investigate everybody, and then purge all of the dissenters, very convenient, well done. And at Clarissa ward, again says soldiers by the runway at the Kabul airport, tell me that there were 10,000 people here processed and ready to go, but there's nowhere to fly them because Qatar is refusing to accept more Afghans because they've reached capacity. It's a Bismal. They say someone needs to step up. This is also being confirmed by this fellow. Matt Zeller, Clarissa ward mentioned that she says , and Matt Zeller says flights at the airport have stopped because Qatar is at capacity. You know, what's currently vacant and ready to welcome our Afghan wartime allies. Guam. Guam wants these people to come. The plan has been ready for months. So the byte administration is now scrambling to evacuate. Everybody flights to Qatar were stopped for multiple hours. One official says, so they've got some supply chain problems to work out their Joe Biden and his spending and his coronavirus policies course have wrecked. The supply chains are out throughout the rest of the world. Why not in Afghanistan as well? All right . Let's take a [email protected] See what's coming in. I saw some super chats as well. Uh , let's see. That's weird. Kareem . Can't find the show on locals either. All right . Well, I don't know what's going on with that. Uh, let's see. We're going to chime in here. We've got, we're going to , we're going to figure out what's going on with locals, but the questions are now ready. The one, the only Sapper Jackson is in the house says, yes, give the Taliban billions of weapons at AMA while taking guns from Americans. When are we allowed to get angry? I think now's a good time. Now's a good time. Nancy Pelosi is here, says let's take the podium that takes the nation. It works for America. Yeah. Maybe some insurrection . It should go over there and just sees whatever the podium, the Taliban must have the podium now the Afghan podium. So we should just relocate all of our military forces. Make sure we go seize that thing. That's all you need. Al Qaeda says Joe Biden has Kamala walk in front of him. Kamala would push Joe down and roadblocks. They're talking about roadblocks over here. We have, it looked like the questions were prepared. Why can't the presidency? The Pentagon, the state even say the same facts 20 to 500,000 may need to be evacuated per country. What ? Wow, we have here. Justice says needs to drop ballots for Joe Biden in 2024 in Afghanistan. Okay. We have another one here that I I'm sorry. I didn't catch that one. The Taliban says I can't read the tail . I can't read that Taliban. All right , Kenny, one B says, if you go to Snapchat places, you can see for yourself what it's like in Afghanistan and the area around the airport. Yeah. It's the real footage from people on the ground is troubling, regardless of what you have to say about CNN or anything like that. Taliban says, Hey, American citizens, you better pay money. Otherwise we're not going to let you through to the airfield, which is true. And that's probably going to happen probably already happening. Probably already paying them lots and lots of money. Sapper Jackson says the Kamala. Doesn't let uncle Joe watch BBC. He has no intelligence. Yeah. We know that's from Sapper Jackson. John Dolores says the British parliament held Biden, contempt over Afghanistan. They are mad at Biden. Biden just lies and lies and lies. Trump will be facing impeachment over this. Absolutely. The Democrats who were still protecting by it and should be pistol-whipped and shipped to cabal, cobbled peacefully, peacefully, no violence on this channel. None we have Sergeant Bob says, you know, the borders are had to be ordered to appear. She'd been trying to duck it. She has been Sergeant Bob. I think you're right on that. We talked about that yesterday, right? She's been kind of absent these last 5, 5, 6 days or so, Joe, Biden's like, you're my vice-president you stand right here. You're as you're in this as much as I am. And we know that Camila, I think back in April, we talked about that yesterday said that she was the last person in the room. Joe Biden was making decisions. All of his generals were saying, no, don't do that dummy. I'm going to do it anyways. What do you have to say? Don't do it. I'm do it anyways. What do you have to say? Don't do it. Do it anyways. What do you, how about you? Don't do it goes , well, I'm going to do it anyways. I just need one final vote on this Camila . What do you think? And she's like, do it , Joe . No problem. So , uh , Joe did it and comma is going to be standing there right next to him. Thunder seven says the entire world is watching the Biden regime, taking orders from China to fleet without evacuating the U S citizens and leaving valuable biometric data, planes, helicopters, et cetera, behind for China and the Taliban to steal media finally doing their job and criticizing the complete Afghan catastrophe heads . Must roll . Start with Blinken and the woke general Miley and Austin, then it's time to impeach Biden. Yeah, I think , uh , you know, peacefully, right? All of this is , is peaceful political language that we're using, but it is, I think absolutely necessary that there are repercussions. Are there going to be any probably not want to know, says I want Camila to wear a blue burka when she becomes president. She likes blue dress dress clothes. Well, the burka now I think is, is the new official , uh , new official mask of the Biden ministration. Yeah. Pili Wally says, Hey Rob, what an absolute disgrace of a man, not just a president. Joe Biden is the American president is someone who I've always held in high regard, even though I'm Scottish Biden is destroying the image of the us on the world stage at an alarming rate. What, what must Russia, China, North Korea think of this situation and your president surely he can't go on much longer. You know, I that's my instinct, but I think he's just going to continue to just limp on through this thing. We'll see how long the media keeps the pressure up, right? The media, the media is the only thing that really I think would change this. If they, if they keep the pressure up, which they seem to be doing surprisingly, then you may start to actually see some consequences. But if the media just does what the white house says and just picks up and next week, it's all COVID. Well, then we'll see. But I think it's going to be very difficult for the media to ignore the slow drip of just madness that comes out of there. Right? First of all, think about this also just from a financial perspective. Okay. So let's take the legitimacy of Afghanistan or whatever's going on over there completely out of the equation. Let's just take a look at this from a rating standpoint only. Okay . If you look at this from a media perspective, you know, CNN has been in the toilet over the last seven months, eight months, because there has been nothing else to talk about. Donald Trump has been gone. The insurrection stuff is basically over all of the COVID stuff. People are tired of tuning into that. The, you know, the doom and gloom that we saw in 2020 is sort of expired. And so their ratings have been literally in the toilet look around, right? Everybody knows this. And so now CNN doing, doing much better aren't they, so is ABC. A lot of people are getting a lot of excitement out of this lot of great coverage. That's why they've, you know, they're, they're dropping all their reporters over there to make sure that they can get footage non-stop . And so that's going to give them a strong incentive to continue to cover this stuff indefinitely. Okay. Whether you want to think that's legitimate or not. I think that the media, he is , has a very strong incentive to continue with these ratings to continue to cover this stuff for the foreseeable future. And so if the Biden administration turns around and thinks that they're just, this is all just going to be forgotten and they're going to go, well, we're going to go back to cover critical race theory. Well, we're going to go back to covering the schools and COVID, and they're going to see their numbers drop again. And so they've got, they've got as much here, interested in perpetuating the chaos as anybody does. And so in an ordinary circumstance, they wouldn't, they wouldn't do that against Biden, but they're sort of in a position where they have really no choice and it's going to get a lot of views and they're going to continue to cover it. So I don't think it's going away anytime soon, Kareem is here, says it. Oh, Curry made, it says cream is here, says it is not known Ilhan. Omar committed a non bonafide marriage to her brother. So she could immigrate to the country. There's no real repercussions for doing that. This form is separate for locals. That is why couldn't access it while I still could not access today's show on locals. I don't know what's going on with that Kareem . So I'll , I'll have to , uh, reach out to you after the show. All right . Thank you for the comment though. It says, yeah, we, we haven't talked specifically about Ilhan Omar. I know that that's a scandalous story that's going around, but we just haven't covered it here. Angie says I don't even get angry with politicians anymore. Different puppet, different strings. I think it's important to remember that as well, Angie, right? We're all watching the shadows on the cave to some extent. And so it's easy to identify with the puppets up there, but they're just puppets. You're just seeing shadows on a cave. So , uh , it's part of the reason why, when we come on here on the show, we like to learn stuff. We also like to have some fun and kind of clown on them a little bit, because there are people who think that they're sort of operating in a reality that they're really, really not. It's kind of hysterical. Sapper Jackson says, you know, the worst part of this is whoever goes back into that country. The Taliban have brand new [inaudible] optics and ramps , mine resistant, ambush, protected vehicles, new Blackhawks. We talked about those yesterday, which I hope they try to fly in crash, but the media is doing a great job. Excusing all the videos where the Taliban are running around with these things. This is effing lunacy. It is crazy. It does feel like you're watching a really awful movie. Pili . Wally says Joe Biden is a terrible president, but he's a professional at avoiding tricky situations. Must have some good footwear on because he scuffles off faster than Hussein bolt time and time again again , disgraceful behavior. Yeah. And his questions. The questions that he took were , um, were , were , were very gen generic. And he had the talking points that he just threw right back out. Tweak says, Hey, this isn't related to the show. I just wanted to say thanks again. Not sure if my messages were sent, just wanted to say, I'm heading back out now I'll catch you . At least part of the show. Have a great weekend. Thanks, tweak . Thank you for that. You have a very good weekend as well. Thanks for wishing us that all myself and the show feisty lady says, Rob, just FYI. This was posted on gateway about an hour ago, us army, major general Hank Taylor logistics specialist on the joint chiefs of staff on Friday instead of the 6,000 people evacuated in the last 24 hours. Only a couple hundred are Americans. Yeah. And that's another number that would be very good to get to the bottom of, cause we saw the plane, we saw the C 17 plane looked like a lot of Afghanistan, people to meet , right? They didn't look like that. Call me racist or whatever, but it looks like it looked like that. And so the question is, you know , are they just swarming the planes ? Is there any, or you know, and now you have to start sort of measuring lives, American lives versus Afghan lives versus good job. Glad we're here . Predicament . So biking is here, says with the many of the reports of the west being evacuated, we will only be getting our information from citizen journalist evacuees on the ground and from the Biden administration and our esteemed intelligence agencies, just waiting for the smear campaign against the video reports. It's disgusting. That's from soul Viking. Good to see you. So we also have next up Kenny, one B says, Rob us intelligence is actually doing a pretty good job. Keeping up with the chaos. It's the policy makers who are ignoring it. Well look, can anyone be ? It's hard to make that determination because the chiefs, I guess, are the policymakers , right? Anthony Blinken idiot. We have Lloyd. Austin has no idea what he's talking about. All of the data is all just is wrong. We have Jake Sullivan. We talked about that. Oxford educated person that just does it . They don't know. They're just talking in ridiculous fantasy terms. I don't, I can't even articulate it. It's how frustrated I am want to know says military is including all countries, planes and people in their numbers. That's how we saw it. We have another one here from Sasha. Sasha says, which is good to see you. Sasha says, can we have Trump or someone capable to fix this mess, please? Also hi Robin awhile. Yeah, I know it's been a long time sauce . Sasha shisha . Oh my goodness. It's good to see you. It's been so long. Your name rings a bell. It's I remember the studio was totally different. I'm grateful that you're back. John Dillard , 52 says Camila probably smells blood. Look for her to accuse Joe of groping her or sniffing. Her Camila probably smells blood. What is Joe Biden's smell ? We have over here. Mustang. Jeff, who just signed up welcome Mustang says a welcome. Jeff says things in Afghanistan don't look good. Many thousands of Americans will be permanently left behind. No doubt. There will be consequences for Biden. Yeah, I think so too. They're going to try to paper over this whole thing, but I'm not so sure they're going to get away with that. Uh, justice meant justice sent , sorry. I meant start passing out. Vote Biden 2024 to the Taliban so they know they can come over anytime and maybe next election cycle. They can get a new country. Yeah. We'll just start giving away countries again. Anywhere else. We have bases that are sort of keeping order instability . It's a free for all take, whatever you want. We have a three girl . He says Clarissa ward and her camera crew were able to get a flight. Good news. There was a report from her about an hour ago. She reported how hard it is to get through. It would be the only reason I would ever spend any time watching CNN. Yeah, they've been doing, you know , they're they're on the ground over there. ABC to thank you for the update. Three girls . Good stuff. Glad she got out. Wants to know, says how can India TV, the Republic world show live shootings at the airport. Again, face shots, a little blur, but that's on YouTube. USA passports are getting ripped up hidden cameras or cell phones. Yeah. That's from wanting to know sort of reporting about the conditions. And Kenny one B says the policymakers are trying to use the intelligence community as a scapegoat for their calamity. Yes they are. And Afghanistan and at the Afghanistan counterparts as well as Donald Trump and kind of everybody else is sort of responsible for this, but not then thank you for those locals over on YouTube, we had some super chats come in. We got Beth Coddingtons earlier. Kareem was here, said that he also had some problems with locals, but we're going to, we're going to have to figure that out. Apologies Kareem and anybody else who's having some issues. Jay Heath says Biden has secured a victory for the Republicans in 2022 in 2024. Thank you, sir. For your, in your blatant incompetence, have a great weekend. Robert have a great weekend, Jay . He thank you for that. I think you're right about that. There's going to be a reckoning. We have Sasha SEASHA over here says, Hey Rob, it's been a awhile . Can we just have Trump back or someone capable to fix this mess? Yes. I got that over on locals to thank you for the support. Two places, Sasha, your bet. You're the best. Thanks for being here. We have balloon. Girly says, ah , no , that just subscribed. Avalon acres is here. Says whether you rap , whether you like rapper , not, you need to listen to Tom McDonald song brainwashed. Okay. I actually do like rap. I actually do like hip hop a lot. Jennifer sent another one, said it's going to be pretty much impossible to ever trust this. Administration's decision-making how could they not see this coming? They said they did remember that. Remember right after all this happened, they said, oh no, this is all Joe Biden to ABC said, this is all priced into the equation. He told George Stephanopoulos that were there any mistakes made? No. So this was all priced into the equation. Yes, it was. Okay. Well, so that sounds like that's how you make decisions in this administration, which leads all of us to be a little bit concerned because there's something like 10,000 Americans that are unaccounted for your own Pentagon. Doesn't know how many people are left. All right . That's well done there, Joe. Great questions over from watching the as well as YouTube. Thank you everybody for all of the support and for participating in the show. That's what makes it so fun. Thanks again. All right. We've got our next segment. We're going to jump into, we're going to change gears a little bit here. We spent a lot of time yesterday talking about Afghanistan and we got to check back in what's going on with the border. The Biden administration is continuing to battle on the border. They've made a lot of changes in the administration, veiled, a new scheme for immigrating into the country where they basically changed a Donald Trump policy that said anybody immigrating at the Southern border needed to remain in Mexico while they're there. Their asylum applications were being processed appropriately. Well, as soon as Joe Biden took office, a bunch of different memos came out from his administration that changed how immigration, customs, and enforcement is going to be processing new people at the border. Well, very recently, a judge came out and said, Joe Biden, the changes that you made in those memoranda, not so good. Federal judge blocked the Biden administration from limiting arrests of illegal immigration immigrants posted August 19th over here on the epic times by Zachary cyber says that Joe Biden's administration can not for now curtail the arrests of illegal immigrants. Federal judge ruled on this. We're going to take a look at the opinion. Judge's name is judge drew. Tipton was appointed by Trump. And so we've got a preliminary injunction that is now being granted sought by Texas and Louisiana. So by an earlier this year, issue two memorandum. You think about these in the form of executive orders. When the new administration comes in, they say, okay, I know what the law says, but we're going to enforce it differently. Remember that Congress writes the laws and the executive branch enforces the laws. And so as soon as an administration changes, they come in and say, well, we're just going to interpret that a little bit differently and do things a little bit differently. So Joe Biden came in, it's only been eight months. The border is a total disaster, but they issued a couple memoranda and Texas and Louisiana. They didn't like that. So they filed a lawsuit and the case right now is early. So this is not a permanent decision. This is going to be something that might be reversed on appeal. It might change later down the line. You might have a conflict with different states. I just read another opinion or saw a headline about another opinion that came out of Nevada, which is sort of the opposite of this. And so we're going to start to see some conflicts in the federal courts, all relating to immigration and COVID and other issues like free speech and the CDC taking the houses and all sorts of stuff. Lot of conflicts here. And so we just want to see how these different courts are processing these claims. Now this is back again . I said from a federal district judge, the case involves an immigration law provision that says that illegal immigrants who committed crimes have to go into federal custody after they're released right Trump's rule or the pre-buy. The rule says that if you're an illegal immigrant, you commit a crime. As soon as you're processed out of immigration, you've got to go back into custody, federal custody, you , you committed a crime, but the Biden administration memos, they tried to direct ice to detain illegal aliens based on the nature of the crime, Texas and Louisiana said, no, you can't do that. It's a crime. And Biden said, but it's the type of crime. So Texas and Louisiana came out and they said, well, that's not fair. We want to arrest and deport. Anybody who commits crimes, we don't want the byte administration to tell us only for those crimes or for those crimes or for those crimes. They say, that's not what the law says. The law says crime and ice detains. These people. Then when they're released , at least we get to arrest them for their crimes. Biden wanted to say, no, you can't do that to do it on the basis of re categorizing the crimes. Only these are okay to detain them, but these are not. So it's about enforceability. They're changing how this is being enforced. Well, the district court judge came out and said, you can't do that. Hello. Here it is. The civil action over in the U S district court for the Southern district of Texas. This opinion is 160 pages. We are not going to cover it all, but you'll notice it says Texas and Louisiana as plaintiffs suing the U S Alejandro Mayorkas secretary of Homeland security. We have customs and border patrol. We have immigration and customs enforcement and we have ice , uh , citizen immigration services. We have a , the memorandum opinion in the order. It starts off by saying quote, no matter how successful Congress might be in crafting a set of immigration laws that would in theory, lead to the most long-term benefits to the American people. Those benefits are not actually going to incur. If those laws can not be enforced. So that's a nice quote. There, it came from a congressional committee report. And what it's saying is it's like, Hey, can I have all the immigration laws in the world can have very, very important one very diverse ones. You can have very aggressive ones. Well, whatever, but they only matter if you enforce them otherwise. What are we talking about? Those are just rules that are on the books that nobody cares about. And so he's saying that there was a report that started off that way, says that this is addressing the problem of alien criminality in the United States. That's where the report came from. The Supreme court has said, historically, that deportable criminal aliens who remain in the United States often commit more crimes before being removed. So they're pointing to that of the judges says these observations among others said that led to a reform of the immigration laws in the 1990s. Now two decades later, Texas and Louisiana, they've got a problem with the federal government, the executive branch they're asking them to adhere to, to federal immigration statutes passed during the reform. So back in the 1990s, they already talked about this problem. They talked about alien criminality, that courts, I'm sorry, the Senate judiciary committee report addressed this specifically and the Supreme court weighed in on that as well. Now, two decades later, all Texas and Louisiana are trying to do is just get the government, the executive branch to adhere to those old rules. The old statutes that were passed back during the 1990s, the states here, Texas and Louisiana, they want the government to comply with us code, which tells the government that they quote shall detain certain aliens when they're released from custody or during their removal period. So we see U S code. We see this language here, we're talking about shell versus may us code says the government find somebody who's committed. A crime. Us code shall detain them. When they're released from custody. Got it. More specifically, the states want a preliminary injunction. They want the court to tell the government stop implementing these new immigration memos that came out of the executive branch. They're the executive branch, the states are arguing, is telling them to violate those laws. The states, Texas and Louisiana are saying the law says that an illegal immigrants who has broken the law shall be detained. The law says U S code. And so Biden's memo is coming out and saying, well, it's it says shell, but kind of a kind of a may, really, if they commit that crime, that's a shell. But if they commit that crime well, that's, that's kind of a mate , that's kind of a do what you want with them. You don't actually necessarily have to immediately detain them. And so Texas and Louisiana, they say, yeah, but that's not what the U S code says. Us code set says shell. And so the byte administration is breaking the law by not complying with that. So they want the court to tell the byte administration to stop. And they did the immigration memoranda that came out of the byte . Administration came out January 20th and February 18th. They purport to quote , prioritize certain categories for enforcement. So Biden came out and said, no, look, we're only going to focus on certain crimes. The other ones, not so much the state saying that these categories, what kind of categories, what kind of buckets was Biden trying to create? Well, they admit some pretty important crimes like aliens convicted of serious drug crimes, alien convicted of crimes of moral turpitude, alien, subject to final order of removal. Those all kind of admit those. The state say that the federal law requires the government to take custody in those categories. But the government disagrees. They said, no, the executive branch is just acting within its discretion. They just get to pick whatever they want to enforce. And you see that sometime, right? You see that sometimes the Republicans do that as well. Well, we're just not going to enforce it . Those rules make some changes. And everybody's yeah . This case involves an intersection, several areas of the law. And it is a complicated case. That's why it took 160 pages to get through this. But more fundamentally, the claims made in this case, implicate the separation of powers framework that is set forth in our nation's constitution. The judge here says, look, the government has instructed federal officials that shall detained certain aliens means may detain saying the byte administration is rewriting the law saying it goes from a shell detained to a may detain. But the law unambiguously means must detain . Thus, the court, is it inquiring? Why Biden and his administration branch , uh , administrative branch executive branch may direct officials to enforce a law that was legitimately enacted by Congress in a way that is contrary to the plain language. The judge is saying here, having a hard time there by an understanding why the law says clearly shell , why you wrote a memo telling your executive branch may Hmm . That's not okay. The executive branch, the judge says may not instruct its officers to enforce a statue . Contrary to the law itself cites a different case. The power of the, of executing the laws does not include the power to revise clear statutory terms that turn out not to work in practice. So the judge, you have to put this stuff in , in writing, right? So, so you can see it, the judges coming out and you're not allowed to violate the law because the law says what the law says. So you can't, you can't enforce what the law says in a way that is not what the law says, which is not a really complicated concept , but it is for government and governments and bureaucrats. It really takes a lot of work, which is why it took this judge 160 pages to communicate that. Now the conclusion here from this opinion says, although this case involves many issues of administrative and immigration law, its core concerns are whether the executive branch may implement a policy that directly conflicts with laws that Congress enacted this judge says, the answer is no, which , uh, which the Supreme court has already said, yes, that's fine. Basically. Yeah , that is now, this is, this is concerning immigration law and administrative law. We know that the Supreme court has said, well, we don't really care about the separation of powers, right . At all . If it happens with states on a local level with elections . Yeah . Issues because that in that case, courts can move around the election rules . Legislatures can move around the election rules, legitimately executive branches can't, but they did during the last election and the justice branch, judicial branch also moved a bunch of stuff around the last election without any legislative authority to do so. So , uh , if this were to go up to the Supreme court, it's a little bit different here because we're talking about federal law, not state law, we're talking about the immigration services versus the states. And so we've got some different layers of analysis that we would have to go through to see what the Supreme court would say about this. But they'd probably just tell the states that the federal government can do whatever it wants to do, because I think that's pretty much where this country is going in the end, through all their detailed explanations of the executive seemingly unending discretion, the government undervalues, the people's grant of legislative powers to Congress. So the, yeah, this guy's going back to a separation of powers argument, which is basically non-existent anymore. Thank you. Supreme court. The states have demonstrated that there is a substantial likelihood that portions of the memoranda violate the law. Therefore they're enjoined the court enjoins sections of the memorandum, if there's a policy difference yet . So this is starting to get into some of the specifics it's complicated immigration issue. So you'll notice it says, this is ordered that defendants of all respected agents are enjoined and they are restrained from enforcing those memos. So this is the section where they're taking Biden's memo. And they're just saying, Nope , can't enforce it. Can't enforce anything that came out of the January 20th memo can't enforce anything that came out of the February 18th memo. This injunction is granted on a nationwide basis, prohibits the enforcement and the implementation in every place. The government has jurisdiction to enforce this thing. So it's nationwide. So, you know, it's going to get appealed. You know, that this is going to , you know, that some other jurisdiction elsewhere is going to come out with a different ruling. Preliminary injunction is going to remain in effect pending final resolution of this case or an order from the fifth circuit or from the U S Supreme court. We've got some further orders. The government is going to file with the court. Notice that they have complied with this. The government's going to file a memorandum saying that they're going to give us guidance and protocols. And yeah , they've got some things that they have to do signed off on here by Drudge drew being Lipton out of the U S district court out there of Texas. All right . So that's, what's going on in immigration land. Let's take a [email protected] . See if we have any topics on this one, we have a Mustang. Jeff says, I Rob , I wonder if this administration will just ignore this court, just like it did the decisions on evictions. Yeah. Probably because this court is sort of going back to that separation of powers argument saying, oh no, wait a minute. We have different powers for different branches of the government. We know that the current administration, when the Supreme court said that, Hey, you know, any continual extensions of the CDC, eviction, moratorium, those are going to require legislative approval because you're the executive branch. You don't have the authority to just do whatever you want with people's property. Indefinitely Biden said, well, that's, I don't care. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. Apparently nothing's going to happen. The Supreme court hasn't done anything. So , uh, it's just gonna work its way up through the litigation process. And we'll see what happens probably a year from now. So if they're already nationalizing property, if they're already nationalizing education, why don't they just national lie ? Well , well, immigration is national. So yeah , they don't care about the courts at all. It's a great point. Thank you, Mustang. Jeff says pinky too . Is here. It says, Hey Rob, happy Friday, sunglasses face one word impeach. While we have those documents drafted up. Ready to go. It's good to see you. Pinky too . We have over here wants to know, says Camila , finally fixing the board and border problem. She's in charge. You know? Yeah. We have Joe Biden's here says, come on, man. I have no intelligence. When I was in my twenties, I went to the Southern border. You know, I got, well, the kids there , they have every right to come sit in my lap. Ugh. I can't, I can't eat this. If you don't believe that, then you ain't black. Remember when Joe Biden said that, very racist jump up as here. It says, Joe overheard a comment Jill made to hunter. Oh , I can't read that one either. Oh my goodness. Terrible. We have soul Viking says, I would assume however that the may shall question is irrelevant in sanctuary cities and states where are basically just harboring these criminal illegal aliens. Yeah . Because they don't even a community like ice is not involved in those things. Right. They're just living there in , in many of those situations we have , uh , Eddie Oliver says I live in Texas by and is turning our border into a human wasteland. McClellan , Texas is filled with temporary structures like Joe, our piles tent city filled with COVID positive immigrants. I take solace in the fact that those loser dams that fled DC returned . And now we can get back to having a functioning Texas government. Good to see you. Eddie Oliver. Yeah. We've seen a lot. We've talked about a lot of the images that have come out from that here on the , uh, on the show. Thanks for chiming in Arizona is also a mess. So we're in good. You're in good company. Sergeant Bob is here, says I love the way you dissect the case and interpret the statutes. Reminded me a lot of my basic legal training at the police training Institute, Illinois, 1976. Your discussion brings people into the legal world. Great job, and have some fun this weekend. I'm going to try Sergeant Bob. We're going to see if I can get out and do something. Do something good. Thank you for that. Sergeant Bob, glad you enjoyed it. Glad you're here. Sapper Jackson says , uh , just a little about me currently in Yuma , serving on the border through DOD. These laws don't even get implemented now because of all the agents are serving. As in processing agents, I sit out on the border for 12 hours and call out migrants that we see trying to pass. And most nights they don't have agents to respond. They just walk right on through, unless it's a family unit. Can't wait to go home. I've been here since October. I don't see how you people live here in Arizona. I'm a Tennessee boy LOL. That's from SAPRA Jackson. So you're probably talking about the weather. Yeah, it's hot. Yeah. It's hot right now. Always sunny, Scottsdale, Arizona. And it's pretty much true. Although this summer we've gotten a lot of rain, but Sapper Jackson, you know, I think that what you're saying is I'm being echoed by a lot of the people who are also out there on the border, trying to deal with the mess. We've even seen secretary of Homeland security Mayorkas came out and said specifically that this is basically a catastrophe in slow motion so that you should never be able to never be going through what you're going through. And so I hope you're doing well. Hope you're staying safe. Thanks for the work that you're doing. It's good work. We have watched your forty-five says Ben , some interesting job postings on indeed and other reputable job sites, seeking intern resettlement specialists. I'm sorry. Internment resettled. What internment resettlement specialists do you think that's where the immigration influx or potential Afghan refugees or COVID-19 anti-vaxxer camps. Can county officials dispute these? What ? I have not seen that or seen any headlines about that, but that doesn't sound good. Internment resettlement specialists. Oh , maybe they should just call them a reeducation camp facilitators. How about that? Would that be nice? Maybe that's where we're going. We have John Howell . Green says can't watch tonight on duty , but just wanted to say hi to everyone. Helping shine that with a heavy emphasis, sell it, Rob that beautiful spotlight on the world stage and its workings 1000 watching live. Keep it up and hope that did it for you, John. I mean, it kind of , uh , almost threw my back out with that one, but it was a serious one. It's Friday. We can do it. Thanks for chiming in here, John. And let's see what else we've got. Sergeant Bob says, oh , Venezuela, nationalized, everything. How'd that work out? Yeah, not so good. Not, not too good there that's from Sergeant Bob. It's a couple of super chats came in. We saw this one from Jennifer. Thank you. Jennifer says, oh, we got that one in the last segment. Thank you for that. We have a Samuel Delaney super chat. Very nice. Super chat. Thank you. Samuel says hello, Robert great podcast . Do you believe that 2022 election will be free from the amount of voting irregularities we experienced in 2020? So it's a good question. I am. Yes and no. So let me sort of flush this out briefly. I I've had some questions about that allegations of election irregularities in general. And so if you've been with the show for some time, maybe you have not, but a quick crash course on some of the things we talked about, we talked about all the different types of voter irregularity that could happen. And we sort of did a spectrum about all the different allegations that were being proffered about what might have caused a swing in the election confirming before I go on that , Joe Biden is the president. Nothing's going to change that. But one conversation, a series of conversations were about what some of the more popular perceptions were about Linwood or Sidney Powell or the crackin or any of those documents. I was never a big believer that there was anything there. And I don't think that there really needed to be because what I was observing and I'm a lawyer. So I look at these things legally, what I was seeing was a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes in the courts. And so that's kind of what I focus on when I talk about the question of voting irregularities and those voting irregularities, I think are going to be a lot more difficult to see in 2022, because everybody kind of knows that game. Now, what I mean by this is I'm sort of working on another project about the 2020 election currently, but the framing here is that the election wasn't, you know , it's not, it wasn't stolen. It wasn't , um , you know, something that was feta buy software from Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, that was all sort of a red herring. I think what was really going on was in the courts. There was a bunch of legal things changing in real time, all legal. It was nothing that was, you know, nefarious other than it was very smart lawyering that was being conducted by democracy docket, which is a democratic organization that is run run by mark Elias. That is also being funded by all sorts of, I think , uh , uh , uh, America first are priorities. First are priorities, one USA or one of those groups. I forget what it is. I covered it in the show, but they funded the retired association or retired people of America, that organization. I have a whole flow chart about how that all works. The point here is that all of those lawsuits, everything that was that that happened the last go round, people are going to be looking for that. And specifically I'm talking about all of the COVID manipulations that happened legally. They got , uh , deadlines for election ballot collection dates, push back. They got a mail-in balloting in places that they probably shouldn't have. And so a lot of different things changed relatively significantly in the court of law. I'm not so sure that that's going to happen again in 2022 because people are cognizant of it now. So , uh, maybe though, right. Maybe if, if we have another Delta Lambda COVID Kappa gamma, whatever, then the judges might just roll over again and say, oh yeah, all of those prior maneuvers that we allowed during the last election, we're just going to allow those again, because it's dangerous again. It's COVID again. So you're right. Everybody can just vote with their, you know, left pinky toe. That's the only thing we're going to check. And so just go hog wild out there. So, you know, it's, it's up for debate. I'm very curious if you start to see some major shifts at the last minute, I think that that's when you start to get suspicious, all of these changes in 2000 in 20 were happening right up until the election. We covered many of the , the , the lawsuits, even before the election, because we were saying, they're moving the rules around. We talked about probably six or seven cases before November 1st fourth about the election, because they're all the Mo the , all the rules were being changed. And so we'll see if that happens again. Great question. Thank you for that. Nice super chat. We have Kareem says I got the locals notification. It was just a half an hour late, I guess, locals. Hello, my , so my Google forums comp comment is no longer relevant. Sorry for all the confusion, Rob Kareem . It's my fault. I , I , I , I sent you a local source , so I got to own it. The buck stops with me and I'm not going to take any questions. Gosh, ridiculous. Okay. Joe sauce . Now skis is here, Rob. I'm sorry. I called the doctor who suggested PCR tests could distinguish between variants a moron. Can you unblock me on locals? Is that Joe ? Dr . Joe, look, the reason I had to do that is because we have dinner table manners in locals, right? Things can get hot. It heated. We can have very heated debates, but we have to have dinner table manners. So I'll consider that, Joe . Thanks for asking about that. And thanks for being so polite about that. Although you call them another name again, I'm going to have to think about that, Joe. Uh , but you're on YouTube. Thank you for the support anyways. Thanks, Joe. All right. And so those were great questions over from watching the Uh, thank you for all of those questions. All right . We're going to move into the next segment. My friends last segment of the day, we've got a lot to get into. All right, we've got one final segment. Let's jump into it. The January, the six cases they continue on. We've got several things to talk about here in this segment. Number one, the FBI is basically finding that there's no evidence that there was any collusion or any coordination for a long time. They were telling us that Donald Trump was the mastermind between an attempt to almost steal America away from America. It turns out , uh , not a lot of evidence there to support that the FBI is kind of now , uh , confirming that we also have. Next thing we got to talk about Texas, right ? There was a January six defendant from Texas who was a real estate agent. She also just pled guilty to a , a very minor misdemeanor offense, small fine. And so we're going to take a look at what her penalties are because there are still many other criminal defendants working their way through the court system that were involved in January six . And some of them are getting raw deals. Some of them are resolving their cases like this woman is. And so we'll tell you about that. And then lastly, the final part of this segment, we're talking about Owen Shroyer over from info just came on his show today on info wars and said that he's being charged has to self surrender on Monday. And so I have a clip from him. You can tell he's a little bit rattled, a little bit freaked out as he should be because he's now being charged with a crime from the FBI, presumably for just kind of standing around there , like everybody else. And so we're going to take a look at the criminal complaint that is now available on the internet and see if we can piece together what's going on in Owen, Shroyer, his case as well. And so head on over to watching the , if you want to chime in on the chats. All right, so we're going to get into it now, FBI first and foremost is acknowledging that not a whole lot of evidence here that this was a coordinated thing on January six. Reuters is confirming that the FBI has found, found scan evidence that the January 6th attack on the Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the election result. This is according to, for current and former law enforcement officials. All right . So , uh , we've been saying this for eight months now. There was no evidence of this, but they ran and with it, the media went bananas over this. They impeach Donald Trump over this, not accurate for local and current and former law enforcement officials declared though federal officials have arrested more than 570 alleged participants, which is nothing. The FBI at this point believes the violence was not centrally coordinated by far right groups or prominent supporters of Trump. According to the sources who have either been directly involved or brief regularly on the wide ranging investigations. So they're not going to name them because they're probably still in the justice department. And they're probably privy to these conversations about how this is all a sham, but they can't use their names because they're still invested in that. And so we now know that , uh, Reuters, presumably vetted those and said, okay, yeah, you're a us attorney. You work over there. You're a prosecutor. You're with law enforcement. You know, what's going on with these cases, information checks out four of them. So we know this has been going on. I've been screaming about this for a long time here, calling all of these charges are not all of them, right ? There were some violent offenses, but most of them were not. Most of these were grandma walking around with the heck's going on here. This is crazy. And when we see the charges, it confirms that people will often respond and comment. Rob, did you see the images? Did you see what's going on there? It's not just grandma walking around. Yeah, I know that there were some violent people there, but it's not what we're seeing in the criminal charges. If we're seeing people charged with violent offenses, that's fine. They're in their own bucket, but everybody else who's being categorized as a January six rioter is not many of these are just disorderly conduct charges for protesting being disorderly and trespass for being on a piece of property that you shouldn't be in the same stuff that you get in any old town bar on sixth street, anytime you go out to an event or a sports bar anywhere they have disorderly conduct and criminal trespass in busy areas, sometimes four or five times a night, not a big deal, but they turned it into a big deal. They turned it into this collusion, conspiracy, this organized system of white supremacy and militia groups were going to take over the country, all bologna , all propaganda, 90 to 95% of these are one-off cases set a former senior law enforcement official with knowledge of the investigation, 90 to 95%. Then you have 5% maybe of these militia groups that were more closely organized, but there was no grand scheme with Roger Stone or Alex Jones and all these people to storm the Capitol and take hostages, obviously stone, a veteran Republican, Republican operative, and a self-described dirty trickster and Jones, founder of a conspiracy driven radio show and website. It's a great radio show. I don't know that it's conspiracy anymore. A lot of that stuff has come true are both allies of Trump and had been involved in pro Trump events in Washington. The day before the riot, FBI investigators did find that cells of protesters , including followers and far-right Oathkeepers and proud. Boy groups had aimed to break into the Capitol , but they found no evidence that the groups had serious plans about what to do if they made it inside. So the course is set . The sources said, yeah, it was like cosplay stuff. It was a bunch of people who were getting riled up to go support the president. That's it not seize power and reverse and election morons prosecutors have filed conspiracy charges against 40 of these defendants ground. Got good. So 40 we're being told it's thousands of people, right ? Thousands and thousands of people, thousands of protestors . It turns out it's like 570. Oh, it turns out that about 530 of those are disorderly conduct. Trespass charges. 40 of those now are now conspiracy charges. They engaged in degree of planning before the attack, 40 people, they alleged that one proud boy leader, recruited members urge them to stockpile, Bulletproof vest, other military style gear, a plan to split into groups and make multiple entries into the Capitol . 40 people. So far prosecutors have steered clear of more serious politically loaded charges that the sources had said had been initially discussed by prosecutors like seditious, conspiracy, or racketeering. Why? Because there's no evidence of those charges as I've been yelling about on this channel, no evidence at all about it, but they have to continue to dangle that over the country. Well , we're looking at seditious conspiracy, racketeering of the serious charges. This was the most serious attack on the , on the , on the country, on American democracy. Since the civil war, it says Joe Biden, 40 people, 40 defendants with conspiracy. I've said here on the show, many times that the city of Scottsdale, which is not the city of Phoenix, it's a small town, smaller it's , it's a big town, 500 plus cases, a month. Many of them disorderly conduct, criminal trespass. They get us to our office is seven minutes down the road. We get discovery all the time. Here's the body camera footage. Here's the nine 11 call. Here's the surveillance tapes. Here are the witness statements. Here's everything you need because they've got a system to process it. And they do that every day , a month. The capital here, 570 cases. It's been eight months 40 of these people are the conspiracy people eight months, and they're still having discovery problems on this. It's a joke. The us attorney's office is they should be embarrassed by this it's, it's actually pathetic. Uh, FBI's assessment could prove relevant for our congressional investigation that also aims to determine how that day's events were organized. And by whom senior lawmakers have been briefed in detail on the results of the FBI's investigation so far, they find them credible. A democratic congressional source said more than 170 people so far been charged with assaulting or impeding a police officer maximum of 20 years. So there you go. Another , uh , you know , moderate charge, probably some of those are serious. Some of them are not regular assaults, but one source said that there has been little, if any discussion by justice department officials about seditious, conspiracy, or accusing them of trying to overthrow the government, they have also opted not to bring racketeering charges often used against criminal gangs because they don't apply. They don't apply. They just talk about it a lot. They just go in and they write in their briefs, how horrible this is, what an awful thing this was. And the DC judges just come out and say, yeah, this is just the worst day ever in American history. Okay. Well then charge them with that. If this was a really racketeering and this is organized criminal gang, if this is really insurrection, if they're really trying to engage in a conspiracy, that's going to overtake the United States, charge them with that. But they're not because they can't because there's no evidence of it. Senior officials had discussed filing charges in the weeks after the attack. Yeah , they did. It was all over the place. All over the media. We talked about it drives me nuts when they, when they do that, prosecutors have not brought any charges, alleging that any individual group played a central role in organizing or leading the riot law enforcement says no such charges appear to be pending because it's not there. It's all just hogwash conspiracy charges that have been filed. Alleged defendants, discuss their plans in the weeks before the attack and worked together. The prosecutors have not alleged that this activity was part of a broader plot. Nothing, nothing there, but the media with bananas over this, they still are. AOC is still, you know, PTSD it out over the whole thing. Really, really pathetic. All right . Yahoo says that some defendants are working their way through the system. Want to introduce you to Jenna Ryan. She's a Texas real estate agent. She boasted about storming the Capitol back on January 6th . And now she regrets her decision. She pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge. Okay, here she is. Right. This is what I'm talking about. These are the scenes that we have. This is the worst thing that has ever happened to American democracy. Here's Jenna Ryan with a little, you know, hat on a little beanie on American flags, all over the place. She's walking into the Capitol building, single misdemeanor charge , uh , parading in the Capitol building, going to be sentenced with a maximum penalty of six months in prison. Probably not going to get that. She's going to pay a $500 fine in restitution. Government is seeking 500 for misdemeanors in 2000 for capital defendants. So , uh , so she's going to , she took a plea deal. Now we'll see if she gets any jail time, prison time. We'll see. I don't know for a trespass charge cause she was standing there apparently. So that's, what's that, that's what that is. Uh, here is a copy of the information, several different counts. You'll see lot of different violations of us code, but look, what do we have here entering and remaining in a restricted building trespass disorderly conduct in a restricted building discount , violent entry and disorderly conduct combination of the two parading and demonstrating in a Capitol building. What is that trespass? They're all trespass. They're all disorderly conduct charges. Stupid. All right here, this is count three. Another one of those count four can see what these are parading picketing in the Capitol building Michael Sherwin acting U S attorney signed off on that sometime ago. So , uh, so that's what that, that's what that is. Now. We have another Capitol hill defendant who is a brand new Owen Shroyer also been charged with very similar crimes. Let's see what he had to say on his show. This is this gentleman. You may remember him from info wars. You can see that down there in the bottom left. And so he got charged with two crimes. He had a prior I think a diversion offer. He had a prior charge from a 2019 case back in , uh, in , during a different protest. So he's actually, he kind of , uh , as part of the info wars team that is, you know, kind of picks up and goes to these scenes. And I think he had some involvement, a another, another protest that led to a deferred prosecution agreement or deferred charges. Um, and so he's got, he's going to explain that he's got a couple of different things going on and that's really what he's talking about, but we're going to take a look at what he says. You can hear in his voice. He's a little bit, you know, rattled as he should be. Uh, he's got to turn himself in on Monday. He is a big public figure on info wars. And so, you know , presumably we don't know what the government's going to do. We know how they make examples out of everybody else. Jacob chancellor, he's still in custody as far as I know. And , uh , it doesn't look like he's getting out any time soon. So now if you have the U S justice department who is trying to make examples of these people , uh, we're going to take a look and see what they do to Owen Shroyer. So he's got an attorney. It sounds like, but he's rightfully concerned. This is what the government does to their political opponents today in America. Here is Owen

Speaker 6:

Ladies and gentlemen, a couple hours ago. I was informed by my attorney that there is a warrant out for my arrest with allegations involving January 6th. And I will have to turn my self in Monday morning. Uh, there's a lot of questions. Some I have answers to some, I don't, I'm not going to be getting into more of this today on the air. And I plan on declaring innocence of these charges because I am. And so there's some other stuff going on too, but , uh, that's the deal. And so I, I'm not going to , I'm not going to comment any further on this. I'm not going to take any questions on this today. But again, I was informed by my lawyer that there's a warrant out for my arrest right now and that I have to turn myself in by Monday morning.

Speaker 1:

Yeah. Tough, tough message to receive tough call to make half had to make that call not a good call. And it's a rough couple of days, right ? It , your whole life gets shattered. And so you can hear it in , in his voice. Uh , let's see what he did. That was so heinous, allegedly from the U S government. And so, you know, thoughts and prayers with him and his family, cause he's going through a political battle with our own government sad stuff. Uh , and this is happening August, August 20th, now many, many months after January six , let's see what he has done. That is so heinous here. Uh , this is Owen Shroyer. His first name is Jonathan . This is the complaint with the arrest warrant. You can see here, it's not too long. This is the only the criminal complaint. Two counts, knowingly entering and remaining in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct. There you go. What do we have here? Disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, the same stuff as all of the other charges and other nonsense case continued here who signed off on this? The judge ZEFR far, you cry . We have special agent Clark burns who drafted the complaint. Let's take a look at what's going on in here. I skipped a large portion of the complaint that was talking about any prior situation. I think he had a separate, a separate thing going on from a different protest from 2019. And so part of that complaint talks about that. Uh , but we just got, got rid of that. Let's take a look at what's happening January 6th . So it says the Troyer is a Texas based talk show hosts website with info wars. Also the war room with Owen Shroyer streams daily on show your travel to DC. 2021 spoke of stopping the certification in a video posted on info wars. He gave address said that Americans are ready to fight. We're not exactly sure what that's going to look like. Perhaps in a couple of weeks, if we can't stop the certification, we are the new revolution we're going to restore. We are going to save the Republic, right? So a lot of the same language that you hear from Democrats every day in another video posted to info wars, he said, what I'm afraid of is if we do not get this false certification of Biden stop this week, I'm afraid of what that means for the rest of the month. Everybody knows the election was , uh , S word, are we going to sit here and become activists for four years are going to actually do something about this, whatever that causes or course of action may be right? So he's political language. Same thing that Democrats say all the time. In addition, Shroyer was featured in a promotional material, circulated by info wars come to DC, March big on fifth and 6th of January. The video ended with a graphic of Shroyer and others in front of the Capitol building. Here's what the graphic look like. Be a part of history. Fight for Trump. This is from Washington in Washington, DC, January six , you can see, we got Alex Jones over here. We've got Owen Shroyer here. This is from save America, March, January 3rd, 2021. According to the video footage, Shroyer, March to the U S Capitol March to the U S Capitol from the ellipse shortly before the Capitol was breached. One video showed Shroyer marching with other individuals leading a crowd, counting 1776, Alex Jones is also leaving the mark leading the March toward the Capitol building. He said in the same video, shorter can be heard telling the crowd today. We marched for the Capitol . Cause on this historic day, January 6th, we have to let our congressmen and women know we have to let Mike Pence. Now they took the election. We aren't going to accept it is what he was saying. Okay. And just a moment to confirm Joe Biden as a president, he's confirmed the president. That's not accurate. Is that okay? YouTube. All right . YouTube set . That's okay. After Shroyer arrived at the Capitol grounds, he entered the restricted area in the screenshots below. He can be seen standing above the crowd on the west side of the Capitol next to the inauguration stage here, you can see some pictures , uh , five of seven pages total. So just a couple of photographs here is Alex Jones tried to stop the storming of the Capitol . I don't, if that's Alex Jones, but looks like it. And some FBI agent very smart playing where's Waldo over the last eight months finally found Waldo, oh, there's Waldo. So they got to report that to their supervisors and they got to file a new criminal complaint, which is very exciting for them. We have also down here, video, Alex Jones tried to stop the storming of the Capitol, right? Tried to stop it. Do you see what they're saying here? They're taking screenshots from a video. Say that that is titled Alex Jones trying to stop the storming of the capital . They've got Owen Shroyer standing there on the stage with him in the video. And uh , they got him back over here. Another very brilliant FBI agent playing a where's Waldo found Waldo again. So very exciting. We have over here , uh , uh , this guy, I viewed another video posted that to info wars. That purports to be the video from body-worn camera, from a security detail person. We also see Shroyer over here. Waldo champion also found other videos depicting Shroyer in the restricted area of the capital herd exclaiming. Well, at one point in the video, the camera zooms in and a voice can be heard explaining, well there's blank and Owen Shroyer up there. A screenshot is attached. So that's where he, you can see him over here. He's publicly known, identifies himself in numerous videos. Peers who have called into an info wars broadcast live on January 6th from the Capitol grounds. During the call, Shroyer stated, we got to the Trump rally about 8:00 AM and then around 2:00 PM, we quote marched to the Capitol Shroyer further stated that he was on one side of the Capitol. So we can't see both sides. But on this side alone, there's probably another 100,000 people they've taken the Capitol grounds. They've surrounded the building itself and they're on the actual building structure. We literally own these streets right now is what he said based on the foregoing. You're fighting summits . There's probable cause to believe that he knowingly entered a remained on the Capitol building, blah, blah, blah , uh, wanted to be disorderly, wanting to be disruptive impedes the orderly conduct of business entered into a restricted area because it was the Capitol building. The president's there . Block your fin summits . There's probable cause to believe that he did so knowingly and willfully and he was loud and threatening and he scared Alexandria Ocasio, Cortez where's Waldo champion, Clark burns special agent over from the FBI federal bureau of investigation. So that is Owen Shroyer, his criminal complaints. Let's see what you have to say about it. Jumping into questions [email protected] Let's see what we've got here. Uh, several of them coming in, we have , uh , Jeremy says, Rob, any chance you can let us know which crimes are the only may detain crimes. I'm asking for a friend that is for a , that was on the last segment, the immigration segment. Good to see you. Jeremy Sapper said, by the way I caught COVID officially ruined. Thanks to Arizona. I caught COVID on the trip. That's from Seth Sapper Jackson on his way to Arizona caught Covin . John Dillard says my local's notification is coming up late too . Oh, I'm gonna have to send them an email. That's three for three justice says that's called autocracy tyranny unconstitutional regarding Shroyer it's it's political that's for sure. Sapper says, oh my God, they figured out it wasn't Trump supporters. That's from a Sapper Jackson. Well, the FBI's they're having a tough go of things want to know, says with a nine month investigation that dug everywhere reminds me of Russia taxes, et cetera. There's just keep going. Just keep digging in. See what, see where they can find Eddie Oliver said there was an entire family arrested in Texas the months . Yeah. We talked about them, Eddie and they were charged with nothing more than trespassing. I periodically was checking on their jail status. Last I checked. They'd been in jail for over three weeks on federal hold for trespassing. You and I know that is a cite and release charge. They are doing this to chill speech and steer people away from talking about what really happened on January 6th. It really was mostly peaceful. Yeah. And , uh, I don't doubt that. Right? Look at the numbers. Look at the charges. They have 570 charges out of tens of thousands of people. Hmm . Okay. If that number goes up to what? 600. Wow. Shocking. It's been eight months and they still can't disclose the evidence. Pretty embarrassing. Uh , good to see you, Eddie. Thank you for that. A couple more. We've got Mustang. Jeff says, I saw an interview on Newsmax today with an attorney representing two , January six defendants. He said that one has been denied food, water, haircuts , shaving his face only also denied family visitation, truly political prisoners being denied their constitutional right to a speedy trial who will hold them accountable for this travesty of justice. Well Mustang, Jeff, the DC court of appeals came out and we're going to wait on some more info about that ruling. But they came out said that this is an actual problem. That the fact that they are being not released on bond, the fact that they are asking for nonstop continuances on their trials and their trial dates, because the U S government is so incompetent that they not only can they not evacuate us out of a foreign country, but they can't even organize a bunch of cell phone footage and surveillance footage into video files that they can disclose to the defense that you would normally do in a criminal case because that's discovery, they have all the evidence, the defense needs it, otherwise they can't defend themselves. So the U S government has to give that over the city of Scottsdale, they can do that for about 500 cases a month are our moron prosecutors who are handling these cases. Can't get it figured out in eight months for some reason. So you can take what you want of it. But ultimately probably not going to be much justice, unless the courts of appeals do something about it. And they probably, well, they are, they are actually doing something about this. So it's up to the defense attorneys on each individual case to do something about it, to stomp their feet. And unfortunately many of them are not. Some of them are though we've covered them here. Sergeant Bob says via letters to the editor. I've been trying to educate Canadians in British Columbia about this trouble is a lot of them have lived in a socialist world and watch and believe in CNN. Plus they some suffer from TDS Trump derangement syndrome. They dissed me, but I fired back and attempt to shine the spotlight. That's from Sergeant Bob. It's hard work shine in the spotlight. Bob people are. They don't like it. They want to get that off of me. It burns stop. It burns. So you gotta keep, you gotta be persistent there. Keep up the good fight there. Sergeant Bob, the peaceful fight. Thank you for that comment. Miss Danny 2021 is here has a hello from Uruguay Robert. Hello? Good to see you. Amazing. I've been wondering what will become of Taiwan now that the U S has seen as weakened when this be a good time for the Chinese government to take advantage and try to regain Taiwan. I've been following your show since more than a year. Now. I love it. I learned a lot about your laws there. Thank you, miss Danny , 2021. Thank you for that. What a fun comment, Uruguay. Wow . Ah , amazing. Thanks for watching. So , uh, China has already said a few times that on record, president Z has said specifically there is going to be a reunification between China and Taiwan. And he said at a tenure kind of within the decade timeline to get that done. They've also very recently, I believe this week put out on Twitter through their state affiliated media specifically saying, Hey Taiwan, you know those allies that you're relying on, if you decide to declare your independence from mainland China, they're not looking so good. They're not that strong of allies anymore. And so maybe you should think twice before you continue on this journey of decoupling. And then they scrambled a bunch of military equipment out there on the open seas and scrambled jets overhead so that they can go show force and exercise of that. And we know that this administration has been incompetent with the Chinese Anthony. Blinken had the Chinese wagging their fingers in his face, scolding him over the weavers saying you have your own problems in your own country, racist, go back there and deal with that. So I do think that, yeah , uh, contrary to Biden's perspective that NATO and the rest of the world saw the Afghanistan collapse and thought that's a great that's. That's amazing. Well done. Uh, it's not that case. I think that people around the world are watching this. All right. Let's say here we have a , the locals chatroom says don't have to read this aloud. Okay. All right . Locals has spoken. So we're going to make a decision on the , uh, on the , uh, on the Joe issue. Locals has spoken. All right, well , that's that , that's, that's how this works. This is a show of the people by the people and for the people, locals has spoken. We're gonna make some changes back there. Watch your 45 says with the news that Trump didn't organize what happened on January 6th , our defamation lawsuits , uh , go for Trump against every major news network. Even politicians that said he was too , that he was responsible. Does the report support his defense? No, it doesn't. No. I mean, Trump is Trump. What if Trump were , were to bring a defamation lawsuit against any one of these? The response from the courts would be, Nope , he's a public figure. There's no basis for that. And what they were doing was legitimate attempts at journalisming and it's clearly not. It was all politically biased of course, but because he's a public figure, he's not going to have any recourse there. Thunder seven says, everyone knows it was a Democrat quote set up. There was no insurrection. So why are the mega political prisoners not released? Judges are keeping them in custody. What will it take for them to get justice? Uh , new judges. I am waiting for them to arrest pastor Sheetz , who is they're waving a quote , uh , an appeal to heaven flag and supported the constitution. Many in prison are Christians who the woke left hate more than anyone. Thank you, Rob, for your great insight and commentary. So we don't forget about them. Thank you, thunder seven. We're not going to forget about them. You know , it's reprehensible what they're doing. Yeah. You need to cover it. I just get so frustrated soul Viking is saying, I still don't understand the obvious double standard between the fake journalists , BLM member, John Sullivan, who was released, and those that are indefinitely being held pending trial. Have you seen anything more regarding him or the unindicted? Co-conspirators no, I haven't. That's a great reminder there . Seoul Viking. Yeah. John Sullivan, was that a sort of difficult to pin down guy? Remember this was the guy who apparently was sort of ex-communicated from BLM during the summer of unrest in 2020 was also in the Capitol building and then sold his footage, I think to CNN and to a , another news agency for like $70,000. Don't know whatever happened to his case. I need to look into that. Thanks for that. Sole Viking wants to know, says I'm so glad the FBI came out and proved you completely. Right. I was supporting you all the way. You're such a smart, intelligent human being. Well, thank you want to know. That's very nice. You know, I was a little bit hard on myself. I was comparing myself to Jake Sullivan. Who's much smarter than me. He's from Oxford. You know, he's highly educated, Yale law school, all sorts of credentials. And he planned for all the contingencies and Afghanistan is going so perfectly. I was like, man, I'm just, well , I can never compare to these types of people and I get hard on myself. So thank you that for telling me that I'm smart. Sapper Jackson says, dang, they got Shroyer dude, as a journalist. What is going on? Well, yeah, that, that makes me concerned a little bit concerned. What their , you know, what that is all about? It's ed says, Hey, Rob, don't you just love knowing we as a country are paying so much money to have people sit and watch these video and play where's Waldo. I feel like I work way too hard to be productive in society. The person being paid to play D and D and where's Waldo. I am clearly in the wrong industry. Yeah. You know, you should just go join the FBI. They're going to have you do all sorts of really funky thing . Things like , you know, not investigate. Thank you for that. It said we have realtor. Patty says my local notice was late too. All right . I'm gonna , I'm gonna , I'm going to scream at them tonight. Not too hard though. Cause I like the people over there pili while he says, for sure you're and the USA with this president in charge have a great weekend. Rob much love, much love back to UPC . Wally . Thanks for being here. Thanks for the great comments. A couple more here. Uh, Jeremy Matrine has said that evidence is so circumstantial and the first amendment is protected with this logic members of Congress that were present, could be charged for as well for being in a restricted area of the Capitol. The state of the justice system is a disgrace. Great show as always Rob, thanks Jeremy. Hope you're having safe travels over there. Having some fun. We've got one more question here from Jeremy off topic, but says you previously mentioned you started streaming to improve your speaking ability. You've increased your ability to respond to questions on the fly. Have you had the chance to flex your speaking chops in a legal setting? Just curious if you thought about it, keep up the great work. It's a good question, Jeremy. Uh, not, not in a way that yeah , the show's a little bit different. The shows a little bit more extemporaneous to some degree, you know, when you're, when you're doing legal work, you're pretty well prepared. The type, the type of, of interactions we have here. It's a little bit more on the fly, requires a little bit more , uh, I would say, you know, parrying sort of seeing stuff come in and re reacting and adjusting to it. Like I'm doing a bad job of speaking extemporaneously right now. I that's what I'm talking about. This type of practice, it requires you to think a little bit differently, you know, in the law, they will tell you, don't ask a question. You don't know the answer to. So even when you see a lawyer who's going in there in court and they're like, well, oh, isn't it true that this, and isn't it true that, that, and you should know what's coming out of their mouth before you asked that question. And so a lot of it seems like, you know , there are times when you have to sort of act on your feet, you do you're , you're on your feet all the time and in a trial or in a court setting, it's exhausting because you're so primed. If you're already jacked, like level 10 or 11, you're like at a level 12 on a trial because you've got somebody whose life is there, right? You're, you're fighting for somebody it's their life. And so the stakes are extremely high, but you're very, well-prepared in most instances , uh , very rarely a lot of surprises. And so what we do on the show is a little bit different, but it sort of, it is forcing me to take questions, process them quickly and spit something out without a lot of practice or sometimes even knowing what's going to come out, which is a scary thought, but I'm trying not to wreck my legal career or my law firm or the show with my street game of consciousness, live streams. Oh , hopefully the train stays on the tracks for the foreseeable future. Great question on that. Thank you, Jeremy and thunder seven says have to leave with a last laugh Schumer. Getting excited again over all of the erection talk. Oh yeah. There's going to be a lot of erection talk coming up in the near future. We've got some reports coming out. Things are going to get very erection . So buckle up. Get ready that all right . My friends, those were all great questions today from watching the and well as well, some super chats over on YouTube from Kareem , Joe , who's in the house to check on locals there. Samuel. We had Jennifer. Thank you. Avalon. We have Sasha. See shisha is back in the house with Jay Heath, Kareem , Beth Coddington , and many others, lots of live chats going on over there in locals . Final shout outs to pinkie , to Sapper Jackson, Jeremy MITRE , to want to know farmer's daughter it's jelly is here. We have a sweet PO Tay toe as well. Over on YouTube. We've got Zulu, Andrew Richardson, Southern VIX . We have ever, ever Marie Cruz Stace on the case of a Jaya , we have a lava Java lava raising his hands up. We got just an F Rob C Curtis Bartel , Weeby Adam, Marco and others. And that my friends is it for me for the day. I want to thank you for joining me on this very busy week. There was a lot that we covered want to welcome a whole bunch of new members that all came through last night. I want to big welcomes over to watch her 45. Welcome to the community. Glad that you're here. We've got w C Hodges 1498 is in the house. We have Mr. M B P who also signed up. I missed, I had a Mr. P when I was in fifth grade. Uh, so I wonder if that might be him. We have Ken north thunder who signed up Sapper Jackson saw him lively in the chat today. Cool guy, 18,000 signed up along with keeper 21 shout outs to Mustang. Jeff saw him as well. M J B www along with JAG , man , 20 signed up [email protected] Shout outs to all of you signed up last week. If you want to join the community, it's five bucks a month, 50 bucks a year. You get two months. If you sign up for the year, save a little bit of money that way, and you can join us for the very next, very fun. Watching the Watchers, monthly locals meetup taking place August 28th, 2021 seven to eight [email protected] . It's a lot of fun. We have a good time connecting with people, putting names to faces, talking about some other issues in the world. Getting some feedback on the show and really continuing to build our community. It's a lot of fun. I hope you join us Saturday, August 28th, watching the All right, my friends, that is it for me, for the show for the week, for the day. I want to thank you all again. One final time. So much for joining us. I know it is a lot to cover and sometimes the show can be a little bit draining, kind of pull you down a little bit. So we want to make sure that over the weekend, we take some time to unplug from politics, a little bit, connect with our families, connect with our loved ones, connect with our primary mission, our purpose, what are we doing with our lives and make sure we can come back next week, primed and ready to go holding these knuckleheads accountable. We're going to do it. I want to make sure that you're here with us along for the ride. Final Superchat just came in from look to Jesus. Thank sir. Thank you. Look to G for that final Superchat should pop up right here on the screen here in a minute. So we're just going to continue to talk until it does, because I want to make sure that it is included in the video. It's not appropriate for us to continue the show without it popping up. And there it is. There it is. Thank you. Look to G for that and that my friends is going to be at for the day. I'll see you right back here on Monday. Same time, same place, same location, 4:00 PM, Arizona time, 5:00 PM, mountain 6:00 PM, central and 7:00 PM on the east coast for that one, Florida man for everybody else have a tremendous weekend sleep very well. I'll see you right back.